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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 23, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we'll be back in washington. see you then with the latest >> a great spirit for it. people want to see it and i call it tax cut and it is tax reformals. i call it tax cuts. it'll be the biggest tax cuts ever. >> 31 years ago today ronald reagan signed comprehensive tax reform. we intend to accomplish that between now and the end of the year. >> we can get this done, we can get a lot done. >> there's no way that you can justify not getting all the information. >> you come from a political family, you think you ever see yourself running for office? >> i don't think so. there's an opening. >> i never like to say never because it'll come back to bite you.
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heather: good morning to you, hope you had a great weekend, "fox & friends first". i'm heather childers, let's get to top story right now. sentencing hearing begins today and dramatic testimony from veterans injured while searching for kim. kelly wright with what we can expect this morning. kelly: sergeant bergdahl speaking out for first time. comments are sparking outrage. bergdahl said taliban captors were more honest with him than the u.s. army has been since his release from the taliban. bergdahl saying this. at least the taliban was honest to say i'm the guy that's going
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to cut your throat. here it could be the guy that i pass in the corridor that's going to sign the paper that sends me away for life. bergdahl was captured in 2009 after leaving base in afghanistan, taliban eventually freed him may of 2014 as part of controversial prisoner exchange with five taliban fighters who were being detained at guantanamo bay. three soldiers suffered life-changing injuries. retired green beret led the special forces team that conducted that search. >> soldiers were injured, soldiers were killed directly in the search and what's more typical to prove indirectly, how many were harmed because they didn't get as fast as they should have because it was dedicated to look for him. >> bergdahl's defense attorneys may argue concerns about comments that president trump made as candidate trump
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repeatedly calling bergdahl a traitor. >> we are tired of sergeant bergdahl who is a traitor. he's a traitor, a no-good traitor. [applause] >> who should have been executed kelly: entered what's called a naked plea, no deal for lesser punishment. he's hoping for leniency from the judge. heather: appreciate it. let's turn to fox news alert for you, community on edge this morning over fears of possible serial killer on is loose. >> there's nothing linking three individuals, they come from good families, they have good backgrounds, they were just
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alone, the natural interest is to hunker down and not going outside and we are encouraging people to come out because all three individuals were alone. heather: police in tampa searching for this person, first killing at bus stop, all were traveling alone and people urging not to leave home alone, 20,000-dollar reward is being offered. murder trial, one francisco lopez sánchez, illegal immigrant accused of gunning down kate stanley sparking national debate over sanctuary city. sánchez had been deported five times and released by officials months earlier despite request of immigration officials to keep him behind bars. he faces life in prison. well, aspiring pastor thinks that he stabbed his wife to death after taking too much cold
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medicine is due in court today. matthew expect today enter plea on first-degree murder charges in chilling 911 call. he woke up and found his way dead. >> there's a bloody knife on the bed and i think i did it. wife lauren, stabbed 123 times. well, the obama era uranium deal it could turn into criminal investigation targeting the clintons, ron desantis say confidential informant could be key as house oversight committee is investigating. >> let's look at the facts here. who was the fbi director when all of this stuff is going on, robert mueller. who was the u.s. attorney in charge of copying the plea deal which many believe was a sweetheart deal with the main
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perpetrator rod rosenstein, obviously eric holder was involved, loretta lynch. investors with backed uranium deal gave millions by then secretary of state hillary clinton and the obama administration. president donald trump in the meantime moving full steam ahead on tax reform. today daughter ivanka is on the road taking the pitch to the american people. griff jenkins with the latest on this, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather. president trump sent clear message in conference call, they'll be hell to pay in 2018 midterms. he called on house republicans to adopt framework past last week to quickly pave the way for quick tax cuts.
