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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 25, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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bucks. he is fighting it. can you imagine? >> you're not supposed to text while driving but singing while driving? what the problem? >> there is a short distance between singing at the top of your lungs and screaming sometimes, i guess. thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, we want to bring you this, the latest estimate from the congressional budget office preliminary estimate or a score i should say on the alexander-murray health care market stabilization bill. it would cut $3.8 billion from the deficit over the next nine years. that is one major bullet point coming out of this. two, it will not have any significant impact, or you will not see any significant change to the number of insured. those are two big ones. cut the deficit by $3.8 billion and not significantly change the number of insured that the alexander-murray health care
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bill and the latest from the cbo on that. we'll talk more about that in just a minute. meanwhile, fox news alert, another republican senator and a longtime critic of president trump is calling it quits. it was on a republican jeff flake announcing on the senate floor he will not seek reelection. and he will retire in his term is up. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner. a publican strategist and fox news contributor, lisa boothe. from a national security staff or under president bush and obama, gillian turner. and today's #oneluckyguy, brian kilmeade. cohost of fox and friends on the host of the nationally syndicated brian kilmeade show on the fox news radio. also the author of a new book. have you heard about it yet? andrew jackson and the mayor of new orleans, the battle that shaped america's destiny. he is outnumbered and not busy enough. >> brian: i miss the side of the couch. >> harris: i was on friends. you have so many, kill meet and friends.
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going to come in, so much artwork, you blend all in from this. >> brian: you put the pictures up. i was with your friend, bill hemmer. he came to the studio. >> harris: welcome. >> brian: i am privileged to be here. great to be back on the couch. it's only my second time doing "outnumbered" from this studio so it will be a new experience. >> sandra: a lot going on so let's get started, another big g.o.p. critic of president trump announcing he will not be seeking reelection. it was on a senator jeff flake telling colleagues on the senate floor he will retire when his current term ends next year. use his remarks to rip into the president. >> reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as telling it like it is. when it is actually just reckless, outrageous, and undignified. because politics can make us silent when we should speak and silence could equal complicity.
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i have children and grandchildren to answer to and so, mr. president, i will not be complacent or silent. >> sandra: his comments echo words by tennessee republic and senator bob corker, who was also retiring. trump tweeting this morning. "the reason flake and corker dropped out of the senate race is very simple. if they had zero chance of being elected. now, act so hurt and wounded." the meeting with her publican senators yesterday outside of flake and corker was a love fest with standing ovations and great ideas for usa. former arizona state senator kelli ward wants to win flake's now open seat. she has welcoming his. >> we do need a positive way forward. we need new leadership to my new g.o.p. leadership in washington, d.c., and i look forward to being a part of that class of 2019 who is putting the america first agenda out in the forefront.
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>> sandra: democrats say americans should pay attention to the republicans who are speaking out against trump. yours congressman elijah coming. >> i warned the american people, and i'm saying it very clearly. listen to corker. they need to listen to flake. and listen very carefully because they are basically telling what they see and what they believe. >> sandra: what message did this send you, brian kilmeade? >> brian: unbelievable day yesterday and it still resonating today, bob corker baited the president answering back. i knew that was going to happen and then senator flake surprised everyone when he gets to the senate floor and saying emotionally i'm out of here. i think the one thing we keep forgetting about is as much as i like jeff flake and i read his book, he was just an studio during the tour here is he was doing terribly and he could've had the embarrassment of losing a primary but i thought it was also telling that something must've happened because condoleezza rice was lined up to do a fundraiser on thursday.
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he had also the former president, president bush was going to help to and raising money. he said he's been working the campaign and doing fundraisers two weeks ago, he was doing a fundraiser in arizona. >> harris: what do you think happened to? he also voted with trump 90% of the time. when you look at a guy like luther strange who we know the president backs, that was more than his 90%. so what happened? >> sandra: he was all along very critical of the president. >> harris: he didn't vote for him, but he bowed along the lines of the president's agenda. so what happened for him suddenly as you say? >> brian: the only thing we can conclude is he talks to the money people and they don't want to write the checks. i've heard the senate money. because of repeal and replace failure and he is trailing badl badly. it must've been strong. >> gillian: if you look at the mainstream media, you're not hearing that. do not even hearing a mention of his election chances not being so good. you're hearing a lot of other things.
