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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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at a time when hillary clinton was secretary of state and big dollars were flowing to the clinton foundation from russian interest. >> congress in peter king's made the point why do we never sell them a uranium and we will hear a lot more about that. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert. a tax reform is front and center in washington today. president trump is about to address republican senators at their weekly policy lunch, he is going to urge them to get tax reform done by thanks giving. as they are getting to work on key details of a plan for massive tax cuts that everyone can get behind the president says. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. democratic strategists and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. commentator and fox news contributor rachel campos duffy is here and today is #oneluckyguy, former deputy campaign manager for donald j. trump for president and fox news contributor, david bossi is here. he is outnumbered.
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i'm trying to figure out what that means. before i don't know why he's so funny every time. >> harris: and joyful. we love that. >> david: is a lot of fun to be here. thanks for having me. >> harris: i love the autumn tie. >> david: my wife picked it out for me. >> harris: let's get to the news. later this hour, president trump is going to speak with g.o.p. senators on capitol hill. the policy lunch is happening as republicans in congress are turning their attention to overhauling the nation's tax code. the houses affected hold a final vote this thursday, the day after tomorrow approving the senate's budget resolution. that's a huge hurdle was to get over that tax reform. president trump had asked them to get it done quickly so that they could move forward on that tax legislation. house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady says they are on schedule to get that done for it speaker paul ryan says he is optimistic. >> adopting this budget is another sign of real momentum for tax reform.
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of getting the train on the tracks and getting this moving so we can deliver real tax relief and a healthier, stronger economy for the american people. i want to thank president trump for his leadership. i want to thank them for expression to our members just how urgent this is for the country and how needed this is for workers. as he said, we are on the verge of doing something very histori historic. >> harris: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live for us on the hill, and you heard the words from the speaker there. this is huge. >> no question about it. expected to be a very busy afternoon here on capitol hill. already today, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell focuses on fixing the tax code, the first step up is taxing that budget. >> a comprehensive responsible budget that will help the government on a path the balance and help put our economy on the road to robust growth. this week, the house plans to bring a budget to the floor for passage by thursday. once they pass it, we will have import important legislative
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tools for tax reform. speak with a final tax reform package is not public yet, yet top democrats are already taking aim saying the mass does not add up. >> the fact is there's no way the republicans can avoid raising taxes on a good number of middle-class families if they're going to cling to such massive tax cuts for the rich and powerful and still make the numbers work. even with fake math. >> on the house side, first things first they must -- paste senate version in order to move on with tax reform. the plan is devoted it on thursday and it is being sold as the first phase. speak when you look at the budget, it is the mechanism against tax reform and the sooner we get tax reform and growth in this country, the sooner we help those hard-working taxpayers across america. >> if g.o.p. leaders have the votes for that budget, democrats won't be able to stop them, so leading democrats are blasting
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the tax reform push. >> republican's are continuing their effort to give tax cuts to the least deserving and the least needy of them. the upper bracket of millionaires and billionaires and corporations. i wouldn't call this tax cuts. >> president trump will make his appeal to senate republicans today to get this done in a hurry. >> harris: a hurry indeed. mike emanuel, thank you very much. david, we know that the first system to open the vault in success for republicans potentially is to get this budget deal done. he saw a couple of days ago, the president calling for republicans to get it done. is there any doubt that they would pass the budget? >> david: there's no doubt now because other conservatives in the house, which is really their leadership is where this would end up, they have said they are signing on to this budget deal and i think they'll be no problem passing it. >> one of the big talkers today
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has been senator corker going after the president with some pretty strong words. let's watch this and then we'll talk about it. >> i don't know why he lowers himself to such a low standard and debases our country in a way that he does. president has great difficulty with the truth. on many issues. >> do you regret supporting him in the election? >> let's just put it this way, i would not do that again. i think the basement of our nation will be what he will be remembered most for and that's regretful. >> harris: so you may wonder what does this have to do with the budget and tax reform. in the president is getting ready to have lunch with senators and one of those senators i just last read is an rsvp. you think that he's going to show it but here's what the president said in a tweet in response about 40 minutes after what you just saw senator corker say. he said senator corker is the
