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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> greg: set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: does the special counsel have a new target in the russia investigation? president trump denies his tax cut plan may go after your 401(k) and the president gets public support from a most unlikely source. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. there is evidence tonight that the special counsel investigation into russian interference in last fall's election may be changing course. or at least shifting tone. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest. >> special counsel robert mueller's office is exploring whether democratic lobbyist tony
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podesta's firm violated the foreign agents registration act when it worked on behalf of ukraine. in a statement, a spokesperson for podesta, brother of former hillary clinton campaign manager john podesta said they complied with government rules and are fully cooperating with investigators. there are new developments in the battle over the controversial unverified trump dossier. the matter is in washington district court after an emergency hearing to block the house intelligence committee subpoena. by wednesday, a federal judge, obama administration appointee, will decide whether they must provide financial records for the firm behind the research, fusion gps. they reveal sources and who paid for the file. tom cotton questioned the firm's resistance. >> fusion gps has gone to the greatest lengths possible to try to conceal who paid them. probably a democratic political operative. >> in march, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee relied on the dossiers unverified claims
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when he read a dramatic statement. allege inclusion between from campaign associates and russia. >> is a possible all of these events and reports are completely unrelated? yes. it is possible. it's also possible, may be more than possible, that they are not coincidental. >> eight months later, senate intelligence committee leaders said they were no closer to knowing the facts after the former british spy who gathered the information refused to cooperate. >> as it relates to the steele dossier, the committee has hit a wall. >> a obama era deal in which a russian backed company bought a uranium firm with ties in the u.s. is under fresh scrutiny by the house oversight committee. hillary clinton dismissed the story. >> it is the same baloney they have been peddling for years. there's been no credible evidence by anyone. stick with the deal was struck when clinton was secretary of state with some investigators
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working with bill clinton. clinton went further, calling on the president and his allies. >> she is a favorite target and she said the story is president trump and his team are nervous about the ongoing investigation. >> bret: thank you. former democratic president jimmy carter says there's any evidence the russians changed enough votes or any votes in last fall's election to change the result. brit hume joins us with thoughts on what appears to be a most unlikely political meeting of the mines. good evening, brit. interesting to hear former president carter say that. these investigations have been going on for the better part of a year now. the mueller investigation. it's been going on for two years
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or more. we are down the road here and so far nothing has emerged that seems to point the finger definitively in any direction and we certainly don't have anything that would say, as jimmy carter suggested, would say that the russian attempt to influence the election made any meaningful difference. i think what we are looking at is the possibility that none of this activity, which is clearly being investigated on terms of both sides, made any real difference. this has all been a tremendous media hullabaloo. >> bret: clearly the tone of the story, the ones where we've received leaks, never had a big leak about collusion to begin with. number two, they are changing the tone of the coverage as we go along. >> we are saying some coverage. long story in "the new york times" today about
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how difficult the investigations are proving to be for the three committees in house and senate looking into these matters. you heard richard burr's comment where he says they have hit a stone wall on the fusion gps dossier matter. and of course that seems -- there's been no indication that i've seen that that would implicate the president in any way except as a victim of the dossier. this is a morass. the end is not clear and i guess everyone is looking to robert mueller who may now be looking into at least some democrats in the course of his investigation. the idea that this is all going to result in some terrible cataclysm befalling the trump administration, seems to me the trump presidency. >> bret: going back to the coverage and former president carter, he said "i think the media has been harder on trump
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than any other president, certainly that i have known about." he goes on to say about the election, "we voted for sanders, bernie sanders." and about president obama, "he made some wonderful statement when he first got in office and then reneged on that." pretty blunt. some democrats think he's trying to get a position to somehow negotiate with north korea but there is no evidence of that in this interview. >> no, but these comments are very unwelcome in democratic circles. and of course, you know, the one thing any president may fear or even in this case former president in terms of president obama is that some other former president would open his mouth and begins they say what he really thinks. i don't think this effectively exonerates anybody or implicates anybody but suggests even within democratic circles there is more than one view of hillary clinton and president obama both.
