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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> i'm not french. anyway, that's it for us tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: breaking tonight. all five former presidents appearing together to benefit victims of this year's devastating hurricane. welcome to "justice." i'm jeanine pirro live from los angeles. counselor to the president kellyanne conway is coming up. but first a look inside reid arena at texas a&m university. we are just a few minutes away from hearing from president trump as well as live addresses from former presidents carter, clinton, obama and bush.
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but first my opening statement. now, obama and the clintons sold us out. our uranium and with it the security our nation. follow me. it's 2008. the russians frantic. desperate to buy uranium. the key ingredient to a nuclear weapon. the obama administration more than willing to accommodate. the whole upper tier of the obama administration. the paragons of global virtue approved the deal. but as far back as 2009 the fbi and the department of justice had an active large-scale criminal investigation into russia and kremlin-connected individuals scheming to access america's uranium ranging from bribery, money laundering and kickback schemes. an fbi informant, an american
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businessman was wired and provide unmistakable evidence. i told you a year ago that bill and hillary were cashing in on her state department job with their so-called charitable foundation. instead it was an international money laundering operation. a pay-to-play slush fund funded not only by foreign countries, but by companies and individuals involved in this particular uranium one scheme to the tune of $145 million. and guess what in the clinton foundation filled to disclose major droin biewtions from entities involved in this uranium one deal, violating not only hillary's promises to the obama white house and the senate foreign relations committee, but
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evidencing her consciousness of guilt. why is this important? context is everything. the backdrop of the sale of 20% of america's uranium to the russians was putin's ongoing racketeering oarnt prize that the obama -- end prize that the obama inner circle knew about, and the fbi and department of justice was investigating and monitoring and subsequently allowed the transfer to russia. you note players, follow the names. department of justice, head by eric holder in charge not only of this investigation, but also on the small committee that approved the sale to russia. the case itself handled by rod rosenstein. you know him. the same man who told jeff
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sessions to recuse himself, get out of the way of the russia investigation so that rosenstein could appoint bob mueller to try to connect trump to russia. and if that isn't the irony of all ironies. head of the fbi at the time, bob mueller, the man now appointed special counsel to connect donald trump to russia. the fbi agent handling the case? andrew mccabe. he's the man who was handling the seem investigation of hillary. and you may remember his wife got $675,000 from clinton pal terry mcauliffe, also connected to the clinton foundation because she ran with hillary in 2016. she lost, but under virginia law
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she can keep whatever cash was left from that oh so generous contribution. at the time of the approval of the transnever our uranium to -- the transfer of our uranium to russia. republicans worried that russia helped iran build its nuclear resack tore and that the takeover of united states nuclear resources by a russian government-owned agency would be against our national security interests. why does this all matter? at the time that the obama administration green lighted this sale, republicans in congress objected. and they didn't even know about the criminality and the money laundering. so you ask yourself, what happened to that criminal case?
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the criminal case was plea bargained to a lesser crime on labor day weekend, the sentence, a slap on the wrist meteed out at christmastime without the bells and whistles that usually accompany a racketeering case. the inform in the month brought the case to the fbi's aextension, he's still gagged by eric holder and loretta lynch via the non-disclosure agreement. in other words, he's barred from talking. neither his attorney nor i with a combination of 8 some years of law enforcement experience have ever heard of such a thing. but think about it, folks. it makes lots of sense. country cannot know what obama, mueller, holder, mccabe and
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rose even stei -- and rosenstei, that's the sale of our uranium to the russians. now congress wants to hear from this informant. number of one, jeff sessions needs to immediately released the informant from the non-disclose our agreement. number two, andrew mccabe needs to be fired as number two in the fbi, and number three, robert mueller instead of heading an investigation in determining whether donald trump quliewd russia, should be the target of the investigation for his role in covering you have the extortion scheme that allowed russia to access america's uranium. that's my open. tell me what you think upon my
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twitter, and fab pages. first let's talk to my political panel, radio show host larry elder and nathan bearman. did know that the transnever our uranium, 20% of our uranium was in the context of this huge investigation that earne -- thad up in a conviction? >> i didn't know that until the last 24 hours or so. uranium is now allowed to be exported. judge jeanine: according to the "new york times" it's being exported. >> why is it being exported without proper licenses. jean require was exported according to the "new york times" in 2015.
