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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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parachute to safety. they have helmets on. i'm not sure how much good it would do if the chute didn't open. "watters world" is live and starts right now. jesse: well come this special live edition of "watters world." i'm jesse watters. we'll be heading to the arena at a&m university where the deep from the heart concert is getting ready. they are raising money for the hurricanes, for harvey, irma and maria. ththe -- the money goes to a variety of groups. the rebuild texas fund and the florida disaster fund.
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harvey over 70 deaths. irma 80 deaths, and maria almost 80 deaths. maria they are estimating $108 billion. maria around $85 billion. so these donations really have to pour in. the last time all five presidents got together at one time was in 2013 for the opening of the george w. bush library in dallas. if you want to donate dough to the website web on one america
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ask. >> hour has been restored to just 16% of the island's customers. >> fema reported hurricane irma destroyed a quarter of the housing. rising waters still nearly impossible to escape. >> we are tough people. we'll rebuild. >> we have to hook up to the boat and save some more lives. see you don't even know what to say. >> i am tired, but working. >> the communities helped each other. neighbor rescuing neighbor.
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>> hurricane harvey brought terrible destruction, by the also brought us the best of humanity. >> as fellow presidents we wanted to help americans recover. >> he brought hurtin down here but as one texan put it, we have more love in texas than water. >> donate to one we are all in this together. >> ladies and gentlemen. please rise and remove our hats as our national anthem is performed by the sex university singing cadets under the direction of david kip ♪ o say can you see by the
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dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rocket's red blair the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ for the land of the free and
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the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] [♪] jesse: we are going to show you more of that concert a little bit later when president trump delivers a message to hurricane
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survivors. frecongresswoman wilson cause a controversy when she slammed the president for his supposedly insensitive remarks. something white house chief of staff john kelly, also a gold star parent took personally. >> i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted at what i saw a member of congress doing. a member of congress who listened in on a phone call from the president of the united states to a young wife. and in his way tried to express that opinion a brave man, a fallen hero. we were stunned. stunned that she had done it. even for someone that is that
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empty a barrel, we were stunned. jesse: wilson then attacked kelly claiming his empty barrel comments were racist. >> that's a racist term. i was thinking about that when we looked it up in the dictionary. i don't like to be dragged into something like that. jesse: she took her attacks further telling the "new york times" that the white house itself is full of white -- white supremacists. joining me now former trump campaign director corey lewandowski, and jessica tarlov. corey, this woman, to go after a gold star parent the way she
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went after kelly, calling him a liar and calling him a racist. the president is right. she is hurting the democratic party when she does that. >> the democratic party has been in shambles for 6 to 8 years. what you have with this particular member of congress is a person nobody knew who is trying to politicize the tragedy of an american hero. general john kelly stood up and said some things should be sacred. the death of a hero should be sacred and note politicized. what she has done is made a sham of something so sacred to the american people. many men and women have given their lives. the president made a phone call to express his support to that widow and she politicizes this for herb own political gain it's disgusting. jesse: i said 0 "the five" that
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the president shouldn't have said i'med the one who makes calls when other presidents don't. but what this congresswoman did hurts and damages sergeant johnson's memory. >> i think everyone involved damaged sergeant johnson's memory. today was actually the funeral of sergeant johnson. jesse: and because of the congresswoman's comments, this funeral and his memory will always be linked to this political circus. >> you admit he should not have brought it up. john kelly did not refute what happened on the call which was disturbing to the wife. jesse: he did refute. he said she mischaracterized it.
