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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 25, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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this before? >> dana: i've never seen it. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. tonight president trump is claiming vindication over confirmation the clinton campaign and the democrat party, the dnc, helped fund and opposition research dossier filled with various unproven allegations, all suggesting that candidate trump had direct ties to the russians and might somehow be compromised. for the past two days, the trump administration has touted the significant developments in this story. new investigations. they have talked about a boom on wall street and growing confidence on capitol hill that tax cuts may actually be real this year. our latest fox news poll showed president trump's approval numbers sliding just before that.
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the rating dropping four points from last month to 38%. some suggest it may have been tied to the dustup over the condolence call in the coverage of it. with these new developments, will that change his approval rating? the trump administration will tell you they don't care. aides say the president has had two good days. fox team coverage. doug mckelway with the big picture look at the collusion accusation timeline on how we arrived at this point. catherine herridge with breaking news and the latest on the revelations in the investigations. and we start with chief white house correspondent john roberts. good evening, john. >> good evening, bret. let's start with the unverified dossier. to put this in perspective, this is the same dossier the former fbi director james comey felt compelled to tell the president about in secret at trump tower in january. a one-on-one meeting that got the ball rolling on those now famous memos which led to the
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appointment of a special prosecutor. on his way to texas to review hurricane harvey relief and headline a republican party fund-raiser, president trump unloaded on the revelations the clinton campaign and dnc funded the salacious unverified dossier about him. >> i think it's very sad what they've done with this fake dossier. it was made up, and i understand they paid a tremendous amount of money. hillary clinton and the democrats denied it. only because it's going to come out in a court case, they said they did it. they admitted it, they are embarrassed by it. i think it's a disgrace. it's just a very sad, it's a very sad commentary on politics in this country. >> president trump waited on the investigation three congressional committees and launched into how russia acquired 20% of america's uranium reserves. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done, so underhanded.
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tremendous amounts of money. i think it is watergate modern age. >> another departure turned press conference which the president has come to embrace, he. jeff flake accused mr. trump of conduct unbecoming an american president. >> he came out with his horrible book. i said who is this guy. the first time i thought my television, i said i assume he's a democrat. >> could you be more civil as the leader of the country? >> i think the press makes me more uncivil than i am. people don't understand. i went to an ivy league college. i was a nice student. i did very well. i'm a very intelligent person. >> despite sharp dissent from flake and senator corker. >> we have in the republican
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party a great unity. i was with the senate yesterday, the entire republican senate and other than to people, there was a lot of love in that room. >> he didn't use the word love, south carolina senator lindsey graham who's had plenty of run-ins with the president did suggest he has a lot of support in the party. >> most people are working for a living. most people don't know who bob corker and jeff flake are. most people want president trump to succeed. a lot of people don't like is tweeting and punching down and kicking every dog, mostly republicans don't like that but i'm going to be around him for the rest of his term i hope. >> the president reiterated any plan by congress to limit tax reductions to 401(k) retirement plans is off the table. a position that reignited his feud with senator bob corker yesterday. this morning, the president was contradicted by the chief tax writer in the house. >> kevin brady, chairman of house ways and means said it could be on the table. >> maybe it is. maybe they will use it as negotiating.
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but i -- trust me, that's one of the great things. you know, there are certain elements of deals you don't want to negotiate with. 401(k)s, and kevin knows that and i think kevin brady is fantastic. but he knows how important 401(k)s are. >> the president spoke for the first time in person about myeshia johnson's assertion that the president was insensitive and his condolence call to her. >> i was really nice to her. i respect her. i respect her family. i certainly respect la david, who i called la david right from the beginning. just so you understand. they put a chart in front. la david. says la david johnson. right from the beginning, no hesitation. one of the great memories of all time. there was no hesitation. fantastic woman. i was extremely nice to her, extremely respectful. >> a big announcement coming from the president tomorrow. he's expected to declare the
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opioid crisis in america a national emergency. he will outline some steps the administration is going to take to battle it, including an attempt to reduce demand. not just apply. >> bret: busy day at the white house. seems like that happens a lot. john roberts live on the north long. thanks. house speaker paul ryan says it's frustrating to learn about the democratic funding of the trump dossier. learning it through the media instead of through the executive branch. wondering why the fbi is stonewalling. now we have other breaking news tonight. another big complaint about the funding of the dossier coming from an interesting source, questioning the legality of it. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest. >> complaint filing to the federal election commission accusing the clinton campaign to violate disclosure laws. not accurately or fully disclosing the money.
