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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 26, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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tissues. it opens friday. i hope you will go and tell your friends about it. that's all the time we have for this evening. we will never be the left wing media, ever, obviously. bill rob: this is a fox news alert. the fbi informant now able to talk about the shady uranium one deal in the russian case linked to the clintons as donald trump slams the smear tactics of the left. >> a total phony, disgraceful. rob: making america safe again. donald trump's border wall on tap for today for the finished product. >> the united states of america
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-- >> proud to be an american. nfl players could learn from this college course. the mandatory class teaching respect. "fox and friends" first starts now. ♪ ♪ rob: good morning from the streets of new york city. look at the avenue of the americas. you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday
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morning on 4:00 am on the east coast. breaking overnight let's begin with this fox news alert. the doj missing a gag order on the fbi informant who holds the key to the connection between hillary clinton's state department in russia's uranium one deal of donald trump blasts clinton for funding the, quote, disgraceful dossier. in washington dc all the breaking developments. >> reporter: a lot of news breaking last night. the justice department allowing fbi informant testify as two house committees, the obama uranium one deal gave russia control over 20% of america's uranium reserves a. of the center of this testimony whether or not there was an effort by the russians to curry favor with the clintons to win approval of the deal including allegations of bribery and corruption.
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donald trump weighed in calling for uranium deal a modern-day watergate. >> for uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amount of money being passed i actually think that is watergate modern age. >> the revelations tying hillary clinton's president campaign to that dossier. we know it was funded by the clinton campaign in the dnc, raising questions whether mrs. clinton had any knowledge of it, one of her former can stay for heifers admitting the secretary may have been aware. >> you have said in the last 24 hours you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this. >> i don't know. >> thank you for clarifying. shouldn't she know, someone so high up in the campaign be informed of this? >> she may have known but the
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degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge. >> reporter: house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez says he wants to look at what the dossier is used for. >> the next focus is on whether or not did the fbi use this dossier to get any warrants, to open a counterintelligence investigation, if they did, if they are using unverified information to open up inquiries into american citizens is a big problem. >> reporter: two big stories on two separate tracks with similar committees, intelligence and judiciary committees looking at these. there will be more on this as the day unfolds. >> they have known about it for a long time. the clintons helping the
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russians corner the world uranium market. the fbi and obama department claim they knew nothing of it while it was happening but peter schweitzer, the author of clinton cash says that is not true and hillary clinton isn't innocent either. >> hillary clinton knew about it. anybody can go to wikileaks and look at it, state department cables classified that came out on wikileaks going to hillary clinton top secret that were talking about the fact the russians were looking to corner the world uranium market, they were active in keswick stand and elsewhere and it was a strategic goal of vladimir putin to grab as much of the world's uranium market as possible. she was informed about this, she knew about this and didn't care. >> it is a story we are going to be talking about all day on fox news so keep your comments coming, send us your comments on facebook, we will share some
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later. heartbreaking testimony from a former navy seal remembering the loss of his military dog and the search for bowe bergdahl. james hatch was shot in the leg and his dog was killed. hatch recalling the deadly rescue mission in a previous interview. >> i saw his for go up and his ear that he picked up speed and two rounds go into the dog. one of those bullets got left in him. i don't scream. that is what i'm thinking, don't scream. >> reporter: hatch is one of three soldiers to testify in the sentencing hearing. jonathan burrito whose hand was shattered by a grenade take the stand today. bowe bergdahl admitted walking off his post but was traded for five gitmo terrorists after five years of captivity. courtrooms gasping in horror while watching video of the moment kate steinle was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant
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and the footage shows steinle falling to the ground as juan francisco lopez sanchez tosses the gun in the water and takes off. one officer responded to the scene telling the jury lopez sanchez looks like a deer in headlights when caught by police. lopez sanchez, the whole thing an accident. he has been deported five times and was jailed just before the shooting. today marks a major milestone for signature trump campaign promises. >> build that wall. build that wall. build a wall. we are going to build the wall. >> officials will start reviewing finished border wall prototypes erected near the san diego border. the eight pieces will face a test how difficult they are to climb, dig under or cut through but donald trump telling lou dobbs it is not just people the wall will stop. >> part of the reason we need the wall, you need a wall, the
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wall is coming along. we will look at the wall and get it built and it will be quite the wall. it will be very effective. >> we reported extensively on the opioid crisis. after testing the wall the trumpet ministration will pick which one it wants to use. starting today travelers on thousands of flights coming into the united states every day will face tighter security measures, passengers could face global written interviews and heightened strings of personal electronic devices, business security ordered months ago by former the part of homeland security secretary john kelly. >> unless we all raise our security standards, terrorists who see commercial aviation is the greatest takedown will find and attack the weakest link. >> today's changes come at the end of a 120 day window where laptops were banned for several middle eastern flights coming into the united states.
