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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 22, 2017 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the white house defending his chief of staff, john kelly in this week's condolence call controversy. this year the weight entrée right to know what happened and why. tonight the death tonight the depth of your something that's a great and politicized. >> the public assumes the secret documents relating to the assassination of john f. kennedy. spirit go comb through the files. >> narrowly passing a budget. >> the biggest cuts ever in the history of this country. >> all five together in one place has nothing to do with
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politics. >> these were grievous back to back. >> we've also seen the beard of america at its best. >> we admire and love george h.w. bush. ♪ trade to welcome on this sunday morning. [inaudible] truth or you never know. he didn't sleep really well. >> i slept much better last night. true to nothing but a top-notch show when you get the printout for your show and there's no ink in the printer.
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we don't know what's on our show but we will do our best. traceroute will do our very best. we've got four hours. trade today fell flat. we're watching the game at houston and the yankees won three games at home, must form the road. your home field advantage has an element for each team and clearly worked out. pete: sorry coming yankees fans. jason: i don't know if you really are. abby: i can hear in your voice. people are wanting some questions answered about what happened to our fallen soldiers in the shared in africa. was this mission necessary? a lot of people didn't know we had troops serving in these parts of africa. secretary mathis with senator
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john mccain and lindsey graham in helping provide some sort of transparency as to what we know and to why this happened. pete: colonel michael walser buried 2014. he said this is an advice in is an advise and assist mission without a longtime. embedded green berets, this is what they are trained to do. about 12 at about a thousand local forces. this is a standard practice of what they do to get them trained up to fight islamic forces. as we talked about it, the media has to be responsible how we talk about that. it's so unfortunate what happened at the center out there serving our country. >> you find out more information you find that we have five to six.and troops. i'm sure if you did your homework and didn't wait for the accident happened, you know they are there. american citizens don't take it until something happens and then
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they go what's going on there. they've been over their training, help in assisting for years. transfer we are not sending their troops in places. we have to be careful in the media as we talk about this and ask important questions because all too often it leads to conspiracy theories and takes us to a path that can be quite dangerous and insulting to the people serving. turn to you in on a the other night. abby: another program, rachel matthau who linked what happened to the trump travel ban. >> they drove this hard bargain. they went after exxon really hard. the ceo of exxon was rex tillerson and maybe that made him mad. they just link it in people from chad. friday of last week government of chad announced it completed the withdrawal of all chadian troops from their neighboring
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country, nature where for years they have been fighting aces linked islamic -- right after that for soldiers got attacked. pete: understands the silly conflict, so ridiculous came on after that and said this. there's just one problem. not as theory was so flimsy that it could be debugged a quick glance at a map, let alone a phone call with an expert. when you look at the facts of what happened, there is no link between trumps travel ban on chad in the fact that we lost four of our best to different parts of the countries, different enemies. but then the product of two lamps. roll tape on that. she's very good at what she
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does. she's asking questions. when you show it altogether she's showing a conspiracy theory that now donald trump is to blame. =tranfour in fairness you must be pretty good at what she do to get under your skin. two different scenarios, and two different regions. you don't just assume that every single conflict that happen in nature is because chad leaving the country. they are completely separate. lepore boko haram operates, they are not the same. but she can't just go by association everything together. true or that's also why we should rely on great generals in this country. this week was for general john kelly was hit by many in the liberal media. i look at someone like him and we need people like that in our government to help him
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understand because they've been on the ground. they understand what we are dealing with. lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer will be interesting to get his perspective firm. you know this because you have served overseas and how different is inferencing it on the ground to be home here and talking about it. how often and immediately make sense of it. pete: what i saw in iraq and afghanistan was so divorced from the public conversation. i walk myself off. do i really know what's going on there and they reach people at a sense of what's happening. if your boots are dirty, you're probably missing a lot of local dynamics they really matter in a story. the leader of the left, leading to resist movement to a travel ban which the president executed to keep our country safe. careful what you're saying. abby: the reason we talk about this is because of the
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congresswoman of florida. she's made a lot about herself that she had some comments yesterday that the white house is full of supremacists. "the new york times" on friday. white supremacists full of phrases. general john kelly is a racist, then aren't we all? that is the last thing i would think about when i listen to him speak and learn about his background. how far off are we getting without labels on someone like that. transfer we are removed from the actual situation or problem when you think about what actually happened. the conversation of the president and fallen soldier's family. from there, whether you agree with the way he delivered and she was use dropping for some reason unbeknownst to us it becomes political. if there is a problem, lingered between that family and the president and move on. don't suddenly politicize this
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moment between these two people entering their call the white house full of white supremacist and racist. how do those two even come together. trigger that's why the president blasted her calling the wacky congressman. corey lindau ski went even further saying this about the congresswoman. >> the. >> the fed should look up the term in the dictionary to see what an empty barrel means an accusatory four-star marine general to accuse his life and his sons life to call him a racist and so what about she said resign immediately. she should disappear and never be involved. true to what you think? e-mail us friends@fox should the congresswoman resigned? how one of my mushy? abby: boberg doll is now speaking out. stay in the u.s. treated him
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worse than the taliban does as he now faces life in prison for his desertion. what do you make of that? pete: i'll give you my opinion after we hear what he had to say. "the sunday times" wrote this. at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who's going to cut your throat. here it could be the guy a pass in the corner that sends me away for life. they were honest with me about killing me another justice system in my own country is giving me what i deserved. it confirms to bergdahl is. jason: answer this for me. if you're on the ground in a later post, do you know the consequences? are you aware of the consequences? pete: of course. in an abstract sense, yes. transfer was a confused as to what was going to happen when he
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was found by american troops or the taliban? how is he crying sour grapes? you are the one who laughed. pete: he romanticized the taliban were. imagine the moment he is like that was really bad. he's going to be captured in a cell in fort leavenworth for the rest of his life as he is found guilty before. abby: is probably regretting that decision. i do want to bring other headlines. a lot going on starting with whether of a possible tornado through oklahoma tonight is severe storms hammered the midwest. knocking down trees and power lines are ripping the roof off of a casino. torrential rains flooded inside the editorial. the beach boys performing over fears that the roof might collapse. luckily, no one was hurt.
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over 60 cars derailed overnight. some slamming into two buildings causing serious damage. a total of 10 cars from the train actually leaving the tracks in knoxville, tennessee's bill in shipping containers. no hazardous materials were on the train and no one was injured. president trump demanding answers to find out to us behind the dossier that include unverified allegations about his connections with russia appeared officials behind the now discredited dossier plead the fifth and the fbi should immediately release you paid for it. commander-in-chief calling out after they refuse to tell congressional committees who paid for the dossier or revealed its sources. transfer houston astros going to the world series after a home win. [cheers and applause]
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nothing better. shutting down the yankees for-nothing in game seven to win the american league championship. now they will face the los angeles dodgers 8:00 eastern on fox. i am a dodger fan, yes. abby: although you're nice about the yankees yesterday. transfer played in new york for 10 years. appreciate what they did but i am born and raised with the dodgers. drinking champagne in the locker room. i never had that. true three g really want to go down that road? president trump will release the classified jfk assassination files. will this put the conspiracy theories to rest? abby: did you get the latest promise for president trump? >> this kind of inspiration i will go and take trump out tonight. that was so outrageous that had
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abby: welcome back. president trump announcing on twitter you allow the jfk assassination fails to be open and released to the public. will this with a long-standing conspiracy theories to rest? here's a man who allowed this man who is allowed to be dedicated to this topic. the more walter, thanks for joining us this morning. you looked into everything that could be looked at so far that there were 3000 new document, unredacted documents that may soon be coming out. if we get this document, will you be satisfied with the whole story? >> i wish i could say everyone
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will know the whole story but that is not the case. when the list of files that are supposed to be released coming paris day, when it's finally allowed to be put out earlier this year, many historians and journalists and researchers were shocked to see the most important files were not even on the list at all. even though i applaud president trump for saying we are going to release those files, i don't believe he realizes the list of files that could be released this thursday does not include many of the most important files. pete: why doesn't it include them? >> we know it exists because there were for government committees who investigated and so we have their findings. other documents have come out to refer to these very important files so we know that other files exist but they are not on the list as to why not. you'd really need to ask the
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fbi, cia, secret service. generally speaking it's because victoria once with help from the earlier committees like the martin commissioned in the 70s. once you withhold certain crucial files about a godfather's confession and jfk's murderers or attempt to kill jfk in tampa, florida four days before dallas is almost exactly like what did happen. once you withhold those files in the case to get jfk in two days, weeks and months after that, when can you ever bring us out especially when they have been withheld from other congressional committees. there's no massive massive conspiracy to kill jfk. the fourth government committee concluded it wasn't likely a conspiracy and they pointed the finger at two mafia godfathers who had the means and opportunity. pete: let's talk about one of those godfathers had carlos
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marcello made a confession. we will put it up on the screen. intense dislike for john kennedy as he often did unlike other such kennedy however on this occasion carlos marcello said referring to the president, i had that some of the killed. i'm sorry i could not done it myself. there's a document that refers to a confession. you are singing that won't be released. >> well, we got that document. here's the great thing. the fbi did a superb job. they got a deferment to be in a federal prison and they use that informant to put a bug transistor radio in the cell he shared with his godfather. there were hundreds of hours of tapes of the godfather talking about all sorts of things, things that involve the assassinations. and they are not on the list to be released on thursday.
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train to go more walter income are an expert on this. we'll see what gets released. your message is getting out. thank you case they make thank you so much. tranter nancy pelosi calls himself a master legislator. what is best for her political party? a creep local panel coming up next. -- a great political panel coming up next. you won'
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tran for a quick headline from publicized trial of the illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing kate and killing king family in 2015. francis sanchez admitted five times to mexico and is on the conservatives go and police and police say he found a gun rack in his t-shirt and a bench. the gun accidentally fired. the mexican government during the fight against texas sanctuary city crackdown.
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filing legal documents for several cities suing the state claim in a new lot if enacted would interfere with diplomatic interests. lauper ensures that jail time for not cooperate with federal immigration agencies. >> she is not going anywhere as to why she's taking. >> i was ready to go home. theatre wing and our panel of dr. jeannie zhang appeared in cathy verna. veteran host of truth exchange, we didn't even play a mess. i'll start with you. you hear those comments there and the fact she says she's the
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only one she needs to be represented. issue highlighted the problem the democratic ernie has that she needs to be there. but they don't have the other women coming out his elections absolutely right. we need women in positions of power. women need to lead in this country the thing you need women in power does not mean you need that one and come in many nancy pelosi. democrats have lost under nancy pelosi a thousand feet across the country in the last eight years. they have lost four recent special election. the party is starting to be a party that is looking backwards as they are nominating hillary clinton. but to what happened in california but the democratic party out there for you have the new generation. i talk to students all day long. democrats want new leadership. nancy pelosi has been good for her time but you have to know when to exit. i think that's the problem she's going to have a look at the
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special elections in montana. they ran against her and i'll keep doing it as timbering himself said in a positive thing that is going to pull down the party. abby: would love your response because you've interviewed nancy pelosi. you think she should stay there. we heard from a number of democrats that are concerned saying we need new blood in order to win elections. we need someone that's different in there. what is your response? >> i interviewed her about three times preachers wonderful, passionate, bullies and the causes and what this younger generation believes in. all gpt rights, the environment, obamacare, daca, everything the younger generation is fighting for. to say we need someone new, we don't. she's the most powerful women in politics right now. she's been in politics for 30 years. she's got wonderful accomplishments. to say she needs to go is unrealistic or choose wonderful. we need repair.
