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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  October 22, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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cause. arthel: thank you. and that does it for us for now. gutfeld is up next. eric: we'll be back at 6 p.m. eastern. right after gutfeld, it's neville and sean. >> that's like saying i'm a penguin, i like slur piece. slurpees. i don't know of any penguin that likes slurpees. >> that's offensive to penguins and slurpees. . enough of that. the clintons keep coming it back. they are like the world's ugliest boomerang. they brought forth president obama with them. senate judiciary committee is now looking at a russian bribery case and their devout demanding
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federal agencies to know whether they covered the corruption for obama approved a strange prussian uranian deal. according to the hill which is a newspaper, not an actual mound of dirt, e-mails show that russia had bribed the us trucking firm. the feds also found alleged evidence of russian officials spending millions, like 100 plus million to the clinton foundation while hillary served as secretary of state. smells pretty bad. yeah. like me after a run. [laughter] yes, the media shrugged and moved on after initially reporting on it a few years ago but now the story is back. why? because donald trump tweeted about it saying quote you do not have to copy it. were not there yet. hold your clapping. uranium deals with russia
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clinton obama administration is the biggest story that fake media doesn't want to follow. you see why he tweets? enforce the media to cover the story. their coverage is simply ignoring the legitimate grievance behind it because they are hacks. anyway, just when you think the clintons are gone, back they come. if there was only a cream for that. >> have you forgotten an annoying edge that ruined your weekend? >> i can't believe it got me to. i thought it was safe to venture out without this happening. >> now you can with [inaudible] that stubbornly show up when it's least convenient. >> it ruined most of the 2017 now like it went away like it should have a long time ago. thanks clintonitch. >> order it today.
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greg: america use -- [cheering and applause] anyway, this is getting awkward. here all this time the anti- jumpers have been accused of having included with russians. when it has been that two-headed clinton monster that's been bumping ugliest with boris. what was the media up to? they were drooling like crazy simpletons over dolt meetings with donald trump junior. they got a massive scandal staring right at them and they are sniffing their own fingers. i know. [laughter] it is making me think that the whole trump russian thing was a misdirection so no one would bother to look into hillary's shady deals. after all, if you accuse your spouse a party with a coworker, she won't notice that you're sleeping with her parents. we have all been there. so, what is the real outrage?
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is the first four words of donald tweets. uranium deals with russia. think about it. we sold a crap load of uranium to russia. were we clean out of anthrax spores? we throat a crap load of uranium to russia. like selling steroids to lance armstrong. it leads to nothing good. we sold uranium to russians and we didn't see that as a problem pressure for the past ten months we have been lectured that russians aren't to be trusted by the same idiots who had no problem selling them uranium. now, it's silence over a shady new deal they are breathless over some word dossier involving hookers and water sports. i don't know about you but in the realm of scandal i think uranium beats urine. [laughter] and i never thought i would say that on tv. [applause] let's welcome tonight guest.
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he made a some of bin laden a truly holy man. [applause] he tells us how he did it, operator, rob o'neill. she is so bright, she sneezes fireflies. managing editor, katie. she's as glum as [inaudible]. national reporter, cat since. and, big and tall stores are baby gaps. former bodyguard and massive psychic, tyrus. [cheering and applause] how big a deal is this and you have any interesting insights into the whole hillary clinton scandal. >> this is so odd to me because they're always buying into the president and say there's something going on with the russians and hillary clinton has
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struck me as someone who is during rocky for sheet cheering for ivan. obviously, bill clinton wanted the hot blonde chicks -- no, but that's what they're doing. they're trying to make something out of the honestly it did which is a pretty big scandal and not trying to braise it and blame it on president trump. greg: katie, there seems to be clear evidence or more evidence, right? in this arena than there is in the trump connection. what you make of this? >> you have a dossier that is so bizarre included in not true and then you have actual specific deals that have occurred with clinton and the media doesn't care and it makes you look at it and say clearly, there is not much of a concern about russia as holding a grudge against republicans and trumps himself specific. you have to sit back and say that is how shallow this whole thing is that you just really don't like someone but anything
