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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 23, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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heritage foundation. saturday barnes and nobel and i go to fredricksburg, virginia from 7 to 8:30. >> bill: congratulations, brian, good morning, everybody on monday. this could be a major boost for your bottom line if congress gets it done. president trump saying the biggest tax cuts in the history of the nation are on the way. so we'll believe it when we see it, right? good morning. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. the president striking a confident tone on one of his biggest campaign promises tax reform. in an interview the president says the path is clear to get a deal done and that it could be coming soon. >> i think we'll get our taxes. i think it's gonna be, hopefully before the end of the year. maybe much sooner than that. there is a great spirit for it. people want to see it. it is tax reform also but i
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call it tax cuts. it will be the biggest cuts ever in the history of this country and i think that there is tremendous appetite and spirit for it. not only by the people we're dealing with in congress but for the people out there that want to see something. >> sandra: john roberts is live on the north lawn. good morning, john. >> bill: good morning to you. big conference call yesterday for the republican party. the president and vice president on that call. tax cuts was the subject. the president pushing congress to get tax reform done by thanksgiving and why he said to maria bartiromo hopefully earlier than the end of the year but it was a pep talk. there is a lot to do to sign into law tax reform legislation. there is concern how tax cuts will affect the deficit. a lot of conservatives worried about that. the concern about the elimination of some of the deductions. in particular the state and
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local deduction. some lawmakers argue the plan as proposed would actually increase some taxes on some middle income earners and that's why the president speaking to maria said there will be a few tweaks to the proposal. >> we are oef adjusting so there is no way the middle class doesn't greatly benefit. there is a method some people in the middle class won't benefit as much as we want them to benefit and we're making certain adjustments but i think we'll have it sooner rather than later. >> in terms of that timing mitch mcconnell says the goal is to get it done by tend of the year. the smart money is betting on sometime early next year. on fox news sunday mcconnell pledged that unlike obamacare repeal and replace tax reform will indeed get done. >> i can tell you what the overall goal is. middle class tax relief, the stopping of job ex importanttation because of our horrible business tax structure
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in this country. to get the country going again. that and regulatory changes that the president is implementing we think give us a chance to achieve at least 3% growth. there wasn't a single year of 3% growth during the obama years. >> the president pushed back about capping contributions to 401k plans. the president said there will be no change to your 401k. it has been a popular middle class tax break that works and it stays. sandra. >> sandra: that was no capital letters he used there. there is a lot of concern about that. the widow of sergeant la david johnson is speaking out. >> last week we heard from this congresswoman from florida, frederica wilson, a friend of the family. and sergeant la david's johnson's aunt. we heard from the wife for the first time. without hesitation she said on "good morning america" that the
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president did upset her with what she believed was insensitive language in that condolence call. listen here. >> the president said that he knew what he signed up for but it hurts anyway. and i was -- it made me cry because i was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it. he couldn't remember my husband's name. >> there we have for the first time confirmation from the widow of johnson the president used the language. the president responded on twitter this morning say, quote, i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of la david johnson and spoke his name from the beginning without hesitation. we are wondering if the story would start to fade this week. again it got some renewed momentum. >> sandra: we'll keep watching it. john roberts, thank you. >> bill: byron york leads our analysis for the week.
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how about that? good morning to you. start with the tax deal right now. unlike obamacare, the president here is deeply involved. we can see that, correct? >> absolutely. that interview you just saw with maria is part of that. the president will be out pushing, pushing, pushing every single day. deeply involved not with the actual details of all this but trying to get it done. the problem, of course, is time. by my count the house of representatives has 28 working days left this year and that counts today where they start at 6:30 p.m. so there is not much time. >> bill: i'm looking at the tweet about the 401k. an article went around over the weekend. in the bigger picture, byron, you slowly start to see how the pieces are coming together on a giant tax puzzle. >> it was important that the president specifically addressed these 401k reports. that's a very popular middle class tax break.
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there had been reports that republicans on capitol hill were considering cutting $18,000 people can contribute all the way down to $1400. the president made clear that won't happen. >> bill: so much of this is being done in secret. once we see details this will enter the national debate. >> the whole thing is -- people talk about this or that, what we haven't seen a tax bill. a group of republicans on capitol hill is putting together a bill right now. we don't know if they can really agree with each other in time. and then we don't know what the public response will be. as trial balloons are floated and details come out people start debating these things intensely. should the line between this bracket be this income level or that income level? at the same time that intense debate is going on you'll see donald trump and paul ryan and
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mitch mcconnell pushing to get it passed right now. so it's gonna be a very, very intense end of the year. >> bill: watch the budget vote this week. a lot of conservatives asked to do something they don't like. byron york leading us off today in washington seven minutes past the hour. >> sandra: the u.s. air force could be preparing its b-52 bombers on high alert over north korea. the president said the united states needs to be prepared for anything. >> president trump: china is really helping us with respect to north korea. 93% of the things going into north korea come through china. china is big stuff. i believe he has got the power to do something very significant with respect to north korea. we'll see what happens. now, with that being said, we're prepared for anything. we are so prepared like you wouldn't believe. >> sandra: greg palkot live in
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london. can you tell us more about the bombers? >> we have a little bit more information about that now, sandra. the word had been that reports were that these bombers were getting ready for some intense activity. air force right now is pushing back a little bit on that. the defense one website had been reporting the preparations were being made at a louisiana air base to have nuclear armed b-52 at readiness not seen since the cold war. fox news is being told while preparations are being made at that base, right now there are no plans to go on that alert status. the air force is saying, however, that it must be ready to provide any options if directions are being put by the commanders especially in the heightened atmosphere with north korea. i would say if we see preparations being made at the guam air base on that pacific island u.s. territory, that's
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when we should really take notice. that's where b-52s are in closest proximity to north korea. >> sandra: we understand james mattis is in the region? >> absolutely. he is at a meeting with other defense ministers in the philippines. there is a statement coming out of that grouping of officials from the southeast asian nations saying that there should be grave concern about north korea's nuclear and missile programs. mattis will go to south korea and elsewhere. next month we'll see president trump in the region and north korea will be top of the agenda. the regime of kim jong-un not keeping quiet during these last couple of days with a lot of chatter going on about this crisis. the state news agency today saying that president trump is a hooligan and lunatic. >> bill: interesting trip next week when the president is asia and rex tillerson in afghanistan. all the big pieces are moving
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around in a significant way. >> sandra: the president saying we need to be prepared for anything. >> bill: coming up here also another major defeat for isis has gone down. >> sandra: the battle that matters most is the battle after the battle. it's what happens after the islamic state is defeated and we're already seeing that in iraq. >> bill: general david petraeus. is this a decisive victory or will the terrorists resurface? that's still ahead in a moment. >> sandra: the ongoing search for answers into the deaths of four american soldiers in niger. what we're now learning about our military presence there. >> bill: also, sandra, president trump giving high praise to chief of staff john kelly showing he has the general's back. david bossie on that and a lot more next. >> president trump: he doesn't need this job. he didn't want this job. he was doing this incredible
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>> i know john kelly very, very well. i have to think this weekend he is sitting at home or in the white house trying to figure out how to turn down the volume. how to get this behind us, and how to focus on what really is
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important to the country overall. >> bill: interesting interview there. general david petraeus on sunday when asked about the controversy about this phone call to the widow of a fallen soldier. david bossie, former deputy campaign manager for donald trump and fox news contributor. welcome back here. i just wonder where this conversation is getting us? if anywhere when you are trying to think what is in the heart of any human being. >> it's really hard. the old adage of no good deed goes unpunished, right? the president makes what i consider -- he does this for every soldier and he has said previously and he has said for a long time that these are the hardest things that a commander-in-chief has to do. so he makes the call and this congresswoman politicizes it. i hold her accountable for that. she is not a serious member of
6:16 am
her conference. nobody takes her that seriously and she hyper politicized this very solemn occasion. >> bill: the media has given her a lot of attention and taken her seriously. the president was asked about secretary kelly on sunday. >> there is nobody close. you go to the original first day. there was nobody close to doing the job. and i said i would like to take you. how would you like it? and it's not that he wanted it. he would have preferred doing and staying where he was. he is a man that felt it would be important for the country. he does it for the country. he is not doing it for what he wants. he does it for the country. he is a very unusual man. when she made that statement i thought it was sickening, actually. >> bill: none of us will question secretary kelly and the commitment he has given to the country. why not just let it go? the president tweeted on this this morning. let it go.
