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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 23, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good for her. good job. the 4:00 a.m. hour. happy birthday to my grandmother who is 100 year's old today. lawrence jones will be in outnumbered so join us later. bye. rob: monday october 23rd, this is the fox news alert, tense moments in tampa, florida, the urgent search ramping up right now for a possible serial killer after a third person is murdered in just ten days, how this surveillance video may help track down a killer. >> locked up for life, the fate of bowe bergdahl set for today. >> great spirit for it and people want to see, i call it tax reform, it is tax reform also, it'll be the biggest tax cuts ever in the history of the country. rob: pay the price, the message
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from president trump to house republicans either pass tax cuts or lose next year. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> time to get up and get your week started, it's monday morning and good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm jillian mele. rob: all right, i'm rob schmitt 5:01 in the east coast. the fate of disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl hearing begins today.
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jillian: kelly wright is here with the latest and what we can expect this morning, kelly. kelly: jillian and rob, good morning to you as well, speaking out for the first time after pleading guilty for -- they have been more honest than him. at least the taliban were honest enough to say, i'm the guy who is going cut your throat. here it could be the guy i pass in the corridor who is going to sign the paper that sends me away for life. bergdahl was captured in 2009, you recall after leaving base in afghanistan, the taliban eventually freed him in may of 2014 as part of a controversial prisoner exchange with five taliban members who were being detained at guantanamo bay detention center, three soldiers
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suffered life-changing injuries and the search for bergdahl, their statements are strong evidence against him, retired green beret commander michael led the special forces team that conducted that search. >> soldiers were injured, soldiers were killed directly in the search and what's more typical to prove like i was saying was indirectly, you know, how many were harmed because they didn't get as back as they should have because it was dedicated to look for him. kelly: bergdahl's defense attorney may argue concerns as candidate trump reportedly calling him a traitor. >> we are tired of sergeant bergdahl who is a traitor, a no good traitor, who should have been executed. kelly: bergdahl entered what's known as naked plea, that means
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to deal for lesser punishment, he's hopingly any -- lee any antsy from judge. rob: possible serial killer on the loose after three people were shot and killed in just ten days in the same neighborhood in tampa, florida, all three victims traveling alone, they were not robbed. interim chief brian urging people to not leave their homes alone. >> there's nothing linking these three individuals, they come from good families, they have good backgrounds, they were just alone. i think the natural instinct is to hunker down and not go outside and we are actually encouraging people to come out because all three individuals were alone. >> don't leave alone. that's so scary to hear. rob: police searching for this person right here.
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25,000-dollar reward being offered. jillian: frightening, murder trial of juan francisco lopez sánchez, illegal immigrant accused of gunning down kate stanley in san francisco peer. sánchez had been deported five times and released by officials months earlier despite immigration officials to keep him behind bars, he faces life in prison if convicted. attorney general jeff sessions to combat violence gang, he's speaking at law enforcement conference in philadelphia which has been overshadowed by protest. the group known for ruthless attacks with a membership of 10,000 and growing, many gang members come from el salvador where sessions traveled in july to meet with other leaders. rob: obama era uranium deal could turn into a criminal
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investigation targeting the clintons. representative ron desantis says confidential informant in the case could be the key to linking them to a bribery scheme here as the house oversight committee continues to investigate. >> let's look at the facts here. who was the fbi director when all of this stuff was going on in robert mueller who is now the special counsel, who was the u.s. attorney in charge of copying the plea deal which many believe was the sweetheart deal with the main perpetrator here, rod rosenstein who is the deputy attorney general, obviously eric holder was involvedded, loretta lynch was involved. rob: a website online investors with a russian-backed company known as uranium one gave millions of dollars to the clinton foundation and this all happened before the uranium agreement was signed off by then secretary of state hillary