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vladimir putin may be doing is not your concern. greg: i think everything in life is driven by whether you like or dislike someone. isn't that the case? at least, for me. i barely can stand any of you at this point. cat, isn't a story like this one of those hotel flashlights that exposes the stains but the stains are biased. [laughter] it shows when the media is for one story but not for another. >> my whole life is about getting people to like me whether i like them or not but i am someone who is been fine with the russian investigation with trump. if there are questions, i want answers however if you are someone who is concerned about trump russia and you're not concerned about clinton, obama russia then you are not concerned about russia at all. it's not about the country for you but your own bias and hatred of president trump. greg: exactly. right. [cheering and applause] tyrus, we often talk about whether it is good or bad that
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donald trump tweets -- can i pose a question? i think this is the reason why he tweets because if he doesn't treat no one would have discussed the story. >> yeah, okay. i will give you that. here's the thing. i am tired of the reality tv show that is our government right now and it's not just trump side or the clinton side, i'm over it. all everyone does is throw stuff at each other. you did this but you did this. i could go to any preschool and americans watch kids he push me, well she pushed the first. greg: i'm not allowed to do that. [applause] >> greg can't go to any preschool in america. i can go to any mac because i live right. the world series is getting ready to start and i have moved on from that. i'm worried about tax reform, getting that wall, healthcare
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and all that stuff. when that is on i'll watch it but if the clinton did something and there's investigation that i wanted but if he actually -- if president trump and his people did stop with russia and it comes out then i'll watch the actual trial but until then i don't watch housewives of orange county and i'm not watching crybabies of cnn. [laughter] greg: that's an excellent point. a lot of these issues that we are going through and i talked with him before mean absolutely nothing. it's the real practical things that were demolishing isis which we will talk about in the next segment. rob, did you have a story wanted to tell? >> it was funny. we had a dinner at the white house with president trump last week -- >> must be nice. greg: i wish i did. >> we were eating in our underwear. [laughter] five oh my god. >> he asked if we wanted to see the lincoln bedroom.
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we walked upstairs and he shows us president lincoln's bed, the desk and the emancipation proclamation and he said no one gets to see this unless they don't invest heavily into the clinton foundation. [laughter] that happened. greg: what did you eat smart. >> chicken and some bizarre pre- scoop our ice cream caramel delicious. greg: did he ask about me? >> after every course, five times five we haven't talked in a while. i was curious. >> every time he asked, he winked at me. greg: we have a difficult relationship and i can't get into here. i think we will move on. coming up, isis is on the ropes and the media can't admit it. coming up. a heart attack doesn't care what you eat
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greg: he said kill them all in the ended up dead. now donald trump is taking the credit. this week forces in isis and syria have been driven out of their self-proclaimed capital in dhaka. the president says the campaign turned a corner after he took office. >> i totally changed the rules of engagement and i totally changed our military. i totally changed the attitude of the military and they have done a fantastic job. isis is now giving up there raising their hands and walking off. no one has seen that before.
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greg: no one. shouldn't we care about trump boasting? it can't be overstated. obama dismissed isis as the jv scott yet raqqa it became the isis seat of power. the staged parades and public beheadings. now they are nearly gone but it wasn't all trump. the guy i know did explain how to stop isis on this very show over one year ago. >> we need to get boots on the syria and we can do that with the marine corps. it will be a big deal but we can handle them. once we take out that capital people will realize it is not what we thought of it. greg: your hair has grown. [laughter] i thank you had worked on. to put in hockey terms, go goal, trump, assisted by o'neill. victory to america we went to some isis for comment.
