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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 25, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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500 theaters. hopefully it will touch your mind, your heart, your soul into motions. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. we are putting the media the change hillary clinton's campaign paid for the research that became the anti-trump dossier. >> hillary clinton's campaign bamboozled america intelligence agency. >> a pack of journalists so determined to follow one storyline they completely missed this. this is a big deal on a lot of levels. at some point you got to have policies that work and don't just rile up the base.
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>> >> he will hit back. >> is candidate for president i pledge to fight to deliver opportunity for every community in america. we will ensure more american citizens can unlock their potential. >> the administration doesn't have nearly enough credit. ♪ heather: the streets of new york city, shutdown avenue of the americas and we are here reporting live at 4:00 on the east coast, thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. to our top story, a fox news alert, bombshell evidence the
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clinton campaign and the dnc were behind the salacious trump dossier. live in the studio, this is remarkable. >> a source confirming hillary clinton's presidential campaign and the democratic national convention helps fund research for the unsubstantiated trump dossier. the hit piece on donald trump, unverified allegations about connections with russia. the washington post reported the firm fusion gps was hired by an attorney representing the dnc and clinton campaign to dig up dirt on donald trump, the firm hired former british intelligence officer christopher steele who had ties to the fbi before buzz feed published it in january. former spokesman for hillary clinton tweeting i have no idea even if a shred of that dossier helps mueller it will prove
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money well spent, this as we learn a source within the podesta group, a lobbying firm cofounded by hillary clinton campaign tucker carlson, the russia investigation coming back by the democrats. >> a former senior employee of the podesta group worked there for years, motivated to contact us by the discussed he felt watching media coverage of the russia story. not only were most reporters getting it wrong but getting it backwards. the resins were deeply involved in american politics but the real story had nothing to do with the 2016 presidential campaign. >> reporter: two house committees launching a new investigation into the obama administration's uranium deal with russia after explosive reports reveal the fbi was aware of an oil scheme by moscow to fund millions of dollars for the clinton foundation before the
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deal was approved which include the state department. heather: the uranium deal was covered extensively by some of the media but other media ignored it, they won't do that anymore. the media caught up in hammering donald trump and his alleged ties to russia completely ignoring the possibility that it could have been the clinton campaign. senior political analyst britt hume says the tide may be turning at not in a way the democrats or media is going to enjoy. >> that dossier even as it appeared at the time was widely recognized even among media unsympathetic to donald trump as scurrilous and a lot was demonstrably false. this with the shabby piece of business. as we now believe it was paid for in considerable measure by the clinton campaign and the
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democratic party, this contains within it were allegations about trump collusion with the russians so that tends to soil that allegation further so the tide may be turning in political terms and journalistic terms. heather: we will talk about this later in the show. let us know what you think about the clinton campaign helping pay for the anti-trump dossier. live on facebook all morning long, later return to the show and have your comments to share. please do that. new concerns about the president's historic tax plan could be in jeopardy, bob corker and jeff flake but donald trump not backing down. >> we are going to ensure more american citizens can unlock potential of which they have
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tremendous potential, provide for their families and live out the american dream. heather: i don't know if we made a bet whether it would get done by the end of the year. >> i don't know and i don't want that and it got personal yesterday. on the cuffs of this historic tax reform vote. the gop can only afford to leave two of those votes as bob corker and jeff flake who announced his decision not to seek reelection unleashed a war of words on our commander-in-chief charging he is degrading politics and debasing the nation. >> we must stop pretending the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal, they are not normal. >> in the way he conducts himself and goes to such a low
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level. >> reporter: as for corker and flake's departure, white house press secretary sarah sanders said they were not committed to the president's agenda. >> he wants people in the senate who are committed to actually moving the ball down the field and i don't think these two individuals have been as focused on that. the president wants to get things done. >> reporter: the fight is in twitter, the president fired off tweets as corker and flake starting with bob corker who helped president oh give us the bad iran deal couldn't get elected dogcatcher in tennessee, is now fighting tax cuts and continued with several more throughout the day. how worried is the white house of these defections could affect the biggest tax cuts in history, mick mulvaney is confident it won't be an issue. >> bob porker will not vote against the bill because he doesn't like the president just
