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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 25, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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every week night, at 8:00. the sworn enemy of lying come lying, pomposity, and groupthink. dvr it. sean hannity is taking it away from new york city. >> sean: what an amazing show. this is a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." we are following four companies are breaking news stories. before we even start, tonight is the night of vindication. even "the washington post" is being forced to admit what we have been telling you for over a year. also tonight, john solomon reporting the obama administration gave a visa to a russian nuclear official ee showed he was involved in bribery and kickbacks, extortion and money laundering. all these schemes to advance vladimir putin's radium interest in america. wait until you hear this report. john solomon and sara carter will all be here with the very latest. also, victoria toensing. also breaking tonight, the department of justice is now
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deliberating whether to allow this fbi informant with all of this evidence to testify before congress about the script uranium one deal. a possible new clinton pay to play scheme. this is the same pay to play informant that helped uncover the bribery and kickback plot and has all the evidence of the russian money flowing straight to the clintons. also, house republicans are finally catching up to us, a year later. they are now launching the investigation we've been calling for into the corrupt uranium one deal. thanks to the amazing reporting, the investigative work of sara carter and john solomon and this show. things are starting to move at an accelerated rate. we are moving closer to getting to the truth about what is the biggest national security breach and russia scandal in american history. we've got a huge breaking news night tonight on "hannity." even "the washington post"'s
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reporting and fox news has confirmed hillary clinton's campaign, the dnc, they paid for the research that became the fake news, the antitrust dossier. they've been lying to you for a year. never troubler senators, they are lashing out at the president, these senators seem to be more interested in attacking the president they and they are in serving you, the american people, the forgotten men and women in this country. they need to move. anyway, we've got all of that intimates breaking news opening monologue and part two of our ivanka interview. we've made more progress in the last 24 hours with new information and breaking news. tonight, i'm going to go through all of this very, very slowly. the media has been lying to you. they've been entirely wrong for almost a year. that it relates to the real russia story. you don't want to miss a minute of tonight's program.
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we are going to prove how we've been right all along and we've been ahead of the curve and how wrong they've been. we will lay out all of the details. there's a ton of new information. we have explosive information on the massive uranium one scandal that the obama administration attempted to cover up. we've been telling you for years this was going to be a big deal and tonight, it is. john solomon is out with another absolutely stunning report. here's the headline. obama administration granted a visa entry to russian nuclear executive under fbi investigation for bribery. according to this new report, the obama administration actually granted a temporary work visa to the top russian official in 2011 and then they renewed it in 2014, even after there was overwhelming evidence this official was involved in a criminal scheme that involved racketeering, bribery, extortio extortion. money laundering. also tonight, fox news is learning that senior justice department officials are finally
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deliberating deliberating over the fbi informant to testify and tell the truth before congress. this informant is the key player in the latest development we've been sharing with you on this uranium one scandal. as john solomon and sara carter have reported, the informant helped uncover a russian nuclear bribery -- bribery, kickback, extortion, money laundering, criminal enterprise, which began one year before the approval of the uranium one deal. before it was approved. all of this evidence was kept secret from congress by the obama administration on purpose. because this eyewitness signed a nondisclosure agreement, that prevented him from telling congress and the american people the truth. "the hill" answer good news reporting that the same fbi informant also has evidence of russians trying to influence the clintons specifically. this is on top of what we already know with the clintons
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role with uranium one. bill clinton tried to get state department permission. remember, his wife was running this, to meet with the russian nuclear official while the writing one deal was being approved by the obama administration. we can't forget just before the deal, what did bill get? he pocketed half a million dollars in a speech in moscow. that was double his normal speaking fee. he was advocating for uranium one. he sat down with vladimir putin. one other point, this is important. you want to talk about a real russian conspiracy theory? listen to this. the bank that was paying bill clinton -- when you pay attention to this -- that bank was connected to putin and that bank had financial interest in uranium one. there's more. according to a "the hill" report, after hillary clinton became secretary of state, russian spies purposely tried to gain access to hillary, her top aides in the former president, bill clinton. one russian spy who was
