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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  October 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tissues. it opens friday. i hope you will go and tell your friends about it. that's all the time we have for this evening. we will never be the left wing media, ever, obviously. bill hemmer is next: see you tomorrow. >> bill: fox news alert. good evening, everyone. tonight i'm bill hemmer and welcome to fox news tonight. a stunner today on all matters russia. president trump going back on offense after reports that the clinton team and the dnc were behind that salacious unverified dossier about him. the president unloaded today when he was asked about it at the white house. >> well, i think it's very sad what they've done with this fake dossier. it was made up and i understand they paid a tremendous amount of money. and hillary clinton always denied it. the democrats always denied it. and now only because it's going to come out in a court case they said yes, they did it, they admitted it. and they are embarrassed by it but i think it's a disgrace. >> bill: so that from earlier and then moments ago
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tonight congressman devon nunez chairman of the house intelligence committee had this to say. >> what we know so far, that we believe to be factual, from "the washington post" piece, is that the democrats paid for the dossier, they paid fusion g.p.s. for the dossier. we believe that to be true. but we have fusion gps that pled the fifth, so they refused to testify. when you plead the fifth and try to go to court to block us from getting the information and leaked to the "the washington post" that the dnc and hillary campaign paid for this, i think we have a problem. >> bill: that was tucker earlier tonight with devin barrett to break the story for "the washington post." is he with us now. what a stunner it was, devlin, to get a story like this out there and control the news cycle for 24 hours. that's something else when you think about how quickly events change. now, i want to bring our viewers up to speed with where we are tonight. and i think throughout the course of the day today, the missing component of this story is hillary clinton's
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response, has she said anything to you or others? has she and publicly today? >> no. we have been asking, and there are not just hillary clinton but a couple of her key advisors who we still haven't heard from publicly. and i think that's a key piece in this, understanding who knew what and when. and frankly we are still waiting on that word and trying to get that word and asking. >> bill: as we go through this over the course of the evening tonight, trey gowdy was with us earlier today on "america's newsroom." i thought he posed a question that was quite relevant. i was asking about who paid for it and reflecting on your story. he said it's relevant who paid for it but it's more relevant who relied upon it. and that can go in a number of different ways. what have you been able to ascertain as to how that information was received, digested and then pursued? >> well, so a couple things. we know that the fbi had a prior relationship with christopher steele, the former british intelligence agent who did a lot of this
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and generated a lot of these reports. so we know that they had some reason to believe that he was a reliable or trustworthy person. and then we know the fbi started looking into what was in the dossier and the different allegations. and trying to figure out what in here they could prove and what they couldn't. what's been said to us is that they were able to confirm some of the information, can't confirm others. and there's a whole group of stuff that, you know, they frankly think they will probably never know one way or the other. and, to be clear, among the most salacious stuff, that's included in the group of things that they really can't confirm as best we can tell. >> bill: i think what he was trying to say there is what did the fbi do with the information? how did they pursue it? what questions did they ask? where did the investigation go after that? i think that's what gowdy was driving at. >> right. i think there is some indication of that already. for one thing we know that the fbi investigated and hasn't been investigating for quite some time carter
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page, an unpaid advisor to the campaign at one point. and and, you know, we know that there was some surveillance related to him. and we know that, you know, his interactions, the alleged in some of these alleged interactions with russian figures were looked into by the fbi. >> bill: so you can consider that right? and carter page says he has had nothing to do with this. >> he denied any wrongdoing at all. >> bill: he popped up in a lot of tv interviews over the summer and essentially disappeared. i think what he was driving at gody's position, he believes the justice department is stonewalling him on a bunch of matters that they want and can't seem to get information they are looking for. the question is why. i think the question is robert mueller now taking charge of this information and preventing others from getting access to it? do you have a view on that or any reporting on that tonight? >> i think it's true, generally, that congress isn't getting a lot of answers as to what mueller is doing. but, frankly, as important as this investigation is, and i know everyone cares about it and it's important,
