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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 26, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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of lying pomposity, smugness and group think. sean hannity live from new york is next. >> sean: all right, tucker, thank you. as you said, breaking news just this hour. fox news alert. we are following two major breaking news stories tonight. the russian scandal continues to blow up in the democrats in the media's faces. it is what we have been predicting what happened for over a year. and tonight the huge breaking news, the department of justice is now going it allow that fbi informant, one of the key players in the russian nuclear bribery plot surrounding the uranium one order. he will now that gag order will be lifted that nba will be lifted. in just a few minutes we will speak with the fbi informant's lawyer. also tonight, president trump is calling the corrupt uranium one deal, you know, that the clintons used to line their pockets with millions, and the obama administration, they did nothing to stop it. he called it a modern day watergate. we're going to have all the stunning brand new details in this uranium one scandal.
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plus, massive fallout over the explosive revelations that hillary clinton and the dnc, they are the ones that bank rolled that firestone phony research, fake news dossier against president trump. tonight hillary clinton and the dnc are in serious legal trouble. we'll explain. hillary clinton's own former spokesman is saying that she may have known about the funding of this russia propaganda hit piece and lying to the american people to influence an election. sound familiar? plus, according to two reporters, clinton's team lied about their involvement for over a year. and, tonight, we're putting you in the lame stream media, that's right, liberals on notice. and we're going to expose your hypocrisy and your massive lies. all of that in tonight's breaking news opening monologue. all right. in the last 48 hours, we have been making tremendous and unbelievable progress and we want to tell you all about it. things you will only hear tonight on hannity. breaking new information in
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the unbelievable uranium one scandal. here's the truth. the media has been wrong about trump, russia collusion. completely wrong for over a year. now, we have been uncovering with the help of the hill's john solomon, circa sara carter the real russia story. now, we have been right all along. everyone else in the media and the democrats, they have been flat out lying to you. we have another example of that with tonight's breaking news. finally, the department of justice, we were calling for this last night on the program. they will now allow the fbi informant who has the documents and the emails and the evidence that he had in 2009, that nta is going to be lifted. he will now be allowed to testify before congress. the department of justice released a statement this evening. it reads, quote: as of tonight the department of justice has authorized the informant to disclose to the chairman and ranking members on the senate committee on the judiciary, the house committee on oversight and government reform and the house permanent select
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committee on intelligence as well as one member of each of their staffs any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption, bribely regarding transaction in the uranium market. this is huge. now, before this news broke tonight, earlier today, the president, he weighed in on the uranium one deal. of course, that's the deal. why would anybody in this country, a leader in this country ever think it's a good idea to give to the hostile entity known as russia and vladimir putin 20% of america's uranium? why would they ever do that? here's the president from earlier today. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that's watergate modern age. >> sean: okay. i not only agree with the president, but i will take it a step further. america's national security was sold out. it was compromised. and as we have been saying uranium one, this will be one of the biggest scandals in american history
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involving a foreign country. now, it's already happening right before our very eyes. the senate judiciary committee chairman senator chuck grassley he rightly tonight is calling for a special counsel to be appointed to investigate the corrupt, crooked uranium one deal. all of the evidence, all the facts, all the information we have been exposing and sharing with you night after night will no longer be ignored. not only will it be investigated, if people broke the law, and i believe they did, they will need to go to jail. the media is just barely and clearly reluctantly only now starting to cover this story. here's a perfect example. rachel maddow and her cult of viewers over at msnbc conspiracy tv, they had former attorney general eric holder on the show on monday. she didn't ask him a single question about uranium one. and maddow has probably been one of the biggest pro-possibly comments of pro-proponents of pushing the false narrative lies
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about russian trump collusion. eric holder overseeing the department of justice as ag, he was one of the voters of that committee who approved uranium one, one of the nine along with hillary clinton. and maddow can't ask him a single question about it? this is beyond media malpractice. by the way, are all of you people at nbc news proud? lester holt, matt laura, megyn kelly, are you proud of that reporting? maddow has done a tremendous disservice to you, the american people, who deserve to know the truth in all of this. we're going to have much more on the liberal media bias in a few minutes. first, i want to tell you this. we are also learning new stunning information about hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc paying millions and millions of dollars to finance what we now know and knew then to be fake news anti-trump propaganda in that dossier. now, this is the same document that used current and former russian government sources to make all kinds of bizarre and salacious and completely fabricated accusations about