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an incredible extra innings win for the houston astros in game 2 of the world series. >> into right-center field, well had come will be caught is gone for a home run. >> the two run homer in the 11th inning proved to be the difference in the 7-6 win against the dodgers, the series tied at one game each, game 3 is tomorrow night in houston, 8:09 eastern on fox, looking forward to that, all tied up. millionaire athletes taken the during the national xi jinping college could teach them a thing or two about patriotism. college of the ozarks just created a freshman course focused on respect for the military and the flag and it is mandatory. jackie ibanez joins us with this story. this is great i think.
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>> this is very interesting come of the mentor class is called patriotic education at fitness, combined existing courses on rotc and pe to focus on american pride. the college of the ozarks president says it is much needed, listen. >> patriotic education is not inherited. it must be taught, must be modeled, must be emphasized and that has not occurred. the united states of america, not the diversified states of america. >> there is some american pride, students will and military field skills like rifle marksmanship and math reading but the wider focus is on modern military customs, us politics and how to treat the flag with respect. this isn't the first time a missouri school has taken a strong patriotic stance in education. ozarks teams will no longer play against teams whose players don't stand for the and some
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blues praising the new requirement after weeks of anthem protests by hundreds of nfl players. >> i wasn't sure what to expect. i was nervous. everyone should know the basics of what goes on. they fight for us on a daily basis, people die, military sacrifice their homes and families just to make sure you have freedom. >> americans seem to be trending away from patriotic traditions, not so refreshing. a new poll shows 51% of americans think pro sports teams should not make athletes stand during the national anthem. that number is on the rise, which is surprising. >> i remember growing up in class we would stand up, but our hand over our hearts, say the national anthem. civics classes would help. what do you think about classes on patriotism being mandatory, let jackie know your thoughts on facebook, twitter, instagram or
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you can email us at foxfriendsfirst at and we will share the later. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the our. collusion or baloney? >> the same baloney they have been peddling for years. >> reporter: our next guest says the facts are clear. deputy assistant to president george w. bush brad blakeman live to break them down and biden 2020? the vice president fueling new rumors but does he have the support? social media sounding off on that and bigotry, forcing kellogg's to apologize.
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>> sean hannity has been
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critical of the rainy one deal, the president thing with regard to russia that is the real story and all this. >> the same baloney they have been peddling for years and there has been no credible evidence by anyone. >> what do you make of the journalist who basically said in fact been reviewed and hated you so much that it was personal, he was determined to for your ambitions? do you buy that? >> he certainly interfered in our election and it was clear he interfered to hurt me and helped my opponent. >> hillary clinton denied involvement in the dossier but bombshell new revelations now show she is the one with ties to russia. here is former deputy assistant to president george w. bush, thank you for joining us.
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a lot of developments overnight. the fbi informant now able to tell what he knows and there is a lot of it but you hear hillary clinton saying not me, i didn't know anything. the believer? >> this is right out of the clinton playbook, catch me if you can. bill clinton did with white house intern, the ninth of the evidence came out the was undeniable and had to admit it. hillary clinton on email, deny until she could deny no further and had to admit she had a private server. this is part of the clinton lie and obstruct and it is up to congress now because the justice department under the obama administration left us down. they should have been looking out for america, they did not, they protected the clintons and it is up to congress to make it right. >> do you believe james comey has been compromised in all of this because we now know the fbi knew about it, the doj knew about it and a lot of people involved involve now in the investigation into the trump administration were involved in that but looked the other way.