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incompetent head of the foreign relations committee and look at how poorly the u.s. has done. he doesn't have a clue as the entire world was laughing and taking advantage of us. people like little bob corker have set the u.s. way back. now we move forward. i think we've got some breaking news first. >> a few seconds to get to it still. but what just happened with the president were dissipated any award ceremony for entrepreneur entrepreneurs. it was the of minority enterprise development award, eight winners of that organization are being awarded by the president. they are set to embody the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this country great. the reason why were going to get to that when it comes is because he did address tax reform and any update that we get from the president on tax reform right now makes news. so give us a few seconds and we will get to that as soon as we can. >> harris: that's so true
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because they've got this back and forth with corker and that's just a shiny object. >> sandra: here it is. let's listen. >> president trump: thank you very much. mention a couple words. reciprocal trade, and that's what we are doing. we are working on many trade deals that have treated our country very unfairly for many years and nobody even understood it, didn't know what was going on. those days are over. so we are renegotiating certain trade deals and we started the process for others, it's a long process as you probably know. you have statutory requirements and lots of other things but the bottom line is, step-by-step getting it done and we are way ahead of schedule i would say. we started with nafta, we'll see how that turns out. it may not turn out and if it doesn't turn out, we will have to do a new nafta. or a new deal. we will see how it turns out. thank you, i'm honored and thrilled to be with you this
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morning. the white house and the oval office is a very special place. i assume everyone if you have been in the oval office many times. [laughter] it's an honor to have you now. i can tell you that. i want to congratulate everyone of the business businessmen and women in this room and all that you have achieved, incredible stories. each of you has a remarkable past and i think an even more remarkable future. i feel that. does everybody feel that? i think so. especially with trump as your president. each of you represents a critical american industry from construction to technology to manufacturing. but you all share in a common will and drive to succeed, and i salute you for that. you need that drive to be successful. minority owned businesses and employees 8 million people and generates more than $1 trillion in annual economic output.
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the work you do and the products and services you bring into this world generate new prosperity across america. for that, we are in your debt. you inspire our children to develop their talents and to always chase their dreams. you carry on our nation's proud legacy of innovation, and you breathe new life into the american spirit. a recent department of labor report showed the fewest jobless claims since 1973. think of that. 1973. we just had a report, we have the fewest jobless claims. my -- i told press because the only way i'll get the word out there as if i say it. they'll never say it. my administration is deeply committed to empowering minority business owners. we are working to lift government barriers that we can thrive, prosper, and grow and speaking of grow, our stock market just at another high, the
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highest it's ever been in history by far. we've created about $5.4 trillion only in stock market value. $5.4 trillion. and we are very happy about it. a lot of jobs. we have the lowest job numbers since 16 to 17 years. lowest unemployment. we are doing really well. which makes it better for you. as a candidate for president, i pledge to fight to deliver opportunities for every community in america. all american children from the rust belt to our inner cities deserve great schools, safe neighborhoods, and access to high-paying jobs and i talked a lot about the inner cities on the campaign. and the tremendous potential in the inner-city and we are working on that very, very hard. critical to creating the future is reforming our tax code to produce new investment and development in our country. we must bring back our jobs and
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rebuild america's cities and towns. that's what we're doing. it's time to take care of our country and fight for our families. at the center of our america first agenda is our commitment to ensure every child in america is a future of security and future of hope. we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world. anywhere in the world, one of the highest taxed, costing us millions of jobs and trillions and trillions of dollars. our tax cuts will restore america's competitive edge and lower the crushing tax burden on the american people. it's also going to bring back if we get this passed, which i believe we will, we have to as a country great is going to bring back $4 trillion back into this country, which right now cannot come back. it is being spent in other countries. money that wants to come back into the united states cannot come back, but under our plan,
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that money will flow back in and it will be very quick and it will be very easy and it's a lot of money. nobody even knows the amount. it was two and half trillion dollars a few years ago, so it's a now it's got to be close to 4 trillion or above that number. we will find out soon because it's going to come back very, very rapidly. under a plan, more than 30 million americans in small businesses will get a 40% cut to their top marginal tax rate. this will be the lowest rate in more than 80 years. so this will be the lowest rate you have in more than 80 years. that's 1931 is the last time there was a rate this low. we are going to massively reduce the corporate tax so the companies say in america, move to america, and higher right here in america. in other words, they stay in america and they don't fire their workers. and that's what are about. our plan can be summarized in three simple words.