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donald trump. now, that means that hillary clinton and the dnc played a direct role in spreading propaganda, russian propaganda, misinformation and outright lies to the american people to damage a political opponent and try to alter the outcome of an election. sound familiar? that's the real russia collusion. now, unlike the lies and the conspiracy theories that the media, the democrats have been perpetuating and peddling for the last year against the president, in this case, when it comes to the fake news dossier, we have concrete facts, incontrovertible evidence. it is a massive scandal that can no longer be ignored. understand, what we are says here, clinton, and the dnc paid for russian lies in this campaign against donald trump and the media ran wild with those lies. and one big question we have tonight is why did james comey want to pay the guy behind this dossier, christopher steele? and the daily caller, by the
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way, there is one democratic media talking point today that was debunked there, that a republican, first hired fusion gps. that was, excuse me, way before christopher steele got involved. this was just basic op. research on an opponent. hillary clinton's campaign they paid for the dirt. they paid for the lies. they paid for the propaganda on trump. we're also learning tonight that a nonpartisan group called the campaign legal center has filed a complaint with the fec saying that hillary clinton and the dnc, in fact, broke the law by failing to disclose payments connected to this phony fake news russian propaganda dossier. now, hillary clinton and her campaign more than happy to help create and spread russian disinformation in this campaign against donald trump. and earlier today, president trump reacted to this explosive scandal and here's what he had to say on that. >> i think it's very sad what they've done with this fake dossier, made up and i
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understand they paid a tremendous amount of money. and hillary clinton always denied it. the democrats always denied it. and now only because it's going to come out in a court case they said yes, they did it. they admitted it. and they are embarrassed by it but i think it's a disgrace. >> sean: beyond a disgrace. the president also blasted hillary clinton during an interview. he was on with our friend lou dobbs tonight on our sister network, the fox business network. watch. this don't forget hillary clinton totally denied this. she'll didn't know anything. she knew nothing. all of the sudden they found out what i was amazed it's almost $6 million that they paid and it's totally discredited. it's a total phony. i called it fake news. it's disgraceful. that's the real collusion. believe me. >> your thoughts? >> there was no collusion on my side. i can tell you that. >> sean: now, not only is the dossier phony and by the way not only fake news in this particular case, but hillary clinton and her liberal cronies lied repeatedly about their involvement in it. take a look, for example,
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don't take my word for it. look at the tweets from two "new york times" reporters after the story broke last night. maggie abe braham she tweeted, goat, folks involved in funding this lied about it and with sanctimony for a year. kenneth vogel he tweeted out quote, when i tried to report this story, clinton campaign lawyer mark he willous he pushed back saying you and your sources are wrong. now when the "new york times" starts liberally calling clinton's team liars you know it's bad. brian fallon, hillary clinton's former spokesman, he wouldn't rule out the fact that hillary, in fact, may have known about the payment for this dossier. watch this tonight. >> you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either; is that right? >> oh, i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i haven't spoken to her, no. >> okay. thank you for clarifying. >> yes. >> shouldn't she know -- shouldn't you, someone so high up in the campaign be informed of this? >> well, i mean, she may have known, buff the degree of exactly what she knew is
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beyond my knowledge. >> sean: they are all running as fast as they can away from hillary. even the new dnc chairman tom perez put out a statement saying i wasn't personally involved but never denied that his predecessors were. the democrats, the media have been complicit in this anti-trump dossier scandal because they were quick to do the russians' bidding and spread fake must and work as an extension of the democratic party's basically media operation. remember, this dossier claimed writs donald trump in moscow with hookers urinating on his bed. watch this. >> do you believe anything about that dossier? >> oh, i think it should be taken a look at. i think they should really read it, understand it, analyze it, and determine what's fact, what may not be fact. we already know that the part about the coverage that they have on him with sex actions is supposed to be true. >> my focus today is to explore how many claims within steele's dossier are
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looking more and more likely as though they are accurate. the dossier definitely seems right on these points. a quid pro quo relationship seems to exist between the trump campaign and putin's russia. >> there is a lot in the dossier that is yet to be proven but increasingly, as we will hear throughout the day, allegations are checking out. >> famous dossier which is getting a lot more credibility now than it did. >> i think that's important, right? that the dossier, right, when looked sort of out there at first is getting truer and truer and truer as facts come out. >> what i have learned, i have heard about the dossier, it's about his involvement with women. it's about possibly prostitutes that are involved and those kinds of things. >> sean: no. it's about hillary afternoon the dnc paying for russian lies and you and the media and you and politics in the democratic party then spreading lies. now, keep in mind, this is the same media for over a year they have been pushing this fake and phony news and black conspiracy helicopter