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clinton and the obama administration. we will follow that one. jillian: president trump giving republicans ultimate -- ultu ultutimatum. >> ivanka will go to pennsylvania but the news here that on a conference call with house republicans, president trump sent clear message, act now to advance tax reform or face consequence which is won't be pretty in midterms elections and adopt the senate version to faif way for tax reform and tax cuts. >> it's going to end up, i think, again, doing very well and i think we will get our taxes, i think it's going to be, well, hopefully before the end of the year but maybe much sooner than that. there's a great spirit for it and people want to see it and i call it tax cuts, it is tax reform also, i call it tax cuts,
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it'll be the biggest tax cuts ever in the history of the country. >> speaker paul ray yeen hopes they can pass something, a goal shared by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, don't expect democrats to get on board. >> we intend to accomplish now and the end of the year. >> if you go to mcconnell way you will end up tax breaks, lowering income tax breaks for those making 400,000. >> they can do without democrats, they need only a simple majority but getting all republicans on the same page, not a done deal, the president is having lunch tomorrow with senate republicans to try to rally support. jillian: griff jenkins live in washington. thanks, griff. the owner of america's team sounding alarm over nfl anthem
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protest two weeks after telling players they'll be benched if they disrespect the flag. >> there is no question. there is no question. the league is suffering negative effects from these protests. jillian: jerry jones comments coming as nearly 2 dozen players kneeled or sat during national anthem yesterday, san francisco 49ers, giant u.s. american shaped flag but a dozen 49ers players still kneeled. 49ers, by the way lost 30 points. maybe they should put attention to football. rob: they got spanked. they probably should. le the anchor coming out of two-week suspension for a couple of twitter tirades and telling
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fans to boycott dallas cowboys. >> i violated the policy. i deserved it. rob: she told tmz, she deserved suspension but won't take back what she said. jillian: amend the wound before you back to work on the air. [laughter] rob: kind of apologizing. >> second offense. rob: at tend of the day, she won't lose her job. jillian: outrageous claim as left hits new low on battle with the trump administration. >> i agree that steve bannon is a white supremacists and steven miller seems to be and studies have shown that they have allies sprinkled around the white house. jillian: white house is firing back. rob: major medical breakthrough in opioid crisis. can you imagine, dr. nicole
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party doesn't want anything to do with hillary clinton, democrat joe manchin saying it'll be best for her to stay awise for election in west virginia. >> it wouldn't be good for her and for me. it's hard to justify. she made a big mistake and it was wrong, that's all i can say. rob: referring to comments made about putting coal miners out of work. in west virginia not a good idea. jillian: brand-new research reveals once a month shot for addicts that could have same effects of daily medication, here dr. nicole sapphire, oneself a month. people who don't know and understand how it works, explain what this is. >> 142 americans die over opioid
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crisis. low dose of opioids, curves the high and helps with withdrawal system, they are well studied and we know they work. they are cost-effective, they are cheap. the latest study -- i use the term loosely because there's a small experiment that came out of norway and we can talk about that later but what it showed there was this new injection, the shot, if you will, that's once a month and stops the effects of opioid, so you're not giving someone allow-dose opioids, they are essentially blocking it. if they were to taking opioids, they have terrible reaction to it, severe withdrawal from it. jillian: it is once a month, what is the cons. the drug company is lobby to go get it passed so it's in law instead of having studies that
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show us that this actually works. one thing that we do know that when people go without opioids and then they take some, they tend to have fatal overdoses, they die, our concern is, they have this injection so they are without opioids, maybe they don't get the next injection but they have pay tale overdoes and they die and we weren't able to save them and we haven't studied enough and the small study isn't showing it. we have big studies underway which are expecting results in december. i'm looking forward studies. jillian: before you pass too much judgment on it. you mentioned the fact that it's expensive. is there a point in time that you see something like this coming down in price. >> this is something that president trump loved, we need competition, we need other companies to market this and drive down costs. when you have one company they can put it at whatever dollar they want. >> you mentioned president trump, he has been a big proponent of trying to fix the problem in this country and you had melania trump in the last couple of weeks in west virginia