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to call john kelly a racist is insane. jessica: i don't think john kelly is a racist. those words were wrong. the politicization of gold star families began over the summer. at rnc there were a number of gold star parents that came out and spoke, specifically benghazi parents. president trump has everyone covering for him. and in this case he was wrong. he started this politicization. >> to say that she had to look up the term in the dictionary to understand what empty barrel means. and accuse a four-star marine general who has given his life to the service of this country and lost a son to this country,
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she should resign and never run for elective office again. jessica: she was a mentor. >> give me a break. she has no role in electrickive office. for her to use the term general john kelly is a racist, where is the mainstream media? where is their outrage on those comments. jesse: we both agree this whole circus is totally out of line and congresswoman wilson needs to stop it. a little conspiracy theory taking place on msnbc. rachel maddow tried to blame
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trump for the attack in niger. >> the government of chad went after exxon really hard. the ceo of exxon for most of his time was rex tillerson. maybe that made him mad. they blanket banned people from chad. fly dave 6 last week the government chad announced they had completed the withdrawal all chadian troops from their neighboring country of niger where for years they had been fighting islamic linked militants. that's when four u.s. army soldiers got attacked by islamic soldiers. jesse: she is saying chad, the country in africa were got mad at 60'son mobile. then exxonmobil got mad at chad, so chad got on the travel
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ban list. chad pulled troops out of niger so they attacked american soldiers. >> this is the craziest thing. sean hannity is so destroying rachel maddow in the ratings. that's why you didn't see this clip. people don't pay attention to what she has to say any more. what the administration looked at, if we don't know who is coming to our country and the information we are not receiving from that country who is trying to come in here, it is a privilege and honor to come to our great country. if we can't find out who is coming to our country, that is the job of our president. jesse: you have the wrush conspiracy, the niger conspiracy, the fake melania
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conspiracy, i think trump releasinged the jfk files is just in time. jessica: i couldn't follow it. council on foreign relations put out great analysis of what happened in niger and what's going upon with boko haram. i'm not with maddow on this one. jesse: that's all you have to say. you were doing so well. corey, jessica, i gotta run. thank you. hollywood liberals slamming president trump. one of the stars of "seinfeld" john hurley tells us what it's like living in enemy territory. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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jesse: across store john hurley is probably best known for his role on "seinfeld" with memorable moments like this. >> jerry has nothing. you are the only one i know who has the good stuff. and i night you have got to help me out. >> not on my watch. >> what are you doing?
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>> elaine, you need help. i i, too, once fell under the spell of opium. jesse: he's one of the few conservatives in hollywood. was that larry david or did you cook that up? >>ed the character evolved it started off with a simple cataloger. he took off to a different end when he went off to burma. consequently every show had one of these monologues that started off with the best of intentions but took a left-hand turn somewhere. jesse: the urban sombrero is one of my favorites.
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>> what else that? >> the urban sombrero. jesse: so a lot of the other players on "seinfeld," democrats. but the show never got political. and i thought that was probably one of the most of appealing things about the show. >> there were a lot of appealing things about the show. the most of important is it was about talking. there were no cell phones in seinfeld it was been gauging another person. they were sitting in a booth and it was about talk. in this world of divisiveness
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when you are either this or that. i have never seen a temper to this country like it is now and it makes me sad. i can't have my point of view respected by anybody else without them going into a spasm of disgust that i supported trump. why can't you understand people feel differently. we don't in hollywood have to walk like lemmings to the sea and walk off a cliff. jesse: if they made "seinfeld" today they would probably have the people at coffee shop not speaking to each other. >> i am the first one to say that seinfeld today wouldn't work because the cell phone would have killed it. it was people engage in minutia. the whole series wouldn't work
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the same way it was about the loneliness and desperation and needing to vent. jesse: going back to what you were saying about the spasm of anger. why do you you think hollywood and the industry has become so hostile to president trump? >> traditionally they have always been -- jesse: this is different. the hatred and hostility towards this president -- >> i have never seen anything -- you are exactly right. even if you support this guy it's a visceral anger. jesse: you are a white supremacist if you support the president. >> i will not give my standards. i believe we are a better society and we can engage each on the-mile-an-hour intelligent conversation without having to slit the throat of the other person so they can't talk.
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jesse: the other big crime coming out of the industry is harvey weinstein. >> we have enough sins in our own backyard that it's time to weed our own garden. it's not that it don't support people's constitutional right to support what they support. what i don't like is the silencing of an opposing opinion because people don't paul feel the same way. smashing twain said when there are too many people in the majority, it's time to change. silencing the ability. and they they they are expression their first amendment rights. silencing another person's ability to respond or speak in a proactive sense is more of an offense, i believe it's a sad road we are going down. and i feel like we are an angry
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country look for cause. i think that's an interesting perspective. but i think it's a sad perspective. jesse: you are now in a new movie, doing very well. "swing away." i think we have a clip. >> what is that? >> i will tell you what. i'll deal with god later. how about a small donation to your church. >> i'm afraid it doesn't work that way. >> padrz, i think we have a deal. >> it's a beautiful family film. you see elements of a golf competition that will bring back "caddie shack" back to you.
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i channeled donald trump the businessman. by thought when we were putting the script together and the character, donald is like a bull in a china shop and he bulldozed his way through. i took his character and put him only steroids. he was so much fun to play. i had no script. i said let me talk. i know this character better than you can write him. jesse: the national dog show. you do that. it's on nbc on thanksgiving. how many people watch this? >> we are upwards of 30 million people. we started it 16 years ago and today it's a family tradition. jesse: hopefully "watters world" can achieve those ratings one day. >> i believe in you.