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thougher theories about so-called trump-russia collusion without any evidence whatsoever. only last night the abc news entered a probe into the deal. only one network during the newscast. there is burn other component. fbi and the department of justice has not been cooperating with congressional republican and their attempt to find out more information about this fake news dossier and group behind it fusion g.p.s. now speaker of the house paul ryan, welcome aboard mr. speaker, even he is now blasting what he is calling attempts to stonewall this massive corruption and investigation. >> it's really frustrating. we've had these document requests with the administration and the fbi, in particular, for a long time. and they have been stonewalling. the fbi and the justice department needs to give congress the documents its been requesting. they need to do so immediately. i can't tell you how frustrating it is to learn through the media, you know,
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information that congress has been requesting from the executive branch for a very long time. >> sean: could have been watchinwatching this show. the attorney general jeff sessions and the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein need to get their heads out of the sand, start getting to the bottom of this real russian collusion. the american people have a right to know. tonight, we're finally making progress. here with reaction, the attorney that is representing the fbi informant, vic tour i can't pari can't toensing and sara carter. beginning to think you are the burb stein of our time. thank you for being here. i know it's taken a lot of courage on your part and you have taken a lot of personal hits. buff now the evidence is all overwhelming. victoria, let's start with what we were asking for last night has now come out. that, in fact, the nda, the nondisclosure. >> there it is. >> sean: i like when my guests come with props. that's great. tell us what have you got there. >> i have the letter that
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you read, the press release that you tracked, actually the order woulding is the same in my letter it's just to me and telling me to get in contact with the fbi about the process. >> sean: okay. so the process will be that the nda will be lifted and the informant we were told he knew in 2009 and 2010 before the uranium one deal was done that he had overwhelming evidence that he had emails, that he had documents, that he has tapes that would show the bribery, the racketeering, the corruption, the money laundering and extortion. is that what we expect to hear? >> yes. he can put a lot of meat on those bones that sara and john have built for us. he can give context and he can tell about conversations, the russians had, about what they were doing with various piles of money and the uranium one. >> sean: where does the money come from, victoria? >> russia. i'm not going to get into that yet. let's wait until he tells
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us. >> sean: sara let me go to you and then to john. you were amazing on this. i give u. credit. in 2009, what did the fbi know and why would people like robert mueller, the director of the fbi at the time or rod rosenstein, who was the head in the investigation, why would they have ignored this and then, also, the department of justice, eric holder had to know what the fbi had. wife would he ever sign off on giving purt 20% of our uranium when the evidence shows he was trying to corner of market here? >> i certainly think, sean, what's going to happen here this investigation, like victoria said there is going to be a lot more meat on these beans. back in 2009, they were well aware of money laundering, kick backs connected to the russian uranium industry and connected to firms here inside, you know, inside the united states. so, one of the things that they're going to be looking for is those connections. and where did that money go and who they were bribing. and how real a national security threat was this? i mean, was this just kind
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of discovered up? remember, nobody between chelsea knew. there was ongoing investigation, so it was really up to the fbi. and the confidential informant spent four years under cover. it was like four years before any charges were brought against these players. remember, they were only brought against these players. very minor charges and the exbobby to these company was was not made public. i think right now the house intelligence committee, the house oversight committee, the senate judiciary committee and hopefully, a special counsel will look into this and connect all of those dots. >> sean: i want to just stay on this and i promise we have plenty of time tonight because you guys are here for a while. so, for four years, this fbi informant, victoria's client, worked under cover and he discovered a network, if you will, evidence that showed note only did they use money laundering, kick backs, bribery, extortion, but that they also had the
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evidence that this was a network that was being built and designed by moscow and vladimir putin to corner uranium market in this country. he knew that. he knew that at the time. is that what you're saying. >> that's exactly what i'm saying. >> and to peddle influence with the state department and the clintons. >> sean: first, we divol to sarah and then we will go to john. sarah? >> yes, i mean, one of the biggest issues was that vladimir putin wanted to penetrate the u.s./uranium market. this was a huge deal for him. he wanted of to move this through. it was a main, main point. and all of the things that he did. i think that the informant, who was privy to these conversations, who had recordings, who had emails. >> does he civil have that? >> i will leave that to victoria to answer. >> sean: victoria? >> we will let you know what he has. have you been a friend for years. you sore tough.
