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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 24, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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responded to the president and just tweeted out same untruths from an untruthful president. alert the daycare staff. going to be an awkward lunch with the senators. >> sounds like he wants to be a cnn contributor when he's done. >> bill: we're learning precious new details after the deadly terror ambush that took the lives of four u.s. service members in western africa. we're learning they came under fire from 50 heavily armed militants and the fight lasted for hours. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. big show this morning. nice to have you with us today. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith.
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>> bill: when i say that i mean men and women in harm's way anywhere in the world. we're out here today is to take your questions and provide as much information as we have. the only thing i'm asking for today is a bit of patience to make sure that what we provide to you when we provide it is factual. >> bill: we pick up the coverage live at the pentagon. good morning where we start coverage with you. >> good morning, bill. the u.s. military's top officer offered new details into the deadly attack that killed four u.s. troops in niger saying those troops when they are under attack didn't call for air support until an our after the fighting started and the jets didn't arrive for another hour. two hours after the fighting
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began. >> when they requested support it took the french aircraft. they were ready to go in 30 minutes and took them 30 minutes approximately to get on the scene. it is important to note that when they didn't ask for support for that first hour, my judgment would be that unit thought they could handle the situation without additional support. >> that's different from the timeline first provided by the pentagon saying the french jets were overhead within 30 minutes after being urgently requested. officials say the 12-man special forces team couldn't communicate with the french jets above making it impossible for them to drop bombs. >> bill: what did the general say about the search for the missing soldier sergeant la david johnson? >> as soon as he learned that sergeant johnson was missing he ordered the full weight. u.s. military to search for him. >> when did you alert the white house? >> we notified the white house
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as soon as we had a soldier that was missing. it was probably around 9 or 9:30 washington, d.c. the night of the 4th. and at that point knowing that we had a missing soldier, we made a decision to make sure that all of the resources to include national assets were available. >> sergeant johnson's body was discovered two days later by niger forces. questions remain how he got separated from his unit. u.s. troops are not allowed to accompany local forces if they expect enemy contact. none was expected on this patrol. a u.s. drone was sent everyhead within minutes after the attack began. if that drone had been overhead from the beginning it could have spotted the 50 enemy forces closing in. >> bill: more to come from the pentagon. >> sandra: the u.s. actually has a history of combating terrorism in africa going back nearly a decade. first establishing a joint
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special operations task force in niger in 2008. since then, troop levels have reached 800 on the ground. since 2011 the u.s. and france have trained 35,000 african soldiers to fight terrorists linked to isis, isis and -- there will open a second drone base at a site already housing u.s. forces. >> bill: we asked marco rubio earlier today. he said he and his colleagues need to know what happened to save american lives in the future. >> everyone knows full well the u.s. has been involved in the efforts against boko haram. we need to understand what went wrong on this missing not for casting blame but to learn from it so it never happens again. this will not be the last time that we deploy special operators into conditions such
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as these. >> bill: very interesting comments from senator rubio. more on that coming up in the 10:30 a.m. eastern hour and you'll see full interview then. major point. 6,000 u.s. troops operating in more than 50 countries in africa. this was not a secret to anybody. you could google it and find the information yourself. we'll go through all that coming up. >> sandra: we look forward to hearing from him. president trump will be taking some decisive action today that will allow refugees back into the u.s. but with a much tougher vetting process. chief white house correspondent is live on the north lawn. >> sandra: you are on the north lawn. good morning there. >> bill: good morning. sandra. another deadline expiring today in the president's travel ban. the 120 day ban on refugee admissions into the united states that was imposed by the supreme court when it reviewed the president's travel ban. the president needs to take action on refugees. this afternoon the president will sign an executive order to suspend section 6 of the travel
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ban the one related to refugees and will realign american policies for refugee admission. under the new guidelines the u.s. will for fiscal year 18 cap refugees to 45,000. that's down more than 50% from the obama administration. the u.s. will also enhance procedures for refugee entries raising the standards for vetting individuals and will apply those standards across the board for men, women and children. currently men are vetted more stringently than women and children. the finer details will come out this afternoon. that's the basics of what the president will do later on today. >> sandra: the president is heading to the hill this afternoon? >> bill: he is going up to the senate for a lunch to talk about the fall agenda, tax reform will be at the top of the agenda. the president in a conference call on sunday afternoon pushing members of congress to get tax reform done by thanksgiving which really means get it done by the end of the year which in reality means it probably won't be done until
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early next year. tennessee senator bob corker this morning suggesting the president should keep his nose out of the sausage making part of tax reform pointing out the president's tweet yesterday that he would not allow lawmakers to impose a lower cap on tax recontributions to 401k plans to pay for tax reform. listen to what he said this morning. >> hopefully the white house will step aside and let that occur in a normal process. i know recently the white house in a couple cases has been taking things off the table and i would just say there is a lot of work to be done. the spinach part of this, the tough part of this is upcoming over the next several weeks. >> lowering the tax to 401k plans brought fire from the top democrat. >> president trump tweeted this morning we aren't going down that road. the fact that republicans were even considering raiding america's retirement savings to pay for a giant tax cut for
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corporations, estates, shows you just how backward their plan is. >> what senator corker said this morning has reignited the twitter feud between the president and senator corker. the president taking sharp aim at the tennessee senator this morning in a tweet saying, quote, bob corker, who helped president obama give us the bad iran deal and couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee is now fighting tax cuts. corker dropped out of the race in tennessee when i refused to endorse him and now is only negative on anything trump. look at his record, exclamation point to which senator corker responded, same untruths from an utterly untruthful president #alert the daycare staff. there is a likelihood, sandra, this afternoon's senate lunch may be more of a food fight when it comes to the president and bob corker. the president will be taking questions, by the way, from members of the senate. we'll see if he and corker get into it today.
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>> sandra: we shall see is exactly how we'll leave it. thank you. >> bill: nothing against dog catchers. byron york, good morning to you. the president and corker won't be sitting next to each other today. >> that's my guess. >> bill: pretty good bet. listen, i think what they want to hear is where is the president on taxes and where is the president on healthcare? it doesn't need to extend much more than that. >> they want to hear the president will use his power, the bully pulpit, to push this from now until it's done because you know in the obamacare fight the president was in it sometimes and not in it sometimes. was not truly all in all the time. and they really want to see him all in all the time on this. if they want to hear details from the president they won't hear it. he will speak as he has done in generalities but i do think
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that they want to hear what he has to say about those 401k plans and by the way, the president might be giving republicans good advice about those 401k plans. they're very popular. it's a middle class tax break. there aren't that many of them. they will want to hear about the state and local taxes and they will want to hear talk -- him discuss what we've heard about possibly creating an upper higher bracket for people who make more than a million a year. >> bill: is this the kind of lunch from the president gets them to go forward? it's been on the schedule for some time. is this the nudge that you need at times to push it through? >> perhaps it's a nudge for them to settle their differences. i think it's a fact now that republicans understand fully the importance of this tax thing. we've discussed this before. having failed on obamacare, if they fail on taxes, they realize they will go into 2018
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without a big legislative accomplishment and having broken their top two promises for this session, which is to repeal and replace obamacare and to reform taxes. >> bill: that's political death. >> that's focusing their mind right now. >> bill: you don't survive in washington unless you get that done. byron york in washington, d.c. instant analysis. to the dog catchers out there it's a good job. someone has to do it. take no offense for the dog catchers. >> sandra: what a morning so far. mother nature unleashing on the southeast. a powerful storm slamming the south. the latest on the cleanup straight ahead. >> bill: new warnings from a key u.s. allied with a threat from north korea. weeks before president trump will be in asia. john bolton joins us for his take at what's at stake on this presidential trip. plus this. have a listen.