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like you won't -- i'm not concerned about that. >> here is what the landscape looks for on tax reform, next week they will introduce, we won't be wagering until thanksgiving, as early, let's see what happens. heather: you can only lose two, déjà vu all over again. appreciate it. many gop senators voicing support for donald trump's tax plan but democrats not exactly on board. >> we intend to achieve what we set out to achieve before the end of the year. we will see this economy grow, individuals who work hard for a living benefit from it and that is clearly where the president is. >> good for american families,
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good for the middle-class and wages. those are the things democrats say they support. if they do they ought to join hands and help us get this tax bill across the finish line. >> this is a proposal that will hurt middle income families and hurt our economy. >> this plan is a disaster for america, no wonder republican colleagues want to rush it through in the dark of night. the more it is exposed to sunlight the more rotten it smells. heather: the house will approve the budget this week which includes language that would block democrats from filibustering a tax reform bill in the senate. following this story that four us soldiers killed in ambush in niger may have been victims of betrayal. a defense official james a local villager likely terrorist about the patrol before the attack. nigerian authorities arresting the village chief on suspicion he was an isis sympathizer and the troops may have been on a
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joint mission tracking a senior al qaeda member. a truck driver facing charges for allegedly threatening to, quote, blowup trump's brains or blow trump's brains out. he left a series of disturbing messages for the secret service in chicago telling agent to watch donald trump's back. jackson will appear in federal court friday. disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl will face a military judge today is the sentencing hearing begins, three vets wounded in the search for him expect to testify. mark allen was shot in the head. and hit by an rpg, navy seals jimmy hatch blasted by an ak-47 after bowe bergdahl walked away from his post in afghanistan in 2009. the sentencing has been held up because his lawyers wanted the
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case tossed because of comments by donald trump. major changes could be on the way for how we help our nation's heroes heal. two new proposals would give veterans wider access to private care and doctors outside the va network, under a house proposal they would still need approval to switch to private care. the proposal would leave that up to doctors and patients. better care always a good thing. foxbusiness alert, winning, donald trump delivering on another key campaign promise. >> we are going to win so much you might get tired of winning and say please, too much winning. heather: i don't we are tired of seeing this, the tao closing at another record high, 23,400, the 54th record high since donald trump took office. don't hear a lot about that.
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11 minutes after the top of the hour, illegals caught hopping the border fence when the cameras were rolling come all the proof we need to build that wall. president of the national border patrol council joins us next to react. ♪ wait until you see this. hundreds of college protesters shutting down conservative speakers claiming it as part of their free speech, the demand they are making defending the disruptions. do you think hillary clinton supporters are over losing the election? if you think that think again, they are not done yet. the 1-year anniversary plan now in the making. ♪
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>> given officials now speaking out and denying any involvement in the alleged sonic attacks against american diplomats in their country. donald trump has publicly blamed the government in havana, chief diplomatic security for the cuban and ministry saying the president's claims are completely false. congress taking steps to combat the opioid epidemic which we followed extensively, the house passing a bill to beef up order protections ability to detect drugs being smuggled into the country, $9 million purchasing the latest in chemical screening devices, laboratory equipment,
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facilities and personnel. speaking of the border, is this the latest case for tougher borders. illegal immigrants hopping over the existing border fence while cameras were rolling during this report. >> people are crossing. >> small group of people jumped over the middle, girl with a pink backpack. >> that this prove the president's point that better security is needed. here to weigh in is the president of national border patrol council, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. what is your initial response when you see that happening. >> proof positive but it is ironic that it was msnbc that captured that. you would think of any news outlet being able to see that