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julie: live from "america's news headquarters."
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security officials in egypt says 55 policemen were killed in a shootout with militants in a raid near cairo. the police were backed by armored personnel carriers. they drew heavy fire from the mill pants which included rocket-propelled grenades. casualties could go higher. the dubai-based television station is reporting they have tactical instructions to take no prisoners. france's defense minister said if they perished in the fighting, that would be best. now back to "watters world."
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jesse: after the most of deadly gun shooting in america, liberals in hollywood are jumping on the anti-gun wagon. >> oppose the share act. >> that would make mass shootings even more deadly than they are already. >> i also oppose concealed reciprocity legislation. >> that would gut our state's gun laws. jesse: nra spokesperson, dana loesch. what do silencers and concealed carry have to do with las vegas.
5:32 pm
>> can we get out of the formula where celebrities stare into a camera and say the same thing over and over again? these celebrities don't even know what they are talking about. they don't even use the correct terminology. jesse: you think with the hollywood razzle dazzle they could put together something for pleasing. >> they want to make it look like you can do this when you are sitting in your kitchen. but none of this had anything to do with las vegas. jesse: it's hypocritical because all of these celebrities are protected by security agents that have concealed carry. not just that. look at this. julianne moore. she was in the movie "aasins." "children of men."
5:33 pm
gun violence all over the places. "gaining sphear squad." hundreds of people die in these movies with guns and now all of a sudden they are lecturing us? >> in each of those movies, it was good using firearms as the ultimate equalizer to fight against evil. every one of these celebrities has armed security at their film locations. they are not against all this stuff. they are just against it for regular folks in the rest of america that can't afford that private security. they are against them having self defense second amendment rights. jesse: i want you to explain what murder insurance is before i play an ad by trayvon martin's mother.
5:34 pm
what is murder insurance? >> i have no idea what murder insurance is. i know it's something -- this gun down america. they are all kinds of the same at this point. but they came up with this ad attacking nr tax carry guard insurance and training which i have don't training and i have nra carry guard insurance. it's just a protection in ally i just society against good people who wanted to defend their lives and the lives their families. the argument they want to use is if you get understand it emboldens you to be a bad guy, which doesn't make sense when you consider auto and health insurance, if the argument is pins makes you bad or emboldens you to act recklessly, that's unsupported by reality. jesse: if you have a license to carry a firearm and something
5:35 pm
goes bad or anything happens, and you wind up in court, you have some sort of protection there, is that correct? >> the way the nra carry guard looks. no one thinks about what happens after they are forced to use their firearm in self-defense. there hasn't been an organization that has been a pioneer in this the way nra is. we live in a litigious so fight where criminals often and do sue their victims. so they sue good people who have done nothing wrong. they used their firearm in self defense. a home invasion, carjacking. there are so many of these stories. jesse: i have seen stories, people are sleechg at night. someone comes into their house to burglarize them. they get shot, and they get sued.
5:36 pm
let's roll the ad. >> it's a great program, people can check it out. this the ad from trayvon martin's mother. >> they are lobbying for laws that allow them to shoot first then stand their grounds. but that just makes it easier to get away with murder. now they are selling since that covers the cost. when a gun owner kill sos one and claims self-defense. they used president trump's image in that ad. obviously that's to gin up probably fundraising and emotions from the anti-gun groups. that was obviously very purposeful. >> this doesn't make sense. this ad is crazy. and the assertion is crazy. premise is completely i will logical. there are a lot of black and
5:37 pm
white gun holders and black and white conceal carry permit holders. if you have auto insurance you don't go out on the freeway thinking i can do whatever i want because i have auto insurance. jesse: you go over 10 miles an hour up here the state troopers will pull you over. there was a story, you were moving, you were getting lots of threats. is everything okay with you? >> we are fine. you know how it is. conservatives, there are a lot of the people that experience the same thing. some of it was a little sensationalized. we are fine, and thanks for asking. i appreciate the concern, but we are okay. jesse: thank you very much. enjoy having you on as always. >> thank you, jesse. jesse: diamond and silk, two of
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jesse: this week president trump and his political team launched an online petition to force the owners to force the players to stand for the national anthem. what are you doing on sundays? are you watching the nfl anymore? >> no, we can't do that. as long as they continue to
5:43 pm
disrespect we'll boycott until the last man is standing. jesse: no cam newton, you go to church on sunday, that's it. >> hallelujah. jesse: if you guys whether owners of one of these nfl team and you had a few kneelers on the team. what would you do to the kneelers, owners diamond and silk. >> you either stand or we are going to fire you. i'll also tell them if you want to protest the oppression, go protest the oppressor, the democrats who keep you oppressed. >> as long as you kneel, we'll give you the boot. jesse: i think that's what jerry jones was thinking when he told the players on the cowboys, stands up or else. i wanted to get your take on halloween costumes.