6:17 am
>> it is because -- what he does as commander-in-chief is important. we should be honoring. that's what the president is trying to say. we should be honoring sergeant johnson and those other three brave men who sacrificed themselves for our greater good. and there are fallen soldiers across the world, right, in afghanistan, iraq. we're bringing home unfortunately our america's best under that flag and i think that's what general kelly was trying to say, that these men sign up, they're volunteers and they are with their brothers in arms and that's the military and general kelly was forthright in his stirring remarks last week. i thought it would put an end to it. >> bill: i thought it was over. apparently it's not. bickering within the gop. maria asked the president about that. i thought the answer was
6:18 am
interesting. he said the following about how it moves people ultimately. watch. >> president trump: i think actually sometimes it helps, sometimes it gets people to do what they are supposed to be doing. and that's the way it is. i just want what's right. i think for the most part they want what's right, too. we'll see what happens. >> bill: you worked with him day after day. what is the motivation behind that? ultimately do you get what you're looking for? >> donald trump, president trump got elected as a change agent. what he has come here and is recognizing is he is having to fight the broken status quo. that is people on both sides of the aisle. people who want the establishment to continue. and he is a guy who is making change. forcing change on those who don't want it, whether it is repealing and replacing obamacare, whether it's going to be tax reform. and i think that he is just reflecting on
6:19 am
the difficulties in breaking down this broken status quo that is washington, d.c. when the rest of america recognized that it's broken, what's in washington does not. >> bill: i wonder if he can get senator mccain to move? >> senator mccain's constituents want him to move. it's whether or not senator mccain can get himself to be where his constituents are. >> bill: thank you, david. nice to have you back with us today. >> sandra: right now police in florida on the hunt for a possible serial killer. why they say the deaths of three people in a single tampa neighborhood may be linked. plus the deadly shooting by an illegal immigrant renewing questions about sanctuary cities. now the trial of the man who shot kate steinle gets underway this morning. >> we're here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has
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>> bill: a house committee investigating a controversial nuclear deal over what some believe could be a russian bribery scheme during the obama administration. russian backers of the deal that required the approval of nine officials including then secretary of state hillary clinton reportedly directed millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. congressman ron desantis a republican out of florida saying he believes the facts are pretty clear in this case. >> let's look at the facts here. who was the f.b.i. director when all of this stuff was
6:24 am
going on? robert mueller who is now the special counsel. who was the u.s. attorney in charge of copying the plea deal which many of us believe was a sweetheart deal with the main perpetrator here, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general. eric holder and loretta lynch was involved. >> bill: desantis will investigate. we'll talk with jason chaffetz next hour about all of that here. >> sandra: the fate of sergeant bowe bergdahl rests in the hands of a judge this hour. he is in court for his sentencing hearing where he will learn his punishment for walking off his post in afghanistan. he pleaded guilty to the charges last week. in a recent interview with a british magazine he spoke out about his taliban captors saying they treated him better than the u.s. army. jonathan cyri joins us live
6:25 am
from our atlanta yeah bureau. what kind of sentence could sergeant bergdahl face? >> good morning. in theory he could face up to life in prison. the judge is likely to take his willingness to plea into consideration. but he also has a lot of leeway in sentencing because as part of his plea, the prosecution offered no deal when it came to a sentencing. the judge has been given no recommended cap, no recommended sentencing guidelines. it is entirely in the judge's hands, sandra. >> sandra: jonathan, what are the mitigating circumstances here? >> sergeant bergdahl was held
6:26 am
by the taliban for five years. a very unpleasant experience. his life was threatened multiple times. the judge may consider the time bergdahl spent in an enemy prison as part of his sentence. at the same time the judge has to weigh the cost of bringing bergdahl home. several soldiers and navy seal were injured searching for him and when the obama administration got his release it led to the release of five taliban fighters held at guantanamo bay. >> bill: sarah sanders opening up about the relationship between the white house and the media. >> i do think there is a heightened tension certainly between this administration and the press. >> bill: why she claims the hostility the white house is getting from the mainstream media is at record levels. >> sandra: plus did you hear this? pop star legend justin timberlake returning to the stage where he was part of one of the biggest controversies of the last decade, hint, hint. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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6:31 am
million. it more than pays for everything. i think we pick up much more than one point. i'm saying we'll hit three sooner than later. last quarter we hit 3.2. we haven't been there in a long time. >> bill: that interview is also on twitter earlier today easing the minds of anyone concerned about the retirement plan he said this. there will be no change to your 401k. it has always been a great middle class tax break that works and it stays. that story when it crossed last week spread like a prairie fire quickly. isn't going to change. will they debate it? will it happen? apparently it won't. >> sandra: he cleared that up this morning with capital letters on twitter. >> bill: good move? >> sandra: to clear the air? absolutely. a lot of hard working americans were worried. that's their savings for the most part. a "new york times" article
6:32 am
claiming the hostility between the administration and media has been overstated. she told dana perino on fox news sunday it is something she has never seen. >> there is always going to be tension between whatever administration is in place at that time with the white house press corps but i do think there is a heightened tension. certainly between this administration and the press. i think you can see that in the coverage. i've been around press and worked in politics my entire life. and i've never experienced the level of hostility that i think we see day-to-day. >> sandra: katie pavlich is editor of town and mary anne marsh senior advisor to john kerry. let's talk about what we just heard from sarah sanders there. there has always been this tension between the white house and the media, katie, but she says it's different for this administration. is that fair? >> i think it is fair based on
6:33 am
