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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 24, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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he caught himself on fire there friends swooping in to put the fire out. the good news here is he never dropped his drink. there you have it. enjoy your day. rob: that will do it. "fox & friends" starts now. >> we owe the families of the fallen more information and we owe the american people an explanation of what the men and women were doing. >> this was a military force conducting a military operation as part of a larger strategy. >> the president is looking forward to tax reform. >> part of the promise of this tax reform is simplifying it, item extra advertising it an -- democratessinesdemocratsing it. >> trump and his allies, including fox news, are really experts at distraction and diversification. >> opening statements beginning in the murder trial of a mexican man who
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shot and killed kate steinle. >> the emotion in jim steinle's voice was palpable as he told the court she looked at me with her arms out and said "help me, dad." today we tell the word of his valor and proudly present him with our nation's highest military honor. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you never did think get together again. steve: our old buddy charlie daniels is in the house today. it's because he has a brand new book it's called "never look at the empty piece." he always wanted to write a good book and he never had a good ending until last year he was inducted into the
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hall of fame. now he has a good ending. ainsley: what do you think when you don't look at the empty seats. brian: focus on who is there and who is not. ainsley: i think of the rafters at the nfl. steve: good point. brian: i will say monday night football was up from a year ago. ainsley: was it? from a year ago. brian: a lot has to do with the fact that patriots played the falcons rematch of the super bowl. steve: everyone is going to be gathered around the lunch table. the president is going to go up for the regular senate republican policy luncheon. and what they're going to talk about is taxes. what's going to happen today and over the next couple of days is it sounds like by thursday the house will approve the budget proposal suggested by the u.s. senate and what that then does is that sets the congress on a quick course to do something about taxes. ainsley: the house ways and means committee promised to release their tax reform bill, the actual bill, the
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budget comes this week. they said they are going to release their bill by the next friday, a week after this budget passes. they say the budget will pass thursday. so next week they will release the bill. this could happen before the end of the year. brian: as steve said, the president is going to meet with the republican senators in the senate and they're going to have lunch. because you cannot just meet with somebody. you have to serve something. you have to eat. senator bob corker obviously still upset at the president well, this is just cameo appearance. steve: a photo op. brian: nothing legislation happen here. if he is this angry, shungts he just leave? if he is this destructive. if he doesn't think this is going to help and the president walking up there is going to help. they just differ on how to do it. steve: president has also had some words with mitch mcconnell although they had that press conference last week. it's all about taxes. then there is john mccain. he is going to be in the room as well it could be a little on the awkward side
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this week. nevertheless, ivanka trump is helping with tax reform. she appeared with sean hannity to help the current 1,000 per child tax credit. she says if congress is able to do something about taxes, it will be a lot simpler. >> decades of lobbyists and special interest group who added a nuances here, a nuances there. a page here. an idea here. and part of the promise of this tax reform is cutting all of that out, simplifying it democratessing it and making it work for all americans. particular focus on middle income america. that is so important and, you know, what we are all fighting for. brian: i think it's all hands on deck with the trump family, with the administration, with the white house, and with the republicans. they all have a reason, personal stake in getting this through because if they don't, it is disaster this time next year. ainsley: i think it's going to happen. she said that she is so
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fortunate to live in this great country. this country that afforded their family all of their dreams to come true. she wants that for every american. she also talked about how she and her husband have set up seven different couples and they have never broken up no, divorces. sean hannity proceeded to say he set up hundreds of couples. that's how they started the interview. brian: chuck woolery said i have done that 5,000 times. learning about deadly ambush that killed four soldiers in niger. steve: the pentagon gave us a brand new time line and promising transparency during the current investigation. ainsley: griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. with that story. good morning, griff. >> joe dunford acknowledged at the pentagon yesterday a lot of questions remain what happened three weeks ago when our troops were ambushed by islamic militants as a formal investigation is underway. >> we owe the families as much information as we can find out about what happened. we owe the american people
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an explanation of what their men and women are doing at this particular time. the only thing i'm asking for today is a bit of patience to make sure that what we provide to you, when we provide it, is factual. >> general dunford laid out a time line of the events, starting on the morning offing on the 4th. a group of 12 american troops and forces came under attack by isis while traveling outside the capital. within minutes a drone is sent overhead. approximately an hour after their first contact with the enemy, a call for air support comes. 30 minutes later, french fighter jets mobilize, arriving on location. and half an hour after responding that evening, the bodies of three soldiers are recovered. then two full days after the ambush on the evening of october 6th, the body of sergeant la david johnson is found by local nigerian forces and turned over to the u.s. general dunford emphasized the first thing they will do once they have more facts from the investigation is to share privately with the families in their homes with a team of experts to answer
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questions. and he explained the ongoing mission in west africa, guys, which consists of 800 service members in niger working as part of a international coalition to fight terrorism. they have been there since 2011. brian: that's a major difference, griff. you have an incident happened. people want to get to the bottom of it and you have the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff come forward and say this is what we know so far. of course the family members need to know details as soon as we get it now i'm just curious why the american people need to know how many people are doing what in west africa? it seems like now, it seems like people looking for some type of scandal. i need to know how many troops are in west africa? just know that al qaeda, al shabaab, isis are fanning out there. and they are doing it not for fun but in order to train others to stop terrorists from eventually coming over here. steve: it's good to know what we are doing overseas. ainsley: we don't want to know too much. we don't want to know strategy. steve: absolutely not. i don't think they talked strategy. they are just trying to get
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together a time line. meanwhile, they were trying to develop a time line in the courtroom in the san francisco area. it was kate steinle's murder trial. the man accused of killing her, jose serata also known as juan sanchez. the trial is beginning. you have the prosecutor who says that he intended to shoot the gun. it's all about intent. meanwhile his public defender said it was an accident. he found it in a t-shirt. it went off. ricocheted, killed her. ainsley: i think the highlight is he was released from prison two and a half months before she was shot. he was not deported. he is not a citizen. not deported because. steve: five times. ainsley: sanctuary laws in san francisco. other states are now seeking tougher immigration laws like south carolina saying they don't want to be a sanctuary state. gun was stolen from an agent with the federal bureau of land management, stolen from his car. brian: keep in mind, too. no one doubts that he killed her. it is did he intend shoot her? was it his gun? was he aiming for her?
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what's what the defense wants to do. they want to show this was just a horrible incident accident. steve: it was horrible. kate steinle's father was there and said he held his daughter in his arms and her last words were "help me, dad." ainsley: pointed to her back saying she had been shot in the back and died in her father's arms. steve: when he ran for president donald trump's big stands was look at this kate steinle case. good case for doing something about immigration in this country. you know, those great big panels, the test panels of the new wall, they had them up near san diego. and there was annual msnbc reporter doing a report on just those. brian: these were proto types of these walls which will eventually go up. if we can finally get financing for them. at which time when doing it, you see this reporter, jacob soberoff noticed something happening by that wall. ainsley: he asked. are we going to watch the video? listen to this.
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>> can we cut through it? can we scale over it? what happened? people are crossing. >> almost on cue a group of asylum seerks my grants not from mexico jumped over existing fence to turn themselves over to agents on. >> people jumped over in the middle of the day. girl in pink backpack. can you describe what's going on. >> this is everyday reality of border enforcement. united states is still the ultimate draw for people that have dire situations where they are at. we are going to continue to witness. this it plays out on a regular basis for us. >> and it did just here just now. >> just now, yeah. brian: turns out might need that wall. how about a better wall? ainsley: how about if you are going to jump the wall, which you shouldn't do. don't do it when national cameras are filming you. steve: msnbc accidentally showed why a wall is needed. ainsley: exactly. steve: way to go. brian: i'm surprised they still aired it. steve: it was live. jillian: i know. props to them. good job. we do have breaking news.
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a fox news alert. a really serious situation going on in tampa, florida. someone in this room may know the killer. those chilling words coming from tampa's police chief at community meeting overnight on fears that a serial killer is on the loose. >> there is a very good likelihood that someone in this room knows who is doing it. jillian: three people have been killed in the span of 11 days all in the same neighborhood. the suspect caught on surveillance video near a bus stop after the first murder. police now escorting kids to and from bus stops. tense moments on board a jetblue plane overnight. the plane from boston to las vegas making an emergency landing after hitting a flock of seagulls it happened shortly after takeoff. the plane was diverted to new york city where it landed safely no. one was hurt. sentencing for disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl delayed until tomorrow. arguing some of president trump's comments about bergdahl are preventing a fair proceeding.
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when the case picks back up, there could be dramatic testimony from three veterans injured while searching for bergdahl. among them, army national guard master sergeant mark allen. he now uses a wheelchair and can't speak after being shot in the head. an army medic credited with saving dozens of his fellow soldiers during vietnam presented the medal of honor yesterday. retired army captain gary rose ran through gunfire to treat soldiers even when he was wounded himself. >> you face down the evils of communism. you defended our flag. and you showed the world the unbreakable resolve of the american amplearmed forces. jillian: the president calling rose a true american hero. it was lovely and very touching when you guys watched that yesterday i'm sure. when you heard him saying this isn't just mine it belongs to all of my comrades. brian: when you read it sounds like a fictional novel. why did it take so long?
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steve: apparently the classification of the mission, something like that. in the end, the men he saved were the men who pushed for him to receive the award. all right. 12 minutes now after the top of the hour on this tuesday. a fox news alert. there's someone out there who can link the clintons to that uranium one russia deal but the obama administration has silenced him. his attorney will join us live coming up next. brian: look out. they are going to need a bigger beach. swimmers sent running for their lives. we'll tell you why. i think you know. steve: is that real? ♪ not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago.
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the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ ♪ steve: a fox news alert. the house now investigating the uranium one deal under the obama administration. and the fbi informant who helped expose the scandal can prove it could have involved quid pro quo. >> this informant wants to tell his story, but he's currently under a nondisclosure agreement that was signed with the eric holder justice department. he came forward in 2016, was threatened with reprisal from the loretta lynch justice department. clearly it's in the interests, in the public's interest that this individual be able to tell this story to congress. steve: why not? so will this informant be able to talk to congress? next guest is the informant's attorney says what he knows is significant. former chief counsel for the senate intel committing
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victoria toning joins us. >> he started in 2009 work undercover for the fbi. he went to work for the russian uranium industry. and al all of a sudden after two months there they said you have to take half of your salary left and gone about his business and made the full salary some place else. he decided to go to the fbi and let me tell you what's going on. and the fbi said well, will you continue to work for them, giving out half of your salary and report to us every single thing that's going on. not only just the briberies, but also what's going on in the russian nuclear industry. steve: sure. and ultimately what happened was the fbi knew about the corruption. knew about the connection to the clintons and, yet, they still approved it fast forward.