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so i guess obama wasn't watching. >> if laws are broken, people need to be held to account. we had nine federal agencies responsible for approving the uranium one deal. judge jeanine: they were all part of the obama cabal. do you think it was a clean deal? >> i don't know it's a clean deal. but there are lots of parties involved. judge jeanine: i pointed to three already. and the same people involved in that criminal investigation are the people trying to connect trump to russia which after one year nobody can find any evidence. larry elder, hit it. >> if the entities were aware of this fbi probe -- judge jeanine: we know obama
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was, holder was, clinton was, they were all involved. >> unclear. judge jeanine: no. no. we have bill clinton giving a speech sphe and money coming into the clinton foundation. bust context is this. remember when obama came in, the first thing he did was throw the coal under the bus. this wall about the obama administration and now you have the democrats yelling and screaming how donald trump is soft and putin it's hypocritical. >> larry and i have some odd
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agreements here. i have been hard on the whole russia thing for both obama administration and trump administration. russians are not our friends. >> the deal should never have gone through. ethan agrees and i agree on that. judge jeanine: you realize two people knew the head of the fbi, the head of the justice department. and you have a believe deal that's unheard of that's been sold on a weekend when no one is going to hear about it. when there are bells and whistles in violation of justice department rules. come on, guys. do you really believe that national security thing? what do you know about criminal
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prosecution? they violated their own justice department guidelines. >> the deal never should have gone through. add that to it and it makes it even more outrageous. if clinton knew about the fbi probe and still approved it it was pay-to-play. judge jeanine: it was pay-to-play before this. >> whether a direct payment meant she was going to approve the deal is a different question. when you make an argument that i got something to do something, you have to prove it. and whether or not -- what about the other agencies that approved it? did they get money as well? judge jeanine: they were all appointees of barack obama. barack obama is the one who was aware that russia was infiltrating and said nothing because he said he didn't want to make it look like we have been packing the election. >> whether the agencies were
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aware the fbi probe was going on we don't know. that needs to be investigated. judge jeanine: let me ask you this. eric holder was on the committee. and he approved it. should he be questioned before congress? >> absolutely. judge jeanine: bob mueller is trying to find out desperately whether or not donald trump after one year congress has found not one iota of evidence. mueller is trying to figure out whether or not there was any connection between russia and trump. he was investigating, he knew everything that was going on with russia. should he be investigating donald trump? >> and he should be investigating the clinton foundation and bill and hillary. all of them. judge jeanine: i have got to take it back. a lot happening right now. kellyanne conway still ahead. we'll listen live to the former
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presidents. we'll hear from president trump on tape. live coverage on "justice."
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judge jeanine: live on "justice" with continuing coverage of deep in the heart live from college station, texas. former presidents clinton, carter, obama and george w. bush. let's listen in. >> the's a great pleasure for me to be here to carry out this prong. i enjoyed seeing what the points of light does for our country. i have seen that for many years. habitat for humanity is located in georgia. my wife and i worked with habitat for 36 years at least one week each year. and america is known for -- last year there were 67 million americans new volunteers. and that came to 8 billion hours
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of work, worth $184 billion. that's what volunteers did last year. i hope this year they will do a lot more. that's about one out of five of the total population of america. habitat has agreed to build 6,000 houses in the devastated area. to do this, all of the habitat volunteers will raise $100 mill. and we already raised $20 million so we have a long way to go. this is a wonderful prong. if you want to contribute, that's fine. if you want to contribute to haab it, remember this.