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successful actually got a job with a major democratic donor and actually was arrested and deported. there's peter schweizer's book, the first to bring that to attention -- it exposed how $145 million in donations poured into the clinton foundation. while hillary was secretary of state. while she was approving the uranium one deal. this is what people all across this country and all of you corrupt people in the media -- you should all be angry about this tonight. because of all of the evidence of wrongdoing earlier today, finally -- finally -- prayers answered. house republicans announced that key committees will finally be launching investigations into this corrupt bribery uranium one kickback deal. take a look. >> we do have a witness who is a confidential informant, who wants to talk about his role in this. we are in contact with the
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justice department to release him from a nondisclosure agreement. if that does not work out in a timely fashion, we obviously would be able to subpoena him. on the oversight committee, particularly my subcommittee, we will be focusing on how the inner agency focused on this. >> i've raised these objections with the treasury secretary saying that it would be fully investigated. obviously, we want to see what happened to that inquiry. what they knew then, why they acted or did not act and in the context -- >> our job is to get the facts, from the legislative branch of government. we will do just that. it's. >> sean: here's my prediction tonight. people will be going to jail over this. it's something we've been calling for for weeks, months, even over a year. the house is also launching an investigation into how the obama department of justice, how the fbi handled hillary clinton's email server case. i've got to say, it's about time. the evidence of wrongdoing in both of these massive scandals
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is overwhelming. it's incontrovertible. if it's our security at risk. as we've been saying for months, congress had a duty, a moral obligation. we can't have a dual justice system. they must investigate these scandals fully and they must uncover the truth of what actually happened. how is it possible -- how -- that they never recognized giving vladimir putin in the russians 20% of our uranium, the foundational material to nuclear weapons -- a hostile actor, is a good idea? with uranium one, congress literally can start by calling on key obama administration officials. eric holder, rod rosenstein and yes, robert mueller, i hope you are watching. you need to testify under oath. i will tell you why. eric holder had oversight over the fbi. he was a member of the government committee that actually approved uranium one but yet they had all this evidence of corruption and bribery. he clearly had the information and then there's deputy attorney
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general rod rosenstein. he was in charge of the fbi investigation into this russian bribery and money laundering scandal. finally, special counsel robert mueller. back in 2009, he was the fbi director. this was when the bureau, the fbi so clearly had this information. he had conflicts of interest. there's no way the american people can trust robert mueller to investigate anything russian related. to be fair and impartial, it's impossible because of his past role in this. he should resign immediately tonight. also, the house tonight is also going to be investigating the obama department of justice in the fbi's handling of the clinton email server scandal. all happening tonight. aside from clinton having top-secret special access program, classified information, mishandled a felony on her server, the one stored in the bathroom of a mom and pop shop?
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the house will be looking into the former fbi director, which they should. james comey. it's inexcusable conduct. you may remember he drafted the letter exonerating hillary clinton. before actor conducting the interview with keyed witnesses including hillary clinton herself. he also abused his power when he announced he was not recommending charges against clinton. he never had that authority. then we have the attorney general, former attorney general loretta lynch. the tarmac meeting with bill clinton? days before comey's decision. like we've been saying, it's about time. these are all serious issues. they only to be investigated fully and those involved need to be held accountable. we are also learning tonight that we were right about the gps fusion dossier. tonight, even "the washington post" has to finally begin to report what we have been telling you forever. according to "the washington post" tonight, i left about a quote them, hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc
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paid for that phony research that eventually became the dossier. that's the same document that used russian government paid sources and made it wild and completely untrue and ridiculous accusations about donald trump. remember, the democrats, media, they were happy to repeat -- for example, donald trump was in the ritz in moscow and he had hookers urinating in his bed. all of this makes the day campaign and the dnc complicit in spreading russian propaganda and brush and lies about ten candidate donald trump. if they are spreading this russian propaganda, they've been lying to you, the american people, using phony russian-american sources. this line has gone on for over a year. this is a real rush of collusion. the real russia story. robert mueller, wake up tonight. fox news has also confirmed the