3:28 am
>> there are two cathy sierra. you can like or if it's good to out of which all those would agree, but is it in the best interest of the democratic party for her to stay or go? >> for the republican party, nancy pelosi has gifted the republican party a huge favor. she states the gop favor, but it's undeniable that the democratic party is a need, but unfortunately they lack the ability to pivot quickly away from bad ideas. loss after loss they continue to come to the table, clinging to the same worn-out strategy for resisting the presidency.
3:29 am
they are not women issues. they are american issues. they need real solutions. it is not just a women's issue. russia medal in across the globe. we have china stymied the opioid edition. health care, tax plan, all of these issues not just women's issues. they are american issues. >> is she out of touch with moms around this country in the issues they care about. is she on the right side of that? >> she's a wonderful mother and grandmother. she's a fabulous person. she's done well for the democrats in the past. i think you have to be forward-looking in the party and the numbers tell the story. for a special election losses. a thousand seats lost.
3:30 am
2010 and 2014 were devastating for the democratic party. >> i think there's going to be a comeback for the party. she's been there for 30 years. grandmother, great-grandmother and to have the woman at the table who was a mother. i'm sorry guys, the church is not a mom. >> you're a mom, cathy. >> we need real ideas. living under the threat of a very real possibility the is not solely what we need and that is not who we are. we are talking about the democratic party. we are constantly being told by the democratic party by that there's no such thing as a
3:31 am
gender. every time i turn around we are playing identity politics. the democratic party is debunked. >> you need to speak to their voters. >> this is a healthy debate, ladies. thank you for being here. abby: to establish that was horrified when he they criticize his own attorney jeff sessions. the president will do it again to other republicans. one of the democrat favorite slogans when bigelow, we go high. >> with this kind of inspiration, i will take trump out tonight. abby: dinner, it crossed the line? we report you decide. friend@fox
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with president trump units made a lot of news already. additional son this morning the president trump talking about the feuds with lawmakers and when he tweaked in talks about in the purity is never treated mitch mcconnell or rex are calling them a beleaguered ag. he's done all those things. he thinks it's part of moving the ball forward and >> sometimes it helps to be honest with you. i think sometimes that helps. sometimes it gets people to do what they're supposed to be doing. you know, that's the way it is. i just want what's right. for the most part they want what is right, too. >> i would just say this. i want to get the ball moving forward. it's like a cattle prod may be. focus on the right places to get them moving in a little motivation. that's up for debate as to whether this is the right
3:37 am
approach. abby: when i talk about jeff sessions. he is so well-liked by many of your colleagues were the first 20 years mainly the conservative base and this is a complicated and also why he was saying at the end of the day because this is someone who is sitting get a little bit tougher. pete: a lot of people feel like you need a bat. president trump places on good cop bad cop. he does. his twitter feed can do it. when he says the right and i don't know if it's talking about the massacre of the tool. he's talking about the right thing to do things he said he would do on the campaign trail. you can't just do it with carrots. you've got to have stakes. you've got a knock them over the head and say get going. jason: got to me a little bit that he's doing it with his
3:38 am
campaign. why did he think he was going to stop? that's what he feels most comfortable doing. if you're going to go down, your way, not somebody else's day. i respect him for being the man is going to be. tread through what he think about this? do you think his tactics arafat is? is that the right way to go. not always friendly. pete: he needs a little cattle prodding. we might get something done. transverse soldier laid to rest after making the ultimate -- his wife kissing the cascade. flights across florida flying at half staff as hundreds gathered to honor his service. sergeant johnson k-kilo with three other soldiers the nicest militants ambushed them.
3:39 am
he leaves behind his wife and two children with a third child due in january. that is heartbreaking. he was only 25 years old are your thoughts and prayers with him and his family and everyone involved in the ambush. the terrorists in afghanistan breaking her silence in a stream of e-mails to the new york daily record. caitlin: spoke of how memories of her childhood home helped her in her time and in captivity. being released and how she's not ready to share with the media. everybody says now you have to come out and talk about it but no, no i don't and everybody nicest that it's my choice and i can talk when i want and to whom i want. good for her. youtube deletes maxine waters after she threatens her president. >> even i've never met him and with this kind of inspiration i will going take trump out
3:40 am
tonight. [cheers and applause] abby: the crowd wildly applauding as she pumped her fist. establishes doing? only took her 27 seconds before she slammed president trump. it's been posted back on you back on youtube so you can find it there if you'd like. this is great. five former presidents united on stage at the hurricane relief president. george w. bush, barack obama, george w. bush and jimmy carter teaming up to raise money for a big guns of harvey, irma and maria. stopping to take a moment to honor. >> i speak for the folks right here when i say we really admire and love george h.w. bush. [cheers and applause] pete: the president's effort has
3:41 am
raised $31 million for disaster relief. we'll see how it gets. ready amazing to see them on the stage together. also doesn't really have to be a disaster? pete: where was trump? abby: he did a video. pete: would have been cool seeing him there, too. had presidents ever been present together at one time? jason: google does a work that fast. pete: not a fox news alert. a serial killer in florida. are police any closer to catching their suspect? an update from the police chief next. blaming fox news are covering the russian iranian deal scandal. >> at the same they've been peddling for years they are really experts at distraction and diversion.
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by listening to an thiaudiobook on audible.ame and this guy is just trying to get through the day.
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keeping it together. losing it. upgrade your commute. ride with audible. pete: welcome back. the ussr reagan patrolling near the coast right now and only to show of course in that region could aircraft carrier data president trump's first official visit to asia. north korea coroner there were her so for war. jimmy carter volunteered to go on a diplomatic mission to the rogue nation that he wants to try and resolve the escalating tensions over its nuclear weapons program. the former president telling
3:46 am
"the new york times" is offered his help to president trump's national security advisor h.r. mcmaster but has yet to be called upon. maybe you could take dennis rodman with him. abby: way to a fox news alert. police and fbi in a frantic newshound -- manhunt. train for the past 12 days three victims were shot and killed within one mile of each other in all of them alone. trained investigators believe these murderers are linked. in terms chief, brian dugan. thank you for being here this morning. any closer today to have the leads who might be doing these horrific things? >> well, we are following up with everything. every phone call we are up there in this neighborhood talking to everyone out there. things are moving, just not as quickly as we want. we are relying on the public
3:47 am
here this is a good neighborhood, people are cooperating. this is not the type of crime, so we are moving forward. it is going painfully slow. abby: victims are completely random. three victims shot over the course of 12 days. totally random within one mile of each other. give us a sense of what you know about him and what has happened over the past 12 days and how people in the area should be prepared to not find themselves in a situation like that. >> well, what we have is benjamin missile, monica hoffa and 20-year-old anthony nebo up, three murders within 10 days. they are actually within a half a mile of each other and that is why we are linking them together. we don't know if this is one individual. we don't know their color.
3:48 am
we don't know the race, their ethnicity. there are so many unknowns and that is why we are hesitant to label with anything here we are asking for the neighborhood to not be out there alone, but also encouraging them to come outside with their porch lights on. we've even given people porch lights if they didn't have them. with these incidences, the natural thing is to hunker down and not go outside and we are encouraging people to come out because all three individuals were allowed to mask the true link as they were close to proximity, the timeframe and the fact they were all blown to transfer with the randomness, are you concerned for something a while back there was a d.c. sniper who was randomly killing people for days at a time like won here three days later and nobody was connected. there is no connection between three individuals though someone is picking targets i win.
3:49 am
>> that is what we have to -- that's what we think is going on. that is what is going on. that's what the frustration level is. nothing linking these three individuals. they come from good families, good backgrounds. he's the oldest of five children. he was mildly autistic. he took the wrong bus and ended up in this neighborhood, which is not a neighborhood, but now we have this going on there. i feel for the families. i went and met with the family of our second. they had services for her yesterday. i want people to think about the families. these are numbers. three people within 10 days. there's names and faces attached to the numbers. >> interim chief, good luck and
3:50 am
godspeed. >> thank you. abby: i was living in d.c. at the time of the d.c. sniper. >> the randomness makes it difficult. pete: at his fox news is all for covering the russian iranian deal. >> it is the same baloney they've been peddling for deal. trump allies are experts at distraction and diversion. transfer the other networks to spend zero minutes even talking about them. why would they cover this issue at all? pete: at espn host jim will heal breaking her silence on her suspension. and you'll never guess that she just admitted. ♪ ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,...
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trained duo permissions back to clinton playing the blame game over the russian uranium deal. >> i would say the same baloney they've been peddling for years and there's been no credible evidence by anyone. trump and his allies including fox news are really experts at distraction and diversion. >> is a fox news. what about the other news outlet? abc, cbs and ec has been a total of zero minutes covering the deal. dan gaynor at the media research center. thanks for joining us. fox has been willing to cover his tory about what happened in
3:55 am
2010 when she was secretary of state for the clinton foundation and muddy and wet with like shady dealings. no one else will touch it. why is that? >> you can tell this is a scandal because the media art treating it like it's dead. they don't want to touch it. it's an inconvenient narrative is an understatement. what you've got a special breaks a story talking about millions of dollars going to the clinton foundation. he's got a $500,000, can't even imagine $500,000 speaking deal for former president bill clinton and russia. this is the story the media don't want to touch because it defies what they want to talk about. trade for eisai defies what they want to talk about, but the same people in politics are there now that are investigating russian ties with what they say is the administration. why won't they do the same thing, at least investigate, talk about it.
3:56 am
we are saying it's guilt by association. maybe take a look at it. >> you look at the media coverage of russia. through summer, abc, cbs, nbc and news shows did 415 minutes on the russia scandal, but 94% of that was negative. if you start throwing in things that would make trump look good because basically we finally pointed fingers at one of the presidential candidates awaiting to the russia scandal, it is not trump, hillary and they don't want to talk about it. pete: "politico" did a poll. people wonder whether such an erosion of trust and they call it the fake news media. people feel like it's been made out. the major news outlets fabricate stories of president trump? 46% believe they do. add that to almost 60% of americans say my news might be fake. >> ultimately the problem isn't
3:57 am
just made up stories like the "washington post" story about russia hacking the power grid. is the problem of omission. pete: thanks a lot. more "fox and friends" on the other side. so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. ♪ abby: the white house is spending his chief of staff, general john kelly in this week's condolence call controversy. people have a right to know what really happened and why. >> the death of the year should be something as sacred and not politicize the >> president trump believes the assassination file to kill jfk. the mafia godfathers who had. abby: bow -- as he now faces life in prison. all five former presidents together in one place and it has nothing to do with politics.
4:01 am
>> these were grievous storms back to back. >> we've also seen the spirit of america at its best. >> we really admire and love george h.w. bush. [cheers and applause] ♪ pete: good monday morning. truth rewriting midtown, new york. a surprise she showed up after the game last night. jason: they got absolutely clobbered. pete: it's a big rivalry. trading for we are in new york so let's talk about the yankees losing instead.
4:02 am
pete: the rest of the island -- [inaudible] abby: why don't we have breakfast on the table? every day i ask for an evening segment on the show. abby: you do. pete: they almost never deliver. abby: of viewers need to e-mail that had. you see him eating all the time. we need a competition. good morning to all of you. happy sunday morning. we are still talking. a busy week in d.c. talking about what has gone on around the world and most recently with this attack inside to where we lost forever best in what many are now wondering how this happened. we don't even know were on the ground there. senator mccain is one of them saying how many of you knew we
4:03 am
had missions going on. trade to the conversation has been centered to masada by the congresswoman who accuse of the insensitive comments. john kelly dropped the bike a couple days ago with the kerry press conference. why he made a public of the conversation has been focused on the shiny object. you are right. ultimately folks want to know if it be in effect did? why were these guys so vulnerable? green berets do dangerous things around the world every day the world every day so that we don't know about so they compared radical islam is so 101st airborne in our conventional force don't have to be over there fighting. it's an important mission, but little is known about it for the general public. train for i think it brings clarity. take a listen to this. >> the government of chad wrote this very hard bargain. they went after exxon really
4:04 am
hard. the ceo for exxon for most of the time with rex tillerson. maybe that made him mad prodigious blanket ban people from chad. friday of last week the government of chad announced they had completed the withdrawal of all chadian troops from their neighboring country, niger, where for years they have been fighting isis linked islamic militants. right after that, four u.s. army soldiers got attacked by large contingent of isis fighters and niger. abby: jason will do it in analogy. train for that flake when you save a troy beat lsu has played alabama. how is the correlation the same? these are completely separate event but are somehow trying to be tied together with nothing more than a a conversation by somebody on television.