the numbers. there is a pew research poll and study done earlier this month that showed that 2/3 of the news coverage about president trump since inauguration has been negative. it focuses on his personality rather than on his policy. if you compare it to george w. bush and bill clinton and barack obama, it is twice as negative in his first year as it was for them. so the numbers speak for themselves. i do think there has been a little bit of confusion with this "new york times" statement. i think he was giving the administration some credit for their handling of the press. he was saying the attitude of the trump administration and negativity toward the press has been overstated. however, i think sarah huckabee sanders on the other side is saying but coming from the press, their attitude towards the administration has certainly been more negative than the rest of the previous administrations combined. >> sandra: fair enough. she said i've never experienced
6:34 am
the level of hostility that i think that we see every single day and there she is. she takes that podium daily for the white house press briefings and she feels it's a hostile environment coming from the media. >> she has two problems. the first is at the very beginning of this administration they declared war on the press and treated them as an enemy. not a great way to start a relationship. second, sarah sanders is entitled to her opinion and not her own facts. her predecessor sean spicer ran a fact free zone starting with the size of the crowds at the inauguration going forward. she has come under criticism and rightfully so for not presenting facts. restricting access to public information and restricting questions. the job of any white house press secretary is to use facts and then present them in the best possible way to make your boss and administration look good. she hasn't really done that. >> sandra: let's talk about some of those facts she is
6:35 am
challenged on. she was challenged for telling reporters that it would be highly inappropriate to question general john kelly, a retired four star marine general. she then had to clarify her comments by saying what she meant was that the media shouldn't be impugning his character. so it is like they take some of the words from this white house and make them out to be something else. they have to then go back and clarify and then they are labeled as being incorrect. >> look, the press has a responsibility to hold the government accountable and as sarah mentioned there is going to be that tension. the problem is, because the white house press corps has applied their responsibility uniquely depending on the administration, they have lost their credibility. when it comes to general john kelly the press has set their own standard. they have said honorably that you should not go after gold star families. end of story, period. guess what?
6:36 am
general john kelly is a gold star father and for some reason it's okay for them to go after his character to launch a character assassination on him when they set their own standard of keeping that out of bounds as it should be. that is also where they lose a lot of credibility. they are allowed to question him. he is the chief of staff. when they go after his personality and accuse him of things like racism for using a term he used throughout the presidency, that is a problem. >> sandra: i think that she made that very clear. mary anne, jimmy carter giving a very rare interview and shedding a lot of light on subjects we haven't heard from him much on. he directly addressed this, the media's treatment of the president. listen to this. sorry, this is what he said. i think the media have been harder on trump than any other president certainly that i have known about. i think they feel free to claim that president trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation. jimmy carter coming to the president's defense, mary anne.
6:37 am
>> i think jimmy carter is trying to do what sarah huckabee sanders is doing. ingratiateed to donald trump. jimmy carter wants to go to north korea to talk to kim jong-un. if you're sean spicer, sarah huckabee sanders, jimmy carter you're constantly playing to donald trump to play for another day and do it doesn't serve you well. >> the numbers speak for themselves. the press has been more negative toward the trump administration than others and to say that jimmy carter wants to be in the good graces of president trump for the sake of going to north korea is a stretch. >> sandra: he said he would like to work with donald trump on de-escalating things in north korea. he also said that he and his wife did not vote for hillary clinton. they voted for bernie sanders. and he weighed in on standing
6:38 am
for the flag and saying players should stand for the national anthem taking the side of the president. >> i can't believe i'm agreeing with jimmy carter. it's a new day. >> bill: the world series is set. the l.a. dodgers and houston astros, game one tomorrow night in los angeles. going to be a scorcher, too. 100 degrees first pitch. a world series record. plus this is coming to your tv screen in the new year. >> the nfl welcomes one of the greatest all around entertainers in the history of show business. >> bill: he's back. justin timberlake plays the super bowl halftime show. the announcement came last night on nbc. who could forget the last time he was on stage 15 years ago with janet jackson. it has been blurred when she had that alleged wardrobe malfunction.
6:39 am
i was there with my father. 30-yard line. we had great seats, too. i had never seen janet jackson perform. is she a good dancer? how does she sing. i had my bin act lars on. that thing happened. i said pops, i think that -- i think so. our section started to murmur among us. the lights go down and he covers her and off they go down the stairs through the tunnel. and now we all know what was -- >> sandra: we'll see what happens this time. justin timberlake is a good pick. >> bill: i think he has learned a lot since that when he was 21 years old, too. >> sandra: justin timberlake at the super bowl. war against radical islamic terrorism is not over. >> to the american people, we'll follow the terrorists wherever they go and use whatever means we need to with partners to destroy them. and whatever time it takes it takes and most people not ready
6:40 am
for that but i am. >> sandra: his concerns coming after four u.s. soldiers were killed in an ambush in niger. top lawmakers are calling on the pentagon to get more answers. >> bill: the former cia director david petraeus is talking about, well, nuclear war with north korea. how he views that potential conflict next. >> any possible scenario is ugly and that's what everyone is intent on preventing. but it requires china's action.
6:41 am
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6:43 am
>> sandra: politics set aside for a good cause in an extremely rare gathering five men took the stage for the one america hurricane relief concert at texas a & m this weekend encouraging their fellow americans to be generous. >> we will work together and make america still a greater volunteer nation.
6:44 am
>> bill: when they see their neighbors and see their friends, they see strangers in need, americans step up. >> the heart of america, without regard to race or religion or political party is greater than our problems. >> i speak for the folks right here when i say we really admire and love george h.w. bush. >> sandra: president trump did not attend but praised the presidents. he sent a video that did play at the event. >> president trump: as we begin to rebuild, some of america's finest public servants are spearheading the one america appeal. through this effort, all five living former presidents are playing a tremendous role in helping our fellow citizens.