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information is correct. in other words, we've been right for over a year. we want to point out another part of the washington. it was funded by an unknown republican client during the g.o.p. primary. this was before the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign to cover. okay, i want to know, who is that? was it one of the other candidates? senator mccain who reportedly gave it to the fbi? who is behind this? we need answers. it was mccain. he said he passed this dossier around. we want to wonder if this new information is the reason why the group behind the dossier --r bank records? follow the money. all of the mainstream media, they fell hook, line, sinker. her russian disinformation lying campaign to the american people
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during an election. the democrats, hillary clinton, they all lied to you for over a year. keep in mind, there is a report. james comey -- he tried to pay christopher steele, the former british spy, to put this whole dossier together. predictably, the new dnc chairman, tom perez -- "i didn't do this." he is denying he had any personal involvement with the dossier. you will hear a lot more of those denials in the days to come. we will continue to follow that story. a very important report. pathetic, weak, gutless, spineless never trumper forces all lashing out against the president today. senators bob corker, little snowflake whiny jeff flake and john mccain all bashing the president instead of doing what, focusing on passing tax reform. the forgotten men and women in poverty, on food stamps, and out of work. take a look.
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>> i was hoping he would rise to the occasion as president. he's not risen to the occasion. it's very evident to me. it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide. it's a sad place from my perspective, for our nation. it's just going to be a cold the basing of our nation. >> the degradation of our politics in our executive branch or normal? reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior. it's become excused as "telling it like it is, a notion we should say or do nothing in the face of such material behavior is a historic and i believe profoundly misguided. no criticism of the president or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but it's morally treasonable to
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the american public. >> when this is reviewed, it will be one of honor, brilliance, and patriotism and love of country. >> sean: here is a simple truth, all three of these guys are inapt, ineffective, they have completely failed to deliver on the promises that they made to their constituents and cucumber the american people, for years. these guys have accomplished nothing. others like bedfast, too. they are standing in the way of enacting an agenda to help move the country forward. what the people voted for last november. they are trying to be martyrs in the process. you want to be martyrs? go right ahead. good riddance, happy trails, don't let the door hit you on the way out of town. before his little stunt on the senate floor, senator flake announced he was not going to be running for reelection in 2018. here's part of the truth he. flake is trying to say his
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decision is all about president trump. here's the truth, because he lied today. at least, he's not choosing to run again because back in august, flake had an 18% approval rating among voters in arizona. another poll showed he was losing to his primary challenger who would have crushed flake in a primary, how do you have courage to run. then you have bob corker, he's done nothing but attacked the president for weeks. bob corker, he's stepping aside. he is not running again because he would have lost in tennessee. i have a suggestion, for all you never-trumper senators, guess what? take your other colleagues with you. mitch mcconnell, good-bye. ben socks, good-bye. lisa murkowski, susan collins, either get the job done that you promised the american people, advance the president's agenda,
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what other conservative values but the president is advocating for that you are unwilling to support? many of you can retire and we will all be happier. the difference between president trump and the senators, the president is a fighter. he is fighting for he believes in. i like somebody fighting for the american people. he's also somebody keeping his word. the senate has done next to nothing to help the president keep his promises or help the american people or help the forgotten men and women in poverty, on food stamps, and out of work. look at these statistics. the senate has confirmed in about a year, since january, only 175 of president trump civilian nominees, 229 have yet to be confirmed. how many vacations have these guys taken? during similar time frame, president obama -- over twice as much confirmed. listen to this, through
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september of this year, the house of representatives, i had disagreements with them at times, at least they do their job. they passed 308 bills that originated in that chamber and over those 308 bills that the house of representatives passed, the senate has passed 34. beyond embarrassment. beyond a disgrace. these guides are the definition of failure. the poster children of failure. senate republicans are no longer serving the american people. so you know what, senator flake? good-bye. senator corker, see you later. time to drain the swamp. if republicans don't back this agenda, tax reform, repealing and replacing, they need to get out of the way or resign or retire or do something. you know what? the only reason these people are saying they are not running is because they know they can't win. for all you never-trumper errors, they happen to be donald trump's accomplishments.