5:44 pm
people are saying the halloween costumes are very offensive. people are dressing up as a border patrol agent. now, do you guys think it's offensive on halloween to be a border patrol agent? >> no. why would the left liberals politicize halloween. if they can walk around with a hat on. jesse: native american costumes. people say that's cultural appropriation. is it okay for people to dress up like an american indian? >> i don't see anything wrong with it. >> there is nothing wrong with it. jesse: what are you guys being for halloween.
5:45 pm
>> we just diamond and silk. jesse: you are already in costume. >> yes. jesse: you took issue with eminem. eminem attacked president trump and had vicious things to say about the president. and you guys responded. let's hear it. >> i know he didn't say that. hey, get over it. stop crying like a baby and a little [bleep]. i hope he builds that damn wall. jesse: we even had to [bleep] you guys. what's going on with eminem. >> we don't care if you eminem, cupcake or slim jim. if you come after the president
5:46 pm
we'll be coming for you. you will not disrespect us and you will not disrespect the president. and stop politicizing the awards shows. jesse: you are like the secret service. anybody comes after the president, you are going to come after them. >> we'll reduce them to slow-fat sugar. >> we are particular our kit kat live show on the road. we want you to go to for updates. >> we are coming to a city near you so stay tuned. jesse: what will you be doing on the road? >> we'll be doing our kit kat live. and we'll have fun.
5:47 pm
we are talking to grassroots people. we have to keep this train moving. jesse: am i going to have to pay a lot of money to see you guys? or is it affordable. >> it's affordable. jesse: it's nationwide. >> it's nationwide. we are going on tour. jesse: good luck. if you are ever coming up to new york i would like to come your show. just make sure you comp me the tickets. still ahead, president trump's message to the victims of the hurricane. we'll bring it to you live. new video of what the border wall will look like. we have the images next.
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jesse: time for stories you probably didn't hear this week. remember this? >> we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. believe me, we have to close down our government, we are building that wall. we are building a wall on the southern border. and we'll build the wall, that i can tell you. jesse: well, president trump keeping his promise. this week we got our first look at 8 prototypes being considered for the wall. they are located along the san diego border. they will be tested to see how easy they will will be to scale, saw through or tunnel under. who is going to pay for it?
5:53 pm
guess who? students at the university of wisconsin in madison stage sad die-in around an abraham lincoln statue on campus. why? because lincoln owned slaves. students want to remove the statue of abraham lincoln, the man who freed the slaves because he once owned a slave. chelsea handler says she wants to spend more time devoted to political activism against president trump. i never watched her show, bust reviews were largely negative. cnn political reporter month tweeted a video of president trump helping senator mitch mcconnell up the stairs at the
5:54 pm
white house. this statement mocking the duo. the hand shock between trump and mcconnell though, what she neglected to mention is mcconnell is a polio survivor which can make walking stairs difficult. despite calls from people across the country to delete it, she hasn't apologized. speak of apologies, back in july 2009, more than 0 members of congress signed a letter demanding fox news apologize for these comments made by colonel ralph peters. >> i asked a senior military leader is pfc bergdahl a deserter in the answer was yes. around army also knows he left his combat outpost when he left his buddies in the hours of
5:55 pm
darkness. left his weapon behind much his own volition. jesse: fox wasn't wrong. bergdahl pled guilty to desertion this week. where are all the congressmen now? are they going to apologize? i'm not going to hold my breath. we'll be right back with "ask waters." [♪]
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you can enjoy yourself all the more. for less.
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jesse: time for "ask watters." why do you wear such bright jackets on tv? that's the point. kate asks, how do you keep your hair so fire? we have a team of people up here. it takes a village.
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what nationality are you, jesse? >> i'm not french. anyway, that's it for us tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: breaking tonight. all five former presidents appearing together to benefit victims of this year's devastating hurricane. welcome to "justice." i'm jeanine pirro live from los angeles. counselor to the president kellyanne conway is coming up. but first a look inside reid arena at texas a&m university. we are just a few minutes away from hearing from president trump as well as live addresses from former presidents


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