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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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evening. our story goes on though tomorrow night at 7:00 right here. in the meantime, stand by. tucker carlson is right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. for months you could hear the word echoing from congressional offices and television studios all over washington, russia, russia, russia. the very people who spent 70 years making excuses for the soviet union were suddenly convinced that russian agents had visited our shores in the dead of night to murder american democracy and install their puppet in our white house. trump won because of vladimir putin. that was their claim. it seemed confusing to mease people. but to our decadent and completely unimpressing ruling class, the explanation made perfect sense. how far else could their
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candidate the candidate of both nancy pelosi and the bush family have lost last november's election in the media assured them that would never happen. in fact, a year ago today the "new york times" ran this prediction, quoted: hillary clinton has a 93% chance to win. and they believed it. when she didn't win, our elites assumed a foreign power must have intervened. no other explanation made sense to them. the only thing they lacked is evidence that it had happened. to find that they told us we need immediate all hands on deck of intervention of russian interference. we got one. boy, did we. it turned out to be one of the most comprehensive investigations of anything in this country. the fbi kicked it off and was soon joined by fully staffed office of independent counsel. as well as both houses of congress. almost every media outlet in america jumped obediently on board pouring massive resources into conspiracy theory. ahead they went.
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entire negligence of non-russian speaking news hosts remade themselves into criminologcriminalists. the frenzies spun out of control. not talking about stolen election but war, actual war. >> if a russian is going to keep attacking america, then america really should fight back. there is an entire building in st. petersberg filled with a russian troll army creating thousands of tweets, memes, news sites comments and flat out fake stories designed not to take sides on any issue but just to get us fighting about it. hillary clinton spent over a billion dollars on the campaign, and the russians beat her with 150 grand because they were able to turn facebook into fake book. >> tucker: so you are accusing a nuclear armed adversary of committing an act of war and you are doing it purely in order to gain an advantage in a dough mess political dispute? no normal person would do that it's too reckless and
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crazy. yet, that's exactly what many of our leaders did. including, buyer the way, sitting members of congress. they called it war too. mass hysteria does not even begin to capture this. we are living in a moment that makes mccarthy era look reasoned and considered. at least he was on to something real there really were soviet spice. there was no russian collusion in last year's election. so how are all those investigations going? the "new york times," to its credit, took a look at that this weekend. it turns out that if the russians got trump elected, they left no trace of it even senator dianne feinstein of california had to admit that after wasting untold time and money her committee has not found evidence of collusion between putin and the trump campaign. the whole thing is a dry well, a crock. a fraud, a scam, a politically induced hallucination. it's totally nuts. a lot of people should be deeply ashamed of this. not that they are, of course. but that doesn't mean we haven't learned anything. robert mueller's team of
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investigators apparently has found evidence of suspected wrongdoing by the podesta group, which you will remember is a lobbying firm founded by hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta and his brother tony. according to news accounts, podestas may have violated criminal law by failing to register as lobbyists for foreign powers. not exactly a development democrats were hoping for when they cheered mueller's appointment as independent counsel. and then there is the ongoing uranium one scandal, which has been explained in a series of devastating pieces by the hill newspaper. back in 2010, in a move that virtually nobody will now defend, the obama administration allowed a russian firm to gain control over about 20% of our uranium reserves here in the united states. before the deal was approved, obama's department of justice uncovered a massive russian racketeering and bribery ring working to get control of that uranium. the obama administration kept that information secret, even from congress and let that deal go through. now, why would they do that? did it have anything to do
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with the more than $100 million hillary clinton's family foundation took from uranium one board members? she was the secretary of state at the time. maybe, just a guess. at some point we will find out for sure. that's the upside of the hysteria over russian collusion. it's unintended consequences will be fun to watch. because when you make up a fake scandal, you never really know where it's going to go. richard good stein has seen a lot of fake scandals. he has been in d.c. a long time. is he a lawyer who has advised both of hillary clinton's presidential campaigns. he joins us tonight. >> great to be back. >> tucker: i was thinking you know, russia obviously is obviously the greatest geo strategic threat in this country. know he that because i listen to all the democrats, my neighbors. i wonder if this has caused you to rethink the position democrats had for 70 years when the soviet union existed and made excuses for the soviet union and prevented missile defense being built in this country is anyone atoning for that?