3:19 am
>> they approved the sale to this exact corrupt company of american uranium. steve: it looks like bribery. we would like to hear your client talk. why does he have a nondisclosure agreement to this day? >> when he began working for the fbi, they had him sign this nondisclosure agreement. when he went to sue, to get some of his money back. steve: the bribe money. >> out of the fbi control, the loretta lynch justice department called his then attorney and said if he didn't dismiss that case, they would ruin his reputation and liberty. when the justice department says liberty to me, i look that's a prosecution. so, he doesn't want to talk. and when the judiciary -- senate judiciary committee came to him and said can you tell us what you know about this because the reporters have done such a fine job, john solomon and sarah carter. he says can you tell us? he says no, i'm not going to do that until the justice department releases me. steve, legally, i don't know
3:20 am
how the justice department has a leg to stand on because the executive branch cannot tell somebody that you can't give information to the legislative branch. it's a separation of powers issue. and all of the nda i have written or had a client sign said you can't give this information except for a valid subpoena or a court order. and if that nda doesn't have that clause in there then it's invalid nda and can't be upheld. any way you go it's over but we want to do it the right way to protect my client. steve: absolutely. let's hope they are able to lift that and let's hope he gets the money back that he paid out of his own pocket for the bribes for the u.s. government. what a story. victoria, thank you very much for joining us live. >> sure. steve: 6:20 now here in new york city. he tried blowing up an airplane with 300 americans on board. but his underwear bomb didn't blow up. now he says life in prison is too hard.
3:21 am
seriously? we're going to tell you about that plus, our next guest left his democratic comfort zone to spend a year living among republicans. he was shocked what he found out. he's going to share his story coming up next. ♪ rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪ ♪ ♪
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. today president trump expected to announce a tirt cap and tougher vetting on refugees coming here to the u.s. the current refugee restrictions in today, the president expected to cap to 45,000. that's about 65,000 less than the obama administration. and the governor of south carolina proposing a plan to ban sanctuary cities in the unitestate. a bill that lawlessness will not be tolerated. require cities and counties to prove that they are
3:25 am
checking the immigration status of anyone that is charged with a crime. brian? brian: all right. it's no secret what the many on the left think of president trump supporters. >> if you vote for a racist, what does -- what are you then? because it sure sounds like racism to me. >> america is a white, christian nation. that's where a lot of the president's base thinks. >> if you want to vote for a racist in the white house, then you better vote for republican. >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. steve: yeah, they are laughing at that the next guest sought growing political divide in the country and left democratic comfort zone in the east coast to spend a year among the so-called deplorables and surprised by what he found. ainsley: he is the former ceo of npr author of new book "republican like me. how i left the liberal bubble and learned to love the right."
3:26 am
ken stern joins us now. explain this project that you did. >> i was concerned by actually some of the clips that you just saw there the country is pulling apart. we really hate the other side in ways we never did in the past. it's part because we don't know the other side there was actually an incredible poll that the "the washington post" did during the election. they asked trump voters in virginia and a divided state they asked trump voters whether they had close friends or relatives that voted for clinton. asked the same for clinton voters. and over 60% of both didn't have any close friends or relatives on the other side. steve: did that include you? >> it did include me. did i not know any trump voters. not in my family. not any close friends. brian: so, did that bother you, and is that what spurred that project? >> yeah it bothered me a lot. if we don't know the other side. it's what was said in "to kill a mockingbird." if you want to understand someone, you need to see things from their point of view. i went out and spent a year with republicans.
3:27 am
steve: you changed your voter registration. >> did i. went down to the voter registration place in d.c., changed to republican and started traveling. went pig hunting in texas. went to churches. went to tightville, kentucky. spent time in blue collar bars in youngstown. brian: not affluent. you wanted working class. >> i wanted republicans of all types. ainsley: so did you like them. >> yeah. when i say i learned to love the right. i love the people i met. they were terrific people. they astonished me with their contributions to their communities with, you know, what they wanted -- the aspiration for themselves and their families. it was incredible experience and it surprised me. steve: you tell one story how you went to one event and expected it to be a certain way and then it turns out these people who were gathered were trying to figure out what to do about the refugee crisis. >> yeah. if you understand republicans, you have got to go to church, right? i started to spend time. i had never been to evangelical church in my life. i got adopted by evangelical small assembly of god church
3:28 am
in fred distributionburg and went to urbana group of evangelical youth 15,000. i will admit before i went everything i knew about evangelicals was from -- was about jerry falwell and the movie foot lose. steve: a little ca cartoony. >> now i regret that fact. but they were there. these kids were amazing. they weren't there to talk about the things i thought they would want to talk about. brian: what was your perception going in. >> i thought they would be talking about abortion and guys and things like that. and they wanted to talk about refugees and diversity on campus and feeding the poor and housing the homeless and helping those who live in the shadow. steve: you feel differently about gun rights too now, don't you? >> i do. part of this is we all inherit our political views. we have to be honest with ourselves. no one has enough time to spend their time studying issues. we accept it from our taste makers. but when i started digging
3:29 am
in to gun issues, i discovered, you know, look, mom sides by guns have gone down by over 50% over the last 20 years. actually an incredible story decline in homicides in this country has nothing to do with gun control. the number of guns has actually gone up. ainsley: why is that? >> nothing to do with gun control. it has to do with policing. it has to do with economic growth. it has to do with programs like the pulling levies program in boston where they concentrated on really addressing 1500 people who cause crime. brian: you emerge from this not from republican or democrat but independent. >> couple things i came away with actually we are actually incredibly moderate people. we are told that we are on the right or the left. but, actually, when you talk to people, they see value in both sides. did i, too. i saw wisdom on the right and i still believe in. so principles i held to when i was a democrat. it made me want to pick and choose and not tie myself in any political party.
3:30 am
i have become skeptical about political parties. ainsley: you said you didn't hang out with republicans. you didn't have republican family members. what did they say when you came back. >> i do have republican family members but they didn't vote for trump. ainsley: gotcha. >> i live in a 93% democratic ward in washington. 100 percent democratic house. brian: 100 percent democratic pbs? npr, excuse me. >> of course. my background is heavily democratic. democratic politics, liberal media. steve: you know, ken, it's discouraging though for people who are watching and they see he is proving the point at npr it seems like they were all of one mind. as most of the coasts are. but then when you go in the middle you realize wait a minute, there is a whole side i never realized. do you feel like you wished you would have made the trip a long time ago? >> yeah. i actually wrote in the "new york post" my regret that i didn't do this a long time
3:31 am
ago. look, we all live -- this is not a critique particularly of npr or any particular institution. we all live in a bubble. our bubbles have become increasingly narrow and who he emergency news. we owe it to ourself to break out of our bubble and reestablish the bonds of affection that we can talk about the 150 years ago. brian: fascinating journey. ken stern, so now you are an independent. they have to win you over. >> that's right. every election is new referendum on ken stern. steve: the book is fascinating. it is called "republican like me." ken, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, ken. >> thank you so much. ainsley: residents targeted and threatened for flying the american flag on their front lawns. brian: my brand new book out today andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans. you will get an inside look straight ahead. steve: but, first, happy birthday to corey robertson
3:32 am
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...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? ♪ at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget ♪ the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up. brian: it's your shot of the morning, high school football team putting the nfl to shame in this instance by bringing patriotism to the football field. look at that. ainsley: god bless the u.s.a. can you hear playing over the loud speakers. that's each of the players. they were holding an american flag during their homecoming entrance. steve: this viral video of southern california's
3:36 am
sherman e. burr roes high school football team getting more than 3 million views. that is terrific. brian: massive push back and what's happening in the nfl these days. the team seems to be waning the protest. 35 minutes after the hour. jillian: we showed it in the 5:00 a.m. brian: a lot of people are watching it now. brian: who cares about your show? you keep promoing your show? jillian: got to do it when i can start with a fox news alert now. the navy deploying a second carrier. north korea is likely preparing for biological warfare. report from harvard kennedy school say north korea could unleash attacks of anthrax and small pox. if used in deadly populated areas, those agents could kill tens of thousands of
3:37 am
people. the fusion g.p.s. the firm behind the trump dossier is being slammed by house lawyers for trying to hide their bank records. tomorrow, a federal judge, who is also an obama administration appointee is expected to decide whether td bank must provide financial records of fusion g.p.s. those records could reveal who paid for the anti-trump file that was published by buzz feed. it's all fun and games until you see a killer whale. just ask these beach-goers in new zealand. >> get out of the water. get out of the water. oh my god. jillian: they're laughing though. they don't seem scared. making quite the splash causing people to run for safety. thankfully though no one was hurt. first daughter ivanka trump admitting there is something we don't know about her during her interview with our own sean hannity last night. >> this is jared and my secret talent. people don't realize it's
3:38 am
our hidden skill. we're match makers. >> you like to put people together. >> seven marriages, zero divorces, hopefully, god willing that continues. jillian: how about that? a revelation come after hannity started his one-on-one interview by revealing he tried setting up one of ivanka's assistant's. look at your headline. steve: match maker, match maker make me a match. brian: no one goes for the cold call anymore. jillian: ivanka, if you have one for me let me know. ainsley: we are learning all kinds of things but this morning, jillian. watch your show u. ainsley: if you are interested. brian: tweet us or instagram. ainsley: she needs someone that gets up early. steve: a milk man. ainsley: i don't think they exist anymore. steve: you're probably right. brian: okay. we have got to go to extreme weather. hi, janice.