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>> it's going toned up, i think, doing very well and we will get our taxes, i think it's going to be hopefully before the end of the year but maybe much sooner than that. there's a great spirit for it. people want to see it and i call it tax cuts, it is tax reformals but it's tax cuts, biggest tax cuts. don't expect democrats to get on board. >> cutting the corporate tax rate but doing nothing. almost literally nothing for working-class families. >> now they can do it without democrats, simple majority under reconciliation rules but getting
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on republicans on the same page isn't a done deal. the president having lunch with republicans, daughter ivanka hitting the board in pennsylvania to also raise support. heather: by now we know about the reconciliation rules. it's all about the math. thank you so much, griff. well, now let's take a look at the nfl controversy that continues, owner of america's team sounding alarm over nfl anthem protest two weeks after telling his players that they'll be benched if they disrespect the flag. >> there is no question. there's no question. the league is suffering negative effects from these protests. heather: jerry jones' comments coming as nearly two dozen players still kneeled or sat during national anthem yesterday and the san francisco 49ers, giant-u.s. shaped american flag in center field but at least half of a dozen 49ers still
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kneeled and roger goodell wrapped up a two-day meeting saying that everyone should stand but he won't force them to do that. saving more than 100 lives and using himself as human shield in middle of battle, today the war hero will finally be honored, michael rose will receive medal of honor nearly 50 years after operation tail wind during vietnam war. was serving as medic, he was wounded yet he kept treating other soldiers. well, the time now is about nine minutes after the top of the hour and only took a few days but liberal media has found a way to blame president trump for the deadly ambush. >> september 24th, this year, 3 and a half weeks ago, trump administration announced new muslim ban. heather: rachel maddow own supporters calling her out, did
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heather: seems even members of her own party don't want anything to do with hillary clinton, joe manchin saying it would be best to stay away at reelection in west virginia. >> it wouldn't be wise for hillary to come to west virginia for her and for me. she made a big mistake and it
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was wrong. that's all i can say. heather: referring to comments that clinton made about putting coal miners out of work. remember that. future run for office, telling fox news sunday that she's not ruling it out. >> never say never but i don't think that's part of the master plan for me, but again right now it's one day at a time and trying to do the best i can. heather: sanders assumed the role of press secretary over the summer after a departure of sean spicer. first mom to do that. msnbc rachel maddow under fire from the left for elaborate conspiracy theory that she offered attempting to tie the trump administration travel ban to the death of four u.s. soldiers in niger. >> september 24th, trump administration announced new muslim man, they added venezuela and they added in chad, the
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government of chad announced that they had completed withdrawal of all chaddan troops from niger, right after that, four u.s. army soldiers got attacked by large contingent fighters. four of them killed after soldiering with withdrawn. heather: chuck rocha, nice hat, you know i love that. let's get started right away. premise here, tammy, i will start with you, is it because of travel ban, chad pulled out of nigr and uptick in terrorist attacks and that's what happened to the four green berets, that doesn't hold any water. >> it doesn't, this is why she's come under fire from liberals that are fans of hers, she's really the number one liberal
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voice that's out. this is one of the issues, the issues of credibility and their complaint has been that this is so bizarre and so not correct when it comes to the fact on the ground that she's endangering her own brand and also the legitimacy of liberal commentating because the two really have no relationship whatsoever -- it's not even about theory or opinion, the lit real dynamic of where our troops were on the other side of the country. heather: 800 miles away at least. >> this is where the complaint is and it's true. heather: before you get to that point, let's get chuck in here. chuck, what do you think about it? did she go way too far this time? >> i get to do news shows all over the country and i listen to comments, can you go too far, when you start talking about con straibing our free press it's a
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danger but words do matter and we should get as many facts out there to people as we can. heather: there's some level of responsibility here and when you're factually wrong, it seems like, tammy, she was trying to get people stirred up without worrying about the facts. >> even the dynamic of delivery is as if she knew some secret and she was going to share it with you and we have been dealing with the issue of fake news and this is the other problem that we've got, it's the american people, of course, are trusting news media less and that's not necessarily good for democracy but this is the kind of reporting, if you want to call it that, which is really fantasy that does damage to the media itself and the fantasy of it here is this, they really want to cover the president but if you cover the news it's mostly good news and as a result you get into a position where you have to actually make something up or do this weird conspiracy in order to give an audience what they want and that's not helping the media at
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all. heather: we know that the huffington post, for example, they are not fan of president trump, let's see what they had to say about it. one problem with maddow theory, it's so flimsy that could be debunked let alone a phone call with expert and media also not a fan of president trump saying maddow connecting travel dots doesn't hold up to scrutiny. so is she also doing damage to the left as a whole, chuck? >> well, i think we should hold everyone accountable no matter what styed of the political spectrum we are on. the thing that bothers me that out here doing politics and running election that is i'm involved, you see the base get rowed up but everything that they here. there's people actually listening and who are participating in our electoral system who really are hungry for information and we should get them as many facts as possible. heather: people out there actually dying for our country
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which was the case here, the four green berets in niger. have a great day. >> you too. heather: 18 minutes after the top of the hour and do you remember when federica wilson bragged about exploiting a widow to becoming a rock star? >> i have to tell my kids that i'm a rock star now. heather: wait until you hair outrageous demands for the white house. fans apparently over the nfl and over anthem protests. carley shimkus with the embarrassingly empty stadiums it's not just a donation.
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it's a warm blanket. it's a bottle of clean water.