6:45 am
we'll come back stronger and better than ever before. >> sandra: the benefit raised more than $30 million for recovery efforts in texas, florida and puerto rico. >> bill: good for them. the power they have together to raise that money is truly phenomenal. job well done. 15 minutes now before the hour. >> i didn't know there were 1,000 troops in niger. john mccain is right to tell the military. it is an endless war without boundaries. no limit on time and geography you have to tell us more and he is right to say that. >> bill: lindsey graham demanding answers after the mission in niger following the deaths of four american soldiers in that west african country at the hands of suspected islamic militants. gillian turner, and fox news contributor, how are you doing, good monday to you. he did not know, schumer did
6:46 am
not know. both admit that on sunday. does that surprise you? should they know? where are you on this? >> it shocked me to hear that senator graham, senator schumer and other senior congressional leaders didn't know. does it surprise me? very sadly, no, it doesn't surprise me. these senators, by the way, have senior positions on committees that actually deal with the national defense, national security, military and foreign affairs. it is quite honestly tragic and horrific and shameful they didn't know we had 800 -- >> bill: we have operations everywhere, gillian, and what i take from that is the spreading of this threat and the effort on behalf of the pentagon to try and get out in front of it. >> you are right and that is what the pentagon is doing. and the pentagon -- i'm not putting all the blame here squarely on the senators. i don't know where the lapse of
6:47 am
communication on this very significant number of americans being stationed abroad came from. i don't know if it was a failure of the pentagon to adequately brief the senate foreign relations committee, i don't know if it was a failure on the part of the senators to really absorb information that was delivered, but somewhere along the way someone needs to do a much better job of communicating. >> bill: general mattis was on the hill on friday. >> part of what's really sad about this is that i think this attitude of we didn't know we had troops in niger is representative of a larger u.s. government attitude towards africa, which is we don't know and we don't care until something happens that directly affects americans and that doesn't happen that often. >> bill: you think that's it? >> i don't hope that that's it but i suspect that the deep apathy that a lot of u.s. government lawmakers have shown towards the african continent is something we're seeing played out here. this is not the first time it's happened. >> bill: we've been involved in
6:48 am
somalia, sudan, nigeria. not like a continent forgotten with the new threat that's going in these places. >> it hasn't been forgotten but it has fallen under the radar of most americans, including the congress, for way too long. i think the amount of attention that we focus on the middle east, for example, is so far outweighs any care with give to the african continent when it comes to military issues that it is quite a bomb nabl. 800 people were there and the chairman of the senate armed services committee. >> bill: you mentioned the middle east. general petraeus was interesting on sunday. this is what he said about the quote, unquote victory in iraq last week. >> the sooner that isis could be seen as a loser then it
6:49 am
loses in inspiring and so forth. that's now very much the case. plus their media center in raqqa is now destroyed. >> bill: that point about showing them to be a loser is critical. last comment. >> he is right. fighting radical ideology is the next phase of the battle. we're winning on the battlefield and now we have to defeat the ideology in cyberspace. >> bill: gillian turner in washington, d.c. thanks for being here today. >> sandra: secretary of state rex tillerson making a surprise trip to afghanistan arriving there just moments ago. he is there for talks with top leaders on the new u.s. strategy to end the war on terror. tillerson said he will visit pakistan tomorrow. we're following this closely and bring any breaking news to you as it happens. meanwhile president trump revealing he will allow the release of thousands of long secret documents on the assassination of president john f. kennedy. what we could learn about the
6:50 am
dark day in dallas. >> bill: american history there. plus three murders in a single neighborhood in florida leading police to believe they may have a serial killer on their hands. >> i'm scared, my kids are scared. we are locked up in the house which is not right. umvee and i looked for bombs. stop short. i don't see nothin' man. you don't see it, he feels it. you are my hammer out there. don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human, i make mistakes ♪ ♪ i'm only human, that's all it takes ♪ ♪ to put the blame on me i'm alive because of you. i'm not a hero. we're brothers, we look after each other. thank you for your service. rated r.
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>> bill: oklahoma hit with as many as four tornadoes over the weekend hitting the southwestern part of the state tearing off the roof of a casino and toppling power lines and trees there. thankfully no injuries reported. as many as eight warnings issued on saturday night and overnight saturday night into sunday morning with most of the damage occurring in rural areas. but there is damage right there in norman, oklahoma. >> sandra: fears that a serial
6:54 am
killer may be loose in tampa. three people sharing no connection to each other have been murdered in the same neighborhood in less than two weeks. neighbors clearly on edge. >> it's a really good neighborhood. we haven't really had many problems until this recent thing. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. with all this thing happening it is crazy. >> sandra: steve harrigan is live in miami with the latest. are police giving any possible motive for these killings? >> so far police have been hesitant to label this as a serial killer at loose in tampa but they do say it's likely the same person is behind all three of these killings. now, the three murders all happened within 10 days. they all happened at night. they were all with a handgun and they all happened to people who were alone. they happened within a mile of each other. two of the murders actually happened within just a few hundred yards of the victims
6:55 am
two were young african men. one was a white woman in their 30s. police aren't giving any motivation behind these killings. >> sandra: what has been the effect on the neighborhood. you clearly saw many of those neighbors are shaken by this. >> there is a real sense of fear. in some cases terror in seminole heights. a neighborhood inside of tampa. a lot of people are saying they are not going out at night anymore. certainly not going out alone. a lot of businesses have been hurt as well. on the night of the last killing this past thursday police actually had a helicopter in the air, they had swat teams and canine teams on the ground. the officers actually heard the shot but somehow the killer managed to get away. right now there is a $25,000 reward out for his capture. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: steve harrigan, thank you. >> bill: so the wheels of justice in motion for kate steinle. the young woman allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant
6:56 am
who had been deported five times sparking a national debate over sanctuary cities. a live report on that murder trial begins in minutes here. plus president trump looking to build momentum with a deal on tax reform. how is that going? ultimately will congress get it done? >> we intend to accomplish that between now and the end of the year. but you know, the suggestion that the president hasn't been able to change a lot of things is simply not true. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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6:58 am
6:59 am
>> sandra: the illegal immigrant who shot and killed kate steinle is facing judgment as his murder trial gets underway today. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. san francisco's sanctuary city policy allowing the defendant to walk out of jail weeks before shooting kate steinle despite multiple deportations and a criminal history.