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at opioid treatment center, they are touting the issue trying to solve it, in your opinion, what do you think will solve it? >> just one shot won't fix it all. that's one one of the concern ti have. if president trump declares national emergency, which i think he might, federal funding to a lot of rural red america that voted for trump and with that treatments, methadone, new injection, they also need mental health treatment. we need to make sure that we are dealing with underlying cause and what is going on here and we need to make sure we get it off the streets, legal and illegal forms of opioids. jillian: that's part of the problem that's available. >> supply and demand. jill illinois thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. rob. rob: thanks so much. 18 minutes after the top of the stowr, bowe bergdahl sparking outrage for saying that the
2:19 am
taliban is more honest than the u.s. military. >> the idea that that's worst than what the taliban was doing which included beating him with copper cables until he couldn't walk is absurd. rob: dramatic sentencing for bergdahl, that's today, we will find out what he'll get. all right, he's been blamed for hillary clinton's election loss, but his former fbi director james comey preparing a white house run for himself? can you imagine? carley shimkus with the rumors online. that's all coming up next. so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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rob: all right, he has been blamed for hillary clinton's election loz but ousted fbi director james comey making a run hymn. jillian: carley shimkus siriusxm 115 here with the speculation that's circulating online. oh, man. carley: continue to grow by the day, but the big question on social media today is all about james comey's interest in running for president and here is why, there's speculation on social media that james comey goes by the name, ryan on twitter, story in and of itself. a tweet recently posted under that account and it says this, good to be back in iowa, something that presidents have said in the past a number of times. so to get this straight we are talking about e crypted tweet that only possibly belongs to him and some people say that he's definitely running for president. others not so convinced. the only thing that he's running
2:24 am
is people who take credibly. karen on social media says i think he's running from justice. harsh tweets. jillian: can't see how this one plays out. rob: i would vote for ryan, i want to see president ryan. carley: yes. jillian: empty stadiums? >> a bunch of pictures circulating that show a lot of empty seats in nfl stadiums and some are wondering whether it has to do with anthem protest. a lot of empty seats there, a lot of tweets say, a lot of empty tweets at chicago bears game, bears usually sell out. lucas oil is very empty, people are coming because they paid season tickets in advance. some people or fans don't want to pay a lot of money to watch a
2:25 am
protest. jason also says next season will be brutal on the nfl if they don't get a hold on this. so -- there's no real numbers if ticket sales are down, we will probably get that in a couple of weeks, it's still pretty early on. rob: i would love to know how the next season tickets go. that'll be interesting. let's talk about the half-time show. carley: absolutely. going by this picture, we can officially say justin timberlake is the super bowl half-time show performer, it's official and he also said this during sunday night football game, take a listen. >> you know, people are flying and lady gaga jumped from the top of the stadium or something, i don't know, i'm 36, i don't know how much of that -- [laughter] carley: still pretty young. i think he will do just fine. nsync congratulated him on
2:26 am
twitter. the last time he performed, you know what happened? wardrobe malfunction. will janet jackson perform with hymn as well? jillian: she's ban, the nfl ban her. carley: people are going to be mad, they'll be a boycott. rob: it took two to tango. they both have the same rules. i saw timber lake a couple of weeks ago and they were all over each other. i thought that all hollywood marriages were fake and phoney, they were married for a while. i'm a justin timber lake fan. [laughter] jillian: 26 minutes after the hour. that's very important news, rob. fox news alert, nuclear armed u.s. bombers on standby 24 hours a day as tensions with north korea hit all-time high, how a
2:27 am
former president is offering to help. >> that's why i have to stay there to be the one at the top. rob: and nancy pelosi really defending herself with the self-proclaimed master legislator is saying now, stay tune. my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson.
