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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 24, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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tried setting up one of his assistants. that wraps it up for the 4:00 am our. "fox and friends" continues, see you back later. goodbye. rob: it is tuesday, october 24th. harrowing new details about the deadly attack in niger on four us soldiers. when the call for help was made and how long it took for that help to arrive. >> the illegal immigrant accused of killing kate steinle goes on trial, her father breaks down on the stand. rob: controversy in the classroom, parent or two schools angry over anti-trump halloween decorations. "fox and friends" first continues right now.
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♪ >> a quiet new york city, you're watching "fox and friends" first. rob: word is it is going to rain all day on the east coast. it is 5:01 on the east coast. we have more about the deadly ambush the left four us soldiers dead in niger. >> griff jenkins live in washington dc. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs acknowledging at the
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pentagon many unanswered questions when troops were ambushed by islamic militants with a formal investigation underway. >> as much information about what happened. and what men and women are doing at a particular time. we take questions and provide as much information as we have. >> reporter: here is the timeline, on the morning a group of 12 american troops came under attack by isis affiliated, outside the capital within minutes it reticent overhead. with the conduct of the enemy supporting 30 minutes later, french fighter jets mobilize on location 30 minutes after that. that evening the bodies of two soldiers are recovered, and after the ambush on the evening of october 6th, the body of
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david johnson is found by nigerian forces and turned over to the us. dunford says the answer as to why we were there in the first place. >> 800 service members working as an international effort, since 2011 us troops a 5000 person west african force in 35,000 soldiers from the region to fight terrorists affiliated with isis. >> reporter: they are not allowed to engage forces of this local contact, no expectation on this particular role. he says the first thing they will do is notify the families in private before informing the public. jillian: emotions running high in the murder trial of the
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illegal immigrant accused of killing kate steinle, sparking the crackdown on immigration and the push for a border wall, about to reach a major milestone. >> reporter: the trial opened with sadness as kate steinle's father gave dramatic testimony. the emotion in jim steinle s voice was palpable as he spoke about the close relationship with his daughter. and at the san francisco here and taking one, moments before he was shot and tearfully recalled how they fell to the ground as he told the court room she looked at me with her arms out, hold me, dad, and i grabbed her and held her.
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>> the incredible results shown through this process and we will do what we can to bring the family to justice. >> reporter: juan francisco lopez sanchez is charged with second-degree matter in the death of kate steinle, defense attorneys will argue he shot her by accident. >> he told the police officers he found the gun and it was an accident, bring me the papers, i will sign the papers, declaring himself guilty. >> reporter: sanchez is in illegal immigrant from mexico who had been deported five times before returning to the sanctuary city san francisco. that sparked national outrage. opponents of sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, two days after steinle's just donald trump launched his push for building a border wall and as the trial gets underway nbc news gathered images of eight prototypes to be kept from building that border wall, donald trump is now seeking. meantime the trial is expected
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to continue for six weeks. rob: florida community trying to ease fears about a possible serial killer on the loose. >> nobody comes into our house and does this, not now, not ever. this is our street, these are our neighborhoods, this is your community and we are not going to let evil win this race. >> police stepping up patrols at bus stops to keep kids safe after a suspect was caught on camera near a bus stop after the first killing, two people with no apparent links to one another were shot to death in ten days, police have no leads in this investigation. >> the sentencing of bowe bergdahl delayed until tomorrow arguing the most recent comments from the president are preventing affair proceedings.
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>> i can't comment on because he is doing something today as we know and they are setting up sentencing so i'm not going to comment but people heard my comments in the past. jillian: he faces life in prison after charges of desertion for abandoning his post in afghanistan in 2009, held captive by the talent and for five years and being traded for 5 gitmo terrorists under the obama administration. >> a war hero who is his life to save 50 of his fellow soldiers has received the medal of honor. during vietnam's operation tailwind in 1970, retired army captain gary rose ran through gunfire to treat soldiers despite being wounded. >> face down the evils of communism, you showed the world the unbreakable resolve of the
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american armed forces. rob: he says the award belongs to his comrades. >> this is our middle, not mine. the story is being told. with this award i'm convinced they have been recognized for the great services of this country. rob: the president calling a true american hero. arizona state university paying tribute to american hero and former nfl player pat tillman, teaming up with adidas and the pat tillman foundation designing army schemata brotherhood uniforms, wearing them november 4th against colorado. tillman, he was killed in afghanistan in 2004 after leaving the nfl to serve his
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country. jillian: this may be the only ones bringing heat, temperatures hit 97 ° in los angeles when the dollars of additional dodgers take on the astros breaking a record. ticket prices spiking, average price $30,000 according to ticket iq. the highest price is 13 grand. after 8:00 eastern on fox, so much money. rob: it will be a hot world series. 9 minutes after the hour, ivanka trump's taking her father's tax reform push to the people. >> we have to compete against other countries. we are not competitive. rob: our next guest moderated that tax reform townhall. are americans getting on board? jillian: a doughnut shop taking a patriotic message going viral up next.
