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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the ones who sacrifice everything for their kids. >> tucker: thank you, ainsley. that's it for us tonight. every night at 8:00, we will be here. sean hannity is right now. >> sean: thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity." fox news alert. we are following four major breaking news stories involving what is the biggest russian scandal in the history of this country. the evidence is now incontrovertible. overwhelming that the clintons sold out our national security to the russians and the obama administration did nothing to stop them and then they covered it up. democrats and the media have been lying to you for over a year about what is really going on. we have brand-new details as we continue to expose the truth that they won't even talk about. also tonight, ivanka trump will join us for an exclusive interview. newt gingrich coming up later. but first, nbc news reporting that the brother of former
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clinton campaign chairman john podesta is under investigation by robert mueller. a new explosive report about a russian spy trying to gain access to hillary and bill back in 2009. in the house is now probing thanks to sara carter, john solomon and this program, the uranium one deal and the fbi informant that helped expose this scandal can help prove it. hillary clinton is lashing out at the president, fox news and yours truly over the new revelations about uranium one and her potentially criminal conduct. we are going to cover all of this. we have an important breaking news opening monologue. when it comes to russia, we been telling you for over a year that democrats, their allies in the mainstream media have been flat out lying to you, the american people, about what is really happening. we've also been predicting it would only be a matter of time
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before they manufactured hysteria, conspiracy theories when russia blew up in their faces and this entire thing is going to boomerang back on the democrats and of course the media. tonight, that continues to happen. let me tell you why. nbc news is out with a bomb cell reports. here's their own headline. mueller is now investigating 20 podesta, does the name sound familiar? he happens to be the brother of hillary clinton's former campaign chairman john podesta. robert mueller has launched a criminal inquiry into tony podesta and the podesta group. mealey's investigation began by looking into the finances of former term campaign chairman paul manafort but has since expanded to include tony podesta over whether his firm violated what is known as fa ra, the foreign agent registration act. working for foreign entities,
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they must register with the department of justice and disclose what they are doing. according to nbc? the podesta group lobbied for a ukrainian nonprofit that has ties to pro-russia political in that country. this is where it gets interesting. as nbc news reports, the podesta group updated that registration and its work with the ukrainian group only in june, only after media reports and after congress started asking questions. this hypocrisy from the democrats is beyond stunning. we've heard from over a year that russia is a hostile country, put in a such a bad character. and now it's the democrats? would you be here for the corrupt media? nothing, crickets. they've been attacking president trump and claiming there's a trump russia conspiracy collusion despite zero evidence for over a year while john podesta's brother, yes, john podesta's brother, the guy that ran hillary's campaign may have broken the law.
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also tonight, john solomon is out with another explosive report about hillary clinton. take a look at this headline. fbi watch, acted as russian spies move closer to hillary clinton. remember the media's reaction to paul manafort eight and don, jr.? one hillary clinton first became the secretary of state, vladimir putin in the russians launched a campaign to try to gain access to hillary, her top aides, her husband, bill clinton. according to the hill, a female russians by pretending to be an american accountant. that's by secured a job with the major democratic donor in the hopes that she would be able to collect information on hillary clinton in the state department. that russian agent was eventually arrested and deported as part of the fbi's massive bust. according to an email, the democratic donor who may have
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been compromised actually contacted the state department to alert hillary clinton about what was happening. we did reach out to that donor for comment and we did not hear back. shocking. a hillary clinton spokesperson significantly -- claiming it's all part of a partisan distraction. the vast right-wing conspiracy. not surprising but think about this for a second. they have back-to-back exact same time -- hillary is using a private server that has top-secret special access programs, classified national security information on it. mom and pop shop bathroom. same server that was less secure than your average gmail account. clinton knew what was happening because her office commented on the firing bust back in 2010 get she continued to use the personal server. that's beyond reckless. it's a direct threat to national
