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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 24, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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anymore. dana, were not to be able to get to you. >> tomorrow i have the bush twins, jenna and barbara bush with their new book. jesse is very excited to meet them. >> "special report" up next. >> to be clear, the anger and resentment that the people feel are justified. but anger and resentment are not the governing philosophy. >> it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide. >> he wants people to be in the senate that are committed to actually moving the ball down the field and i don't think these two individuals in ephesus early have been as focused on that. the president wants to get things done. >> two republican senators in congress going to war with a republican president over both the style and the substance of his leadership as the administration tries to push a tax cut package calls crucial.
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coming to life from what has been an extraordinary day on both ends of pennsylvania avenue. it began this morning with an exchange of nasty tweets between senator bob corker and trump and intensified this afternoon with the announcement from frequent trump poetic senator jeff flake that he will not seek reelection next year. so much for a day that was a buster center around a relaxed working lunch. we have coverage tonight. we'll talk about what's in the tax plan and what we know is not as of tonight. but we start off right here with john roberts and the republican on republican rhetorical violence. >> it was really unbelievable but it was another day and another extraordinary moment in the trump administration, something that i have never seen before. a senator rising in the senate to rip his own party's
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president. >> i rise to say enough. >> it was a stunning scene in the senate. arizona republican jeff flake who faces a tough reelection next year it took to the floor to say he is retiring and in the process delivered a denunciation of president trump. >> reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced at telling it like it is when it is actually just reckless, outrageous, and undignified. and when such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else. it is dangerous to a democracy. >> the remarkable moment happened hours after tennessee senator bob corker relit the torch on his feud with trump. in an interview this morning, ripping the president for tweeting that 401(k) contributions were off-limits in the debate. >> hopefully the white house will step aside and let that
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occur in a normal process. i know recently at the white house in a couple of cases had been taking things off the table and i would just say there's a lot of work to be don done. >> trump, who has long insisted that when he gets hit hit back harder, tweeted, in part, "bob corker, who helped president obama get us the bad deal and couldn't get elected dog catcher is now fighting tax cuts." but he didn't stop, announcing he wouldn't support the president's reelection and now regrets backing him in the first place and accused the president of debasing the nation. >> i don't think there's any question, but that's the case, just in the way he conducts himself and goes till such a low level, i do. but look. the rest of us need to do what we can to act as statesmen. >> never want to let an insult
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go unanswered, trump fired back again on twitter, writing "senator corker is the incompetent head of the foreign relations committee. look how poorly the u.s. has done. people like little bob corker have set the u.s. way back." in the middle of all this, trump joined corker, flake, and the rest of the senate republicans for a policy lunch. at the white house insists tax reform was a big topic. >> tax reform barely came up. >> the senate majority leader, hoping to preserve some semblance of party unity, would it comment, but other republicans were alarms that have petty feud was stealing headlines from an important legislative issue. >> it's because all the stuff yu see on twitter, forget about it. let's focus on helping people. >> when asked about his resignation, the press secretary said giving his past statements in his home state of arizona, it's probably a good thing that he decided to retire.
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sarah huckabee sanders dismissed his criticism saying he was probably simply trying to grab a few headlines on his way out the door. you know, they actually have a machine here that they used to sharpen their elbow spread it's quite something. >> thank you. >> today's trip to capitol hill was supposed to build momentum behind the president's push for tax cuts but there still a bit of a bumpy road ahead for the president and his party to reach a deal. here's mike emanuel. >> after the republican luncheon with trump, majority leader mitch mcconnell said the tax plan could bring them altogether. >> if there's anything that unifies republicans its tax reform. we've been looking for the opportunity to do this literally for years. we now have a president who will sign it, who believes in what we are trying to do, and were going to concentrate on what our agenda is and not any of these other distractions. >> before the luncheon, the president said tax reform would allow $4 trillion to be repatriated from overseas. >> money that wants to come back
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into the united states cannot come back but under our plan that money will flow back in, it will be very quick and very easy and it's a lot of money. >> chuck schumer has attacked the proposal, saying the math doesn't work. >> this plan is a disaster for america. it's no wonder our colleagues want to rush it through in the dark of night. because the more it's exposed to sunlight, the more rotten it smells. >> the plan is for them to pass tax report by thanksgiving. speaker paul ryan said a critical first step comes thursday with a budget vote. >> by completing this budget, that is one big step closer. which means we are one big step closer toward a pay raise for middle income families. >> assuming they have the votes, democrats are focusing on the next fight spreads because this is not tax reform. even the president has changed
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his language. this is all about a tax cut. >> some conservatives are grumbling about conservatives not releasing the details. >> we don't even get to see the tax bill that is supposed to be the great savior of the american economy. >> some of the secrecy is due to concerns that lobbyists will start attacking the plan. we should get a better sense of what is definitely in after the house approves the budget. >> thank you. let's get into more detail about the budget and tax cut process. mick mulvey need joins us here on the north line. thanks for being here. first of all, this dustup between senators corker and flake, do you see any problem in the effort to get their votes on tax reform? >> no, not really. i think at the end of the day, there's a couple in either chamber who vote based upon personalities and how they feel about another person.