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i watched it and that happened. >> i don't think that's a fair characterization. i think what this uranium one scandal and you will pardon me if i put it like that shows me that the people pushing this feel like the noose of mueller is tightening. otherwise, no self-respecting person, bearingsed on the facts not an ounce of uranium has been exported. >> tucker: untrue. >> the price has dropped by two thirds since this passed. zero evidence not with standing the republicans controlled the house and senate and could have investigated fairly well not one stitch of evidence that hillary clinton had anything to do about it, had know anything about it nor should she have. >> tucker: it's hard to believe that you're going to defend that decision signing off on the uranium one deal as a policy matter. knowing what you know about russia, was it really a good idea for the obama administration and the secretary of state, hillary clinton, to approve a deal giving the russians control of 20% of our uranium supply? why was that in our interest? >> none of this will ever -- the nuclear regulatory
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commission keeps this from being exported. >> tucker: that is absolutely false. >> what is the wrong with that? >> tucker: conceded that that tyler has left wyoming, which is where the deposits are mostly in the united states, and left this country. they have no export license as printed in the "new york times." that material has left. so, my question is, you know, first of all, who is surprised by that? the federal government they can't keep track of anything? why was this a good idea? why did hillary's office and the obama administration sign off on giving the russians a fifth of our uranium? >> so, again, i will tell you i do not subscribe to your facts and the evidence is that -- our ports, one thing we monitor for is fissile nuclear material. >> tucker: canada, you can read the "new york times" about it why was it a good idea to allow, this to sign off on this? >> again, as your audience should know there were 9, 10 different federal agencies that all had to sign off. >> tucker: obama agencies. they all signed off. why? >> of course. they did it was
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noncontroversial same. >> tucker: that's not a good reason. why was it in america's his interest to keep a fifth of our uranium supply to the russians which you are now arguing greatest threat we face. >> some has left the country. >> tucker: they have control of it why is that a goody idea to give hostile power 20% of our uranium supplies. >> there is no shortage of uranium the price has dropped. >> tucker: is a good idea? >> the price has dropped because, why? natural gas is so cheap that building nuclear power plants frankly doesn't make sense. >> tucker: that is not the concern. the concern is not that this will go to pa power plants concern is it will be used for offensive weapons. that's the concern that it has been a fair amount of it, according to the "new york times," has been exported off this continent. not just to canada but off this continent. here's the point. you are not going to answer the question. i can't find a single person defend this as a decision made by hillary clinton and barack obama and others in that administration. why would you do this? >> and i'm saying it wasn't
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a decision made by them. >> tucker: yes, it was. >> it was made by people in agencies that they ran. the fact is, again, there is zero evidence. this was raised a year ago, again. >> tucker: so they didn't know? how would hillary clinton not know if a russian company was getting 20% of our uranium supply. what was she doing? >> that is the central facts conjured fact that people who are mow moating this story have to hold on to. that either hillary knew neither is the case. why should she have known in the fact of the father is as this case insippous. the foreign law approving or not approving material, that's something that doesn't rise to the level of the secretary, her or eric holder or the president. >> tucker: what you said rises to the level of nonsense. the guy who finded uranium one was a board member on their family foundation board gave over $100 million to the clinton family foundation. >> right.