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>> bret: very true. as always, thank you. if social security is the third rail of american politics, the 401(k) has become almost as important. the baby boomers and others saving for retirement. that led president trump to quickly and forcefully denied today he has any plans to pay for proposed tax cuts by cutting the amount you can put in your fund tax free. speaking of money, the president is greasing the wheels on a big sale for a major american manufacturer and getting ready for his big trip to asia. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us from the north lawn. >> good evening. president has made buy american, hire american the mantra of the administration. at the white house today with single pores prime minister, resident trump presided over another trade deal, singapore
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air's purchase of boeing jets. >> 70,000 jobs. >> the president praised the relationship between the u.s. and singapore. in the rose garden, the prime minister, who told the white house he didn't want to take questions, cautioned president trump over north korea. >> there is no quick and easy solution. pressure is necessary but so is dialogue. i express my hope that the u.s. will be able to maintain a stable and constructive relationship with china. good u.s.-china relations would benefit the region and the world. think of the visit comes before week president trump departs to east asia, touching down in japan, south korea, china, vietnam, the philippines. still to be determined whether he will go to the demilitarized zone. before then, the president is looking forward to the houseboat on the budget later this week which will unlock the reconciliation process for tax
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reform. president trump telling republican lawmakers in a conference call he would like tax reform by thanksgiving. suggesting something similar to fox business' maria bartiromo. >> i think it's going to be, hopefully before the end of the year but hopefully sooner than that. >> the president is running into fierce opposition from democrats in congress. his comment stating the obvious or prescient. >> before he knows the plans, this is for the rich. he doesn't know what the plan is. >> the american people should know the money to pay for that giant tax cut for the rich is coming from somewhere, and it's likely to be coming from their pocketbooks. >> the president is taking it right back to senator schumer. schumer claims there are the votes to pass the alexander-murray bill to continue subsidies to insurance companies. >> mr. president, come out and support the alexander-marie bill. you called it "a very good solution already."
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i announce you will support it and it will pass through the senate soon after. >> the president chief counselor suggesting even if it passes the senate and house, the president may veto it. >> the president is not going to sign into law or counted as a bailout for the insurance company's. he's here to help americans. >> president moved quickly to throw cold water on an idea that's bubbling up in washington. a plan to dramatically lower caps on contributions to 401(k) plans to help pay for tax reform. the president tweeting this morning: "there will be no change to your 401(k). this has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works, and it stays!" that is two exclamation points for one day. >> bret: john roberts on the north lawn. the widow of one of the american soldiers killed in africa earlier this month is talking about her side of the phone
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conversation with president trump that has stirred so much controversy in recent days. as we also get some new details on the ambush in niger. kevin corke is at the white house and the briefing room. >> myeshia johnson said the president's phone call "made her cry even worse." the widow of the late la david johnson, sergeant among the four service personnel killed in niger this month. mrs. johnson and her first televised interview was strongly critical of her conversation with the president. >> the president said he knew what he signed up for. but it hurts anyway. it made me cry because i was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it. he couldn't remember my husband's name. if my husband is out here fighting for our country and he risks his life for our country, why couldn't you remember his name? that's what made me upset and
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cry even more because my husband was an awesome soldier. >> the president responded almost immediately on twitter saying "i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sgt. la david johnson, and spoke his name from beginning, without hesitation!" this is johnson claims she has yet to be able to see her husband's body. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general joe dunford addressed it. >> there are times we make a suggestion to the family that they may not want to review the remains. the policy as it is the family's decision as to whether or not they do that. i can tell you what the policy is. i don't know what happened in this case. >> this comes on a day in which there are a number of questions, on capitol hill about what happened that night. also about the larger u.s. role in niger and in africa. >> if the congress doesn't believe that they are getting sufficient information, that i