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>> it's the same baloney they've been pedaling for years and no credible evidence by anyone. >> sandra: hillary clinton pushing back against claims of pay to play while she was secretary of state saying it's all about republicans getting nervous about their own russia problem. now at least two congressional committees are investigating those claims. our panel on that straight ahead. >> we're on the edge of the greatest corruption scandal in american history. the clintons are only a part of this. wait until you get to attorney general lynch and her predecessor. this is just going to keep on rolling. customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running. but some people still like cable. just like some people like banging their head on a low ceiling. drinking spoiled milk. camping in poison ivy. getting a papercut. and having their arm trapped in a vending machine.
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>> i'll be going over to that part of the world in two weeks and stopping in numerous countries including as you know, japan, south korea, china, we'll be stopping in vietnam and probably the philippines also. so it will be a very busy 10 or 11 days. >> bill: there will be a lot of news from this trip, too. japanese officials warning the threat of nuclear war has grown to unprecedented levels only days before the president leaves for asia. as he mentioned south korea and japan are on the itinerary and china. john bolton former u.s. ambassador to the united states and fox news contributor. good morning to you. the dmz is not on his itinerary.
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if he doesn't go there is that significant to you? >> well, it could be they don't want to advertise that he is going. the line is it's logistical challenges and what not. honestly i think he should go. i think it's important for american troops in the region to see the commander-in-chief literally right on the front line. i think it's a clear message to south korea. so i hope these logistical difficulties can be overcome. as you mentioned, the japanese are right there with us in assessing just how serious this north korean nuclear threat is. an important trip at an important time. >> bill: there are those who argue you inflame, insight and provoke. do you buy that? >> in part that's what leadership is. this division on the peninsula is something i think we should be trying to end. but i think it's important for the president to be there as i say on the front line and we'll see what happens.
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>> bill: uss theodore roosevelt is heading to the region. is it a sign or signal or just a move on the u.s. navy in the pacific? >> there are a number of movements underway with the president coming into the region wouldn't be at all surprising. i do think if there is some prospect of military action against north korea we'll see a lot more movements in the future. i think this is more in line with just being ready with the president out there. >> bill: the roosevelt will join the reagan. 34 years since the marine baracks were attacked in beirut, lebanon. it was the first terror attack on behalf of the iranian regime carried out by whatever mix of combination you want to throw in lebanon. mike pence made this a point yesterday when he said the following.
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>> and president donald trump has put iran on notice that we will no longer tolerate their destabilizing activities or their support of terrorism across the region and across the world. >> bill: i think it's a strong message but i wonder what's changed in three decades, much? >> very little from iran. people talk about radical islamic terrorism and all too often just think it's al qaeda or isis, hamas. and they ignore that it was the islamic revolution of 1979 in iran that really started the contemporary wave of radical islamic political thinking. whether it's shia as that was or sunni as some others are iran has been the center of terrorist activity around the world ever since then including financing islamic terrorism whether of the sunni or shia variety. i think it's important americans understand there were
6:20 am
revolutionary guard commanders supervising these predecessor elements of hezbollah that carried out that attack on the marine barracks. they see us as the target and that's why their nuclear weapons program along with terrorist activities has to be taken by america even if not by our friends in europe. has to be taken by americans as a direct threat to us. >> bill: in a word can this administration influence the revolutionary guard and the leadership in tehran? you think they can? >> i don't think they can influence this leadership at all. this leadership in iran needs to be replaced. >> bill: john bolton, thank you for your time. more coming up soon in all of that. >> sandra: jeff sessions says all bets are off when it comes to hunting down ms-13 gang members. >> just like we took out capone off the streets we'll use whatever laws we have to get ms-13 off the streets. >> sandra: the attorney general
6:21 am
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>> bill: so this is rather unusual. former f.b.i. director james comey unmasking himself on twitter. he is the person behind this mysterious accounts. comey confirming he is behind the reinhold nieber pseudonym.
6:25 am
goodbye, iowa. will try to tweet in useful ways. the unofficial account popped up in march with this meme and a link to f.b.i. the account was silent for months. he tweeted from gettysburg, west point and the state of iowa. you scrubbed this account. what did you find? >> sandra: i started following the account on twitter. then i noticed that he has 115,000 followers like that and he has only sent out a few tweets. >> bill: i imagine gettysburg he is visiting the war sites at west point with the academy. in iowa he is getting ready for the primary. >> sandra: there is speculation. also that his wife. >> bill: iowa caucus. his wife is from iowa? >> sandra: yes, it may have
6:26 am
been someone's birthday. who knows? follow him on twitter. now you know who it is. >> bill: now you know. >> i have designated ms-13 as a priority for our organized crime drug enforcement task forces and authorized them to use every lawful tool to investigate ms-13 and not just on drug laws but everything from racketeering to our tax laws to our firearms laws. >> sandra: attorney general jeff sessions yesterday vowing to demolish the ms-13 street gang using all legal avenues. members are committed of suspected of killings on the east coast including the murder of at least 22 people on long island, new york, last year. the gang also has a history of drug trafficking and money laundering. phillip weggemann is a writer for "the washington examiner". you heard the attorney general saying we'll do whatever it takes and throw every legal
6:27 am
resource at taking the members of this gang down one by one. >> besides the border wall, this is the fullest manifestation of trump's campaign promise to be tough on crime and get serious about drug trafficking. we saw with the attorney general that he really is capturing the imagination of the public by referring to ms-13 in terms reserved for al capone and motivating doj to take this threat very seriously. remember, ms-13 is an organization with the motto rape, kill, control. and sessions has given the doj a new motto to fight this threat which is justice for victims and consequences for criminals. >> sandra: in his words he said they leave misery, devastation and death in their wake. they threat -- threaten entire governments. launching an all-out assault how is this message going over
6:28 am
politically? >> before the doj went after ms-13 specifically for drug charges. what they're doing now is throwing everything they can at this organization not only drugs but also racketeering, tax evasion and gun charges. and frankly they are taking this organization seriously by doing essentially a full court legal press. this is exactly the sort of red meat immigration control that the president's base wanted and that they expected when they voted for him. >> sandra: this gang became a target of president trump and his administration with the border crackdown. part of his campaign and immediately he launched this into his presidency. people are wondering what the attorney general just announced, how this is different than the original assault that they launched on this gang? the new designation will allow them to target with the attorney general said a renewed
6:29 am