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it drives me crazy but i love you for it i would hire new 20 seconds because you are so good. john solomon, this is huge. we have all -- if you go back, it's two years since we learned about uranium one. peter schweizer will join us later. you guys have been digging and investigating now for a long time. bit by bit, you are putting this together. is this a network? was vladimir putin through agents trying to corner the market on uranium and our fbi knew about it and eric holder, the head of the attorney general, the head of the department of justice actually signed off on this? >> well, listen, one of the things -- today i ordered up the transcript from the sentencing hearing. and there is an amazing gap from a few months before these guys bled out where the government says we think this leads all the bay to the russian. weapon factors are in you are russia. then when they got to the sentencing hearing they minimized it by saying we don't know where the money went. the judge is incredulous how could you not know where the
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money is going? one of the important things they did say at the sentencing no doubt a corrupt disheem could have put uranium in danger. so bill clinton gets twice his normal speaking fees in moscow at the time is he asking his own wife's state department to get permission for him to meet with nuclear operatives in russia, people involved in this sort of thing. he then got to meet with putin. he is being paid by a bank that has a financial interest in uranium one. meeting with putin, wanting to talk to the nuclear officials in russia, talks to putin. the deal gets done but our government knew about the bribery money laundering, you know, all this other corruption. they knew about the whole time. how could you possibly sign that deal and give america's uranium away. and so our country's security. >> there is no doubt that the color of money raining down during this period was noticeably red. it was coming from moscow.
12:20 am
i have been working on a project putting all different money. over $40 million over a two, year year period going around the clintons. that can't be an accident. >> sean: before they signed off on uranium one? >> i'm sorry, sean? >> sean: 40 million before they signed off on uranium one? >> during the time it was being approved after it was approved and while new contracts coming from utilities were also getting a nod from the obama administration. it's a two or three year window. it's a lot of money. tomorrow or next couple of days we will be able to come on and lay out that money path for you. >> sean, don't forget that my client waste being told by the fbi that president obama was being briefed on this matter. >> sean: wouldn't we know from thinks presidential daily briefing? >> we would. can we get those john and sara? >> i have think that maybe we can get. >> sean: you are all staying. so don't go anywhere. we're going to come back. there is so much new information. we've got tonight. we'll have more on all of that. what is turning out to be one of the biggest scandals
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ever. by the way, if you are as fired up about this story as i am, tweet me at sean hannity on twitter. we want to know what you think. gregg jarrett also joins the discussion next. ♪ ♪ witness katy perry.
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witness katy perry become a legal witness. witness katy perry and left shark. or a card shark. grandma? witness katy perry work. witness katy perry firework. witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. earlier tonight, big news,
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the department of justice announced that the fbi informant at the center of this uranium one scandal will be permitted now to testify and speak out before congress, that nda is lifted. we continue with john solomon from the hill circa news sara carter and the lawyer for this fbi informant lawyer victoria toensing. joining us now is gregg jarrett who identified a lot of crimes here. victoria, your client is saying, just so we're clear, that the president was made aware in 2009 of all of the bribery, all of the kick backs, all of the extortion, all of the money laundering and vladimir putin intension to corner the american uranium market. am i getting that right? >> you are. the fbi told him that was true. now, were they fibbing? i doubt it. they were being very specific about we're giving it to the president in his daily briefing. and that was prior to october 2010 when the sippous decision was made.