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they would say there's a problem and would do something. imagine if this wasn't a wall. imagine how many people would have come across if there wasn't a wall. we need the wall. >> let's take a look at those numbers. unauthorized immigrant population in the us in 1990 was 3.5 million. in 2007, 12.2 million and in 201611.3 million. why was that? >> what you have to look at is if the left was going to be honest with the american public's they would have to give credit to donald trump for what he has done. the rhetoric has worked, everything he has done on the border has worked so if you look at that main promise he made to the american public, he has done exactly that but you don't get any credit because it is politics. >> we have this from border patrol agent, listen to what he has to say about lowering these numbers. >> we will lower the numbers
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even further. can we do our job better? absolutely and these walls will contribute to that. >> but at the same time he said that a full wall is not needed. what do you think? >> we don't need a great wall from california to corpus christi, texas. what we need is a wall in strategic locations which allows us to dictate where illegal border crossings will take place. then there will be more success in apprehending crossings illegally. >> it was interesting, some video we were showing, different types of walls being presented. there is a deadline tomorrow for the prototype. what do you think of these? >> it is great. this is the business aspect of donald trump we have never seen where they are getting a bunch of companies to make bids and
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put their own money into prototypes. this is the business mindset he brought to the united states. >> that is why people voted him in. thank you. have a good day. time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and new details emerging in the murder of kate steinle. what the only going to suspect was doing when he pulled the trigger. rumors swirling about a kid rock senate run for months and we have an answer. ♪
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends" first, disgraced quarterback colin kaepernick was just offered a $1 million contract but not with the nfl. carly shimkus joins us with the deal he just scored. >> he did sign a deal, colin kaepernick signed a $1 million book deal with a random house company. the big question is are people going to read this book? his supporters probably will. maybe those kneeling nfl players can buy his books if they are so proud of the movement but david says won't even use as door stopper or bonfire material. this book deal, the cardinals, dolphins and packers passed on
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signing him in recent weeks. liberals still not happy and plan -- can't use the word celebrate but going to scream in the sky on the anniversary of hillary clinton's loss. >> donald trump's election win anniversary coming up, the president's critics plan to mark the day by screaming into the sky to express their anger. there is a facebook post thousands of people rsvped from boston and philadelphia saying they will get together, scream into the sky to express their anguish, social media will be talking about this. i hope they scream so loud they lose their whiny voices, grace is what a waste of time, these people never faced a real crisis in their lives, how privileged
1:26 am
they are. they will make sure we get that video. they say i kid you not but kid rock isn't going to run. >> he made a big announcement yesterday and looks like he will continue being a cowboy. ♪ i want to be a cowboy baby. so kid rock was on howard stern's show, the topic came up saying there is no way he is going to run. people online are bummed about it. one tweet said it was too good to be true. i wanted him to run and upset the system, would have been fun following his campaign. this news is coming as a rumor continues to grow over mark zuckerberg's interest after it was revealed he donated $45
1:27 am
million to end mass incarceration and fix affordable housing crisis. >> i don't think his rallies will be as exciting. thank you so much, appreciate it. as evidence about the infamous anti-trump dossier, hillary clinton is playing the fake news card. >> the same thing they have been peddling for years, there has been no credible evidence by anyone. it has been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked. >> our next guest is the bologna is all hers and all you have to do is follow the money. what are people saying? >> reporter: a lot of comments coming in his this morning, the clintons and obamas are very corrupt, join me as we chat.
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>> this dossier, here we are 10 months into this investigation and still don't know that, that is a problem. heather: this fox news alert, the clinton campaign and the and the helped fund research that led to the controversial dossier, about donald trump and possible connections to russia. here to weigh in contributor to the hill and washington examiner, thank you for joining us. we were talking how remarkable this is, this is stunning, this development overnight. my colleagues and i have been saying if you follow the money it was likely all roads lead back to the clintons and the dnc
1:32 am
and we have it, it is quite stunning this dossier and let's call it what it is, a paid political hit job. this is remarkable during an election year. jillian: here is what i believe should happen. the impetus was on the fbi. robert mueller's office. and the russia collusion investigation, and and need to clear -- and hold the russia
1:33 am
collusion investigation. >> are they capable of doing that, >> we are a few hours into this on your program. this is interesting for democrats, so interesting how this spectacularly backfired. >> anytime the democrats will be very surprised. >> the uranium deal, a lot of contributions go to the clinton foundation. where is that going. >> this is going to be a very uncomfortable message for hillary clinton and her cronies.
