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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 26, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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greatest idea for our youth since sliced bread. gary says seeing all the disrespect for our flag makes me wanted even more, great idea. teach these kids, they still can be taught. a lot of people think it starts at home with parents. everything starts at home. thanks to everyone for joining us today. "fox and friends" first continues, see you tomorrow. >> the uranium sales to russia and the way it was done, so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed i think watergate, modern age. rob: it is october 26th, watergate of the modern age. the fbi informant free to talk about the obama administration's questionable uranium one deal and the bribery case linked to the clintons as donald trump
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blasts the disgraceful dossier. >> the new security will taking effect for all flights coming into the us. what passengers can expect. rob: proud to be an american, and some kneeling nfl players might learn a thing or two from this college course, mandatory class teaching respect for the country. "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪ can't we be friends. jillian: only one alarm for the weekend, that is a good start to your thursday. you are watching "fox and
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friends" first. rob: it is 5:01 on the east coast. the fbi informant who holds key information linking hillary clinton to russia's uranium one deal. >> a gag order overnight as donald trump slams clinton for funding the disgraceful dossier. griff jenkins with the breaking developments. >> reporter: we will never know about that safety but we will learn what he knows, department of justice lifting the gag order to testify before congress over the uranium one deal that gave russia control of 20% of american uranium reserves. at the center of this testimony, whether or not there was a coordinated effort by the russians to curry favor with the clintons to win approval of that deal including allegations of bribery and corruption and as
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you heard in the open donald trump calling the uranium deal a modern-day watergate as revelations also on the dossier tying hillary clinton's presidential campaign to that dossier. we know it was funded by the clinton campaign in the dnc as well as a wealthy gop donor raising serious questions whether mrs. clinton had any knowledge of it. brian phelan says he doesn't know for sure but admits she may have been aware. >> i don't know. haven't spoken to her. >> shouldn't she know? someone high up in the campaign, be informed of this? >> she may have known but the degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge. >> house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez wants to look at what the dossier was used for. >> the next focus will be on did
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the fbi use this dossier to get any warrants or open up counterintelligence investigation and if they did, using unverified information to open up inquiries into american citizens, a big problem. >> reporter: investigations in the house and senate moving forward to the uranium one deal and dossier, the president hinting the name or identity of the gop donor who helped in the early days for that dossier. rob: you have this dossier and aside from the fact that it is dirty politics which we have seen over and over again in this country, the reason there is a huge hole in the connection between trump and rush and possible collusion for the past 9 months by democrats and the mainstream media is this.
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fusion gps has deep ties to working with the russians to push their agenda. why would fusion gps also at the same time work to discredit donald trump if donald trump was the inside guy for the election? that is the conflict of interest and what we have learned here that in my opinion puts a huge hole in his theory that russia and trump are in this together. jillian: molly hemingway sums it up for a lot of people. she says this is a stunning turn of eventss. >> a profoundly vindicating day. turns out the clinton campaign was doing what it accuse the trump campaign was doing, willingly or unwillingly working with russia to undermine the 2016 election and affect the 2016 election.
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a stunning turn of eventss. we will learn how serious people were about the need to hold people accountable for collusion with russia. >> we have hillary clinton in a tough position yet again. how much legal trouble could she be in? according to our legal analysts, 13 potential crimes at this point. do we have greg jarrett? i guess we don't have that soundbite but a number of them are felony crimes but there is a lot here. if you tie in the potential of a crime regarding uranium one and this deal which let's be honest, let's go to greg jarrett. >> 13 potential crimes committed by hillary clinton. she could be charged for six anticorruption statutes, all felonies, she could be charged
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with racketeering, using charity is acquittal enterprise and then you have all the email crimes, two under the espionage act and two additional and now the latest dossier information. you can't pay a foreign national relative to a political campaign and it appears, and the dnc headed in their disclosure reports which could be criminally charged. >> talking two separate things. uranium one deal and the dossier and the question about what did the obama administration no? there are things that we don't know. rob: a lot of it is speculative. let's see what hillary had to say about her concerns about the allegations stacking up against her? >> this is on my list of what i worry about. the republican party is
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imploding. it is becoming a far right captive party to ideological, religious and commercial interests. it is at the mercy of its financial backers and a cabal of leaders who are doing things like shrinking the electorate, gerrymandering and taking every step they can to maintain power on behalf of themselves and those who are like-minded. >> not really concerned at all, deflecting to the issues she says i with the gop. that is her position on everything. rob: it has never been her fault. by the way, first at, reach a fun social media as well.