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jillian: fox news alert, u.s. air force prepare today put on b-52 bombers on alert since the first time since cold war. rob: ryan live in london with the very latest this morning, ryan. >> that's right, the air force is taking steps to make sure that 76b-52's can be ready to fly at a moment's notice according to chief of staff,
2:31 am
general david goldfine, told national security website that the u.s. renovate -- renovating and the infrastructure is being prepared if there is such 24 hours, they can make good on it. president trump appearing on fox business, he's hopeful that china can put the pressure on kim jong un to change course, the u.s. is prepared to do whatever it takes. >> we prepared for anything. we are so propaired like you -- prepared like you wouldn't believe. >> former president jimmy carter says he's ready to help, jimmy carter went to north korea under clinton administration for talks, he told general mcmaster that he's prepared to go should they want him to in interview
2:32 am
with new york times, so far the answer from the trump administration has been thanks but no thanks. >> u.s. defense secretary jim mattis congratulating the country on victory. >> it was a tough fight as you know and i think that philippines military sent message to the terrorists anywhere. jillian: mattis landed in the philippines earlier this morning and attending meetings from ten southeast asian nations. sentencing for disgraced army bowe bergdahl, at least the taliban were honest enough to say, i'm the guy who is going to
2:33 am
cut your throat. former u.s. army special forces jim joined us earlier expressing comments. >> he has a nice warm cell, he's getting three hots and a cod every day, the idea that's worse than what the taliban was doing is absurd. jillian: bergdahl pleaded guilty and held captive for five years before being traded for terrorists under obama administration. >> a character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name and empty barrel and all the work that i've done in this community, not only does he owe me an apology but he owes an apology to the american
2:34 am
people. jillian: you remember days ago when she loved the attention from the white house. >> you mean to tell me that i have become so important -- [laughter] >> that the white house is bothering me in i have to tell my kids that i'm a rock star now. jillian: latest in a war of words between the white house and the florida congresswoman over the president's condolence call to la david johnson's widow. rob: house minority leader is pushing back insisting that she's not going anywhere. >> i was ready to go home if hillary won, the woman at the top of the table, i was the only woman at the table. and that's why i have to stay there to be the one at the top. [cheers and applause] rob: so that's her side of it, but is that really a strong argument to stay in power when
2:35 am
her party continues to lose seats nationwide? here now to debate this democratic strategists chuck rocha and white house correspondent for the washington examiner baggy, we appreciate it. >> good morning. rob: it's been a rough year or two for the democrats, but can you chalk this up being nancy pelosi's fault in any regard? >> there's a lot of blame to go around from the democratic consultant on the panel here to tell you that we need to do a lot of soul searching ourselves. she's qualified and elected by her peers, i did digging last night, only 19% of the idiots across the street tat capitol are women, only 19%, more women voted than men, i will be the first to admit that even with gabby that women are way more smarter than men. rob:ly probably give you that one too.
2:36 am
gabby, same question to you, singularly her fault or is it any at all her fault? >> i mean, i think nancy pelosi has been wonderful fundraiser in the democratic caucus and house for a numbers of years. you can tell that just by, you know, looking at how many democrats have come out calling for a young person to take over in that role, they really want a new generation of leadership and it's not just men who are calling for nancy pelosi to step down, vice chairwoman of representative linda sánchez has said that it's time for somebody new to take over. it's a testament to what democrats realized they need to do going to 2018 and that requires change in leadership and somebody who really understands the messaging that they're going to need if they want to, you know, take back the house or even regain some seats in the house. rob: yeah, chuck over to you, you can see two ways, by the
2:37 am
way, there's more construction, i think you can hear in the background, we had the same problem last week. same question, though, you have one side that says we need to young leadership, somebody fresh, somebody new, the other side is that pelosi has been doing this a long time, you're a master of the craft, aren't you? >> i have been running campaigns all over the country. i will tell you this, the average age of the democratic leadership is 77. there's a whole new generation of democrats who come of age under barack obama who are looking for ideas and thoughts of generation and i applaud them and lift up voices, i think we need more of that all throughout our party. rob: yeah, gabby, over to you, for people that are calling for somebody new, you kind of have to be careful what you wish for because the next person who gets their job bike a wacko like tom pérez, could be a lot worse? >> it could be, berniecrat.