4:05 am
trajan as he feeling for dniester pen and pause, and then you must be saying something subsidies and theory is. or maybe you're one of the spinning a conspiracy theory. even the "huffington post" called rachel mondo. it was so flimsy that it can be dumped by a quick glance at a map, let alone a phone call with an expert. this is a massive region. the forces that were pulled out, the chadian forces were an entirely different region. it was completely different than a isis linked group that attacked her guys. again, what she did for a 20 minute rant with sega president trump's travel ban killed these four americans are thus so she tried to say. look at the fact exxon. what does that have to do with it?
4:06 am
abby: i still don't understand the connection. this is what is dangerous. it is dangerous when the media starts having conversations about this and putting in their own areas that are as he said completely unrelated to what happened. it's dangerous for us to interpret what did happen but dangerous to the families that lost loved ones over there because they are the ones who should be the focus of this conversation. and i would go down these roads often times and it's such a distraction and disturbance to the country. and what our job is in the media. train for we talked about not understanding the full ramifications, why they were there, what their mission was and yet she seems to know exactly what that was and why they were attacked and how it happened and it all started from a travel ban. you can only really say that if you truly know what they were doing, where they were and what their mission was. then you can say this could have happened. to just baselessly throw that out there is lazy journalism.
4:07 am
pete: of course it's also very she's the quarterback. people tune in to get their talking points. in the "huffington post" inflators flaming you, it reminded me of remember when she had trumps tax returns. there it is right there. and the 2005 tax return and it turned out it wasn't even the full tax returns that she is three days to get their ratings pumped out. abby: a lot of the media jumped on board quickly. they wanted to believe her. they wanted to think there was something and that's why all of us need to be vigilant. you've got to do your job well. if there is some connection, talk about it, help people understand. conspiracy theories is where it gets completely dangerous. pete: president trump called a fake news. you saw the poll where they think people make stuff up.
4:08 am
two thirds of americans feel like what they are getting is not true. abby: i can't believe how many friends i talk to say they have no wary -- no idea where to go. used to be you could tune into the media and get a sense of what's going on and now this is the perfect example. transfer the conversation revolves on opinion around on fact. don't just go opinion, here you go. just opinion. pete: you can go to the highest rated cable news program, "fox and friends." abby: let's talk about espn. they have been in the headlines a lot recently. jamele hill, her comments attacking her own president. pete: she treated a couple
4:09 am
things can set a couple things and rather than being fired, she got suspended. as an example of what she said, display always works. change happens in advertisers are impacted. if you feel strongly about jerry jones statement, boycott his advertisers. he said stanford and then pitch he said if you don't like it, boycott it. this is a host on espn. >> a remember working there and they told us explicitly, and do not social media anything you wouldn't say on air. that is what turned this whole rant. she said something in a tweet that you wouldn't say on air because you don't want to drive away their advertisers that pay your bills, they buy commercial, finder operations and talk about sports but she went on from there and created more controversy with more treats and finally suspended. abby: then apologized and didn't apologize. here she is saying she did deserve the suspension. take a listen.
4:10 am
>> espn act did with what they felt was right and, you know, i don't have any argument over that. i deserve that suspension. i violated the policy. i deserve the suspension. going forward, we will be in a good healthy place. looking forward to it. abby: you are an example to other fans, the people that tune into you in younger people that see you as someone that has a voice, how do you handle these situations? it took a little time for her to get to this place. i think you are right. it's good for her to finally come out. jason: think she's realized this is two strikes now. there can't really be a third.
4:11 am
even if you don't believe you buy it because it is your employer in giving you the job an opportunity to have that platform and voice. if you don't have a job with espn, no one is listening to richer conversation is anyway. pete: this is more about keeping our job. >> if i want to continue to be employed by espn, i go ahead now pete: she know she was wrong. they have a policy of simply admitting they made a mistake. i went against the policy. she didn't say i apologize for what i said. she just said she shouldn't have said it. pete: she works for sports channel. it blurs some lines in my opinion. if you want to talk about politics, but msnbc. smart move by her. pete: speaking of news this morning. other headlines for your following.
4:12 am
police ramping up after three people are shot and killed in less than two weeks. officers going door-to-door accompanying residents rate near tampa. the police chief joined us last hour thing investigators are making small connections between the shooting as they now search for who is responsible. >> free murders have been 10 days alone within a half a mile of each other and that is why we are linking them together. we don't know if this is one individual. >> investigators are searching for this person who was sitting nearby minutes before the first murder happen. a tropical tornado overnighted severe storms hammered the midwest. damaging winds and how knocking down trees and power lines. torrential rain and flooding inside of the auditorium. the beach boys there performing when they had to be evacuated
4:13 am
twice. luckily no one was hurt. 30,000 runners in washington d.c. today. the race known as the people's marathon starts and ends near arlington national cemetery. of course one of the largest and most charitable races in the country starts at 7:25 a.m. eastern. what a beautiful place to run. jason: i like the fact they start later than us. i'm not going to run it but they started early. abby: if you can accomplish a marathon -- jason: i'd like to run one, but i would want to trade for one. therefore it couldn't run one. pete: good logic. tom perez to be republicans and 20 teen labeling trumpets and mean and dangerous man. maybe the second time is the
4:14 am
charm. abby: the end of isis is inside after the liberation of iraq. karl higby is here to weigh in. the
4:15 am
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♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. dream tour back with a fox news alert. deliberate in the streets after successfully recapturing raqqa for myspace. pete: the president calling it a political breakthrough. former navy seal karl higby, thanks for being here. the president on the campaign trail. today we have their capital. but it'd take to do that? he might president trump has
4:18 am
increased the research are counseling to do it. this is a significant victory because it strikes the heart of their homeland. the political big tree is far from over because they have started moving as we are seen with niger and things like that. when they are on the run their best effective. >> a lot of questions now. dealing with southeast asia and africa and of course what happened in niger. a lot of folks didn't even know we had true. >> sometimes we shouldn't our troops are. >> what is going on? what is their role and how are we doing in terms of success? >> i'm not going to talk about the actual role for your training troop to learn how to combat this on their own. pete knows a lot about this. we go in, train the local troops to do the bidding to keep the
4:19 am
terrorists out. you have to be very careful about letting up the information because as pete knows when you send in a small group of people, you have less defenses than a forward base like we do in iraq and afghanistan. >> it is what our troops do when they go into other countries. frankly so the u.s. conventional forces in many ways is an extension of the america first policy. as far as isis is concerned, taking that land, holding it becomes the more difficult part. confident we can follow through. >> absolutely. president trump has the leadership and desire to do this. he is there to crush the enemy. we've seen it with the moab, tomahawk missile. he is there to do harm to the enemy of the united states of america in a really plotting for that.
4:20 am
these people are so geographically fluid they are not bound by uniform, they can go anywhere in the hands of the former refugees. they can do so much that flies over the radar. this is far from over. abby: so important to get your perspective on that. pete: close to the boot time. when we come back, wisconsin governor scott walker. he will be joining us. breaking news i don't even know what's on the prompter, but none with a chainsaw. coming up next. abby: that video for you. ♪ mom's got this cold
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it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. pete: welcome back. a little news item numbers. $30,000 is how much president trump is fighting for the personal stuff legal bills, money towards fees related to the rush of investigation. next come a $6 million is how much more money at the republican national committee raised a democrat. september federal filing should the rnc raised $10 million compared to 4 million by the dnc. finally, $16,000 how much this gives an option. empire state building created by the president rock in 1995.
4:25 am
pretty good. democrats blasting the plan of tax cuts for the rich. will they had for the deficit? >> why is the trump administration proposing this in more plan that will ask both the deficit did not grow the economy? because the plan is very, very good for the super rich members of the trump administration. >> taxes for the rich. >> at the more plan. you're doing and, governor wisconsin, scott walker. thank you for joining us. almost predict it will delay democrats characterize any plan, dancing major reforms in the thompson. how do republicans push back articulate a plan? >> ukiah talk to people. instead of doubling the itemized
4:26 am
deduction, the first $24,000 of your paycheck you get tax-free. if you've got a house, kids, church, like a lot of people this morning, all the things covered on the tax plan works for everyday americans come employers, more jobs from overseas. this is a good package and something we should have done a long time ago and though get past quick to help get the economy going in dates like wisconsin and others across america. >> when i hear them complain are the democrats say does it feel as though they wanted tax cuts for certain individuals are just focus on a few? >> i think what you see is a rhetoric, wisconsin, across the nation anytime republicans talk about giving you more money. this is the american people's
4:27 am
money. anytime they talk about it, talk about it, and they try and pick one or two people that might benefit and say this person get that amount and i think what we found here in wisconsin as property and income tax for everyone across the board will be lower in 2018 than when we started in 2011. that's why more people are employed year than ever before. our cumulative tax relief in the state by the end of our latest budget and the time we started will exceed a billion dollars. that's where the economy in just last week we announced another budget surplus in the state and win. that shows if you cut taxes you give people more money back, they will put it right back in the economy and that will help more people get more jobs and better wages. abby: so important to talk the governors because they have to follow through on their job. they have to pass a budget that's not always the case on
4:28 am
capitol hill. your thoughts before we let you go on the nfl. >> the nfl is simple. stand up, or hand over your heart. do what americans are taught to do. when the national income is played the national instruments played commenced the national income is played, stand up and show respect for the men and women currently in harms way as well as all the veterans who fought for that flag. if you want take about something else, do it at a different time and different platform. i suggest the nfl players association make a case against domestic violence they would have an incredible platform to do that outside of the national anthem. most americans just believe what readers thought the flag. >> at this point those taking any and some which were green bay packers over the course of the season from your home state, is a coherent message they are kneeling for or they just kneeling against president trump or some sort of amorphous ideal?
4:29 am
>> not just with the players, but some of the media. "the new york times" ironically early i didn't say a thing about it. a lot of americans are frustrated they were doing these editorials, ignoring the fact on their very own policy they prohibit their own employees. reporters are not just unofficial time, but there is social media making common. nobody would be a good someone in the nfl saying you can't wear a different jersey with a political statement on it and they are acted with the same uniform. in thing should be true for the national lampoon. you want to do it on your own time outside of your team's uniform and teams time coming you've got an incredible platform, but don't take away from something that should be unifying force is our pride in this great country and gives us the right to speak out whenever we want. abby: very well said. pete: appreciate your time.