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most of them bow on legislation based upon the merits of the legislation. i think it will rise and fall with the merits of that piece of legislation. bob corker is not going to vote against a good bill because he doesn't like the president. jeff flake is not going to vote against a good bill because he doesn't like the president. i'm not concerned about that. >> the next step is the budget. you fill your gear going to get over that hurdle on thursday. and then immediately you get details out? >> i think the hearings will start the next week. they might float a first draft of the actual bill next week. we sort of glossed over really quickly the importance of having the house passed this budget on thursday. if they do it the way they are talking about doing it, which is to accept the senate package, that saves us between ten and 12 days and we heard paul ryan say that he thinks the house might actually pick up taxes before thanksgiving. >> remember, you have a lot of deficit there, a lot of people concerned about the national debt.
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you've talked about that many times, we've talked about that. but there are people here who say that the gross is not going to make up for the numbers, that you're going to add to the deficit and debt in this plan. >> i just happen to think they are wrong. we've got a chance here to grow the economy. we talked about this before, the chance to grow an american economy 3%, were already at 3% right now without this tax bill having passed. if we can get about 3%, the amount of money that generates to the treasury is fantastic. it could be two and a half trillion new dollars to the government. americans get wealthier, everyone gets richer, and so does the american government and that's how you close that deficit gap. >> there were some lawmakers in kansas who said the same thing. that a big tax cut. dina sykes said proponents of the planned use dynamic scoring predicting incredible economic growth. today we know which forecasts were correct. they may have paid less than
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income taxes but the increases were offset by theists. so basically the changes were not enough to put the state on the right path. she goes on to say that the state functioned as of the great recession had never ended and that was a tax cut package. so you have to commence those folks at the growth it's going to make up for it. >> and i think i can do that because kansas is economy is not the american economy. it's heavily reliant on agricultural prices and so forth and they tried that, they cut those taxes as they went into a really bad time and i think it reflected itself in the larger economy. it's much more resilient.
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>> you think you can get democrats? >> i'm not sure about the house. i've lost track of where they are but my guess is what you'll see, and we've seen this before, is that the democrats want to vote for it but they don't want to give you the vote to give you over the help. so if the republicans can get to where they pass the bill with just republican votes, i think you will see them join in. >> is everything on the table? >> yes and no. the principles of all ready been laid down and there's no reason to negotiate those. one of those basic principles, the middle class will pay less and it will be simpler for them to pay. remember, 90% of families, not businesses, 90% of families hire somebody else to pay their taxes. one thing on the table, middle class does better and the corporate taxes coming down. is it that you principles for this administration. i don't think you'll see further discussion on those. >> death tax, zero? >> we wanted to go away. speak up about the possible negotiation. >> there's one way to look at it. should death be a taxable transaction? you die, you have to pay a tax. why is dying something that gets
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the federal government into your life? i think that something a lot of republicans, and i think they were honest with themselves, a lot of democrats would agree with. it should not be a taxable transaction. >> and state and local taxes customer asked >> if you and i live in different states and let's assume we make the same amount of money, which we don't, but let's assume we do, shouldn't we be the same amount of federal tax? i think the answer is yes. when he talks about fairness that's what he's talking about because right now that's on the case. folks in south carolina who make the same as folks who live in virginia or new york, we pay more and that's not fair. >> you're optimistic tonight? >> very much so, even more so than i was yesterday when i found the house is looking to accept the package on thursday. >> by the end of the year? >> it's more likely today than it was yesterday. >> thank you for your time. >> it's always a pleasure. speak out the white house is always announced its new policy for screening refugees. the worldwide ban ends today. taking its place, an executive order for a 90 day review.