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>> so sad that it wasn't an outreach it was a narrowing and a hammering of what he had said before. it's reported that george w. bush said that was some weird -- [laughter] heather: hillary clinton taking her election loss to a whole new level cursing as she described how she tried to skip president trump's inauguration. social media is not impressed and here with the outrage online carley shimkus from fox news headline 24/7, siriusxm 115, good morning, carley. carley: hillary clinton was putting the strange position where she had to attend the inauguration as the former first lady but must have been pretty awkward for herself because she was the losing candidate. she was on the show over on bbc where she opened it up about it and had a lot to say, not only did she curse but also tried to get out of it and she called other former first families like
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the bush's and the carters to see if they were attending as well, some people calling that disrespectful. >> don't think there's a law that says she has to go and america called her a sore loser. call around to see who went going to have an excuse not to attend. so her book tour still making headlines. heather: what happened? who knows. so the nfl, people not showing up for the games and the pictures prove it. carley: there are pictures that are going viral on social media that show pretty empty stadiums and some are wondering if it has to do with national anthem protest. check out the picture that show dolphin stadium, they played the jets yesterday. a lot of empty seats at chicago's nfl game, bears usually sell out which is 100% true. timothy tweeting, the colts is
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very empty, people are coming because they paid for season in advance. some people are fans don't want to pay a lot of money to watch a protest, mary says, as far as i'm concerned, they did this to themselves. so whether tickets are really down is still debatable. it's early on in the season but ratings declining. heather: exactly. the season ticket holders are stuck but still planning ahead for the super bowl and half-time show. carley: performer has been announced, it is drum roll, please, justin timberlake, he took to twitter with this announcement saying it's official, nsinc chimed in. congratulations. best pepsi half time shows better, better bring back nsync
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too. last time he was in super bowl, yeah, wardrobe malfunction. heather: they can have a special guest. carley: i bet that will happen. heather: february 18th? carley: yeah. heather: we will be watching. time now 26 minutes after the top of the hour and fox news alert for you, nuclear bombers now on standby as the tensions with north korea raises to all-time high. how former president is offering to help. we are live next. bow bergdahl claiming the taliban is more right than taliban and nest guest says he's wrong for all the wrong reasons.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", 4:30 on the east coast. u.s. air force putting nuclear armed b-52 bombers on alert for the first time since end of cold war as tensions escalate with north korea. let's get with ryan, good morning, ryan. >> good morning, so the air force is taking steps to put its b-52's into position where they can be ready to fly at a moment's notice, according to chief of staff, general david goldfine and told defense one, website dedicate today national security that renovations are being made in louisiana making sure infrastructure is in place if and when they get the order to restore that 24-hour readiness, it has not been in
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place since 1991. meanwhile president trump appeared on fox business news this weekend and he said, well, he's still hoping that china will put the pressure on north korea to encourage north korea to change course, the u.s. is ready to do whatever it takes. >> we are prepared for anything. we are so prepared like you wouldn't believe. you would be shocked to see how totally prepared we are. >> on the diplomatic form, former president jimmy carter said he's ready to help. jimmy carter went to north korea on similar diplomatic mission for the clinton administration back in 1994, he told president trump's national security adviser general mcmaster he's prepared to go, speaking to new york times, jimmy carter said so far the answer from the trump administration has been thanks, but no thanks. heather: we will see if that changes. thank you, ryan. certainly disturbing story. let's talk about this one,
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another one, four u.s. soldiers killed during ambush in niger sparking new debate on capitol hill as lawmakers were stunned to learn about the deployment. >> i didn't know that there was a thousand troops in niger. >> he didn't know there were a thousand troops in niger, did you? >> no, i did not. heather: i don't know whose fault that is, they should have known. some in congress calling as long as radical islamic terror is the target, congress doesn't need to sign off. secretary of state rex tillerson warning iran-backed malacias to get back out of iran after isis fight is coming to a close. >> the fight against daesh and isis, militias can go home. >> asking allies, saudi arabia and iran to join economic forces
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against tehran. thursday release of 3,000 sealed documents about assassination of john f kennedy warned that it could warn intelligent agencies, hay edgar hoover who ran the fbi admitted the fbi screwed up on november 22nd. president trump announcing over the weekend that he would release the final batch of classified documents to the american public. sentencing is set to begin today, bergdahl, saying taliban is more honest than the u.s. army telling sunday new york times magazine, quote, at least they were honest enough to say i'm the guy that will cut your