4:30 am
pete: sort of great. train for talking about the surplus, like some people might want to have a lunch meeting with him. pete: that's why there's 34 republican governors. abby: that's what i said so important to talk to the governors. suddenly now they are deficit hawks are they worried about spending money. abby: still ahead, top campaign manager corey lewandowski calling for resignation. pete: doubtful indeed. dnc chair tom perez revealing 2018 and 2020. there will label him as mean and dangerous. ♪
4:31 am
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4:35 am
law won. the uniform code of military justice is about to win because this week he pled guilty to desertion this behavior before the enemy. sometimes they kill the sentence for those charges, life behind bars. he is speaking out again and he made it pretty outrageous claim, shocking for my trader cometh/deserter. he said this in the sunday new york times. at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who's going to cut your throat. your could be the guy a pass in the corridor is going to sign a paper they sent me away for life. the taliban were better to transcend them. they can keep him. transfer he's guilty as charged. they didn't do what he said he did and now he's complaining that under the code of conduct and rules and regulations of what he said hearing to companies he punished for it. abby: now we've got five taliban
4:36 am
released. abby: we traded for him. he doesn't like the consequences. abby: can't help but think back to the moment in the rose garden when you had barack obama their with his parents and it was an emotional time that most of us didn't know what was going on. the experts did, we had them on the show. we didn't know until we are like this is nice to get one of our own back. on our own turf. trade to the white house tied to a bed. they knew he was a deserter. yet they traded him. you couldn't write a movie like this. abby: is one thing to bring him back home. it's another to turn it into this whole thing and make it this big old ceremony we can celebrate. and now we hear from him himself, he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. trade for he is saying he'd rather be with the taliban because they would cut his throat. abby: they were honest with
4:37 am
them. trade for you want to die or spend your life behind bars. trade to the taliban did horrific things to him. he walked off the base. he wasn't treated well. an american in their hands, he's the one that walked off. to say that a shockingly ignorant of the country he lives in. abby: when you're overseas come you are warned if you walk away. abby: don't walk off base into enemy territory. a couple of contractors before we got there decided to drive off the base into a gate into indian country are taliban country and they're executed. they were beheaded. you just don't do that. he left his gun in his bunk. jason: and guessing you don't go alone anywhere anyway. pete: carrack. abby: i do want to bring you some other headlines this morning started with a sad one. a soldier is laid to rest after making the ultimate sacrifice.
4:38 am
army sergeant lynn davidson with an emotional goodbye kissing her son's casket. hundreds gather to honor his service. sergeant johnson was killed along with three other soldiers the nicest militants ambushed them. he leaves behind his wife, two children with a third due in january. he was only 25 years old. the trial for accused nsa reality when it starts tomorrow. the 25-year-old accused of leaking to a news outlet. she told investigators she had the documents underpinning house. earlier this month it denied bail and stages a security risk and you may skip town. she faces nine years in prison. trying to unite democrats by sending president trump calling out the commander-in-chief, calling him an existential threat to the nation thing we have the most dangerous president in american history
4:39 am
one of the most reactionary congresses in american history. first address since his election in february warning that internal disk. sober leadership would distract the party from winning more elections. none -- [inaudible] nun at the chainsaw back in the fight by. sister margaret ann after hurricane irma went viral last month. the brewery tells south that the non-symbolized the people of florida being brought out of their element to do what had to be done. and of course you've got to have an apa in there. >> she won out in the guard, the full robe and everything. like no big deal. pete: that's the uniform. abby: don't judge a book by its cover. pete: there will be a few
4:40 am
chainsaw nun for halloween. abby: don't blow it. we are going to surprise their audience. trade to an elaborate conspiracy theory offered. she said it was the presidents fault. tony sheaffer here to explain her theory and explore it. and all of the flaws when they come back. plus, are you still looking for the halloween costume? abby: i've got mine out. jason: any of the option you can make at home. abby: look at them. ♪ this is what it's all about, jamie --
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pete: welcome back. a couple quick headlines for you pretty border patrol dog bus to
4:44 am
people trying to smuggle pounds of meth inside a stuffed animal. an immigration checkpoint in california appeared worth almost $6000. this police dog receiving a purple heart for her bravery. test is her name was injured during a shootout with a suspect two months ago. the group vietnam veterans of america who created the special word will continue to honor others injured in a line of duty. abby: msnbc rachel mata attempting to tie the travel ban to the death of the four u.s. soldiers and niger. >> september 24th from a three half weeks, the term administration announced that dan. adam didn't venezuela and chad. they announced they had completed the withdrawal of all chadian troops from their neighboring country, niger.
4:45 am
right after that, for u.s. army soldiers got attacked by a large tangent of isis fighters and niger, four of them killed within days of the chadian soldiers being withdrawn. transfer does this conspiracy theory hold up? the former cia intelligence operative for the u.s. army tony shafer. thanks for joining us this morning. you heard what she had to say. would he say about it? >> speaking with authority sound issues is like spongebob squarepants on nuclear physics. come on. this is beyond the pale. i'm sorry i couldn't quite find some aluminum foil to put on my head during the time i was watching preparing for this. this is all a conspiracy theory. look, we've had the mission in the niger since 2015. msnbc even didn't explain all this in 2015. this is not a new mission.
4:46 am
many things we are now working a global approach to going after i says. i'll call her mom and other elements, a qip working in that area. we are working closely with the allies there. this whole thing is being politicized once more by the left because they have nothing better to do apparently. >> can you explain is there anything out there even remotely close friend chad saying the reason we are pulling troops back is because of this. >> not a thing that no causal link. one of those things where countries come and go but it depends on how much time they want to spend their and what their objectives are. our greatest ally in the region right now are the french. they have the air support on him. general mattis just think the french for their support. they are very close ally in the region. the french were right there with us during that time. abby: you are spot on saying
4:47 am
you've got to stop criticizing when you think about sergeant johnson was reading a headline about 25 years old. two kids got another one on the way due in january. you can get about his wife, kids and family. here we have the media trying to have a conversation and these conspiracy theories. even a leftist is pushing back on what rachel nadeau is tying that to. there was just one problem. it is just so flimsy that it could read the bunch but just a quick glance at a map. talk to us about the map they are referring to here. how quickly could the theory be debunked? >> look at where we are operating verses are chad is. no doubt face problems in west africa. we been dealing with this. i run operations in the region and after 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. and niger is the focus here, not
4:48 am
chad. again, i agree with that assessment. back to your point, abby, this is about soldiers. these folks, our troops are out there doing a hard job, trying to extend the pentagon's success against isis, iraq and syria. the strategy general dunford is put forth is working. we just have to make it work globally. abby: one of the importance you want answers to? >> what can we do to ensure this doesn't happen again and make sure this wasn't a green and blue violence? we've had a problem with the taliban and infiltrating the afghan army. we have to make sure that didn't happen. secondly, make sure we give our troops every resource necessary to protect them. tragic, horrible, but we are at a global war. president trump has said we are going to win us so that if we
4:49 am
have to put people at risk. this is no small issue, but we are making progress at the tactical level working with allies as well as going after what hobbies and then all these other severe forms of islam. president trump has given the military and pentagon at two ends we are making progress. abby: thank you for decoding tinfoil hat theories. >> i tried my best. good seeing you. pete: former campaign manager corey lewandowski can't for the resignation of frederica wilson. will the last listen? corey joins us live to discuss at the top of the hour. transfer still looking for a halloween costume for your kid? we've got easy options you can make right at home. i believe you have to be a little crafty. coming up next. ♪
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4:53 am
>> you wouldn't know it by department stores, but halloween is around the corner. making your kids costume doesn't have to be scary. simple do-it-yourself tips. liz makarova, editor in chief at parents magazine. i've been teasing us for a little bit. is it really this easy because they look awesome? >> baby look awesome. it's about glue guns. if you have a glue gun, you can do it. abby: these look amazing. let's start the parade. >> we have a snow monster. isn't she adorable? just a white sweatshirt and you
4:54 am
have ostrich and feathers. any craft store feathers. put your head down, kayla. a little for the eyes and ears. you can get as templates. abby: you look awesome, kayla. >> this is a robot. great use of the amazon boxes. she's a big rocks. you cut out the bottom. the helmet is a smaller box. you just use char caps, have a little bit of the stuff that comes out of the dryer. they think their defense. those are the arms. little pot scrubber is, stickers as you like. abby: and a crown on top, right? >> your way up to and veggies. we had so we liz randel and not
4:55 am
man that he is a unicorn on the og. >> you look amazing. a rainbow pack of pool noodles. but a camera strap and hang it around so he said. >> first you've got to cut them. you have displaced them. she's a unicorn. the dog has a little white dog hoodie. glittery purple yarn. the unicorn: we have started farm and we stuffed it with cotton. abby: you beautiful. good job. we are on trend. this year is all about slime. come here, honey. we have pool noodles that we will put them in pink tights. lots of glitter and then a bit
4:56 am
dazzled bluebottle. anyone who knows slime knows that glue is an important ingredient. good job. you look fabulous. we are going to have some organic fruit. for the nutrition minded family. but get this. watermelon. >> pineapple, watermelon. >> they are organic. come on in. iron on patterns. jason: you make it sound so easy. >> birdseye strawberry. good job. >> these are things you can actually do at home.
4:57 am
abby: thanks for joining us. more "fox and friends" after this.
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i retire as champion. game hog! champion. >> people have a right to know what really happened and why. >> the death of a hero should not be politicized. >> is celebrating in the streets after successfully recapturing rocca from isis. >> they had the leadership in the desire to do this and he is there to crush that and it-- enemy. >> he said he will release the jfk assassination file. >> no massive conspiracy point the finger at two mafia godfather's. >> all five former presidents in one place
5:01 am
and it's nothing to do with politics. >> we admire and love george hw bush. [cheers and applause] >> into center, springer says he's got it. the houston astros win the pennant. ♪ jason: doesn't every day on the weekend feel like a celebration ? abby: we are celebrating. pete: we are. >> hook me up. this is a real nfl kind of tom brady ball, deflated. abby: when you see a football is it like? >> i do miss the game on sundays, not monday through saturday, to be honest.
5:02 am
the practice and you realize that a point on your body can't do it anymore, but there is nothing i can do in life it to re-create sunday's this is fun and live tv has an adrenaline rush, but walking into a stadium with 80000 people in knowing you can play football and it's something you're good at the practice for abby: i went to see who threw it better. what you think watching? did pete have a better throw? jason: i caught. jason: i was a high school wide receiver and backup is a third string quarterback. third string because i was so good. would like to run around and see if i can catch a pass against one of the best defensive backs. can i do that? pete: absolutely. high school wide receiver. abby: later in the show. jason: sounds good. are we really going to?