3:39 am
steve: strong storms and tornadoes leaving a trail of destruction in spartansburg, south carolina. ainsley: that's where i was born. that right there in is in north carolina hickory regional airport. heavy rain hitting the streets of ashville causing flash flooding. steve: as brian just said janice dean is here with the weather. janice: we have a lot of serious weather to talk about. first of all, the potential for severe weather we sought tornadoes in south carolina. we actually have the potential for severe weather across the northeast today. so millions of folks across the northeast could potentially see large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. heavy rainfall. we are getting that fall season, the clash of the two air masses. so, if you live in the areas that are focused in on the yellow and the green, that's where we could potentially see watches and warnings throughout the afternoon and the east coast. including we'll could see tornadoes. we could be talking about tornadoes tomorrow. also, want to mention world series, guys, it's going to be 101 in l.a. possibly the hottest first game of the world series ever. not only the heat but we're
3:40 am
going to seat potential for wildfire danger as well across southern california. ainsley: the dodgers are used to that are the astros? janice: so are the astros, houston. 100 degrees is pretty hot. steve: it's warm. j.d., thank you. brian: today is the day andrew jackson war of new orleans publishes. ainsley: this is the book. brian: i hope you enjoy it i loved researching it here is a quick look at what built up. why i believe the battle shaped america's destiny. ainsley: look at the graphics. >> the war of 1812, america's second war of independence was going terribly for the united states. >> we were so weak, we got just the worst generals. we have no plan. brian: the british, the world's premier economic and military power thirsted for a shot to destroy america after losing the revolutionary wear 20 years earlier. the most pe perilous and bleak
3:41 am
time. here at the hermitage andrew jackson, his country was losing badly. america needed a leader. without a standing army, for president madison america's utter future hung in the balance. he found his leader in jackson. his greatest challenge stopping the british forces from taking new orleans. >> he lost new orleans and if the british controlled the great city, you lose the entire mississippi river and you lose all of our western frontier that we acquired through the purchase. so we wouldn't have been able to do western expansion. brian: the plan? build a wall. dig a canal, fill it with water. and wait for a british charge. brian: this berm, this protection, this wall was built in a matter of weeks, miles long to protect andrew jackson and the troops. over there were thousands of british troops. what they wanted? that was new orleans. what's at stake in the 2350ur9 of the country. >> his miss match of troops
3:42 am
that come in part choctaw indians, rifles men of color. they are not going to go out and engage the british. jackson knows that would be suicidal. brian: jackson's rag tag army would need a miracle to stop the british from stopping christmas on bourbon street. jackson knew just where to go to ask for it. brian: why would i be outside the convent to tell the battle of new orleans. this isn't any convent this is the home of the ursuline nuns it, dates back hundreds of years. they prayed for jackson's success. among the people who think that these nuns brought him a miraculous victory, major general andrew jackson himself. >> it's the miracle. it's praying for a miracle. the catholic church and the battle of new orleans. i mean, that is where we know that there was divine intervention. brian: that divine intervention would reveal itself in the final fight january 8th, 1815. >> this becomes a blood bath here. now we are looking at green
3:43 am
grass. it was the beginning of the end of britain and many ways the birth of modern america. brian: jackson's forceful leadership would help record one of the most decisive and stunning upset victories in military history. but andrew jackson left his estate before the war of 1812. he was known locally when he was done knowing the battle of new orleans he became a national star. maybe the most famous person in america. more importantly, his wins sent a message to the rest of the world that we would fight for freedom. as for jackson he would ride that fame two terms in the white house go down as one of the most consequential and influential americans in our history. steve: and his wall is still there. brian: they always told us in school they didn't have to fight that war. they sound the treaty. there is proof british planned on taking new orleans and stopping us from growing further. ainsley: i can't remember can you go and see the berm still that wall is still
3:44 am
there. brian: still there and can you walk on it. ainsley: thank you the con vent is beautiful. the ladies prayed and it worked. brian: it worked. steve: coming up we have corecharlie daniels, phil robertson, laura ingraham and joel osteen.
3:45 am
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forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪ brian: known as the underwear bombing is suing k4r5eu78ing his constitutional rights are being violated in jail. what about all those on those planes. former cia interrogator dr. james mitchell is the author of this book enhanced interrogation. he knows the mind set and helped the cia put together the program. he joins us now to react. is he not in gitmo. he is in the super max and he is complaining. does it surprise you, dr. mitchell? don't they realize what they are getting into when they try to become a martyr? >> the problem is that gitmo is like a day care center for wayward tastes where super max is really, really
3:48 am
difficult. i think they don't think that i don't think they think about it i think that we should tape his complaints and make that available to all young men who are thinking about becoming terrorists. because part of the issue here is when you commit a crime like that, when you decide that you're going to kill 300 people in the name of your god, you shouldn't be surprised when the people catch you and they punish you and some of that punishment is you losing certain rights. you forfeiting those rights when you decided to kill people. now, one of those rights is how get to spend your time with. brian: dr. mitchell, a lot of those guys are not uneducated. mohammed otto went to college. why can't they realize there is going to be hell to pay on earth for what you're trying to do? >> part of the problem is in their version of islam what happens on everett is almost completely irrelevant. it's what happens after you die. that's where your promised
3:49 am
paradise and you are promised 72 virgins who are going to, you know, kowtow to your every demand. so, their life on earth, they don't take it seriously as you and i do. ryan brian do you worry -- real quick, do you worry that we might give in and actually make his conditions better? >> well, you know, he was freely practicing his religion when he decided to voluntarily try to kill 300 people by blowing up his underpants. i don't think he should be allowed to freely practice his religion. i think this is part of an effort on some lawyer's, an apologist to try to extend the constitutional rights of u.s. citizens to those people who are trying to destroy our way of life. and i don't think it should happen. brian: yeah, send that video to those at gitmo. they should be very thankful they're there and not in super max. dr. james mitchell, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me and congratulations on your book. brian: thank you, sir. i appreciate it meanwhile, coming up straight ahead,
3:50 am
thought the hillary clinton email scandal was over? think again. what the state department just revealed this morning and it involves the word 40,000. proud americans being targeted and threatened for flying the american flag on their front lawn. that story next ♪ and the stars and stripes ♪ and the eagle flies ♪ there's a lady that stands in a harbor ♪ where are we?
3:51 am
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♪ ♪ steve: well, proud americans being targeted and threatened in the state of pennsylvania for flying the american flag in front of their houses. ainsley: hundreds of cases. one of them who decided to do something about it is
3:54 am
16-year-old aaron dunfee. steve: and she joins us live in the studio. ainsley: i thought we were going to a sound bite. hey, erin, good to see you here. you had an american flag you were flying in your front yard. as a result you go to get the mail and what did you find. >> i found a really horrible racist demonstration basically depicting a african-american man holding knife to the throat of a white man how do you like your nullity cultural u.s.a. now? brian: what was your reaction. >> i was appalled because it was nothing i ever saw happening in my town. steve: did you think in the beginning something somebody just put in our mailbox. >> it seemed like maybe it was bigger than that and i was really -- i was curious so i posted it on social media the picture of the mail received and a couple friends within like 10 minutes sent me pictures of the one ofs they had gotten. steve: so hundreds were put in hundreds of mailboxes? >> yes.
3:55 am
brian: what did you do? >> i decided that night i was going to start a go fund me to raise as much money as possible to buy signs stating hate has no home here to distribute anyone who wants them at no charge. brian: then also you said stand up to hate, right? stand up? >> hate has no home here. ainsley: not facebook page but the go fund me page. >> go to my facebook page. it's a public post. i have a couple of them. and can you click on the link and get to it there. and i believe you can search for it on go fund me as well. brian: what's your goal for that. >> i already surpassed my goal of $800. i love to honestly make it as big as possible. get these around the country. steve: sure. erin, you know, it would be one thing to get something lousy like that in your mailbox and just forget about it. but why did you decide you know what? i'm not going to forget about it. i'm going to make it clear that hate has no place in front of our house and let's see how many other people
3:56 am
feel the same way? >> because i kind of wanted -- i know i have passed through my town before i even moved there. i had no idea. and i know how many other people pass through there every day. how many people knew about this. i want to show that this is not something we stand for. this isn't we support. it was a random act of hatred by people who decided they just didn't like our country the way it was. brian: you have a diverse neighborhood. and that's not how you think that all races and creeds view each other, correct? >> yes, exactly. brian: do you feel as though this is something you hope catches on nationwide. >> i hope. so i have already gotten donations from around of the country. i would love to be able to send these out to people around the country. ainsley: erin, i think it's beautiful. if you want to go to facebook page. it's erin dunphy. brian: good luck, erin. new group of conservatives is ready to drain the swamp.
3:57 am
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they're going to get it with this. not only what dentists are looking for in a product, but what patients are looking for in a product. ♪ steve: president of the united states is going to up for the regular tuesday policy luncheon and what they are going to talk about is taxes. >> i think it would be disastrous for congress if tax reform was not passed. >> we owe the families of the fallen more explanation. we owe the american people more explanation of what their men and women were doing. >> green beret special forces are doing this very type of mission in 60 to 80 countries around the world as we speak. >> john podesta's brother, the guy who ran hillary's campaign may have broken the law. >> i think we're on the edge of the greatest corruption scandal in american history. >> a florida community coming together overnight to try to calm fears about a possible serial killer on the loose. >> we are not going to let
4:01 am
evil win this race. brian: high school football team putting nfl to shame by bringing patriotism to the football field ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the devil went down to georgia ♪ he was looking for a soul to steal. brian: only one guest on the show today who is good at the violin. it's charlie daniels. ainsley: not me. brian: when you peak at hot cross buns you should quit. steve: charlie is in the house and so is david bossie former campaign manager for
4:02 am
donald trump and president of citizens united. we have a lot to talk to you about today. >> absolutely. i got to meet charlie daniels a moment ago. ainsley: the 450eu89. >> highlight of my day. brian: great book that looks back at illustrious career. you are going to be on outnumbered later today. president goes down to meet with republican senators about tax reform. this is going to be different -- some say what is going to be different about healthcare where he was so optimistic. what's going to be different about tax reform? >> first of all, i think finally everyone in washington understands how important it is to get tax reform done this year. not next year, this year. good policy makes good politics. and in a midterm, that's what these senators, who are up for re-election are looking at. and i think that their constituents are telling them let's get some of these big ticket items that you promised done and let's do them now. ainsley: as far as the time line is concerned, so the budget was passed in the senate last week. the house is working on
4:03 am
it -- they say they are going to pass it thursday. that's done. we know they have to do that in order to get the tax reform. so what's the time frame after that? >> well, we have until the end of the year, until december to get this through the house and senate. i would love to see it done very quickly. but, let's make sure it's also right. so i think the president is concerned and the white house wants to make sure that the tax cuts and the tax reform package, you know, you saw the little kerfluffle the other day about the 401(k)s. you want to make sure you understand all of the policy and how it is going to effect everyone. i think the white house is going through the exact procedure they should be going through and mark short and that team rick deer born and that team and legislative shop are working with the hill every minute. steve: if you're going to give the middle class a big tax cut, which is the president's intent, the money has to come from somewhere. right now they are having trouble figuring out where the dough is coming from. >> that's always the problem when you are dealing with washington. no one ever worries about
4:04 am
where the money is coming from when they are spending like drunken sailors every day for the last 30 or 40 years and driving up our national debt. and all of a sudden, our economy is ready to grow at incredible rates. we are at 3% growth. the president came in to office. and it was the new normal, right? barack obama had 1.2, 1.5% growth. that's stagnant. that's a stagnant economy. the president has, through his shear force of his will, has done some amazing things with regulatory reform and other things to drive this economy and get it growing again. unemployment is down. our g.d.p. is up. and if we can just infuse this money into the -- into our economy now, by next year we're going to have 3.5, 4% growth. and it's going to be generational change. and that's what the president wants. brian: he wants a trillion dollars from like a 4% growth. that what it will bring in terms of revenue. >> we will grow ourselves
4:05 am
out of this problem just like president reagan did. he grew us out of the problem and that's what the president believes. brian: there is strong polling that shows that american people want to see something work bipartisan. i'm wondering, david bossie, if conservatives think the alexander murray merck patch for two years until they can reform it is something bipartisan, republicans can get behind because the word is mitch mcconnell says if the president wants me to, i will pass it. >> and i don't know where the white house is on the murray bill at the moment. steve: the house doesn't like it? >> you're going to have problems trying to get that through with the shear cost of it. brian: if you are the president, do you try to go back in and try to get it to something can you do. get rid of the mandates that he talked about over the weekend? >> if i'm in the white house, i would be solely focused on tax reform. i would stay disciplined, stay focused on tax reform, because that victory will help you get other victories. whether it's on healthcare reform, whether it's on repealing and replacing. or any of the other big ticket items, whether it's the wall or anything else.