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but, frankly, that's not that unusual for a ongoing criminal investigation. you know, the fbi does -- and the doj don't typically tell congress what they're doing in criminal investigations because, frankly, that's how you ruin a criminal investigation in many instances. >> bill: yeah, there are hypotheticals that one can start to wonder about now. that is robert mueller running an independent counsel right now without this dossier? did the dossier lead investigators to this point where they were so suspicious of the trump team and potential contacts they may not have had with mass cow, which leads to the unmasking of names and individuals, samantha power at the u.n. has been reported more than 250 requests of names over the past year for the obama term. did the information in the dossier take the government in a direction that it frankly in the end, perhaps, did not need to pursue? can we move the ball any further toward that answer tonight, devlin? >> well, look, i think it's
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perfectly fine to ask how the investigation started. but it's also -- i don't think we can lose sight of the fact that it matters just as much, if not more so, where the investigation is going. because, obviously, fbi is not going to charge anyone based on what's in the dossier. the fbi is going to decide if they have evidence of crimes after looking at some of these things. and if they decide to do that, that won't be based on anything in the dossier. >> bill: i get it? >> have to build up evidence from other places. >> bill: can you answer your own question as to where it goes next? >> well, you know, that's why they pay me to keep reporting. that's why i still have a job. we're working on that. and, look, mueller's work clearly isn't done yet. there are obvious signs of certain things he's interested in. but, the short answer is nobody knows. >> bill: thanks for being here tonight. good reporting, too. thank you, devlin, from washington. i want to turn to news correspondent ed henry standing by at the white house. i know you were listening to that exchange there listen to this exchange from
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president trump regarding that -- the controversial sale of uranium mining company, now for our viewers this goes back seven or eight years during the obama term, hillary clinton as secretary of state, this is his reaction on that. >> told me last week you thought that the uranium sale to russia was one of the big stories of the decade. three congressional committees are now looking at that and we haven't heard you comment on it since those investigations were launched. >> well, i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that's watergate modern age. >> bill: ed, hyperbole or is this possibility now in washington being circulated? >> the honest answer we don't know because as journalists we have to follow the facts. we don't know enough facts yet about the uranium one deal to say it's as big as watergate. what we do know from the facts is that the fbi was
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quietly investigating potential collusion, basically, between the obama administration, and russian nuclear officials for two or three years at the end of the obama years. and so now here we are spending all this time over the last six months, year or so, about whether there was collusion between the trump campaign and russian government officials. and meanwhile, the obama justice department was basically investigating for two or three years. the possibility of kick backs, bribery, all kinds of potential criminal wrongdoing by russian nuclear officials so they could get a bigger share of the northwesteramerican uranium. they were pouring speaking fees to former president bill clinton and pouring money into the clinton foundation. so, these are questions that frankly where did that fbi investigation ever go? we simply don't know. >> bill: that's active, right? that's ongoing and a lot of people didn't know about it. late tonight we get this word that this fbi informant
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who has been forbidden to talk for 8 years will now be able to brief members of congress. what do we know about that tonight. >> this is the informant the hill newspaper wrote about a week or so ago that blew the door open on some of these details suggesting that the informant had told the fbi, again, during the obama years, not the trump years, that russian nuclear officials were trying to get more and more uranium. and they succeeded in that by the way. hillary clinton, for her part, was secretary of state at the time when all of this was happening. but, during the last campaign, she insisted she had no role in the decision that it was a panel at the state department and she was not directly involved. but, now you have this informant that opened the door on the fbi investigation several years ago, who, as you say, has been quiet and dormant. we don't know who this person is. now all of a sudden the trump justice department knew tonight saying they are going to let that i object informant go talk to congress about what he or she knows. this could be a major development.
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>> bill: he was responsible for looking at all these companies you mentioned uranium one and also the clinton foundation which is a big player in all of this too now. >> yeah. >> bill: brian fallon you know him well. >> yeah. >> bill: you ump on the road for a long time during that campaign 2016. he was doing an interview earlier today with regard to the reaction to the dossier. he said this about that and i will ask you about it on the other side. >> the russians and vladimir putin were only trying to help one side in this election. and you don't have to take my word for it on that. that is the conclusion of u.s. intelligence that it was the position of vladimir putin and the russian government that they wanted to help donald trump. and we know for a fact that russian agents committed crimes in service of that goal. >> bill: you know theist people very well, ed. and you think about the server, you think about the emails. you think about 33,000. and you were the one who actually asked then candidate clinton about whether or not she wind her server clean. i remember the answer quite well. she. >> with a cloth. >> bill: with a cloth was the response.