7:00 am
kate's father recalling the incident on a crowded san francisco peer back in 2005. >> i'm walking down the peer arm-in-arm with my daughter. and a very close friend. she stops, takes a selfie, turns around and shot. as she fell she said help me, dad. >> sandra: her death quickly becoming a burning political issue putting a spotlight on immigration and sanctuary city policies. >> it makes no sense whatsoever that a mayor or a police department that wants to protect the people of our city from crime would not send to the federal government people who are due to be deported because they've been convicted of crime. that's what we're talking about. that's what cost the life of kate steinle and it has cost the lives and health of many other people, too. >> bill: team fox coverage this
7:01 am
hour now. steven hayes reaction in washington we begin in san francisco with claudia . there will be a lot of attention on the open statements today. >> this local murder case attracted media from around the world. the case has sparked a national debate over immigration and sanctuary cities and it remains politically explosive. 54-year-old jose garcia zarate known as juan francisco lopez sanchez has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charges. kate steinle was shot in the back while walking with her father on the waterfront in san francisco. zarate was awaiting deportation again when drug charges against him were dropped and local sheriff's department released
7:02 am
him without first notifying immigration authorities. then candidate donald trump used the case to argue for building a border wall and cutting federal funds to so-called sanctuary cities. they say steinle's stell was an accident. zarate said he found the gun on the pier and it fired when he picked it up. >> this prosecution is going to say this may be a tragic accident but it was done in such a way to suggest there is implied malice because he discharged a firearm in the middle of a crowded tourist venue in san francisco. and they are going to point to that and say when you look at that conduct, that warrants second degree murder. >> no question these will be very emotional opening statements especially for the family of kate steinle who will be sitting in the front row. >> bill: after his arrest,
7:03 am
claudia, zarate made conflicting statements. what was said then that could be part of the evidence in this case. >> there were initial reports that he said he acknowledged shooting kate steinle after firing the gun accidentally. he said he took some sleeping pills that he found on the peer. there were also reports that said he was shooting at sea lions. the defense will say there were mistakes made by the police translator. but the prosecution says the evidence will show that mr. zarate shot and killed kate steinle that warrants a conviction of second degree murder. the opening statements begin at the hall in justice in san francisco in three hours. trial is expected to last one month and no cameras allowed inside. >> bill: thank you, claudia. live in san francisco. sandra with more. >> sandra: steve hayes is editor and chief of the weekly standard and fox news contributor. good to see you this morning.
7:04 am
this debate over sanctuary city laws has heated up all over the country. where does it stand today? >> that's a good question. there are several different ways of looking at this. one is in the court system. one on capitol hill and one is within the white house where there are disputes. so all over the place. in the court system you have somewhere between 140 and 300 sanctuary cities and you've had the department of justice say to them in effect we'll withhold law enforcement funding if you don't work with us on deporting illegal criminal aliens. on the white house side of things you've got some of the white house where donald trump during the campaign. a hard liner on immigration and he made it a central part of his case on immigration. and you've got others in the white house who don't have that same view. it is hard to tell where the president is. you have those same differences on capitol hill among republicans. >> sandra: as you mentioned it was a major political issue for
7:05 am
then candidate trump. how is he following through on many of those immigration promises on the campaign trail as president? >> in some cases the rhetoric has done the job itself. you've seen tremendous reduction in the number of attempted illegal border crossings since donald trump became president. since he was elected you can go back and trace the numbers. i would argue that's the power of presidential rhetoric and something that donald trump can rightly take credit for. he certainly confused the issue with what he has done on daca, the obama-era policy the president has half overturned and half not. kicked it to capitol hill and there is tremendous infighting at the white house about what exactly to do. steven miller, one of the president's top speech writers and immigration hard liner is making the case for the president to live up to his campaign rhetoric and others pushing the president to pursue a deal with chuck schumer and
7:06 am
nancy pelosi which the president suggested he was interested in doing at one point. >> sandra: here is what the president said talking about daca and building the wall when he sat down with maria bartiromo airing this morning. >> we all working on daca and see if we can get something with daca. we have to build the wall. look at what is happening in mexico. we have to build a wall. i would like to do something with daca and we are negotiating right now with the democrats. we'll see if we can come up with a solution. i can tell you i and the republicans are open to it. we have to get something in return. >> sandra: have to get something in return. can they come up with a solution? >> you didn't find one there in president trump's words. he didn't say much other than saying we have to get something done. it's clear he believes in the wall. he has made that a key part of his campaign. it was in every single one of his speeches. he has pushed it as president. on these other things he has shown much more flexibility including outreach to the nancy pelosi and chuck schumer that
7:07 am
has frustrated his supporters who are immigration hard liners. this is one of the areas it would be nice to tell you what's going to happen. we don't have any idea. i don't think donald trump has any idea what he will do. >> sandra: we led into this with kate steinle's accused murderer facing trial today. deported five times. it ignited the debate then. it is bringing that debate back now. does this give the president the needed momentum on some of his immigration policies? >> well, i think it certainly highlights one of the problems. it doesn't have i think a broader impact on the overall debate. i would expect the white house will point to the trial and tragic death of kate steinle as it makes its case against criminal illegal aliens where the president is on the most solid footing as he tries to make the case we need broader changes. >> sandra: her murder put the spotlight on sanctuary city policies. we'll talk about it a lot today and in the days to come.
7:08 am
steven hayes, thank you. >> bill: seven minutes past the hour. president trump looking to build momentum on tax reform saying congress has the budget framework in place and giving lawmakers a deadline to get a bill on his desk for signing. >> president trump: the republicans want to get it done. it's a tremendous tax cut especially for the middle class and for businesses. >> i think they will be here. i don't like them leaving. i want to get it by the end of the year. >> bill: mike emanuel live on the hill. what are timing expectations on the hill regarding this as of today? >> it is expected the house will pass the senate version of the budget this week. house conservatives are passing their leadership in exchange they want to pass tax reform at least in the house by thanksgiving. the senate majority leader didn't want to get into specifics of the plan or a timetable but talked about
7:09 am
seizing this moment. >> we've been waiting for the opportunity to do it. donald trump being elected president and republicans having a majority in the house and senate give us an opportunity to accomplish something really important for the country to get it growing again. >> mcconnell says he'll allow the committees in roll out final details of the plan in the coming days. >> bill: what about the democrats? >> they're clearly anxious. assuming the house finishes up the budget this week, then republicans don't need democrats to do tax reform assuming the gop sticks together. democrats are challenging president trump to work with them. >> he is at a fork in the road. if he throws in with mcconnell in the billionaires democrats don't support it. if he wants to fight for the middle class and help companies keep production in the united states. not the bill mcconnell has. if he does that it's a bipartisan bill. >> president trumped weighed in
7:10 am
this morning on twitter for the 401k. saying there will be no change to the 401k, always a great and popular middle class tax break that work. it stays. that was in response to suggestions that perhaps republican leaders were looking to cap pre-tax deductions to your 401k. >> sandra: any moment now we could learn the fate of sergeant bowe bergdahl. a judge deciding the sentence for the army deserter right now at fort bragg. we'll bring it to you the moment we find out. >> bill: also president trump trying to hash out a deal with congress over obamacare. he says he will get it done. but can he with this congress? >> sandra: and hillary clinton under investigation again. this time over a deal she signed off on handing part of america's uranium supply to the russians. former congressman jason
7:11 am
chaffetz gives us his take as another lawmaker looking into the deal says it wreaks of corruption. >> you do have the quid and the pro. this informant would be able to link them together. he has at the heart of what was going on at the time. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