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featuring what's called enhanced vetting for immigrants. those countries have not yet been identified. an update for a story we've been following for you here on "special report," a federal appeals court has cleared the way for 17-year-old illegal immigrants to obtain an abortion. this ruling, the full u.s. court of appeals overruled a decision by a three-judge panel of the court that at least temporarily blocked the team from having that procedure. we come back, to new investigations both with links to hillary clinton. we'll talk life next. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?!
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>> welcome back to the white house for there is a lot of buzz tonight about the latest investigations to hit political washington. congressional republicans say there is evidence that something was amiss when the u.s. gave up a significant block of its uranium mining capability to a russian-controlled company with ties to hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. members of a separate committee, actually, too, are looking for answers from the former director of the fbi over his handling of the clinton email probe and the decisions he made there. democrats say it's all a diversion. chief intelligence correspondent catherine has our story. >> two powerful house committees open investigating investigative committee is over james comey, including a letter to congress reopening the clinton email case 11 days before the election. in may, days before being fired by the president, he refused to admit any error. >> even in hindsight, and this has been one the most painful experiences, i would make the
3:18 pm
same decision. >> the oversight committee and house judiciary committee are also putting the former attorney general loretta lynch under scrutiny after comey circumvented the justice department when he drafted what republicans call an exoneration statement two months before 17 key witnesses, including hillary clinton, were interviewed. lawmakers also question why human public with the email case that the same time remain silent about the probe of trump campaign associates. in a statement, democrats accuse republicans of launching a massive diversion distracting from the lack of republican oversight. in a separate development, the house intelligence committees announced a joint investigation with the oversight committee into the 2010 uranium one deal that gave a russian company control of a large sale of the u.s. uranium supply. congressman nunez questions with the obama administration knew. >> was there an investigation,
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and if so, why was congress not informed of this matter. speak at the 2010 deal is under new scrutiny after a confidential informant came forward claiming there is evidence russia sought to curry favor with clinton and her husband through the clinton foundation. a gag order may soon be lifted. >> where in contact with the justice department to release them from a nondisclosure agreement. if that doesn't work out that we obviously would be able to subpoena him. >> peter king denied the investigation is being driven by politics. >> this is totally separate from the election issue and has nothing to do with the 2016 election. it goes back to dealings that went on in 2010 and 2011. >> trumps personal attorney michael: met with investigators today for about five hours after he told reporters it went well, democrats accuse republicans in these sessions of running interference to help protect campaign witnesses. >> thank you. let's get more on the new uranium one investigation.
3:20 pm
devon nunez of california joins us tonight from statuary hall. thanks for being here. >> always a pleasure. >> what are you looking for? >> we want to find out whether or not the fbi or doj or both had an open investigation. that this deal was approved by several government agencies. basically it had to have approval from several cabinet level people, including secretary clinton. >> she still on her book to her. she was on c-span and asked about this and the potential for an investigation. here's what she said. >> the close of the investigation about real russian ties between trump associates and real russians, the more they want to just throw mud on the wall and i'm their favorite target, me and, you know, president obama. we're the ones they like to put into the crosshairs. it's the same baloney they've
3:21 pm
been peddling years and he's been, there's been no credible evidence by anyone. >> your reaction? >> the difference here is whether or not there was an open fbi investigation into this matter. so, look. we've been communicating back and forth through different channels with this informant as you are well aware. this informant came publicly out last week, so now this actually has up to the stakes in this. we want these people to come forward and share with congress what they know. if, in fact, there was an investigation i don't see how this can be something we can easily look past. you are talking about major decisions that were made at a time when we were resetting relations with russia that actually happened to benefit the clinton foundation, perhaps other avenues, we don't know ye yet. but i don't believe that this informant is lying. i think he was working for the fbi, but that's part of what the probe is going to get to the
3:22 pm
bottom of. >> there was a gag order on this informant, is there a prospect that that will be lifted? >> what we believe, so the intelligence committees are made precisely to taken people that were working in the intelligence agencies or for the intelligence agencies and give them a right to go to the legislative branch. so we believe that any informant can do this, and this is part of the reason why we are working with the oversight committee, because there's so many government agencies this could involved that the chairman of that committee now are teaming up. there's a place for witnesses to come to with classified information and there's a place for the rest of the folks to go to have information that may not be classified. >> we should point out that people can go online and see the original stories that we dead on fox news channel about this, and the questions that that race. but this is a different level. i want to turn to another part of a different investigation and that is this dossier, the fusion gps folks.