vigor and sharpened focus, phillip. >> you saw that the attorney general making this a priority. ms-13 are a high-profile organization which feeds off of terror and fear. the doj is moving forward to meet them like some other gang or cartel not just knocking over some other king pin. instead they are making a concentrated assault against an organization which is incredibly violent. the danger here, though, is we need to make certain we don't bolster the image of ms-13 in the way that law enforcement did in the 1960s and 70s with the hells angels. >> sandra: his words the most common aspect has been murder and witness intimidation or retaliation, not drug trafficking, which is an important distinction. we're left wondering with the attorney general's words can they be effective and demolish this gang? >> you need to know the nature of your enemy. i think this is an example of
6:30 am
attorney general sessions not messing around. not turning a blind eye to this organization. 2008 analysis showed there was upwards of 10,000 ms-13 gang members here in the united states. that's a relatively small amount but sessions is taking this threat seriously. he is sicking the doj on this gang and i think we'll see significant results. >> sandra: a lot of tough talk from the attorney general. thank you for joining us this morning. >> bill: 9:30 in new york. markets opened a few moments ago. check this out. where does it end? up 130 points at the open. it takes 10 minutes for all dow 30 components to get rolling. you have this, you know they're watching taxes, they're watching the president meet with senators today. >> sandra: that's a rally. that doesn't look like it's stopping. >> bill: senator corker and president trump have exchanged words already today and i imagine today it's either chicken or fish at this lunch. >> sandra: to be a fly on the
6:31 am
wall. >> bill: indeed. boeing announced a major deal with singapore airlines helping to move the markets today. check it out. dow 24,000? >> sandra: all right almost halfway there. don't rule it out. democrats about to get a rude awaken when it comes to russia. clinton and her inner circle under investigation for a uranium deal. >> every other presidential scandal in american history will look trivial. this is the most corrupt and unlawful administration in american history.
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>> sandra: there are two big stories concerning russia this morning. and both may be troubling for democrats. the first concerns hillary clinton. she is pushing back against
6:35 am
accusations of pay to play surrounding uranium one, the deal approved during her tenure as secretary of state. clinton saying it's a bunch of baloney. >> it's the same baloney they've been pedaling for years. there has been no credible evidence by anyone. in fact, it's been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked. >> sandra: rich lowry is editor of national review. adrienne elrod is director of communications for hillary clinton. are we looking at a situation now, rich, where the russia problem is a democrat problem? >> after all the obsession over trump collusion with russia allegedly we have news that mueller is investigating tony podesta, a long-time democratic player in washington and we have this uranium one thing popping up again. these decisions that the obama decision made about russia and nuclear industry two of them
6:36 am
were astonishing on the face of them but worse when you know the f.b.i. was investigating mafia-like tactics that russians were engaged in racketeering schemes and the like in our nuclear industry. >> sandra: are democrats worried about this? hillary clinton called it a bunch of baloney. we spoke to the lawyer for the f.b.i. informant in the uranium one story. if that gag order is lifted and he is able to speak does that concern you? >> not at all. she is exactly right. this is an old debunked conspiracy theory from a book wired toward taking down the clintons which didn't work. we've dealt with this in the campaign and addressed it head on. >> sandra: you've seen the reports this week the f.b.i. has been able to gather solid evidence that the russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery and extortion. >> and they also talk about the
6:37 am
spy that apparently was trying to infiltrate the state department that was reported in 2010 by abc news. these are old conspiracy theories. hillary clinton is right. she is not running for president again. she is the far right's favorite -- >> sandra: we'll see how things change and where it goes. at this point there is a lot of unanswered questions with the uranium story. >> let's know all the details. let's investigate this as thoroughly as we investigate everything else. the fact pattern here is more damning than any actual trump collusion. that has been facebook ads lately. $100,000 facebook ads that's a drop in the million that the tens of millions that were spent on digital. some of the russian facebook pages were appealing to black lives matter activists and the like. so the collusion story is not going where democrats want it.
6:38 am
>> sandra: considering these two stories we're covering this morning russia and democrats makes you wonder if they'll push -- try to get away from this story of russia a little bit since it now so much involves them. >> absolutely not. again i'll go back to what i said earlier. a largely debunked theory that has been discussed and litigated time and time again. >> sandra: let's talk about tony podesta. he is the brother of hillary clinton's campaign manager, john podesta. we all know. robert mueller's investigation expanding to him. he may have broken the law. >> this is proof positive that bob mueller is not conducting a partisan investigation that is geared toward republicans which is what many on the right have been -- what many have been saying. he is looking into every single aspect of this. he is leaving no stone unturned. so this talking point of the gop perpetuated time and time again that robert mueller is
6:39 am
out there working for the democrats is false. >> sandra: i don't know. >> i think the significance of podesta in the larger scheme of things. everyone thought hillary would be elected. any avenue of influence that any special interest could use with democratic players, bill clinton was used. cash was thrown at these people. everyone tried to develop relationships with them and that's the larger story that still needs to be unraveled. >> sandra: when it comes to the uranium one story captivating the nations. hillary clinton's response is that is a bunch of baloney. she will have a lot more questions to be answered. where do you think this goes? >> i think we'll see serious congressional investigations and wouldn't surprise me if it's on bob mueller's radar screen as well. the political edge is taken off of it because she isn't president of the united states but appalling in its own right and we should get to the bottom of it. >> this is an interagency
6:40 am
decisions in nine departments. >> sandra: let me tell you what the f.b.i. informant's lawyer told us. he received a phone call from loretta lynch, the attorney general while hillary clinton was secretary of state telling him to back off were her exact words. what does that tell you >> the head of the entire interagency review process came out and made it clear that secretary clinton had no role in decision as secretary of state. a nine agency review process with people who are several tiers down from the leaders of the agency. >> it gets to the irony for much of the obama administration hillary clinton and barack obama gave russia everything they wanted. they did everything they could to cow tow to the kremlin until
6:41 am
the end. >> bill: we mentioned a moment ago the dow is up 171 points. now -- trading is lower here at 167 but this is remarkable. this is a move that we have just watched month after month wondering where it is going to stop, when is it going to end? so much of this tax plan is loaded into the number you're seeing there. >> sandra: an aggressive timeline. the president suggesting it could get done by thanksgiving. that's giving a lot of hope to markets. >> bill: gobble gobble we go. republicans in congress want answers on the obama-era nuclear deal and they say they plan to get them. >> this informant wants to tell his story but he is currently under a non-disclosure agreement that was signed with the eric holder justice department. clearly it's in the interest in the public's interest that this individual be able to tell the story to congress. >> bill: that's ron desantis republican from florida.