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and isis attack in popular tourist spots like trinidad and tobago, caribbean is one of the most highly recruited areas by extremists now that isis is losing major footholds in iraq and syria. the fears terrorists will return home and carry out attacks on tourists. thousands of flights into the united states every day. will face tighter security. there will be verbal or written interviews and heightened screening of personal electronic devices. the group ordered security months ago by former the ballot of homeland security secretary john kelly. >> unless we all raise security standards, we will see commercial aviation as the greatest take it down, will find and attack the weakest link. rob: the changes come at the end of a window where laptops were banned for several middle east airlines on flights into the united states.
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rob: a major milestone for a signature trump campaign promise. >> build that wall. build a wall. we are going to build a wall. rob: a private company picked by border control will review finished border wall prototypes erected near the san diego border. the eight pieces will face tests lasting two months of how difficult they are to climb or dig under and cut through as well. donald trump telling lou dobbs it is not just people the wall will stop. >> part of the reason we need the wall is drugs, we need a wall for drugs and the wall is coming along, we will get it built and is going to be quite the wall, very effective. rob: after testing the wall the
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trump administration will pick which one it wants to use. today is the day thousands of classified government documents about the assassination of president john f. kennedy will be made public for the very first time. the president tweeting the long anticipated release of the jfk files, so interesting. it is yet to be determined of the president will allow our release or like to keep some files secret. jillian: the long-term that obtained a donald trump dossier has ties to the obama administration. did he know about the clinton's alleged collusion? our next guest trying to get the truth, getting stonewalled. >> duck commander started his new show, facebook censoring it. we will tell you exactly why coming up, stay tuned. ♪
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jillian: the law firm that retains the trump russia dossier has connections to the clintons and dsc but the obama administration. >> three senior officials left in recent years to work at perkins clearly is workfare today. >> is it possible former president obama knew about the dossier funding? joining us to weigh in his judicial watch president, thanks for joining us this morning, a question everyone is wondering. what did president obama know and how relevant is it going to be? >> in addition to the legal connection at the law firm for the dnc, the president was
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titular head of the democratic national committee with full cooperation in the white house and shut it down during the presidential campaign. you have to wonder if the president knew about this dossier compiling on behalf of the hillary clinton campaign. during the election president obama essentially said all hands on deck, we will investigate this russia collusion issues so you have to wonder if he and his intelligence agencies used this dossier to make the case the russians were colluding to help then president-elect trump when they all knew it was the clintons that were colluding with the russians. rob: the other networks were not just scared to cover this story, they see it as tit-for-tat, hillary did some dealings with another country to get dirt but trump junior did it too, had
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that meeting with natalie whatever her name was. >> it may be the same thing but what are the consequences for the trump operation as a result of that meeting at trump tower? we have a special counsel investigation, white house has done this investigation, had to go before senate hearings and house investigators. what will happen to the clinton operation? will hillary clinton be subject to a special counsel investigation? her operatives were talking to russians about donald trump. if that is the standard the trump standard now means hillary clinton and maybe barack obama depending what he knew are going to be asked questions by in dependent special counsel, and this is city of mueller is
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independent and fair. >> a lot of questions everybody has an you have been getting stonewalled. >> we asked for records about, what the fbi was paying the dossier authors and getting stonewalled, saying you can't have anything because it is under investigation, we can't confirm or deny if we have such records and no surprise given the fact the clinton campaign handed a baton to the fbi practically speaking there was a seamless web in terms of working with this dossier operation to talk to the russians about getting trump. rob: how hard did hillary clinton deny knowing anything about the dossier until it came out and how dirty did that look? we have the construction -- buzz saws in the background of our
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soundbites. jillian: 5:18 on the morning news. rob: new ratings out for va hospitals across the country. 's service any better for our nation's heroes? don't get your hopes up. >> rallying the resistance since the beginning. >> let's ignore that he exists. jillian: weight to you hear what rosie o'donnell did here. carly shimkus here with the latest sob story up next. ♪ so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to...