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1-800-habitat. let's all work together. and make america still a greater volunteer nation. thank you very much. >> when president george h.w. bush was trying to persuade the congress to pass one of his noblest endeavors, the americans with disabilities act, he said, our problems are great, but the heart of america is greater. that's what we are here to celebrate. we were all citizens, even us, before we were politicians. after our time was up, we became
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citizens again. we have been volunteering since before our constitution when benjamin franklin organized the first volunteer fire department in philadelphia. our neighbors, our friends, have gone the an enormous amount of sweat equity from all these volunteers and a lot of money. but make no mistake about it. these were grievous storms back to back. there is still work to be done in texas and florida. and our friends in puerto rico and the american virgin islands. they have only gun to dig their way out of what can be a calamitous disaster and could be a new beginning we just do what we ought to do and prove that the heart of america without regard to race or religion or
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political party, is greater than our causes. [cheers and applause] >> i coul -- i could not be pror of the response of americans when they see their neighbors and they see their friends, they see strangers in need, americans step up. and as heartbreaking as the tragedies that took place here in texas and in florida in puerto rico, and the u.s. virgin islands has been what we have also seen the spirit of america
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at its best. when ordinary people step up and do extraordinary things. the oneamerica appeal is part of that process. i want to thank president george w. bush and most of of all an outstanding american somebody who has always shown grace and character and courage and served america nobly throughout the years, president george h.w. bush. we are so proud to be with him today. he sets an example for all of us. as does first lady barbara bush.
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and that spirit of volunteerism, that spirit that says we are all in this together, that in dire times ignores all the the difnss we had before, that spirit is exemplified by the five points of light recipients whose stories you saw on the screen and are here tonight. it's my great pleasure to bring these outstanding americans to the stage so you can acknowledge the extraordinary work they have done. i hope everybody watching is inspired by the work that they have done. [cheers and applause] judge jeanine: former president
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george w. bush. still to speak at the relief concert. but you saw the rest of them all here live on justice. joining me now from the nation's capital is counselor to the 45th president, kellyanne conway. good evening. i understand that president trump has already tape-recorded his comments to the nation, he couldn't be there tonight. and we have already in fact seen president trump in texas, in florida as well as in puerto rico. this is, however, a rare moment of unity for so many presidents. and i'll tell you this. i think that america is certainly proud of all of these presidents and from so many different decades, actually, and from the different parties together, joining together for all of us in one important cause. kellyanne: it's an extraordinary
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moment and we are happy to see the five living former presidents on the stage for a wonderful cause, to help and continue to help our brothers and sisters. you see the islands being affected by the hurricanes. as president trump has said many times, recovering and read building will last many, many months if not years or longer. our government is there on the ground. fema has been remarkable. all the cabinet agencies that have direct responsibility for recovery and rebuilding. it's extraordinary how active they are. i talked to some of the cabinet directors personally, and they think they will be there for months and years to come. if the country sees a culture fundraising event, the five former presidents involved and the taped remarks by our current president donald trump who has
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been active on the ground along with his cabinet. pledging to people that he will continue to be there for them. it's a remarkable moment. we don't get some see this very often. judge jeanine: americans are the most of generous people in the world. we actually have that gold star, for all of the cite sometime we may get as we are not american enough. we are not charitable enough. i think americans need to be given credit and recognized and given the kudos they deserve for their general rossi on so many levels. >> when tragedy strikes, right after the hurricanes i was on tape saying things similar to what president trump said tonight. when you -- what president obama
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said tonight. you see strangers helping strangers. judge jeanine: president george bush is speaking now. we'll be right back with you. >> one of the finest universities in the united states. i am here to urge you to give to this fine fund and i want to thank all the volunteers. but i'm here for another reason. i speak for the folks right here when i say we really admire and love george h.w. bush. [cheers and applause]
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>> to our five gracious -- judge jeanine: what an event in college station tonight. we'll come right back with kellyanne in a mom
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the concert called deep from the heart will benefit the victims of the four hurricanes. if you want to help you can donate $10 by texting oneamerica. at 50555. judge jeanine: welcome back to justice. we have been watching a beautiful concert from college station, texas. and we'll hear from president trump in a few moments. but first we'll go back to kellyanne conway. let's get to some of the serious stuff. we were talking about uranium one. we note clintons benefited financially through the foundation. but what we didn't know until