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>> either incompetent or complicit, either one is unacceptable as a public servant especially the lead law enforcement agent of the united states, totally unacceptable. it needs to be called before congress and he needs to tell us what he knew and when he knew it. >> that is scary is an american if you think about it, if you listen to these reports that the fbi seems to have so much power because they have been stonewalling congress i don't know how long trying to get this information they are now able to get through the media. >> they have been hiding the fbi behind their independence. this is not the kind of behavior that is acceptable. the fact that comey was drafting a letter exonerating hillary clinton before she was even interviewed, that this dossier was used by the fbi to
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intimidate donald trump to show how much information they had which was totally false and unverifiable, this is not the type of government service that should be delivered in our country whether you are donald trump or john q citizen where losing faith in our justice department and fbi. >> chuck grassley calling for a special counsel, is that what should happen next, what else did happen? >> this has to be moved away from mueller who is too close to comey and too close to this investigation. this needs independent fresh eyes that have no connection to the justice department or the fbi and has to be looked into and if there is criminal liability so be it but there is no doubt the clintons lied and double down on their lives when they knew they were paying the russians and had a relationship with russians to hurt donald trump. >> the fbi informant will have a lot to fill in the blanks with donald trump mentioned the
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clinton campaign spent $6 million by the controversial dossier and did hillary clinton know about that money being spent? there's another problem. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the around the consequences of bowe bergdahl's desertion revealed in heartbreaking new testimony from heroes who suffered horrific injuries to save him. what punishment fits the crime? brigadier general anthony joins us live. brad paisley brings down the house at the world series. if you didn't see this you should singing the national anthem. not a kneeler insight. ♪ and home of the brave ♪ ah, dinner.
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heather: joe biden reuniting rumors about a white house run in 2020 but does he have the support of the american people. carly shimkus is here with social media reaction. kid rock is not going to run on the republican side. >> people on social media buzzing about joe biden as he talked about a political future with vanity fair magazine which when asked if he was going to run for president in 2020 he had this to say, quote, i haven't decided to run but i decided i'm not going to decide not to run. it is not off the table. heather: the reaction not so positive. sam says assurance of another gop landslide. susan says love joe biden but
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no. carlos says we don't want you. other people say he is likable and has political experience and acting like a candidate, having started a political action committee in june. >> not going to say -- i am -- >> great story. brad paisley, the national anthem, game 2 last night. >> nothing more american than country music and baseball. we had the world series national and last night. take a listen. ♪ the land of the free ♪ >> people in social media loved the performance, brad paisley knocked the national anthem out of the ballpark and cool to see brad paisley kick off the second game of the world series by singing the national and demand no one kneeling during it, not a single player knelt during the
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song. heather: baseball, hot dogs, the whole thing. appreciate it. the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. the shadier anyone deal, russian bribery case and anti-trump dossiers. allegation stack up against hillary clinton. could she faced charges? >> 13 potential crimes committed by hillary clinton and the latest dossier in formation, you can't pay a foreign national relative to a political campaign. heather: we will breakdown the potential case against her. should students be required to take classes on patriotism in america? your comments boring in on this one. what are people saying? >> reporter: a lot of people talking about their childhoods, when they were in school they stood with their hand over their heart and said the pledge of allegiance, getting a lot of comments.
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log onto facebook, let me know, want to hear your thoughts and put it on our show. we will be right back. ♪
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and never go to the post office again. >> welcome back to "fox and friends" first, the doj lifting a gag order on the fbi informant who holds key information on the link between hillary clinton and russia's your anyone deal, the informant's testimony could reveal a coordinated effort by the russians for influence to win approval of the deal. this as one of her former campaign staffers admits she may have known all along about the controversial trump dossier, the president blasting his formal democratic rival. >> do you have -- >> i will let them find out. they will find out eventually.
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hillary clinton denied this. she knew nothing. all of a sudden they found out. what i was amazed at, almost $6 million they paid and totally discredited, total phony. i call it fake news. it is disgraceful. >> could hillary clinton be prosecuted. jenkins joins us with the breaking developments. >> there is a lot going on in washington around hillary clinton, the judiciary and intelligence committee investigating, chuck grassley calling for special counsel around two separate stories, one is the uranium deal done that gave 20% of america's uranium reserves to russia, the other this dossier funded by the dnc as well as a gop donor and our own greg jarrett saying last night that between these investigations it could amount
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to 13 crimes. take a listen. >> potential crimes committed by hillary clinton. she could be charged for 6 anticorruption statutes, they are all felonies, she could be charged with racketeering, using her charity as a criminal enterprise and then all of the email crimes, two under the espionage act and two additional and now the latest dossier information, you can't pay a foreign national relative to a political campaign and it appears, the dnc hid it in their disclosure reports, which could also be criminally charged. we are a long way from any charges or appearances by secretary clinton but we found out from the chairman of the house intelligence committee the message he wants to find out is what this dossier was used for. expect this to develop today, tomorrow and the week after
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next. >> what the fbi used it for and where all the money came from. appreciate it. three veterans wounded in the search for disgraced army sergeant offering dramatic testimony, a navy seal ultimately suffered a career ending injury after his military dog was shot in the head. the author of the siege, brigadier general anthony tatum. thank you for joining us this morning. it is a testimony from the navy senior chief petty officer james hatch, heart wrenching to listen to him. what did you think? >> it was heartbreaking and typical of any combat operation, much less one looking for a fallen comrade. at the time they were probably not aware of the circumstances
1:34 am
around bowe bergdahl's disappearance, misbehavior before the enemy is more serious, involving laying down your weapons and acting in a cowardly manner and putting your peers at risk and it carries life in prison. >> that is what he did. officer hatch predicted people would lose their lives trying to search for him. this is a quote from his testimony, someone is going to get killed trying to rescue him, he was an american. he had a mom. this is dangerous territory and something bad was going to happen. one of >> one of the most dangerous areas, they are habitually where the county network fights and that is one of the most hardened group of fighters. when i was on the ground in
1:35 am
2007, there was a tough nut to crack and he left his post. the first general order is never quit your posts and will properly relieved. he violated the most fundamental rule of discipline of being a soldier and right now what he is doing, he pled guilty very quickly and now it is all about the sentencing because the proof was overwhelming. his defense lawyer said they would try to make their hey during the sentencing phase of the trial and bring in other mitigating factors like time spent in captivity with the taliban and. >> what about mitigating factors involving the units, one of which was searching for him for 40 days straight, so long their clothes started to disintegrate on their bodies, we heard that as well. they were out there doing their job as long as they had to.