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more proof america needs a wall here it is, cable news network photo bombed by illegals jumping the border live on the air. that is ahead. ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ who said that ♪
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and always working to be better. feven being the backng half of a unicorn. fortunately, the front half washed his shirt with gain. ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. rob: hillary clinton slamming reports of bribery linked to the russian uranian deal during her tenure as secretary of state clinton calling that story fake news. >> the same baloney they have been peddling for years and there has been no credible evidence by anyone. it has been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked. rob: some russian investors behind the deal trying to get uranium out of the united states
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for russia were working with bill clinton and gave millions to the clinton foundation before the deal was approved. the house oversight committee looking into that deal. john solomon, a columnist for the hell not surprised by hillary clinton's response, he says we will never get the story from her. >> we have seen this many times, denials returns not to be true, didn't send classified information on my email coming in 2010, staff said she hadn't been the target of a russian spy ring, we know from counterintelligence chief in the fbi she was the target and got in the mail from the donor warning that this was coming up. we have to take what she says with a grain of salt, follow the evidence, get the real truth at
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some point. heather: ivanka trump hitting the road to promote her father's saxophone plan. >> tax reform is critical, we have to have policies that mirror our values. tax reform, and the top priority. and everyone is laser focused on it. jillian: will they get legislation passed? moderating last night's event congresswoman -- thank you for joining us. and this is a priority, they are laser focused, important for middle-class families and working-class families and expanding the child tax credit. what were your take aways? >> this was an audience that understood the importance of going back in the hands of americans and american families. as mother, businesswoman,
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entrepreneur, women are in the workforce to career families, job families, so important to have those resources to make sure children have what they need so they can get child care. and a crucial part of the package. >> what were the important things. supporting entrepreneurs, making sure businesses of all sizes can afford to hire and invest, tax structure is so punitive to those who create enterprise and create jobs. >> we would have to compete with the loss of the world. and cover the gamut of american
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life, men and women, seventh graders in the audience who were enthusiastic listeners who understood toward the economy going again -- rob: it is important to get this done. how difficult will it be? >> a big challenge to pass in the senate, not through the house but has been a challenging time and advocate, the president's facebook page now to filibuster the senate and to pass great legislation with 50 votes and get to 60 votes in the senate will be difficult. the politics of the senate. jillian: do you see it getting done on the timeline the trump
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administration once? >> a very full-court press, a lot of back and forth needs to happen if you want to use a bill with 50 votes as opposed to reconciliation bill, 50 votes with the vice president. you can do as many things. a lot of work ahead. jillian: holding on to that hope, this will get done soon. >> dedicated to it and us treasurer and ivanka trump are eloquent advocates making sure this helps american workers and american jobs. >> 18 minutes after the hour. >> a deal that could bring thousands of jobs to the us. it is a mystery for months.
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does this anonymous twitter account belong to james comey. carly shimkus with the concession behind some cryptic tweets.