3:23 pm
how would you describe the attitude of democrats on the intelligence committee toward the probing of the origins of the so-called dossier and how they are accepting that? >> look. to me it looks like they are obstructing the investigation. this is now in the courts. the house general counsel is now representing congress in this, that's because fusion gps has gone to the court on this matter. we believe that we are going to have this matter i think fixed within the next week or so and we believe that we will receive the financial records of fusion gps because we want to know a few things, number one, starting with who paid, and if so, how much, and who paid them? was it republicans, donors, republican donors, democratic donors, both, were they on the payroll of any russian companies? this is all extremely pertinent information to the ongoing investigation and as you know, as chairman of this committee,
3:24 pm
it is my job to enforce these subpoenas. we've been working on that. >> as we stand here, would you think bankrolled this? >> i still have no idea. that's the problem. we don't know who bankrolled this dossier and here we are ten months into this investigation and we still don't know that. i think that's a problem. that the american people, and i would think democrats want to get to the bottom of this. >> there's a conventional wisdom in the media, this is from cnn, congressional republicans have watched in a combination of wonderment and terror as trump has swerved all over the political world. on tuesday, republicans finally took some action, during one of the only things left to them, they launched investigations of the past administration and the last democratic presidential nominee. >> look. i'll put simple numbers here. 90% of the media in this town is
3:25 pm
not just left but hard left and they become very vocal, and anything that has anyone to say they attack as somebody who gets attacked by them on a daily basis. then there's about 5%, i put you in this category, but are very fair, and there's another 5% that are hard right. the president has really no chance in this town with the media after them all the time. but that has nothing to do with the fact of the matter is, we are trying to get answers. the american people should want the answers of who paid for the dossier, and wasn't used by the justice department for warrants or was it used for any part of this investigation? those are important questions we need to answer along with going back to the first topic, i think people need to know whether or not there was any involvement by the russian government to sway favor with u.s. government agencies. >> as you stand there tonight, you have not seen anything that
3:26 pm
shows collusion. >> and luck. this is what i've said. set it last month and even today on your show, there still is no evidence of collusion between trump and the russians. and you know what, if there is, i'll be the first to come out and say, here's what we found, and i think it's a big problem, and i would turn it over to robert muller and his investigation. >> we appreciate your time. it will follow both investigations closely. >> thank you. >> the first commander of the space shuttle challenger has died. paul weitz was in charge of challenger's maiden voyage in april 1983. pull up after its tenth loss. also piloted the skylab space station. in all he logged 793 hours in space. he was 85.
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>> welcome back. if you're looking at the west wing doors as the investigation continues into the deadly ambush of u.s. soldiers in africa earlier this month. another of the widows tells her story. it's the first public comment from the wife of staff sergeant brian black who died in niger pretty >> he was incredible. even just this year i was thinking, 12 years, you know, has flown by and i don't think 50 will be enough. you know? but i'll take 12. that's good. >> michelle blocks at her husband gave her the best years of her life, the best gifts of her life, 11 and 9-year-old sons, boys who now realize their father is not coming home. michelle says it's important for them to know what kind of dad he
3:31 pm
was and what type of man he was. >> i know that i married a true hero. when you have true moral integrity and you care that much for other people that you're willing to put your life on the line, you're a hero. >> a hero he is but the nation only knows brian black as a special forces soldier killed in circumstances that remain murky. were they randomly targeted or led into an overwhelming ambush? michelle blocks as she eventually wants to know the details, but for now, they won't bring her husband and his fellow soldiers back. >> i think he knew he was probably not coming home. i think he knew that if he took a risk, some of us friends might. >> she is aware of the controversy surrounding both the mission and the president's conversation with the gold star
3:32 pm
wife. though she has a different take. >> i'm grateful that he called and that he spoke to the kids and i think the excitement from that made it a little better even just for a minute. so, yeah. he was very gracious and i appreciate anyone who calls because, like i said, that takes quite a bit of bravery to call into that situation. >> she points out the military is a very tight knit community and as hard as it was for her to lose her husband she actually agonized over the death of the other three soldiers because she knew their wives and their children. brecht? >> so sad. thanks. the senate has just passed a 36 and half billion dollar disaster relief bill providing relief for hurricanes harvey, irma, and maria.