1:36 am
>> they were doing the job of looking for private bowe bergdahl and not trying to secure american interests. they were trying to secure an american soldier, which was important at the time, diverted an entire effort of defeating the enemy to try to find one individual. as someone who his lead soldiers in combat in afghanistan it is a herculean effort to stop what you're doing, lift up, focus on one particular thing, people were hurt, killed, injured during all these efforts to find bowe bergdahl. there are other factors as well such as his plea that he was in
1:37 am
captivity and the statements. heather: traded for five taliban members and he was treated better by the taliban and then us troops. >> that is ridiculous but yes. heather: we will see what happens. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. senator jeff flake trying to play the good guy as he bows out of washington. >> i have children and grandchildren to answer to. though, mister president, i will not be silent. heather: donald trump has another theory, he has, quote, 0 chance of being elected. into the republican say they will not seek reelection, what does this mean for the balance of power in washington? scott read mucin with projections up next. ♪
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>> videos claiming
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>> welcome back, 4:40 on the east coast pushing for drone strikes in niger following the recent ambush that killed four green berets. >> niger has been struggling for some time now. the us may consider deploying armed drones in that fight. these drones have been used in afghanistan, pakistan and iraq but not niger used for surveillance purposes. these reports follow the steady ambush which killed four us soldiers and injured two and many questions remain in the insurgency linked to isis, the
1:42 am
us military says the attackers may have been hit by someone in the village, a group of 15 surgeons that ambush that patrol which had been on an intelligence gathering mission. donald trump said the us will continue to fight extremists in that region. >> a tough business, a tough war but we are winning it and we will continue winning it. >> us troops have been conducting operations in niger over the past two decades, part of a wider message over western africa. their role is to train and advise but the us military role in fighting extremists in western africa may be set up. >> back home, jeff flake and bob corker announce their plans to not seek resignation. how will this affect the balance of power in the midterm elections?
1:43 am
joining us to talk about it, editor at large, senior fellow at kings college, thank you for joining us. >> never too early to talk about it. heather: senator flake says he will no longer be silent on trump and corker saying he would not seek reelection. donald trump saying he could win. how does this impact? >> he couldn't win. right now, republicans in pretty good shape to have 50 seats, democrats 45, five state got marked in yellow that are tossups. two southwest, republican seats from arizona, three democratic seats, montana, indiana and west virginia are tossups. the incumbents are all right, donald trump won big, 42 points. >> tossups are turning blue.
1:44 am
>> if they all turn blue the democrats have a good night, 50/50 race but think about this, this, all the tossup's go to the democrats, did even. the way things look, got to emphasize the situation with jeff flake shows how volatile this is. earlier you this year we would have said go republican. two weeks ago we would have said probably going democrat because flake can't win. now it is back in the tossup status. heather: what about the democrats? >> if they all turn republican it is a good night for the gop. all of the sudden looking at 55 republican seats. this has big implications for the balance of power. something like obamacare appeal but lost by a single vote would become more real. the bigger balance of power story here would be the
1:45 am
republican caucus. people who win seats in arizona, whoever replaces corker in tennessee, these will be more in line with the republican base than mitch mcconnell so republicans have a strong night. heather: interesting to see who goes out campaigning for whom. where they think it is leaning one way or the other. finally the overall picture. >> strong democratic night 50/50. democrats win all five, each party holds their own tossup, 52-48, strong gop night 55-55 but it is more than a year away. >> can you believe it is more than a year away and we are talking about it? >> john mccain opening up, there will be another election in arizona, potentially a democratic pickup. there were some seats we didn't talk about that are leaning in the democratic direction.