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>> welcome back. controversy in the classroom, angry over anti-trump declarations. >> carly shimkus here with ridiculous disrespect for the president of the united states. >> holidays are becoming more controversial. very strange trends, parenting
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two cities are outraged after the elementary festivities got political with anti-trump imagery. and in massachusetts. and a parent brought in a be been game, and one of them has donald trump's name, donald trump's parents upset. and the school classroom there. people reacting on social media, let's get to some facebook posts, incredibly poor judgment on behalf of teachers and school administrators. i would not allow my child to remain without wholesale charges. should be fired, do not want them teaching my children. this is not funny. it is horrible whether you support him or not, children
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should be taught respect. a whole lot of outrage, message on facebook am i have a solution, decorate with ghosts, witches, feed the kids candy, call it a day, keep it rob: i can't believe you would even think of that. >> teaching something to the nfl. >> a doughnut shop in pennsylvania taking a stand against the national anthem protest, maple donuts takes a stance, not a knee. simple message but people in social media hearing this loud and clear, forever trumpers, awesome to you, you are all over privileged and overpaid for playing games, stand up. denise said i hope they sell a lot of donuts. i love maple donuts, stand for
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it. create them. >> you can make $5 million, i dare you. let's talk about james comey. >> try to keep it simple. for many months people have been speculating james comey goes by the name reinhold of the secret twitter account and yesterday he unmasked himself by posting this tweet. goodbye, iowa, got to get back to writing. he is james comey on twitter. now that he is writing to let everyone know, he will go by@james comey. just a suggestion. a real person, a theologian who died in 1970.
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>> the and in desperate to lose its fake news reputation. >> you might start to believe this is a banana. this is an apple. >> this is jimmy carter admits the media is tougher on donald trump than any other commander in chief. a fair and balanced debate coming your way next. ♪ non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight.
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[he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. and you look amazing... you ly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. downy and it's done. jillian: your days are numbered, jeff sessions sending a warning to ms 13 announcing a new push to lock up gang members directing law enforcement to use any and all legal means necessary. one of the gang's biggest hotbeds, joined us to explain
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strategy because criminal street gangs are very similar to organized crime organizations. they have defined leadership, cultural ties and a code of conduct that creates a bond, effective in taking down the mafia and ms 13. jillian: have 10,000 members in every state, most coming from central and south america. donald trump expected to announce a tighter on refugees entering the united states. the 120 day suspension ends today so the president will call for tougher vetting with that 45,000 down from 110,000 under the obama administration. the governor of south carolina
2:31 am
proposing a ban on thing to worry cities, henry mc master says it sends a strong message that lawlessness is not tolerated. >> we want people to come here, to invest in growth. be safe here and it is not out for those who violate our laws. jillian: this would require cities and counties to prove they are checking immigration status of anyone charged with a crime. i will withdrawing its request for a federal waiver on the obamacare exchange. kim reynolds calling the affordable care act flexible and unworkable, to make appropriate changes, open enrollment beginning november 1st iowa state officials urging congress to fix the law to provide more affordable coverage. >> cnn taking aim at donald trump launching a new ad
2:32 am
campaign called facts first. >> people might tell you it is a banana, white scream banana, banana, banana over and over again. they might put banana in or even start to believe this is a banana. this is an apple. >> you can feel the tone of it, this has jimmy carter in the weirdest story of the last several weeks admits the media has been harder on donald trump than any other president in history and defense him a bit. cnn trying to fuel a fire here, here to talk about it, a writer for the federalist and democratic strategist michael starr, thank you for coming on this morning and we start with you. cnn has made a lot of money doing the job of antagonizing
2:33 am
the president. we all see that but the audacity to come out with an ad like that after all the cnn retractions you have to admit doesn't look good. >> in the green room when i saw the ad, i thought tucker carlson has a field day with this. you see the ad, they will tell you it is a banana and so many ways to go with it had an awkward landing and goes back, all media needs to be more responsible with news. rob: i completely agree with you. a quote from jimmy carter that i can't get over how strange this came off. jimmy carter, democrat from the 70s, the media has been harder on trump than any other president that i have known about. they feel free to claim trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation. what did you make of a bizarre defense from a democrat for the