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throat. joining us jim hanson, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good to be with you, heather. heather: right away, your response to that comment. >> i don't know what bowe bergdahl expects to happen when a deserter comes back and pleads guilty, what did he want a welcome home cake, there's a real easy way to avoid bad treatment when you come home, don't desert in the first place. heather: and in his five years, i think it was of captivity of taliban he was held in cage. rrp i'm pretty sure we are not suspending him in the cage outside in the winter to let him freeze to death. he has a nice warm cell, he's getting 3 hots in a cod every day and the idea that that's worst than what the taliban was doing which including beating him with copper cables until he
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couldn't walk it's absurd. he's been found coherent enough to know that he knew what he was doing. he's made up a lot of reasons of why, none of them cover it. heather: yeah, he certainly has. he's expected to appear for sentencing today, he could face life in prison, what do you think will happen? >> i think he will probably get life in prison and he earned it and he can stop wining about it then although from what we saw with chelsea manning i don't think that turned out. i don't think president trump will cut him loose, though. heather: let's talk about largest oil field from isis, also in raqqah, explain the importance of what's going on there? >> the oil field is important because they made a lot of money selling oil, that's a lot of part how they financed the operations, islamic states, caliphate, now that they have been cut down in raqqah, they are gone from that city that's
1:36 am
no longer the capital and they no longer have a way to go ahead and pay people, foreign fighters are not going to come there to help them. they basically lost a massive defeat both to operations and in the prop granda war, recruiting will go down and this is going to deal a serious blow to them. heather: who do you credit with the strides that we seem to be taking now in terms of combating isis particularly in syria? >> i think this is a direct result of president trump's renewed focus and changes to rules of engagement. he allowed our troops to do what they needed to do, he allowed them to target isis locations whereas previously they had been forbidden to do that if there was any possibility of civilian casualties, he cut loose the dogs of war and now we have defeated one of the worst enemies the u.s. troops had faced. it's a credit to them. heather: that then leads to the question, we seized their
1:37 am
largest oil field, we captured raqqah, assumed capital but we are not hearing a lot about it. >> that's because the rest of the media is not real interested in anything that reflects well on president trump or the military in that case. this was a huge victory for the troops, it's a huge victory for trump and defeat for isis, none of that really works with the media outlet narrative that everything president trump does is awful. so i think they'll ignore it and try to do things like ridiculous talk about the ambush in niger. heather: jim hanson, well, we are talking about it nevertheless. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> good to be with you. heather: have a good day, 20 minutes until the top of the day, better check refrigerator for a common food that's contaminated, recall that involves several retailers. remember snoop dogg's mock assassination on president trump, wait until you see the new attack by the rapper, taking
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out take-out, the city limiting food deliverieses to fight traffic congestion.
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heather: congresswoman federica wilson demanding an apology for chief of staff john kelly. >> the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name and empty barrel and all the work that i've done in this community, not only does he owe me an apology but owes an
1:42 am
apology to the american people. heather: do you remember days ago when she loved the attention from the white house? >> you mean to tell me that i have become so important -- [laughter] >> that the white house is bothering me. i have to tell my kids that i'm a rock star now. heather: this, of course, the latest in a war of words with the white house and the florida congresswoman over president's condole -- condolence. public safety minister telling u.s. officials to keep, a quote, weary eye on travel visas saying many are being misuse today get into the united states and then directly into canada. well, now fox base alert for you, new warning about hackers
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taking aim at brand-new target and tracee carrasco from our sister network fox business with what you need to know. good morning, tracee. tracee: department of homeland security and fbi warning that industries like energy, nuclear aviation, water, these main manufacturing industries have been targeted by sophisticated hackers even some government entities dating back to may, so these hackers are trying to get into the networks, they're using malicious emails, fake links to websites to try and get credentials into secure networks, the government isn't saying how many attacks have happen or the victims are, but they are saying it's gone back since may. heather: be aware of them? is there a way to stop them? >> the government, they're not really saying who is being targeted specifically, how they're trying to stop them, just putting the warning out that these hackers are even going after these big
1:44 am
industries. heather: there's a nationwide recall that people need to know about listeria, maybe? >> store brand from grocery stores like wal-mart, target, trader joe's, brussels sprouts and the facility where the vegetables were packed, man packing, they tested positive for listeria. the bags of these vegetables dated october 11th through the 20th even though that's past, still be aware of this. heather: speaking of food, if you're not cooking your own and you're choosing delivery, at least if you live in one city, they are trying to limit that? >> yes, it exfinds -- extends
1:45 am