1:46 am
i would think this range where we are now. heather: this will be dependent on what happens by the end of the year, tax reform, whether they get that done, they weren't able to get obamacare done. >> we don't know what the environment is going to be next november, what the turnout is going to be, last election cycle, the turnout in michigan or pennsylvania the day before the election. we have to be talking about it in terms of a range on what happens if one base or the other is energized and that will depends what happens in congress, what the president does and some of the things you are talking about with russia. heather: do not discount donald trump's base. appreciate it. the time for you is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump's historic tax plan
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closer to becoming reality. with the president revealed about where he stands in an exclusive interview up next. come on in. amazon making deliveries. is that convenient? ♪ it's not just a donation.
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>> historic tax plan on the verge of the victory. the house expected to vote on the budget resolution. if passed the senate to pass the plan without the help of any democrats. donald trump is confident they will pass the budget as is. >> i think senators will come
1:51 am
together. the house is looking really good. that will happen hopefully today. no changes. pass alone, we have to get tax cuts. 15 or 20 points, goes back. passing it along. heather: steve scalise showing his support behind it they cutting taxes is the best way to keep the economy going. >> working with donald trump who is making sure we get this win for the american people. cutting taxes for everybody is the best place to start. we have complained about big companies moving tens of thousands of jobs overseas. our bill will bring those jobs
1:52 am
back, rebuild the middle class and lower taxes. heather: house gop leaders canceled a meeting in california, new jersey and new york, the states that will likely be most impacted by the tax bill. they were set to have a meeting last night. kellogg's forced to redesign it cereal boxes for what is being called racially insensitive art. italy plans on twitter for cartoons on the back of the box showing light-colored corn pops hanging out in a mall is a darker corn pop acts as a janitor. the brand quickly apologized tweeting kellogg's is committed to diversity and inclusion which we did not intend to offend. we apologize was is updated and will be in stores. let's look at the foxbusiness alert. amazon unveiling its latest step to make delivery more convenient but some say this time have
1:53 am
taken it a step too far. we have delivery details. this is crazy. >> amazon is on the forefront of being convenient. they are doing something called amazon key and it will allow an amazon delivery worker to place the package by the front door. this works with the new cloud cam and compatible -- it is synced together so when you knock on the door, the delivery driver knocked on the door, you will be able to watch the delivery live or played back at another time. testing the boundaries, it will be available on november 8th in 37 cities and they say it is not recommended for people with pets. heather: i don't know about that. >> i would rather take my
1:54 am
chances and have the box left outside than have a stranger. heather: and apps that will allow a flight on partner airlines. >> always tricky juggling boarding passes for different legs of your trip but now united airlines letting you use the apps to combine their partner airlines, they have 19 of them, air canada, air new zealand, to manage it all in one place, keeping a little easier for you, saying they are the first air carrier allowing you to do this. that will be helpful. heather: americans frustrated with how the government spend their money. >> a new fox news poll says 89% of americans are frustrated with how much the government spends and how they spend it.
1:55 am
as far as 9 out of 10 people, 69% are upset with how much they pay in taxes personally. 85% frustrated, middle-class saying they pay too much, 78% say the wealthy pay too little. one interesting thing, both sides, republicans and democrats both agree they are frustrated with government's spending plan. heather: republicans say they will fix all of that. we will be right back.
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>> time to brew on this. one college taking a stance to make sure their students learn about true patriotism. mandatory freshman class teaching military skills and how to properly respect the american flag. classes on patriotism be mandatory for college students? >> getting a lot of mixed comments. we like a nice debate like that. the most uplifting, can't wait to see the standard become a required addition in every school. jacob on facebook, retired 20 year 19 day veteran, this is the
2:00 am
greatest idea for our youth since sliced bread. gary says seeing all the disrespect for our flag makes me wanted even more, great idea. teach these kids, they still can be taught. a lot of people think it starts at home with parents. everything starts at home. thanks to everyone for joining us today. "fox and friends" first continues, see you tomorrow. >> the uranium sales to russia and the way it was done, so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed i think watergate, modern age. rob: it is october 26th, watergate of the modern age. the fbi informant free to talk about the obama administration's questionable uranium one deal and the bribery case linked to the clintons as donald trump


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