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>> rosie o'donnell has helped
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lead the resistance since the beginning of donald trump. now in a brand-new interview she says she doesn't think she can survive the trump presidency. jillian: wasn't she supposed to be gone now anyway? carly shimkus here with reaction. >> she didn't do that. for years rosie o'donnell and donald trump have been at each other's throats, publicly flinging insults back and forth but during a recent interview she took on a much more somber tone saying she's not sure she will be able to survive donald trump's presidency. she didn't always feel this defeated. listen to something she said in 2011. >> just ignore that he exists. don't you remember? i am not afraid. >> she's not only scared but
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concerned for her health. in a recent interview with w magazine she said there are people who tell me it will be another year or two and i seriously worry whether i personally will be able to live through his presidency is whether the nation will be able to live through it and survive. she's not getting a lot of sympathy at least from trump supporters. i thought the same thing the last eight years. i'm sure she can make it. mike says what doesn't she just leave the country like those hollywood liberals promised to do if trump was elected? jillian: if you keep saying it, just go. >> those empty threats prove to be very empty. she said she was going to move to canada with all the other people. >> every time i see her, she is really funny. i wish she would shut up about politics.
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>> people are up in arms after facebook censored a video of "duck dynasty"'s phil robertson cleaning a duck. he posted a video making duck gumbo from scratch, butchering the animal was perceived as too graphic and they took down the video for no apparent reason. people are confused and angry by this, they agree with freedom of speech, matthew on facebook says we live in a world where confronting reality is harsh and brutal and best practice is to bury your head in the stand. >> like a normal stuff. did you ever watch julia child? she gets real into it. >> i was surprised by this and shocked there is a college promoting patriotism. >> college of the ozarks in missouri doing that, they created a class named at promoting patriotism.
2:26 am
here is the college president. >> patriotic education is not inherited. it must be taught, it must be modeled, it must be emphasized. >> people in social media, hope others follow suit and no else weed excellent public colleges and universities should adopt as well. freshman will be required to take a military science class called patriotic education and fitness. very uncommon these days. kids in high school, there you go. >> 26 minutes after the hour, he claims the taliban and threatened him, treated him better than the united states, now time to face consequences for his actions. >> it was heartbreaking, they were trying to secure an american soldier, which was important at the time but it
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divergent an entire effort defeating the enemy to find one individual. jillian: how should bow bergdahl be punished? rob: amazon wants the key to your house. a level of convenience or crossing a line? what started as a passion...
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...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? >> watergate of the modern age, donald trump slamming hillary clinton and p dn say as the fbi informant is free to talk about the obama administration is questionable uranium one deal. >> all of this syndication for the president after a year of the mainstream media hammering him for alleged russia collusion.
2:31 am
>> this week in russiagate. >> the election hacking is the caliber of pearl harbor or 9/11. >> i completely agree with that. >> collusion with russia will hangover him no matter where he stands. >> that disappearing pretty quick and evidence came to light that hillary clinton colluded with the kremlin in this uranium one deal, most of the media has gone suspiciously silent. here to react is carrie schiff field. let's go back and show you what we are talking about. the coverage is more gracious, this is coverage of the uranium one deal, the damning thing for the clinton campaign and the obama administration, 8 minutes and 30 seconds on cnn, anderson
2:32 am
cooper, 5 minutes and 50 seconds on msnbc, nothing on the major networks. this is a huge story. >> the evidence is very strong. this is a pay to play scheme, the clinton foundation, influence peddling. >> millions of dollars to the foundation and access to our uranium for russia to build nuclear bombs. >> the fact the media is ignoring this is why donald trump won, he has been beating the drum of the media bias. kennedy school showed the press coverage is unprecedented in a negative direction against donald trump, clearly an agenda here but this isn't an isolated institution, it is hollywood academia, later today the senate is holding a hearing on campus free-speech suppression. this goes beyond the press.