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>> tucker: they didn't know. i think it was over $150 million frank weister. tunt notice that the company he foundside go to go through the regular go tore approval process when the you run. >> spent to tackle mow layer i can't, aids, childhood obesity. >> tucker: how is that going? are people getting better. >> people have benefited from this. go to africa. northwest washington. go to africa. the fact of the matter is. >> tucker: so that is a scam. if russians are actually underwriting that, we pulled one over on them. >> tucker: can i ask you a question. my final question because we are out of time. you are going to say with a straight face the guy who founded this country gave up $100 million to hillary's family foundation, that company needs approval from her agency and yet she was somehow unaware on this on a topic inparently important to american national security. >> my answer is people in
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the state department were under oath by the republicans in the house and senate and 2 to 1 there has been zero evidence to suggest got attention. let alone she was one of 10. >> tucker: the fact that her husband was taking half a million dollars speaking fees from her husband that didn't come to her attention. >> either that or you have wide very spread examples. >> tucker: this is a tough one to defend. i will give you a minus mostly for effort. thank you, richard, thank you. >> tucker: victor davis hanson is a fellow at the move institution. one of the smartest people in the state of california. also, author of the second world wars. he joins us now. mr. hanson, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: i think we can agree and any sober witness to this whole non-scandal the last 11 months would also agree we haven't found collusion between the putin government and trump
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campaign. what have we learned from this hysteria over russia? >> i think we spent 95% of our investigat investigatory res came up with nothing on the conclusion. 95% of the narrative whether it was the steele dossier which involved taking the fifth amendment behind closed doors so that devin nunes house intelligence committee or the unmasking and leaking in which one member, who was unmasking claims now that the numbers that were masked did not match the times that she did it, in the case of samantha power. now we have the uranium one deal, we have the podesta deal. so what we are seeing is the investigators are being the investigated and because there was never a collusion and the reason the trump administration begs the question, tucker, was this anger hysteria a as you, i think, rightly surmised anger over the lost election that was blown or b effort
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to overturn the election by impeaching or denigrating trump to such a degree to be ineffective or c preemptive, active effort to disguise a lot of exposure in these scandals that we have talked about. your prior guest was sort of, with all due respect to absurd, his logic is sort of drunk driving is not a threat until you actually kill somebody in a car. drunk drivers pose no threat because they haven't killed anybody lately today. and we don't really have 20% of our own uranium. we only have about 5%. of that 5%, that's used to generate about 20% of our electricity. so we are depend kent on a company that's not controlled by russian interests. we should ask your guest does he really think that if bill clinton went to moscow he would get $500,000 today? or does he think that clinton foundation would receive a donation of $145 million today from russian interests? to me, that's absurd. the only reason they got that kind of money because
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they had something to offer. that was to green litsd as you said the authority of russian interests to gain control of uranium. they thought it was at least in strategic russian interests. all part of the reset by the obama administration. particular tuck i think it's a great question. richard good stein has not made it out of our studio yet. i will put him on the screen and pose him the question i posed to you, richard. do you think if he went to moscow today he would be getting 500 grand for a speech. >> is he getting money like that all over the place certainly well past the point that hillary was no longer a candidate. >> tucker: you really think when you have got a deal of this magnitude and importance going through and the former president, whose wife is one of the people signing off on the deal, gets half a million dollars for a speech, i think we both agree that's insane. the people who pay him expect nothing in return? >> was it instain that ronald reagan got $2 million from japanese company. >> i don't know gave them 20% of our uranium supply. >> what you say is and i hate that fox is doing this
5:15 pm
doesn't subscribe to the free market. >> tucker: no i don't always subscribe to the free market. actually. i think will is such a thing as greed. not every manifestation-is morally right. some of them are disgusting. prostitution is wrong. that's in the market i'm against it. >> was reagan prosecuting himself. big dollar numbers by the president. iit take was two to -- do you think it's fair to put ronald reagan in the same category at lincoln? >> no. reagan wasn't selling anything. he was out of office. the whole donation was designated that hillary clinton was secretary of state and likely be put of the united states. you can ask your guest this year next year or the year after the clinton foundation is going to get $145 million from russian interests. the answer is no. they know they had something to sell. that's what they sold. they don't have anything to sell. by their own calculation they have no market value
5:16 pm
anymore. the market is adjusted. there is a market but it's not -- there is a free market. but what he fails to point out, it's not a crony capitalism market that clinton indulges. now they are in a free market and there is no motive to deal with them so they are not going to make any money. >> tucker: good point. professor hanson. we're out of time. thank you for the market lesson. richard, i know you agree. >> absolutely. >> tucker: up next, the firm behind the infamous trump dossier is fighting to keep its record secret. why can a would they be doing that what would those minutes reveal? in a minute we will talk to a lawyer at the center of that case. stay tuned. me and the guys walked into this place. you woulda thought from the name it was gonna be packed with sailors. so i immediately picked out the biggest guy in there. and i walked straight up to him. now he looks me square in the eye, and, i swear he says, "welcome to navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy. now i have a wonderful hybrid. slate blue. crème interior.