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need to double my efforts to provide them with information. secretary mattis and i are committed to making sure we satisfy the needs of congress and provide the information and oversight. >> we learned there is apparently drone video of the attack. the general said he had not seen it. of course, this is part of a large mission in africa. some 6,000 u.s. troops there. over 53 countries, including a little bit more than 800 in niger. >> bret: kevin corke, thank you. a vietnam war combat medic is the newest recipient of the nation's highest military honor. correspondent kristin fisher shows us the long-overdue recognition for an american her hero. >> this is a moment 47 years in the making. the members of gary rose's group. >> this is not something that
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normally happens. i have seen to get somebody something over a week or two but for 47 years. >> in september of 1970, captain rose was an army medic on a top-secret mission. his unit was attacked. over the next four days, he would repeatedly run into enemy fire to treat the wounded. are you thinking you are going to get out of this alive? >> no. on the 14th of september, i figure that was my last day on earth. >> firing at the enemy and dragging a wounded soldier, he was hit by shrapnel. yet he never stopped to treat his own injuries. >> i guess it's the training i had, that this was my unit. these were my guys. by god, they weren't going to expire on my watch. >> mike would tell you he was just doing the job he was training for. there is a lot of truth to that
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but he went far beyond that. he was wounded several times himself but he never treated himself. >> retired colonel eugene mccarley was the commander of the top-secret mission. the mission remained classified for nearly 30 years and started captain rose's actions. the men in his unit say they or their lives to captain rose but captain rose owes this moment to them. >> for many years, the story of mike's heroism has gone on hold but today we gather to tell the world of his valor and proudly present to him with our nation's highest military honor. >> in total, captain rose is credited with treating as many as 70 men over the course of those four days, and many of them were at the white house ceremony today. >> bret: amazing story. thank you. it's become a rallying cry for
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those who oppose sanctuary cities. tonight, the trial begins in the case of an illegal immigrant accused of murdering a california woman. that's next. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient applebee's 2 for $20.
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♪ >> bret: secretary of state rex tillerson says there's a place in the afghanistan government for moderate elements of the taliban. tillerson made the comment during a trip to the site of america's longest war. tillerson said in afghanistan tell band members who want to participate must renounce violence and terrorism and commit to stability. the secretary went on to iraq on another surprise visit. he met with senior officials to talk about iran, isis, and kurdish independence.
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here in the u.s., the trial is underway as we speak and what has become the signature case for people opposed to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. correspondent claudia cowan tells us about it from san francisco. >> the family of kate steinle had nothing to say as they entered the court room. kate's mother, her brother, and the jury will hear testimony from her father, jim steinle. in media interviews and on capitol hill he has described how on july 1st 2015 he was walking with his daughter on a popular san francisco peer when she was shot in the back. >> i'm walking down the peer arm in arm with my daughter at a very close friend. she stops, takes a selfie, turns around. she was shot. as she fell, she said "help me, dad." >> the gunmen, jose garcia
3:21 pm
zarate has multiple felony convictions as well as deported five times. he was awaiting a deportation when drug charges were dropped in the local sheriff's department released him without notifying immigration authorities. the defense says that zarate had no motive to kill steinle and that her death was an accident. he claims he found the gun and it fired when he picked it up. prosecutors argue he should have never had a gun. there were no eyewitnesses and both sides are using surveillance video of the peer shot from a quarter-mile away. zarate's lawyer says what it shows is open to interpretation. >> while garcia zarate seated on the pier, there are over 50 opportunities when people are walking one way or the other for them to see him in possession of a firearm. nobody ever says they saw that. >> there will be a lot of testimony about that gun which had been stolen four days earlier from the car of a federal agent.