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real, tangible, promises made, promises kept. what have you never-trumpers died in that amount of time? the answers are simple, you've done nothing other than help the democrats obstruct the president at every single term. enough is enough. we will have a lot more in all this breaking news. i promise you, you don't want to miss a minute of any of this. when we come back, the heroes, investigative reporters have been exposing the truth and standing alone and thinking hard. john solomon, sara carter. plus, victoria toensing is the attorney for that fbi informant who is at the center for exposing this uranium one scandal. we've got all of that, sebastian gorka, part two of our interview with ivanka. with ivanka. at that and much my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in,
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we mentioned in the opening monologue, house republicans are opening investigations into this very corrupt uranium one deal that compromised all of our national security involving the obama administration and of course, the clinton's. the department of justice finally is considering whether to lift the gag order on the fbi
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informant. here's the reaction of people that deserve a lot of recut crr digging into this report. john solomon, sara carter and the attorney i would never want to go up against, victoria toensing. your client, this informant -- the guy that has evidence, emails, documents, tape recordings approved bribery, extortion, money laundering, et cetera -- he has details of e exact plans to bribe the clinton's, it was all by design? >> not going into detail, he will give an overview and specific conversations he had with russians and what they were thinking about the money they were spending, let me be that general. >> sean: i have too much respect for you over the years to push too hard on this.
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let me start with the broader question for sarah sara and jo. in terms of the degree for scandal, sara, you know this informant. you've spoken to them. you know what he has. >> let me clarify, i do know they informant. i don't know everything he has because some of it is considered classified, sean. i'm not privy to that classified information. and he's got the nondisclosure agreement. with the judiciary in the same with the department of justice, i hopefully think this will lead to an investigation that will expose and finally for once tell the american people and congress what actually happened with the uranium one deal, how far the
12:26 am
russians, in the connections they made. that's going to be imperative. there's so much there. it's like we've unraveled a threat and it just doesn't stop on grappling. i think the momentum needs to be kept up, sean. people need to continue to look into this. we need to continue the investigation and we need to see where it leads, wherever it leads. this is probably one of the most significant stories we told in a long time. >> sean: john, i will ask you. the fbi knew in 2009 and 2010? before this uranium one deal is done? they had evidence, a lot of it, including tapes and emails and documents and an fbi informant. they still had this deal, knowing this was going on because of vladimir putin, a hostile actor. russia, russia, russia for a year. they wanted to get in the market
12:27 am
on america's uranium and the sad thing is, they succeeded. >> if you let me do a little reporting -- victoria and i talked, she was able to confirm that her client has information that director mueller and president obama and other officials were briefed on this investigation in real time as it was going on. that's the first time we heard that. maybe she can answer a little bit more on the show? >> sean: victoria? >> my client was told this information. they were very specific. they said the briefing made it into president obama's daily briefing papers. i don't think they made that up. >> sean: mueller, rosenstein, maybe even comey at the time. they all knew that they had all this evidence that the russians had infiltrated with the
12:28 am
purpose -- a criminal enterprise to corner the market on uranium, the foundational material for nuclear weapons? >> that is correct. >> sean: sara, you are shaking your head yes? that's possible and mueller is involving anything involved with russia, how is that possible? >> sean, this cries out for a special counsel. i don't see how this can continue on. congressional committees are fine. this really -- this is a criminal investigation. jeff sessions isn't ever going to feel comfortable coordinating that. rod rosenstein is recused. >> sean: who does the special counsel? >> jeff sessions can appoint a special counsel. he's just not going to be comfortable doing this. he ought to get somebody in here and get this off their hands. >> sean: sara? >> i agree with victoria. there's only so far that many of