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jobs, jobs, jobs. the award winning business leaders here today represents the best of america and our determination to succeed and to grow. together, we are going to ensure that more american citizens can unlock their potential of which they have tremendous potential, provide for their families, and live out the american dream. again, congratulations to all of the awardees. it's a tremendous achievement. i really tremendous achievement. a great respect for you. and thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you very much, everybody. >> sandra: president from just wrapping up with entrepreneurs they are at the white house, addressing two things, the stock market and taxes. on the stock market, he said we
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created $5.42 trillion since taking office preyed on tax cuts, that's where he continues to make news. trying to summarize the overall plan on the table right now with jobs, jobs, jobs. he said if we get this done, which he said i think we will, it'll bring $4 trillion back into this country. it'll be quick and easy. we went the president making news as he's making news because he is getting ready to go into that luncheon with senators and don't you wonder what those lawmakers on the hill are going to be talking about on the heels of those comments and then you have the bob corker situation going on which he set that up right before the president spoke about the awards among that business community, calling them representative of the best in our nation. so what do you do with that shiny object in the room called senator bob corker and the president going back and forth? >> david: if i was a president, i would ignore him. if he's at the lunch, i don't know that senator corker will attend. we have to get onto the agenda. not onto the side shows and think that that is the very
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important thing that has to come out of this launch and out of the white house continuously is the discipline of that message, which is tax reform, tax reform, and more tax reform and have it done by the end of this year. our economy, the american worker deserves it and needs it and president trump campaigned on it and so did every member of congress that's in there right now. when real quickly, i am curious because this is a very business board room like behavior from the president. he had a lot of lunches, has a lot of meetings. what does it do for communication because you see him have a rift with a guy like senator corker and you're saying corker probably want to attend, but we don't know. >> sandra: he's on his way to lunch, he is going. >> david: who knows if he will come or not and it's unimportant. i hope that story line doesn't dominate the day. i hope the conversation about tax reform in the senate, a commitment to get tax reform done this year, our economy needs it.
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unemployment is down, the dow is up. we have all these economic indicators. if we could have this infusion of capital into the system is going to be generational change. >> harris: is really is a huge debt. you've got the budget, you got tax reform, don't really need democrats to do the latter of those. >> jessica: you got all the republicans. >> harris: okay. >> jessica: there are were publicans who have expressed concerns about this adding over trillion dollars to the deficit, bob corker brought it up. bob corker for all of the fun that he is creating with this and the lines that he's feeding for democrats to say even republicans know this, he votes with the president. these guys act like they're big mavericks and they stay in line largely. we will see what happens. >> harris: worried about getting a seat at the table to get a point of view into this tax legislation? >> sandra: i think overall he should be concerned, but the president went out there and complained about tax reform. talk to people like manchin.
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a lucky gal. what i'd really like to hear out of the president and out of republicans is the tax reform packages, talk about things like payroll taxes, talk about the earned income tax credit. talk about the middle class cut. they are saying that the middle class is going to be better off but they're not actually cutting their taxes. that's the difference. >> harris: want to give rachel a chance to jump in here. >> rachel: i want to say good for the president for going to the hilt. barack obama went to the set of the the daily show with jon stewart more times than he ever went to congress. that is actually a fact, not a story of mine. that is true, you can look it up. i will say this, we have a community organized president who believes in a centralized economy if you will for eight years. this tax reform is huge. it's an opportunity for once for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see paul ryan, i know him. did you see how giddy he looked? >> harris: no drama on the
9:18 am
hill is going to get in the way of it. >> rachel: i'm saying that what democrats are afraid of is that this will happen because this will prove that free market and liberty and deregulation and decentralizing our economy work works. >> harris: 's remains part of the conversation because that lunch with the president talking tax reform lawmakers coming up is coming to the hill which is a big deal as we just heard rachel campos duffy say. unprecedented criminal and imminent. the nuclear missile capabilities from a key american ally. as a former obama defends chief tells president trump to tone down his rhetoric. but why would lowering the volume work now? we will debate it. hillary clinton is going after claims of pay to play while she was secretary of state. what she is saying now is raising some eyebrows.