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>> lisa: mainstream media likes to exploit risks in the republican party. there are risks in the democratic party. issues like abortion when he went to basically do a litmus test on the issue. a huge risk there, nobody talks about it. but jeff flake didn't just have a problem with the republican primary. he also had a problem in the general election. you go back in 2012 when mitt romney romney won arizona by nine points, he only one back by 3%. so he was also facing an uphill battle in that aspect of this as well but if i'm president trump, i wouldn't put all my votes on kelli ward. she got trumped by john mccain which is probably the most vulnerable and republican primary yet could not defeat him. he look at someone like marsha blackburn in tennessee him and she's much more poised to win the republican primary and also go on to win a state as well so i wouldn't necessarily. >> harris: kelli ward, i'll be talking with her next hour pretty she did come within 11 points of john mccain which is closer than anybody in his 30
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years, so it was a double digit loss for her, but it was a tighter loss than we've been seeing with other people. >> sandra: and asked a question at the white house yesterday, is president trump remaking the republican party, here's how sarah sanders responded. >> i wouldn't say necessarily he's remaking it because you have a couple of individuals that are no longer running for office. he's got a foot great relationship a number of republicans. he's going to continue working with them and making sure that we get things done for the american people. he wants people to be in the senate that are committed to actually moving the ball down the field and i don't think these two individuals necessarily have been as focused on that. >> harris: a reference that brian kilmeade can appreciate. >> gillian: i think yes, the president is cut from a different cloth than in previous bread he's in outside the box president. now as a result, i think some senators, the president has designed himself and now some senators are defining themselves in opposition to him for that is the game of politics.
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senator flake's case is interesting to me, a bit more than the others because -- if we accept the logic here that he dropped out because he was not going to cut it, to me, there's a problem with his messaging yesterday. part of what he said i appreciated, part of it i resented because he set up this false dichotomy where he said rather than stay silent and become pleasant, i'm going to drop out of the race. but those aren't your two choices anyway. you could stay, you could run your campaign and have a bigger platform to voice yourself if you don't agree with people who are in power. your voice and perspective is more important than ever before. that is not the moment to drop out. i don't like that. >> brian: basically this, paul ryan sparred with the president. mitch mcconnell sparred with the president. lindsey graham sparred with the president. don't take it personal, get over it. he doesn't take it personal.
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as we talked about on the radio, mr. get on the page, you don't belong here? lindsey graham says you're a disgrace but he got over it. >> harris: these are men, the denim and you just mentioned, lindsey graham and others who have the ability to get on the high road and who else is on there, the american people. they are looking at the bigger view. they are able to do that. not everybody can do that. of the money portion i hadn't thought about until you brought it up. if you're having a hard time raising some cash as the democrats are going to start to learn this lesson, it becomes difficult to walk out what you talk about. >> gillian: the group of senators that are establishing themselves in opposition to president trump, mcgrane, flick, corker, right now the goat don't constitute a direct threat him political he but when they start reaching five, ten, maybe more, then that's a real problem. >> brian: they have the same objective. tax reform, infrastructure, repeal and replace, foreign defense. they have the same objective and when we go into a locker room,
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you don't have to like everyone there but it if your goal is winning, that's all you need. >> harris: if we don't want to be in the locker room. >> brian: cafe. i'm not sure i can do that now. >> lisa: the reality is now you have senator corker, senator flake, let's say both of them decide to not vote for tax reform. that puts you at 50. that's where you have to be with vice president pence being the tiebreaker. so these are important. i think the american people don't even care about all the stuff, i just want someone to get done. i need relief. i want to make more money but i want to be able to pay the bills. and these the issues they care about. >> harris: how are they going to vote in the next 15 months? >> lisa: i don't know. i think that's the question. the things that they've even stated that they care about, but real quick back to arizona, i guarantee that republican primary field gets pretty darn crowded now that jeff flake is not going to go. you're going to have other
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revoking members of congress throwing their hat in the ring. we are looking at those kelli ward numbers again, and i was a great point that you made in the sense that she did better than previous people dead but there's still a point grade >> harris: the landscape is different now. shall have to do it differently. >> sandra: democrats are blasting the republicans new efforts to investigate the department's decision not to prosecute hillary clinton over her emails. it's just a distraction from a lack of oversight of president trump. is it? or do we need answers? fox news confirming hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc helped fund research that led to the controversial whether this was a concerted effort to smear the president. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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>> harris: fox news has confirmed hillary clinton and the tientsin helped fund political research into trump then candidates and ultimately produced a controversial dossier of allegations about his ties to
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russia. an attorney representing the clinton campaign and the dnc retained fusion gps, washington firm to do that research. the firm hired dossier author christopher steele, a former british spy. meanwhile, just days ago, multiple leaders from fusion gps pleaded the fifth before house lawmakers when asked who financed that work. house oversight committee trey gowdy says he has more question questions. >> it is irrelevant who paid for the dossier. it's much more relevant who relied upon it pretty so my focus has always been whether or not the department of justice and the fbi relied upon in unsourced ci document to launch a counterintelligence investigation. so i want to know whether the nation's premier law enforcement agency relied on the document that looked like the "national enquirer" prepared it. >> harris: money, money, money. before clinton and the dnc kicked in that cash, the dossier was initially financed during the primaries by an unnamed g.o.p. operative.