2:38 am
[laughter] >> they need to be careful. some democrats who have taken interest who are in touch with the working-class voter who president trump reached in the 2016 and those are really the folks that democrats have struggled to reach out to and so i think that that's something they need to focus on, install someone new in the role, somebody who is capable of reaching those so-called forgotten men and women across the country. rob: chuck, we will give you the last one here. we don't know what's going to happen. let's take gender out of this for a second. you need a female voice, understandable, who would be the best person to lead the house to turn the house minority in. >> well from the berniecrat, mexican red neck like me, this is what i think, somebody like congressman ruben gallego, has been representing arizona, new young gun, actually went and sacrificed for his nation, he
2:39 am
would be a great person. rob: okay, that's very interesting. thank you very much for coming on this morning. we appreciate the candid talk and construction noise as well. we will see you later. jillian: i wonder when they will wrap up construction. week two. we have serious news, fox news alert, tense moments in tampa, urging search ramping up right now for possible serial killer after a third person is murdererred in ten days, police see surveillance video to close on killer. rob: convicts are being rewarded for not beating each other up. stay tune. [laughter] to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?
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jillian: welcome back, fox news
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alert, fear is growing able football -- about possible serial killer in florida community. rob: three people killed in the same tampa bay neighborhood. shala with more this morning. >> special community meeting is scheduled for tonight, among those in attendance the tampa mayor as well as the tampa police chief both are expected to address that spike in violence here in the city's seminole heights neighborhood here comes after residents and relatives of victims joint forces of victims for a series of community walks, three people have been gunned down one half mile stretch and police are investigating whether or not the same person is responsible for all of the murderers, benjamin mitchell, detectives have not
2:44 am
discovered any connection between the three people but investigators continue to look at the time frame of killings, proximity of crime, lack of motive and that each victim was alone when killed as connections between their deaths. authorities are also still working to identify a man seen on surveillance video after the first shooting. when asked if police could be dealing with a serial killer late last week tampa police chief say, quote, there's no one more concerned about something like that than i am. reporting live at tampa police headquarters sheila reed, fox news. jillian: thank you, scary time for that community. fox business alert, terrifying new warning about hackers taking aim at brand-new target. rob: tracee carrasco on what we need to know, tracee. tracee: department of homeland security and fbi, a major industries nuclear energy aviation, water and even government entities are being
2:45 am
targeted by cyber hackers trying trying to get into systems. now this has been going on since may. they're not disclosing how many attacks have happened or specifically who has been attacked but they are putting this warning out there which is pretty rare for them to do. jillian: mom always said you have to eat vegetables but now is the time for kids to say, no, i'm not eating. tracee: if they were by the brands. this is a recall by the -- the vegetables are packaged in mann's facility, they tested positive, store brands, they come in different names, grocery stores like albertsons, wal-mart, target, trader joeys, all the brands, and so they were sold from october 11th through the 20th, i'm sorry the dates best ewe october 11th through the 20, that may have passed,
2:46 am
you still might have these in freezer, get rid of them. >> i keep those in my freezer for a while. rob: interesting story. as we get more deliveries, everything is getting delivered, congestion in cities like new york it's going to be a problem. tracee: new york city mayor de blasio is trying new pilot program that's going to stop curb-side deliveries between certain hours to have day, morning rush and evening rush to ease up the traffic congestion. so it's not just the food deliveries but the delivery trucks that park and also double-park on top of that causing a major back-up. the program will start in january, some areas of midtown manhattan, queens and brooklyn. jillian: wow. tracee: we will see if it works. rob: a lot of them do whatever they want and take the ticket. tracee: exactly. rob: president trump plan to go release the classified jfk assassination files. will they answer any lingering
2:47 am
questions or fuel even more conspiracy theories, our next guest chaired the committee that investigated this case. jillian: first, let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up in "fox & friends". hey, brian. >> we will do that within the three hours, we promise. also coming up on the show, we will have newt gringrich talking about the president's first nine months in office as well as chance of passing a tax plan. also we are going to have kellyanne conway coming from the white house and how maybe some arguments are lawmakers in his own party are working to his benefit, kirk cameron, doesn't seem to be aging and brand-new movie. don't miss a minute of "fox & friends" and urge you to please get dressed. wakey! wakey! rise and shine!