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sarcastically. do we think these long lost answers are somewhere back on that clinton server years ago? >> you have to wonder whether or not the trump justice department now that they are opening the door on this fbi informant to talk to congress whether they are still looking at anything in terms of the clinton server or not. they have never closed the door on that. donald trump in some of his public comments during the presidential transition said he didn't want to do harm to the clintons. that was before there was a special counsel breathing down his neck and his campaign neck. and so is the justice department going to do something on that? that's an open question tonight. and i thought the other thing is brian fallon was saying he didn't know about the dossier during that campaign i covered. if he had, he would have gone to europe to help christopher steele. well, come on. christopher steele, the british intelligence official, former who put together the dossier, unverified information about donald trump, some are saying that he got that from russian officials who were trying to spread disinformation about donald trump to mess up the
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campaign. i thought the clinton folks fols were worried about russian officials spreading disinformation and controlling the campaign? now if it was information that was going to help them, all of a sudden they want to be part of it. >> bill: the d.c. came outdnc ca phrase we are under new management and current management didn't know about it at the time. sort of what you were saying there. when you think about hillary clinton and listen what devlin was describing there. the wrinkle in the story today is that we have not heard from her. based on her m.o., is that to be expected? is she that careful? >> i mean, look, when she wants to tweet about the las vegas massacre, dozens of people killed, she did it within hours, right? so she didn't stand back and wait for that. and some thought she jumped out too quickly on the issue of gun control. when it's something about russia that might look unfavorably for democrats, all of a sudden you can't find her. so, that's an interesting question tonight as well. by the way, karen at the multi-y, another report from
7:13 pm
"the washington post, put out a tweet a few moments ago she was at university of chicago politics institute one of their events tonight and saw tom perez, the current dnc chair. in addition to that statement we already knew, he said, look, i only found out that the dnc paid for this dossier a few days ago. so, yeah, he is -- it's under new management. but they may have spent hundreds of thousands or millions on this. >> bill: millions, quite possible. >> and didn't know? unbelievable. >> bill: what is the sense you get in washington tonight? is there a sense this story has done a 180 or not yet? >> well, people close to this president certainly hopes -- they certainly hope that the story is changing. >> bill: he pretty much suggested that today. >> he suggested that. right. but, what is robert mueller thinking tonight? we simply don't know the answer to the question tonight. that's going to decide whether this is shifting, the ground is shifting against the democrats. as they try to make this collusion issue all about the republicans, all of a
7:14 pm
sudden there is all kinds of new information about the democrats in and this may very well boomerang. >> bill: a lot to follow. thank you, ed, for being here tonight. ed henry on the north lawn. thanks. president trump claims convinced occasion on this matter. what is the damage politically? we'll analyze that coming up next. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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pill bill let's continue with analysis, new revelations regarding the russian dossier and uranium controversies talking about there with ed henry a moment ago. here is congressman trey gowdy earlier today on "america's newsroom" about 9:00 a.m. our lead interview earlier today about robert mueller's investigation, whether or not he has confidence in his work. >> i have confidence he is going to reach the right conclusions for the right reasons and he will have credibility with the american people when he is done. >> as of today you are okay with robert mueller. >> as of yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow unless something changes, disswadz me from what i think is a lifetime of pretty solid service to our country. >> bill: who knows what will be tomorrow, right? political impact now. let's examine it from
7:19 pm
chicago, steve cortez, member of the trump's campaign hispanic advisory council. how are you doing? also from l.a. radio talk who he host leslie marshall and both are fox news contributors. i know stand on desk tonight and say lead charge we are convinced indicated we can declare victory. can you? >> yes, yes, we can, bill. i will tell you this. i am in chicago. i'm a chicago an. i will tell you i know about corruption, living in this city. the clintons have exhibited a level of corruption that would make a chicago alderman blush. what they have done at the state department, in the white house, with the clinton foundation, with the russians, is almost unconscionable because we're not talking about just corruption for personal aggrandizement, we are talking about actually jeopardizing the national security of the united states. literally selling our national security, our uranium resources to an