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> sandra: we are keeping an eye on the white house for you because we are expecting the
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present will be departing the white house heading to capitol hill shortly for that policy lunch, the senate weekly policy lunch he is going to be joining them and urging them to get tax reform past possibly by things giving. so keep you updated on his departure there. meanwhile, hillary clinton slamming reports of bribery linked to the russian uranium deal under her state department. she said it is all a diversion by president trump and his allies. who she claims are scared about their own moscow links. >> it's the same baloney they've been peddling for years. there's been no credible evidence by anyone. in fact, it's been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked. i'm their favorite target, me and president obama. we are the ones that they always like to put into the crosshairs. >> sandra: earlier on "america's newsroom," i spoke with a congresswoman investing that paid to play claims involving clinton but i asked him where does the investigation stand now? >> we now know that there is the
9:24 am
existence of somebody who is a confidential informant from the various early days of this scheme working with the russians who were involved in the uranium but he'd had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. he wants to be able to tell his story to congress and the american people. this individual has a lot of information. i think he's got documents, and we need to hear from him. >> sandra: but he can't speak right now. that's part of the problem. >> david: i served as chief investigator during the clinton years so i heard her story before, this is old news. this is an old news thing. >> sandra: she said it's baloney. >> david: the attorney general jeff sessions who was a law and order attorney general must appoint a special counsel for the uranium deal. it has to happen. we must have this. the only way for the american people to get to the bottom of this is if he appoints a special counsel to get to the bottom.
9:25 am
>> rachel: have a gag order and let the congress intervene? congress needs to. that's the public's right to know aspect to this. public hearings, congressional hearings, educate the american people, they can determine for themselves. >> people want to know, people voted for this in administration and they're going it taking this long for jeff sessions to do that? he just has to list a gag order. >> david: these orders that the hill came out with have done an amazing job in uncovering the story. part of that was our three year litigation battle against the state department uncovering these documents. >> sandra: you're very passionate about this and you wrote an op-ed where you're calling on sessions to appoint a special counsel to look at this and you wrote many people wondered why the united states would give russian vladimir pugh and a sweet deal like this. in the context of the 2016 presidential campaign, it was about the money flowing to the clinton foundations. accusations of pay for play with
9:26 am
financial benefits for the clintons winning out over national security concern. and why the obama justice department seem to do nothing about it. >> david: she said on the board that made the decision. bob mueller, the current investigator on the so-called russian collusion investigation about trim campaign which is in whitley fabricated, i might add with the director at the time so there needs to be somebody other than him who investigates this made eric holder was his boss. that's all swept under the rug. i don't think the american people would like someone that was involved in the investigation. >> harris: it seems like they want to sweep this under the ru rug. clinton is not president so let's focus on the current administration. >> jessica: i'm focused on both. they understand that the benghazi things were completely grueling for everyone involved,
9:27 am
most of all the family. i think the gag order was alarming to everybody no matter what side of the aisle that you're on it. i think we should get to the bottom of all of it. it's fascinating to me that you just went on about how this is a uranium deal and then you said the trump russian probe is completely fabricated. >> david: 14 months, and investigation, 14 months, not one scintilla of evidence. >> jessica: there are plenty of people. why is carter page of pleading the fifth. why is all this information coming out about paul manafort? >> david: has nothing to do with collusion of the campaign. you're mixing those out. >> jessica: if you want results to come out of a special prosecution of hillary clinton why not the same standard for the president of the united states? >> sandra: let's get rachel in here. >> david: i was there at the campaign.