4:06 am
victories will get you more victories. i say focus on tax reform. the american people want it and deserve it. and i think they will be ecstatic if they get it. ainsley: yesterday, we were talking on this curvey couch about an investigation into john podesta's brother tony podesta. turns out he is linked to russia. we kept hearing president trump is linked to russia, russia, russia. it turns out democrats might be linked to russia, what do you know about this. >> we have known that for years. the clintons, clinton foundation. the money clintons were receiving. bill clinton rolls into russia a couple weeks behind hillary clinton and picks up $500,000 payday for one speech. i think three times his normal rate. the clinton foundation was getting money from god knows who. we, over the years, through our foia litigation, we uncovered some of this russian activity. and that's where john solomon got some of this material in the hill. that reporting came from our litigation, not all of it, but a piece of it with the
4:07 am
russian investigation. steve: but with the democrats now they are kind of on the hot seat with tony podesta. it was all about with the democrats regarding donald trump and his presidency. it was all about collusion. now it turns out it's all about corruption with the democrats. >> right. there has never been one shred of evidence of the trump campaign, which i was a part of, in collusion with the russians. brian: meeting looked terrible. >> that's a bad optic of a meeting that may not have needed to happen. that's not collusion. there is no evidence of any collusion whatsoever. this here, i believe raises the bar for what i call for an independent counsel. i think an independent counsel needs to take over this investigation. look, mr. mueller can't bring this. steve: he was fbi director. >> he was fbi director. steve: rob rosenstein was number two. >> swept under out rug by
4:08 am
the department of justice under barack obama would not allow congress to learn about it would not allow the witness, the confidential witness to testify to congress to let anyone know, there is something going on here. and it's very wrong. and an independent counsel. steve: do you trust robert mueller. >> i don't believe -- have you inherent conflict. when you are the fbi director, this took place under your watch. i believe -- i'm not saying anything to besmirch him at all, but i believe you have to have the american people believe it's impartial investigation. brian: and the people he hired are big time democratic donors. hillary clinton, when asked yesterday about these expanding ties on c span she said sean hannity on his program have been very critical of the uranium one deal. i would say it's the same bologna they have been pedaling for years no. credible evidence by anyone. yes, there has. uranium one deal 20% of uranium one was sold to
4:09 am
russia u what's her answer to that? ainsley: no one can answer that. >> she's going to have to answer that. that's why i think an independent counsel is the only way to get to the bottom of it. brian: another one? >> we need another independent counsel. separate and apart from what's going on. this one is closing down. i believe the mueller investigation. maybe they have a couple things that they're working on related to paul manafort and other things that have been in the news but have nothing to do with the campaign. nothing to do with it. the fake news and by the way the mainstream media, the dishonest media will not talk about. brian: jimmy carter is talking about it jimmy carter says there is nothing there that donald trump's election was about barack obama's ineffectiveness. >> i never thought -- i never thought i would agree with the worst president ever in american history before barack obama now i do. steve: it wasn't fake news yesterday on pl bs. it was real news. and they accidently proved why donald trump was right. we need a wall.
4:10 am
because as the reporter was doing the report, there were three people jumped over it watch this. the real wall. >> can we cut through it? can we scale over it? what happened? people are crossing. >> almost on cue, a group of asylum seekers, migrants not from mexico, jumped over the existing fence to turn themselves in to border agents on horseback. >> small group of three people jumped over in the middle of the day. girl there with a pink backpack. can you explain to me what's going on. >> this is reality of every day border enforcement. united states is still the draw, ultimate draw for people that have dire situations where they are at. we are going to continue to witness this. it plays out on a regular basis for us. >> and it did just here, just now. >> just now, yeah. brian: might as well have a trampoline on the other side. what's going on? >> msnbc went down there to do one story and came away with another. the facts got in the way of their very good dishonest story. that's what this is about. the president is right. we need a wall and that's exact reason why. perfect example.
4:11 am
brian: talk about your op-ed today. >> we had op-ed yesterday on -- up on brian: that bannon is leading the charge on. >> that's right. steve bannon is kind of the figure head leader of this antiestablishment movement that's going on. i believe there's a lot of candidates that are out there that need to be supported. and my position is that if they get tax reform done, the temperature combings down on these primaries a lot. that's the problem with people in america right now is they're frustrated with washington. washington has done nothing. they have promised, promised, promised and delivered very little. and the president's agenda is stalled in congress. not in the white house. but in congress. and that's why these senators are feeling the pressure. they are feeling pressure from challengers because they have been ineffective. and i think if they get tax
4:12 am
reform done, it relieves the pressure. brian: steve bannon off. >> look, steve bannon is his own man. i think steve is going to do what steve wants to do on these primaries. he is going to make some examples out of people. to be honest with you it's not a bad thing. ainsley: check it out on right behind you is jillian. we are going to get headlines from her. >> good morning to you. and to you at home as well. beginning with a fox news alert. someone in this room may know the killer, those chilling words coming from tampa's police chief at a community meeting overnight as fears rise that a serial killer is on the loose. >> everybody at this point is a suspect. there's a very good likelihood that someone in this room knows who is doing it. jillian: three people have been killed in a span of 11 days all in the same neighborhood. suspect caught on surveillance video near a bus stop after the first
4:13 am
murder. police now escorting kids to and from bus stops. rex tillerson heading to pakistan. his mission? to put pressure on the country to do a better rooting out terrorism. this coming after rex tillerson' surprise visits to iraq and afghanistan meeting top political leaders. following today's meetings, tillerson heads to india. a big surprise for some middle school students in detroit. a visit from the first lady. >> today find a new friend and have lunch with them. jillian: the event kicking off a week of inclusion. a part of national bullying prevention month. very cool. a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. brian: good job, jillian. critics call the attack in niger. colonel waltz served in niger. he joins us next. ainsley: some elementary schools banning halloween. this one celebrating with a donald trump tombstone. do you think that's okay?
4:14 am
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can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, fda approved for 18 years. ♪ ♪ >> we owe the families as much information as we can
4:18 am
find out about what happened. and we owe the american people an explanation of what their men and women were doing at this particular time. that's why we are out here today is to take your questions and provide as much information as we have. ainsley: well, there are still many questions about the deadly niger ambush, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff taking to the podium as you saw vowing more transparency and answers for the victims' families. steve: critics pointing out far cry from the obama administration's response to the death of four americans in benghazi. brian: retired green beret commander and fox news contributor lieu ten nantd michael waltz served in niger and helped train the nigerian army. he weighs in now. first off, colonel, are you surprised that now all of a sudden people want to know details about niger when we have been there on and off for 20 years? >> i that i general dunford came out and he wanted to be as transparent as possible, as you just showed, with the families, with the media, with the country because of growing chorus that we have
4:19 am
some type of covert war going on in africa or there is some type of coverup. i am a bit surprised. we have been doing these types of missions all over the world and certainly all over africa. and in this case in niger, for over 20 years. we have been there quite a long time. steve: sure, and colonel, one of the things he gave the time line as best they know it but the big hanging question really was why did the guys who found themselves surrounded by 50 attackers, why did they waited one hour before they called for air support and back up? >> that is a great question. that certainly jumped out in my mind. the investigation still has to figure it out. i will tell you anyone who has been in combat knows it doesn't always start the way it looks in the movies. sometimes it's just you hear a shot off in the distance and you call that up and that's kind of starts the clock on when contact started. sometimes insurgents are known to do this, terrorists are known to bait people into ambushes where they start out with a small engagement, the commander in the ground thinks he can take it with the force that
4:20 am
he has. and then that turns into a much larger ambush and much larger engagement later on. so those are the things we still have to figure out. but what i give general dunford credit for is that he stood up there like a marine, took this head on and laid out everything that we know and told the world everything we still have to figure out. ainsley: colonel, i know contact with the enemy was unlikely according to reports on october 4th, three of the soldiers that were killed with evacuated and then on october 6th that's when they found the body of sergeant johnson. his body was recovered two days after he was killed. how were they able to find his body and why was it missing for two days? >> whenever we have a soldier missing, every national asset we have in the region and from the united states is dedicated to finding that soldier. and when you don't know if it's alive or if he is dead, then you have to focus on it and it took them a little while to find them. brian: right. you know what, you can understand the wife's anguish not knowing the details. thank you so much. >> yes.
4:21 am
ainsley: thanks for serving. brian: next guest says it's time for the players kneeling during the anthem to take a stand during something else. wake up. ♪ "doggie lovers"? please! you know me. i don't even know where that is! look, i'm replying deny. see? oh, come on! hello? wells fargo. i did not make that purchase. i didn't do it! i'm so glad you caught that. uh huh.
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: all right. now it's time for news by the numbers. first, 40,000. that's how many padgesz of email from hillary clinton's home brewed server that the state department still hasn't looked at hasn't gone through. luckily they have added more resources to try to get the job done. next, $25,000, that's how much the grieving family of a fallen u.s. soldier received from president trump. the commander-in-chief keeping his promise he made personally during the condolence call after dillon baldridge died in afghanistan in the month of june. and finally, 94.