3:33 pm
now goes to the oval office for the president's signature. today the dow gained 168 to finish at another record close. the nasdaq jumped a dozen bread it is a federal agency i'll hear some describe as the most powerful in america. it's unelected and powerful director is now rumored to be harboring ambitions to run for office and his critics are sharpening their knives once more. james rosen fills in the blanks. >> for nearly six years, richard cordray has been the face of the consumer financial protection bureau, the first and only director of an agency created by congress and obama during the great reception. its stated mission is to advocate on behalf of consumers in the labyrinth financial services sector. >> we've returned almost $12 billion to 29 million consumers all over the country in every state, and every district, and imposed about $600 million in civil penalties.
3:34 pm
speak up but with him reportedly mulling the bed, their report the agency awarded to a democratic ad firm that said both the clintons and obama. they perceived payouts from the civil penalty fund. the account funded by judgments against banks and other financial institutions. >> it's the single most powerful agency and the federal government and the director is installed with more power than anyone in the federal government other than the president. >> that, critics say, is because the agency's budget comes from the federal reserve but not combustion, congressional appropriation and until recently the director could only be removed by the president. it last year a three-judge panel ruled their structure is unconstitutional, holding that the director can be removed by the president with or without
3:35 pm
cause. >> either way i believe the president is clearly justified in dismissing you and i call upon the president yet again to do just that and to do it immediately. >> some believe the white house has not moved for fear of enhancing his political prospects. >> his term is up next year. we'll see whether he serves it out or not but will be replacing him either way. >> in a rare move, the treasury this week reposed a rule opposed a rule which would make it easier for customers to join class action lawsuits. conservatives consider this rule a gift to lawyers who, along with lobbyists, donated over a million dollars in ohio's last race. >> interesting. thank you. some big changes tonight in saudi arabia. the crowned prince said the country will go back to what he calls moderate islam. he says he wants young saudi's to live in harmony with the rest of the world.
3:36 pm
>> we want to live a normal life, a life that translates our moderate religion, our good customs. we coexist and live with the world and contribute to the development of our country and the world. there are steps we have taken in the past that are clear, i believe we will eradicate the rest of extremism really soon. >> he also announced a new $500 billion city to be built in the country's northwest that will be run entirely on alternative energy and be an innovation hub for the future, creating, the saudi say, opportunities for companies around the globe. china is evaluating the status of their president, the ruling communist party has made him china's most powerful ruler in decades. the moves come at the close of twice a decade congress
3:37 pm
governing alongside rank and file party members. it comes just five years into his reign as leader. when we come back here to the white house, the panel reacts to republicans turning on each other over trump.
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>> because politics can make us silent when we should speak and silence could equal complicity, i have children and grandchildren to answer to end so, mr. president, i will not be complicit or silent. >> based on previous statements and certainly based on the lack of support that he has from the people of arizona, it's probably a good move. >> do you think he's debasing the nation? >> i don't think there's any question. >> when he gets that he's going to hit back and i think senator corker knows that and he's maybe trying to get a
3:41 pm
headline or two on his way out the door. >> pretty remarkable day with two republican senators speaking out pretty aggressively against their publican president one obviously is trying to get tax reform across the finish line and needs those votes. senator corker obviously wasn't running for reelection already but stepping up the rhetorical battle between the president, here's another senator about whether that effects votes. >> people get mad sometimes unreasonable people have a motion sometimes unreasonable people say things sometimes that they shouldn't say. but i don't believe for one second that jeff flake or bob corker or john mccain or anybody else would allow their personal feelings to impact what's best for this country. that's what i believe and you can write that down and take it home to mom. >> take it home to mama. let's bring in our piano.