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president trump has denied everything that is in that dossier. meanwhile, former clinton campaign spokesperson brian fallon tweeted this. "i regret i didn't know about christopher steele's high hiring pre-election bread i would've gone to europe to try to help him." playing the part of the british spy is brian kilmeade. the story has a british spy in it. >> brian: christopher steele, bottom line is when he lost his original benefactor at the rnc, i would find out who that candidate is a ripple looking candidate that started the investigation, very curious to see who that is but hopefully that will emerge soon with these documents get exposed. i just think it's a substantial amount of money. he demanded 5.6 million in legal fees for the clinton campaign and the dnc wrote him a $3.6 million check. that's a lot of spying. >> gillian: you're just jealous because you went into the wrong business. >> brian: 's fusion gps is the one thing i am taking the fifth.
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>> harris: i just need someone to tell me who is working on the campaign? what exactly is opposition research and i know what it is, but what is it in this context? before you dig up dirt on your opponent. i don't think this is normal in terms of -- here's what i think the big deal about this. the world concern or that's been the narrative of concern of russian disinformation in the united states, here is your disinformation campaign and it was bought and paid for by hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc. in the book shattered, it talks about clinton's source is basically saying that within 24 hours of her concession speech, they came together and came up with the narrative of why she lost. and russia influences part of that. this document has led to a lot of the allegations against president trump and russia collusion which was bought and paid for by the clinton campaign. when you look at the fusion gps which many are saying is an unregistered agent of russia who employed christopher steele who got his information from russian
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intelligence sources. this is highly concerning and then you add an extra element which is probably the most concerning of all, is how did this influence of federal investigation and the fbi seeking a warrant? there are elements that are very concerning and we should absolutely get to the bottom of it. >> harris: the next steps are do you get special prosecutor, special counsel on this? >> gillian: i think it would be ideal but we are definitely going to have committees on the hill. this is sketch city. >> harris: are you saying details are sketchy? or shady? >> gillian: the whole story surrounding this dossier shady and reprehensible and nothing highlights just how dirty the american presidential politics has become, but i like maybe unlike lisa, i'm not sure, i think the blame lies with the republicans hereto. they commissioned this dossier and we don't know who it is, but
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we don't know where their research ends and hillary clinton's research begins. i just think the whole -- everybody is tarnished. this is just terrible for everyone. >> brian: hillary clinton had a year by herself to raise an amount of money. the rnc saw whoever this republican candidate is. i'm not going to say it, but there's one name that keeps coming up over and over. >> harris: what does it rhyme with? >> brian: i'm not a good rhymer. all i could say is the good part about this is your very upset obviously. >> sandra: i'm upset that we have to say dossier every five seconds. remember how when the story originally broke, by using that word, we are somehow confirming the validity of it. you could call it a report or something. >> brian: so vigilant about foreign investment in our elections from here on in. >> sandra: what about accountability? the dnc is not even owning this. it was the other dnc.