4:25 am
that's how old one woman is from pennsylvania is turning. and to celebrate she decided to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. >> when i'm going to be this age, this old. i figured i would never make it for another year, better do it now. steve: there she goes. she says living life is about having no regrets. all right. brian, ainsley? ainsley: good for her. ♪ brian: question for you. has the original message of the nfl protest during the national anthem gotten lost over time? and do players even know what they are protesting anymore? ainsley: our next guest says it's time for the players to take a stopped for something, which is the growing epidemic of black-on-black crime. indiana attorney general curtis hill joins us now. good morning, curtis. >> good morning. ainsley: brian asked a good question. what was the original reason they were protesting and what do you think they need to be protesting. >> lacy year we saw the protest being about so-called police brutality
4:26 am
and the incidents of black lives lost because of police shootings. that's a very serious subject and certainly any unjust shooting of any individual is something that needs to be investigated and not ignored. this season it appears is it police brutality? is it racism? has it just become a political football no pun intended? and the concern is that this message has been muddled and lost and the reality of these protests is that they take a tone to suggest that every time someone is shot by the police it's unjust or it's racial. and i have been a prosecutor for over 20 years. i can tell you that the vast majority of police action shootings are determined to be justified and so the particular protest is really off base. brain brian take a look at these numbers and this is why you really are alerting us to this. black-on-black murders in 20162570.
4:27 am
2016257. 2380 in 2015 and 2205 in 2014. >> if you are talking about the black lives lost. senseless tragedies of black lives lost. this is a serious problem. those numbers you just cited are actually greater than that because in many of these instances, the actual suspects are not located or identified. so when you extrapolate up, based upon the fact that 90% of the victims of black crimes are -- they themselves are black, the number is more in the neighborhood of 6,000 lives lost every year to black-on-black violence. ainsley: what is the reaction from the black community when they hear you say this? >> mixed. i think those who have a genuine understanding and openness that we need to fix this problem recognize that it's something that needs to be addressed. some want to run away from it. we have to get away from this concept or this notion that solving these problems is on the back end of
4:28 am
criminal reductions and sanctions and recognize that people need to be held accountable for their behaviors and their actions. and if there are issues of unjust activities, we need to look at the front end of the criminal justifiable system. in other words, what is it about that 12-year-old child that send them down the road of drug abuse or criminal behavior. brian: i think they would get a lot of support from nfl owners, too, if that's their focus. although the nfl owners have also pledged support for any other issue just to be able to get the focus back on the field. thanks so much for joining us. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you very much for having me. brian: attorney general. ainsley: curtis hill. a little boy nearly struck by lightning. watch. [screams] ainsley: wow. what happens next is definitely a miracle. brian: and i'm not the only one with a brand new book out. country legend charlie daniels is here to talk about his life and legend. he has got a message for
4:29 am
congress, too that you will love. ainsley: we're comparing the book. brian: one of them is very good at the violin ♪ ♪ eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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looks like we're all winning this weekend. you're going down dad! navy federal credit union open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans, and their families. ♪ >> all the good people in tennessee ♪ bare foot carry ♪ gather around. steve: charlie daniels reading brian's brand new book comes out today. charlie has a brand new book that comes out today as well. ainsley: guess who is reading that one? brian. can we get a shot? steve: i think charlie wants more pictures in your book. brian: i have got to get a close up. this is unbelievable book. ainsley: is he losing the cover. brian: is he defiling it. brian: is all this stuff true? steve: absolutely. jillian has headlines.
4:33 am
jillian: that means a couple more minutes of reading, brian. jillian: the navy deploying a second carrier to the western pacific to confront potential threats from north korea. this as the new reports the knot is likely preparing for biological warfare. a report from harvard's kennedy school saying the rogue nation could unleash attacks 6 anthrax and small pox. former attorney general eric holder not ruling out a run for office. msnbc interview, the obama appointee saying, quote: i don't know when asked whether or not he would seek office. holder, who went into private practice after leaving the justice department, says for now he is focusing on working with the national democratic redistricting committee. a massachusetts elementary school apologizing to outraged parents after a fundraiser that featured a game where students tossed beanbags at mock tombstone with a name don trump. sent a letter intentionally or not it brought political aend da into what was designed to be a fun family
4:34 am
affair. and have you got to see this. a horrifying moment caught on camera. [screams] jillian: a bolt of lightning striking just inches away from a 12-year-old boy playing with umbrella. this happening in argentina. miraculously though, he survived. just a good reminder one of those videos don't do that at home. brian: in argentina. ainsley: don't do it in argentina or anywhere. steve: i just saw janice dean going outside with an umbrella. brian: why? steve: because it's pouring outside. brian: why would she go outside in this she was just part. iconic part of florida is back that's good news. southern most point marker in the key west. that's pretty cool. steve: there is janice with her umbrella, beware. janice: i love all types of weather. look who came tout to see news the weather. what are your names and where are you from. >> dan and januaryy bare from from bethany, oklahoma.
4:35 am
janice: what are you doing here in new york city. >> just vacationing. having a good time. janice: even in the rain. >> even in the rain. >> can i say hi to my friends? i want to say hello to my 90-year-old mother who lives with us. she is watching. janice: who is home with her now. >> sister. january january is she having a party? >> i hope so. janice: i do have to talk about weather because we have the potential for some severe storms across the northeast. it's 71 right now. we have that cold front moving through. that's going to bring the potential for large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes. so we're going to watch that across the northeast today. if you live anywhere from the delmarva up toward the new england region, that's where we have this line of thunderstorms that is going to move through this afternoon. also through the great lakes and also look for the potential of bad weather overnight tonight in this area and i also want to make mention over across the west coast, okay, so there is the future radar bringing not only the potential for severe weather but also some heavy rainfall. real quick across the west
4:36 am
coast, that's where we have very warm temperatures. record breaking heat across the south, southern california, including los angeles where they have of course, the very first game in the world series tonight. thank you for coming in the rain. do you want to say hi to steve, ainsley, and brian inside? >> i would love to say hi. >> steve, ainsley and brian inside. steve: and charlie daniels. >> we saw him on tv. isn't there somebody from "duck dynasty"? >> i saw him. i took a picture. janice: can i bring the folks from oklahoma inside the studio? steve: why not. brian: just pat them down first. we don't know anything from them. ainsley: they are from oklahoma. they want to meet him. >> by all means. steve: charlie has a brand new book out today. it's called never look at the empty seats. it's a memoir. i love how you start the book where you are talking about you are now living in the nashville area. and the young performs they come up to you and they say first of all, charlie, if i really put my heart to it, can i make money in the
4:37 am
business and secondly, how do i wind up with a career like yours, a long one? >> you know, i always tell everybody start with, be sure that you love it be sure that you do love it enough to put up with the sacrifices and the aggravation and stuff you have to go through. the rejection and everything you have to go through to be a professional musician. if you want to get to another level. and it's. steve: you went through rejection? >> oh, yeah. you get a lookout of rejection. you have songs people don't like and have records that record companies are not going to like. you are going to do things that people don't like. then that there is that one thing do you people do like that makes it all worthwhile. brian: can you talk about that turning point when things changed for you. >> the first time i had a hit record in 1973 uneasy rider. spoken word sort of thing. it was a hit record. it was a hit record country and pop. but it was not a career builder because it's a novelty song it would -- it was not an album setter per se. because people didn't want to hear the rest of the
4:38 am
album. that's all -- proceeded as a novelty sort of thing. the first album we ever had that actually went actually multiplatinum fire on the mountain in 1974. we have songs that we still do to this day. and then the rocket ship took off in 179 with an album called devil went down to georgia on it that was another whole stage. it was i guess probably it doubled almost our career and our expansion. it gave us foreign markets. that song played. devil went down to georgia people didn't speak english. i didn't understand it. ainsley: it spans all ages. when i was in college, those two songs would come on and whole bar would just go crazy. >> you were hanging out in bars in college? i can't believe it. ainsley: i had my days, yes. and then i met jesus. >> there you go. ainsley: i wanted to ask you about your faith. you said that was the hardest chapter for you to write. >> it was the hardest chapter for me to write.
4:39 am
when i first started when i was a kid i always heard the phrase jesus died for you, for your sins. i believed it but i didn't know why i believed it i didn't understand how to apply it to me. and every church that i ever went to it seemed like they would never get -- it was almost like the preacher thought that you knew everything you needed to know when you came in. in other words, instead of starting with the basics about why this happened, why blood had to be shed and that sort of thing. i took it on myself to find out, to work out my own salvation, which i think everybody has to do anyway. so i started reading my own bible. and i started talking to some people whose opinion i really respected as far as the scripture is concerned. and i drew my own conclusions. but when i got ready to write about it, i wanted to make sure it was exactly right because as confused as i was and as long as it took me to get there, i didn't want anybody else to be confused. i wanted to be concise. i started way back in the old testament back in
4:40 am
abraham's day and come all the way up through the crucifixion and refresh your recollection of jesus christ and how i feel it applies to my life. brian: wow, that's pretty substantial. along the way did anything prepare you for the success? did success in 1979 and '74, did that change you at all? did you become a different person. >> no. brian: once you reached there? was it a let down. >> i bottom a new set of tires for my pickup. brian: that was it? >> i think it changes you to some extent but not in a bad way. brian: pay your bills? >> it happened kind of gradually. i went to nashville in 1967 with clutch out of my car and $20 bill in my pocket. you know, i every increment of the success came to me i really thoroughly appreciated and felt blessed. i felt god has blessed me for almost 60 years to do what i want to do for a living. steve: few entertainers have that kind of career. you have been wanting to write a memoir for a while. you didn't have an ending
4:41 am
and then you were in the hall of fame. >> i could never end the book. i could never find a place. things kept happening and i kept writing about it i grand ole opry to do that until i was in my 70's. i kept on going on and writing about it when they told me i was going to be put into the country music hall of fame. i thought what a great place to end this. the night after i was inducted i went home the next day and wrote the ending. my impressions of being put in the hall of fame. i kind of back rowed a little way and there it is. brian: are you okay with this new country? because for me, for somebody on the outside that just got in to country i like it but i understand country purests don't love what's happened to country music. >> do you want the truth or sugar coat. brian: i prefer the truth. steve: the charlie daniels answer. >> every time i say something i don't want it to be a derogatory remark. but i don't understand country today. a lot of it sounds the same to me. but one thing about it is when there is somebody who is different, they stick out like a anomaly.
4:42 am
steve: like who? >> zach brown, for instance, or chris stapleton or just somebody to stands out. brian: you are okay with that? >> yeah. a lot of it i can't tell one artist from the other. i can't tell one song from the other. i have been doing this for 65 years. you know, they sound very similar to me. i'm not knocking it because that's what people want to hear. that's what they want to hear. steve: you are listening to some of these and you are thinking i wish they had a fiddle in there. >> if you want to play in country you got to have a fiddle in the band. ainsley: what is the difference between a fiddle and violin. >> there is no difference. everything is the same. pearlman told me. i met him one time mr. pearlman my name is charlie daniels i'm a fiddle player. he said we are all fiddle players. if pearlman says we are all fiddle players by gosh we're all fiddle players. brian: go out and get charlie daniels beau book never look at the empty seats it's a true story, right? >> it's a true story. brian: still writing it. ainsley: i could talk to him forever.