3:42 pm
captain lucy, white house reporter, from our washington bureau, laura ingraham, host of the "ingram angle" which premieres on monday, and former white house press secretary ari fleischer. let me start with you. it was an amazing day as it developed bread then kind of a tweet rhetorical volley back and forth. >> i think we're starting to coin new words, yes, we've been through about five new cycles already i think and, yes, you saw him engaging in a war of words right before he was heading to the capital to talk about what is a key priority for him and republicans which is tax reform. >> by all accounts, and his latest tweet suggests he had standing ovations and senators got along in that meeting. >> there certainly was, i was in the hallway outside the meeting,
3:43 pm
there was applause. we've heard some folks talk about the meeting saying that it was a good conversation but this is a tax plan that we still have yet to hear key details on, they haven't worked everything out, we saw that this week, the back-and-forth about how they would treat 4o1 kays. so there's a lot of work to do. >> laura, your thoughts? >> i think that, thinking of someone like jeff flake, in his own state he would not have one his primary challenge against kelly ward. i was there on tuesday and it was obvious on the ground there that there was just no constituency for his open borders, endless war, trade deals that are very imbalanced. there was no constituency for that and i understand he's angry about the election. he didn't vote for trump. this is a continuation of last year's primary and it still playing out and the establishment is striking back and i'm not surprised that they are. they don't like the populist
3:44 pm
conservative movement and that seems to be what's gaining steam and i think he is won most of these arguments over the past ten months with the establishment but he still does need them so it's a balance that he has to play here as well. >> i don't know how you can look at events today and not declare that he won and steve bannon wo won. they like the people inside the party, and these people are not running for reelection because trump has chased him out of the party. go back to the party, and 16 candidates, many of them cut from the same cloth couldn't compete with trump. they got 80% of all republican votes cast in that primary. establishment candidates got less than 20% from the beginning to the very end. now you are seeing that manifestation play out in the senate. what i have my hard time wrapping my head around is they said you must fight, stop, stand up to trump but then they don't
3:45 pm
run. it seems to me if you feel that fervently about standing up to fight then you go through your primary and you prove that you can move republicans to your direction but instead of fighting they yielded and that's i think it's a victory for donald trump. >> let me ask about these tweets and whether the pushback, the counterpunch or that trump is, is effective in this environment. bob corker who helped obama give us a bad iran deal, couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee is now fighting tax cuts, goes on to say that corker dropped out of the race when i refused to endorse him and now is only negative on anything trump, look at his record. he's pushed back, obviously, and whenever anything critical is that he pushes back, but in this environment when you have to get something across the finish line, does that work? >> but look what was across the finish line that helped bring about this and result. a "new york times" story on october 20th came out that site republicans consider sharp cuts
3:46 pm
in 401(k) contribution limits. the president then tweeted we're never going to let that happen, we are not changing 4o1 kays and then senator parker advised the president, stay out of tax policy, don't get into it. frankly i think this is where he used a tweet on policy quite effectively and he was hearing then from a senator, don't put your nose and congressional business, and i can understand congressman wanting the president not to get involved but in this case if the party had gone down that road, his tweet probably saved the party from hurting themselves badly. >> one thing we should remember, and listening to what we heard today, if you didn't hear his voice, this could be a speech that was delivered by nancy pelosi. this could have been a speech delivered by chuck schumer. almost everything with the process focusing on, not that he's that conscious of the conservative movement, it's the tone, the vitriol. he lost. his view of conservatism is
3:47 pm
receding. maybe it will come back someday but right now the middle class in america is tired of getting kicked to the curb and if you're going to work for big business than you might as well just go work for big business that he should go work for big business and in the meantime people are going to focus on ordinary americans working every day for a living, people who turned out to vote. you have to advance this agenda and if you don't advance the agenda and if you speak ill of him more often than you speak ill of any random democrat, is probably not going to work out all that well for you right now. he will stamp his feet but i don't think it's going to make his viewpoint, his views more popular within the republican ranks. >> senator flank wrote a book called conscience of a conservative and it was pretty critical of trump. obviously that title, sharing from arizona, barry goldwater who, after he lost the race did stay in the senate for many, many years afterwards and ran again.