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>> it's frustrating. >> speak up with the bureau unnoticed. >> the events stonewalling. fbi and justice department needs to give congress the documents. >> litigation over a subpoena. fusion gps approached marc elias in march of 2016. a month later, a deal was struck with the clinton campaign and the dnc to fund the project. the research led to the unverified salacious trump dossier that was later shared with the fbi. on fox, house government oversight committee chairman question whether former fbi director james comey led the bureau at the time knew about the dnc clinton funding and still used the unverified research to launch the 2016 russia probe. obtain surveillance warrants. >> i want to know whether the nation's premier law enforcement agency relied on a document that looks like the "national enquirer" prepared it. >> fusion gps hired christopher
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steele, former british intelligence officer for the project. by the summer of 2016, fusion gps was already working for russian lawyer. while fusion denies the connection, the lawyer is at the center of the june 2016 2016 trump tower meeting with donald trump jr. after her associates promised dirt on hillary clinton. >> wanted to hear it out but really it went nowhere and it was apparent that's not what the meeting was about. >> court records show fusion told steele to brief reporters. by december, steele share the trump dossier with british intelligence. former clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon said he didn't know about steele or the dossier, adding if you'd known, he would've urged reporters to investigate. former dnc chair says she was in the dark. >> i wasn't aware. >> house minority leader went further. >> republicans are going into all these investigations.
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they just do not want to get the real story of the russian intrusion in the election. >> federal court in washington given td bank until friday to respond to the subpoena. lawyers for fusion gps in the bank are trying to work out a compromise. >> bret: about the filing, there's questions about the legality of whether they listed all these things on the fec forms or how they pay for it. >> the ammo for fusion gps is they use law firms as cutouts. they are able to shield their activities through the attorney-client privilege. it looks in this case we may have another situation where the law firm was used two cloak where the money was going. based on the complaint, they were not fully responsive to how this money was being used, calling it legal services when it was really for opposition research. >> bret: thank you. trump-russia collusion narrative has been a mainstay of
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mainstream media coverage for months. doug mckelway looks at where we are. >> no sense of decency, sir? >> russian collusion in american politics is as old as the cold war. in june 2016, democratic national committee announced its service had been hacked. on july 22, wikileaks began publishing 20,000 hacked dnc emails, embarrassing the party and its candidate, hillary clinton. later, candidate donald trump fueled the fire, in effect asking russia to spy on his democratic opponents. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> and narrative began taking shape that trump and his allies had colluded with russia to influence the election and defeat hillary clinton. >> it would not only be a serious crime. it would also represent one of
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the most shocking betrayals of democracy in history. >> then the unexpert and happened on november 7, 2016. >> donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. >> with ten days before the inauguration, the website buzzfeed released the so-called trump dossier, compiled by the political opposition research firm fusion gps and its source, christopher steele, next british spy stationed in moscow. it included "enough embarrassing material on that republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him." the administration never wavered in the substance and accusations of collusion. >> this russia thing with trump and rush is a made-up story. it's an excuse by the democrats for having lost election. >> until this interview aired friday, trump's component stuck to the collusion narrative. >> the closer the investigation about real russian ties between trump associates and real
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russians, the more they want to throw mud on the wall, and i'm their favorite target. >> trump's months of denial appeared vindicated when "the washington post" reported the dossier was paid for by the clinton campaign and the dnc. >> you have to wonder what was the clinton team up to and why? you have to wonder if the fbi got duped. >> many in the media who've been on the collusion story are seeking a bit of cover. "new york times" tweeted "folks involved in funding this lied about it." a reporter tweeted. brian fallon tweets "even if the tread of the dossier as of helping miller, it will prove well spent." >> bret: more on that with the panel. u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley was evacuated from a united nations camp in south sudan today. because of a demonstration against the country's president that got out of hand. an aid worker says security