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[applause] we tried. rob, we have talked about this, graham has talked about this how he shifted from a war of attrition to basically a war of annihilation and that is exactlu saying humiliate them. >> i have said for a long time for many years that there was a city called [inaudible] which is northwest of raqqa which is the divine place of the muslims will fight the romans according to their scriptures and then we have the city of raqqa which is the capital. back then i was saying we need to unilaterally with the means marine corps and we ended up doing it with a coalition of kurds and arabs which is great and we had some americans there. it turned out that is what you do. i have been saying for years that president trump is smart enough to put someone in power in order to delegate authority and turns out to be general dogmatics and came up with a plan. [cheering anand is much as peope
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are several months into this administration and isis is out of the syria now. they are no longer a team. greg: tyrus, this goes what you are saying. some stuff doesn't matter but everyone is freaking out over tweets and words and phone calls this happens and it happened amazingly fast. >> my only concern is that they will regroup. they'll show up in africa and. >> they are regrouping and they were living on the caliphate and it's the first group since the muslim brotherhood said they would form the islamic state and if he can prove their ideology is wrong that is how you win. they were going on that for a while and was disproven and. greg: should we be willing about trent worried about the philippines. i don't even go to the philippines. how did they get there? >> it's an ideology. they are bleeding in a sense of
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[inaudible] which is a radical form of sunni islam and they are following that. isis supporters will see them everywhere, boca ron in africa, al-shabaab, al qaeda, bill be popping up in and saying were still here, come after us. osama bin laden's son, we know where he is he won't be around too much longer but. greg: you should do a victory tour and get him. >> what's funny is i done it being a navy seal but there are younger, better looking guys with better hair because you brought that up. [laughter] greg: i'm just saying you have your hair now. >> marriage does that. greg: once you're in tv, you have to get work done. >> i've had worked on. greg: kat? >> i'm not worried about isis, i don't think they'll kill me but i'll die another way. greg: like what?
2:20 pm
>> a bowl of soup and a really bad opera. >> probably poisoned soup. something cool. i think it was interesting that not only did he took credit but he took credit in a third person. he didn't just say they are gone and defeated because and they were defeated before because i was in the president it wasn't because trump was president. i'm going to start doing that. i will start speaking in the third person but i will not go with kat, i'll go with something cool. maybe i'll call my cell something like [inaudible] [laughter] >> hillary clinton didn't have a problem claiming the bin laden thing. that's cool. should there. >> i disagree. when that stuff happens credit needs to go to the men and womel done but praise them. those guys risk it all. greg: and i think -- [applause] i deserve some of the credit
2:21 pm
because while they are out fighting i am here making people laugh. [laughter] katie, what do you make of this? is it too much? >> i am not a real fan most the time of his tweets but to kat, i will say getting sick from poisoned soup as someone who ended up in the er from it it's awful and not attractive. you don't want that at all. >> what about strangled from a bungee cord. [inaudible conversations] >> president obama micromanaged the military for eight years and the people who were there and knew what was being done and they need knew what needed to be done to fight it and i'm agree that trump step back and said these guys know what they will do and i will trust in them. [applause] saying that isis is giving up would.
2:22 pm
greg: you can't say mission caution. people come back. >> it's an ideology. they will come back if they are given a chance. >> one of the points and bring up his they attack in lower manhattan in 93 the 93 the attae world trade center and they remembered. greg: every failure is actually an education from them. they learn. i am sure they learned from vegas. in fact, when they saw, to closely plan vegas was they are going okay we could get from above by renting rooms and looking for festivals. i think they will do that and i think they'll combine drones. they are already trying with drones, i've heard. >> the thing is it is not a nation. it's not necessarily a creed or culture where we blew the hell out of that nation and they are gone.
2:23 pm
literally, you could have four guys get to the mother had get together with money and a plan and they are never really gone because it's an idea anyone can take on. that's the problem. greg: the solution and will talk about this in the next block is can't be safe. we have to be impervious. >> how fun does that sound. greg: reagan had the fbi and that was about being impervious. we need technology all over. >> you can't be complacent. greg: watching us. >> no thank you, i would be in jail. >> for doing this? [laughter] [inaudible conversations] greg: still to come, the border wall is coming and i have (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one, true instinct.
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honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... ♪ ♪ arthel: hive from -- live from america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. british police have arrested a gunman after a standoff inside a bowling alley. a witness says chaos erupted as families and children looked on. >> a man who was also bowling ran across our lane and was like, get out, get out. he's got a gun over his head, and he's saying game over, game over. arthel: thankfully, no one hurt. police say the incident was not related to terrorism. and a historic night in the name of hurricane relief. all five living former presidents appearing at the one america appeal concert at texas a&m. the event raised more than $30 million for storm victims in the u.s. and puerto rico.