9:28 am
>> rachel: in david's opinion is that it was fabricated but there were multiple opinions. the difference is, they're all multiple investigations into russian collusion with no evidence of what has come up with important now. the american people are looking at what's happening now with hillary clinton. they allowed the russians to get the bomb making material in nine departments. >> jessica: it's not about hillary. >> rachel: it is about the whole obama administration great i hope we uncover what happened here. this is serious stuff they do is i think democracy is on the line here. >> harris: the president of the united states then. he said a few days ago that he considers us to be the story of the decade. he wants it looked into. will attorney general jeff sessions step up and open an investigation? we shall see what will happen and will report the facts as they happen. >> sandra: we will leave it there. as japan sounds the alarm on
9:29 am
north korea, former obama administration official is pushing back on president trump president trump's tough talk strategy. and but is it time for a new approach after the last three administer rations failed to contain north korea? there are smiles on the couch. >> harris: absolutely. i'm buying the coffee. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> sandra: japan's defense minister sounding the alarm on north korea warning that the regime missile capabilities have grown to an unprecedented critical and imminent level. endorsing the trump administrations the fuse that all options must be considered. if the remarks come the same day that obama defense secretary hold on president trump to back away from talk and focus instead on diplomacy. speak with the concern i have is when you ratchet up the rhetoric
9:34 am
between fire and fury and destroying the united states, et cetera. what it does is it increases the tension level. is the concern about a miscalculation. or a mistake that will ultimately escalate to a greater conflict. it would be far better to lower the volume of rhetoric. >> sandra: isn't that what we have seen in recent history with recent administrations? >> david: part of the reason that president trump inherited these incredible problems around the world, iran and north korea and others is because of the geniuses like this who have done the exact opposite. that's the problem. >> sandra: i sense sarcasm. >> david: there's a lot of people over time that wanted to put their heads in the sand and look the other way. this president recognizes the
9:35 am
threat that they are to this country, to american people here in our country, and that's what he is trying to deal with. he is saying we're going going to have some tough talk to try to get them to the table. >> rachel: leon panetta has been wrong on a lot of stuff. he was under obama when obama said russia -- can't recognize threats. he said russia wants their foreign policy back. they had the bad i ran deal north korea getting worse. they have the japanese defense minister right now seems to be saying. i think they're going to china and the rest of the world saying a winning business. you want peace, get on board. >> harris: ahead of their talks and their meat is, he told reporters look, the situation is different for north korea. the consequences have to be
9:36 am
greater now for whatever they choose to do. so those stakeholders in the region certainly, you're absolutely spot on know that in some way or shape, they are targets if any source of way. i could do that for any of them so they have to get on board with us with this. go ahead. >> jessica: i was going to say in agreements, and i like the segment. i think that it is crucially important that we listen to our allies in the region and i think that something that gets lost in a lot of this twitter battling. >> harris: don't you think that secretary of state rex tillerson singh that we can do both basically? we can talk diplomacy right up until the bomb drops. >> jessica: that's why i thought that the tweets the president sent out saying take a breather, diplomacy is not going to work here were not only insulting but. >> harris: has anybody considered the fact that that may be part of the plan?
9:37 am
these are not accidental. >> david: he doesn't just get mad and tweak? come on. this is part of the plan. there's no question that the president wants his leadership to be out there trying to work on the diplomatic angles and work with japan. >> jessica: but he told rex tillerson not to. >> david: what he said is a might be at waste of time. that is a position for him to take while he's out there. [all talking at once] >> jessica: i will say this, rex tillerson has some discipline and maybe in thereto. >> david: we need japan and south korea and others in the region to step up. china has to help out and the president and the last week has said that china seems to be trying to help when it comes to this north korean problem. it is not going to go away from us. we have to really buckle down
9:38 am
and be ready for this in the long haul. >> sandra: you've got the last word. new questions about whether hillary clinton is an asset or liability for democrats ahead of the midterm. vulnerable senator joe manchin saying no thank you if he said he wants clinton to join him on the campaign trail but is not a good move? we will certainly debate that. sarah is a fifth-grade teacher. when it comes to molding young minds, nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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>> harris: new questions about how much hillary clinton could help or hurt her own party. i wonder if jessica tarlov has an opinion about that. west virginia senator joe manchin is a red state democrat who was up for reelection in 2018. and he says he would pass on the opportunity to have hillary clinton join him on the campaign trail. his explanation seem to refer to
9:43 am