7:20 pm
enemy state for, what? for money. and we now know this for fact. not for theory. >> bill: this fbi informant is critical on this whole picture here, too. that's going to take months to play out. so we will see where that goes. leslie, politically, is steve right about the con trail at the clinton foundation and all the stories we were talking about just a year ago? >> no. absolutely not. get off the desk, steve and republicans as well because the victory will only come if and i ahave agreed with trey gowdy twice now in the past year and i have 100 percent confidence in mueller. mueller has this investigation. he is talking to everyone. and with regard to this dossier, we have to look at not only is it not criminal and very common for political organizations to pay to find dirt and dig up dirt on their opponent, all of their opponents, but we know the original check that was written to mr. steele to
7:21 pm
come up with this dossier didn't come from the clintons or the democrats. it's originally from still unnamed republican. >> that's not right. that is simply untrue. mr. steele was never involved when the republicans paid. they paid for standard opposition research. steele came later. >> they paid on the research. they paid fusion for the research. >> they paid the firm but that's untrue. >> fusion is not. >> i'm not going to get away with that lie. it's simply untrue. it's untrue. >> steve, steve, that is not untrue. >> bill: hang on, steve. go ahead, leslie. >> thank you. first of all, we also have to remember our current president, president trump, our former president, president obama, were briefed on and privy to the contents of that dossier, which by the way, has not been starktedded. mr. mueller has interviewed mr. steele. mr. mueller has all of the information with regard to the dossier and russia is not just about the dossier, which is why i say that you can't be on the victory
7:22 pm
because this doesn't point to no trump collusion for russia in the election. >> bill: without the dossier, do have you these russia matters that are pursued, steve? without the dossier, do you have government officials who are suspicious and looking for more and more information? and they dig deeper because they are suspicious in the first place? and now have you got a dossier that could have been bought and paid for by the political opponents of the president of the united states? >> here's the important point. was there collusion between the trump campaign and russia? the evidence is utterly no. is emphatically no. no collusion. no collusion of any kind between the trump campaign and any foreign source for that matter. now, is there evidence of serious infiltration of the american political process by russia via the clintons? yes, incredible information
7:23 pm
and evidence that there was. if we are going to look at collusion, let's be real about this. where does this lens actually points? it doesn't point at our campaign at the trump campaign, it points at anywhere on the clintons. >> bill: on that point, has this story given itself 180-degree rotation in the past 24 hours? >> 3weu8, i think that people, like steve and his party would like to think that steve, i find it interesting that you say there is zero evidence of anything, mr. mueller should pack up his bags and go home because he hasn't you forget flynn and manafort and carter all the names being interviewed. we don't know the outcome of that. i am willing to wait because i will believe he will come out with the outcome. >> bill: back to the question has the story been flipped on its head in the last day? >> i think for some reason, bill, the story has certainly been flipped on its head because on the right people constantly
7:24 pm
complain that hillary clinton just won't go away but they keep bringing her and her husband, the foundation, their money, the campaign and the election back. with the exception of her book, she has pretty much gone away. >> bill: look, republicans run these committees in the house, steve, and they are not going to let this thing die. and it's going to go on for some time. and we can say that with clarity tonight. >> i'm one republican who does not want hillary clinton to go away because the longer that she is the face of the democratic party, as a republican and as a trump partisan, the better it is for us. so, please, trot her out at every occasion let her make every excuse possible including the russians and the dog ate my homework. the truth is they are a bankrupt party, bankrupt of ideas with the most unlikeable candidate in my lifetime, and they are hell bent on making every excuse possible except for the reality which is we had
7:25 pm
better ideas. we captivated the american people and we pulled off the greatest electoral revolution in american history and we are not done yet. >> bill: i feel like i'm in new hampshire tonight not chicago. thank you for your time in chicago. leslie marshall good luck with the traffic in l.a. in a moment president trump claims he has done more to keep us safe from isis than president obama did in 8 years. we will look at the evidence and see whether or not that statement holds up tonight. the former u.s. ambassador at the u.n. john bolton is here tonight right after this. ♪ ♪ flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys!