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security. that's only part of it. if that's not shocking enough, we have john solomon and sara carter's reporting from last week. here are the highlights, bill clinton tried to get the state department to give him permission to meet with russian nuclear officials while the uranium one deal was being approved by the obama administration. and his own wife. in american lobbying firm took millions of dollars from a russian state run nuclear energy corporation while at the same time providing pro bono services, free services, to the clinton global initiative. at the clinton foundation. back in 2009, the fbi was doing their job. they discovered evidence including documents and emails and financial records. they had eyewitness accounts that the russian nuclear officials on behalf of vladimir putin and russia and moscow, they were engaging in bribery. kickbacks, money laundering, extortion. and various other types of racketeering. by the way, other criminal conduct. just before the deal -- bill
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gets $500,000. that's twice his normal speaking fee. he got it from a bank that has an interest in the uranium one deal. bill tried to meet while he was in russia with nuclear leaders. he had to ask his own wife's state department for permission but instead he did not meet with them, he met directly with vladimir putin and the russian government that has ties to the bank, paying bill clinton and has an interest in uranium one. why? vladimir putin wanted control over america's uranium market. what's so inexcusable is that the obama administration, hillary clinton, eric holder, so many others let this happen. in 2010, the uranium one deal was approved. it gave vladimir putin what he wanted to. control of 20% of america's uranium supply. the foundational material for nuclear weapons. who would ever do this? we also learned from the hill answer good, the fbi
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has evidence including testimony -- they have an informant that millions was funneled to the clinton foundation and personally signing off on the uranium one deal in the first place, that gave the uranium test putin. the informant was blocked by the obama administration from exposing congress what was happening. "the new york times" also reported back in 2015 that the russian nuclear companies uranium one was actually exported. a yellowcake uranium outside of our country to canada. even though they did not have a license. we have no idea what putin has done with it, where it ended up. did he go to north korea or iran? there are several officials that need to testify. attorney general -- former attorney general eric holder oversaw the fbi. bribery and kickbacks and money laundering in 2009. that was his job. he was also a member of the
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committee that approved uranium one. he had to had known what was going on. and then mueller, the special counsel, the deputy attorney general now. rod rosenstein. he helped lead the investigation into the bribery scandal. robert mueller. back in 2009, he was the fbi director during this entire scandal. and now we are supposed to trust mueller is going to investigate russian interference objectively and fairly when he didn't tell congress about the russian bribery plot? and crimes that the fbi said he knew were being committed? it's inexcusable. another reason why mueller needs to go and he needs to go immediately. robert mueller has a troubling track record as a federal prosecutor. take a look at this headline from mila team criticized by federal attorneys for its history of
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questionable tactics. mueller tried to entrap him while the now special counsel with working at the prosecutor in boston. the same attorney also warned of mueller's russia probe should me but with skepticism. the oversight committee is investigating this uranium one deal. desantis also revealed some stunning information about the fbi informant. let's also look at this. >> i've been able to speak with the confidential informant that helped the fbi uncovered this bribery scheme. i've spoken with his attorney. this informant wants to tell this story but he's under a nondisclosure agreement that was signed with the eric holder justice department. he came forward in 2016 and was threatened with reprisal from the loretta lynch justice department. bill clinton, the half a million dollars, millions of dollars to the foundation.
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sources connected with uranium one. and that you have the approval of the deal of the sify's board which hillary clinton was a member of. this informant i believe would be able to link those two together because he was right at the heart of a lot of what was going on at the time. >> sean: to see what is happening? john solomon, sara carter have done amazing investigative work. we've been covering it on this show. now congress is getting at. think about this, may be what rhonda santos was saying. maybe that's the reason why the obama administration blocked this fbi informant from talking. he might be able to expose the criminal conduct from the clintons and others within the obama administration. whatever nondisclosure agreement this informant apparently signed with the obama department of justice, it needs to be ripped up and it can be ripped up by the trump administration.