5:03 am
pete: we have people commenting? jason: will i complete a pass when i run against jason? pete: depends on the quarterback, really. abby: let us know at friends of thought-- "fox and friends".com. but spring and former manager. good morning. how is your throw? >> my weekend is great. i will team you against my flag football team anytime. jason: thank you. so sad about flag football. tells me everything i need to know. pete: jason would crush me. yet seen the back-and-forth and what happened was a tragedy, but what happened from and to spill out with a congresswoman and what she accused the president come-- up and saying the white house is full of white
5:04 am
supremacist in the president came out saying this: pete: from your perspective what is it mean that a sitting congresswoman would say the white house is full of white supremacists? >> it tells me how far we have come in washington dc when you cannot even have a civil conversation about american heroes and when you head general john kelly stand up and give a emotional discussion from the white house podium about what exactly happened to that american hero after he was killed in the way he was brought back to our great country for her to politicize that for a phone call that the president made and it to accuse the people in the white house arbitrarily and paint them all as white supremacists is so discussing that she is not fit to hold public office anymore in my opinion. pete: initially you politicize something tragic and then you double down with the comments,
5:05 am
so are their repercussions? are the consequences were those actions? are there any? >> it's so difficult. look, you have a backbench democrat who's never had anything of any value she's produced in congress, and every signature piece of legislation or helped her constituents and now politicizing a tragedy to make a name for herself and unfortunately our only recourse is on election day, but i think the people are smart and what they know is these false attacks on the administration and calling everyone in the white house and whites premises is so over the top and so egregious that they will hold people accountable come election eight and that's what the democratic party has failed for the last eight or 10 years. abby: general john kelly-- that's the last word i would ever used to describe that man. and what your thoughts on something else. the "new york times" says-- has a piece about john mccain and he's a war hero to this country and will always be, but they say he's a hero and
5:06 am
calling him an unfettered voice against a trumpet some and some wonder is this just politically expedient for the "new york times" and reminds me of former president bush you cannot and was critical of the way things were going in the country now and people that called him every name in the book when he was president came out praising him this past week saying he was this new hero. what you think about that? >> it's a typical narrative that the left-wing mainstream media wants to perpetuate, which is when people agree with what their philosophy is all of a sudden they are heroes, but if you look at the coverage of the failing "new york times" over the last 12 years, readership is down, he's someone who said he was get donald trump taxes as a felony and they have reporters there who work at the "new york times" who have been clear of their bias against the ministration, so anything they can do to run the administration. they don't want to discuss the success this
5:07 am
president has put forth in the first 10 months including neil gorsuch, personally been involved in the release of it-- american citizen in egypt who is sitting in prison and the president personally negotiated that release, including $5 trillion in market value of the stock market, they don't want to talk about that. they want to hone in on people who criticize the president and say this is what america is all about peer bethel and america america is about, that's what the left wing liberal media is about. >> they don't 20 talk about the fact that they took isis' capital-- capital. senator john mccain some kind in tankers and often charming and irrepressible has never minced words and mccain is taken on his colleagues and president trump and in the process his fellow senators say he's carved out a new role for himself on capitol hill, elder statesman and truth teller, but is it really the only reason the "new
5:08 am
york times" is covering this is because he's become in some ways the leader of the resistance at least from the republican side? >> pete, you are correct and if you remember when john mccain was right for reelection in campaign in arizona that he would repeal and replace obamacare. he had the chance to do that this year in commerce and voted the wrong way, so thousands of people have higher premiums because obamacare will fail. in the state of arizona premiums are up 160% and john mccain could affix to that and given people better healthcare and he chose not to do it, which all this in the "new york times" went to praise him and they should be criticizing him because people should have access to better health care and john mccain stop that for moving forward. abby: moving on, a lot of stories to get two and a leading voice on the left is refusing to back down after falsely tying the death to president trump. i don't know if you saw this a couple nights ago rachel maddow on another network went towards a
5:09 am
slippery slope and has her own series as to what happens in that ambush. listen. >> the government of chad drove this hard bargaining and when after exxon hard and the ceo of exxon or most of the time was rex tillerson and maybe that -- they just blanket ban people from chad. on friday of last week the government of chad announced they had completed the withdrawal of all chadian troops from the neighboring country that year where for years they have been fighting isis militants. right after that, that's when for u.s. army soldiers got attacked by a large contingent of isis fighters. abby: you have liberal outlets saying we have to be careful with conspiracy theories, but the huffington post who is usually always on the side of rachel maddow says is just one problem her theory was so flimsy
5:10 am
it could be debunked by quick look at a map or a phone call with an expert. your thoughts? >> my thoughts come i never thought it would say this but the fact the huffington post is correct or change is amazing to me and the great news about rachel maddow is now that sean is on at 9:00 p.m. no one watches her anymore. her ratings are terrible. this is so fundamentally flawed that there is no value in what she says anymore that the liberal institutions of the left have even called her out on this and that should tell you how wrong she is. and the fact again that she wants to potentially claim that the troops from chad who were no longer in nigeria are somehow the reason why four great americans are dead because of something rex tillerson did or did not do for him when he was the ceo of exxon mobil i can even understand her logic and neither can the liberal institution that's how she is. pete: thank you very much for your insight.
5:11 am
abby: good to see you. >> thank you. abby: a fox news alert, police ramping up patrols after three people are now shut and killed in less than two weeks. officers going door-to-door coveting the residence in florida seminole heights neighborhood near tampa. the police chief joins us earlier scene investigators are making connection between the shooting as a search for the man who is responsible. >> three murders within 10 days. they were all alone and actually within a half a mile of each other and that's why we are linking them together. we don't know if this is one individual. abby: investigator searching for this person who was seen nearby minutes before the first murder happened. extreme weather, possible tornadoes tearing through oklahoma overnight hammering the midwest with damaging wind and hail knocking down trees and power lines even ripping part of a roof off of a casino.
5:12 am
rain flooding inside the auditorium there in the beach boys were performing when the building had to be evacuated twice over fears the group-- roof may collapse. no one was hurt. sergeant bowe bergdahl says the taliban are more honest than the us army telling sunday times magazine at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who cut your throat. he also says being that prisoner was a better life than in america. the former obama administration traded terrace for his relief. he faces sentencing tomorrow. and now this. pete: the houston astros are going to the world series. >> into center, stringer says he's got it. the houston astros win the pennant. pete: the astro shutting down the yankees four-zero in game seven to win the american league championship and now they had--
5:13 am
had to los angeles to face the dodgers. game one is tuesday night on fox and this should be interesting. abby: i wish i had 18 in it not as fun. jason: you have to create one for the world series. flip a coin, whatever. pete: houston. i'm going with houston. jason: on california. i was a dodger fan as a kid. abby: houston. i have a lot of family in houston. pete: did you know president trump borrowed his campaign slogan from ronald reagan? he can soon borrow another famous phrase because of what the president is doing for your wallet. abby: it was one of the democrats favorite slogan went they: we go high. >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. abby: take him out? did her, cross the line?
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
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she got full replacement on the stolen goods and started a mountain bike juice delivery service. call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be. >> make america great again. [cheers and applause] jason: turns out president trump borrowed a signature campaign catchphrase from ronald reagan and get the latest economic numbers he may be on track to borrow another. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? abby: american businesses are on an upward climb from where they were a few months ago. at here to react former for secretary of labor and former ceo of cke restaurants, andy
5:18 am
puzder. great to have you with us. >> good to be here. abby: the president tweets all the time how businesses better for companies and smaller businesses than they have ever been at least in recent history. what you make of that? are we in a good place out and how much will that help him when he decides if he wants to run the next four years? >> very helpful. the economy as a surging in business optimism is at record levels, consumer optimism is at record levels and we have fewer people unemployed than ever had an employee. more people are working in the lower unemployment rate, labor participation went up. more people in the labor force, household wealth is up and earnings are up 2.9%, the biggest increase in 18 years. everything is going right on the economy. you hear little about it in the mainstream media. we had a great month in september. it should help him.
5:19 am
pete: a lot of the aggro the economy experienced was the result of the reagan tax cut. you haven't let-- seen tax reform happened. what's happened behind the scenes administrative action that's at least businesses to grow? >> you had seen a reduction in the number of regulation and a slowdown in new regulation. when i talk to other ceos are here at and particularly small business people, franchisees in the restaurant industry is we aren't losing sleep over what the next executive order, what the next regulation, lex -- next that will slow economic growth and hurt our own company so you see a lot of positive feelings out of the business community and the expected tax relief and john kennedy also had during his run for the president-- presidency's logo which was let's get america going again. reagan cut taxes, great economic growth and we will see the same thing with donald trump's congress gets its act together.
5:20 am
pete: everyone wants to know like one hard example where it's benefiting that the economy not just the overall numbers, that's obvious but something we have seen that businesses can say that helped me. >> you don't hear people talking about a federal minimum wage increase anymore. some called the joint employer rule which was going to make franchise ors like mcdonald's the employer of all their franchisees employees and we see that going away. it's not only-- by the way, there's plenty of specific examples, but it's not just eliminating the regulations we currently have, it's the feeling that we are not going to have to face new regulations, new impositions on her businesses tomorrow that's really generating this feeling of incredible optimism in the business community. pete: business friendly climate that truly matters. >> absolutely. pete: thank you. abby: thank you.
5:21 am
pete: coming up the dc establishment was horrified when he criticized his own attorney general jeff sessions. the president says he will do it again to other republicans because he believes it's effective. whoamike and jen doyle?than i thought. yeah. time for medicare, huh. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. choosing a plan can be super-complicated. but it doesn't have to be. unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name.
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. pete: welcome back to "fox and friends". opening arguments begin tomorrow in the trial of an illegal immigrants accused of shooting and killing kate stanley in 2015. francisco sanchez had been deported five times and was homeless in san francisco, sanctuary city, when he found a gun wrapped in a t-shirt beneath a bench and he said the gun accidentally fired. we will see how that holds up in court. mexican government joining the fight against texas century city crackdowns finally
5:25 am
legal documents siding with civic-- cities suing that state claiming the new law would interfere with diplomatic interests. it threatens sheriff's with jail time for not cooperating with federal immigration agents. over to you. abby: an appeals court blocking and documenting team who is 15 weeks pregnant from a tax funded abortion. the 17-year old has until next week to find a sponsor to the government won't have too facilitated for for her. should taxpayers even have to pay for that? here's to debate father jonathan morris and democratic strategist richard fowler. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> good to be here. abby: this is a debate a lot of people are having. father john, we will start with the question i just asked, i mean, a lot to people are saying this is our taxpayer money and why should we pay for an illegal immigrant who is here who wants abortion? >> we can use all sorts of constitutional arguments for or against
5:26 am
it, but this does not pass the smell test. someone has been detained and the aclu is defending her saying she has the right to be released in order to do something that's so very important, to have an abortion and then the aclu says she can pay for it on her own. she goes to planned parenthood who's paying for? we are, everyone who pays taxes. it's absolutely outrageous beginning with what she will do. abby: richard, where do you draw the line? if they were to say we will pay for her abortion in this case, i mean, you will have how may situations that will come over here saying my story is horrific and many of them are and they are heartbreaking, but in this country we have laws so where you draw the line? >> listen, i'm not a pro- abortion, but i think this is a question of choice in this illegal immigrants called jane doe in this case her constitutional
5:27 am
right and that is if this court and in the oral arguments we heard in the appeals court the courts are clear, if the federal government cannot find her a relative to be her guardian then they have to allow this abortion to take place. let's be clear-- abby: do you get a constitutional right though, if you are not legal? >> no matter what this country, once you are in this country on american soil you have all the rights everyone has in this country period, including the right to an abortion. now what the law does say is that you have to pay for the abortion yourself because of the hyde amendment. she has money to pay for the abortion. no matter where she gets it done. there are no clinics-- texas has rules about the clinics, where she can get it done. she says she has the money to pay for this, so if hhs cannot find her relative or guardian than this abortion has to happen whether you like it or not.