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>> tucker: remember the trump dossier, the mysterious totally unverified document that was made public by buzz feed? it included both scandalous allegations about donald trump as well as claims that the web company web zilla was a front for russian hacking of the dnc. it was like a parody of a scoop. it was so juicy it had to be truex september it wasn't. since the dossier's release web zilla and buzz feed battling it out in court. fighting efforts to open its books. this week the company's executives pleaded the fifth to congress. why would they do that? what could they be hiding? is there an innocent explanation. boston law group representing web zilla in all of this. thanks for coming on tonight. so, this is one of those stories that central to the russia scandal and hysteria around it, maybe the most interesting thing we have seen in the 11 months of all of this and yet
5:21 pm
undercoverred by the press. bring us up to date really quickly on where we stand now. you're representing a company libeled by the people who wrote. this how does fusion g.p.s. play into. >> it fusion g.p.s. is the party that hired christopher steel the british mss spy who wrote the dossier it would be interesting to know who was fusion g.p.s. representing in this transaction. in other words, who hired fusion? who is fusion's client? what was the underlying pursuance of the work that fusion has done. and so we sent a subpoena of our own to fusion, which they are also trying to fight in court in washington. and i understand that their folks took the fifth which tells me you can't take the fifth unless you have a reasonable cause to believe that the evidence you would give would put you in harm's
5:22 pm
way. so that you would actually be admitting to some kind of a crime and begs the question what is it that they think that they did wrong? >> tucker: maybe that they are protecting -- they may be protecting the person who paid them. now, i don't know the answer to who paid for this dossier. but i can tell you, which you may know already in washington, is universally believed to be a major republican donor, who was unhappy with trump. do you know, do you have any evidence as to who paid for this? >> we do not as of yet. we will -- we are looking for it. but, again, yes, they are clearly trying to protect the identity of their client. how is revealing that identity a crime, however? in other words, pleading the fifth doesn't just -- you can't simply plead the fifth because you don't want to reveal some information. have you got to think that -- so i kind of view this as well, a neighbor -- hired to throw a rock from your window and you now want to know who hired him and
5:23 pm
the bully doesn't want to tell you. that's kind of where i see fusion. >> tucker: whoever hired fusion gps to do this to hire steel and write this dossier did so in order to derail the trump campaign. would there be another reason you would do this? >> i don't see another reason and certainly from my client's lawsuit, this would be actionable important evidence because it's up to us to prove, since we're the plaintiff, that the agencies against web zilla are absolutely false. one way to prove it is to show that the entire motivation for that document was something nefarious. >> tucker: so i don't understand. this is probably a much longer conversation and we have only got a minute. if you are investigating the russian collusion story and you are a congressional committee, or you are robert mueller, wouldn't you want to know who paid for the dossier? wouldn't that be one of your first questions? >> well, of course. from that point of view, maybe the russians paid
5:24 pm
fusion and, if so, they should admit to it and i suppose then fusion might have a problem with everything, including treason. >> tucker: that's a good point. we will find out who paid for that dossier. it's going to be fascinating. >> i'm working hard to find out. >> tucker: thank you, val, good to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: nancy pelosi led the democratic party to defeat after deteeth after defeat. basically full time job. being replaced if you are keeping score. she says getting rid of her would be, of course, sexism. we'll talk with someone who agrees with that next. ♪ ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek.