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>> gillian: it is possible. [all talking at once] the has been completely been transformed since the election. sandra. it's like saying outnumbered had a terrible show one day. and you're like well that's not my fault. you know what i'm saying? never terrible, it's not what i'm saying. that would never happen. >> sandra: that is fake news. >> harris: i just hallucinated that we are already in the commercial. should we go? don't put the cameras back on me. >> brian: you are staring me down. >> harris: brian kilmeade, good news. is that forever now, we are going to be looking we hope that
9:22 am
how foreign money gets into elections. we hope. >> brian: looking at the positive. try to defuse a little bit of tension. >> harris: republicans set to take a big step in their quest to fast-track tax reform. and put a bill on the desk by the end of the year. of the major steps lawmakers are taking to make sure that tax effort goes far better than their attempts to repeal obamacare. we will talk about that. and the g.o.p. taking aim at hillary clinton over controversial uranium deal. the president called this the story of the decade. was the uranium deal with russians and weather donations to the clinton foundation played any role in that. the answers lawmakers are seeking and even calling for a special counsel in that. stay close. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped!
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>> sandra: the push for tax reform is in high gear as the house expected to vote tomorrow on the senate's budget passage would allow the g.o.p. to fast-track their tax plan. this has political reporting republicans are taking steps to avoid the mistakes that hurt the obamacare repeal effort out of the gate. the publication saying party leaders have prepared rollout plans that include taxing campaigns, multistate tax tour and deep policy dives with caucus members. there also reportedly bringing on board a veteran g.o.p. strategist who helped lawmakers sharpen their talking points. earlier in america's newsroom, the number two has republican congressman kevin mccarthy told me why passing the senate's budget is so important. >> yes, it will pass and a vote for the budget is about to move tax reform forward. what is so important here to realize that the house is taking the senate budget. the senate made some changes in there for the house. that speeds up tax reform by more than two weeks. so it starts the process faster so that we can get this done
9:28 am
this year, to really help the hard-working taxpayers of america could it will keep more of their own money. >> sandra: does this get done? >> brian: yes. >> sandra: talking tax reform. >> brian: i already think they've reached flexibility. i just think the question would be are you going to be able to get any democrats on board because they're not going to find torque corporate tax. it will be good. >> harris: is a different question. >> brian: they have simple majorities. >> harris: are never the day that senator rand paul voted against the budget and then everybody said where does he stand out all the stuff? the president said that's fine, but he's on board for tax refor reform. i don't know, i don't play golf. sandra is an excellent golfer, by the way. >> sandra: picking on me today today. rand paul was on of those who
9:29 am
spoke up and said this is not bringing tax cuts to the entire middle class. that is still a concern and speaking of talking points, when coming from democrats. >> gillian: can i talk about what i know? political communication, i really think it's important to the the trump administration has learned from mistakes in the past but there was the first rollout of the travel ban, the republican party as a whole not getting in front of it, allowing a vacuum for disinformation from the democratic party about obamacare to be able to get into the atmosphere and sort of taint the process, i think that's really important that they're getting in front of this and right now, we don't have the details of that legislation on tax reform. right now, we are dealing with broad strokes. we are dealing with messaging and dealing with the shaping of the process. >> harris: why is that? why hasn't the president shown us in terms what he wants it for that proposal? we still have the income brackets, we don't know what the middle classes. >> lisa: i expect because a lot of the stuff has been worked
9:30 am
out behind closed doors. >> harris: that's great news. >> lisa: that's what i hope. basically right now, everyone is trying to shape the process which is why you have democrats coming forward and saying this is for the rich. you have republicans coming out things for the middle class. that's what's happening right now. if the shaping of the overall process. for publicans to get on front of this be very well thought out and there messaging of this. >> sandra: passage of the budget in the house tomorrow would be key as you heard mccarthy say. that speeds things up, millington would be huge if they could gather some. >> gillian: 's alisa just pointed out some and i want to piggyback off of which is the white house is really working to shape this. there's a lot of press about how capitol hill learned for publicans on capitol hill learned their lesson from the failures to repeal and replace the affordable care act but the white house learned lessons to because one of the big criticisms at least issued from the president's own party was that he kind of outsource the detail to the hill. he was hands-off, he was not
9:31 am
100% is invested as they would've liked him to be in fleshing everything out. so this time i think that we still are left with a broad strokes now, we have a lot more to work. of the white house crafted at 70-point plan that they circulated to the hill a couple of weeks ago. that's a tremendous first a big haul efforts by the administration and it shows that president trump really has skin in the game. >> harris: he does come we just need the exact figures. you heard guys like jim jordan who on the originator of the freedom caucus in the house saying get on board with a lot. we like a lot about what we are hearing but we just need the specifics so you can sell it back home. who is the middle class? >> sandra: he risk his last word. >> harris: really? that never happens. >> sandra: were lawmakers launch an investigation into the justice department handling of the hillary clinton email pro. former fbi director james comey or is this a smoke screen as democrats claim a? plus, the top lawmakers calling for a special counsel to look at
9:32 am
that obama era uranium sale to russia. in the mainstream media virtually silent on this story despite the way the facts seem to be adding up. come on dad!