6:42 am
he is live with us in 30 minutes. >> sandra: as the pentagon looks for answers on the ambush in niger, what are the goals in the u.s. mission there? >> we've sent them there to operate where there are extremist elements if we weren't conducting operations they would have the capability to plan and conduct operations against the homeland, american people and our allies. are they taking risks? they are. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if
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>> sandra: president trump awarding an army veteran for his heroism as a combat medic in the vietnam war. he received the medal of honor risking his own life on multiple occasions during combat operations. rose is credited with saving the lives of 60 wounded personnel during four days of
6:46 am
intense combat. on one occasion he used his own body to shield a wounded soldier from harm. >> in every action during those four days mike valiantly fought for the life of his comrades even if it meant the end of his own life. mike, you will -- i have to say, you really -- your will to endure, your love for your fellow soldier, your devotion to your country inspires us all, i have to tell you. that is something. >> sandra: quite a moment at the white house yesterday. he was joined by 25 people who participated in a covert operation including 10 of his fellow green berets. >> it's shifting. i'm not sure i'm ready to say it's shifting just to africa. we're dealing with a challenge that exists from west africa to southeast asia. we've seen manifestations of it in europe and inspired attacks here in the united states.
6:47 am
we're dealing with a global challenge. >> bill: more to come. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff opening up about u.s. operations in africa after the terror assault that took the lives of four u.s. service members saying the mission there is all about being on offense and taking the fight to the terrorists. former cia officer buck sexton with me in studio. let's talk first about the attack in niger october 3rd. he answered a few questions yesterday. they are still piecing it together. what answers are we missing about that now? >> there is still some tactical questions unanswered. how did they find themselves in this ambush. changes to the timeline. quite honestly from the public and congress's perspective those have been under less scrutiny than the overall mission. why are we there? it's interesting. the why are we there has been established for a long time. it's been out in the public. anybody with access to the internet could have read about
6:48 am
u.s. operations in niger and the broader mission set of u.s. special forces training indigenous forces so they can stand up and fight against islamic extremists themselves instead of us having to send large deployment of troops when a country becomes a failed state. that's a model for a long time and at the core what u.s. special forces does. >> bill: there has been talk about this being president trump's benghazi. as you point out a simple google search would have given people the answer that we were there. as a former member of the agency how do you aggress the suspicion surrounding the story? >> when people begin to compare again ghazi to the ambush in niger the only similarities are superficial. you have both of these occurring on the same continent. you have four u.s. killed in both incidents. in terms of the situation. benghazi you had weeks if not
6:49 am
months for request of additional assistance. 13 hours of no assistance arriving that those on the ground were calling for. a lot more political considerations into what was going on during the 13 hours. in niger we have u.s. special operations that are in dangerous places working with allies trying to kill jihadists and trying to help our allies get rid of those threats on the battlefield. sometimes that goes bad. there are moments when things like this kick us in the gut. this is one of them. not that there has been some effort by the government to hide what happened. they will tell us. the pentagon will let us know exactly what they can about this. maybe not everything because of operational security concerns. this was sf doing their mission in a dangerous place. it went bad but it is a mission that will continue. >> bill: more on general dunford on the larger strategy. watch here. >> we're dealing with global
6:50 am
threats and al qaeda and isis and other groups. the theory of our strategy is to put pressure on them where they are and to anticipate where they will be. >> bill: 6,000 u.s. troops, more than 50 countries on the continent today. libya, sudan, somalia, mali, niger, nigeria, the list goes on and on. that's a country going on offense to prevent things like afghanistan and raqqa from forming again. last comment. >> as raqqa has fallen and the islamic state in syria and iraq is on defense. we'll see jihadist entities trying to establish themselves in bigger players in jihad. they'll engage in more attacks and our relationships with niger, nigeria, those are critical now because small contingents of u.s. special forces doing what they do at the highest level is a much
6:51 am
better option for the u.s. with over 100,000 troops trying to rebuild the country when it's fallen to jihadists. >> sandra: awaiting a gop news conference. we'll get to that live when it begins at the capitol. waiting on republicans to see what they have to say. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: kate steinle's murder trial continues today with testimony from more eyewitnesses. her father testifying yesterday about the final moments of his daughter's life on a san francisco pier back in 2015. the defense team said the shooting was accidental. we're live from our west coast bureau. the two sides are painting different pictures of what happened that day. >> exactly. defense claims that jose is a harmless, homeless man who
6:55 am
speaks little english. had he been a college student or tourist the defense said charges wouldn't have been filed. prosecutors say this was not an accident. holding the gun high, the da said this is the weapon that killed kate steinle. she is dead because this man pointed a gun in her direction and pulled the trigger. the defendant's own words show he intentionally fired and had he not been guilty, he would have helped stainly and not run. the sole witness was kate's father, jim. he was walking arm-in-arm with her the moment she was hit. >> she stops, takes a selfie. she turns around and the shot. as she fell she said help me, dad. that's my bedtime story every night. >> prosecution experts say the gun was double action. you would have to pull back the slide to chamber a round before firing a shot.
6:56 am
>> sandra: what is the defense argument? >> they claim number one zarate did not steal the gun. he found it on a pier. the bullet ricocheted off the pavement. the gun, they argue, fired on its own when zarate grabbed and stepped on it and he threw it in the water to make it stop firing. >> if he didn't know the object he touched had a gun in it, then he does not bear criminal responsibility. >> the gun was stolen out of the car of a federal agent four days earlier. if it had not been for his negligence kate would be alive today according to the defense. >> bill: next hour house republicans set to speak to reporters as they begin the detailed work on writing tax reform and we'll bring it to you in a moment. president trump goes to the hill meeting with republican senators. how will it go today? a republican senator and the
6:57 am
president mixing it up already online. >> sandra: uh-huh. >> bill: we'll explain. >> sandra: mixing it up is a polite way of saying it. >> bill: indeed. let's take a look at some numbers:
6:58 am
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7:00 am
together we'll make the right choice. >> sandra: awaiting two big events right now as the push for tax reform heats up. house republican leaders holding their weekly news conference as vice president pence makes the case for tax cuts to conservatives and president trump heading to capitol hill pressing senate republicans to seal the deal on tax reform. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: big hour last hour. we'll see what we get. >> sandra: tight turn around from last night. >> bill: i got a couple hours, went home. took a shower, came back. the president making his first trip as president to a republican senate lunch today facing some of his critics, too. one of them screen left on offense today, senator bob corker the republican from
7:01 am
tennessee speaking to reporters on the hill moments ago about his relationship with the commander-in-chief. >> are you saying he is a liar? >> you know, we just haven't used that word in our family. but, you know, he obviously -- all you guys can easily check just what the -- know much of what he said is untrue but all is untrue and some you wouldn't be able to check. he is untruthful. >> this is the leader of your own party. what does it say this is what it's come to? >> he is president of the country. i don't know. but, i mean, check iran, check what my role was in the budget process with pat tuomie. these are all knowns that, you know, you would think he would be -- he would try to focus on
7:02 am
things where there wasn't a witness. the whole world is a witness to these untruths and world leaders know it. >> during the campaign at the beginning of the administration you supported the president. do you regret that now? >> what do you think? >> sandra: okay. >> bill: wow. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on the hill. this is about personality and not policy, mike. >> good morning to you. the feud has flared up again president between trump and senator bob corker ahead of the lunch today. corker saved this morning it's fine for the president to come over for a photo op but said he should leave tax reform to the professionals. >> what i hope is going to happen is the president will leave this effort, if you will, to the tax writing committees. let them do their work and not begin taking things off the table that ought to be debated in these committees at the proper time. >> president trump blasted senator corker on twitter
7:03 am
writing bob corker who helped president o give us a bad iran deal is fighting tax cuts. he dropped out of the race in tennessee when i refused to endorse him and now is only negative on anything trump. look at his record. then corker fired back writing same untruth from an utterly untruthful president. #alert the daycare staff. the house must pass the senate version of the budget that contains tax reform language in it. the house will vote on the senate plan thursday saving a lot of time. >> a vote for the budget is really a vote for tax reform. it is the first phase to get it moving. by doing this, we will take off two more weeks to start faster to get tax reform done before the end of this year. >> as for democrats they are attacking one idea out there which was capping pre-tax contributions to 401k plans.