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guards fired tear gas to disperse the crowd shortly after haley left. trump administration turning up the heat on asian allies to accelerate their counterterrorism efforts. secretary of state rex tillerson was in india delivering the message. pakistan, iraq. jennifer griffin looks at the administration's success in driving isis out of key territory, major story line that has largely been overlooked. >> u.s. military estimates isis now controls just 3% of iraq and only 5% of syria after the fall of raqqa. >> president trump credits his generals climbed the dippy devices in the middle east the fulfillment of another campaign promise. >> i gave them authority to do what's right. we have done more in eight months than the previous administration has done in many
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years. >> the special envoy admits the president's decision in may to arm serious kurds sped up the islamic state's downfall. >> it is moving faster, efficiently, effectively. significant changes in terms of delegations of authority. >> asked carter said the trump administration carried out a plan designed under president obama. >> the plan has been, was laid out two years ago. and has been executed pretty much in the manner and on the schedule that was foreseen. >> general joe dunford who served both the administration said it took time to build up enough local fighters. training began in 2015. >> we had identified about 175 partners in syria that we had train. we have over 50,000 partners on the ground. >> rex tillerson was in baghdad this week.
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preventing outside groups from filling the vacuum in areas free of isis. u.s. officials fear lone wolf attacks in the west and local insurgencies around the world rebranding themselves isis. >> it's an inflection point, not the end of the campaign. >> general john ford -- general dunford hosted a meeting to talk about what comes next. >> you expect to see flows of isis fighters coming out of syria and iraq. we don't see that. >> we are not seeing a lot of flow because most of those people are dead. >> defense secretary mattis acknowledged the work of the army in the philippines and crushing the isis-funded insurgency. >> bret: thank you. up next, cuban officials say u.s. claims of sonic attacks are science-fiction. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 5 in las vegas. investigators searched for the missing hard drive to the laptop
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computer belonging to vegas massacre shooter stephen paddock. authorities unable to locate the hard drive which they hoped would have clues to paddock's modification. the investigation continues. 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured in the shooting october 1. all of this as today bruce paddock, the brother of the shooter, was arrested in california on child porn charges. in detroit, naacp and travel warnings. a pattern of incidents reported by black passengers on the airline. the airline says it's disappointed and inviting civil rights groups to discuss. fox 2 in san francisco. cleanup underway following a deadly firestorm. epa, county and state officials going through burned-out homes
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♪ >> bret: jurors in the trial of the illegal immigrant felon who shot a california woman heard today from one of the csi officers who process the crime scene. also testifying, the police officer who first pursued garcia zarate. he has pleaded not guilty. he claims this shooting was accidental. the illegal immigrant teenager
3:21 pm
in custody in texas and wanted an abortion had the procedure today. yesterday a federal appeals court cleared the way for the move. justice department did not appeal to the u.s. supreme cour supreme court. today the white house press secretary said the administration had planned to file an emergency stay request with the high court this mornin morning. >> school is in session for thousands of students in puerto rico. media reports say tuesday marked the first wave of school openings since hurricane maria. yesterday the senate passed $36.5 billion of a bill, a recovery bill that would send aid to puerto rico. officials increase the death toll from hurricane maria to 51. cuban authorities say u.s. claims that some kind of sonic device injured its diplomats cannot be proven. american officials say the injuries are very real and someone caused them. cuba likely knows who.
3:22 pm
steve harrigan updates us from miami. >> cuba is pushing back hard against charges that carried out sonic attacks against u.s. diplomats in havana, calling the claim science-fiction and slander. cuban officials say they carried out an exhaustive investigation using more than 2,000 experts come interviewing hundreds of people, taking soil and air samples, analyzing recordings provided by the u.s. they have found no evidence of any attack. >> cuba has never perpetrated, nor will it ever perpetrated attacks of any sort. >> two dozen u.s. diplomats serving in cuba have reported physical problems, ranging from dizziness to neurological damag damage. the high-pitched audio blasts which began in 2016 and continued through at least august contain multiple frequencies.