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9:37 am
benefit the clinton foundation, perhaps other avenues we don't know yet. i don't believe that this informant is lying. i think he was working for the fbi. but that's part of what the initial probe is going to get to the bottom of. >> harris: senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley also calling for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the deal. meanwhile, the mainstream media, some of them virtually silent after last week's initial report from the hill. but the fbi had uncovered a russian bribery plot before the obama administration approved the deal. media research center study found scene and gave the story less than 4 minutes of airtime during the first week of that report, and cbs gave the story just more than a minute of coverage. abc and nbc did not cover it at all, at least through the start of this week. >> gillian: is not a lot of good things to say about this story. one of the things i was thinking about when it first broke is that it has some pretty serious
9:38 am
national security implications because energy sources and supplies is how russia since the dawn of time has controlled large parts of eastern europe and even to this day, continues to cut off supplies at strategic moments and causes tremendous suffering amongst large populations of people. so that's kind of the macro architecture we are looking at here. >> harris: what about you use your uranium for? >> gillian: nothing good. >> brian: how many people had to sign off on this? the attorney general, secretary of state. >> gillian: nine department and agencies. >> harris: the clinton campaign said nine agencies, that's how you know it was vetted. then why would congressman peter king of new york need more vetting? he sent a letter seeking more information because it really wasn't clear. >> brian: what the benefit of selling 20% of our uranium? >> gillian: it's 20% of the
9:39 am
operational capacity, but it actually amounts to more like 11%. that doesn't make the story any better mama but just wanted to clarify. >> lisa: the main question is here's regardless of the percentage, particularly at a time when we know the fbi was investigating this criminals buying scheme by the russian government trying to enter into this marketplace in the first point. i think that's the main question and also, why was capitol hill left in the dark on this very issue? then you look at the other component of this which was actually a concern of the obama administration with hillary clinton and the clinton foundation is was her influence purchased, with a purchase when you look at the $145 million payments to the clinton foundation, the $500,000 by bill clinton. >> harris: that's when perception really bites you because even if it were not, is it enough, the pay for play is what she now is pushing back on
9:40 am
in the media. >> sandra: chuck grassley is asking for things here like lifting the gag order on the fbi informant in this, and if that happens, we are going to learn a whole lot. but there's already a lot to work with here and hillary clinton only response so far as i've heard that before. it's been debunked. >> brian: she doesn't know what happened. still want to find out what happened. they going to be able to do anything except investigate each other? i am still confused. grassley wants an investigation, we don't know about that investigation. both the house and senate have investigations on the russian collusion. both have concluded nothing we found out over the last two weeks. they are frustrated they can't find anything. it's not doing anything. >> harris: they could investigate this. one of the pushback's calling at the story of the decade and i'm quoting him on this because he was alive. [all talking at once]
9:41 am
>> gillian: just to be fair and balanced for a second, what we are hearing from the clintons from the admit obama and administration is that the reason no one on this couch is going to like this but i'm just telling you so viewers can hear this, the reason that they struck this deal at the time was because they were trying to have favor with russia to get them to be party to the iran nuclear deal. i'm just telling you. >> sandra: they sacrificed their entire foreign policy for that. they let a rat go crazy. let's add that to the fray. >> sandra: we have to end on there but we will continue the conversation more across the day and outnumbered over time. democrats are slamming a republican effort to reinvestigate hillary clinton's emails. the house judiciary and oversight committees launching a joint probe into the doj's handling of the investigation. democratic leaders are calling it a smokescreen to divert attention away from the white house rated their also taking aim at former oversight chairman jason chaffetz saying