7:04 am
>> but the fact that republicans were even considering raiding america's retirement savings to pay for a giant tax cut for corporations, and states shows you just how backward their plan is. >> the president ruled out that 401k idea on twitter yesterday. it promises to be a fascinating lunch with the president and gop senators here on the hill today. >> bill: chicken or fish, take your pick. mike emanuel. >> no chicken. >> sandra: fascinating. that's the word he used. we'll see what karl rove uses. the push for tax reform is heating up. ivanka trump is making the rounds to move the gop tax proposal forward. last night the first daughter hosted a town hall in pennsylvania and she emphasized the plan is centered on supporting the american family. >> there are many elements of this tax plan that i think are
7:05 am
squarely targeted at creating jobs in this country, creating growth in this country and offering relief to our middle income families. >> sandra: let's bring in karl rove, a former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. i have to start out first with the senator corker stuff. clearly you saw ivanka they're out there pushing hard for this tax plan. the escalating feud we're seeing this morning minute by minute it's playing out. what do you make of all of that? >> i wonder if both of the men will come to the lunch today with food tasters, not just chicken and fish but make certain the food is sound to eat. look, this is not helpful to the cause. both men should cool it because at the end of the day the president needs to get 50 votes in the senate out of 52 republicans to vote for what will be a very complicated piece of legislation. to the degree that
7:06 am
personalities can be diminished in this and the focus can be kept on the policy. even then it will be difficult to do. don't add layers of complication to this by having a feud going between a significant member of the senate and the president of the united states. not helpful. >> sandra: not helpful. you're left wondering it's 10:00 on the east coast. the lunch is coming up with senate republicans. the president will be joining them. you are wondering what that will be like. >> look, there is always a tension between the white house and the senate. the senate is the world's most cloistered club. every one of the members of the senate thinks they ought to be president. the one thing that helps in that relationship is if the president has laid out a concrete plan, has campaigned for it during the campaign, has spent time selling it to the members of the senate, and even then it is act -- the president
7:07 am
did not lay out a plan. he had a concept. a slogan not a laundry list of things that go into the bill. things like yesterday where there is some talk as of yet unidentified republican members house or senate talking about curbing a very popular retirement deduction and the president intervenes. i think wisely. get rid of that, let's not talk about that. but he has to pick the shots that he makes on things like that and if at all possible do it more in private than in public. do it with the people who are actually writing the bill. the chairman of the house ways and means committee and allies on the committee rather than doing it publicly. it gets people's hackles up. they're in charge of writing the legislation. happy to hear the president's proposals. at the end of the day the house and senate have to write the bill and the president has to be for it. >> sandra: they are pushing hard for this.
7:08 am
ivanka said we have to encourage the next generation to be competitive and compassionate are some types of words she is using to push for this. there is an incredible amount of optimism this will actually get done. you have the president suggesting it could get done by thanksgiving even. they're worried about it getting done by tend of the year and a stock market that dependent on that. the stock market is up today at another record high as we speak. >> there might be a reason why the market is reacting that way. the senate has passed the budget resolution. the first step to giving protection reconciliation protection to the senate consideration of the tax bill. we only need 50 votes and the vice president in order to pass the bill. now the house has announced that it is going to take up the senate measure on thursday, which means house leaders are pretty confident they have the votes to pass a senate budget resolution. it is different than the house budget resolution and there are
7:09 am
significant differences but they're willing to swallow the differences to keep the process moving. it gives them 15 days between now and thanksgiving. people in the house think they have a good shot getting it through the house by thanksgiving that puts the pressure on the senate. the senate we may see after thanksgiving or even before thanksgiving start spending more days and maybe even weekends working on this bill. >> sandra: 15 days. that doesn't sound like a whole lot of time, karl rove. you set it up for us. >> in legislative time it is dog years. 15 legislative days is like dog years. like 40 normal days. there is time. >> sandra: set up to be a wild tuesday. >> it is set up to be a wild end of the year. we'll visit this subject again and again and again. >> sandra: thanks, can karl. >> bill: we'll take you to paul ryan in a moment.
7:10 am
we'll see if questions about the personality feud come into play. stand by for that. it's coming up momentarily. tax reform. how far along are they? what's the plan? when do they share the plan with us so folks at home get an idea what's in it for them? >> sandra: a lot on the line in the final days of october. the tampa neighborhood on edge fearing a serial killer may be on the loose with three people shot and killed within just the last two weeks. police are saying the killer could be a member of their community. >> bill: hillary clinton pushing back against reports that link her state department to a russian bribery plot. new details on the investigation of the obama-era deal that gave russia control part of america's uranium supply. ron desantis is investigating and he is our guest live next. >> sandra: we've been mentioning president trump heading to capitol hill today to talk tax cuts with senate republicans. will the gop get it done?