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this week is there was an ongoing federal active criminal investigation where an american businessman was wired up. eric holder, the department of justice. bob mueller, the head of the fbi, be handling the clinton email case also aware of this and rod rosenstein, the same guy who made jeff sessions get out of the way and appointed his friend mueller on the case as well. all these guys aware of this corruption and scandal by russia say nothing. and we sell our uranium to russia. the main witness on blockdown. should jeff sessions -- on lockdown. should jeff sessions unleash this main witness from the northern disclose our agreement. kellyanne: i can't answer that question for you. but i will tell you practically speak. this wins easy for mayor koo
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today to understand. close your eyes and imagine every time clinton or because names are in this he a quaition you had the word trump. imagine what sphean upright would be for the media largely ignoring the story and criticize those of us talking about it a year ago during the campaign. this is easy. you can connect a straight line. bill clinton got a cool half a million dollar check to do a speech in russia. the hill reported the that he tried to get clearance to meet with some officials over there. he doesn't get an answer. but 20% of u.s. our rainup rights go to a russian company, a russian interest. this is the kinds of thing that bothers people about politicians and people who lead the swamp
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it's why people found hillary clinton to be not honest and not trustworthy. the number one question i got is when will donald trump accept the election results. then after he won, i got the question, will he prosecute hillary clinton. but it turns out that since then we had this huge russia investigation that has consumed taxpayer dollars and the entire 2017 year. it's been about the wrong presidential candidate. it's been about the wrong players. people want a russian investigation? judge jeanine: not only that. the thing -- irony here is the very people who hid from the american public the corruption that was going on and the money laundering going on by russia to access our uranium are the people who are now investigating donald trump to try to make a
9:38 pm
connection between him and russia. it is backwards. you know what? the republicans in congress being made a fool of by being part of these congressional committees where after one year is there not one iota of evidence. and they sit there and they are being played by the democrats because they continue to be bart of these ridiculous congressional hearings where after a year there is no evidence, nothing, and they hear about this. kellyanne: the president weighed in on it many times. he said it's a hoax. there is nothing there. i call it the collusion delusion. you don't even have to look at collusion and whether the election was stolen when you know uranium rights were transferred after money was exchanged. you know i can't comment on certain things and i won't. but on this one, the president it turns out he's righteth again. he's way ahead of everyone on
9:39 pm
practically every issue. he has been warning everybody for a year. i want to tell all the people on the network and cable a stations that have fancy graphics that say russia, russia, russia. you can dust them off again and apply it to this. people have the right to know what really happened and why. the american -- this is exactly what americans hate about people in power and not being able to peek around the corn tore get transparency and clarity about what goes on. judge jeanine: as much as americans are disgusted by pay-to-play, people going into congress of mediocre means and coming out multi millionaires when our national security is at stake. when congressmen and women are concerned about our national security and don't even note backdrop, the context, the
9:40 pm
framework with which this deal is being made, people should be in scene uproar. jeff sessions has an obligation to undo this non-disclose our agreement which is absurd. i never heard of it. and it goes to the consciousness of guilt of eric holder and rod rosenstein and the whole lot of them. kellyanne: i can't let that go because i have to say it's not for me to say what the attorney general should or should not do on any matter. judge jeanine: i will say it for you. kellyanne: you are not saying it for me. you are saying it for you. the justice department is doing things that should capture america's attention that don't get the coverage they deserve. the border crossing are way down. the deputy attorney general had a press conference. the largest crackdown in the
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country. got to get the drugs out of the communities. judge jeanine: next, we heard from former presidents. next the current president of the united states has a massachusetts message for the crowd. the hurricane relief
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judge jeanine: lady gaga on now at concert for hurricane relief in texas. president trump addressed the crowd earlier. take a look. >> the heartbreaking devastation caughted by hurricanes harvey and irma and maria and nate along with the terrible wildfires in california have impacted millions of our fellow
9:46 pm
americans. as a nation we mourn for those who died and pray for those who lost their homes or livelihoods. in the aftermath of these terrible storms the american people have done what we do best. we came together, we helped one another, and through it all, we remain resilient. we came together as one, as we rushed to the aid of texas, louisiana, florida puerto rico, and the u.s. virgin islands. now as we begin to rebuilt some of america's finest public servants are spearheading the oneamerica appeal. through this effort all five living former presidents are playing a tremendous role in helping our fellow citizens recover. to presidents jimmy cart were, george h.w. bush, bill clinton, george w. bush, and barack obama, melon yeah and i want to express your deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance.