9:42 am
he did everything in his power to make public the details of james comey's investigation while essentially ignoring the term campaign connections to russia. i want to go to you first. do you buy that? that line of reasoning? >> brian: i do. i think there is that your whole theory is the theory of a foreign policy that president trump had brought up earlier that it is a failed foreign policy under the chairman of foreign relations, corker that left them with this mess, especially in the middle east. and it turns out was james comey, this was all intertwined. my objective is to get this deal to iran. a terrible deal with iran. we have a current president who is trying to fix everything at one time. >> sandra: so there. >> gillian: lisa, i'll get to you next. i know we were going to talk about this anymore but these things are all intertwined. of the subject of the iran deal. is that something you believed was the golden albatross that
9:43 am
someone in the obama administration helped put this together, that would be worth making some sacrifices? may be a bit of your access and control over uranium supplies here in the united states, maybe some other working with some other unsavory regimes? >> lisa: i think you are completely underscoring president trump's point that the iran deal was incredible he wait for the united states and just made the case for him. to that point, i think anyone alleging that somehow connections with president trump and russia hasn't been litigated enough is insane and hasn't been paying attention to the ridiculous claim that the media has been making over the course of the past few months. my question about hillary clinton this entire time as if we are going to believe that somehow russia got the scoop on president trump and got the goods on him, how in the world are we not going to believe that hilly clinton but her national security at risk by having an email server as secure as gmail or less and traveling on international, but how do we
9:44 am
believe that russia has the goods on the united states or hillary clinton what was on her email servers we must begin wit with? i would like congress to get to the bottom of that and what potentially she put at risk in terms of national security. >> sandra: what you say to democrats who say leave it alone? she's not president. she didn't win the election. why are we spending all this time, money, and resources on these investigations? >> brian: i'm glad you asked me that. because the ongoing investigation is taking place and as you look at trump candidate coming up to look at hillary clinton candidate. and it puts her in the forefron forefront. >> harris: you are right about that. she's keeping herself relevant to this investigation by keeping herself out there because she's got books to sell. so how do you cordon yourself off and sam only going to answer these questions? your former presidential candidate. you are part of some of these things. they keeping yourself by trying to make yourself relevant, you make yourself accessible.
9:45 am
>> gillian: the president is tweeting about here on a near daily basis. keeping her in the forefront of national attention. >> brian: so much credit to al gore and mitt romney as much as they wanted to win, they went away. >> harris: mitt romney came back for a minute with that speech that was anti-trump. he did come back for a minute. >> gillian: and was discussed before, a better use of time might be helping to cultivate the next generation of democratic leaders because there's no one lined up. >> harris: it's ironic grow quickly and i use the word irony which is completely overused but i think it fits the scenario with mitt romney. he was the one who try to get everyone to focus on russia back in the day. back in the days of obama. >> brian: is our number one geopolitical flow. >> harris: he said a diffuse ago. >> gillian: as tough as new refugee regulations are about to take effect, there is word that illegal border crossings are set to hit record lows by the end of this year.