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by the justice department. you, the american people, deserve to know the truth about the clintons and how they sold out your national security. finally tonight, and just a pathetic display and despite mountains of evidence, and two congressional investigations, hillary clinton is saying oh, she did nothing wrong during the uranium one deal. clinton is also attacking president trump, fox news and yeah, even yours truly. because we are telling you the truth. watch this. >> sean hannity on his program has been very critical of the uranium one deal, the president saying with regard to russia, that is the real story in all of this. what would you say to those critics? >> it's the same baloney they've been peddling for years. there is no credible evidence by anyone. trump and his allies including fox news are really expert works at distraction and diversion. the closer the investigation with real russian ties between trump associates and real
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russians as we heard jeff sessions finally admit to in his testimony the other day, the more they want to throw mud on the wall and i am their favorite target. president obama, where the ones they always like to put into the cross hairs. >> sean: the right wing conspiracy is back. hillary, i have a few questions for you. why would you ever give vladimir putin, the man you've been telling us is so horrible and russia -- of course our biggest enemy -- why would you tell give them 20% of america's uranium? the foundational material for nuclear weapons? why did you ever do that? why did your husband get twice the amount of money he would usually get free speech in moscow and at the time of the deal, he meets with vladimir? i have another question, hillary clinton, why did you take 145 plus million dollars from all the people associated with this deal? will you go under oath and answer questions? i doubt it. you don't want to, do you?
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joining us with reaction, jay sekulow. from "the hill" john solomon. and from circa news, sara carter. what do you think? >> it was was a nondenial deni. we've seen denials that hillary clinton made that turned out not to be true. i didn't send classified information on my email. she did, didn't she? her staff said she hadn't been the target of this russian spy ring. we know from the counterintelligence chief that she was the target and she got an email from the donor warning her that this story was coming out. i think we have to take everything she says with a grain of salt and follow the evidence and money and we will get the real truth at some point. >> sean: if we follow the evidence and the money from a legal perspective, but your acl jay hat on. not your counsel to the president had on.
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what vulnerabilities are here? >> there was an agency charged with whether this could take place. did they know about this investigation going on by the fbi? did they know about the firing before they have proved it? at the end of the day, the real question here is why in the world were we allowing to be sold 20% of our uranium reserves in the united states to a company that would ultimately be controlled by the russians were russian government? that's the question you ask yourself. where was these agencies that had to sign off on all this? >> sean: wait a minute, jay, eric holder had to know. the head of the fbi. robert mueller had to know. they are saying the fbi knew of crimes, bribery, kickbacks, extortion, money laundering, these are not small things. >> right, what happens in a situation like this, the
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department of justice represented which was eric holder, the attorney general, should have known -- had to have known. the fbi was not on this committee. what i want to know, what was this committee told before they authorized the sale to the russian company? that's a critical aspect of this, legally. >> sean: sara, they had to know. we have a senate and house investigation. jeff sessions wouldn't say directly because of the department of justice but i assume he is investigating this. now we also have the whole issue -- we have a witness. we have a source. we have somebody that wants to tell the whole story with documents, evidence, facts. i'm told even recordings. who makes a guy that worked for the fbi signed this nda? >> the fbi and the justice department. when he first began to work for him, they asked him to sign this nondisclosure agreement. remember, this case started out
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as counterintelligence case. it devolved into a criminal case according to my sources. there are a lot of issues here both classified and some unclassified. the classified issues he will have to speak to the senate or an intelligence committee behind closed doors in order to reveal what he knows. >> sean: who can lift the nondisclosure agreement that the guy that has the evidence, that knew the laws were broken, at the time, they knew this in 2009 and 2010. that was john's report today. >> the attorney general had that authority. >> sean: jay, let me go back to -- the attorney general has an obligation now. if you look at the entire year that we have heard russia, russia, russia and putin is such a bad character and an enemy of the united states -- if you had people come in of them signing off at a time they know vladimir putin is trying to corner the market in this country on uranium, doubling up
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speaking fees for clinton. $145 million after. they are signing off, bill clinton is meeting vladimir, wants to meet with nuclear officials in russia. i'm sorry, it seems that a lot of crimes are committed here. go ahead. >> the spies that were deported from the united states were not charged until four years later. it goes back to that fundamental issue of what did this committee know and again if you are the head of the department of justice, the attorney general of the united states, you had to know what was going on here. attorney general jeff sessions had the authority to remove the nda. >> sean: he needs to do this tomorrow. >> it would be behind -- and protected behind closed doors. the other information, look, the american people not only have the right to know, the government has the obligation to let the american people know how