3:23 pm
recordings have been sent to u.s. navy specialists for analysis. since the attacks became public, the u.s. has pulled out more than half its diplomatic personnel from havana and expelled 15 cuban diplomats from the u.s. originally u.s. officials did not directly blamed the cubans but said they were responsible for the safety of u.s. diplomats. president trump has gone one step further, saying cuba is responsible for the attacks. >> i do believe cuba is responsible. i do believe that, and it's a very unusual attack, as you know. >> florida senator marco rubio announced on twitter he will be holding oversight hearings to see how the state department handled the attacks and the victim's complaints. >> bret: steve harrigan in miami. thank you. there is now a third u.s. aircraft carrier strike group in the western pacific ahead of president trump's asia trip. benjamin hall reports on the latest reaction to north korea's nuclear threat.
3:24 pm
>> a powerful show of force in yet another u.s. carrier strike group reaching the pacific taking the total to three, a reminder to north korea that all military options remain on the table. today the uss nimitz joined the uss roosevelt and uss reagan in the region, having completed operations in the middle east in a highly unusual deployment. >> two carrier groups is unusual. three is very, very unusual. >> the nimitz and roosevelt are equipped with the antimissile system which the u.s. sees as a key defense mechanism. defense secretary mattis on a tour of asia reiterated the goal is to compel the north to a complete removal of its nuclear arsenal. >> we are here for a peaceful resolution. do we have military options in defense? of course we do.
3:25 pm
everyone is out for a peaceful resolution. >> despite the claim, north korea seems to be rushing ever closer towards putting the u.s. mainland in range. the deployment of these carriers would send a clear message to china. the leader spoke by phone. china has been building fortifications on islands in the south china sea and upgrading its own naval fleet with new warships, including a second aircraft carrier launch earlier this year. the arrival of the uss nimitz is a clear message to the world that the u.s. remains the predominant naval power in the pacific. the navy has announced no specific mission for the nimitz or roosevelt but the presence of the carrier strike groups sends a message to allies and enemies. >> bret: benjamin hall in london. thank you. up next, testing your faith on wall street. here are some of the stores.
3:26 pm
five global long-haul airlines will conduct new security interviews with all passengers on u.s. bound flights beginning tomorrow. the companies are air france, egypt air, and lufthansa. differing in their descriptions of the interviews. spain's prime minister says his government's plan to take control of catalonia's key affairs and halt the regions push for independence will not be needed for long. the spanish centage is expected to approve the measures friday. catalans voted for autonomy october 1 in a referendum spain says was illegal. president trump says he spoke with the chinese president xi jinping today to congratulate him on his elevation and status by the communist party. xi is considered among the most powerful leaders ever in china's history. president trump says the two discussed north korea and trade and the president will travel to china next month. "special report" will be there
3:27 pm
too. we will take the show to several stops along the trip. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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>> bret: congressional budget office says the obamacare extension plan authored by lamar alexander and patty murray would cut the deficit by almost $4 billion over the next nine years. the measure would extend funding for obamacare exchanges. president trump says he's against putting money in the insurance company's pockets after first indicating he would support the effort. also today, federal judge in san francisco has sided with the trump administration for now and will not force the federal government to immediately resume obamacare subsidy advance payments to the states. as congress tries to hammer out a tax cut plan, a new fox news
3:31 pm
poll finds more than half of you do not like how president trump is dealing with tax reform so far. latest poll indicates a 51% disapproval among those sampled. 37% approve. take a look at some of the other results. a lot of you are dealing with at least some frustration or a lot of it on taxes. the poll says 89% of you feel over government spending. 85% on corporate loopholes. 85% on middle-class taxes. 70% of wealthy people's taxes. frustrated about the complexity of the system. 76% of you are. 69% frustrated on the amount you pay. 38% over poor people not paying taxes. markets ended in the red. dow off 112. s&p 500 slid 12. nasdaq down nearly 35. new rules for social media advertisers and back to the old