5:28 am
abortions are the law of the land so it's not a question of ideology. it's a question-- >> it is a question of ideology in the sense it's a question of ideas and that crazy idea is that we suggest that there's a constitutional right because there is a human rights to abort your child and then we see this example right now played out making all of that sound when is absolutely ridiculous to have a teenager who's been detained now being released from to tame it in order to take care of her human rights. >> she's not necessarily being released from detention, father. she will be under federal custody at the time, but because she is here and has the ability to seek political asylum or-- because she was beaten by her parents in the story, she has the ability-- abby: that's what she's alleging >> she can seek asylum and get this abortion. i don't like it either, but this is her right
5:29 am
being on american soil this is a freedom we sent to everyone on american soil and this young lady is no different. abby: father, how do respond because you say you have emotions as part of this and also the legality. she's in the state of texas which by the way she's 15 weeks along and at 20 weeks you can no longer have an abortion. how do you divide emotions of this with what her rights are? >> i would love to see who's behind this, pushing this young lady to all of a sudden decide now that she's been detained that she has this urgent need to have an abortion. to me it is fishy. i'm sure there are some groups, aclu all of a sudden is right there behind her pushing this. of course we want those who have been detained in our system whether it's legal or not to be respected as human beings, but there is no respect for human beings when you are taking this woman, this 17-year old
5:30 am
young lady to go have an abortion. it's so messed up in every single way. >> father, that's a question we can have the courts debate and have the courts debate and have our legislators debate, but a candidate roh v wade made its decision a couple decades ago and we have to abide by that law and that the law of the land. i understand the ali-- ideology. i understand the morals of the argument here, but let's also understand there is a laws in this country and laws we all have to follow and that law and what the government is trying to do is say we will try to find a guardian. they found-- they are trying to find two guardians that do not work-- that did not work and now they're looking for a third. she's also been to a crisis pregnancy center. >> than god there is a law in texas-- abby: looks, we hall have our thoughts and emotions and now it's in the courts hands and we will see where it goes from here
5:31 am
richard fowler, good to be with us us. important debate. thank you both. the media says john kelly emotional speech about gold star families is just a preview of what a military coup would look like. jural jacking is fired up about this and will join us live coming up. remember when democrats said when they go alone we go hike, well, times have changed, apparently. >> with this kind of desperation, i will go in take tromp out tonight. abby: take him out? did not cross the line? we report, you decide. friends and
5:32 am
5:33 am
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5:35 am
pete: the president has the ability to go his own weight tweeting that he will do an interview today with maria at 10:00 a.m. on the fox news channel. stick with us with an exclusive new interview with president trump. newsbytes have come out of that, one when he talks about when he has to hit republicans within his party,
5:36 am
interesting take. abby: summoning his own administration, also. pete: yes, jeff tillerson, jeff sessions, mitch mcconnell. this is what he has to say. listen. >> sometimes it helps, so we will see what it happens, but sometimes it helps, sometimes it gets people to do what they are supposed to do and that's the wade's. i just want what's right and i think are the most part they want what is right. abby: saying ultimately he wants results and that's why he uses the language he does and tries to hold their feet to the fire. we had corey when do-- chorion must our and we got his reaction to what the president just said. listen. >> it's not about loyalty anymore, but doing what the american people elected you to do and that's fixing the country and bringing tax reform back, changing washington. that's what the president committed to and that's what he's doing. without president has had the opportunity to do is to hold people accountable and
5:37 am
sometimes he does that in a public setting to make sure they are brought back to negotiate. we have seen this with the republican leadership. we've seen with the democrats and what this means is the president puts pressure on people to bring them to the table to negotiate to make sure he gets the best deals. pete: there are two things i've taken from this that may be six months ago i didn't agree with that i kind of seat and at least understand now, i might not agree, but the first is his ability to call people out individually with the cattle prod and force them to do something, don't just sit around. the second thing is if you are going to be held for your action, it should be you. this is donald trump the president choosing to do it this way and if he gets reelected or doesn't it's because he's going to do it his way, not someone else's so i give him credit for going listen, this is who i am and i'm going down or up my way.
5:38 am
abby: this was the person you saw on the campaign trail and a lot of people said, well, let's see if he becomes presidential he takes office. he's remained the same and i think we can talk about the line which that is sometimes used in on not always in favor of the way it's like a bullying and can be disrespectful even to people that serve on his team whether it's jeff sessions her job-- rex tillerson, but it's his way of holding people's feet to the fire and as with jeff sessions he's stayed on board and gotten tougher. jason: people voted for this, this disruptive force. they want to break-- they want the bull in the china shop. pete: he's breaking the china. abby: but is that what you think. went to bring other headlines. this is heartbreaking. soldier is laid to rest after making the ultimate sacrifice. army sergeant johnson's wife giving an emotional goodbye right there kicking his casket.
5:39 am
flags across florida flying at half staff is hundreds gather to honor his service. sergeant johnson was killed along with three other soldiers when i said militants ambush them. he leaves behind his wife, two children and a child due in january. use 25 years old. stomach the american woman kidnapped by terrorism is taking her silence in a string of e-mails to the york daily record. she spoke of how memories of her childhood home held during her time in captivity and talked about her time since being released and how she is at ready to share her experiences writing this in part: everyone says you have to cannot talk about it, but no, no, i don't in everyone has that it's my choice and i can talk when i wants to whom i want pure good for her. youtube deletes a video of maxine waters after she threatens the president. >> thinking even though i never met him and with this kind of inspiration , i will go and take trump out tonight.
5:40 am
abby: take him out? the crowd applauding as you can hear. the california congresswoman pumped up her fist and it only took her 27 seconds before she slammed president-- the president during a benefit. another version of the video has been posted back on youtube. five former presidents united on stage for the hurricane relief concert in texas and george hw bush, barack obama, bill clinton, george w. bush and jimmy carter raising money for victims of recent hurricanes. the lardy raise $31 million so far for disaster relief. it's nice to see them upstage, but does it really had to be a disaster to bring them together? jason: unfortunately. someone said something like we are so divided, let's just started their abby: start the conversation. pete: where was president trump? abby: i think he had a video
5:41 am
conference:, but good question. jason: i'm not a historian, but you wonder have six presidents, i mean, that's pretty impressive pete: we put that request into the foxnews brain room. abby: i can't imagine six presidents have ever been alive at one time. pete: the mainstream media says john kelly's emotional speech that gold is our families preview of what's in military coup would look like i'm a not very mainstream from the meeting on that one. general jack keane says this is all wrong he joins us next. abby: the host to use her platform to attack president trump is breaking her silence, her stunning admission is coming up.
5:42 am
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pete: click headlines to get you caught up, the uss ronald reagan is patrolling near the north korean-- coast. conducting drills with the south korean navy had a president trump's official visit to asia. north korea calls it a rehearsal for war. president trump will give this letter in the highest honor. said to award gary rose the middle of honor tomorrow at rose, a special forces medic saved lives when a helicopter dropped in the sky in laos in 1970. general john kelly taking a stand defending the president and his call to a goldstar widow. jason: according to the new yorker was nothing more than a preview of a military coup. abby: than the "new york times" goes on to wonder if the military should really consider it-- be considered among the
5:46 am
elite. fox's military analyst, retired four-star general. could to have you with us been a good to be here. abby: dying to get your thoughts on this. your reaction to the media's response, a coup? >> when general kelley took to the podium a couple days ago and gave us that incredible message eloquent, heartfelt, civic lesson about respect for those who sacrificed so much, i think he knew from the fact and the one thing he knew for certain is that he would be attacked as a result, so here we have it and i'm sure it's been in other places as well. of the article is not even well written. the author doesn't actually make the case of the relationship with what kelly said for 17 minutes and how that would lead to a military coup. he's trying to say that the military considers itself the elitists with kelly being a part of that and we know best
5:47 am
and because we have undue influence over the presidents and if the president is criticized too much and too much animosity towards him then the military would just take over the governments. that's what a military coup is. now, just think about that for a second. let's just use john kelly or all of the other soldiers out there pete: or you, general. >> or a volunteer, why do we volunteer? because we love this country and care about its values and we want to protect it, protect the treasure of this country and the people who do it are willing to give up everything that they hold dear in life to do it. they put it all at risk to do that. can you imagine the people who step forward and do that would trample over the government of this country and take away the freedom of this country and break the sacred trust we have with the american people? just a bunch of garbage, frankly. pete: absolutely. is this about a lens
5:48 am
into the mind of that elite class, the so-called journalists who probably haven't had much association with military, kind of like what john kerry said during the election, didn't have another option so you went to the military. this sense that they shouldn't be revered the way they are is the revival of the fact that president trump holds up military members and leaders. >> true. i think when general kelly did, he showed a very bright light on the military by what he was talking about. of course, he was talking about the most tragic part of it, but also the most heroic part, the strongest value the military has and that is its members are willing to give up their life for something larger than themselves and he put a bright light on that and people just can't handle that. there is still sort of sectors of our country and probably always will be to a certain degree, anti- military feeling because of the
5:49 am
intention, i think, that sometimes we receive and they think that's disproportion to our value. abby: general kelly, you imagine how frustrated he is today after doing a press conference like that, getting emotional about what you have been through personally still talk about the 1%, the military in this country , it's unfortunate. general, good to have you with us been a good talking to you. pete: we spoke with the journalists targeted by the group behind that fake trump dossier. >> they said i was a pedophile, i was involved in drug trafficking and i'm also a car thief, extortionist. pete: they personally targeted him and now they have another group in its crosshairs to keep its secrets for getting out. abby: one school district has an idea that it calls for all, but if this includes-- all for all is what it's called. it's hurting students, though.
5:50 am
jason: offer one-- all for one? ♪ ♪ setting updentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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pete: test scores are sinking when school district in minnesota that used it to be among the best in the state. our next guest says politics and political correctness and social justice is to blame. kathy kersten, senior fellow at the center of the american experiment joins us now. , as a minnesota and i know the school district from k-12 was always very sought after yet scores are going down of people are wondering why in you have done research into why. >> absolutely. in 2013 the public
5:54 am
schools adopted something called the all for all plan and the intent was to reduce the racial learning gap. of the idea behind the plan is that all teaching and learning must be revision to through the lens of racial equity and of course equity in the commonsense meaning i have universal support, but that's not what it means they are now. it means essentially white to supremacy, identity politics i'm a white supremacy, white privilege of blame for all the problems of minority groups might have. jason: one example, highland elementary school not just junior high, but the element tree school that has the melanin project where you write on a poster, stop thinking your skin color is better than anyone else's. everyone is special. so, write out the gate we remind kids of their skin color and blaming some people for melanin?
5:55 am
>> yes, actually kids kindergarten through second grade. with a have to do is trace their hands on paper, color their hand the color of their skin color and then put them on this poster which talks about not thinking your skin color is better than others. what it really does is to start kids thinking that their identity is tied into their skin color in an indelible way-- it gets them to do what it pretends to condemn. jason: the irony is dripping. many go to the high school. again, a sought after school that kids had wanted to go to for years. if you enter a literature class as an 11th grader you will be greeted with this, by the end of the year the teacher will tell you that you have to learn how to apply a marxist, postcolonial and cycle-- to literature and now, we are asking them to look at literature to the lens of marxism. >> yes, there is a
5:56 am
hyperfocus on left wing identity politics at the high school. of the attempts a great required english class, for example, focuses on three themes which are immigration, colonization and self construction of race, class and gender. kids who resist and have nonconforming views are bullied and intimidated by teachers. jason: this is the state of our public schools in a state like minnesota. i don't have time to go through all of it, but as a result reading and math scores have gone down dramatically according to the department of education, 85% 2014 met the reading standards and now it's over 70%. math, 79 to 66, so at the expense of excellence they pursue social justice. is that how you sum it up? >> correlation is not causation here could there such a close correlation in time here between these score declines in the transformative shift in the wake learning-- the
5:57 am
way learning is done. is troubling and merits consideration. jason: thank you for your hard work. we reached out to be not a public school district and did not hear back. kathy, thank you. more "fox and friends" at the top of the hour. in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
truth or the white house defended his chief of staff general john kelly of this week's condolence controversy. >> the administration caught in a run in the white house a white supremacist and so egregious that they will hold people accountable. >> u.s. and syria forces celebrated in the streets after successfully recapturing profit from isis. >> it is the desire to do this and is there to crush the enemy. pete: president trump a race that classified jfk assassination files. >> they pointed the finger at two who had the opportunity.
6:01 am
>> one american appeals hurricane relief concert in texas. >> we really admire and love george h.w. bush. [cheers and applause] >> in the center. the houston astros win the pennant. ♪ abby: all about country music this morning. are you excited to meet the fans? jason: i appreciated. >> you would like mine? i like lake david get a come as dust is mixed together that has a lot of music indeed. music is supposed to make you
6:02 am
go. i do like to dance. pete: i am confused. to each their own. my music is like with a 16-year-old girl. abby: i can to see you guys fighting in the car every morning about what to play. i need all your dice on how raise a girl. pete: i need advice from anyone here. i am going to run around against jason sehorn. defensive back and i really cannot really good. i was a high school wide receiver. played at boston college. 15 yards out. transfer don't keep your hand on
6:03 am
it. pete: is he going to do it or not do that. i've got to get the mind game going. abby: e-mail us who is going to be the most successful. jason sehorn or owned pete hegseth to did play basketball at princeton, by the way. did you play? pete: i did play a couple times. abby: let us know your thoughts. friends@fox there's been a lot to talk about hit the big story of what is still so heartbreaking is what happened in the ambush in step two two and four of our best. you see them right there. questions being asked about why we're there on the ground, why was there not more protection to help them out during this attack. that is the bigger conversation being had. also predictably the media, some of them in different directions trying to solve the problem on their own.