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20% of uranium in the united states was sold to the russians. that's a russian scandal. you want to russian scandal? there is one. >> sean: compromised our national security. isn't vladimir putin friends with the iranian mullahs and kim jong un? who is getting that yellowcake? i want to ask this, what about the conflicts of interest mueller and rosenstein? john, we will start with you. >> i don't see a direct conflict of interest with any of those guys, their job is to go find the truth and if they do it correctly, they will find the truth on all the different things with russia. if they don't do their job, people will say where they conflicted? there is an important that has not been discussed. in the counterintelligence world, they tend to go to the president and the intelligence chiefs long before they get to the criminal side. one of the questions we have to start asking is what did the
6:20 pm
president know? did any of this get brief to the president? you think they would be telling these things. that's one of the things we will learn a lot about. >> sean: we've got to know an answer to that. that would mean former president obama needs to be deposed. all right, let me off sara and then i will ask john. the conflict of interest question but also how much more do you know is coming on this? go ahead. >> i certainly think the informant has a lot to share with both congress and the american people and i know that he felt it was his patriotic duty to come forward with this and to share this information. >> sean: have you and john spoke to the informant? >> yes, i have spoken to him through his attorney. yes, i have. >> sean: john? >> i can't say. sorry. they are protected by the first amendment. >> sean: you be quiet for a minute. you're ruining my show here.
6:21 pm
>> sean -- >> sean: how much more is coming? i've heard they have not only documents but emails, financial records, witnesses. financial -- are there tapes? >> there are. definitely. at least one videotape into audio recordings. >> sean: jay, if they come out, if people don't get indicted here, we don't have equal justice under the law. >> you are right. i would sure like to know what president obama was briefed on with regards to this whole transaction as well. this was the sale of a u.s. reserve of uranium. the canadian company first and then we authorize the sale to the russians. it does not pass the smell test. legally, very questionable. potentially illegal. i would question the legality here. the american people have a right to know what happened.
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>> sean: john, sara, you guys make this happen. we are going to get to the truth. all of you in the media, you are awful. newt gingrich and ivanka trump when we come back. very busy news night tonight. as. 3 toddlers won't stop him. and neither will lower back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>> sean: welcome back to
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"hannity." here with reaction tower opening monologue and the uranium one scandal, former speaker of the house and fox news contributor. newt gingrich. i know the clintons have gotten away with a lot of things in their career. 20% of the foundational material for nuclear weapons. the media has ignored this. meanwhile, they've had no evidence, russia, russia, russia. the danger of vladimir putin and russia. what you make of all this? >> well, i think we are on the edge of the greatest corruption scandal in american history. bigger than the scandal in the 1920s -- weaker than grant's present presidency in thin 1870s. you see it building. you watch mueller who i've been very critical of -- to his
6:27 pm
credit, he is now following the podesta family into their relation with foreigners. he is following cases that are very different. the great irony here, the one person coming out totally exonerated as donald j. trump and the people that did all the attacking -- you are hillary clinton and bill clinton. it's election night. you lost. you are john podesta. you know they've been doing work for the russians and ukrainians. how do you have the chutzpah to decide it's about russians that elected trump? once they open this, it was just going to get sicker and sicker. mark this for tonight, the breaking point will come when
6:28 pm
congress has the courage to demand that every donation to the clinton foundation be published and we learn how tremendous the level of foreign influence buying was and how unbelievable it was and what a threat that is to the american democracy. >> sean: it seems there could be no longer -- finally the house and finally the senate and i'm kind of assuming and interpreting from the attorney general's comments that an investigation is here. i think you are right in this sense, i think this will move way beyond trump-russia collusion. i don't like investigative -- i know it's about paul manafort's financial dealings from long before he was with trump and the podesta group. i can think of a single circumstance ever -- ever -- to
6:29 pm
give 20% of uranium. now that we follow the money and bill gets double his speaking fees and wanted to meet with nuclear officials and putin and in his speech he supported the uranium one deal and his wife had to sign off of this. and all the canadians involved with this deal kicked back $145 million to the foundation. i'm sorry, mr. speaker, this is a sellout. american national security. at the highest level. >> everything the average american believes about corruption in washington is about to be validated. a great historian at gettysburg college wrote me recently that by the time this is all out, every other presidential scandal in american history will look trivial. this is the most corrupt, the
6:30 pm
most unlawful administration in american history. the clintons are only a part of this. wait till you get to attorney general lynch and her predecessor and samantha powers at the u.n. this is going to keep on rolling and i think we will look back a year or two from now. we are going to be stunned at the dishonesty and bankruptcy of the obama administration. of which -- the apex is the clinton team and i have a very simple challenge for the congress. get all of their donations on the record. when you go to the canadian clinton foundation, which did not have to report, very clever legal gimmick but wrong -- you start taking these apart. it's horrendous. >> sean: follow that and also lift the nda. apparently there are tapes. emails. let me go through the mountain of evidence they have.