3:32 pm
way of suing big financial firm firms. deirdre bolton of fox business network joins us with a couple money headlines. >> good evening. twitter, google, facebook want to show the government they can regulate themselves before the government takes further action. in twitter's case, setting up a transparency website separate from the newsfeed. on the website, people will be able to see details about ads, how long they've been running, who's claiming me to pay for them. also twitter says the newsfeed, if there are ads there that are political, they will be labeled as such. twitter will also disclose the amount of money any one campaign is pending. twitter has admitted to finding 200 fake advertisers, once with ties to russian agents. those agents also purchased ads on facebook are all the time of the presidential election. twitter said it found 2,000 sponsored tweets from russia today. u.s. intelligence officials have identified the source as "the
3:33 pm
kremlin's principal international propaganda outlet." all three companies testifying about russian influence next week on capitol hill. speaking of self policing, some democrats say bankers can't do it either. they consider it worrying that the senate voted to kill a controversial rule that allowed class action lawsuits against banks. the consumer financial protection bureau says the goal of the rule was to give average people more power to fight industry abuses. wells fargo comes to mind. the creation of millions of unauthorized accounts. for years, wells fargo used arbitration clauses to block lawsuits from customers who alleged unauthorized account had been opened in their name. ultimately the bank admitted as many as 3.5 million such accounts were opened. the bank agreed to settle some class action suits. republicans say legal fees get passed on to consumers and
3:34 pm
siddons class action suits will no longer be possible, consumers will be better off. it's a clear victory for the financial industry. democrats see it as "a giant step back for every consumer in the country." >> bret: thank you. ♪ in tonight's focus on faith, letting your spiritual values help dictate your financial value. it's called faith based investing and it is big money and big business. here is lauren green. >> roberts is signaling more than just the closing bell. it's the advent of a new trend in biblically-based investing. he left his big bank position and start of the company investing after realized his portfolio to align with his
3:35 pm
faith. >> i was the president of our pro-life center. i owned stocks and companies manufacturing abortion drugs. profiting from the very activity that i am working against. >> inspires funds uses an index. their screen for things like abortion, human rights, inspire invests 50% of its profits and charities. etfs have allowed this cottage industry to grow. >> it's easy to invest in catholic values if you are a huge institution. but for mom and pop who don't have that time to do it, it's an easier way in an etf. >> this father is a leading advocate for a fund. >> you don't have to feel good
3:36 pm
just about the donations to charity or contributions you make. you can do both. >> he says this kind of investing could potentially have a big impact. >> there is $9.7 trillion in stocks, bonds, retirement funds and mutual funds that that group of investors owns and controls. is that trend takes hold, wall street is going to get a big wake-up call of their own. >> people of faith finding their money may have as much impact as their vote. faithful investing on wall street, a better way to influence washington. >> bret: thank you. next up, the panel on reaction toward democrats and the hillary clinton campaign were behind the funding of the dossier of candidate trump. first, rock 'n' roll legend fats domino has died. the 5'5" baritones hold more than 110 million records with hits such as "blueberry hill" and "ain't it a shame."
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>> the democrats coming up with an excuse for losing an election. they lost it by a lodge. they didn't know what to say, so they made up the whole russia hoax. now it's turning out that the hoax has turned around. you look at what's happened with russia and you look at the uranium deal and you look at the fake dossier. that's all turned around. hillary would have never announced it was them except for this going on where the judge was going to reveal it.