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i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? >> tucker: we reported on congresswoman maxine waters many times on this show. it's unbelievable she sits in congress still. she is corrupt. she doesn't live in her own district. she once cheered on a race riot. because of this, she has become a his or her on the left. she is called ante maxine for her willingness to say anything once the camera goes on. for the record she is too afraid to do this show. we asked her a number of times. now she has graduated from impeachment fantasies to it seems like assassination fantasies. here she is at an event in new york october 13th of this year. watch. >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: now, we have called and emailed maxine waters' staff for comment on this to see if they can
5:29 pm
provide additional context for the remark. maybe we are misinterpreting. we are always open to that possibility. they haven't responded. for some reason most media aren't badgering waters to explain. we though this because maxine was interviewed two hours ago by msnbc ari melber. he didn't even bring it up. imagine if this had been a year ago and a republican congressman said i look forward to taking out barack obama, how do you think that would have been treated? well, nancy pelosi has taken the democratic party to four straight defeats in u.s. house elections. she has played no small role in the party's defeat last november at the national level which, as you know, was shocking to them. perhaps it's time she stepped down and give another leader a shot. no, pelosi said she has got to remain in office. she has to. not for any reason relating to political vision or acura men. pelosi, deserves to stay in charge, she says, because she is a woman. >> the president invited us to dinner and some of the
5:30 pm
cabinet members who were at the table. i was the only woman at the table. and that's why i have to stay there to be the one of the top women -- top people at the table. >> tucker: cathy areu publisher of catalina magazine she joins us tonight to explain what nancy pelosi meant. thanks for come on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: need me because i'm a woman. leaving aside the fact there are a lot of women to choose from democratic calculation on thcaucus on the hill. why is her gender essential to the job. >> that's not the only reason. she has been in political power for 30 years now. she is a great leader. she is great at what she does. she is a wonderful role model for women. so she didn't exactly say that she can be the only woman at the table. but she happens to be the only woman at the table. >> tucker: she said that it's important that i'm a woman. >> it's important there is a woman at the table. >> tucker: why is that important? >> because of the demographics of this country. 51% of the country are women. we should have the demographics of our politics
5:31 pm
look like our country. >> tucker: that's not true. >> that's not true? >> tucker: according to modern progressive orthodoxy 63 different general ders now. not just men and women. not binary, cathy. keeping up with this stuff. >> i'm sorry. >> tucker: i think it's insane, of course. but you are required to believe it. if there are 63 separate genders. >> then we should have them all at the table. we should have many genders at the table. >> tucker: same old man, woman, man woman. why shouldn't we give some other gender. >> fabulous. we should start with having her at the table and let's invite the other genders at the table. let's keep nancy pelosi. she is smart. she is great at what she does. the players on her team want her to lead the team. they want her to be the captain. the dnc chair supports her. the chairman supports her. her caucus supports her. >> tucker: but in real life, look, she held her democrats together for the healthcare vote in the first obama term. that was impressive. i agree with that. >> very, very. republicans can't do that. >> tucker: you are right.