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>> bret: claudia, thank you. we are getting a look at some of the prototypes for the the presidents border wall. contractors have until thursday to complete their designs before testing begins. testing will include how long it takes to scale the barrier or breach it using concrete saw or jackhammer. eight prototypes have been constructed. iowa has withdrawn its request with the trump administration to opt out of the affordable care act and redirect federal money towards lowering premiums for younger participants in a single state run program. the idea was designed to stabilize health care insurance in iowa, making premium costs based on age in addition to income. republican governor kim reynolds says the state decided to pull its proposal because federal agencies signaled it would be weeks before they could provide details on the financial
3:23 pm
viability of the program. stocks were down today. dow lost 55. s&p 500 dropped 10. nasdaq fell 42. up next, the u.s. and its pacific allies discuss what to do about north korea's nuclear threat. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 29 in philadelphia. attorney general jeff sessions is promising an even stricter cracked down on the ms-13 street gang whose members are suspected in a series of killings in the new york city suburbs. addressing a conference of police chiefs today, sessions designated ms-13 as a priority for the justice department's organized crime drug enforcement task forces. fox 2 in detroit. the city council in flint asks a federal judge for more time to choose a long-term source of drinking water. the request was made in a court filing ahead of today's deadline. the governor's administration has sued flint to force the council to approve a 30-year deal with the great lakes water authority which has provided water for the city since a lead disaster was declared in 2015. live look at chicago from our
3:24 pm
affiliate fox 32. big story, mayor rahm emanuel announces more than 40,000 people have applied to become police officers for that city. chicago plans to add nearly a thousand officers by the end of next year. the mayor's office says 76% of current applicants identify as minorities and 35% are female. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. and we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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♪ >> bret: president trump's announcement that we he will not block the pending release of classified documents relating to the assassination of john f. kennedy marks the largest development in recent years. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us what might change the president's mind and what secrets may be buried in
3:28 pm
the files. >> hours after political deported president trump will likely withhold some of the classified files, president trump tweeted early saturday morning: subject to the receipt of further information i will be allowing as president the long blocks files to be open." few expect the history of november 22, 1963, to be upende upended. 3100 pages of records still under seal. along with the 30,000 or so pages that have been released in redacted form. published reports have said the cia is concerned about documents generated in the 1990s that argued against release of older files so as to protect agency operations than underway in post-soviet russia. >> i think i would go with the release posture here that it happened long enough ago that
3:29 pm
it's unlikely to stimulate any particular immediate strong hostility between the u.s. and russia. >> assassination researchers hope to learn more about the visit paid to mexico city by lee harvey oswald. the man whom history records of john f. kennedy seoul assassin. researchers also want to know more about this man, an undercover cia officer who on the day of the assassination of leaked material the news media tying oswald to cuban groups. he is an author and biographer. >> i would not agree there is nothing in there that could change our understanding of the assassination. i think there is material that could do it. >> a cia spokesperson dismissed all questions posed, replying to the agency continues to "determine the appropriate next steps forward," with respect to previously unreleased
3:30 pm
information. >> bret: james, thank you. japan's defense minister is endorsing the u.s. policy that all options must be considered in dealing with north korea's nuclear threat. it comes as america's defense chief meets with his counterparts today. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the story. >> aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan after week of exercises involving fighter jets, helicopters, ships and submarines. the air force was looking to put nuclear capable b-52s on 24-hour alert status. the air force says there are no immediate plans for that but it must remain ready. >> north korea's provocations threaten the region of global security. despite unanimous condemnation
3:31 pm
by the united nations security council. >> defense secretary mattis attending a meeting in the philippines. the programs of pyongyang a concern. >> translator: the threat caused by north korea has grown to a serious and critical level. we are being forced to take a response to a new level. >> china's role in pressuring north korea remains key. it accounts for more than 90% of trade with pyongyang. a topic of discussion when president trump meets with chinese president xi jinping next month. >> he's got the power to do something very significant with respect to north korea. we will see what happens. with that being said, we are prepared for anything. we are so prepared, like you wouldn't believe. >> the north korean regime of kim jong un striking back. news agency branding the president a lunatic. some allies think the temperature of the rhetoric from the white house is just right. >> given the threat from a