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>> bill: half past the hour now. thanks for staying up with us tonight. president trump says he has done more to keep us safe than obama did with regard to isis over the past 8 years. he said this today. >> we are beating isis very badly. you look at what's happened in the middle east. we have done more in 8
7:30 pm
months than the previous administration has done in many years. >> bill: there it is. john bolton tonight former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. u nice to see you. is he right with his statement on the face of it. >> well, i think to a considerable extent, yes. number one, neville chamberlain does not live in the white house. i think he has made that clear. i think he has made it clear with iranian and north korea weapons program and with respect to international terrorism, he has put really the issue back in the center where it should be of radical islamic politicized version of islam and the threat they pose. >> bill: i really -- i hold jack keane, the four star general's opinion in high regard. >> likewise. >> bill: two years ago he came here and said here is what i would do, i land the night in the middle of raqqa and take the place down in 48 hours. would it have been that easy. >> i think what he was saying is the pace could have been speeded up
7:31 pm
considerably. it's unarguable that donald trump ordered an increase in the operations tempo. he changed the rules of engagement. i think it's clear that isis could have been defeated, the caliphate could have been defeated long before. it was barack obama who said his objective was to degrade and ultimately destroy isis. donald trump came in and said we're going to destroy it as soon as we can now, there are mistakes in this strategy that obama followed and trump continued. namely reliance on the forces of the baghdad government and she a militia which are largely controlled by iran. this is the next fight we're going to face. but, in terms of speeding up the defeat of the isis caliphate, i think there is no doubt trump -- >> bill: i saw a map today that showed isis in control of 3% of iraq and 5% of syria. if that is the case on the ground that is remarkable the obama defenders will tell you this policy was put in motion two years ago. walls it? >> slow motion. that's the problem.
7:32 pm
that obama was content to take a long period of time during which i think we will find sadly that isis exfill traited a lot of its leadership and its trained forces to places like libya, afghanistan, yemen, in other words, got them out of the caliphate so that the chance of the geographic control does not end their terrorist threat. the longer you gave them to get their people out of there, the more they took advantage. that was the big mistake. >> mike morell former director of the cia said no doubt the trump team followed their basic strategy. >> there is no doubt that he continued reliance on the iraqi forces which, as i say, i think was a mistake. i think coming in to the new administration, the defense department, the state department, the intelligence community should have given him other options. but, in terms of the pace, speed at which this campaign is coming to an end, i think there is a huge difference between the obama approach and the trump approach.
7:33 pm
>> bill: just go back to the point you were making about exporting its leadership. where did they go? >> well, i think they went to places that are not under anybody's effective control. libya doesn't have effective central government. afghanistan is very confined as we just saw from secretary of state tiller's trip where he made it to the bag gram air force base and that was it possibly to yemen. they will could see what was going to happen. the combination of american air power, american artillery and armor, american advisors to kurds and iraqi forces was going to lead to the defeat of isis. the question was how quickly would it happen? how many of their leadership would we be able to destroy? how many of their terrorists could get out? i think too many have, unfortunately. >> bill: last point on this said geographical puzzle to try to piece together libya has been under pressure. northeastern libya has had drones overtime for some time now. now you start to get familiar with countries like mali and nigh niger that we have been talking about for the last two weeks.