2:34 am
president? >> he is not wrong. a recent harvard study said cnn's coverage of the president 93% was negative and only 70% was positive. it is fine to be critical of the president holding feet to the fire to be critical of his policies and the decisions he makes. we are supposed to be critical and question those in power. in so doing, those things they printed up a number and run a number of stories that were false. they ran a huge story claiming donald trump's associates had connections to a criminal linked bank when they didn't and republicans wanted to make rape a preexisting condition, many things cnn has done that are false and wrong and turning around and producing a video that talks to people like they are in second grade and acting like everything they say the divinely inspired is why people
2:35 am
distrust the media and hate reporters. rob: it came off strangely, everyone can agree on that but the president has started a war with cnn, he has really gone after them hard but when you look at the stories, the retractions, cnn, one of the organizations harping on the collusion thing so long, this is starting to flip and look at democrats, we are getting farther away from trump collusion in this. does cnn have an issue with credibility? >> the media has an issue with credibility because people are confusing what is news and what his opinion. we need to get back to labeling what is news and what is opinion because it matters. when i come on the air i'm not a journalist, i'm giving editorials. when people are very clear about
2:36 am
where they stand, it is easier. i criticize republicans, democrats, very open about that. transparency is what we need. rob: every organization here at fox news we have our opinion department, guys like tucker and people in the evening and our news department completely separate, don't always along, we are not under one happy umbrella and cnn is the same way. is there a distinction cnn needs to make between opinion and news or is it all flowing together? >> we need to acknowledge everyone has an implicit bias, ideas and perspectives that will come even from objective news reporters come with a certain worldview, acknowledging that and stop pretending there is a hermetically sealed wall between the 2 would do a lot of good. rob: thank you for coming on
2:37 am
this morning. >> some extreme weather news, strong storms and tornadoes leaving a trail of destruction in south carolina, disturbing video here, wind flipping planes and cars at north carolina's hickory regional airport. rob: heavy rain pounding the streets of asheville, 80,000 homes and businesses without power today. janice dean tracking the storm is. >> reporter: heavy rain, strong wind, tornadoes across the northeast. watching the system across the great lakes across the northeast ramping up this afternoon and this evening, use the storms moving off the coast of the carolinas into the northeast and the great lakes as well, severe threat for millions of folks
2:38 am
especially when we get into rush-hour to new england, enhanced slight risk, and damaging windss, tomorrow morning reported tornadoes across the northeast as well. heavy rainfall, flash flooding in the area, that is not only the big story but across california, the world series would be the hottest world series we have ever had, 102 in la, 94 °, about a decade ago. >> boston and new york. 30 minutes after the hour the federal government spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers to study shrimp on a treadmill, it happened. wait till you hear what they wasted your hard-earned money on this time.
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clear calorie labels, and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. rob: the best video of the day serving as proof of the need for a border wall. a livable immigrants jumping over the border fence during a live msnbc report. >> people are crossing. >> 3 people jumped over. rob: right there on camera. a border agent says this happens every day and is likely to keep happening. jillian: if you're good at math you are enjoying white privilege according to a teacher at the
2:43 am
university of illinois, making her case in a new mass education textbook saying on many levels mathematically self operates whiteness and seen as part of the mathematical community june -- seen as white. it was developed by white europeans experiencing micro-aggression just by being in math. rob: remember when the federal government spent $3 billion over a decade to study shrimp on a treadmill? jillian: government spent $175,000 on pictures of food. here to way and is olympic media, your thoughts on this, the project using digital images to connect environment with dietary quality. is this necessary? >> no and no matter how many
2:44 am
terms they use like digital image, they are taking photos of food and seeing how obese people react and what situations are healthier or unhealthier and we already know these things. someone somewhere may be a grad school thought this would be a great idea and petition bureaucracy and had some persons say $175,000 to us, through but at this study that will have no outcome that meaningfully impacts anything and just another wad of cash thrown away by a government with no oversight to say like this don't need to be spent. we have big budgets and the amount of money to go to the military everyone argues about all the time but in reality if you took all the things like shrimp or $175,000 study to take pictures of food and got rid of that, there would be meaningful savings no one cares to pursue.