a judge. see in court at the moment for his sentencing hearing and learn his punishment after walking off his post in afghanistan. he pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior. in a recent interview he said the taliban is more honest than the u.s. army. the moment we get that verdict we'll bring it to you live right here. >> sandra: the house oversight committee getting ready to look into a uranium deal made by russian-backed company during the obama era. the company uranium one, you have heard about it on this program. bought a firm with mines in the u.s. while hillary clinton was secretary of state. some of the investors had ties to president bill clinton. congressman ron desantis said an informant is willing to come forward but has been threatened by the justice department during the last administration. >> i've been able to speak with the confidential informant that
7:16 am
helped the f.b.i. uncover this bribery scheme. i've spoken with his attorney and this informant wants to tell his story but he is currently under a non-disclosure agreement that was signed about the eric holder justice department. he came forward in 2016, was threatened with reprisal from the loretta lynch justice department. clearly it's in the interest in the public's interest that this individual be able to tell the story to congress. >> sandra: former congressman jason chaffetz is fox news contributor. thank you for coming on with us. we're following this story closely. based on what you know to this moment what does it look like to you? >> well, the oversight committee when i was chair we peppered the department of justice several times wanting information. we were always given the stiff arm saying they could neither confirm nor deny. a wink and nod they were looking into this. now what ron desantis is telling us he was able to speak with this confidential informant. there is no contract or agreement that can put in place
7:17 am
with a confidential informant that would prohibit somebody from speaking with congress. you physically can't do that. congress needs to see that agreement and needs to speak with this person in a more formal setting because there are a lot of allegations about bribery anuranium was ending up going to russia, not good for the united states. >> sandra: a lot of money exchanged hands there. >> lots of money. >> sandra: we were able to speak with the f.b.i. informant's attorney on the program last week. he was told to back off. listen. >> your client received a phone call from the then attorney general loretta lynch? >> she doesn't do that dirty work. people under her, under lynx --lings do that stuff. they told the lawyer who conveyed the information to my client. >> sandra: what did that tell
7:18 am
your client? >> to back off and now he is afraid to give any information to the senate committee. but now we have something different that just occurred yesterday and that is that chairman grassley sent me a letter and said that he wants my client to be interviewed. so what is the justice department going to do about that? it's unconstitutional for the executive branch to tell somebody not to give information to the legislative branch. >> sandra: desantis said this could be a criminal investigation, congressman. >> it potentially could. it seems as if this confidential informant does have better counsel at this point. she as counsel is very savvy. we're familiar with her at the oversight committee and done lots of work with her and she is right. you can't prohibit somebody from talking to the united states congress. whether it's senator grassley,
7:19 am
or the intel committee this deal needs to be unraveled in the best interest of the united states. >> sandra: grassley has requested the justice department lift the non-disclosure agreement. people at home are saying they're looking at everything that's being said here and desantis saying based on what he heard directly from the informant the american public needs to hear this, why can't they just lift that gag order and let's hear from this guy? >> they could do that in the formality of congress. where you actually have some constitutional protections in a hearing when you are asked directly. that may be in the form of a transcribed interview or a deposition. there are lots of formats. but i know chairman gowdy will want to know where the investigation is. this is but one part of it. remember, there are other parts that are also being investigated. you want to understand the flow of money. because at the end of the day this is in large part about money and the flow of money.
7:20 am
>> sandra: the flow of money and the timing of it. this agreement was reached while hillary clinton was secretary of state and some of the investors had relationships with former president bill clinton and hard evidence it donated to the clinton foundation. >> yes, the state department was one of nine agencies that needs to give approval in order to get this deal done and again given proximity to the secretary of state's husband, the former president, the timing, the flow of hundreds of thousands of dollars and why is it that it was in the best interests of the united states, which is supposed to be underlying everything here, why was it in the best interests of the united states of america to give uranium to what was essentially owned by russian backers? that doesn't make sense on the surface and somebody needs to explain why that was in the best interests of the united states. >> sandra: we have to wait to
7:21 am
hear from the informant himself. once that non-disclosure agreement is lifted i only have a few seconds left, where does this go next? >> they need to bring in that informant into the senate, into the house and get him under oath raising his right hand and telling the truth. >> sandra: thanks for coming on. >> bill: 21 past the hour now. going undercover among terrorist killers. an f.b.i. agent revealing how he infiltrated al qaeda, made it out alive and now has a story to tell. >> sandra: there are documents that have been kept under wraps for decades. sparking endless speculation about the kennedy assassination. why the president now says he will release those files. >> i think it will be embarrassing for the f.b.i. and c.i.a. in some ways that where oswald could have been prevented and other things.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
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7:25 am
call today. comcast business. built for business. >> bill: decades to make them public. now president trump vowing to make long-classified documents on the j.f.k. assassination open to the public. >> i will be allowing as president the long blocked j.f.k. files to be open. a few caveats here and there. james rosin is live in d.c. good morning to you. some members of congress have urged him to make it public. the intervention on the case. the famous of all last century reflects this unique power as chief executive, would you not agree? >> it reflects the president's ultimate authority over declassification. we remind you that this white
7:26 am
house stated under the previous press secretary that president trump's tweets are considered to be official pronouncements. whether there are any remaining mysteries to be solved about that dark day in dallas november 26, 1963 and if there were whether such mysteries can be resolved through access to these remaining 3100 classified documents on the subject, all this long ago became an academic matter. most of the materials belong to the central intelligence agency. if there was any resistance as late as this week to the release of the files, as required by law, it likely was emanating as fox news contributor juan williams argued from langley. >> apparently these papers involve the activity of the c.i.a. agents who were looking at lee harvey oswald in mexico city, his ties to the cubans, to russia and the like. and it could be that you have some sources, methods of operations revealed. maybe even some negligence by
7:27 am
c.i.a. officials. >> with current u.s. relations with both cuba and russia bordering on cold war level tensions diplomatic considerations would weigh on the release of documents about either of those countries, even documents over 50 years old. >> bill: you have published on this subject many times, the kennedy assassination. what do we truly expect to find in these documents? >> most assassination researchers believe the central intelligence agency has withheld information from investigative bodies in the past relating to what c.i.a. knew about the activities of lee harvey oswald, the man history records at president kennedy's sole assassin. according to some f.b.i. documents he spoke openly of plans to kill the president. c.i.a. is said to have reports on an undercover agent who is
7:28 am
active in -- >> bill: thank you. does it dispute the findings of the warren commission in 1964? many believe it will not. we'll wait and see on that. listening over the weekend michael bodyin suggests there will be embarrassing items for the c.i.a. and f.b.i. we'll see when it is made public. >> sandra: the operative identified by a false name talks about infiltrating terrorist groups at home and abroad. in one case he met a top al qaeda recruiter on the flight to california. >> as i was talking to the flight attendant, he noticed that i had a long beard, that i looked middle eastern, and probably was a muslim. so he poked his head over and
7:29 am
he said do you speak arabic? in arabic. i said [speaking foreign language] he looked at me and said [speaking foreign language] i knew it. the conversation proceeded in arabic. he turned to the other flight attendant and said we must sit together. he insisted. he chose me. the whole key to the thing is to make it their idea. >> sandthere in disguise reveals more about his life among jihadis in his new book american radical. the f.b.i. is keeping him out of action for a while to make sure his identity is not uncovered. >> bill: a fascinating read. something we learn a lot from, too. >> sandra: president trump urging republicans to move quickly on tax reform. can they get a bill to his desk
7:30 am
by thanksgiving. >> bill: the death of americans overseas sparking questions about the presence of u.s. military forces over seas. live from the pentagon. a report on that next. >> while this is a regional threat today it would be a threat to europe tomorrow. we're there trying to keep this under control. the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your coverage...