7:11 am
senator marco rubio will be in the meeting. he will join us later this hour. >> people have strong ideas and feelings about a number of things. we can't find ourselves in a position where we decide unless it has everything i want and perfect in my eyes i won't vote for it. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems,
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and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. >> bill: as promised paul ryan at the microphone taking question number one on senator bob corker and president trump. >> and the president saying -- corker is calling him a liar. what should voters think? >> they should think about the results we achieve for the
7:15 am
american people. we're focused on what is within our control. it's getting stuff done for the american people and getting a healthier economy, bigger paychecks, more take home pay. at the end of the day i know bob well. he will vote for tennessee, america and vote for tax reform because he knows it's in the best interests of americans. so put this twitter dispute aside. the fact is we have an historic chance of actually fixing this tax code, giving people pay raises and getting the american economy growing at the rate where we can actually get bigger paychecks, more take home pay, a healthier economy. that's what matters. all this stuff you see on a daily basis on twitter this and that, forget about it. let's focus on helping people, improving people's lives and doing the things we said we would do. are you going to ask about this? okay, fine. >> how do you plan to lower
7:16 am
rates to pay for it? >> i would love to answer that question. that's what the ways and means committee chairman does. i will defer you to kevin brady. they hold the pens on this thing and writing this bill. all these questions will than answered shortly when the ways and means committee puts out their mark. if you have specific questions you want to ask, ask the ways and means committee. this is their jurisdiction. >> [inaudible question] >> the house, yes, so there are different deer seasons. there is bow season, gun season, muzzle loader season. so you see me with a beard you'll know when the season is. no, if we get this done by thanksgiving week is opening week of gun season so our goal is to get it out of the house by then. the senate will be a little slower on their track because as you know, tax goes first in the house, that's the constitution. by muzzle loader season, let me check with the wisconsin muzzle
7:17 am
loader season. i usually just do bow in december. our goal is to get it done by the end of the year. >> i thought you were giving it up. >> we'll give up christmas if we have to for tax reform. you will quote me on that. i'm just joking about that. we'll get it done. you're staying here with us, too. look that's what conference committees are all about. thank you everybody, appreciate it. >> bill: so the message is clear from speaker ryan. despite the back and forth the war of words between corker and president trump earlier today they both want tax reform. because they both want tax reform it believes it has no effect on the agenda. president trump in 90 minutes is on the hill with a lunch with republican senators. >> sandra: lawmaker demandings answers with a company known as uranium one which helped clear
7:18 am
the way for the russian-backed company to acquire a company that controls part of america's uranium supply. the deal was brokered while hillary clinton was secretary of state. both house and senate are looking at possible corruption which clinton denies. >> it's the same baloney they've been pedaling for years and there is no credible evidence by anyone. it has debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked. >> sandra: one of those lawmakers is ron desantis, a member of the house oversight committee. we've already been speaking about this so i consider this an update. where do things stand and what has changed? >> well, we now know there is the existence of somebody who was a confidential informant. from the early days of this scheme working with the russians who were involved in the uranium. this individual was working for the f.b.i., provided a lot of information but he had to sign
7:19 am
a non-disclosure agreement. he wants to be able to tell his story to congress and the american people. we and the congress and house and senate have asked the justice department to release him from that. they're in the process of reviewing that and i think we'll get an answer on that hopefully very quickly. then, of course, congress if it comes to that could potentially subpoena him. this individual has a lot of information. i think he has documents and we need to hear from him. >> sandra: i want to be clear, congressman, when we're having these discussion you have not spoken directly to the f.b.i. informant. you are speaking to him through his lawyer, is that correct? >> that's correct. everything that we're provided is through counsel. obviously with the nda he doesn't want to put himself in jep or dee. he was going to file some civil claims in 2016. when he was moving to do that the lynch justice department promised reprisals against him in one form or another.
7:20 am
that rattled him. i think if we can clear up the nda issue. the justice department can do it quickly, then we can get the information. >> sandra: to talk about that moment where the loretta lynch justice department reached out to the f.b.i. informant it was the justice department at that time when she was attorney general that reached out and in the words of the informant's lawyer, he was told to back off. >> that's right. what he says through his attorney is that he was threatened with a lot of damage to his reputation and to his liberty. and so when you have the justice department threatening your liberty, that's as serious as it gets. understandably he was shaken by that. we can clear it all up and release him from the nda, bring him to the congress and let's get the facts. >> sandra: hillary clinton responded to this. she was asked about this and calling it all a bunch of baloney. what people want to know is
7:21 am
there is a lot of questions and we obviously want to hear from the f.b.i. informant himself who is not able to speak right now. we'll see where chuck grassley is able to get with that. will there be a criminal investigation? >> that's not necessarily for me to say because in the congress we don't have that authority. the justice department can look at what they want. but what i would say is that we have credible evidence that the clintons were kind of the target of this russian engagement from the various earliest days when this guy was an informant. that's something serious and reaches to the upper levels of our government and we need to get the facts on it so the american people know what happened with this uranium one deal. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. do you think we'll hear from this informant soon? >> i hope so. if the justice department doesn't release him we have to subpoena him.
7:22 am
>> bill: dramatic testimony in the case of bowe bergdahl. it changed the lives of three american soldiers. three soldiers who nearly died trying to find their comrade. what will the military judge decide?
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> sandra: we're learning more details about the deadly ambush in western africa killing four american soldiers earlier this month. the joint chiefs chairman says the troops were heading back to their base when 50 suspected isis militants attacked. he says soldiers did not request help until an hour after the fighting began. it's unclear why. but he is vowing to get to the bottom of it. >> there are two reasons to do the investigation. one reason is to make sure that we inform the families, the
7:26 am
american people and the congress, of course. the second is every time something like this happens, we do an internal look at ourselves and find out what is it that we did, what could we do better and then make changes based on what i would consider an after-action review. >> sandra: florida senator marco rubio spoke with us this morning. that interview straight ahead here on "america's newsroom." >> bill: in the meantime 26 past. in a show of force by the u.s. a second navy aircraft carrier strike group has entered the western pacific while south korea and japan vow to ramp up joint missile drills with the u.s. in preparation for any missile or nuclear threat from north korea. greg palkot picks up the story from there. he is live now in london. greg. >> that's right. more u.s. naval fire power coming to the korean region joining the u.s.s. ronald reagan aircraft carrier now in port in south korea.