3:32 pm
nuclear armed north korea, it is the duty of the president to at least explore the military options and keep them on the table. >> president trump's tour next month begins at pearl harbor. >> bret: thank you. up next, the panel on whether the tone of the russia investigation and may be the is changing. is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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♪ >> it is the same baloney they have been peddling for years and there's been no credible evidence by anyone. in fact, it has been debunked repeatedly. i'm not surprised but i think the real story is how nervous they are about these continuing investigations. >> last congress, we and the oversight committee wanted to investigate the foundation and
3:36 pm
all the other payments involving the clintons and we were not allowed to do that. now i think this information is so explosive there is no way they can justify not getting all the information on this. >> bret: it seems like the investigation into russia efforts in 2016 may have taken a turn, or at least the tone has changed. this as some new revelations a democrat lobbyist, tony podesta, the brother of john podesta, who was the campaign manager for hillary clinton. investigation into what he did or his company did in relation to ukraine. it has morphed into, we are told, a criminal inquiry into whether the firm violated the foreign agents registration act and a time to paul manafort, one-time campaign manager of the trump campaign. nbc news had the original story. mueller investigating socratic
3:37 pm
lobbyist tony podesta. this b23 group saying "the firm is cooperating fully with the special counsel's office and is taken every step to provide documentation that confirms timely compliance in all of our client engagements. the podesta group conducts due diligence. ensuring compliance and disclosure regulation at all times." we know there's more to the investigation. let's bring in the panel. byron york, chief political correspondent at the "washington examiner." mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." charles lane, opinion writer for "the washington post." byron, you wrote a column about this. is there a sense on capitol hill that this is turning? >> i think the change in tone we are seeing. these committees investigating this, it's not the mueller investigation but the congressional investigation. i think we are hearing more about russia and less about collusion. if you look at public statements of the people running this, they are talking more about the active measures russia took,
3:38 pm
like the facebook ads. these are in dispute about things we know about. from what i've heard, talking to a number of people involved, doesn't seem to be much evidence pointing them toward collusion. and when you get something like the uranium deal, it takes it further from the whole collusion idea which used to be the heart of the investigation. >> bret: the president tweeting about this. officials plead the fifth. justice department and/or fdi should really sue paid for it. this group coming under a lot of scrutiny. >> as it relates to the dossier, the committee has hit a wall. the committee cannot decide the credibility of the dossier without understanding things like who paid for it.
3:39 pm
>> this outfit, and fusion gps, has gone to the greatest lengths possible tried to conceal who paid them, makes me think it was probably a democratic clinical operative or russian intelligence service. >> this is different than the narrative we had for a long time. one of the people mentioned we don't know how they got their information. we do know they did pay some sources for their information. that's what led obama's former cia director to say he didn't trust the dossier. the trump-collusion narrative. that this was used to undermine the incoming administration. coordinated with the leaks about michael flynn having a conversation with a russian or jeff sessions having a conversation with a russian or jim comey did this briefing which pretty quickly made it to the media. now we have this totally different story which is fusion gps was actually getting funded or working on behalf of russians
3:40 pm
to undermine sanction efforts against russian oligarchs and putting cronies and whatnot. this is a dramatically different story than we've been getting and requires a lot more of those great investigative journalism things we've been seeing on the trump thing. we'd like to see that on fusion gps. >> bret: it's important to have a caveat that we don't know we don't know. we are reading the tea leaves, some of what's coming out in leaks. there hasn't been a major leak of some collusion tied. these investigations continue. >> i think stepping back a minute, the fact that they are following up the lead on a foreign agent registration possible violation by a democratic firm suggests robert mueller is a straight shooter and not a partisan figure, it's he's been accused of being. i think that piece of the narrative should be adjusted as well. on the surface, doesn't seem like the crime of the century
3:41 pm
they are running down on tony podesta. failure to register when it seemed like he was working some kind of subcontractor to manafort. i do think, stepping back and looking at the big, big picture, may be collusion is receding but there was a lot of russian activity in america over the last few years. and yes, there was the perjurer of the uranium stockpile which remains to be explained. there's that penetration of lobbyists. there is the effort to advertise on facebook. i think everybody ought to be concerned that that was going on. that's been true from the beginning. >> bret: on the uranium deal, the new wrinkle is an informant. congress wants to talk to this fbi informant talked to this case and so far the department of justice has squelched it. now you have senator grassley talking about wanting to talk to