12:26 am
>> bret: and mueller and rosenstein? they knew about it but they are now investigating trump-russia collusion? isn't there a little conflict there? >> yeah, yeah. it's really bizarre. >> sean: i couldn't write a novel this bizarre. >> we deal in appearances of conflict. i mean, that should be enough right there. >> sean: just the appearance of impropriety. we have so much more. have you identified -- thank you for handing this to he movement i love gregg. he does all the research. how many crimes? >> 13 potential crimes committed by hillary clinton. she could be charged for six anticorruption statutes. they are all felonies. she could also be charged with racketeering for using her charity as a criminal enterprise. and then you have got all of the email crimes, two of them under the espionage act and two additional. and now this latest dossier information. you can't pay a foreign national relative to a
12:27 am
political campaign and it appears she also, and the dnc hid it in their disclosure reports, which could also be criminally charged. >> sean: let's go to this one issue here. but the fact that they knew that russia was doing this and they still signed off on it and all the money ended back in the clintons, i don't see -- to me, who would ever -- just on the face of it, give the hostile nation, media has been telling us about for a year and hostile actor vladimir putin 20% of our uranium knowing that his agents are in the united states doing all of this? >> and the nuclear regulatory commission confirmed to the "new york times" huge quantities material that's used for nuclear weapons left the united states. >> sean: to canada. >> to canada where it was then shipped overseas. and so, you know, when i
12:28 am
hear democrats today say oh, it never left the united states because that was part of the deal that it stay here. >> sean: boom. >> the nuclear regulatory commission says it didn't happen. >> sean: wow. let me go back to john solomon. john, let's talk a little bit -- mueller was the fbi agent. rosenstein was in charge of this investigation. how did they get -- how with that conflict, that they knew all this information, and eric holder was the head of the justice department at the time, and now, of course, we may have president obama himself knowing all of this. how could anybody have allowed this all to happen and allow moscow and putin to be successful? >> well, that's the $64,000 question, right? we need to know who knew what and when, right? and why did they make decisions if they had the knowledge and if they made decisions without the knowledge, how could it be that they didn't know these things going on in government. i think the committees are going to dig in as i talked to several of the lawmakers involved in this investigation, and they know exactly the questions they want to ask. they know the documents they
12:29 am
want. i think today's break through moment, getting that informant, victoria's client to be able to testify is going to answer a lot of questions that we have been in the dark on for eight years. did you go back to 2009. >> sean: i would add to that, sara, i'm not trying to get off track. rosenstein and mueller and it does bring up the question why he didn't go to julian assange one guy in the world that knows it wasn't russia that gave the dnc emails. and mueller never tried to talk to him. not one time. never. >> i know. i find that stunning. i find that stunning because that was the person julian assange was the person that received this information. so, you would think either way he would want to know what julian assange has to say. i want to get it back over to the other point on the sippous and what gregg jarrett said. this yellow cake was transported overseas. there is a lot of concern. there is a lot of concern that they weren't able to track it to where it was supposed to go. so i think there is going to be an investigation and
12:30 am
extending investigation that's classified to find out what really happened to some of this uranium. we know that there was corruption. we know right now that there was money laundering. and we understand that inside the company and all of these companies there were people connected to awful these crimes. what happened if that was sold to an enemy state. what happened if some of that uranium disappeared? >> sean: rick store i can't, can you tell us this? did your client save all of the evidence that he had acquired? >> he has a lot of evidence. i haven't been able to get to see it all. but i will could so now. >> sean: greg jarrett, based on what we know, assuming everything that they have been report something true, they have documents, emails, taping, and that millions of dollars and he knows and he was there. he was four years inside this, and they knew in 2009. are people going to jail this time? is this it? >> i would suspect so. >> sean: and kick backs to the clintons and clinton
12:31 am
foundation? >> somebody has got to go to jail over this, and not just the one who has been convicted. >> sean: who are the top people in jeopardy? >> i think hillary clinton, anybody at the dnc. >> sean: eric holder? >> james comey in particular because he may have abused his office he could have done it for -- >> sean: mueller? >> no, covering up the crime to congress is a breach of his duty. he should recuse himself. >> sean: same with rosenstein. >> absolutely. and jeff sessions needs to get off his did you have and appoint a special counsel to investigate. >> sean: immediately. >> hillary clinton, comey, loretta lynch. >> sean: everybody? >> everybody. >> sean: all right. i will have you all back tomorrow. you guys have been phenomenal. thank you for sharing your stories and your time. and it's amazing how the media gout i got it wrong and gt it wrong for a long period of time and reluctant now. thank you all. appreciate it when we come back, one the first people,
12:32 am
first guy to expose the uranium one scandal, peter swirsz will join us right here and sebastian gorka here and sebastian gorka next. my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free.