clinton's controversial comments during the campaign lester about putting coal miners out of business if she were elected. >> it wouldn't be wise for hillary to come to west virginia prayed it would be a good thing for her or for me. the relationship is just things that were said were very harmful and very hard to justify. she made a big mistake and it was wrong. that's all i can say. >> harris: manchin's seat as vulnerable as he tries to hold on in a state donald trump won is a candidate and faces primary challenge from the left as well. wouldn't be good for either one of them. what does that mean exactly? >> david: that is incredibly point. we can only hope and i would pay for airline tickets for hillary clinton to travel to lots of states where there are democratic incumbents. just from the russians, absolutely. >> jessica: everyone said that book was going to bond. >> david: she said she want to go to pennsylvania, wisconsin,
9:44 am
michigan, places that she forgot about during her own campaign trade we will be welcoming her there because she will harm those democrat senators in missouri, west virginia, you name it, we are excited to have her. >> harris: can she anoint anybody at this point or is joe mansion right? don't come back to west virginia, you messed up. >> jessica: i think that hillary clinton should listen to each and every representative and what they have to say about whether she would hurt them if you showed up or would help them. i think she makes a tremendous difference. we saw that with the reception of her book, sold out talks, if you up in any of the very liberal states that would be a huge boon for a candidate. signed copies, you can have it all. but i think that it's quite responsible what joe manchin said and we all know that there are some places where she's going to show up and people are going to hammer on the deplorable comments. >> harris: said that about those coal miners? before the whole conversation,
9:45 am
that sound bite. >> harris: do you think it was interpreted in such a way that she regrets? >> jessica: i'm certain that she does, she certainly regrets deplorable's. >> harris: should she apologize? >> jessica: she has apologize if you read her book. i'm not getting any money for that. she doesn't talk about that and has repeatedly. both hillary clinton and donald trump, two very polarizing figures. there are some places that donald trump should not shy what. this is not just the thing on our side. >> rachel: i would just say that i love the way senator manchin said she made a mistake. she did not make a mistake. she said the truth for once and that's what she really thinks. she was joking about green energy. obama during his campaign also said he wanted to see the coal industry decline. let me just say this. if the democrats right now don't just have problems with coal
9:46 am
miners, they have problems with people who are making in manufacturing things because they told americans these jobs were gone forever. and donald trump is proving that these jobs can come back if you put america first. >> harris: you always say it's about the economy. >> sandra: it is about the economy. that was a great mistake. that was her opportunity to pivot and say i should of never. but the focus back on the economy. >> harris: we have to be the book on the former presidential candidate? >> jessica: she has a radical environmentalist on the left. it doesn't make you radical. hillary clinton is out there all the time. she is apologizing for a lot of wing herself. >> david: she blames everybody but herself. >> harris: she wrote a book called what happened.
9:47 am
>> david: the answer is hillary clinton. what happened is she was the nominee. >> harris: so much fire today. lots of spirit on this couch. the mainstream media appearing to take a new angle and attacking president trump. are they? this time, a new cnn ad campaign, so is there facts first message a thinly veiled dig at mr. trump's fake news claims? or is this fair game. we will talk about it. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
9:48 am
well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. it got to go check in with harris and see what's coming up on "outnumbered" ot. >> harris: thank you very much great here it is. we know the president is arriving on capital here. we know he has left the white house but he is going to be with when looking senators for policy lunch. he is pushing lawmakers to tax reform. get it done by thanksgiving. can they do it? i will ask the budget committee chair diane black joining me ahead of the key budget vote expected day after tomorrow. plus, just as the administration's refugee ban, stunning new video of the legal immigrants and jumping border fence. reporters nearby talking to the president's proposed border wall, people who are designing it. as this is happening behind them.
9:52 am
more on ot atop the hour. back to you guys. >> sandra: we will be watching, thank you. cnn releasing a new ad campaign that seemed to hit back at president trump's fake news claim. it never mentions them by name, critics are calling it into anti-trump campaign with a 30-second ad seemed to suggest the president is a liar. >> this is an apple. some people might try to tell you that it's a banana. they might scream banana, banana, banana over and over and over again. they might put banana in all caps. you might even start to believe that this is a banana. but it's not. this is an apple. >> sandra: take it away, david. >> david: that's quite honestly pathetic. i thought that was an iphone
9:53 am
thing. i think apple should be upset. >> jessica: i thought it was a middle-class tax cut. >> david: you did? >> sandra: what? >> david: this is just part of cnn's complete assault on this president. they hate him. they don't want him to succeed trade they know that things like tax reform if it's done this year or early part of next year, he's going to be a successful president and that's what they don't want. if they don't want him reelected. that's why they do desperate things like this. the american people see past that. >> sandra: by the way, we do want to take a look at us live shot here. the presidents motorcade arriving at capitol hill ahead of this policy lunch with republican senators. this is there weekly lunch. the president is joining them, you know why, to urge them to get tax reform and tax cuts done. they are going to be hashing out some of those details of that plan.