2:28 pm
president trump thanked his predecessors in a video message calling this many some of the finest american -- them some of the finest american public servants. i'm arthel neville, back to gutfeld. times" he has spoken dio national security advisor hr mcmaster. i'm patti ann brown, back to the greg got tell joe. greg: builder, builder, of the wall, what's the sturdiest of the mall. this week we got first look at the prototypes for president comes proposed wall along the us mexican border. four are made of solid concrete, for incorporates deal with concrete and one is made up marshmallows to attract the fat kids. [laughter] i kid, they are big boned. testing begins next week when the department of homeland security will determine how hard each will ball wall will be to build. the prototypes have already been rejected. there was this fall but they found it too easy to climb.
2:29 pm
[laughter] then there was a wall of pink floyd walls which frankly, was annoying and too easy to cut through. then there was my idea of a wall of cups. [background noises] send that bird back. finally, this idea was rejected for being too awesome. it was a wall of bill hammer and lou dobbs. i don't know about you but i prefer to climb the real thing. [laughter]
2:30 pm
what do you mean? in a wall. people are discussing. katie, do you think of the wall will ever happen. >> i can't see the future but i can -- i imagine a portion of it will occur. the whole thing? i don't know. my point in all of this is you all have driven down the highway before and there are houses on the side of the highway and they build these really tall walls for miles and miles only to for the point of keeping the noise down to the houses on the other side of the highway. what is the big issue with them talking about building a wall outside of outside monetarily. how much money do we spend? greg: that is such a great idea. don't make it about illegal immigration. make it about noise. we are building this to curb the noise from mexico. [laughter] those of mariotti fans .
2:31 pm
greg: i love them. i always give them -- >> i'll be sending one to your home five kat, how about you? >> i don't think these walls would keep me out of anywhere i want to go but one wall would and that is a wall of compliments. think about it. people stand there, kat, you are so smart and pretty. think about it, greg. you are not sure, it doesn't matter. [laughter] you smile and you forget about what you are trying to do. greg: that is not a compliment. >> it was a backhanded. greg: she has no front hand. tyrus, you want the wall because you like walls. >> i just don't like looking at things. [laughter] i surround myself with walls. i don't like neighbors. good morning, no. i was proud this week that my three -year-old daughter i said good morning and she said what
2:32 pm
is good about that. she is three. you get it. unfortunately, i don't think the wall will happen but psychologically we might not need it. the numbers on illegal immigration is way down and generally the fear of coming over the country is higher than it has ever been. i personally like the wall to keep the drug trade out. greg: i want the wall to keep the drug trade in. [laughter] >> you know what -- >> by local. [laughter] >> that is mentally, literally, the most -- with the another word for -- i can use that. whatever that word is, all the heroin and cocaine and all the stuff that gets lost into this country on the interstate, if we cut that off we won't have this
2:33 pm
many problems. crime will drop and if you cut the head of the snake off there will still be drugs but not and that's the point where people are being massacred and killed over. there is a war in the streets over control of the drug trade. greg: i just wonder if you can control something that people want no matter what. >> no, i thank you can't but cutting out a group that has a monopoly on it and the mexican mafia has a monopoly on it. the president of mexico is there because they allow to be there. greg: rob, what do you envision for the wall? >> it will need to be a partial wall because people at the rio grande have waterfront property and they don't want that in front of them. to be dispersed. i'm all about preventing illegal drug trade and illegal immigrants but the biggest
2:34 pm
problem will be with the terrorists. not just the southern border but the northern border. when they do come across and i don't want to be morbid but there's a massive suicide bombing of an elementary school people knee jerk react and ask why we didn't have a wall. greg: i agree. it's not about mexico and it has to do with one man and a dirty bomb getting it. >> they are very aware of what they are doing and regardless of whether we like it or not there are people who want to kill us because of the way we look. greg: perfect segue, i don't want a wall, i want a dome. i am not kidding. i go back to what i said about it her business. >> i don't even know what that word means. >> i like this guy. greg: you can create with technology a dome that would monitor every part of the united states -- >> that sounds like hell. greg: no, it's like heaven. >> maybe if it compliment you. greg: you can't have freedom without security. >> so beef up security. we have the technology to where -- >> the sweat on my chin is tequila. greg: that explains a lot. on that note, he is always doing