12:29 am
us can go, particularly with this type of investigation. especially when it goes into territory that's classified. i think a special counsel can do that. it can look into a lot of these issues, oversight can take a look at, senator grassley has been tremendous as well. as far as asking the right questions and moving forward. i think a special counsel as victoria suggested, that's something been hearing from sources. something jeff sessions can move forward with. >> sean: john, let's go into the new information. now the investigation, they allow the visas to individuals they know is involved with this, how can that happen? >> you may not grant a visa to someone you know it has engaged in criminal conduct. there's a section that says if you know they are involved in money-laundering. we know the russian nuclear official that was eventually indicted was involved in money laundering. a kickback and money laundering
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scheme. in 2011. according to court records. not according to the numbness sources. even though he was involved in a criminal conspiracy. i think that's why these questions are surfacing. >> sean: to let people know how hard you've been working, you guys have known this evidence has existed for over a year, correct? or suspected. >> about four or five months for me, personally. >> yep. right about the same time. a little bit longer. yes. >> sean: the dnc and the rusted dossier, sara, i am trying to understand this. now we have confirmation that the dnc and hillary clinton's lawyer paid -- they lied to us for a year -- outright lied to us -- . >> they didn't want to admit it right? they didn't want the information to be revealed and then we find out in april 2016, the dnc and
12:31 am
clinton campaign refunding the dossier. sean, i was talking to sources that deal with russian intelligence. u.s. sources that deal with the russians often. the minute christopher seale started talking to the kgb, former kgb agency and started dg into president trump, they knewo was funding it and they used it for this information. what's interesting here is that actually, the democrats may be unknowingly were actually funding a disinformation campaign by the russians. that's astonishing. >> sean: this propaganda campaign, this disinformation campaign, lying. let's call it what it is. paying russians for phony stories and everything else -- both of you have come under a lot of fire for your reporting. tonight in many ways is only the beginning of a vindication i've
12:32 am
been predicting has been coming. victoria, great job. i'm glad that your client pick the right person. i've known you for many years. you are tough. i would not want to go against you in a courtroom. we will have you guys back on tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. we have a lot more to come tonight. more breaking news. sebastian gorka and gregg jarrett will react to these more explosive details with uranium one and the rusted dossier. we will have part two of our interview, the personal side, of ivanka trump. a straight ahead.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are following major breaking news. "the washington post" first reporting and fox news confirming that clinton in the dnc they -- after lying for a year -- helped finance the research for that fake news anti-trump dossier. also breaking minutes ago, hillary clinton's former spokesperson brian fallon -- they are racing, perez is the first. i didn't know about christopher steele's hiring during preelection. if i had, i would have volunteered to go to europe and try to help him. oh, really? joining us now, former deputy assistant to the president, sebastian gorka. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. what i always love about you it's you always come with
12:38 am
research on everything. if you start where you want. uranium one, the dossier. >> the confidential informant cannot be gagged. the u.s. supreme court -- >> sean: but he has been gagged. it's a nondisclosure. >> it does not prevent him from speaking to congress. the u.s. supreme court said so. you cannot gagged a witness when congress wants to talk. >> sean: this is why i love gregg jarrett, for all of you at home. he knows his stuff. keep going keep going. >> the clinton dossier. what strikes me is that christopher steele went to moscow and talk to the kremlin and gathered false evidence. >> sean: he paid for it? >> yeah. the victim is the president of the united states. hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc -- it was apparently paying for this. propaganda. >> sean: lies, disinformation, from the russians during the campaign. oh, robert mueller.