1:34 am
short of installing a cash register turnstile, how much could hillary clinton sellout by hundreds talk about cozying up with russia. the most dangerous force on the planet turns out democrats are the ones colluding. heather: clinton was paid $100,000 for speaking engagement that would double his fee. >> hillary clinton helps recommend sale of the iranians available to russia. this will be an interesting 28 teams for democrats, this has long-lasting implications into next year's election, this is the time democrats were trying to come up with a new message, move beyond hillary clinton, beyond her book tour was a disaster. an active investigation into hillary clinton.
1:35 am
heather: she is still saying it is a bunch of baloney but may be her book was titled of this. we want to know what happened. >> 1998, this is all backed by monica lewinsky, turned out to be true, this will turn out to be true. heather: come back anytime. chilling details to tell you about, kate steinle, one witness testifying she saw juan francisco lopez sanchez blasting moments before he shot and killed steinle. others heard screams like out of a horror movie calling it an accident. he had been deported five times and was routinely jailed before the shooting. a federal appeals court clearing the way for an illegal immigrant team to have an abortion.
1:36 am
the ruling reverses a block that required the girl to voluntarily leave the country if she wanted an abortion. the 17-year-old in federal custody in texas after discovering she was pregnant after crossing the border illegally. that ruling could be fueled by the trump administration. north american airline under investigation after a pilot ignores air traffic control six times. the pilot of an air canada flight ignoring warnings not to land in san francisco over fears the aircraft could collide with another plane. the pilot going radio silent for two minutes claiming technical issues before landing safely. back in july another air canada jet nearly went on a crowded taxiway. the faa investigating both of those incidents. now we toss it to adam who is standing by to talk about whether concerns we have had lately.
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>> we are looking at fairly unique forecast in every region. we see elevated fire danger. that is a red flag warning in southern california which means part of the reason for that, it has been incredibly hot. in triple digits yesterday 99 ° the high in la. looking at temperatures in the 90s but in a lot of cases near record-breaking highs, very dry, that will cause some concerns of fire danger around 90 °. the next couple days. on top of that strong wind. really cooling-off in the middle of the country temperatures beginning to drop, this is the graphic i want to show from 40s to 70s in st. louis by friday, that cold air, looking at our first winter last in the middle of the country by the end of
1:38 am
this week. heather: the difference between the coast, california does need some relief. >> we are talking about temperatures in the 30s the next couple days. heather: great to have you here. time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. thousands of baby toys are being pulled off the shelves because they could catch fire while your child is using it. what you need to know up next was a big bombshell in washington. the real russia investigation, the clinton campaign's involvement in the anti-trump dossier, comments ahead. get ready to pay up, the 130% pride hike across the country up next.
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends" first, almost 4:45
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on the east coast. fisher-price is recalling 60,000 baby toys because they might catch fire when your child is using it. here is what you need to know to keep your kids safe. >> reporter: fisher-price recalling 63,000 of these soothing seats because they could overheat. there have been 36 reports of this happening, one incident of a fire starting in the motor area. these seats were sold at walmart, target, toys "r quote us, amazon online, they were sold between november 2015 through october of this year. if you have one contact fisher-price for a refund and stop using it right away. heather: national parks considering the fee hike of
1:43 am
180%. >> they are doing it to raise money for maintenance and car in popular national parks in peak season. we are talking yosemite, joshua tree, yellowstone and sequoia, just a few of them. if you have a motorcycle that price will double costing $50 and if you are just walking in it will cost 30. the park department says this could raise an extra $70 million a year to help them out. we will see if they go through with that. jillian: america is remarkable. >> budweiser releasing prohibition era beer. actually an old beer they are bringing back called budweiser
1:44 am
1933, it is a recipe that hasn't been brewed since the prohibition era. you find on store shelves this week, a limited-edition, it comes in a short stubby bottle with higher alcohol content, what you expect from the prohibition era. budweiser don't do these seasonal beers but this is to celebrate the holidays and the repeal of prohibition. here's to you. heather: the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour donald trump making america safe again, his brand-new extreme vetting policy is up next. [chanting] heather: hundreds of college
1:45 am
protesters shutting down conservative speakers as part of free speech. a conservative college student reacting to the outrageous new defense. ♪
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heather: tougher vetting rules for 11 countries come alive this morning, great to have you with us in london. >> immigration once again getting the attention of donald trump, the latest four month ban on refugees coming to a close, new executive order calling for new measures.