5:32 pm
she lost historic number of seats for doing that she did a good job there. she has had no victory since then. you know as well as i, i talked to a congressman about it today. she is not going to get to 218. if democrats win in the midterm she is not going to be reelected speaker because she has failed again and again and again. >> everyone in d.c. knows that those losses cannot be blamed solely on nancy pelosi. >> tucker: not solely. >> so many other factors that play into that. >> tucker: okay. i mean, look, pulling the woman card is a little bit weird to me since we live in a moment where we're told as a matter of official orthodoxy, my kids learn this in school, that you can change your gender just by saying so. >> okay. >> tucker: so in a world where can you change your gender just by saying so, why is it important to be a specific gender? it's meaningless if you can change it just by saying so, isn't it? >> so then we should have a woman and all those other genders at the table. >> tucker: why is it meaningful to be a woman if a woman can change into a man by snapping his or her finger which is what we are supposed to believe. >> if she leaves, then we have all the men back at the
5:33 pm
table and we are back 50 years. we need her there. she is a step forward in the right direction. losing her is a step back. >> tucker: try to put a finer point on this. what about being a woman or a man or a member of the other 61 genders makes you a different and better leader than if you weren't? what inherently about being a woman? >> you have a different perspective. you have a different viewpoint. you see things differently. we need as many people to come to the table so we see things differently. that's what our country is made of. we all just can't be the same white guys sitting around the table because we are afraid to invite anybody else to the table because men happen to be afraid of women in power. that's a fact. >> tucker: democrats are? i live with four of them. i'm not afraid at all. >> no? >> tucker: i'm i don't know derg though. you are talking about democrats. she is not elected by republicans. >> but the g.o.p. loves to take shots at her. >> tucker: the republicans doesn't like her. last question she lives in one of the richest zip codes in the world. >> just like trump lived
5:34 pm
with nun. >> tucker: that's fine. i'm not here to defend trump's zip code. i'm just asking, do you really think that nancy pelosi represents all women? >> well, absolutely. she is not bought and paid for by anyone. [laughter] >> that means she is paid for by other own passion. >> tucker: your faith is child like therefore -- >> thank you. >> tucker: media don't hate church. they don't like her or understand who voted for trump. that's the real story. up next, we will talk to the former head of npr who thought a lot about this and decided to spend a world outside of his world in red state, america. and came up with a very different view than he had going. in it's a really interesting story. we will have it when we come back. ♪ mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no. yep. did it help? it completely ruined my game. well, the truth is, that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing?
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5:39 pm
other president certainly that i have known about. the big driver of that hostility could be unprecedented divide between the american media and the country they write about. ken stern was ceo of npr "national public radio" and distinguished member of the liberal bubble himself. as a long-time democrat he realized he didn't know testimony that conservative republicans he did what no one ever does travel country to meet people who think different from them on their own term. he has republican like me. how i left the liberal bubble and learned to love the right. ken stern joins us tonight. what does your family say when you say i want to get out there and meet people who vote differently. >> they thought i was crazy. i live on a nice democratic street in washington, d.c. and my house is 100 percent democrat. my wife and 10-year-old son was not -- were not too approving 6 this notion and i suspect my neighbors weren't either. i went out and really saw a world i didn't know of. and it was remarkable experience. i learned tons about republicans, about the country as a whole.
5:40 pm
and that's really the source of the book. and it was. >> tucker: redo segments all the time about the divide and increasingly no one ever talks to anybody they disagree with. what were your first impressions about this new world? >> one of the impulses for the book was a notion that we have actually become much more geographically and culturally divided than ever before. 10 years ago there were about 1,000 landslide counties. counties that party won by 25 or more. this time 2500. increasingly dividing ourselves so one side doesn't know the other. i think going in i had a typical democratic attitude not very flattering towards republicans. i sat in churches. you sent me pig hunting in texas. >> tucker: that was my recommendation. >> it was a great recommendation. >> tucker: meet any liberals pig hunting in texas. >> maybe the pigs. but no one else. it was just a remarkable
5:41 pm