12:39 am
are you awake tonight? >> if there is collusion, it's hillary-russia collusion. not trump-russia collusion. >> sean: i've been predicting this, this massive boomerang for a long time. i've known a lot of this evidence was out there and it was all coming. i've been telling my audience. it's coming, it's coming. now the floodgates are open, if you will. >> it's the last scene from that great tom clancy movie, "the hunt for red october." it comes back and sinks his own vessel. that's what the russian collusion story has done for the dnc and for hillary. let's stop using the word collusion because the evidence we now have is about subversion, it's about sabotaging the political process and it's about propaganda. in the cold war, the soviet union will be used what was called active measures to
12:40 am
undermine our democracy. this is the democrat party, the hillary campaign using active measures to undermine donald trump and the democratic process in america. it's a shocking story. >> what really stinks here is mueller, rosenstein, andrew wiseman and james comey. they appear to have covered it all up, the uranium one deal, racketeering scheme with the russians. and money paid to hillary clinton. and a sleeper agent getting close to clinton. they never notified congress. they had a legal duty to notify congress. congress would have stopped the sale -- >> sean: why would you ever -- especially in light of everything the media and democrats have been saying about hostile actors, vladimir putin -- who in their right mind would give vladimir putin 20% of america's uranium and all the money that floats back, it stunk to high heavens from day one.
12:41 am
>> universality of the russians. plutonium and uranium. which which you make nuclear weapons. 1200 strategic nuclear weapons aimed at us right this minute. we are supplying them? the nuclear material? >> sean: they all signed off on it and all this money flies back to them. dr. gorka. >> the destruction of evidence, the gag order, that's bad in and of itself. the fact is, these people that are supposed to be investigating this administration that has done nothing wrong, they were complicit. hillary clinton approved this deal. they are making a big deal about $100,000 worth of facebook ads by russia. half of which occurred after the election. this is not $100,000 worth of ads. this is stuff to make nuclear weapons, being given to vladimir putin.
12:42 am
can we ingest the enormity of what we are talking about now? this is a massive scandal. >> sean: dr. gorka, i've said and i will stand by this, they sold out america's national security. >> yes, absolutely. >> sean: there so much more to come. let's talk about potential crimes. >> jeff sessions who recused himself, you may recall, in his confirmation hearing from anything related to hillary clinton -- he said it not once or twice but three times -- he can still appoint a special counsel to investigate hillary clinton over uranium one, her interference on behalf of ubs, the irs, and received an enormous amount of money for bill clinton and their foundation. that can all be subject to a special counsel investigation. while you are at it, let's throw in the email case. to me, as a lawyer, it's a clear
12:43 am
case of violation of the espionage act. >> sean: deleting, breaking up -- >> 110 counts based on 110 classified documents. >> sean: i want to go back, dr. gorka, bill clinton wanted to ask his wife's own state department -- russian nuclear officials, meeting with them. that's insane. double a speaking fee. being paid by a bank that has a financial interest in uranium uranium one. then he wants to meet with vladimir putin and his wife signs off on the deal. and then the $145 million kickback. what other evidence do you need to know that they were not putting the security of this country as their first priority? >> you don't need it. 108 emails, highest level classification on the private
12:44 am
server. we expect this from the clintons. the most corrupt political clan and modern american history. the issue is how the establishment dealt with it under the obama administration. how somebody who was a suspect in that investigation was allowed to be the counsel for hillary clinton. how the blackberries were destroyed and how the laptops that the fbi had were also destroyed by the fbi government. that's a banana republic. you would have to be fired and right now, e.g. sessions has to have a national security -- >> sean: this is not a game anymore, the attorney general needs to wake up now. holder, clinton, mueller, rosenstein. they all knew in 2009. they approved the deal, gregg. >> holder actually sat on the committee if you can believe
12:45 am
that. >> sean: he was the one that signed off. one of the nine. >> hillary clinton presides over at. >> sean: guys, we will have you back tomorrow too. we will continue this investigation. we are not going to stop. part two of our exclusive interview with the first daughter, ivanka trump. she talks about how she responds to the vicious attacks from the left. ..