3:42 pm
this guy, what he knew. i want to play a little bit. when this came out, fox news was part of the news organizations along with "the new york times." peter schweizer who first covered this uranium tie with the clinton foundation. >> what happened to the company that benefited from the deal and because asked on? after a merger, it became a uranium giant called uranium one. and then the russians bought it. >> uranium one became active in acquiring assets in the united states. 2008 they were particularly attractive target for the russian government. >> the russians acquired the target. >> the foundation is an entity in canada who, uranium one is
3:43 pm
the russian owned uranium company. he made an individual contribution to the clinton foundation. >> what this amounts to is a russian company essentially controlled by vladimir putin will now be in charge of a substantial portion of american uranium. >> bret: we have a lot of details. tens of millions of dollars of the clinton foundation, speaking fees for former president clinton. we did an hour long special. it has developed since. >> it has. i think what you're saying that with charles grassley in the justice department is a continuation -- there's a fight going on between the republican-controlled congress and republican-controlled justice department about all sorts of russian information. house intelligence committee controlled by republicans on august 24th, subpoenaed the fbi for information about the dossier. it's not surprising to see this
3:44 pm
conflict. one thing on the uranium, a lot of it is framed in terms of the clintons but hillary clinton argued, and she was right, that she is not the sole person who made this decision. there's a committee on foreign investment in the united states. it's a bigger obama administration story than just hillary clinton. >> i was going to say come another thing we are learning today is that once the special counsel gets going, he never stops. >> this is something we should've learned a long time ago. >> the podesta firm is running afoul. >> we have so much we need to learn about what the fbi's work with the dossier was. was it used to spy on political opponents? that's a big question. >> bret: next up, the prospect of tax cuts or tax reform this year. what do we know tonight? oh, you brought butch.
3:45 pm
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♪ >> you don't have to be a partisan nose to smell a rat that this plan stinks. >> before he knows the plan, this is for the rich. he doesn't know what the plan is. we are adjusting so there's no way the middle class doesn't greatly benefit. >> we want to put more money in your pocket. we want to make retirement a reality for you. us to go the president and vice president putting their muscle behind it. >> i want to get it by the end of the year but i'd be very disappointed if it took that long. >> bret: sights and sounds as we get ready for tax reform, tax cut issue. house ways and means committee
3:49 pm
chairman kevin brady saying to reporters tonight "i feel like we are in a good position to approve it this week," the budget. "once it's approved, we will announce the date of the markup plus the date of the text." that means specifics. back with the panel. chuck, their prospects seem like they are kind of turning along here. if the house does approve the budget, maybe they speed up the time frame. >> i have had republicans on capitol hill emphatically tell me over and over again we are doing this. we are getting it done. we have no choice. it is political death if we don't. >> bret: that's what the president has said. >> having said that, they have a problem which is unless you want to really, really, really blow off the deficit, you have to pay for at least some of it. it's hard to do it without attacking some big, sacred cow in the tax code. they have put the charitable and mortgage interest deductions off
3:50 pm
the table. employer paid health care was never even discussed. what are they left with? state local tax deduction, which is problem mostly for the blue states but blue state republicans are reluctant to go after it. they can't really square the circle too easily. it's politically going to be a tight squeeze, and the president says he wants it done by thanksgiving. i would be surprised if he gets that and i would be surprised if they finish it this year. stu and paul ryan since christmas. other people with different rejections. here is senator schumer talking about republicans in new york. >> even a compromise is no good. we are asking congress to stick up for new york. not bow to the wealthy special interests were getting huge tax breaks under this proposal. >> bret: mollie, when i
3:51 pm
interviewed the treasury secretary, he essentially said everything is on the table except corporate taxes which the administration wants a 20% we'll see. >> on the state and local tax deduction issue, it's something where the top ten states in terms of the people who benefit most are blue states and you could have something in the plan like eliminating the alternative minimum tax which would mitigate some of the problems caused by this. basically a subsidy that goes to high tax state taxpayers. they pay a lot in state taxes. they can deduct it. it benefits people in new york and hurts people in wyoming. it's a real unfair issue. one of the goals is to have more fairness but there are ways to work around it. i think it is political suicide to not do anything. you think the american taxpayer is taxed appropriately or you think it's time for relief. they need to move forward. >> bret: it is sort of like a quilt. you're putting pieces together and you get them to sign on and