experience. i met people who i never would have met otherwise. led remarkable lives. served their communities. deep thoughts about the way their communities and their go. should work. i learned a ton from them. that's really the experience. >> tucker: funny thing is you told me about this book a couple years ago. i thought it was a really cool idea. now it seems like a completely radical idea that no one would ever do. how do you think having done this and been in the media so long this divide effects the way that we cover news? it seems like most people who work are in the press are from one america but not the other. >> yeah. i think it's a fair criticism. i think so i was at npr for a long time i still know that the people there try to tell a balanced story. but what i never gave credit for until this time is that they live inside a certain bubble. we all do. and it drives what stories are important and what source they look to. how they think about the story. and it's enormous challenge,
5:42 pm
i think for media. because it means that they don't tell the story of half of the country. i think that's really what's missing from mainstream media. >> tucker: i think that's right. there is very little cultural diversity. i actually learned something as somebody who has spent his life hunting around guns. i didn't know how often guns were used defensively. >> yeah. >> tucker: by law abiding people in this country until i read it from you. >> it's interesting thing. all the issues i plunged into. climate change, poverty programs, and guns, i really learned a lot from people, from experts i wouldn't overruledly talk to. i talked to john lot about guns and learned enormous amount about them. gun homicides in this country have gone down by over half in the last 20 years as the number of guns in this country trip have gone up. we spend time talking about gun control. we don't actually talk about the things that actually drove gun homicides down over the last 20 years. why don't we talk about that more? the interest of the story, i didn't even know the term
5:43 pm
defensive gun use before this. and the department of justice ends indicates this happens 60,000 times a year. florida state study says about a million times a year,. >> tucker: but a lot. >> either way. high end, low end, it happens a lo. i actually found stories, i told one of them in the "new york post" this week about how people use guns to protect themselves. >> it's an important part of the gun story. not spoken about very much. >> tucker: you wrote about a store clerk who repelled a robber with gunfire. walks out, knocks the guy down with a bullet. cigarette in his mouth and says castle doctrine, baby. >> modern day clinton eastwood. >> tucker: what a great book. good for you doing that i don't know anybody else who would do that in your world. thank you. >> thank you, tucker, for your help with the book. >> tucker: i love it california is about to punish people more than using wrong pronoun than spreading disease. are you woke enough? that's the next segment. stay tuned. ♪
5:44 pm
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>> tucker: california's lawmakers are chopping up their state's criminal code to keep up with rapidly changing values. values changing so much it's bewilderrerring. used to fear people spread h.i.v. which remains incurable virus. no more under a new law taking effect next year deliberately spreading h.i.v., doing it on purpose, knowing that you are doing it is now in california a misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of six months in jail. meanwhile, there are terrible new crimes in california, and most terrible of all, misgenderring someone. also starting next year, healthcare workers who persistently use the wrong pronoun when working with
5:49 pm
seniors could be imprisoned for up to a year. california radio host, he joins us tonight to explain how exactly this works. so, law -- ethan, thank you for joining us, especially on this topic. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: law sends a clear message what our values are. not just who we want to put in jail but who we believe. it is worse to call someone by the wrong pronoun than it is to deliberately infect someone with a fatal disease. that seems like an inverted value structure to me. >> well, it's not worse. and i'm not quite sure where the year is coming from in terms of punishment and, of course, that's up to the judge. but what we have is something called elder abuse is what happens. as our demographics change the law needs to keep up with that if you want to be called something shouldn't i as basic human decency call you what you want to be called. >> tucker: i do that. >> that's not what we're talking about. women get married, for example, or whatever. i want to call you whatever
5:50 pm
you want to be called. that's my view because i'm trying to be polite. that's different from the state weighing in and saying if you somehow use the wrong name more than once or several times or in a way that we consider, quote, persistent, we are going to punish you more severely than we would if you knowingly gave someone a fatal disease. what the hell? >> well, so, we have a couple of different issues there. first off, h.i.v. is no longer the fatal disease. when you and i were going living through the 80's and seeing people dying left and right in san francisco, among other places, it was fatal. and now medicine has advanced that it's not fatal anymore. we are keeping people alive. look at magic johnson. >> tucker: that is true. but if you know people who have h.i.v., i'm sure you do i do. >> i do. >> tucker: first of all, people do die from it for sure. it's a huge deal, it's a big deem. it makes you really sick. it's super expensive. it's terrible. you can say the same thing about tuberculosis. should we decriminalize the
5:51 pm