7:27 am
the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt carrier strike group. a guided missile cruiser and destroyers. the first time two carriers have been off of korea since june. it comes at a heightened time of tension between north korea and the regional allies. according to the military brass today meeting on the ronald reagan the exercises are a strong warning to north korea and yes that missile threat from north korea being addressed in an aggressive fashion in exercises today off of korea, ships from the united states, south korea and japan practicing spotting north korean missiles as they come off of the north korean coastline just in case of further provocations, bill. >> bill: you know, what more is secretary mattis saying on his trip around that region that is so important? >> this is an important -- very important, bill, warm-up trip for the president trump asia
7:28 am
tour next month. he is now meeting with his defense colleagues in the philippines, strong words coming from the new defense minister of south korea. he says and i'm quoting here, that the reckless provocations of north korea must halt. it is leading that country into isolation and collapse. again, secretary mattis goes on to thailand and south korea and coming up next month a five-country asia tour by president trump. north korea at the top of the agenda on most of the talks that he will be involved with. >> bill: big headlines. south korea, japan, china, big trip. thank you, greg palkot reporting live in london. >> sandra: tax reform front and center on capitol hill now. you heard house republicans talking about how it's their top priority. less than one hour from now. mike pence will give a big speech on the issue. in hours from now republican
7:29 am
senators inviting president trump to lunch. senator marco rubio will be in that meeting. oh, what a lunch it will be, he spoke to us earlier this morning. >> letting people keep more of their own money so they can raise their children and they can pay for the things that have gotten so expensive. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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7:32 am
>> bill: 10:32 this morning. two hours from now president trump and senator bob corker traded words already today with one another on twitter. this back and forth happens when president trump goes to the hill for lunch with republican senators. we believe the two will cross paths. the reason for the lunch is tax cuts. the president and team pushing for a package from thanksgiving. ivanka trump pushing the idea with sean hannity just last night. >> tax reform is so core to our goal of fueling the economic growth in this country.
7:33 am
we need to be competitive, we need a tax code that is reflective of the modern reality of what our workforce looks like. >> bill: that was last night. earlier today before the dust-up with senator corker i talked with senator marco rubio about this and more. good morning. great to have you back here. number of topics to go through. first on taxes, the tweet you sent out today at sunrise. tax reform built only on cuts for those who can afford to pay lobbyists does not reform. must help families with expanded child tax credit. we heard from ivanka trump. you are pushing this as well. what's a satisfactory number? is it $2,000 or is it -- >> at least $2,000. we had it at 2500. at least $2,000 and toward payroll tax. what the fundamental problem? everything costs more and jobs aren't necessarily paying enough. you have these families out there that are struggling to
7:34 am
make ends meet. it costs about $250 to $280,000 to raise a child not including college. 39 out of 50 states childcare is more expensive than going to college. working families are dealing with all these things. our tax code needs to take that into account. this is not a welfare check. what we're talking about is allowing them to keep their own money. you only get it in you're working, so they can raise their children and pay for the things that have gotten so expensive. >> bill: you make the case it goes toward the middle class. do your republican colleagues realize that success or failure of this congress is on the line when you talk about tax reform or tax cuts or whatever you want to categorize it? >> i hope they do. i think a growing number of people do. none of us will get 100% of everything we want in anything. especially something this big. in a constitutional public it can't be where i get everything
7:35 am
and everybody else gets nothing. there has to be a balance here and as long as it makes things better we should be supportive of it. it doesn't have to make it perfect but better. that's what's important in tax reform. people have strong ideas and strong feelings about a number of things. but we can't find ourselves in a position where we decide unless it has everything i want and perfect in my eyes i won't vote for it. >> bill: i think as a party you have a lot to win and lose. you see it the same way as well. on obamacare mitch mcconnell said if the president tells him what he will sign he will bring it to the floor. do you know what the president wants, what the white house wants? >> i think they've laid out general parameters. they want to repeal and replace obamacare. how you do that is what's important. he was talking about in the context of what senator alexander had worked on. what he had worked on had a lot of the things that were in that graham-cassidy bill that the president supported and that we tried to get going here before the end of september. it has some new things in there
7:36 am
that are interesting. the crs payments to the insurance companies it actually costs us money to not do that. that's something a lot of people didn't realize until we got into the meat of it. >> bill: it's tricky but again i come back to tax reform. i don't know how you as a party continue to run in 2018 unless you get them both done. i would like to move to -- >> i agree with that 100%. if we aren't going to do those things there is no point being here. >> bill: on niger this is what you said. department of defense owes the families of those who died in their service answers to what happened in niger. ambush? i don't know a lot of people who are arguing against that. we were given a few answers yesterday. what questions could you have remaining today? >> i think the most important is the tactical failure of the operation. what were the assumptions going in? why did it go wrong? they were there assist and train not to be in combat.
7:37 am
they found themselves in combat. the intelligence was according to what i've seen in the press that the chances of them finding themselves in the combat were supposed to be nil. that wasn't accurate. how did this thing go wrong? how was it handled? we need to learn from that. the families deserve that answer. we remain and have thousands of people deployed around the world on similar missions. are there lessons to be learned from this? those lessons need to be learned and implemented so it doesn't happen again. >> bill: we have 6,000 troops in the continent. some colleagues said they weren't aware of niger. there were articles written. >> i don't know how they can't be aware. >> bill: there is a website that tells you that. explain that answer. >> i'm not sure. maybe they went they weren't aware of the specific mission and certainly maybe not aware of the sort of individual places but everyone here knows full well the u.s. has been involved in these efforts against boko haram which pledged allegiance to isis
7:38 am
which has committed atrocities and destabilizing the continent of africa. the french and others are there also. in the end what we need to get back to here is understanding what went wrong on this mission not for purposes of casting blame or anything but to learn from it so this never happens again. this will not be the last time that we deploy special operators into conditions such as these. >> bill: i think you're right about that. finally on cuba. what explains why american workers come home from that island nation with brain damage from some sort of sonic sound? what explains that? >> they were attacked. not clear what the technology was. cuba is the most closed society in the hemisphere, one of the most closely monitored in the world especially in havana. there is no way someone could carry out these attacks without the cubans knowing about it. they either did it or know who did it. >> bill: castro says they have nothing to do with it. >> they certainly know who did.
7:39 am
they either know -- if they didn't do it they know who did. you can't catch a cab in cuba without the government knowing if you're an american working at the embassy. no way somebody did this to 23 americans and the cuban government not know who did it. it's impossible. >> bill: we'll see how your meeting with the president goes today. thank you, sir. he said it's gonna go well. >> sandra: that will begin shortly. the fate of sergeant bowe bergdahl now rests in the hands of a judge. he will appear before a military court again tomorrow for abandoning his post in afghanistan. and at the center of tomorrow's hearing will be emotional testimony from three men, all three risked their lives to search for bergdahl. retired chief petty officer james hatch was shot in the leg effectively ending his career as a navy seal.