7:34 pm
this, i believe, is where the battle with regard to isis will be fought next. >> look, all across north africa, the scene between shah harrah africa largely islamist and subis a hair ran christian. we have seen boca a ha realm rip that seem up in cameroon. we see what happens in niger. this is a real threat. so the islamists have moved out of the caliphate. they have moved out of iraq. and are in north africa or afghanistan. the terrorists threat continues and i think is increasing. even as the isis caliphate dissent united states. >> bill: that will be the next chapter,unfortunately. oncht so will iran. >> bill: stay on offense and you have a chance at this. >> that's right. >> bill: good to see you. >> good to be here. >> bill: horrific las vegas shooting would have still so many answers missing tonight. that's the only things that's missing. that's missing in las vegas
7:35 pm
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7:39 pm
vegas. here is the report as it broke in abc news. >> tonight abc news has learned exclusively that the hard drive is missing from the laptop computer found in stephen paddock's sniper's at the mandalay bay hotel. some authorities suspect that paddock destroyed or intentionally hid the hard drive to keep law enforcement from information. that may have told them why he killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more. he would want to erase his digital history so nobody could ever figure out how and why he did what he did. >> bill: reporting from our l.a. bureau. aaron cohen with me. good evening to you on the west coast. what would explain as to why? you don't have a hard drive and a laptop inside that room. >> well, i can tell you from my experience in the intelligence business we would destroy a hard drive if we were conducting an operation and we didn't want to have any circuitry fingerprint. any type of email
7:40 pm
fingerprint. any type of web browsing fingerprint. essentially what it does is erases any potential findings to a motive. it destroys the mosaic with a composition of the mosaic completely. as to why stephen paddock wouldn't want to have that in there to me again it's bizarre. the reason why is we know he was the one who committed the murder. we know he was the masked shooter. all i can glean from this is that he didn't want any of the events leading up to the shooting and what caused the shooting to be public knowledge. it doesn't really make sense. the guy went out, he opened fire, you know, 500 people injured over 50 people killed. you know, it fits the m.o. of a potential organized assassin but, yet, it doesn't make sense. >> bill: so much of it doesn't make cents. aaron, is there evidence that he erased his other digital footprint on other commuters or went back to tried to hide any of that or
7:41 pm
delete it? >> my contacts from las vegas from who i have spoken to. they have been very tight lipped because this is ongoing investigation. everybody i have spoken to anything leading to digital footprint has gone missing. in this particular case the laptop. we know the home or house was broken into or someone entered the house at some point, which is i believe -- >> bill: the home was broken into, when, harasser the massacre? >> yeah. after the massacre. so, again, it's like there just seems to be a lot of things that have been put in to motion to try and destroy any bit of understanding of what this guy's intention might have been, what leading up to whether it was him flipping out on some kind of delusion or psychological breakdown. whether there was money problems that he was having. you know, so, everything that i'm seeing here, it just doesn't fit with the m.o. of the profile.
7:42 pm
>> bill: far be it for us to understand why a killer does something like this and plans and plots and carries it out the way he does. but, there was another home up in reno that they found, right? and there were apparently reportedly numerous technology devices that were found inside there. i just have to think there are answers out there. but, as to why we don't know, that is still a mystery to me tonight tonight? can you even try to fill in those blanks, aaron? >> i'm going to do so and consciously i have worked closely with last 15 years. i automatic not going to go there because it doesn't make sense. >> bill: i don't want theory by the way if you are able through your sources in las vegas to bees this together for us tonight because it's been a long time without answers and killers don't act this way. they usually leave a
7:43 pm
footprint because they want the attention or they die for some crazy cause that they want to draw attention to. >> correct. >> bill: how do you process that? >> well, very slowly and the as movies process have very, very thorough at this point. my processing is we need to g.e.d. e. give law enforcement more time to continue investigating. here's the reason why. even though the server has gone missing, even though the internal hardware of that computer was taken out, every email lands somewhere, bill. and those emails whether or not we don't know what was said to them they landed on somebody eltsd's. and that's what law enforcement would be looking at right now. that's what we would be looking at in israel rye now the next pad book who was triggered by something, bill. let me say that again. there had to be a trigger. you don't just kill 50
7:44 pm
people randomly. that is a fact. however, what the trigger was, we don't know and i just think. >> bill: slow trigger because he prepsd for it? >> right. slow trigger because he prepsd foreit. but he did a lots this had to be pestering for some period of im. i begin we will see more colors. >> bill: made based on experience that sometimes easy answers take a while and to follow the digital footprint, in this case an allusive footprint, it's going to take some time. do we just have to accept that? >> i believe we do have to accept it, bill. i think you teed that up exactly, exactly what the -- in terms of what the reality of this case is. you have a specific individual who went to a specific place for a specific reason. but the moative is going to take quite some time to unravel because, for whatever reason, this
7:45 pm
individual has come prepared in terms of not being able to crack the investigation easily. so, patience, investigating, the fbi is probably the top tier investigating agency in the world. if not the history of time. continue to seek their teeth into this and get more answers. need to be parent and. >> bill: can be hard for the victims. aaron cohen live in los angeles. great to have you on. thank you. is president trump about to make a deal to fix the immigration matter? we will tell you what was spoken today that has a lot of people asking that question tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm only human... don't let these young guys see you fold. thank you for looking after my son. we're brothers, we look after each other. thank you for your service. rated r.