6:04 am
train for the conversation should be about why were these four kind of isolated? why were they alone? the other stuff we have to discuss now is that lazy come easy come attack media conversation. it's unnecessary and it's taken the conversation away from the loss of life to these other things as far as racism and white supremacy in conspiracy theories. pete: edges of the left-wing media traffic saying. they will find any angle to blame anything that goes wrong and president trump. they took these tragedies often tends to blow up on a conversation. special operators, green berets to try and fight radical islamic terrorist. it's pretty straightforward what they were involved in. it was an unfortunate event. talkshow hosts like rachel matthau who went on her program a couple nights ago and spawn a
6:05 am
conspiracy theory so ridiculous to "huffington post" had to slam her. here's what rachel matthau had to say. >> the government of chad drove a hard bargain. they went after exxon really hard. the ceo most of the timeless rex tillerson and maybe that made it not. nobody from chad can get a visa to come here anymore. >> friday of last week the government of chad announced they had completed the withdrawal of all chadian troops from their neighboring country niger where for years they have been fighting a isis linked islamic militants. but after that four u.s. army soldiers got attacked by a large contingent of fighters in niger. >> already attacked by an outlet. i have been imposed. they say there's just one problem. the theory so flimsy it could be debunked by a quick glance of a
6:06 am
phone call with an expert. president trump up this morning tweeting as he usually is in response to what he seen played out in the media as well. it is finally thinking through peer 46% of people think niger national news organization fabricate stories making news even worse. >> at the 46% who believe they get fake and is due to 17% unsure. americans know when to turn off the television they may not get the full story. it wasn't his "huffington post." slate and others claiming the story. she went on the next night scene none of the facts that put out are true. if you read into a narrative incredible demand that the travel ban was to blame for the data for green berets, that is an irresponsible news program. transfer you can play the telephone game in kindergarten to describe the story. doesn't work that way.
6:07 am
you can start rex tillerson is associated with the cabinet. there was a problem with the oil. they left because they were done and people got killed. it doesn't work that way. it's lazy journalism to place blame when you about what some of the cosmos. abby: at the disservice to the people who lost their lives in the ambush in the family is now trying better understand what happened when you turn on something like this. it is disrespectful. pete: it's lazy but also the late opposite lazy. it manipulates, taking small facts to fill a bigger story. the trump tax return she waved around. though she is folded up all proud. she had this big explosive about what was going to be in there. it was a couple of sheets of nothing new and she drilled up a she drilled up a ratings to get eyeballs in the ratings struck right back down. people see through this. people are smart. people of the newsrooms in new york know better than you and
6:08 am
use that to traffic. jason: we have the left media attacking her as well. if they say to fire, way too far. abby: something on the top of minds of every american right now is tax reform. new op-ed in "usa today" from the president talking about 1981 time in 1880 when comprehensive reform is done in democrats and republicans came together to make the impact. if we could pull up one of the excerpts. republicans and democrats came together back in 1881 in 86. the economy boomed. small businesses sprung back to life. we had the benefit of hindsight as we look back at the three decades of the last major tax reform. we can see what were you might did not appear in again. looking back at history to find out what it did work and how
6:09 am
even if you are a democrat, you should be inspired by that to save none about politics at this point. >> it's about truth in what actually works. go back 30 years and say this is what they did. here's the steps they took. we saw with the economy did for the next 15 years until the bubble of era. everything took off. the same thing will happen. how about we do the exact same scenario. manipulating taxes towards fair all over the place. make it simpler. and let our economy grow. train today to push through the misinformation. they do it every single time. abby: they haven't even seen the details of the plan yet. they have every right to criticize the democrats. at least wait. at least we can see within the plan from republicans and ultimately if you are in the job for the better of the american people, find compromise.
6:10 am
find a way to work together because that's better for everyone. pete: we should pass the bill to find out what's in it. i will take your point that they are going to resist him in resisting him means blocking commonsense taxes, tax cuts. transfer the problem i have here is if you see the talking points, democrats worked with republicans to get it done. i don't know if that's going to happen. jason: maria bartiromo talking about is coming out. here's a clip. >> i will say this. by the end of the year but i'll be very disappointed if it took that long. i think we have the votes. rand paul is going for the tax cuts. you know, we had tremendous enthusiasm this time. >> issa abed in the "usa today," clearly the white house laser
6:11 am
focus on tax reform. should they leave on a vacation for thanksgiving if they haven't gotten a job done yet? what do you think? e-mail us. abby: mitch mcconnell saying they should stay for at least through friday of the week to get their job done. that is which are elected to do. you're promising if they voted you in hoping he would follow through on promises and mayor in a tough place right now because as of right now republicans don't have much to speak of in terms of legislation they been able to pass through and work with the president on. >> republicans have to come together this year. >> been in a tough spot but the easiest spot of all time. you're all republicans can you want to limit government, cut taxes and a president who will sign the bill. what are you doing and why are you going on a vacation? you know the senate never does five day work weeks? they don't. abby: some other headlines.
6:12 am
three people are now shot in children less than two weeks. officers door-to-door campaigning residents right near tampa. the victim shot dead within one mile or at least half a mile of each other. walking along. always believe the shooting. investigators searching for this person the nearby ministry for the first murder happened. a possible tornado overnight. a severe storm hammering the midwest the damaging winds and hail knocking down trees and power lines come even ripping part of the roof off of a casino in norman. torrential rain sliding inside the editorial nitpick the beach boys performing in the building had to be evacuated twice over fears the roof might collapse. luckily no one was hurt inside the building. ripping through west virginia, declaring the site in harpers for a disaster area warning to say inside for health concerns. the fire started saturday
6:13 am
morning could take days to put out. being stored at the warehouse, no injuries so far have been reported. nearly 30,000 runners tackling the marine corps marathon in washington. the 26.2-mile race known as the people's race starts at arlington national cemetery taking runners across the potomac and through the national mall, one of the largest and most charitable as races in the country. beautiful day to be running. pete: we could do it together. all the nine miles coming you can do nine miles, you can deny mouse. no? you are really close. abby: i admire everyone who can do it. abby: i've got no interest but it's pretty cool. trade to the fake trunk dossier targeting other people as well. >> they said that i was involved in drug trafficking, also an
6:14 am
extortionist. more steps to keep this recipe secret. byron york on the next they cover it. abby: bergdahl said the u.s. is treating him worse than the taliban. more on that coming up. statins lower cholesterol, but can also lower your body's natural coq10. qunol helps restore this heart-healthy nutrient with 3x better absorption. qunol has the #1 cardiologist recommended form of coq10 qunol, the better coq10. ♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. transfer the misinformation firm behind the fake trunk dossier under the microscope again. the venezuelan journalist who's been smeared because of businessmen in venezuela. >> dey said that i was involved in drug trafficking and also i'm an extortionist, i'm also, irresponsibly spreading aids around, the most vicious and baseless arguments you can say about a person was said about
6:18 am
me. pete: fusion gpas trying to stop our government from finding out even more information about them. here she discusses correspondent, byron york. thank you for joining us. fusion gpas traffics in hidden campaigns in smear campaigns like the trunk dossier. what are they doing now to keep their secrets? >> in the past two days we've see fusion gpas officials with their fifth amendment right against self-incrimination rather than answer any questions from the house intelligence committee about the trunk dossier. the answer is absolutely nothing. we've seen something going on on capitol hill when fusion gps is stonewalling and thinking how most can refine something about it if you paid for. what they decided to do with subpoena the bank of fusion gps and get their bank records and see if perhaps they can find out who funded the dossier.
6:19 am
so what we saw on friday is the fusion went to court to try to get a court to stop the bank from handing over the records to the house. they are basically trying to build a stone wall against any disclosure about the trunk dossier. pete: the trunk dossier was utilized and taught about to instigate the false campaign against kennedy trump had no president trump. the subpoena has been issued in there trying to block it. what is the thinking behind who they funded it? what might be the hiding? >> a couple stories about the origins of the dossier. one began in the primary -- republican primary season by a republican who funded it, who didn't like donald trump. i had a lot of difficulty trying to find out who the person might've been. we do know after trump run the republican nomination that it was picked up by democrat,
6:20 am
supporters of hillary clinton were paying for this. this involves fusion gps, hiring a foreign agent, to deal with russian, some of whom are linked to vladimir putin, perhaps paying them for dirt about donald trump is this seems relevant in the whole russia affair. people on capitol hill was subpoena power have a hard time finding out about it. pete: duo russian scandal may be different than what the media has been screaming about. >> it's much bigger than we thought it was than it does move in both directions. one other thing we should mention about this is the british spy who did compile a dossier went to the fbi. we know that in the fall of 2016 in other words at the height of the campaign the fbi considered taking over this research project itself for that reason
6:21 am
the senate judiciary committee has been trying to get information from the fbi and they're having a hard time getting it. pete: byron york, thanks a lot. more "fox and friends" on the other side. don't go anywhere. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new afi sure had a lot on my mind.
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pete: time for your news by the numbers. $430,000 is how much president trump is pledging to spend for his white house staff built with the money can go towards these related to the russian investigation. $6 million of how much more money to republican national committee raised in the democrat does not happen again. federal filings show the rnc raised about $10 million compared to just $4 million for the dems did finally the dems. finally, $16,000 is how much
6:25 am
this sketch right here, good-looking vegetables sold for at an auction. it was created and drawn by the president for a charity auction back in 1995. sixteen dollars is what it would be. abby: zero. yeah. jason: amend story of love and faith is resonating with people. a piece on fox publisher at the moment of affection with his wife and her 7-year-old daughter's surprising reaction. pete: i took my wife's faith in my hands and kissed her. after pulled away i looked over and saw my oldest daughter's face looked up with adoration and her eyes filled with tears. why are you crying my wife asked? i can't explain it. can you at least give me one word to describe how you are feeling. i daughter looked up at us and she said loved. the writer and speaker, joshua
6:26 am
rogers. tell us what happened. everyone wants their marriage to be perfect. it never is. you're always doing your best. you are the place you want to make things better with your wife. what did you do it tell us how the reaction you do with your daughter. >> when my wife and i started out, we were friends, there was passion there, but there was so much decorating. we were always wrestling for control. we just decided when our little girl was born we had to change. we didn't know how to change, but over time we did. that was a process, is still a process. as we begin to change, we became more affectionate and we didn't realize how much it meant to arcade until that morning we are dancing in the kitchen. pete: as the father of three daughters i can tell you they are sponges and they see everything you do. one point about the size of my life is to be very nurturing and caring because what you want is you want your daughter to grow
6:27 am
up with a sense of what a relationship can feel like her should be like and what they should ask back. as your daughter is raised come you set an example for what you want to see later on in life. >> yeah, in fact later last night i decided to ask my daughter river that time he said he felt loved when you saw your mommy and me did then. tommy wyatt made you feel loved. she said i guess it's because when i see you mommy love each other it makes me think her family will always be together because you'll never break up and it sets a good example for me. can you believe it? abby: at one of seven kids and whenever my parents would get affectionate, which they did all the time, you guys are so annoying. as i grow up and now i married you realize how much it does impact you. you still love that any learned from that. what reaction are you getting now. i'm sure social media has gone wild with your piece. >> i've never gotten so many twitter reactions of my life.