6:31 pm
the fbi had in 2009 documents, emails, they had the financial records. they have eyewitnesses and they had someone infiltrate. they knew crimes are being committed. they knew then. that raises questions about mueller too. i've got a break. we will stay with you. when we come back, we have the other issues in washington. more nfl players just continuing to disrespect the flag. guess what happened? the crowds are getting smaller and smaller and smaller. ivanka trump joins a straight ahead on the dizzy breaking news night. prevagen. the name to remember.
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the strikingly designed impolexus nx turbore. and hybrid. lease the 2017 nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." jerry jones' -- he said no cost in the league is suffering negative effects from this protest. jerry jones is right. this is only two stadiums this weekend. one from miami and the other is from cleveland. look at all the empty seats.
6:36 pm
post kickoff. look at this. it's empty. here's what it looked like in cleveland, ohio, for the browns yesterday. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, do they want to keep doing this? this is the result of roger goddell does not want to take a stand. i am not watching nfl games. i'm watching college football now. i am sure most americans are waiting for the nfl the stand up with those that fought, bled, and died under that flag. it's that simple. >> i think what multimillionaire players who are out there posturing don't understand is that most of us watch the game to watch football. we don't watch it watch political protest, to watch their personal idiosyncrasies and frankly, they ain't that big a deal in the long run. i think this has been devastatingly negative for the nfl.
6:37 pm
the leadership of roger goddell is astonishing. i think the owners are about to decide their pocketbook as being hurt and then they will talk to caddell but it's really sad. why should it be -- just take the last few weeks. four young americans die in nigeria, trying to kill islamic terrorists. why should it be so hard to recognize and acknowledge their sacrifice by standing up during the national anthem? i mean, what is this sickness which is permeating our culture, which leads people to believe that they have the right to disrespect their flag, pledge, anthem, the veterans, the people who keep them free and safe. there's something sick about what's happening in part of our culture.
6:38 pm
we need to have the guts to confront it head on. >> sean: i want to play for you maxine waters. when i play this comment, i want you to think about it through the prism -- why are you laughing? you know how to laugh my questions. i i have known you for 30 years. >> i'm not mocking you, sean. i'm thinking about maxine waters. >> sean: [laughs] regaining my time or whatever you said, reclaiming my time. this is her saying she's going to take out the president. if somebody said this about president obama, think about this. >> i am sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about all even though i never met him. with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight.