7:40 am
in the center army national guard master sergeant mark allen, now uses a wheelchair unable to speak after being shot in the head. and on the right jonathan marita was an iraq veteran. a rocket propelled grenade shattered his hand. >> bill: that continues tomorrow. maybe we'll get a verdict tomorrow. we'll see. florida police on the hunt for a suspected serial killer. three different murders all connected. why they are taking a closer look at members of their own community today. >> sandra: several members of the obama administration now at the center of scandal. and newt gingrich thinks it will quote, go down as the most corrupt administration is american history. >> everything the average american has believed about corruption in washington is about to be validated.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> bill: a deadly mystery in
7:44 am
tampa, florida. police fear a serial killer may be on the loose. three victims shot in two weeks in a normally quiet neighborhood. the mayor of tampa saying he is very concerned for the safety of his constituents. >> three people are dead. there aren't a lot of facts or evidence yet but it is not for lack of tampa police department trying. we literally have put bodies out here by the dozens undercover and uniform patrol. we'll find this guy and not leaving this neighborhood until we do. >> bill: police believe the shootings are linked but so far no motive and no suspect. >> the most corrupt, the most unbelievably unlawful administration in american history. the clintons are only a part of this. wait until you get to attorney general lynch and wait until you get to her predecessor. wait until you get to samantha powers at the u.n. this is going to keep on
7:45 am
rolling and i think we're going to look back a year or two from now and we're going to be stunned at the dishonesty and bankruptcy of the obama administration. >> sandra: that was newt gingrich calling out what he believes to be corruption in the obama administration as more scandals continue to surround hillary clinton and loretta lynch. let's bring in our political panel. lawrence jones is a host for the blaze. ben kissel is a talk show host and commentator. if only you could see their faces while we were listening to newt gingrich. you were both having very different reactions. start with you first, lawrence jones. >> maybe we need a special counsel to investigate this. actually we can't use our current special counsel because he was the f.b.i. director back then and he probably has some involvement with this. here is my problem. for months we've heard about russia and connections and shady business without any evidence.
7:46 am
we may have evidence now of wrongdoing. yet the media was silent about this. democrats were silent about this. they didn't even notify congress that some of this back door dealing was going on. i just say let's investigate it. >> sandra: now democrats have reason to be concerned with rental gaitions, ben >> let's not predict newt gingrich is a beacon of morality. the uranium one deal. this seems like a distraction was going on within the trump administration, what's happening with with the niger investigation. >> sandra: you don't think based on what you know that it's worth further investigation. >> i think it's worth further investigation. i think it would have more investigation had hillary clinton won the election. she did not. >> sandra: she was state department at the time the deal. >> it is significant. i'm not saying it's not
7:47 am
significant. >> the clinton foundation to go along with that? >> i talk about this on my radio show. at the same time we have to focus on the current administration and what's going on in this add -- >> bill: there is not a statute of limitations just because you aren't in public life anymore. just because she is no longer the secretary of state doesn't mean we shouldn't investigate this but also the decision to not go after this with a proper investigation. let's be clear. robert mueller knew what was going on. obama administration knew what was going on but members of congress didn't. that shows there was some type of cover-up. we don't know what it is yet and we need an investigation. >> sandra: going back to newt gingrich. he is bringing it together, he is saying the clintons are only part of this. wait until you get to loretta
7:48 am
lynch, to her predecessor, wait until you get to samantha powers at the u.n. >> there will be a lot to unwrap. it is worth looking into and investigating. at this point in time we need to focus on what's going on in america right now. we can't just go look at past presidents. we need to focus on what's going on within the trump administration. >> sandra: do you think dems might back off the russia investigation? >> who knows what mueller is going to find? it might be a curse for the democratic party at the end of the day as well. >> not an if. russia has been silent for the last couple weeks. no democrats, not the press, it just begs the question why now? you guys have been talking about impeachment based on russia, covering it in the press. why are you silent now that there is somehow a connection to hillary clinton? what i also would like to see is that the source that is under this non-disclosure take
7:49 am
that non-disclosure away so we can have somebody public to start talking about these dealings. >> sandra: there is large distrust from the american people of government. and speaker gingrich started off by saying everything the average american believed about corruption is about to be validated. that distrust of government now is at an all-time high. >> absolutely. we laugh about congress's approval rating but it is sad and unfortunate. that's why we see such gridlock and lack of faith in government because no one trusts what's going on. everyadministration in my lifetime has been guilty of it. we don't want to just focus on what happened with the obamas. again i think we need to stay focused on what is happening now. at issue -- >> bill: >> don't put it under the rug. >> we need to get tax cuts and
7:50 am
healthcare passed and a lot of things passed. >> they can investigate as well. >> sandra: you brought your a-game. thanks for coming on set. >> bill: a quick preview what's coming up. >> a big powwow on capitol hill. what do they want to hear from the president? plus people in a quiet florida community living in fear as police search for a possible serial killer. the police chief calls it his worst nightmare. an australian teen recovering after a terrifying shark attack. how her dad and brother saved her life at the top of the hour. >> bill: in a moment on the road to the fall classic. houston and la. tonight game one world series. we're live at dodger stadium. only here next.
7:51 am
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>> bill: game one world series goes down tonight. get ready. l.a. dodgers and houston astros and the heat is on quite literally. 97° expected temperature at first pitch. adam housley live at dodger stadium where the sun just came up. we'll give you a break for now, adam. how goes it? good morning out there. >> it's already warm here. over 80° in downtown. 90° in other areas. the air quality will be horrible in los angeles but who cares? for the first time in 29 years the los angeles dodgers are in the world series, the houston astros first time in 12 years. hot ticket in town. more than $3,000 is the average price for a ticket here. if you want a cheap seat in dodger stadium try $800. >> if i had $1,000 maybe i would pay, sure.
7:55 am
>> we haven't had a world series in my whole lifetime. i can understand why it's so expensive especially in los angeles. >> both teams well deserving. they won more than 100 games. the astros were in the national league. the second world series ever. the dodgers haven't been here since the 80s. tinsel town is all afire that the dodgers are in the world series. when you talk to players here the excitement know the significance of how tough this summer has been with hurricanes and fires and the shoot being in vegas, take a listen. >> it's been a tough summer all across america and i know houston was hit real hard. i was on my rehab assignment. it just started. and was stuck in hotels that whole time so i was watching all this stuff develop. >> we're playing good. the hurricane came. a lot of people struggling in houston. we show up to houston and try to help them and we keep playing and make it to the world series.
7:56 am
i think it will be a real big for them if we win the world series. >> big release for everybody involved. houston the fourth largest market in the country and l.a. the second largest market. two big baseball teams. 5:05 western time is the start of the game. >> bill: i think it's a coin toss, this series. i don't see a real advantage for either team. have you been able to study that? >> i might go with houston. >> bill: all right. four years ago they lost 100 games and now they're in the world series. remarkable. i'm not ready yet. may i buy a day? >> sandra: fair, fine, you got it. >> bill: you go with houston? then i have to take the other side. i'll take l.a. dodgers. >> sandra: we have a bet. president trump heading to capitol hill today. the president and republican leaders talking tax reform. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
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>> what's the over/under on president trump and senator corker taking a picture today? do you think it will happen? great way to continue the story, right? >> happy tuesday, everyone. >> she will see you at noon. bye-bye. >> jon: some new details about the ambush in niger including when u.s. forces called for help and how long the attack went on raising more questions about the assault that left four americans dead. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. the chairman of the joints chief of staff telling reporters the families of the four fallen soldiers and american people deserve answers about what happened in the west african nation nearly three weeks ago. general joseph dunford appealed for patience during the investigation. >> we lost four americans in this incident. we had two others wounde


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