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7:50 pm
we will see what happens. i would love to do a daca deal but we have to get something very substantial for it including the wall. including security. including a strong border. we have to be able to stop drugs from pouring into our nation. >> bill: and you within door nowonder what isthe bargain than the offing between the president and republicans and congress and democrats. has this congress been able to show whether or not it can forge any deal on anything just yet? when you look at the failure of obama over th obamacare overe summer. we wait to see whether or not washington can lead on this. in d.c. tonight mark ladder former vice secretary to vice president pence. thanks for being here. what is the connection between doing a deal with daca now and what do you think you could get for it that would make the president sign up for it? >> well, as the president
7:51 pm
said today, he wants to see stronger border security. that has got to be in any kind of final package. the president has said this from his days on the campaign trail to the last nine months in office. he wants to secure the border and our families and neighborhoods from the scourge of drugs pouring in over the southern border. we have made a lot of progress under the president in reducing illegal southern border crossings we need to keep at it and make it stuffer. >> bill: what i'm hearing is if congress gives him funding for a wall give him a deal. >> he also wants 10 though, more border agents at the border. wants other security measures in place to help protect our southern border primarily. so all of that comes together. >> bill: i think he will get a lot of that don't you? you're going to get drones. you're going to get surveillance. i think the question is whether or not you get the money to build a physical
7:52 pm
wall. >> well, and that's something that the president has been very strong on. he says he a are going to build the wall and he is serious when he says we're going to build the wall. right now you don't know what to take democrats at their word a next minute one threatening to shut the government down years in advance. it's kind of negotiating tactic on tax reform where they used to be for it and now against it border security where they were for it and now against it. with thrats is a republican in the white house who wants to get the job done if they you don't give them everything you wants and can't take of the ball home. that's debatable now. do you have confidence that this congress and president trump can push things forward? >> i do. i think the american people are expecting action. they want to see action out of this congress, whether that's on tax reform, which we're seeing move as we speak. you're going to see a large
7:53 pm
bill, the omnibus bill keep the government operating past the first of the fear. try to get a deal done for the dreamers. >> bill: trying. the effort is still out there. listen, you mention democrats a lot in this occasion conversation. we did from clinton. she said the party is a mess. she said the following. >> the republican party is imploding. it is becoming a far right captive party to ideological, religious, and commercial interests. it is, at the mercy of its financial backers and cabal of leaders who are doing things like shrinking the electorate. gerrymandering and taking every step they can to maintain power on behalf of themselves and those that are like minded. >> bill: mark, there is a lot to unpack there in the
7:54 pm
minute left we don't have knew of time to go after all of that. but, you know, just take her basic premise there when you think with the conflicts with jeff glak and bob corker and et cetera, is she on to something where looking inside at themselves the way she describes? >> you are seeing a lot of public squabbling. also seeing action be out back side on the nftds. let's be honest hillary clinton is the poster child for failure. she has lost two presidential elections. she was supposed to win. in neither cafers she was able to do that.s the democratic party is a party without directions, no policy. their only pot toe is resist. right now under president trump with leaders in the house and the senate we're going to focus on results. that's what the president is focused on. >> bill: marmarc lotter used to work watt vice president. >> nice to see you, bill.
7:55 pm
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we're fed up with your unpredictability. remission can start with stelara®. talk to your doctor today. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for stelara®. >> bill: check out laura on monday. shannon bream follows laura. all new programming. i will see you tomorrow with sandra smith on "america's newsroom." we will talk about the
8:00 pm
white house, newt gingrich. we will talk with sarah huckabee sanders tomorrow. thanks for watching, everybody. i am bill hemmer. have a great evening. good night from new york. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's been nearly four weeks since stephen paddock committed the deadliest shooting in modern americanav history. tonight we have exclusive information from anm government sourceur given to us hours ago. it's remarkable. the las vegas security guard, the only eyewitness to the shooting, left this country shortly after it took place. we'll tell you where it went and what it may mean. first, the law of unintended consequences remains in force in washington's mind. investigation designed to uncover republican collusion with a foreign power has unearthed the opposite


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