4:43 am
what are you doing later, charlie. brian: while you two catch up, i'm going to talk about this. nobody saw this coming. now democrats have a russia problem. the latest on what sarah carter has to say about this investigation next. steve: and we all know phil robertson as the outspoken star of "duck dynasty" who just walked in the building. >> out here rewe reject political correctness or i could say pontificated crap. steve: new show where he is even more unfiltered. he joins us with the folks from oklahoma. where he does something with his beard ♪ ♪ um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized.
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new advil liqui-gels minis. ♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪ go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪ ♪ steve: the growing russian investigation now focuses on someone close to the
4:47 am
clintons. probing the brother of hillary clinton's campaign chairman tony podesta. ainsley: then uranium deal with russia wyden. how deep do these scandals go? circa news sara carter has been covering it from the very beginning. you have probably seen her on our show or sean hannity's show. she joins us with the latest. good to see you, sara. >> good morning, ainsley, great to be here. thank you. ainsley: thank you for coming on. why are we hearing about this now? why wasn't this a bigger deal you know, years ago when all this happened? >> well, the story was actually buried. i mean, there wasn't a prosecution. let's start from the beginning. 15 months into the approval of uranium one firm that controlled basically 20% of the u.s. uranium, 15 months before that, the fbi was actually investigating subsidiaries of the main russian nuclear arm rosadam. they were the one that wanted this deal. vladimir putin was intent on penetrating the u.s. market.
4:48 am
but nobody knew about it. congress really didn't know about it. the american people didn't know about it. but the fbi was investigating bribery kick backs and money laundering when it came to the subsidiaries which was tenum which was american and tenex two big subsidiaries 100 percent owned by rosadum. and we had no idea. steve: at the time the fbi had this informant inside feeding them all this stuff. i have read there is video, there is email. there is all the dirt on proving that the russians were trying to influence hillary clinton. and, yet, the federal government went ahead and approved the uranium deal. but, in the meantime, the guy who actually paid the bribe money out of his own pocket, was threatened by loretta lynch's justice department. hey, you can't tell anybody about this or we're going to ruin you forever. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. so he had been undercover, as the confidential informant for the fbi for four years. so, this case went on and on
4:49 am
and on and lingered and no charges were brought until 2014. and what was really interesting about that, and that was against the then president of tenum the russian subsidiary of the united states. nobody knew the better. so what happened was the fbi never really actually informed, according to our sources the sippous board members. this is still tentative. we are appealing back the airs of the onion. the fbi informant wants to come forward. we know now that attorney general jeff sessions has been asked by senator grassly to lift his nondisclosure agreement. what he signed with the fbi when he went undercover as inan informant. if he can do that i know through his attorney, i have met him myself through his attorney, he will be willing to talk and tell everything both classified and unclassified. ainsley: does everyone in the fbi sign one of these? >> according to sources that i have spoken with if you go undercover as a confidential informant, they ask you to sign a nondisclosure because there is an ongoing
4:50 am
investigation. i think for the informant, the american businessman, he felt there was so many extenuating circumstances beyond what just happened to him. it was a national security issue that he wanted to address. steve: everybody wants to hear from that guy. ainsley: maybe jeff sessions will lift it we'll see. steve: sara carter thank you very much. great reporting. >> thank you. steve: 10 minutes before the top of the hour. look at the big wall over there we have laura ingraham and joel osteen. ainsley: and we have sarah huckabee sanders. you loved him in "duck dynasty," phil robertson has a new show and he is taking on political correctness. phil is here to tell us all about it. that's coming up next. come on in. ♪
4:51 am
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♪ ainsley: "duck dynasty" star phil robertson is branching off on his own. brian: get out of here. ainsley: yes. into the woods for a brand new show with a no nonsense message. listen. >> out here we reject political correctness or as i would like to say pontificated crap. brian: all right, in the woods with phil premiers october 30 on crtv. steve: phil robertson joins us right now. you are going into the woods, phil, to get away from the political correctness? >> i've been in the woods about 71 years on the earth. so i want everyone to know, look, i'm 71. so far i have never seen anything big enough for me to protest. brian: still? >> i have a right, you have the right to peaceably assemble and air your grievances.
4:55 am
i'm 71 but so far nothing has risen to the level to make me go protest anything. brian: you love this country to the point where. >> i love it. brian: you'll adapt? >> yeah. brian: are you worried about we are becoming a protest culture? is that a little bit about what this is about? >> my take on it is that just because you can protest doesn't mean that's a good reason to protest. what i can so i have to do it. steve: what about the anthem protest? >> civics i don't think is even taught in school much anymore. down where we're from, we take the scriptures, we teach our children, we rebuke them, we correct them, and we train them to do what is right from the time they're this high. but if you miss that growing up, there's not a father-figure there or a
4:56 am
father there to instill that in their children, that's what's happened to america. families are all disintegrated and, look, ms. k and i every day sit down with people who are on heroin opioids, fentanyl, i mean it's just one after the other after the other. she works with the women. i work with the men. their faces are different but their stories are all the same. that's all we do all the time. we ask them how about your home life? 98% broken homes, dad is gone. mom. so we just replaying it over and over and over. so we're trying to maybe hear my son out my dad and nephew my sister's boy, they said, dad, you need to get on the internet. you are already there. you're already there. ainsley: you have never logged onto the internet,
4:57 am
have you. >> not in my life. i have never owned a cell phone. brian: you are with michelle malkin and mark levin on crtv mitt. great to see you. ainsley: laura ingraham and sarah huckabee sanders coming up. actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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. . . .
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5:00 am
♪ steve: president of united states will go up for the regular tuesday policy luncheon. when they will talk about is tax. >> i think it would be disasterous for congress if tax reform is not passed. >> we owe the american people an explanation what men and women were doing. >> green beretses are doing this type of mission in 60, to 80 countries around the world as we speak. >> john podesta's brother, the man who ran hillary's campaign may have broke the law. >> i think is the may be the biggest corruption scandal in american history. >> calming fears about a
5:01 am
possible serial killer on the loose. >> we'll not let evil win this race. brian: high school football team bringing the nfl to shame, bringing patriotism to the football field. [singing] ♪ brian: why did they ever break up the among keys. -- the monkees. ainsley: how many hits did they have? how many hits? steve: two or three. daydream believer.
5:02 am
we're the monkees. he was a star in great britain. brian: they didn't need the other people. steve: they brought in mickey d olenz, peter tork. ainsley: starting on 30th, is that right? >> exactly on monday. "ingram angle." we're very excited. book tour we're doing that. billionaires and barricades. 800 people in west palm where kilmeade will be in a couple weeks. i can not wait to hear about your book tour, brian. very excited. i know it will be a huge smash. brian: doing your slot tonight at 10:00. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. guys, really dating yourself. poor ainsley doesn't know what
5:03 am
you're talking about with the among keys -- the monkees. >> your grandparents house. ainsley: i didn't mean it like that. you're not old. steve: one thing you need to know about the monkees. michael nesbitt's mother invented whiteout, liquid paper. ainsley: should we ask who michael nesbitt is? >> another critical fact for the key demographic. steve: how about the news of the day. president will have lunch with senators. ivanka said it would be disasterous if congress doesn't pass tax reform. they said the same thing about health care reform. look where we are. >> i find so amusing, today on front page of "new york times," there is this long article how donald trump is making it more difficult to pass tax reform, he
5:04 am
will put out little data points or tweet something about, 401(k), doesn't want people's 401(k) contributions to be capped. "new york times" writes entire piece, well, how are we going to pay for it? how will we pay for the tax cut? a long-winded piece how trump is throwing the whole thing into chaos. i look back, huh, i don't i don't recall those types of articles about the stimulus, one and two, how we will pay for it. certainly not about iraq or afghanistan trillions of dollars later. we didn't really talk about that when we talked about tarp, how will we pay for it. how will we pay for illegal aliens coming across the border. we need a growing economy. we need an economic growth level that will sustain the type of spending frankly we've gotten used to. we have to cut back on spending that is discretionary, not that much. the idea it is trump's fault, these people have been spending
5:05 am
us into oblivion for the past three plus decades. that ain't donald trump's fault, i can tell you that right now. that is ridiculous. brian: still looking for shovel ready projects for president obama to invest in. they leaked out there are none. one billion is gone. >> where is the "new york times" follow up, how we will pay for it. they never talk about that when it is one of their pet projects, one of their initiatives. only when you want to return money to the american people. by the way, it is their money. give it back to them. get more growth in the system. that will go a long way toward economic renewal for this country. ainsley: laura, democrats are trying to say what happened in niger is this president's benghazi. what didn't happen with the last administration that happened yesterday, the pentagon went to the podium, you had general dunford, i have the packet, he went through point by.what they know happened in niger so they could give peace to the families
5:06 am
of those four individuals are killed. they say they're not telling us everything. they want the family to know more than they want to us know. he did detail everything that happened. those are four americans killed in niger. we have many more answers than we did right after benghazi. when is your response? >> it is so lame. almost not worth a breath responding to this number one, the trump administration, i do not believe, kind of downplayed the fact that this was a terror hit on our soldiers, an ambush by islamic terrorists. pretty clear that that is what happened. obama administration we kind of blythely referred to it as terror attack. then sent out susan rice on five sunday shows to lie about it this was concerted effort to lie about it. then we advanced susan rice's career at national security council. that is one little difference. we did not, i don't think, have a military planes in the
5:07 am
vicinity, maybe too far away to reach, but there wasn't any stand-down order that is reported to have happened in benghazi. so i understand they never really answered a lot of questions about benghazi, but this is not going to pass muster. it is an attempt to pass the blame and to deflect attention away from really important issues. we should get to the bottom of it and they're doing that right now. >> kept saying, i thought benghazi was not an issue by the democrats. steve: reason benghazi was an issue it, was seven weeks before the election. barack obama his re-election, hinged by many people how he is handling terrorism, as there is somebody pounding in the background in the studio. >> this happens on radio all the time. i have perpetual construction. i try to get them to stop. if i had a hammer, we should
5:08 am
sing the song. ainsley: i know that. steve: msnbc essentially proved why we need a border wall. yesterday their reporter was live at prototype walls, hey, over there, people are jumping the fence. >> can we cut through it, can we scale over it? what happened, people are crossing. almost on crew a group of asylum seekers, migrants not from mexico jumped over the existing fence to turn themselves over to border agents on horseback. >> girl with a pink backpack. what is going on? >> reality of border enforcement. the united states is the ultimate draw with people dire situations. we'll continue to witness it. it plays out on regular basis. >> it did just here, just now. >> just now. brian: might be an illegal immigrant problem and situation where we need a better wall. >> i found that to be so great
5:09 am
on some levels. number one, msnbc actually stumbled into reporting on the border. so that's good. on other hand, we know that, we're going to have to do more than have a, 10-foot fence on the border. we'll have to have a real border wall. not a virtual wall but a real border wall in most area we're separated from mexico. we'll have to have a huge up tick in the number of border agents. that has to happen. we have to have expedited return back to mexico or beyond. we can't have this situation where release hundreds of thousands of people into the united states, tell them, show up for an immigration hearing in a year or so. they will not show up and they don't. all of this is ridiculous. that video should, that video itself proves that donald trump was 100% right in making that a seminal issue in his campaign. now he has to insure, congress has to insure that promise is
5:10 am
fulfilled. that wall has got to be built. we have to enforce our border for a variety of reasons. most americans understand that that report, i think it is great. they stumbled into reporting on it. that is a good thing. brian: it will cost more than 1.8 billion, all they're thinking giving. at least it gets started. if you want to see it works, look at israel. stopped almost all suicide bombers since they built it. >> i can tell you this, brian, you're 100% right. imagine in mitch mcconnell or paul ryan lived along the border. i wonder if they were forced to live along the border? i wonder if they would have the same viewpoint or slow this whole thing down. it is shocking congress still is not getting this done. it's a shock. brian: laura, we'll look forward to start of your show, october 30th. go get your book, "billionaire at the barricades."