3:41 pm
they figured we'll do it first. very embarrassed by it. >> bret: the president on the revelation that the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc funded this dossier and these investigations continue. the dnc statement. tom perez, and the new leadership of the dnc were not involved in any decision-making regarding fusion gps. nor were they aware that the law firm was working with the organization. let's be clear. there is a serious federal investigation into the trump campaign ties to russia and the american people deserve to know what happened. you will see the new leadership of the dnc. what about the old leadership? >> when did you learn the dnc and clinton campaign were behind the dossier. >> i wasn't aware at all. >> how can you let the dnc be in
3:42 pm
the dark about the dossier. >> i wasn't aware of the arrangement at all. >> bret: okay, so the new leadership doesn't know. the old leader says she doesn't know. where are we on this? lets me in the panel. byron york, chief political correspondent "washington examiner." susan page, washington bureau chief at usa today. well anyway, senior editor at "the federalist." >> this is apparently the big project nobody knew about. there were always two questions. who paid for it and what did the fbi do with it. now the big question. now that we know who paid for it, the big question is what did the fbi do with it. we think we know that in the fall of 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign, christopher steele, former british spy who put together the dossier for the democrats and fusion gps, goes to the fbi and shows them what he's found. the fbi decides to take up the project. this is what has left a lot of
3:43 pm
republicans appalled that perhaps the fbi would have something to do, kind of adopting a opposition research project in the middle of a campaign. the fbi agrees to pay for it and then maybe they don't and in fact now republicans want to know, did the fbi use the dossier as evidence to present to a court to ask for a warrant to wiretap somebody? they have so many questions and the questions are now for the fbi. >> bret: there's also a question, susan, as we reported about the fec filing complaint from a legal center. dnc and hillary for america, dozens of payments to a law firm with the purpose described as legal services. in reality, some of those payments were earmarked for fusion gps. the purpose of conducting opposition research on donald trump. by failing to file accurate reports, the dnc and hillary for america undermine the vital public information role that reporting is intended to serve.
3:44 pm
seems like another wrinkle in the legalities and the fec filings. >> i think there's a lot we don't know. i think this is very embarrassing for the clinton folks and the dnc. the people with that campaign not denying they had anything to do with the dossier. that turns out to be incorrect. cover-up is often worse than the crime. i would say it took only the two questions brian points out. the question also about what happened and the reality is what the special counsel is pursuing and presumably is going to figure out. i agree this gives a huge talking point to the white house to attack this investigation is something that was politically inspired. >> bret: the former spokesperson for the hillary clinton campaign, brian fallon. after donald trump jr. met with those folks in trump tower and
3:45 pm
part of his explanation was the opposition research happens. he was out and said one thing and then when this happened he said another thing today. take a look. >> there's a difference between going out and hiring opposition of these that work in the united states of america and going out and soliciting information from a foreign national. >> opposition research have another time. >> christopher steele compiled this dossier. he was a foreign national. >> christopher steele's actions, it's akin to counterintelligence work. he was not being handed things by the russians. otherwise we would probably know the details of the supposed videotapes. >> one of the many americans who spend skeptical of this trump-russia collusion narrative we have been fed. this is a profoundly vindicating day. turns out the clinton campaign was doing what it accuse the
3:46 pm
trump campaign of doing. wittingly or unwittingly working with the russians to undermine the 2016 election or to affect it. we now know the clinton campaign and dnc were some of the founders of this shoddy russian dossier in which a foreign spy was paying kremlin operatives and other people for information or what turned out to be disinformation about donald trump. and that the person was to leak the information. it is a stunning turn of events and we will soon learn how serious people were about the need to hold people accountable for collusion. >> bret: is that investigation continues, they rush investigation continues with special counsel for mueller. there is this other investigation, uranium one. we did in our special on it. brian fallon figures into that as well.
3:47 pm
why do you think former president clinton speaking fees drunk dramatically after mrs. clinton was appointed secretary of state? >> the president has given speeches to all kinds of entities in the united states and abroad. all of them went through a rigorous vetting process conducted at the state department. if he gave a speech, it was because the people who inspected and reviewed and deemed there was no conflict. all allegations suggesting there was a conflict are coming from people like peter schweizer who has been widely discredited. had to admit he had no evidence. >> bret: you don't think there's any problem there. when foreign entities pay secretary clinton or the former president to speak or make contributions to the foundation after they speak, do you think they expect something in return? >> if they do, they are foolish. >> bret: that had evolved
3:48 pm
through 2015 and 2016. >> brian fallon is earning his money. i think one of the things that the entire democratic postelection campaign to link trump to russia, to suggest there was collusion, one of the things it's done is made any contact with russia radioactive. somehow really awful. jeff sessions talked with russians and he has to recuse himself. now if you go to this uranium one thing, you see this contact with russia and it's now okay to do? then there is the stunning question of the u.s. law enforcement intelligence agencies knowing there was a lot of bribery going on and somehow the committee on foreign investment which should know about this stuff when it makes a decision to approve or not approve the uranium deal, they don't know about it. it does warrant more investigation. >> bret: a lot of questions for the fbi.