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7:33 am
>> sandra: top lawmakers demanding answers from the pentagon on that ambush in niger that killed four u.s. soldiers. the widow of sergeant la david johnson making her first public comments on her husband's death. she is also waiting to find out what happened to her husband. >> i want to know why it took them 48 hours to find my husband. why couldn't i see my husband? every time i asked to see my husband they wouldn't let me.
7:34 am
>> sandra: we're live at the pentagon. what's the latest on this investigation, lucas? >> the investigation remains classified. since friday we know now the u.s. troops that were ambushed on the ground in niger could not communicate with the two french jets flying overhead that arrived 30 minutes after the ambush. the french jets couldn't tell friend or foe on the ground. over the weekend lawmakers were surprised to learn that 1,000 u.s. troops are stationed in niger and surrounding area. >> senator mccain is frustrated, rightly so. we don't know exactly where we're at in the world militarily and what we're doing. we're in a brave new world. there are no set battle plans. you don't declare war and fight three weeks later. >> they know the ambush began 11:00 a.m. local time on the 4th. a meeting near the mali border went longer than expected that could have tipped off the
7:35 am
militants. conflicting accounts of what came next. locals say the u.s. team was lured into an ambush after chasing militants on motorcycles. officials here tell me the green beret team were on their way home when they were ambushed. >> sandra: where is the secretary of defense today? >> bill: mattis is traveling in the philippines today part of a three-nation tour that includes a stop in south korea. mattis hasn't spoken out publicly on the niger ambush since friday when he traveled to capitol hill after being under the threat of subpoena from senator john mccain. i asked the secretary how he felt about the f.b.i. joining the investigation into the ambush in niger. mattis refused to answer. now there was no drone flying overhead at the time of the ambush and top officials around here have long complained about the shortage. sandra. >> sandra: thank you.
7:36 am
>> let's be clear from the beginning. his two major priorities are to make sure that tax cut benefits the middle class and to reduce the corporate tax rate. those are the job creators. the president wanted 15%. it's now at 20% but no longer at 35%. >> bill: kellyanne conway touting the tax idea earlier today. president trump pressuring congress to get it done by tend -- the end of the year. governor sununu. happy monday to you. good back in the time machine, 1989, 1990. are there comparisons you could make now with what you went through during your tax battles? >> the devil is always in the details. that's what they are going through. they are trying to deal with the pressure that comes at the end of writing a major bill like this.
7:37 am
it is not only the experience we had in 1989-1990. it took us a year and a half to get to a budget agreement. celebrating the reagan agreement last week folks point you had out it took over a year and a half for the reagan bill. this one is coming pretty quickly. i think it will come before the end of the year and everyone is hoping it comes before thanksgiving. >> bill: interesting. that's a fast track. compared to the history you just detailed. >> super fast. better than half fast. >> bill: i got it. sharron boun says the white house looks like a goldman sachs retreat. what was the impact do you believe through time? maybe it was reagan in 1986. >> look, first of all put in context the statements coming out of senator brown. this is a senator that has been
7:38 am
inconspicuous for a dozen years. he is up for election in 2018. he usually doesn't know how to talk well about issues. so what he is doing is going at it now and that's what folks not too bright often do. the fact is it's hard to put good legislation together. it is not unusual to have people in a white house that have some experience on economics. there are folks with academic experience in the white house. folks with investment banking experience in the white house and folks with commercial experience in the white house. i think that will be a key to getting a good bill out of congress. >> bill: you sound very optimistic on taxes. we'll see whether or not in the end it happens this year. on obamacare mitch mcconnell said this on sunday. >> what i'm waiting to hear from president trump what kind of healthcare bill he might sign. if there is a need for some kind of interim step, here to
7:39 am
stabilize the market, we need a bill the president will actually sign. he hasn't made a final decision. when he does, and i know we're not just debating it but actually passing something that can be signed, i would be happy to bring it up. i think he is getting a lot more done than he is getting credit for. >> bill: he talked to dana perino on sunday also. he is saying if the president tells me what we can get done i can give him a bill. do you think obamacare comes back again or not? >> oh sure. i think they are actually as close as senator mcconnell has put it in that presentation. i think they are a little bit of trimming on how much leeway to give the states, a little bit of trimming on the issue associated with the subsidies to the insurance companies. they want to make that really short term. there is a lot of discussion going on behind the scenes and i don't know what the timing is but i think you'll see
7:40 am
obamacare dealt with by this congress and the president in a couple of months. >> bill: what you're describing to us over history is when you do a big piece of legislation, they take time. >> it took obama two years to get obamacare passed. 10 or 11 months to get it fixed is not a bad schedule. >> bill: thank you, governor. john sununu we have you on record. nice to see you on a monday. thanks for coming back. >> sandra: the u.s. air force flexing its muscles in the showdown with north korea. still ahead what the american fleet of b-52 bombers is reportedly doing for the first time in decades. >> bill: interesting. also hillary clinton getting a cold shoulder from the fellow democrat up for reelection. why senator joe manchin says he does not want hillary clinton to come and campaign in west virginia. it's got a lot to do with this comment from the campaign trail 2016. >> what i said was totally out of context from what i meant because i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time.