3:52 pm
this is were going to have and then you have the death tax which they say is going to be zero. there is some doubt about that on capitol hill. there is a sense about the top tier. a million plus, maybe it's going to stay where it is or go up to 40%. >> these are a lot of trial balloons being floated out of secret negotiations. we don't know what's going on. i thought it was telling, couple things the president said. one, in the maria bartiromo interview. he said the 401(k) thing ain't going to happen. we are not going to take your 401(k) away. and you just heard him say we are going to make sure everybody in the middle class benefits. he is sensitive to news reports that say we found a family in these special circumstances and they are going to pay more. he doesn't want any of those news reports. finally this idea of the millionaire's tax. higher tax bracket for people with income over a million
3:53 pm
dollars. it would result in a tax cut for people between $500,001,000,000. republicans are scared about this because it's consistent with what he said in the campaign when he used to say the hedge fund guys going up the pace and more. this is something i think republicans are worried about because it's something donald trump could maybe live with. >> and want to follow up. the business about the middle class is crucial and trump wasn't the only one afraid of the stories that showed certain projections that taxes went up for certain middle-class families. the second point, to underscore about the difficulty of this, the brakes were mentioning. the 401(k), state and local tax, mortgage. the people who get that, the players in that, the upper middle class. >> bret: why not do a payroll tax cut? just go right there. >> because that will look like you are attacking
3:54 pm
social security. attacking the funding of social security. >> bret: how much do you want to make a bet the minimum wage increase becomes a part of the tax cut package. >> it could happen. >> if you care about job growth and new jobs, that's a bad idea. but bad ideas are in abundant supplies. >> bret: we come back, a big weekend a very special place here in the nation's capital. with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. only from allstate. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust.
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plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight. children's hospitals around the country do amazing things. one here in d.c. is very close to my family's heart. this weekend runners, walkers from all over the region created teams and raised a lot of money for a great cause. >> i've had some problems with my heart, and now we're supporting the place that saved my life. >> bret: that sums it up. almost 5500 parents, kids, doctors, hearses and supporters came out saturday
3:58 pm
for the annual children's national race for every child. benefiting children's national, one of the premier children's hospitals in the world. >> children's is an amazing place. >> we said this is a group we want to get behind. >> it's really about the kids. when you see the kids run and see kids that have been through heart disease or maybe brain cancer, or maybe asthma, and you see them running down there and hitting that finish line, it's so inspiring. >> bret: paul someone of those kids. it's been four years since his last open-heart surgeries. he has had three open hearts and nine angioplasties at children's national. >> he was born with five congenital heart defects and will have future heart surgeries. >> i'm grateful to be here today and supporting kids like me. [cheers] >> bret: many kids like paul ran or walked in the 5 k where winning was just the fact that they were there. >> he wa she was born congenital
3:59 pm
heart disease. she had heart surgery one week old. we had the most amazing team of doctors and nurses. >> people we don't know there is instant connection, instant bond. for all of us the experiences we had were something we never expected. >> bret: and for the fifth year the washington bureau of fox news fielded a strong team. >> i am so excited about the frontiers of pediatric medicine. there are so many new things coming, cures, preventions, genetics. it's just amazing. >> dr. murray -- like the first time i basically ran most of it. >> bret: we ran almost every bit. >> yeah. that's why you are sweating so much. [laughter] >> bret: paul is fine. i was sucking wind. the race brought in about almost $1.5 million for children's national if you would like to help out you can head to the website at the bottom of the screen. just an awesome weekend. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and
4:00 pm
unafraid. the story, hosted by my colleague martha maccallum, starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> martha: breaking tonight, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff saying the american people and the families of our fallen soldiers deserve answers about the deadly ambush in niger. i'm martha maccallum and that is where our story begins tonight. four dead soldiers, many more questions than answers at this point. so late this afternoon general dunford came out to explain to the greatest possible extent at this point, what happened. >> early in the morning on thed. of october as i mentioned u.s. forces accompanied that reconnaissance movement to gather information. the assessment by our leaders on the ground at that time was contact with the enemy was unlikely. midmorning on october 4th, the patrol began to take fi


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