curb-side delivery. a lot of delivery trucks they are always trucked or double parked which makes for a mess here in the roads. so starting in january the mayor is putting restrictions on when those curb-side delivery trucks can be there. so they can't be there during the morning or evening commute and it's going to be specific to areas of midtown manhattan, queens and brooklyn. heather: that'll be interesting. we will see if that works. tracee: crack down on the honking. heather: that's a big problem, appreciate it. the time now is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and it's been her rally cry since the beginning of the trump presidency. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached, impeach 45. heather: what maxine waters said that borders on dangerous next. plus, can cocktails make you
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smarter. >> i'm like an elephant, if i walk into a room, it's like, okay, he's in there. [laughter] heather: well, the new study that says booze can help you learn better. that's ahead [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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1:50 am
republican. somebody who is centrist but i'm fiscally conservative. heather: mavericks owner says his wife will factor into his decision. snoop dogg joining eminem to embrace hatred against president trump. snoop announcing new record make america crip again. this is not the first time. he pretended to shoot a clown dressed like president trump in a music video. so let's keep talking about these types of incidents, congresswoman maximne waters making another threat towards president trump, listen to this. >> i never met him and with this kind of inspiration, i will go
1:51 am
and take trump out tonight. heather: so at what point does secret service need to step in? joining us now to discuss host of the blaze lawrence jones. i don't think that she was talking about taking him out to dinner. >> yeah, when you start to incite violence that's a problem. i'm not so much worried about her but if the other people that watch her, follow her that's concerning, remember when the scalise shooting happen at the baseball field, these people were targeting republicans, a lot of the politicians promised after the incident they were going bring the rhetoric down. heather: that lasted all like two days. >> maxine waters is a problem and the secret service should investigate. heather: you brought up a good point. people that are making statements like this, obviously maxine waters isn't going to go
1:52 am
out and people who listen to her -- people making the comments are thinking about that. >> exactly. that's crazy people out there that are looking for a moment from elected official to encourage them to do something like this. by the way, this is not just a dumb move politically, we are talking about this is the democrats right now. they want to target the president. keep the rhetoric high when they should be focusing on polls combris that could help the american people instead their leaders want to make blanket threats. heather: why do you think she's doing it? >> she wants to run for president. she has a lot of millennial support and the graphic speech is what she's doing to enrage everyone, get them on her side for some type of presidential run. heather: do you think that will work down the road even as we go into midterms to actually just be against the republicans? >> look, maybe for the far left,
1:53 am
but i don't think you're going get the american people, they're still making it about them instead of the people. maxxine, go for it, i'm looking for a sweep in the midterms. heather: a sweep, really? >> if they continue targeting the president instead of focusing on health care, immigration, the economy, if they continue to make it about them and president -- heather: you can't just be against the other side. you to offer some solutions yourself. >> this is what i call the double or nothing strategy, they tried this in the past election, they will try it again because they believe that people are afraid of trump but the polls suggest otherwise, support is actually growing right now but they will try again to see if it worked. remember before president trump the identity politics, the fear mongering worked. he was a different type of
1:54 am
candidate, he was within the culture and they will try again. heather: thank you so much for joining us. really good tips and comments this morning. >> thanks, heather. heather: 8 minutes until the top of the hour. parents listen up, is your teen glued to the phone, brand-new side effect of too much screen time. that's up next. the high school valley ball player who took most incredible safe. look at that. it'll make your jaw drop
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heather: sun not quite up over new york city this morning, we appreciate you joining us. not quite bright and early. still dark and early. all the tweeting, texting and streaming could be keeping your kids away. one in four teenagers are getting less than 7 hours asleep per night thanks to screen addiction. the study suggests that kids who spent several hours per day online were more likely to stay awake than those who were
1:59 am
powered down. well, too much alcohol can make you say the wrong thing. [inaudible] >> i'm like an elephant, okay, if i walk into a room it's like, okay, he's in there. heather: well, now a new study suggests that just a little bit could help you pick up a second language. the study published in the journal of psycho pharmacology, people with alcohol could be help learn second language. high school volleyball game goes viral. check this out, decatur high school, super hero leap, 30 feet from the net. she strike it is ball back over the net, texas team got right back up making another save in the rally.
2:00 am
good for her. good job. the 4:00 a.m. hour. happy birthday to my grandmother who is 100 year's old today. lawrence jones will be in outnumbered so join us later. bye. rob: monday october 23rd, this is the fox news alert, tense moments in tampa, florida, the urgent search ramping up right now for a possible serial killer after a third person is murdered in just ten days, how this surveillance video may help track down a killer. >> locked up for life, the fate of bowe bergdahl set for today. >> great spirit for it and people want to see, i call it tax reform, it is tax reform also, it'll be the biggest tax cuts ever in the history of the


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