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>> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that's watergate modern age. >> sean: worse than watergate. that was the president earlier today weighing in on the severe magnitude of the revelation surrounding this uranium one scandal. meanwhile the ranking democrat on the house intel committee, the liberal hack adam schiff wants you to believe that this is all just a partisan distraction driven by the fox news channel, breitbart and the white house. watch. this why shouldn't the uranium deal be investigated? >> >> well, it would be one thing if it was being done in good faith. of course it's not. this is a partisan effort to distract. it's a partisan effort
12:37 am
aligned with what the white house has been urging and fox and breitbart. and which there was no consultation with the democrats in congress. and i think that tells you all you need to know about whether this is in good faith or not. >> sean: yeah, sure. the fbi always finds money laundering and kick backs and russian agents. our fault someone is telling the truth. remind schiff that fox news didn't sign off on the uranium one deal and give 20% of our uranium that was hillary. that was eric holder and apparently the president even knew through his presidential daily briefing. joining us now the man who got it all started the author of the number one best seller "clinton cash" the untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make bill and hillary rich. peter schweizer. former deputy assistant to the president. sebastian gorka. if i remember, i think i did the first interview for clinton cash on radio and tv, peter, correct? or no? >> yep. you're exactly right, sean,
12:38 am
from the very beginning, that's right. >> sean: you warned us 'this. you said there is about 145 million in kick backs to the clinton foundation, total? >> yeah. that's right. $145 million that we know about. comes from a variety of sources. but it's basically nine shareholders in this uranium one company, guys like frank, sergei kirsan and others. there is a major story not only how this deal was approved but how it was put together and the fact that clintons made a lot of money by basically helping the russians to corner the world uranium market. sean sthawn that's what vladimir putin set out to do our fbi knew it, our department of justice knew it. and they still let it happen. that's inconceivable to me. >> that's right. sean. yeah, and let's add to that list, by the way, hillary clinton knew about it. i mean, as i point out in the book and anybody can go to wikileaks and look at, there were state department cables, classified that came out in the wikileaks that
12:39 am
were going to hillary clinton, top secret, that were talking about the fact that the russians were looking to corner the world uranium market. they were active in kazakhstan and elsewhere and then it was a strategic goal of vladimir putin to try to grab as much of the world's uranium market as possible. so she was informed about this. she knew about this. and apparently didn't care. >> sean: all right. dr. gorka, i don't know any other way to say this. anybody that will give away uranium to the hostile actor, and if you don't believe putin is a hostile actor and russia is a hostile country, listen to hillary's own words and listen to every democrat. listen to everybody in the media what they have been electric tiering us about with their phony trump-russia collusion story. america's national security was severely compromise dollars here. and we had a chance to stop it. and not only did we not stop it, they made money on it. i don't know any other way to describe this except they
12:40 am
sold out our security. your reaction? >> sean, first things first, we owe you a debt of gratitude. we owe peter and sara carter for not giving up. first things first, we have a lot of territory to cover. number one, again, the president was right. let's just start with that. he was right, if there is any collusion it's on the other side. secondly, massively important point. this story is not about opposition research. this is about corruption. it's about collusion. and potentially treasonous activity. members of the obama administration at the cabinet level, as there was an fbi investigation of racketeering on uranium by russia in america, approved this deal. hillary clinton approved the deal thats would give 20% of our uranium to a nation like russia that supports rogue regimes. this is massive, sean. absolutely massive.