6:39 pm
[applause] >> sean: what's your reaction? >> first of all, i am guessing her reference to muhammad ali is a reference to boxing. she meant it in the sense of hitting in the ring. he'd never get it to happen but the idea of a round between her and donald trump is pretty interesting. i think he would probably win in the opening half minute. what you have on the left -- >> sean: he's not going to hit a girl. a woman. he's not going to do that. [laughs] >> if he was confronted with her, she would be very pleasant until she hit him in to back and the second she had him coming she would be knocked down. >> sean: newt gingrich encourages trump to hit congresswoman. i can see the headlines now. that's not what you're saying. >> my point is this, the left --
6:40 pm
i did this interview with the report of the other day. i cut him off and i said you have a pathology. i can't answer your question because you are pathological. he was totally stunned and said what you mean? i think you are so anti-trump, you are not in touch with the real world so how can i interview with you? maxine waters is the same group. so crazy. certified play out of touch with reality. >> sean: are you confident that the senate will get this tax reform bill done? if they don't, they will -- >> i've got to tell you, i am waiting with baited breath for our good friend mark meadows and the freedom caucus and others to come together. if the house passes this budget this week and president trump
6:41 pm
had it exactly right -- if they pass this budget this week and we can move onto the committee marking up with bill, spending it to the senate, i think we've got a hold time. i'm a little more optimistic tonight. >> sean: they better get it done. congrats on the success of the book, mr. speaker. speaking of that, we will talk to ivanka trump, next. straight ahead. ♪ hey it's an amazing day, ♪ ♪ traveling our own highway, ♪ ♪ no matter where it leads us ♪ ♪ we can smile, ♪ 'cuz there's meaning in the miles. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." earlier today, the first daughter and advisor to the president, ivanka trump -- i sat down with ivanka trump to discuss how the administration plans to move the tax proposal forward and pass it. take a look. joining us now, ivanka trump. good to see you. how are you? >> i'm feeling pretty good. >> sean: i walk in the door and you're making fun of me. >> [laughs] somebody's gotta do it. >> sean: somebody's gotta do it. you have an assistant or somebody that works for you in p.r., you can tell everybody. it's fine. >> you tried to set her up. and almost successful.
6:46 pm
what really excited me about this story was when i found out there was an actual web site where you're making matches. this is jerrod and my secret talent. people don't realize it's our hidden skill. we are matchmakers. >> sean: you like to put people together. >> seven marriages, zero divorces. god willing that continues. seven matches. i was feeling really good about myself. i was excited to tell you that statistic. you literally have hundreds. babies are being born. >> sean: i used to do these long book signings. they would go on for hours. a cute couple would come up and they would say they've been dating for three years and i would say what are you waiting for? and next thing you know, the girls going like this and the guys going like this. >> sean: oh, my god. you and jared. always pushing people. you have all the facts. make the move, make the move. >> sean: i even have a child
6:47 pm
named after me. and dogs. more dogs and children named after me. probably a better name for a dog. >> that's very funny. [laughs] >> sean: almost a year since your dad one night. you've been involved on a lot of issues. almost a year since your dad won. that's why this tax reform bill is probably his biggest and most important piece of legislation to bring about the economic success that he was running on. >> i feel so privileged to have the opportunity to serve our country. nothing about my life was designed to pick up and move to washington but i feel really blessed that he entrusted in me and empowered me to do this. ultimately, it's about the amazing people of this country that i met. over two years of campaigning.
6:48 pm
the hardships they witnessed. the opportunity to remove barriers so more people can experience some of the privileges that my family and i were so lucky to have. this country give us everything. it afforded us so many incredible opportunities. through job creation and economic growth, it's to empower as many americans as i possibly can. to realize the same opportunities. and this administration is doing it. we're doing it legislatively. tax reform is so critical. we are doing it administratively. through regulation. it really fueling entrepreneurship in this country. we see it in terms of optimism and the stock market. we see it in terms of the conversations we have. i'm here today. in bucks county, pennsylvania. i will hear it and every conversation i had with the
6:49 pm
people through the course of the day. that's what fuels us and that's what we are fighting for. >> sean: a very good job of getting rid of burdens with regulations. that something as a conservative talk about all the time. i put so much pressure on businesses. they can't just go out and do their job. after work with the epa and then this other agency. not that we should not take care of the environment. of course we have to be good stewards of the environment. >> there's some good regulation but it's gotten out of control. >> sean: way out of control. >> sean: >> somebody washingtont on principle would be a good idea. it would have unintended consequences for millions of people. there's a lot of bad regulation that didn't fulfill the stated goal even if the intent was pure. i think rolling back years, decades, of layer upon layer of
6:50 pm
regulation is freeing up business owners to invest in businesses. you see wage growth for the first time. i think tax reform is so core to our goal of fueling the economic growth in this country. we need to be contented of. we need the tax code that's reflective with the modern reality of what our workforce looks like. supporting our working families, the majority of which are now dual income. which is why i am really excited about the realization of a large part of the administration working family agenda through tax reform, expansion of the time child tax credit. eliminating the marriage penalty. there's so many critical elements that support our dual values of work and the family. we need to be competitive and ultimately, we need growth.