5:11 am
steve: main that is the pounding. that they're building set. ainsley: they said laura was here last week. she is really traveling all over the place. steve: good morning, jillian. jillian: good morning, guys. we want to start with a fox news alert. someone in the room may know the killer. those chilling words from the tampa police chief as fears rise that a killer is on the loose. everybody at this point is a suspect. there is very likelihood that someone in this room knows who is doing it. jillian: thee people have been killed in span of 11 days all in the same neighborhood. he was caught on video after the first murder at a bus stop. police are escorting all kids to bus stop. a trail of destruction in south carolina. fierce winds flipping planes and cars at north carolina hickory
5:12 am
airport. causing flash flooding. more than 80,000 homes and businesses are still without power. that storm system headed north. tense moments on board a jetblue plane overnight. the flight from boston to las vegas hitting an emergency landing after hitting a flock of seagulls. it happened shortly after takeoff. the plane was diverted to new york city. no one was hurt. four pigs and a pug walk into a store. this one is not a joke. the animal's owner melissa, posting video on line of a trip to tractor supply. the pigs names, prissy, pop, cozy and pink. the pug is pig tail. ainsley: they shop with the pigs. jillian: funny part, the pug's name is pig tail. this is funny. ainsley: i think it is cute. pig tail, i think that is cute. i want a dog name him bikini.
5:13 am
steve: why? janice: ralph lauren's daughter, had a yorkie, nicknamed him bikini. brian: good to know. jillian: pig tail is runner-up. ainsley: now that i told you my name, don't steal it. brian: nobody. steve: president is heading to capitol hill for lunch, to push tax reform. where does the u.s. house stand? we'll ask house majority leader kevin mccarthy. he is next. ainsley: joel osteen is here with a new lesson how god uses darkness in all of our lives for good and he is going to share it with us. coming up ♪ and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more.
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5:18 am
changes to theirs. we will steak the senate budget up this thursday. what that means that is two weeks faster when we can begin tax reform because we had a conference call this week and we had the president and the vice president on it, and really when you look at the budget, it is the mechanism to get us tax reform. the sooner we get tax reform and growth in this country, the sooner we help hard-working taxpayers across america. steve: what i understand, congressman, sounds like you are working with the freedom caucus throughout the entire process, if there is lot of spending like in the senate bill they're against it, they're on board for there and for taxes right? >> we work with our entire conference the whole time and we work with the senate. yes, the house budget is more conservative. remember what the budget allow us to do here, it is the mechanism for tax reform. that is what the president said on the conference call with all
5:19 am
our members. a vote for the budget is vote for tax reform. it is the first phase getting to it. by doing we take off two more weeks getting tax reform before the end of the year. ainsley: a lot of people look at this. that gives you two months to basically pass tax reform. that seems easy, but probably not that easy. tell us why. what are you looking up? why are the hold ups? >> it is never easy because the tax reform is complicated. uniqueness about this the house has been working for a number of years. we put it out to the american public. we simply said, we want a tax code that is actually fair. we want one that produces growth, especially for hard-working taxpayers. we want america to be competitive around the world. so the first thing that we do, if you're a single american, right now, it is only first $6,000 is tax-free. we double that to 12. for a couple, it is only 12,000. we double that to 24. so we help the hard-working
5:20 am
american taxpayer but more importantly when we lower the corporate rate from 35 to 20, there is a new report, for average american household will go up $4,000. we know small businesses create more jobs than any corporation. we lower that rate to 25, the lowest it has been in 80 years. no longer spend weeks filling out taxes. you will spend minutes, doing it on a postcard. brian: 20 seconds left. do you have any evidence democrats want to come along the sherrod brown on senate side, looking for tax cut. >> i talked to a lot of democrats on the floor if their leadership would let them go i think there would be quite a few. this is really an american tax plan. this is for all of america that will help everybody. especially, if you're a family. steve: you got a big week. kevin mccarthy, thank you very much for taking a little time, joining us here today on "fox & friends." >> thank you so much. go dodgers.
5:21 am
brian: unless you want houston to win. we have a lot of texas viewers. sarah sanders joins us live in moments. ainsley: joel osteen has a new lesson how god uses darkness in your life for good. thank you for your service. rated r. nahelps protect eyesin blue from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. and you look amazing...lyt dates.comfortable.azing. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching.
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5:25 am
current refugees restrictions end today. the president wants to cap admittance to 45,000 a year. that 65,000 less than the obama administration. ainsley. ainsley: thanks, jillian. joel osteen is senior pastor at lakewood church. he learned this when one of the darkness moments of his life, his dad a preacher, john osteen. he shares a message of hope in his late book. blessed in the darkness. how all things work for good. we have the author and senior pastor at lakewood church, joel osteen. it face nominal. god is so good. watched you for years. your ministry is amazing. you're so positive. we need that now. so much darkness around us. tell us your story. >> ainsley, so much pushing
5:26 am
people down, wrote the book, put it together a year ago, never dreaming we would have the terrible shooting the other day and the flooding in houston, but there is things trying to push people down but i believe that just being a person of faith doesn't mean that you're not going to have these difficulties and that, you know, not that it is easy, but you don't have to fight everything. you have to trust and believe that disappointment, rejection, what didn't work out is somehow going to work for your good knowing god has a plan. ainsley: how did that happen for you when your dad died? >> my dad was my best friend outside of victoria. worked for him 17 years, traveled the world together. suddenly he had heart attack. pastor after church. went to be with the lord. it was difficult time. i remember feeling peace i never dreamed after losing my father. i felt i was supposed to step up to pastor the church. i never ministered the before. god gives you grace for every
5:27 am
season. the loss of my father, his death, what i thought it would be my darkest hour, in a sense launched me into my brightest hour, what i'm using today. sometimes we don't like it, seems they fulfill them to push them into new destiny. ainsley: god used his death to save thousands of people. when your dad died it was smaller church and acquired the arena. >> compac arena. for 17 years my thought thought me to minter. i didn't have anything to say. who wants to hear me anyway. i discovered there were gifts in me i didn't know i have. you don't know what god has in store. being faithful where you are, doing right thing, even when wrong thing is happening, you're passing a test. ainsley: how do you get through it when, you faced criticism from even people in the ministry say you don't preach enough scripture. all just positive.
5:28 am
name it and claim it. then you have got criticism is for houston with the storm. how do you get past all of that? >> you know, i stay focused on what i believe god called me to do. i get up every morning, search my own heart and god, are you on track. you will never please anybody from the left to the right to the storm the on the storm, people criticized you didn't open curve on time. they didn't know flooding in the build. it was taking on water. you have to run your race. jesus had critics. jesus was betrayed. sometimes these things you don't understand. you have to pass the test because even the critics, betrayal, disappointment are part of your destiny. without judas we wouldn't have salvation. god used an enemy for jesus probably more than he used his friends in one sense. i enpeople through the book. don't fight everything that doesn't work out. control what you can control. that is our attitude. we can't control what people say
5:29 am
or bad medical report. stay in faith. live from a place of peace. >> i heard you preaching, one time you said, if there is anything negative written but, you don't read it. you don't want any negativity coming into your home and heart and life. social media, people write the nasty stuff. teenagers, gills are bullied all the time. boys are too. what is your advice us watching and listening with the national anthem, kneels so much negativity in the world. >> my encouragement, social media, don't that put in your spirit, don't get that in your heart, before long you are defensive, trying to prove to them i'm this and prove to them i'm that. people have the right to their opinion but you have the right not to let it poison you. keep your mind and heart in a place of peace. hour god says you are. with the other, i believe of course in respecting our country and i understand both sides of it, but i go back to let's live
5:30 am
with a place of respect. be a part of the solution, not the problem. by example, let's love one another. that is what jesus called us to do, whether they look like us or believe like us, let's treat each other with respect and honor. ainsley: if you want to see diversity go to your church. it looks like heaven. everyone looks different. everyone is different. we're together in the moment. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. ainsley: moments ago, senator bob corker reigniting his fight for president trump. >> i would like for him to leave it to the professionals for a while and see if we can do something constructive for our country, the region and the world. ainsley: joel, here it goes. the president already firing back. white house press secretary sarah sanders live from the white house next. the story of the battle that changed american history. brian's new book, we're so proud of him, "andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans" comes out today. it is a great history lesson. you will learn a lot. stay with us.
5:31 am
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5:34 am
>> the president undermines our secretary of state, raises tensions in the area by virtue of tweets he sends out. i would like for him to leave it to the professionals for a while, see if we can do something that is constructive for the country, region and world. brian: bob corker who helped president obama give us the bad iranian deal. this is the president's tweet response about corker, couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee is fighting tax cuts. clearly this is very personal. corker dropped out of race in tennessee when i refused to endorse him. only negative on anything trump.