12:41 am
>> sean: think back. i remember donald trump took a meeting. donald trump jr. one meeting. he said he didn't even remember who was in the meeting because i asked him. the media went insane. they are still bringing it up. >> right. >> sean: hillary clinton gets 145 million, he gets twice his normal speaking fee. he wants to meet with nuclear officials. he is paid by a bank with a financial interest in uranium one. that's not a big deal to anybody else in the media. i can't stomach the fact these people are so in the tank in the media, in this profession, supposedly, it's despicable what they're doing to the american people. you can't trust them. >> and not only that, look at the writing yesterday by mollie hemingway at the federalist. how many stories are out there in the media that came from fusion g.p.s.? this isn't just -- the only story. they were working hand in glove with the liberal media. your audience needs to know
12:42 am
that fusion g.p.s. was making stuff up about president trump and feeding it to other journalists. but the last point here, sean, the only reason we have mueller investigating the president today is why? because james comey briefed the dossier to the president and within minutes that was leaked to cnn. right now, we have to have the a.g. cancel mueller's mandate because the dossier was full of russian propaganda from russian agents and was fallacious. it was a lie. mueller is culpable. > >> sean: you think mueller is culpable. >> without a doubt. >> sean: he had to know. and eric holder knew. and eric holder signed off on the deal. >> he had to know this was a bogus dossier. he had to know it because he knew the sources. secondly, why was he paying michael steele? why was the fbi paying michael steele? >> sean: for the phony dossier, the propaganda, the
12:43 am
misinformation and the lies that were fed to the american people that were tried to be used, the russian phony dossier to influence an election. all right, peter, back to you. the one talking point that you here and even like liberal joe and all these idiots in the media, you know, they are out there saying well, the fusion gps first was hired by some republican donor. but the fact is -- >> -- not true. >> sean: it was general op. research prior to christopher steele who went to the russians, paid for the lies that the media and the democrats spread on donald trump to lie to the american people. >> that's exactly right. i mean, look, the problem with this dossier is not only is it inaccurate and wrong, but when it first came out, there was no corroborating or stashiating information. what have you uranium one in the clinton scandal you have the actual transference of money. nobody disputes all this money went to the clinton foundation.
12:44 am
have you the decision made to give the russians the uranium. these are facts that are not in dispute. and that's, i think, the problem. >> sean: go ahead. finished. i'm too worked up. >> that's what i think was so frustrating to people is when you look at this, if you are going to look at russian, you know, penetration or attempts at collusion. >> sean: they sold out america's security for money. true or false? >> and they knew about it. absolutely and they knew about it, sean. they were worried about it. >> sean: this is bigger than watergate. the president said this is watergate. this isn't watergate. >> people will forget. this when the clinton corruption case is finally laid to rest, when this criminal cartel pays the ultimate penalty for what they did to america's national security, we're going to forget watergate ever happened. but right now, right now, we have to find out who inside the doj under eric holder.
12:45 am
>> sean: i have got to run. we are going to find out. >> who made it possible? >> sean: peter, you should take a bow to years ago on this program you broke this story. we will stay on it more despicable attempts by the media to down play that as our "fox & friends" host ainsley earhardt and brian kilmeade are coming up next. ..
12:46 am
12:47 am
12:48 am
12:49 am
look at this. >> there was an initial republican funder paying fusion gps for op. on donald trump. >> right. >> and then once he locked up the nomination, there became a democratic interested funder. in that sense it's not a surprise that we have somebody linked to the democratic campaign who was funding this. >> this was the republicans, baby. and they funded it, unknown republican funder funded this dossier and then after donald trump won the nomination, democrats picked it up. it looks like finally washington did something in a bipartisan way. congratulations. >> the intelligence community has corroborated,
12:50 am
whoever paid for it, has corroborated a lot of the information that was in there to begin with. >> correct. and, you know, this is a standard practice of all campaigns, including, you know, republican campaigns. >> this is how opposition research works it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the dnc and clinton campaign were funding. this it contained allegations about their opponent in this. >> sean: here now with reaction author of the brand new book andrew jackson and miracle of new orleans, the battle that shaped destiny. "fox & friends" co-host brian kilmeade but the real star of "fox & friends" the author -- we just found out just before the show debuting like her first book number one on the "new york times" best seller list and that is ainsley earhardt. >> ainsley: that will be you next week. >> sean: through your eyes. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> sean: we didn't write the book. you did it? >> we went to book stores every night for the last week. i'm so just grateful. i was praying for this.