3:49 pm
we also have a question, why the president is not moving forward with congress approved sanctions against russia and what the holdup is. how that factors income if it does. we don't know the answer. >> that's right. it's important. i would say the thing that ties these things together. uranium investigation and the dossier, these are self-inflicted wounds by the clinton campaign. if they had handled things better at the start, if they had not taken these contributions and these high-priced speeches, there would be fewer questions about the uranium deal. in both cases, they are reaping their inability to be transparent from the start. >> not just self-inflicted wounds but wounds to the entire republic. spending so much time and money and drum on this russian story. we have these investigations. a lot of damage to the republican i wish people would think about that.
3:50 pm
>> bret: and the mueller investigation starts because of this. next up, president trump on the fight against isis. alright, off you go. casual fridays at buckingham palace? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money nathan saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> it's a dangerous business. i have to say, it's a dangerous business. so what -- not specifically. i have generals that are great generals. i gave them the authority to do what is right to win. that's the authority they. have i want to win. we're going to win. we're beating isis badly. my generals and my military, they have decision-making ability. >> in raqqa, we're at a
3:54 pm
reflection point, not an end point. >> talking about the fight against isis which has changed dramatically. look at a map of iraq and syria. it's a story that's not been talked about that much. the territory that isis controls is shrinking dramatically. there's officials that believe in six months time isis could be out of those two countries. now they're in other places. back on the panel, susan, that's why we're fighting in africa as they disburse elsewhere. it's a tremendous success story for nine months to have happened if you think of the skepticism. >> this is great news. it's not the end of the war against isis. isis will continue to launch gorilla actions and terrorist efforts. but it's the end of the caliphate. or their argument that they represent a call fade. this deserves more attention than it's getting. if we were paying less attention to bob corker and jeff flake and
3:55 pm
provocative presidential tweets, maybe we would pay more attention to this important story. >> on the attention thing, obviously the tweet of the day gets our attention. whether it should or shouldn't, we can analyze. but about this isis move, it's significant. >> yeah. also, it shows the value of killing bad guys. there was a bite earlier in the program of an officer saying we're not seeing this exodus out of syria and iraq because they're dead. it is popping up in other places. the war is shifting to africa. general dunford was saying that isis-related groups trying to glom on to the existing insurgeries and get something going there. this is a really good time for the president, the pentagon, the top of the administration to explain to the american people why we're going to be need to be
3:56 pm
fighting in places like niger. when you have something that four americans are killed, members of the senate are saying i didn't know we had people there. >> which is amazing. we have 6,000 in africa fighting in 53 different countries. i want you to listen to the vice president summon this up monday. >> american and allied forces liberated raqqa and across syria and iraq, the caliphate is crumbling. you can be assured, we will not rest, we will not relent until we hunt down and destroy isis at its source. >> didn't hear that sound bite. now you did. >> it shows the effectiveness of the change in strategy. there's a different between defeating taliban or isis and dealing with the ongoing through of islamic terrorism. i don't know sure we have an effective strategy there. >> i'm sure there will be more
3:57 pm
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. >> digging up dirt is part of what campaigns do. it's a dirty truth of politics. the 2016 presidential race, first the gop paid a firm called fusion gps for dirt on candidate trump. after the primary, the clinton camp started paying them. that's when the project went international. they paid a british spy. even the fbi led by james comey considered paying fusion gps for more dirt on mr. trump. president trump commented on the revelations today from the white house. >> don't forget, hillary clinton totally denied this. she didn't know anything. she knew nothing. now they found


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