9:47 pm
this wonderful effort reminds us we truly are one nation under god, all unified by our devotion to one another. i what to thank everyone who has contributed this vital effort. i want to thank groups like the points of light for making such a big difference in our disaster response efforts. together we'll recover. we'll rebuild. and we'll come back stronger and better than ever before. thank you, god bless you, and may god bless the united states of america. judge jeanine: rich little, sergeant schumann! here, first sergeant. you never told me you were a hero. i'm not a hero. you all right? no, i'm not all right.
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judge jeanine: live from l.a., my next guest is legendary impersonator, the man, the myth, the legend, rich little. first of all, i want to thank you and ask you some questions because this is a political show. president clinton, what do you think of harvey weinstein.
9:52 pm
>> i don't want to talk about harvey weinstein. i'm still upset hillary didn't become president. it would have been so great to see a womb in the oval office. i just imt back from macy's. they have a harvey weinstein sale there. women's panties are half off. judge jeanine: what? >> i'll go slower. they did a survey the other day. they asked a group of women if they would have sex with bill clinton. 70% of these women said? never again. judge jeanine: let's move on. president reagan. do you think unemployment is bert now than it was when you were president? >> well, yes. thanks to donald trump.
9:53 pm
there is no unemployment today. that is just a silly rumor started by a bunch of people out of work. unfortunately the cost of living is screaming high. do you know the only way a family of four can survive today is to eat a family of five? do you know, judge, things are so bad right now in america that the mafia had to lay off three judges? judge jeanine: i take that personally. >> even some of the people in beverly hills are suffering. a lot of them had to fire their nannies and actually learn the names of their children. judge jeanine: that's sad. >> some of them are eating caviar helper. but i'm optimistic about the future. judge jeanine: president nixon. do you like donald trump?
9:54 pm
>> actually, yes. i do like donald trump. because i can relate to donald trump. we are both hated by the bless. the press hates us. i can relate to that. you know, a lot of people hated me. when i was a little liar groaning up in whittier, california, even my parents didn't like me. do you know i was bap tights in boiling water? i was abandoned by an orphan and. i wasn't even invited to my own wedding. my bride came with a date. but nobody has liked me. you know, judge, i have here a list of hillary clinton's famous sayings, perhaps you will enjoy.
9:55 pm
these are hillary clinton's famous sayings. first one, don't put off tomorrow what you can erase today. if at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again. i like that one. how about this one. you can lead a man to congress, but you can't make him think. judge jeanine: that's good. >> it's not whether you win or lose that counts, but where you place the blame. judge jeanine: president trump how do you feel about hillary? >> we are going to build a great wall around hillary. i think that hillary has put on a little weight. it's the money belt. the saudi money belt. i propose -- judge jeanine: we got to go. little by little by rich little.
9:56 pm
thanks so much. >> i'm at the tropicana, five nights a week, still performing. love yeah.
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now i will be a special guest with steve hilton tomorrow night at 9:00 greg gutfeld is next. i will have dinner in los angeles with my friend. i have to stop now. >> that is like saying i am a penguin and i like movies. i don't know of any penguins who like slurries. greg: that is offensive to penguins and celebrities. enough of that. the clintons keep coming it back. they are like the world's ugliest boomerang. they brought forth president obama with them. senate judiciary committee is now looking at a russian bribery case and


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