6:51 pm
this is the country that everyone wants to grow their business. >> sean: it's amazing. your dad rightly said with 1% gdp growth, worth two points. $5 trillion. to the treasury. that's a lot of money. number to reach 3% gdp growth in a year. i want to go back to the issue you brought up. very middle-class in america, dishwasher at 12. a busboy, waiter, bartender. house painter. wallpaper hanger, tile layer, framer, roofer, i did it all. >> amazing. >> sean: it's a pretty good list. i look at the economic plan and i'm like okay, the manufacturing centers build here -- corporations and lower taxes, less regulation, a better environment.
6:52 pm
the repatriation of trillions from multinationals -- 40 or $0.50 on the dollar, in the end sense, a lot of money here? >> that's a bipartisan issue. everyone's been talking for years about all this money parked off our shores that wants to come back into this country and nobody's been able to do anything about it. this tax plan fixes that. and enables us to bring that money home to invest in their infrastructure and business right here and invest in their workers. the reality is, it's a global market place now. we have to compete against other countries. we are not competitive. we have the highest corporate taxes of any country in the developed world. that's something that pretty much gets factored into our pricing, pretty much gets factored into wages. that's why they are stagnated over the past several decades.
6:53 pm
we just now are starting to see them rise. a big part of that is that the regulation we are talking about before. i believe with my heart and soul and my father does and this administration does, no one can best the american worker. there is no group of people more innovative, more motivated, more capable. there's got to be a level playing field. there's not a level playing field. we've got to level the playing field for the corporation, the small business who is spending $16 billion a year to comply with a cumbersome tax code. to the individual. i mean, the reality is the simplification of our tax code democratize is it. >> sean: it does. >> if you have a tax code the average person can't understand -- i know i can't -- i own 90% of americans need professional help -- it will
6:54 pm
benefit the person with an army of accountants and lawyers who can help them find the loopholes and nuances. >> sean: the same factual information to three of the best accounting houses in america and they will come up with different tax liabilities. that's how complicated it is. they aren't cheating. it's become thorough decades of lobbyists and special interest groups who added a nuance here,a page or idea here, part of the promise of this tax reform is cutting all of that out. simplifying it. democratizing it. making it work for all americans with a particular focus on middle income america. that's so important and what we are all fighting for. >> sean: tomorrow, part two with my interview with ivanka trump. she answers this question. it was interesting, jimmy carter even said he never witnessed any president taking as much heat as your dad. also, the family.
6:55 pm
melania, you, the little brother have been attacked. the brothers. they kind of deserve it. >> [laughs] >> sean: they can handle themselves. certain unfairness. >> we give it out as well. [laughs] >> sean: part of it is personally and mean. is that hard? the answer to that question tomorrow night. more "hannity" after this. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. he >> sean: quick announcement before we go. my movie, "let there be life" ," in theaters friday about one man's journey. something the entire family will enjoy. bring tissues. you will cry. go to unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. we will never let the trump hating left-wing media -- do
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know your friend bill hemmer? he's on tonight, live next. i saw him in his office. he's been studying all night. hemmer is up next. we will be seeing you tomorrow night. >> bill: 10:00 in new york city. good evening, everyone. i am bill hemmer. welcome to "fox news tonight." this is a fox news alert. the case of kate steinle is finally having its day in court. as she walked along the san francisco pier two years ago, she was shot and killed. the suspect had been deported five times before the deadly shooting. sparking of debate on sanctuary cities. the latest on day one before a judge -- claudia, what happened? >> bill, it was an emotionally charged day. the


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