1:49 am
they include capping admissions and vetting standards for men, women and children. lawyers for the president appealing decisions made by courts in hawaii and maryland on the last version of that including blocks on refugees from countries in the middle east, africa, asia and south america. overall refugees admissions should be down regardless which been is in place, president obama had a cap of 110,000 annually, donald trump calling for 45,000. hundreds of colombia students rallying in defense of free speech, the disruptive protesters who shouted down a conservative lecturer earlier this month. >> free speech free-speech!
1:50 am
[chanting] heather: they are starting a petition, demanding the school not punish the protesters. joining me as someone who helped set up that event, correspondent for campus reform and president of columbia university college, thank you for joining us. what was supposed to happen and what went on? >> we hosted this event, we have to recognize the speaker does not represent our club but we want a discussion of ideas. it is about having a discussion, really troubling in our society. >> protesters didn't like who the speaker was. >> they interrupted for 15 minutes straight. not only did they interrupt but pulled
1:51 am
taken action to see. >> here's what they had to say. by attempting to silence protesters, for hate speech at columbia. dan complicity with violent ideologues providing a model of informed political engagement to us all. >> i would clarify anyone we bring as far right nationalist a white supremacist we must go beyond these labels and talk about real issues and problems we are facing. they don't want to have a conversation. they must -- heather: you to silence them, they silenced you. a little mixed up. in terms of the school itself, what happens throughout the country, hearing stories about this, they one to talk about
1:52 am
free speech but only for one side. >> very hypocritical. in order to have a conversation, if one side does not allow the other to speak we have a problem and that is not what college is supposed to be, supposed to be different groups talking and learning from each other in order to have a conversation. heather: are you afraid for yourself or your friends? >> a lot of members across columbia campus, we are not only being targeted and intimidated, these people are going farther out, might commit violence. these people, anyone who disagree with them, people must know the colleges not just ideas, people have to be serious about this, this is not just your life, it is affecting my livelihood and the livelihood of
1:53 am
my friends. heather: the posters, what were they calling people to do to you? >> didn't really say if they were going to attack. it was unknown. they could be rate me or someone could hit me with wine bottle for all i know. these people are willing to go that far. why come to columbia university if you are not going to have a conversation? heather: we appreciate you standing up for what you believe in and many others believe in. hopefully we can get back to free speech for all sides. thank you for joining us. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. new allegations the clinton campaign sponsored a dossier against donald trump sending shockwaves through the country and your comments are pouring it on that one, so stay around. ♪ ♪ you put me down under you
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heather: love lady antebellum. this is in downtown, this is midtown in new york city at the fox news studios as things get moving today. thanks for joining us on "fox and friends" first. you join us with some comments, this bombshell report that reveals hillary clinton's presidential campaign and the dnc were behind the salacious trump dossier and there is no shortage of comments on social media. jackie has some examples. >> reporter: no shortage, today they are really talking. let's get to these comments. ron on twitter said hillary is a criminal that has been trying to hide her crimes behind a phony russian conspiracy. cat says collusion at its pinnacle, the people involved in this need to be jailed. damon on instagram says disgraced the united states and the people, lock her up, hearing
1:59 am
a lot of it this morning. tom on facebook, tip of the iceberg, democrats biggest mistake, insisting on investigating trump. she should be prosecuted for the iranian deal. she has plenty more she has to be held responsible. ron tweeted hillary is a criminal that has been trying to hide her crimes behind phony russian trump conspiracies. heather: a lot more will come out on that. >> how much did obama know about this as well? heather: give us your comments on that. lock her up and what happened, thank you so much. thanks to everyone at home for joining us on "fox and friends" first. "fox and friends" first continues with more news of the day. rob: it is october 25th, fox news alert, russian reversal, bombshell new evidence revealing
2:00 am
the clinton campaign, the democratic national committee were behind the salacious trump dossier the came out, big-name bankrolls accused of footing the bill. jillian: donald trump moving full steam ahead with his cuts as the white house fires back at escalating attack from his own party. rob: colin kaepernick despite a $1 million conflict, new details for the disgraced quarterback, "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪


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