2:35 pm
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2:40 pm
had quit smoking for six weeks. obese patients could only receive non- emergent surgeries if they reduce their weight. those who propose the plan should encourage people to quote take more responsibility for their own health and well-being wherever possible bring up limited and hs resources for priority treatment. limited resources. this is where single-payer health care and the the rationing of resources. it makes you wonder what unhealthy lifestyles could be targeted next. hopefully this. uncle steve. [laughter] never changes does he? kat, should the person who keeps himself or herself in good shape yet ahead in line for surgery if you aren't? >> no. i have all my habits are bad habits. it's a slippery slope argument. everything is bad for you. i did some research and
2:41 pm
everything but steamed broccoli, water and meditation is terrible for you. greg: you can drown in water. >> drinking water. only in little cups at a time. and to supervise, for. you should never drink water alone. it is too dangerous. has any of us done anything else today? if so, we could be next. no surgery for us. i ate some cheese today so that is not good for you. greg: it is a slippery slope. tyrus, do you think -- i am against -- >> i think this is the best idea ever. >> communism. >> whatever. if you have to take responsibility which we need to do. it has a warning label when you smoke cigarettes and it should say if you keep doing this it will your surgery eligibility.
2:42 pm
why should i have to pay for it because you openly knowingly to that. if you continue to gain weight and you are obese and you want to get the surgery but you chose to do those things then i thank you should have to prove and if you can't afford to pay for it yourself then you should have to prove -- >> this makes me want to start smoking just because the government might say i can't. >> you chose to smoke and i chose not to, you got cancer so why do have to pay for it? greg: you bring up an interesting point. could free healthcare created this monster because it doesn't persuade people to be healthier because you know you can get anything you want? >> it's the same thing with if you lose their job and government assistance. a lot of the time people don't have the incentive to go back to work because they are provided enough money early that they don't need to. in that sense, if you are provided for in whatever way you
2:43 pm
have less of an incentive to do things you wouldn't otherwise do like small glass or drink less and so on. i don't actually disagree with the premise except for that last bit about the limited resources. it is the same thing if you gone in for surgery they may tell you don't eat me for hours before hand because unpleasant things could happen if you have to be intimated. in that sense, if they say look, the surgery is a high risk of you dying because you are so morbidly obese and we want you to try to take time to lessen the chance that you die on the operating table i don't think that's wrong -- >> they are being judging. >> but what concerns me as i understand that if a doctor doesn't want to be sued because they don't want to operate on someone who will die in the table. greg: and it has to be hard to operate on the obese because it's harder to find stuff but i'm not a doctor. i did have a band once. [laughter] anyway, rob, there was a single
2:44 pm
pair government run healthcare and how did that work out. >> it's working out now well for the vets. the va was a complete mess and still has a lot of problems but they are still trying to change it out and get better care for people. i think redounds like 20 suicides a day from veterans. it was horrible. the thing with healthcare is it's not my area of expertise but i think people should have access to health care when they can. i've been overseas a lot in seen places where it says on the cigarette box smoking kills. that is a warning. greg: i've never been with you and i never noticed you smoking. [laughter] >> you get in trouble for that. greg: i got in a lot of trouble. >> that's the best story, you got trouble at my wedding. greg: yes, i know. there was a couch i could sleep on. the slippery slope. they don't mind targeting the obese and smokers because you
2:45 pm
can't do that but what if you targeted the promiscuous. those who engage in risky behavior if you go in that direction, you will be screwed. if you say you have a lot of sex partners and you can't have it so that's over. >> how do you prove that? >> are we still talking about the guys that my wedding? [laughter] five i have to go and move on. still to come, colleges are cracking down on halloween costumes. the story we only do once a year around this time. diabetes can be a daily struggle, even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar.