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>> sean: as we continue on this breaking news night tonight on "hannity," yesterday i sat down with one of the first daughters. advisor to the president, ivanka trump. for an exclusive interview. i asked ivanka how she felt about the mainstream media and their vicious, unprecedented attack on her, her father, and the entire trump family. take a look. it was interesting, jimmy carter even said he never witnessed any president take as much heat as your dad. but also the family. you've been attacked, melania, your little brother has been attacked. don and eric, i don't care about them. >> [laughs] they are really tough. >> sean: they can handle themselves. certain unfairness. >> they give it out as well. >> sean: donned in particular. >> they punch back. >> sean: some of it is
12:50 am
personal and mean. how do you deal with that? >> you feel it. i would be disingenuous if i said it did not affect me. but i think at the end of the day, the real people suffering in this country are not me and my family. we can take it. it's the millions of americans we saw across this country who are addicted to opioids or who have lost a child to opioid abuse. who have lost their job because their industry can no longer be competitive. there are people who are really suffering. if we have to take a few body blows and advocating for those men and women, i think everyone in my family and everyone in this administration is honored to do it. >> sean: that's a great answer answer. even in this little business i am in, i take a few hits, too.
12:51 am
more than my fair share. >> [laughs] >> sean: i want to ask you -- this was a very important point. one of my biggest complaints about people in d.c. is that they are not there to serve. they do not work hard enough for the people that elected them or put them there. if you work in the house that your dad now lives in, to me, i think that's one of the great honors in life, that you have the opportunity. >> the day i don't get chills walking into the white house -- every day. every day. there's a sense of awe as to what has transpired and what has been accomplished in those hole holes. you should always remember it and always feel it and always respect it. yeah, washington is a complicated place. >> sean: blood sport. >> i care a lot about ideas. i care much less and this maybe
12:52 am
makes me a pragmatist but i care less about who came up with the idea and who originated the idea and more about the idea itself. and good ideas. ideas that support this country. and its citizens. it's a complicated city. i was joking earlier today that you leave washington and you feel rejuvenated. it [laughs] it's nice to be here. >> sean: do go hunting with her brothers? >> i don't go hunting with my brothers. i'm not a good hunter at all. they say i have a good shot. they at least tell me. it's beginners luck. >> sean: you said something the other day and i thought this should be the attitude of anybody that serves in the administration. it's a team, it's her father that got elected and it's his agenda, to serve him so he can
12:53 am
serve people. >> 100%. he was elected by the american people. to the privilege of serving this great country. i was not. i am there to support the agenda and areas i feel i can added value and that i am passionate about. it doesn't mean i am not my own person and that i don't share my opinion. i am also cognizant that he's given me the privilege to think about how i can move barriers. particularly when i think about women entrepreneurs, women of the workforce. supporting the american family, job creation, these are things i'm deeply passionate about. workforce development. a skills training. i feel blessed. i feel very lucky he's given me the opportunity to do that. people that make it about themselves in their own agenda, there's a lot of opportunism in washington.
12:54 am
everyone is in service of the president. look, as an american, i think we all have to be lending our voice to the discussions that matter in this country. we all have to want to have a seat at the table in areas where we agree. you can always find areas of difference. that's easy. in areas of agreement, as an american, i feel like it's my duty to see if i can be helpful and serve. >> sean: i wish more people had that attitude to serve. an important announcement coming where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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>> sean: i am really excited to share with you a special project we've been working on for almost two years. i am the executive producer of a brand-new award-winning film. an independent film, "let there be light." it will be in 500 theaters around the country this friday. in antidote to the corrupt hollywood formulaic superhero
12:59 am
violent sex movies. you can find the location that let's take a sneak peak. >> you are drunk? >> the basic tenets of christianity -- >> don't you dare tell me about the love and compassion of your so-called god. >> what do you think it does to the boys to take the death of their brother and use it as part of your carnival act? >> dady! >> clinically dead. for 4 minutes. it's a miracle. >> all i wanted to do was put my arms around him. i don't want to do it. >> you've got the best scientific explanation. would you consider consulting a different source? >> sean: it opens friday. i hope you will go. we don't have any big studios.
1:00 am
500 theaters. hopefully it will touch your mind, your heart, your soul into motions. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. we are putting the media the change hillary clinton's campaign paid for the research that became the anti-trump dossier. >> hillary clinton's campaign bamboozled america intelligence agency. >> a pack of journalists so determined to follow one storyline they completely missed this. this is a big deal on a lot of levels. at some point you got to have policies that work and don't just rile up


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