7:41 am
o this place. you woulda thought from the name it was gonna be packed with sailors. so i immediately picked out the biggest guy in there. and i walked straight up to him. now he looks me square in the eye, and, i swear he says, "welcome to navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy. now i have a wonderful hybrid. slate blue. crème interior. he was so nice! open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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>> bill: senator joe manchin saying to hillary clinton thanks but no thanks. he said it wouldn't be a good idea for clinton to campaign for him in his home state. charlie kirk is the founder of turning point usa and republican strategist, also here david goodfriend, former secretary to president. david. he says i don't need your help. it will actually hurt me if you came and helped me out. >> joe manchin has been a winner in west virginia for statewide office as governor and senator and he knows his state. they love him and he loves his
7:45 am
coal miners. he does not need or want hillary clinton trying to help him out nor does i don't think he needs her help. he is in a strong position and i predict he will win reelection in west virginia. if you think about the larger scope of what's going on in democratic politics right now remember we've got two governors races going virginia and new jersey. barack obama showed up there with his 64% approval rating. that approval rating dwarfs the approval rating of hillary clinton and donald trump and congress. it doesn't surprise me that someone in west virginia would say thanks but no thanks. it certainly doesn't surprise me joe manchin thinks he can win this thing without outsider's help. >> sandra: let's look at exactly what she said that day on coal that he said was such a big mistake, charlie, and really is why he says don't come and help me out. don't come to my state.
7:46 am
i'm the only candidate that has a policy how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as into coal country because we'll put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. his state has not forgotten those words. >> that's exactly right. and if you look carefully this is a fundamental difference between the republican and democratic party. you see how president trump, he won every county in west virginia. he won west virginia with 68% of the vote. i'll disagree. i don't think joe manchin is a shoe-in for reelection. the former democratic governor of west virginia changed parties to republican. west virginia is a deep red state. if joe manchin continues to caucus with the democratic party that said they're against coal miners and coal jobs, that's not a popular position for the state of west virginia. you look at the democratic party saying we'll give you free stuff, don't worry bit.
7:47 am
you don't have to be coal miners anymore. no, we want to give you the dignity of work to provide for your family and community and it was very, very popular in west virginia winning 68% of the vote and every county in the state last november. >> sandra: david, does manchin saying don't come to west virginia, these comments don't help, they're not wise, they would hurt. does this say something bigger picture about hillary clinton's status within her own party? >> just to respond to what you just heard, joe manchin famously aired a commercial of him shooting a riffle through a copy of obamacare. not somebody who totes the water of the democratic party. >> he didn't vote for the repeal, though. >> what you guys fail to understand is west virginia relies on health insurance under obamacare. that's why. not because of what it says. he is in favor of keeping healthcare -- i love the idea
7:48 am
of arguing with west virginia, one party wants to take away healthcare and one wants to improve it. he will win. to answer your question about hillary clinton. her popularity went down after the election. she is not a popular figure and if you want a popular democrat you get barack obama to show up and bill clinton to show up and their numbers are off the charts. >> sandra: she is now resorting to using some interesting language, some choice words she had when she went on a recent tv appearance and she was describing trump's inaugural speech which she said she and her husband tried to ditch that inaugural speech. do we have that sound? let's listen. >> so sad that it wasn't an outreach, it was a narrowing and a hammering of what he had said before. it is reported that george w. bush says that was some weird -- speech.
7:49 am
>> that's really nice wordage from secretary clinton. i will say this going back to the previous comment i hope barack obama comes to west virginia and tries to stump for joe manchin. it will insure a republican win. what barack obama did to the coal industry nearly ended the coal industry in america. bring barack obama to west virginia. that's not what it is in new jersey. >> fine, joe manchin will not have barack obama there. >> let's bring it back to what we just heard. we broadened this out to the status of the democratic party and hillary clinton resorting to use choice language when she said she was going to honor the outcome of that election. not only did she try to get out of going to the inaugural speech but now using language like that to describe the actual speech itself. what do you mike of that, david? >> when she was quoting george w. bush, is that the part? >> on live television she used that word. >> george w. bush's language
7:50 am
was colorful and hillary clinton's language was colorful for quoting him. the larger question you try to get to here is the democratic party at large. of course barack obama will not be invited to west virginia. joe manchin can win that race without his help. in virginia where you have an extremely popular former president, 65% approval rating that dwarfs donald trump's approval rating and of congress that matters in a state that hillary carried. same with new jersey. what you're seeing is sometimes the former president is a great asset to a statewide candidate. in west virginia he is not and joe manchin can win without him. >> sandra: he was quoting george bush there but she called the speech dark and divisive and a speech from the white nationalist gut. thank you for coming on this morning. >> bill: we're waiting to hear from the vice president, mike pence speaking in moments at an event in washington recognizing
7:51 am
those who were killed during the 1983 bombing of our marine baracks in beirut. we'll take you there live when it begins.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
#oneluckyguy coming upon "happening now," pressing forward on two big campaign promises. text of form and repealing and replacing obamacare. can they see eye to eye and get legislation passed by years end? and with the last isis stronghold finally defeated in syria, is a time to rethink the terrorist strategy in the way we have been fighting since 9/11. jack keane talks big picture top of the hour "happening now" ." >> it is a special day for one
7:55 am
retired in captain. president trump presenting the highest honor. credited for saving thousands of lives during a secret mission in the war. a chance to sit down with him, joining us live. and walk us through what captain rosa did to earn him the metal level honor. >> it is almost defying belief. an army medic in the group. he was on a top-secret mission deep into enemy territory, and when his unit was attacked. not only did he repeatedly engaged the enemy and run into incoming fire to save his soldiers. he kept them alive for four days while they were badly injured running on no sleep and continuing to be attacked at every turn. >> i remember, just keep moving and moving and pushing these guys. especially injured. i was pushing them almost to the
7:56 am
point that i was exhausting them. >> and he did all of this while entered, he had been wounded by shrapnel, he had a hole in his foot to the size of your thumb. >> bill: this is almost 50 years ago, why has it taken so long to receive this recognition? >> well part of it is the mission tail end was top-secret. only declassified for decades later. the main reason why he is receiving the medal of honor is because of the men in his human. they have been fighting for him to receive the honor for 47 years. >> it is overwhelming. it is not something that normally happens to a person. i mean, i've seen people fight and get something over a week or two, but for 47 years. >> everyone in the unit still alive will be at the white house today. first time they have been in the same room all since all those years ago. >> bill: thank you, from
7:57 am
washington, d.c. sandra. >> sandra: we will be right back. it keeps your insights from prying eyes, so they're used by no one else but you. it. is. the cloud. the ibm cloud. the cloud that's designed for your data. ai ready. secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. yours. you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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>> bill: i told you it was going to be a week. we will see you in prime time tonight. at 10:00 eastern. goodbye. >> sandra: goodbye. ♪ >> jon: president trump has a new warning for congress when it comes to the budget and tax reform. good morning to you, i am jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis, happy monday. the president telling house republicans to get to work on tax reform and past the senate budget immediately or face the consequences in 2018. he sounds optimistic that they will get it done. here's what he told maria bartiromo. >> i think that we are going to have the votes for taxes, and i will say the fact that health care is so difficult makes the taxes easier. the republicans want to get it done. it is a tremendous


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