2:45 am
rob: how many people can you feed with $175,000. the problem when you look at a budget like the united states, trillions of dollars, so much money, money like this slips through the cracks even though it is a large amount of money and you're giving large amounts of money to all the organizations, have to figure out a way to spend it even if they don't need it and if they say we don't need this money, never get that much again so they waste it doing stupid stuff just to say they need every penny they get. >> there is a huge incentive with a certain amount of money to spend all of it even if you don't need it and they spend it on these silly things like this study about food and shrimp and everything else that is going on and all this waste that is occurring and no one cares to cover it because it is $175,000 but when they turned into
2:46 am
millions of dollars that could go to schools or helping the poor or feeding the hungry, makes you say why are we doing this? >> the shrimp study was to find out how shrimp respond to changes in water quality. the study is to figure out where, how and when food is eaten but those calories on most menus, that is what i can going back to, why spend taxpayer dollars on something like this? >> it seems to me it is another step away from personal responsibility as if we will find out these people some overarching reason they eat too much food and the study will reveal it and we will solve obesity and it will never be a problem, we know these people eat anywhere, anytime, they eat too much, we don't need $135,000 to figure that out. rob: the good news is shrimp on a treadmill did 5k last weekend
2:47 am
and a record time. shrimp doing great. thank you so much. jillian: the nfl won't hire him but colin kaepernick still has to we. the controversial quarterback trying to win a paycheck now. rob: the video terrifying, little boy playing in the rain suddenly struck by lightning and it is caught on camera. we will show you what happened coming up next. ♪
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jillian: making america work again, donald trump promising to bring thousands of jobs to america. rob: the deal he just signed and he plans to do it. >> reporter: singapore airlines side of $13.8 billion deal with boeing. yesterday at the white house the president was there, the ceo of singapore airlines and president and ceo of boeing, this is for 39 airplanes and will also bring 70,000 jobs to the united states keeping the president's promise to bring jobs, get people working. rob: facebook trying something new. >> another way to make money. they are testing this out, going to divide your newsfeed into two categories. you will have one for your
2:52 am
friends and family and another for the pages you like, news outlets, musicians, athletes, those people, commercial posts, have to pay if they want to be in your friends and family feed. they are keeping things separate to declare your newsfeed, those to pay it have to be seen essentially trying this out in six smaller marketplaces like sri lanka, bolivia, guatemala, no word if they are trying it in the united states or when they could. they have been under fire, we will see how this works. rob: used to be a cool thing, now it is obnoxious. starbucks, more drinks in the grocery store. >> always lunging something new, three new drinks, and the
2:53 am
vanilla and fig. and almond milk or vanilla bottled with almond milk, and vanilla honey. the almond milk is new. a lot of people not doing dairy anymore. rob: thanks. jillian: national anthem protests once again taking center stage on monday night football. malcolm jenkins raising his right fist for the 26 time, also joining him, and since going to a meeting with nfl commissioner roger goodell, the eagles beating the washington redskins 34-24. >> the man known for launching the nfl protest, since he can't find work in the nfl.
2:54 am
colin kaepernick has turned to writing. to shop a book. he really filed a grievance accusing them of collusion despite refusing to take a pay cut to keep playing. now running low on money because -- jillian: the last couple weeks. every week i am curious, is he going to get a job? every week it doesn't happen. it is 6 minutes until the top of the error. a 9-year-old kid rights to donald trump and gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> is he ever going to send a letter back to me or anything? rob: he did. the present's method and often surprise the kid never saw coming. >> buffalo bills fan takes
2:55 am
tailgating to a dangerous level. and didn't even drop his drink, stay tuned. ♪ ! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? . . i had some severe fatigue, some funny rashes. finally, listening to my wife, i went to a doctor and then i became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. that diagnosis was tough. i'm a concrete mason. i own my own company. i went from being a guy that could pick up anything
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♪ no hands ♪ i love this american ride. jillian: good morning to you. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. after hearing he was donating his salary. the president returning the $3 to elijah with a heart felt later. hearing about elijah's deed sending him the brand new manned lynn he had been saving for. >> i think he was really generous to do that for me. i just want to be a blessing to everybody. jillian: president trump asked elijah to give his $3 to someone else who needed it more. jillian: i had one growing up. rob: now the bad. this is scary. horrifying moment a bolt of lightning strikes inches away from a 12-year-old boy. he had been playing in the rain with an umbrella in argentina. miraculously he survived. look at that. jillian: thought ugly, buffalo takes the tailgate to a dangerous new level.
3:00 am
watch. he caught himself on fire there friends swooping in to put the fire out. the good news here is he never dropped his drink. there you have it. enjoy your day. rob: that will do it. "fox & friends" starts now. >> we owe the families of the fallen more information and we owe the american people an explanation of what the men and women were doing. >> this was a military force conducting a military operation as part of a larger strategy. >> the president is looking forward to tax reform. >> part of the promise of this tax reform is simplifying it, item extra advertising it an -- democratessinesdemocratsing it. >> trump and his allies, including fox news, are really experts at distraction and diversification. >> opening statements beginning in the murder


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