5:35 am
look at his record, exclamation point. bob corker is doubling down. the president is tripling down. steve: what is going on? let's talk to the press secretary of the united states, sarah huckabee sanders. sarah, looks like lunch president will have with senators, including bob corker, might be a little awkward. >> no, i don't think so. he has one or two people who don't want to seat ball move further down the field. i think if bob corker is suggesting leaving it to the professionals, referring to himself, we left it to him long enough and he has been ineffective. now i think we need to you know, let the president take the lead on this front, working with leader mcconnell and others that really want to see productive change, whether on tax reform, whether getting better deals. fixing some of the mistakes through things like the iran deal, putting pressure on north korea. this is president who wants to be aggressive, wants to take big
5:36 am
action. if senator corker doesn't want to be part of that, i think that is sad for his constituents. we'll not let that get in the way of us moving forward. steve: apparently he also told gma to leave tax writing to committees and wants full debate. when you say there are a few individuals don't want to move the ball down the field. it is bob corker, you're saying who else? >> i hope no one else. i hope the rest of the senate, that the president will sit down with today, want to talk about how to really make some productive change, including massive tax cuts, historic tax cuts, particularly for the middle class, empowering the middle class, creating more economic growth. we have a booming economy right now. we want to continue the momentum through tax cuts. i think we'll have a lot of people within the senate, particularly those at the lunch today, really want to be part of that effort and want to join with the president to make sure we make that happen by the end of the year. ainsley: sarah, i read this morning there are two priorities
5:37 am
he wants to discuss at the lunch. one is tax reform. what to do over obamacare. the standoff on cost sharing reductions. they're talking obamacare again today? >> look, obamacare will continue to be something we have to address. president thinks we can do something in the spring in the meantime. he wants to do small fixes through the executive action. last week, main priority for through the fall legislative agenda, make sure we give tax relief to the american people, do that through the plan the president laid out. brian: to follow up on what ainsley said, lamar alexander plan, they urged to keep working on it. mr. mcconnell says what do you want me to do, mr. president. i will put it up to a vote. does the president want to personally work with democrats to put something out there? >> if democrats want to come to
5:38 am
the table to put more comprehensive piece of legislation together, that is something interesting we can talk about. one of the things it has to happen, it has to go further. we want to make sure we give states flexibility. we need to lower premiums, create competition. certainly address the issue of across state lines ability. brian: mandates. >> people to move around. there are a lot of different factors that need to play into this. we want to make sure we repeal and replace obamacare, with something that addresses a lot of problems, not just one or two of them. steve: something a lot of people pay attention to this week, that attack a while back in the country of niger. great to see the general yesterday take podium at pentagon to explain what we know at this point but democrats are calling this particular event president trump's benghazi which is unusual because that they think it's a big thing although when president obama was president they did not regard benghazi as a big deal, some.
5:39 am
>> look, these are not comparable events. i know that the democrats want to make this a big negative attack piece against this president. look this is still an active investigation. we're still in review. i think general dunford did an incredible job yesterday laying out fact what is we know at this point but to try to compare the two is simply a cheap attempt by democrats to taint this president. brian: you don't think general dunford answered anything there? would you look for secretary of defense mattis to go further? >> i think that once we have more information in the full review is is complete. you will have a lot of details. general dunford said the big priority is making sure we get information to familys who lost someone in this mission, and, that certainly is our responsibility and certainly the priority that the department of
5:40 am
defense and general dunford and general mattis both laid out. i don't think they will stop until they get those answers, that they can provide those to the american people, particularly families that lost someone in the mission. ainsley: sarah, many say democrats when it comes to russia, it has boomerang effect, when you throw a boomerang bypassed president trump, and no evidence of collusion and comes back around to democrats and hits john podesta's brother in the face. apparently had this business and didn't report anything on time. media reports, then he decides, full disclosure, yeah, i did have relationship with the ukraine and was affiliated with russia. what is the mt. 's response to all this? >> look i think the same thing he has been talking about all along. if you want to see collusion with anyone and russians, look no further than the democrats. look no further than tony podesta and clinton crew. if anyone colluded with any
5:41 am
foreign government in last year's election it, was clinton campaign, it was democrats. it certainly wasn't this one. they continue to try to find ways to delegitimatize this president. they continue to fail. he will keep moving forward and keep doing great things for the country. steve: sarah, you have a bunch of television screens in your office. president watches tv all the time. did you see yesterday when msnbc wag doing report on prototype border walls, they were all there. suddenly nbc reporter showed accidentally why we need a border wall, because a group of illegals hopped over the existing fence, then turned themselves into border patrol agents on horseback. have you seen the video? has the president seen video? what is your reaction? >> i did see the clip. i don't know if the president had a chance to, i hope he gets a chance today. that is perfect example why the wall is so important. why the president made a priority.
5:42 am
why he makes sure it will get done. brian: sarah huckabee sanders. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. brian: they head to capitol hill to make progress. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. story of the battle that changed american history forever, my brand new book, andrew jackson, battle of new orleans if my clock is right and my calendar is correct. we have a look straight ahead. ainsley: these are not ordinary dogs. they are heroes. you will meet these extraordinary pups next. ♪
5:43 am
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if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. steve: finally i have something to read. brian: large print, if that is something you want to do. steve: i need large print? >> it has never been an option.
5:46 am
ainsley: what are we talking about, brian. brian: "andrew jackson, the battle of new orleans is out today, we have been working on it two years. here is a look at the book, in a quick recap. three minutes, 8 seconds if you're scoring at home. the war of 1812, america's second war of independence was going terribly for the united states. >> we were so weak, we have the worst generals. we have got no plan. brian: the british, the world's premier economic, military power, thirsted for second shot at destroying america after losing the revolutionary war 23 years earlier. the most bleak time, invasion and burning of washington, including the white house. lear at the herma damage major general andrew jackson was seething. america need ad leader. without a standing army, for president madison, america's utter future hung in the balance.
5:47 am
he found his leader in jackson. his greatest challenge? stopping british forces from taking new orleans. >> if he lost new orleans, if the brittish controlled the great city, you loosen tire mississippi river and lose all of our western frontier we acquired through the purchase. so we wouldn't have been able to do western expansion. brian: the plan? build a wall. dig a canal. fill it with water. and wait for a british charge. this berm, this protection, this wall was built in a mater of weeks. miles long to protect andrew jackson and the american troops. over there, were thousands of british troops. what they wanted? that was new orleans. what was at stake? the future of the country. >> mishmash troops come in, part choctaw indians and kentucky and rifles, free men of color. they will not engage the british. jackson knows that would be suicide. brian: any one would tell you
5:48 am
they need a miracle to stop british spending christmas on bourbon street. why am i at a convent. this is the convent of ursuline nuns. they prayed for jackson's success. for those that don't think they brought him a victory, andrew jackson himself said. >> praying for a miracle, catholic church and battle of new orleans. we know there was divine intervention. brian: that divine intervention would reveal itself in the final fight, january 8th. 1815. >> this become as bloodbath. we're looking at green grass. it was beginning the end of britain, in many ways the birth of modern america. brian: jackson's forceful lip was would record the most decisive and stunning upset
5:49 am
military victories in history. when jackson left the hess is state he was known locally. he became a national star. maybe most famous person in america. more importantly his win send as message to the rest of the world. we would fight relentlessly and furiously for freedom. jackson, he would ride the fame in two terms in the white house, and go down as one of the most consequential and influential americans in history. steve: that is why the president has his portrait in the oval room. brian: the president sees a lot of parallels. there are many. i talk about that. they were both obsessed with the media. they both didn't feel like they got a fair shot. there is a lot of similarities. we have a special that will air in a couple weeks, why other presidents were obsessed with it. fdr, teddy roosevelt, reagan were obsessed with andrew jackson. i'm at the heritage foundation afternoon 2:00 to four. barnes & noble, saturday,
5:50 am
mcclain, virginia, and fredricksburg, virginia, 7 to 8:30. i don't know if you done two in one day. >> i can't keep up with you. you're a maniac. brian: hope you like it. thanks so much. ten minutes before the top. hour. ainsley: these are not your ordinary dogs. they are heroes. you meet the award-winning pups next. steve: let's check in with bill hemmer when you have going in ten minutes. >> brian, congratulations on book. hope everybody get as chance it read it. check it out. president goes to the hill. big discussions. what happened in west africa. we'll piece it together based on what we know today. what is the truth on the iranian deal? congressman ron desantis is investigating and here live. senator marco rubio on taxes, obamacare. why are american workers returning from cuba with brain damage? he wants answers. sandra and i see you with all of that. and more. ten minutes top of the hour right here.
5:51 am
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♪ steve: all right. janice: hi. if you had a rough morning, be surprised by extraordinary pups. ainsley: humane hero dog awards is competition that recognizes courageous acts heroism performed by dogs. 2017 winners are ready for the close-up. steve: that's right. dr. robert gan-ze-r is president of american humane society along with award winning dogs. good morning. >> good morning. steve: tell us are atlas. >> atlas is service dog of the
5:55 am
year. he is incredible love on both ends of the leash. steve: what does atlas do. >> kenny came back with it. bi and tbs. this wonderful dog allows him to live a normal life. brian: kenny, what has he done for you? >> gave me my life. everything they do at american humane, a lot of focus on rescues. atlas was not a shelter dog himself. it was really story where he came into my life and really rescued me. gave me an opportunity not just to live again, to work to help serve others struggling with the same things. brian: so intelligent, german heards so intelligent. >> much smarter than i am. steve: tell us about abigail. >> this precious face with the bonnet. she is emerging hero dog. the reason she is emerging hero dog. she is extraordinary dog. came back as bait dog in
5:56 am
dogfighting ring. neglected and abused. tore her apart. her rescuer, adoptive mother gave her a second chance of life. she taught us all about the abuses of dogfighting. this dog right here, to be the spoiler alert for humane's awards, won the top american hero dog. they are tired for a reason. they had busy days. they are. our show airs tomorrow night on the hallmark channel. 8:00 p.m., the american humane ear row dog awards. steve: thank you very much for bringing the dogs in. ainsley: thank you for taking this dog n that's wonderful. brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. don't go anywhere. ♪
5:57 am
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now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> well, bob corker has responded to the president and
6:00 am
just tweeted out same untruths from an untruthful president. alert the daycare staff. going to be an awkward lunch with the senators. >> sounds like he wants to be a cnn contributor when he's done. >> bill: we're learning precious new details after the deadly terror ambush that took the lives of four u.s. service members in western africa. we're learning they came under fire from 50 heavily armed militants and the fight lasted for hours. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. big show this morning. nice to have you with us today. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith.


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