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jillian: saving more than 10 lives and using himself as human shield in the middle of the battle. today the war hero will finally be honored. gary michael rose will receive medal of honor nearly 50 years during vietnam war. rob: amazing, serving as medic when the unit came under fire. he was wounded, he had kept treating other soldiers. hero and he deserves it, absolutely. president trump vow to go release the long-blocked classified jfk assassination files. will this put long-time conspiracy theories to rest? jillian: or will it ramp up more? chairman of house forensic committee that investigated jfk's assassination, he joins us to weigh in. thank you for being here this morning. we appreciate it. talk about your role and what
2:52 am
you did and trying to dig up some information and your opinion of this being released possibly? >> in 1977 the committee set up house elect committee of assassinations because there were a lot of opposition to the warren commission report, initial -- rob: initial report. >> oswalt wrote by himself. we had different jobs. i was in charge of the forensic pathology committee that looked into the cause of death, how many bullets were fired, two from behind. that's been -- autopsy and report has been released but the committees that worked on russia , cuba, the mafia. rob: could have been involved. >> cia or hoover or covered it up. rob will be or his vp was one of them. >> that's right, that's right.
2:53 am
these groups, conservative groups are very much around us, so i think that the release of the rest of the records, final records which i think president trump is absolutely right in releasing them should help resolve, put to rest many of these conspiracy theories. rob: and clear the air. you were closer than almost anybody and you saw the evidence yourself. when you look at it, it is kind -- it seems kind of funny, why would jack ruby kill oswalt, seems like something had to be up, right? >> with all of our ability to try to put things together, we know that oswalt had a rifle and he shot -- in april of '63 he tried to kill general walker and turned out he missed. now, he disliked general walker because he was very conservative. he liked president kennedy. he didn't know anything about
2:54 am
president kennedy coming to dallas. he worked in texas depository. the day before he came to town, the newspapers had to route -- the route in which he was going to go. rob: you said he liked kennedy, oswalt liked kennedy? >> he disliked walker but he saw the route that was being taken by the motorcade and passed right by his building. he brought the rifle in and just by chance he shot and killed him. jillian: let me ask you before you go real quick, some people argue that it could damage national security interest, is there anything in your opinion, any bombshells, anything that could be in document that is you think could do that? >> i think after 55 years it's unlikely they'll be anything. it'll be embarrassing, i think, for the hoover and cia as part of not protecting the president and cover-up.
2:55 am
but if there is anything seriously going to be damaging, then president trump can keep that aside. rob: see what it is before release and redact anything. >> it's unlikely. rob: no conspiracy there you say? >> no conspiracy, no conspiracy. jillian: thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. five minutes until the top of the hour. pizza party for prisoners, convicts are being rewarded for not beating each other up. rob: how nice. talking about more than the fourth-quarter touchdown that happened seconds before it. that's a big ouch.
2:56 am
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bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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jillian: welcome back. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. two virginia officers and two capitol hill officers being awarded with officer of the year for being first on the scene when a gunman opened fire at congressional baseball practice it happened in june in alexandria, virginia. the officers credited for saving representative steve scalise's life. rob: next the bad. pizza violence one pizza slice at a time. more than two dozen pizzas were delivered at some of the worst rikers ireland program cut back on violence. bribing them with pizza.
3:00 am
jillian: mike evans making a huge touched catc touchdown cat. rob: she was filming too. she is tough. have a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> president trump striking a confident tone as the white house looks to seize momentum. >> it will be the biggest cuts in the history of this country. there is tremendous spirit for it. >> the fate of disgraced army sergeant bo bergdahl's sentencing hearing starts today. >> i think he will probably get life in prison and he earned it. >> obama era uranium deal could turn into criminal investigation. >> who was the fbi director when all of this stuff was going on? robert mueller who is now the special council. >counsel counsel. >> who paid for the dossier? >> when this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight.


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