9:54 am
so this is a big moment the president going to sit down with the senators in order to sell his plan. >> david: i think it's a great day. the senate needs to work a little bit faster pace and i think the president is there to work with them on the deal but also to motivate them to get it done because as i said, good policy equals good politics. these people that are up for reelection in 2018 can run on a great economy if these tax cuts go through. >> jessica: it's important that he speaks to the senate. i have a husband in the house but the fact is the senate has been the problem. they are the problem child. that's where the cog in the wheel has been. so he's been there doing what he needs to do, he's a dealmaker and this will absolutely -- if they get this done in this economy goes into overdrive, forget it. >> sandra: it's a fair point
9:55 am
to bring up because as the president is arriving there and capitol hill to sit down with senators to hash out the plan of the stock market is soaring. set another record high today. right now, the biggest gain since september in the american stock market. >> jessica: i completely agree that if they get tax reform done, we are going to have a much harder time come 2018 and 2020. everybody knows that. republican's absolutely need it. and they need a big win, the health care thing was a complete debacle. they absolutely need this. looking back to the point, that something "the new york times" did as well, "the washington post." this is what bob corker was talking about just this morning. trump has a problem with the truth. >> sandra: that's mainstream media. the president has a fierce exchange with words with senator bob corker earlier toda today. corker is at that lunch, by the way. so this is going to get really interesting really fast. the president arriving on capitol hill as you just saw to
9:56 am
sit down with senators trying to get something done. as you can see, there's a president walking into the lunch right now with mitch mcconnell as you can hear people yelling some things. we will keep the camera on here because this is a huge moment happening on capitol hill. tax reform, the president has said his goal is to get something done by thanksgiving. so the urgency is there read the clock is ticking, david bossi. as you can see a little activity there happening in the hall as the president went into the luncheon. >> david: i'm excited about this lunch. i think that we are going to see in 90 minutes or so what happened during this lunch. hopefully we get a little bit of meat on the tax bill, get talked about the detail of it and where it's going to be and maybe get a timetable as well. >> rachel: my husband had a meeting not long ago at the irish embassy, he's an irish guy. they were afraid of this
9:57 am
happening. they know that if this happens, all the jobs that left ireland and other places are going to come back to america they were afraid of this. this is not for corporations, though a lot of people work for corporations, this will make a difference for the american people. >> jessica: that's a huge corporate tax cut. >> rachel: people work for corporations. >> david: we need corporate, we need llcs, we need some chapters, all the small businesses, we need individuals. >> jessica: direct one, not trickle down. >> david: we need tax cuts for everybody. >> jessica: that something that they are not. >> sandra: what you are looking at here, the president just wrapped up. a lot happening this hour in washington, the president had just wrapped up that awards ceremony for entrepreneurs at the white house. we saw that happen live. a few minutes later, the motorcade departed the white house for capitol hill. the president is meeting with senators on capitol hill.
9:58 am
this is there weekly lunch. he is joining them. they're going to hash out some of the details on tax reform. the president is going to make his push there. you just saw a few moments ago senate majority leader mitch mcconnell greet the president, lock him into the lunch. and now you are seeing the very crowded hallways at the capital there because this is where the activity is at. >> david: not always like that that. >> jessica: when the president shows up, it usually looks like that. i don't think hillary hangs out there anymore. >> sandra: this is the top of their agenda right now on the top of this president's agenda as well, tax reform. >> rachel: you can see that the house are serious because the house wouldn't necessarily accept that senate budget because is not as conservative as their budget but they're saying we are not going to waste anymore time. we are going to vote on this. this is real. this is absolutely real. this is going to happen. >> sandra: the president has arrived at capitol hill, on
9:59 am
capitol hill to have lunch with senate republicans, all of this was happening a few moments ago. the big day. whether or not they can get down and into the nitty-gritty, work out some details of this plan because we've got the outline. we need more detail. >> jessica: that will be interesting because i think that's what the president doesn't do as well with the details as he does the kind of charm. we have seen footage before of him going into these meetings before and doing quite well with business leaders. like you said, it will be 4 trillion in profit and don't worry about the deficit, things like that. the devil is in the details for the senators were going to be difficult here. like bob corker, for instance. >> david: bob corker and his cnn triad today. >> sandra: schumer was not there when asked whether he wishes he was lunching with trump today, he said send him my best. that's according to our produce producer. thank you for joining us. and thanks to you guys as well.
10:00 am
we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. to join us every weekday. "outnumbered" at noon. now to "outnumbered" over time with harris faulkner starts now. >> harris: "outnumbered overtime," the president is on capitol hill to push to go big ticket items on his agenda. let's go "overtime." they are talking tax reform is in health care, too. the president is hoping his party can rally around the tax bill, they can get on his desk by thanksgiving. white house correspondent kevin corke joins us live at the white house, we know the president left a little while ago and we are seeking to see how the mood is on capitol hill. >> this is the perfect time of day to talk to our colleagues, listen, this is an electric environment, when the president makes a brief trip


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