12:51 am
bay ridge, brooklyn, that was amazing. they said not to tell anyone because they don't want more people moving in there that place was so cool. >> sean: you just heard everyone. everybody like sheep in the media. and these people same talking points. republican donor funder. here is what the daily caller pointed out today. in reality the g.o.p. donor funded standard op. research but bowed out before fusion hired christopher steele who paid the russians for the dirt that turned out to be lies against donald trump. you lie on msnbc and cnn. you are all liars. and sadly you are lying to the american people. >> i mean, in terms credibility, how much more credibility would they have today if something broke on donald trump. if yesterday they said this is bad news for democrats. this is bad news for hillary clinton who was not candid. when i saw the "new york times" reporter maggie abraham say i asked the lawyer for the campaign mark
12:52 am
allies point blank is this true that you guys funded this? he said absolutely not emphatically not flat out liar to the tune 5. just short of $4 million. what was chris steele drinking that he needed that much money to investigate. >> sean: g.o.p. donor bowed out before fusion hired christopher steele the former mi 6 agent that paid russians for information about hookers urinating on a bed at the ritz carlton in moscow. >> to brian's point they did pay so much money i'm curious to find out how much this guy paid. what gets me clearly they all do it. in any election they all try to find dirt on their opponent. everyone does that. that's standard. what got me in this is that hillary clinton is lying about it, lying about how much money the dnc funded fusion g.p.s., whereas when donald trump jr. had that meeting with the attorney because he thought he was going to get dirt on hillary, they were forth
12:53 am
right about everything in the meeting. also, hillary clinton, if she is so worried about president trump colluding with russia, why is her husband getting paychecks for $500,000 to speak over in russia. why is she giving vladimir putin 20% of our uranium when we all know what's that's used for for nuclear weapons. and then also why is she paying for this i salacious dossier. she is saying he included? there is evidence she did. >> sean: i want to get both your take on this. just think for a minute. if there was, in fact, surveillance and wiretapping and, of course, unmasking and leaking, was all of this the result of the phony russian funded dossier that hillary paid for? think of the possibilities of how this can all now circle back that all of this is now going to unfold and it's going -- we're now going to be the clinton-russia collusion to her donald trump predicated on propaganda,
12:54 am
misinformation and a lie. >> brian: i don't know what's going on. every time president trump gets on a roll trip him up. poll land great speech something about don jr. and this meeting pops up. i'm just saying, somebody on the other side pops up. the economy is doing well, the dow becomes a major story. >> sean: not by accident. >> that's what i'm saying not by accident. next time see each other tomorrow morning talk about your movie. there might be something in between that pops up on a will rovment did you see how happy and pleased and relieved the president seemed today on the white house lawn? >> sean: absolutely. >> he feels as though this has been something i have been saying all along. >> sean: you guys have been reporting it congrats on the book., book stores everywhere. more hannity right after this. alright, off you go.
12:55 am
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[he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> sean: big news in only two short days, two. you will final be able to see a project i'm so proud
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of we have been working on two years. it's already an award winning film i'm an executive producer. it's called let there be light. theater all across america, opens friday. i hope you will go and tell all your friends and church friends and work friends and everybody. find the viewing locations. we are an independent film. we will open in 4 or 500 theaters. here's a sneak peek. >> do you believe that god hears? >> god always answers prayers. >> sometimes we just don't understand the answers. >> this better be good. >> that's what i said. ♪ >> i don't want to lose you. ♪ >> sean: this movie, i promise, will touch your heart, your mind, and even your soul. everybody that i have shown the movie to, all of them have cried. you may want to bring
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tissues. it opens friday. i hope you will go and tell your friends about it. that's all the time we have for this evening. we will never be the left wing media, ever, obviously. bill rob: this is a fox news alert. the fbi informant now able to talk about the shady uranium one deal in the russian case linked to the clintons as donald trump slams the smear tactics of the left. >> a total phony, disgraceful. rob: making america safe again. donald trump's border wall on tap for today for the finished product.


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