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greg: southern indiana, northern arizona, new hampshire, they are not just the names of my three super phyllis nipples. [laughter] they are also university warning students what not to wear for halloween. according to the college, though
2:50 pm
schools and others are using fires in workshops to teach students how to avoid offensive costumes. princeton and vanderbilt will also host events on cultural appropriation while the university of utah wrote a letter to the students. does the costume play into racial stereotypes? if you answer yes, rethink the costume and try again. if you are a college student and you are not sure what to be for halloween there is an easy solution. do what i did last year. i went as a trembling. >> oh my god. oh my god. greg: i cannot get a cab that night. i have a theory. katie, they should not have any ghosts, zombies or mummies because they are culturally
2:51 pm
appropriating the dead. right? >> that is spicy but i thank you could argue for mummies because that is cultural. greg: egypt, i think. >> i cannot wait to see these people in the real world. when they leave college and they are suddenly faced with a reality that is not nearly so isolated and insulated and protected as the bubble they are in. i can't wait for it. greg: i have a great idea. rob, for hollowing you have to go as osama bin laden. [laughter] >> that would be spicy. >> that might work out well because i could come into the room and say where have you been lauded? greg: russell brand to that. he came to empty be dressed as osama bin laden and i think he lost his job but you should do it. >> not a bad idea. i was going to go as a penalize because it's not offensive at
2:52 pm
all and he's a crappy wrapper that -- when did we become so hypersensitive? greg: the last four years. >> i joined the navy because of the village people. [laughter] he covered everything. greg: i got into construction for the same thing or that is what i told my parents. [laughter] tyrus, thoughts? >> i'm just staying inside. i do not give a [bleep] anymore. here is the thing. it's not so much the students, it's the curriculum and professors and the counselors that are preaching this stuff. what costume can you wear that is not offensive? it don't matter. the matter what you are, you will offend somebody. you dress up as iron man, oh you thank you are better than me and you thank you are god pressure someone will have a problem with whatever you wear. i don't like hollowing anyway because halloween is every day of the week and everyone looks
2:53 pm
at me and says break. that's every day for me. i think it is sad that is what we spend our time telling people what they can and cannot wear. greg: before i go to get, rob, you and your wife, you have to go as bin laden and your wife has to go as you. kat, i have a new idea for a new question. everyone should wear this it's you look depressed, malnourished and sad and you'd be going as a radiohead fan. >> i did say on the show a couple weeks ago that i was very into men that were strange, malnourished and sad and that i ended up dating a lot of radiohead fans because they all fit into that group. now they are all very, very mad at me. greg: so there malnourished. >> i wasn't saying it was bad. i'm saying it was sexy. in what universe am i not
2:54 pm
strange, malnourished and sad. it is depressing because now they are not going to be interested in me anymore and i will have to start he dating guys that i cannot share genes with and i wish that i would have joked about something less serious like religion or war. it would've been much less divisive than this. greg: kat, the interesting thing is radiohead is a fine band but they stole everything from coldplay. >> another. >> you're just during the pot. greg: i am. radiohead is a col poor man's coldplay. [inaudible conversations] >> you're going to make the leap here and to listen to nickel back five no, no one has to be that. don't go a heart attack doesn't care what you eat or how healthy you look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. : >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. . greg: don't forget i'll see you monday on "the five." finally tonight. >> what you wanted to say all show and haven't had the chance
2:59 pm
to say, so here's your chance to say it, right now. >> rob? >> brian from cnn called out chief of staff general kelly, don't be distracted by the uniform. i want to say right now that's a four star marine corps general. i will pay for the venue, the lights and the crowd to watch general kelly hand him his ass. [cheers and applause] >> did not know he owns a donkey. >> i run a gaming and sports newsletter called the daily walk through, for all you nerds, free, subscribe, come game with me, hang out and i promise you will not regret it. >> that is it. no time for the other two. >> we made the rules. >> rob o'neill, katie fretas, katherine, titus, studio audience, i'm greg gutfeld.
3:00 pm
i love you. ♪ gutfeld and i love you. [cheering and applause] . arthel: rekindling republican hopes that his agenda is moving full steam ahead as he refocuses on two major campaign promises. tax reform and repealing and replacing obamacare, sitting down with our own madison bumgarner for an exclusive interview, the president saying the path is clear to get those deals done. hello, and welcome to brand new inside "america's news headquarters," i'm arthel neville. eric: good evening, i'm eric shawn. the president touching on a wide range of issues in the interview including the controversy over the phone call to the widow of fallen soldier la david


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