6:28 am
one of the things i've heard and i've gotten a lot of e-mails coming to his people feeling a lot of frustration with themselves they made it think about how this was affecting my kids. i don't think i'm loving enough to my spouse. the problem is just like me you get here. hat on and your spouse have gone in there like we've just got to get these kids embedded. but you don't realize there's so much overlap there. they've got to see loving each other if they are going to grow a. dream for what you think about a marriage and family, when they see about working in about working on the karimov and affectionate than a comic brings about so much more positivity in such a better direction for everybody. it does create negativity. the example used that isn't just for her child but also friends around. have you seen your neighbors are close friends noticing a difference in you and your wife as well?
6:29 am
>> yes, family members in particular. the associate vicar quite a lot. this all changed in large part because i went to some friends and i said i need your help. what is it like to be around me. one of my friends that i feel embarrassed when i see the way you talk to your wife. it hit me pretty hard. i began to pray different prayers. i used to pray god fix her prayers and now i say god how can i change. that place of humility in me and my wife prayed and similar prayers resulted in this outgrowth of affection and now look at the life gets buried with all of our kids. abby: it's a story we all need to hear. we wish you and your family and your merits all the best. more love all around. jason: live by example. abby: president trump will release the jfk assassination files. told us the conspiracy theories to rest. jason: remember the sci-fi with a chainsaw? a big update next. huge. chainsaw huge.
6:30 am
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eras. they're defined by accomplishments. by victories. by those with the resourcefulness, the ingenuity, and the grit to help ensure the next energy to power our dreams, will be american energy. abby: welcome back returning to headlines come a soldier turned to rest after making the ultimate sacrifice. his last thing they're giving an emotional good eye. find across florida flying at half staff as hundreds gather to
6:34 am
honor his service. sergeant johnson killed along with three other soldiers the nicest militants ambushed them in niger. he leaves behind his wife and three children with the third two in january. the u.k. sunday times magazine at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who's going to cut your throat. being the terror groups prisoner was a better life than in america before the obama administration trigger fight terrorist prisoners for his relief. bergdahl now faces life in prison as a dentist tomorrow for misbehavior toward the enemy. he tried to unite democrats by sending president trump calling our commander-in-chief and existential threat to the nation saying we have the most dangerous president in american history and one of the most reactionary congresses in american history. in his first address the national party since his election in february warned that internal disputes over
6:35 am
leadership would distract the party from winning more elections moving forward. in their space. the nun at the chainsaw is back in the spotlight. a florida brewery now given a toast to sister margaret and his cleanup effort after hurricane irma with ira last month. the brewing company releasing nun at the chainsaw ipas. the nun symbolized the people doing what had to be done. had he not died. you may never live this one down. >> i may never live it down but i've done everything i can to rate this as much as possible. >> this acre addition was a nice touch. i don't know how this is going to work out for me. pete: jason sehorn is so confident he can beat me that he is keeping his issues on and his jacket on.
6:36 am
pete: and taken advantage of that. i also have a quarterback when i run my route. transfer this is my only benefit that keith was a wide receiver. train to the man can throw the ball, too. he's pretty accurate. train to warm up a little bit. i don't get nervous on the show. i'm nervous because i really want to do something to look decent out here. i just wanted completion. abby, what he thinks going to happen? abby: i can see a setting for the television screen. you really are nervous. viewers are sending their prediction. henry says choosing between katy perry's take a stand and a former professional, i will go with jason sehorn. pete had the babich introduces blindfolded and tom brady is throwing out. steve writes i see a hamstring being pulled. there you have it.
6:37 am
i don't think our viewers are on your side. >> i have faith in steve. abby: what you think? abby: pete, i'm your biggest fan, but i'm all for jason sehorn on this. guys, take it away. pete: can wake you up some decent music? ♪ jason: that is not motivational. pete: some teeny bop music. ♪ pete: you got it? are you ready? i'm going to try to injure him. [laughter] abby: nice. does jason still have his microphone on or did it fall
6:38 am
off? what is your response to that? what happened? we are going -- jason: nobody pulled a hamstring, so that's a good thing. i just take faith in the fact that michael strahan would've -- pete: we have it on tape. every weekend we are going to run that day. just draw the fans at home, there was the blitz. take your time, though. abby: this makes up for all those years playing basketball at princeton where he basically never played. our viewers on not one, he ended up dominating. mark cuban making a play for the white house? revealing his political aspirations to harvey levin.
6:39 am
here that interview you do not want to miss. president trump. president trump of ways to classify jfk assassination files you will be filing put all those giraffes. two thoughts right after this. ♪ welcome! how's it going? hi! okay, so you've got two friends here. yes. this is the j.d. power award for dependability. now i want you to give it to the friend that you think is most dependable. ohhhh. ughh. wow. that's just not fair. does she have to? she doesn't have to! oh, i don't? no, but it's a tough choice, isn't it? yes. well luckily, chevy makes it a little easier. cause it's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs - two years in a row. that's amazing. chevy's a name you can trust! when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what?
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6:43 am
created the award says they will continue to honor other canines injured in the line of duty. love that story. pete: catching my breath. president trump vowing to the assassination files. will this with a longtime conspiracy theories to rest? fox news contributor service charge of the house for the committee that investigated jfk's assassination joins us now to weigh in. thank you for being here. these get release, is the whole story being told? >> it will do a lot to debunk the conspiracy theories. it will also bring attention to many of the failures of the fbi and cia to properly protect the president because oswald should've been better watched in taking care of. so it won't change the way the cause of the dad he suffered two
6:44 am
rifle wounds from behind only by oswald. there were no other shooters that struck the president which was part of the conspiracy theory that in the very beginning the hospital, the doctors in washington do the autopsy said he was from behind automatically a conspiracy of the two shooters. that has been debunked by our result of the 1970s when we had the commission, the files of which will be released in the next couple days. abby: what will be the failures be that we will learn about? what should they have been doing at the time? >> they should realize that all salt who had come from russia, was in dallas, had been in the
6:45 am
mexico office of the embassy, saying things -- bad things about the president, and then came back to dallas, went to the fbi headquarters to say something and was turned away in later turns out to be the unobserved assassin. >> and all the documents released, is there anything in there, not this is going to change the narrative, but anything worth reporting? what do you think is going to come out of it is nobody out? >> my expertise has to do with the forensic investigation. however, other panels were looking into the relationship of the mafia, relationship of castro, russian and then these things kept brewing. it was oliver stone in 1991 and
6:46 am
is jfk movie to resolve these issues that led the following year to the congress seen all these papers had to be released within 25 years. that is why we are here now. hopefully they will put to rest many of the conspiracy theories. pete: the government was involved. that's one of the big fear is that the government was somehow behind this. >> there were some complaints that the cia or the fbi in the actual assassination but there is clearly some mistakes made as part of an alleged cover-up of these agencies. they will come out. it will answer many of the questions raised by the conspiracy theorists. i would doubt that there's going to be -- there may be a bombshell about castro about the mafia, but i doubt it.
6:47 am
jason: as far as what we know about how he was shot come you are seen personally there's a bunch of stuff that could come out about his relationships with people. >> and that is going to be embarrassing to different agencies in the government. pete: interesting. we will be following it. abby: interesting. i see blood on your hands by the way, jason. president in 2020, will it be? harvey levin has the inside scoop on not one. (avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation, and you've tried any number of laxatives, probiotics, and fiber, it could be wearing on you. tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation.
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put our 30 years of tax experience to work for you.
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abby: could it be billionaire versus billionaire the 26th election? >> you need somebody who can and cannot be blood relate to people and i qualify on each of those. whether i do it is a big decision. i'm a concerned american citizen. >> i wouldn't run unless i had dilution. if at solutions. i don't you won't see me anywhere near a politician. pete: that's really interesting bridge as part of harvey levin's interview that airs entirely tonight. writer and the fox news channel. host of object type, harvey levin. you said it perfectly. walks like one, talks like one, looks like a potential politician. >> well, i will tell you divide that immediately followed what you just played with me saying i me saying it like a man, but that was bs. i did. i just challenged him on it. i agree.
6:52 am
i mean, he sounds not only does he sound like a candidate, but i got him to tell me what party he'd run on if he runs. he's got a seat in both parties. he declared it to me and it's interesting. abby: are not going to tell us. the show is doing well. it's 8:00 p.m. tonight on fox news channel. he also asked him about his early successes. >> my company, microsolutions got named on the inc. 500, the top 40 fastest growing in the country. back then if i did something like that -- i'm just tired. it was a long night coverage is contemplating life. okay, maybe a little. pete: that is hilarious. >> how much fun does he have
6:53 am
doing everything he does? >> i think it is such a key part of his life that mark cuban is so focused on work and success on the one hand, but fun is a huge part of his life and he is always been able to balance that. guys come i've got to tell you something. i would just declare, i really like this guy. you know, as one person once put it, he has a lot of golf clubs and not bad. this guy is incredibly successful in business, sports, television. he's got name recognition. he really is involved in politics and he talks about something pacific of an initiative he's working on right now double-digit or whether he runs for president. he's got a lot going for him and i would not count this out at all. >> it's fascinating. you look like you have a lot of fun, too. had too. have you not to start an interview like this?
6:54 am
>> i've got to tell you i spent dozens of hours getting ready for these interviews. the idea to me as not to say you do this send sms. it's really to understand how somebody goes from childhood to be coming in mark cuban's case this really focused entrepreneur who develop skill sets in areas that he did not skill set. and there are.t. connect that make you understand it and there's also take away for everybody else. fun but in business, how you focus what you do because there were things he did that apply to everybody's life. when you listen to it, you say i get who mark cuban is. all of these fascinating people. a pm on the fox news channel. thanks, guys. pete: more "fox and friends" on the other side. don't go anywhere.
6:55 am
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♪ >> so i got to admit i mean i totally rigged it. i put shoes on. good sport. >> on the out and the up part, the shoes had a bit of a factor in that one. yet i didn't have a lot of traction. i'm going to tell you something else, your quarterback here gets all the credit >> come on over here. i do want to point out the viewer e-mails. i read them earlier. they were all on jason's side. >> not fair. >> this is pete. this from roger, pete that was impressive but jason was restricted with the loafers and the jacket. he deserves a rematch. >> i would take that in shoes,
6:59 am
helmet, some pads, yes. >> tracy says no one should be trying to take down jason. pete, you should stick to the news. finally bill says what i don't see is anybody pointing out is that throw, it was perfect. >> it really was. >> he left it up there so i could get it underneath it. we practiced a couple times beforehand. the whole thing was rigged. >> but the throw was still -- as well as you rigged it to get yourself there, i don't mind that. it was the fact that if he was a foot further, we would go back to the line up again. >> you are right. it's been awesome to have you on the couch. >> thank you. it was a lot of fun here. i appreciate it. >> we will get you back on here. >> i blend sometimes. >> he does an outstanding job. >> please keep your ego in check. >> it is already in check. >> good luck with that. >> if you stick around on the channel for the next 20 seconds, maria bartiromo is going to be on. she has an exclusive interview with president donald trump. we played some on this program already. some fascinating stuff. >> talking about everything from
7:00 am
dealing with the media to tax reform. this is an interview you do not want to miss. >> tweeting. >> and what he tweets. -- why he tweets >> his reasoning behind it. and there are people he says who actually tell him to slow down. >> and he says i'm going to do it my way. have a wonderful sunday, guys. >> good morning. welcome to the special edition of sunday morning futures. coming to you today from washington, d.c. moments from now, my exclusive one-on-one interview with president trump. i will get his take on everything from tax reform and healthcare to the crisis with north korea. thanks for being with me. this is sunday morning futures. >> president trump has been in office now for just over nine months. while much of that time has been focused on repeal and replacing obama care, the attention now is on the other big cam


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