9:46 am
officials say the credit all goes to president trump. does he? does he get all the credit? that's coming up next. stick with us. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment but first we touch base with harris on what is coming up on "outnumbered" over time in just a few moments. what's going on? >> harris: good to see you, lisa. the day after senator jeff flake's dramatic announcement that he will not run for reelection, kelli ward the conservative republican running for his seat will join me. she says flix retirement shows their establishment days are over so is the president draining the swamp? i'm going to talk to her about that. where does health care stand? now that her new republican plan has put the bipartisan senate bill in question. i will ask the g.o.p. senator mike brown. he back that bipartisan bill, by the way pretty will tell me why. that's the top of the hour, back to you guys. >> lisa: a lot to look forward to. the acting chief of the u.s. customs and border protection says that illegal immigration at the southwest border will hit a 45 year low when this year's numbers are all tallied. he credits president trump's
9:51 am
very clear messaging on immigration for the improvement. meanwhile, a new white house executive order is bringing the refugee camp down to a record low number and beefing up vetting. admissions will be considered on a limited case-by-case basis for those from a live risk nations and palestinians. all refugees will have to submit their previous phone number, email, and addresses going back ten years. and also provide contact information for their parents, siblings, children, current and ex-spouses and their parents. the new order will also suspend the program allowing spouses and children to follow refugees her here. so brian, let's get to the 45 year low. clearly, the customs and border protection is a true bidding president trump's a very clear messaging. question to you, that's a clear win for the trump administration but does this get cloudy with the introduction of daca legislation? >> brian: i think is definitely related. it turns out when unaccompanied minors come through, the present
9:52 am
of united states, president obama at the time said we were going to be open to making the dreamers become citizens or in not face deportation. the message got out inaccurately that now is the time to come. so they screamed across the border unaccompanied minors so now we say just the opposite. they have the president here, the word is out, tough on immigration, we are bolstering it up. the magnet is turned off temporarily. so those on the fence that can't get here, they don't have to be here, this is not the time to take the risk. life and limb to go across the border illegally. >> lisa: do you think this hurts or helps trump in trying to move the border wall forward? >> brian: i think it helps overall. we've already made some progress. we've got to finish the job. they also think if you just get some numbers that would happen in san diego, they put up a barrier, a double and triple fence, it would do a great deal and stopping. it makes it harder. get the word out about the what the wall could do to be effective, get that number down, pick out a prototype and start building it.
9:53 am
>> gillian: who is going to pay for the wall? >> brian: not mexico yet. out of all the budget, what's 1.8 billion? $36 billion check to rebuild texas. where'd we get that money from? >> lisa: onto the refugee aspect of this, things like submitting previous phone numbers, email addresses, that doesn't really seem like too broad of a reach. what's wrong with that? >> gillian: there's nothing wrong with that. i applaud the trump administration forgetting illegal immigration down. i think we can celebrate that. it's understandably a healthy thing for the nation. they lose me on the refugees. record lows of refugees coming into this country does not help americans and we were chatting about this earlier. i was trying to lay out for you the fact that it's important to distinguish in my mind, important to distinguish between immigrants who come to this country and refugees who be accepted to this country who are some of the most vulnerable mistreated people from around the world who themselves in many
9:54 am
instances are fleeing terrorism. the idea that we would sacrifice some of our founding principles which are to accept vulnerable people like that because of the terrorist threat means that we are changing to accommodate terrorism and nobody wins. >> sandra: as far as your question to brian on the border wall, does it feel like the president is gaining some momentum on his immigration policies? >> lisa: i don't know. at the reason i was asking that as i could see the counterargument from democrats saying we are at a 45 year low, why do we need the wall? that was the promise of that question. what i think the argument is still they are saying we are doing the right thing. let's move forward with it. and this is important, but that's where that question was coming from because i could see senator chuck schumer or nancy pelosi making that argument. >> sandra: we need to take some time to talk andrew jackson. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. i was a good soldier.
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>> brian kilmeade's new book "andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans" if you need some new reading material, this is your book why? >> i think if people need a patriotic story to understand how great this country is, you have a guy who fought in the revolutionary war, became a senator, a congressman, obviously a lawyer, a two-term
9:59 am
president. a major general . you needed someone to step up and save a war that was going terribly and he stopped the british in under an hour, under 45 minutes. i think -- i don't like i could do the comprehensive biography on andrew jackson, it's been done too many times by people who are a lot smarter but if i can bring out a battle, indication of how america was destined for this superpower status, i thought this would be the perfect thing. to go on the battlefield and see what took place, roosevelt made sure no one built on it because he looked up to andrew jackson as well. >> do we get free copies? >> discounted. >> i don't see any here today. >> we will have a whole special
10:00 am
on andrew jackson, it's amazing how much he is like the president. >> it's always great to have yo you, brian kilmeade. harris faulkner, outnumbered "overtime," take it away. >> harris: another longtime critic of president trump since he will not seek reelection, "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. jeff flake told the senate floor that he would retire when his term was up. a few hours earlier, we found senator bob corker taking verbal aim at the president. president trump reportedly telling his staff that he helped force them out. >> senator jeff flake says he is not ruling ruling out a run for president in 2020 but


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