intentional transmission of tuberculosis or malaria? of course not. the only reason you are doing this with h.i.v. specific lobby dedicated to achieving this. that's the last government you want to have one whose laws are written by various lobbies for various reasons. you see where i'm going, right? >> i absolutely see where you are going. and i still disagree with you. what we have here is we have a specific demographic who generally has h.i.v. who is being discriminated against and has a tremendous history of discrimination in the united states. otherwise we wouldn't need things like the stonewall riot in the new york city for example. and what's happening. >> tucker: wait a second, why is it discriminatory. >> sigma advertised by. this. >> tucker: look, i don't care what, quote, demographic you are. in if you intentionally give someone an incurable disease, i don't care how much money you give to nancy pelosi, you should be charged with a felony for that. that's ridiculous behavior. i mean, right? why are we making excuses for that behavior? >> because it isn't -- it's not attempted -- it's not manslaughter, attempted to
5:52 pm
manslaughter. attempted homicide anymore because we are keeping people alive with h.i.v. the medicine has advanced tremendously. >> tucker: so if i give you tuberculosis, which can be managed with antibiotics most of the time like h.i.v. which can't always be managed but most of the time. should that be a misdemeanor, too? >> yeah. morally speaking why not any std. gonorrhea for that matter. >> tucker: no because gonorrhea has never had the consequences of h.i.v. or tuberculosis. look, tuberculosis sufferers don't have a lobby, that's the truth hire. as a moral question, do you think it's okay, it shouldn't be a felony to intentionally give someone tuberculosis, is that what you are saying? >> i think it's wrong, just like you do. but is it a felony? is this something that we should be putting. >> tucker: to give somebody potentially on purpose. just to be clear. this is on purpose. this is not, you know, disease are spread accidentally and we understand that. through recklessness or
5:53 pm
carelessness, this is on purpose. i'm trying to give you this disease. that's not a felony. >> no. it's a misdemeanor in the state of california. we have determined now issue up to six months in jail for each offense. >> tucker: i got it i wasn't for california becoming its own country i'm getting close. ethan, thank you. up next, the great ainsley earhardt needs no introduction. the star of "fox & friends" here to discuss her brand new book. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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>> tucker: ainsley earhardt, cohost of fox and friends in the morning. a brand-new book coming out called "through your eyes," my child's gift to me. congratulations on the book. what's it about? >> it's about seeing life through your children's eyes. it held tickets do you have? >> tucker: a ton.
5:58 pm
four. >> it was about what i wanted to teach my daughter. little messages before went to school -- i was pregnant and this book, now that have had the little girl, it's what i'm learning through her. through her eyes. we learn through our children. i think my daughter was three months old and i was shopping and flipping through, looking at close through the store. she starts cackling and i turn around and there is a dog behind us. in new york, these ladies take their dogs into the store to shop. i turn around and my daughter -- she's so excited. i thought she seen a dog for the very first time. how cool is that? we love dogs and animals but i got to witness a human being who happens to be my child, who i love so much, see doc for the first time. one time i left my umbrella upstairs. i came down on the 16th floor.
5:59 pm
i come down and it was raining. i am perturbed. did not have to go back upstairs and get the umbrella. i have to turn the stroller around. we are probably late anyway. i'm upset about that or kind of excited about it. look at my daughter and she's in wonder. she sees rain and i realized she seen rain for the very first time. this is so amazing. i have a better appreciation for rain. >> sean: let me say the fact that in the middle of turning a stroller around that you could pause and appreciate that, it says a lot about you. >> you are always so nice, tucker. oh, my gosh. >> sean: >> tucker: i've had a f kids. it's hard to appreciate what you are seeing. the fact that your daughter likes dogs that such a young age means that she will be a great person. >> thank you, ainsley earhardt -- if you want to buy it, go to ainsley they give scholarship money for soldiers who don't come back.
6:00 pm
the ones who sacrifice everything for their kids. >> tucker: thank you, ainsley. that's it for us tonight. every night at 8:00, we will be here. sean hannity is right now. >> sean: thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity." fox news alert. we are following four major breaking news stories involving what is the biggest russian scandal in the history of this country. the evidence is now incontrovertible. overwhelming that the clintons sold out our national security to the russians and the obama administration did nothing to stop them and then they covered it up. democrats and the media have been lying to you for over a year about what is really going on. we have brand-new details as we continue to expose the truth that they won't even talk about. also tonight, ivanka trump will join us for an exclusive interview. newt gingrich coming up later. but first, nbc news reporting that the


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