3:48 pm
i guess that's the criticism, is why not run if you're standing up on principle? >> these lawmakers are making the decision that this is not a productive place for them to be but it does, what we've been talking about here and what we've seen today, it does speak to the divide in the party which are not good to get worked out today, and how does this white house figured a way to work with the senate while also, it's trying to advance candidates that they see as being on their agenda. >> next up, we have some new information, breaking news, it may be who paid for that trump dossier.
3:49 pm
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3:52 pm
this dossier, and here we are ten months into this investigation and we still don't know about. i think that the problem that the american people, and i would think democrats would want to go to the bottom of this. >> bret: moments after that interview with the house intelligence committee chairman, "the washington post" moved the stories, singular clinton campaign and the democratic national committee help fund research that resulted in the now-famous, or infamous, dossier containing allegations about donald trump's connections to russian and possible coordination between his campaign and the kremlin. people familiar with the matter said. in other words, the clinton campaign and the dnc. in the meantime, the creators of that dossier, fusion gps have been trying to prevent investigators from looking into how it was funded. they've been in court in a d.c. circuit court. back with the panel, this is significant, this moves the ball. >> this is huge. i'm going to tell you why. this entire jim comey, the mueller investigation.
3:53 pm
this is based on the idea of donald trump colluding with the russians. now we know, however, that hillary clinton, the dnc, the clinton campaign, they were involved in paying for this dossier that was contained information that was compiled by the kremlin. christopher steele found out that the kremlin was investigating donald trump, supposedly. we don't know about what to believe about the what the salacious obligations were, but hillary clinton, the democrats were happy to take that information. this is the kremlin investigating, or getting dirt, on an american political candidate. we were all worried about this meeting, some two bit russian lawyer had with donald trump jr. when we have the democrats paying for a kremlin designed, in part, dossier. compiled by this character. it gets better, jim comey takes that dossier to president obama in january and says, look, we have this.
3:54 pm
they wanted to keep this thing going until it was shut down. there were going to keep paying christopher steele to dig out more information on donald trump. and a collusion that are talking about, i think hillary clinton, the democrats with the sleazy guy and russia together, all of this and now i know why they were trying to prevent this information from coming out. i guess we know why they went to court. >> bret: we should point out, obviously this is a report for "the washington post" ." we fox don't have it independently confirmed, but there are number of them investigations on the hill the codons of the road. >> absolutely. think we will all be looking into this report, which literally dropped minutes ago, and i do think it's certainly a headline that this white house might want to circulate, among others. these investigations have continued. there are multiple looks into what has happened in the 2016 race, and the president had expressed extreme frustration. we know that he has been frustrated, he has been insisting there was no collusion. he has called this a witch hunt.
3:55 pm
this may give him an opportunity to try and change the conversation. >> bret: we are not even talking about the uranium investigation continues as well, but what about this news if "the washington post" is correct? >> there's a governmental side of this that troubles me. we now know that a presidential campaign in the united states paid for international dirt that ended up going through america's intelligence agencies as well as james comey's fbi under president obama where they all treated it with credibility and seriousness to the point where it rose into a presidential daily brief, the most sacred of presidential briefings, the point where they hold a special briefing for president-elect trump to advise him about what the elected russians had on him. only to learn now that the source of this, the funding for, the impetus behind it was hillary clinton's campaign. hillary clinton's campaign, in effect, bamboozled america's intelligence agencies and the information flowed and rose to the very top levels. this is very troubling that the fbi, they didn't know the origin
3:56 pm
of this came from hillary clinton's campaign. why didn't james comey know that, if he did, why didn't he discount this gimmick >> bret: don't you with your show started tonight? >> no. it kills me but it didn't start tonight. this is law, politics, entry, it's great. >> bret: tune in monday at 10:00 p.m. thank you, panel. one may come back, not even world leaders can escape the perils and dangers of a dog in the house, and cameras there, too. ♪
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4:00 pm
vie. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for the special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. martha maccallum in new york. ♪ >> martha: breaking tonight, make no mistake, the political earthquake that began on november 8th of last year is still sending aftershocks. today the latest was this one from senator jeff flake of arizona. >> it must also be said that i arrive today with no small measure of regret. regret because of the state of our union. regret because of the disrepair and destructiveness of our politics. regret because of the discourse. regret because of the coarseness of our leadership. >> martha: this echoes the words and the decision, really, of senator bob corker, who was also taken himself out of the running for his


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