2:33 am
>> i'm looking at the press, we are the gateway to getting information to the public, we are supposed to be journalists and reports information that matters, this is a matter of national security. how is it possible some of these people are not talking about it? >> national security, russians in 2012 romney called them out for their national security risk, did the media care? obama, the media do anything to investigate? of course not. you see the same thing, this bias against any conservative or republican candidate. >> i defend the media, i don't like when the president talks about the media but if you flip this story, if you take russia putting $150 million into a trump charity, all of a sudden donald trump gives russia
2:34 am
access, your television would explode. it would be the end of the world. >> the mainstream media buying into the hillary clinton sex is in charge that she lost because of sexism, they know corruption when they smell it and when talking about sexism you see story after story, the liberal media's heads coming goff, it was proven to show they had sexual harassment, they fired their editorial director, abc news, sexual harassment, harvey weinstein. >> coverage has been more fair. why do you think that is? >> it is -- the washington post doing a lot of reporting on it because at some point it falls into your lap. i don't know -- the uranium deal is worth in my opinion because public official versus the campaign, the campaign, it
2:35 am
stinks to high heaven but as far as hierarchy i don't understand. >> you give russia the ability to add to their collection to make nuclear weapons. >> i think the dossier, last word here is different because they can say trump junior talked to the russians, both sides did that and i saw that yesterday. immediately went to the meeting with donald trump junior. >> different from paying millions of dollars to someone contacted by the russians. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning. rob: two students are charged with attempt at murder after plotting to kill teachers and staff at their high school. alfred dupree, and victoria, of georgia, after police, acting on a tip how they hit list that included teachers and students, police finding homemade exclusives, charged as adults and expected to make their first court appearance today.
2:36 am
the mystery continues to grow around the bazaar kidnapping of a california woman a year ago. authorities looking for who abducted sherry. they released her husband's desperate 911 call. >> her phone has hair ripped out of it in the head phones. totally freaking out. >> the sketches of two female suspects released as we learn the dna of a mystery man was found on her clothes but police say she was not sexually assaulted, she was taken while jogging and found 22 days later on the side of the road on thanksgiving day. >> heartbreaking testimony from a former navy seal remembering the loss of his military dog in the search for. james hatch was shot in the leg. his thoughts on hatch's
2:37 am
testimony and the search. >> they were trying to secure an american soldier which was important at the time but at the same time divergent an entire effort defeating the enemy to find one individual. jillian: jonathan marino whose hands was shattered by a grenade takes the stand today. bow bergdahl was treated for 5 gitmo terrorists after 5 years of captivity. new va hospital rankings not much better than last year. facilities in texas, tennessee, california, their one star ranking in 2016 according to the deferment of veterans affairs, two hospitals in detroit and north carolina improving to two stars coming in st. cloud, minnesota, ranked as the best. >> let's go to janice, friends in the midwest going to get
2:38 am
cold. >> ready for the w where it? it is coming. the first reinforcing shot of cold air, then another one and another one of the first significant snow of the season for the midwest. 38 in chicago, colder in atlanta than new york city, it is coming. the next storm system out of the rockies diving across the midwest bringing significant winter storm into the weekend for the upper midwest and this trailing cold front bringing showers, thunderstorms, even severe weather, there's the cold air friday, saturday and a couple more rounds behind that. forecast looking good for much of the central us, cold air and snow will eventually come to the northeast, it is coming. come on, it is the end of
2:39 am
october. i want to get to halloween first, then bring it on. >> donald trump pledging to declare an opioid emergency. >> we need a wall for drugs. >> seth walgreen, trying to combat the crisis. >> healthcare costs skyrocketing as insurance companies set new rates. how much most popular plans are going up. >> countless movies about men in war, thank you for your service, a whole new take about when they come back. hear from the real-life heroes next. 0 at...doggie lovers warehouse? no. i would never. "doggie lovers"? please! you know me. i don't even know where that is! look, i'm replying deny. see? oh, come on! hello? wells fargo. i did not make that purchase.
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we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? >> 5:42, donald trump confirming he will declare a national emergency about the opioid crisis next week. >> the opioid is a tremendous
2:43 am
emergency. we made a big impact but we need the wall, we need the wall for drugs. we need a wall for drugs. rob: all the heroin from central america. the declaration to release more government funding for treatment nationwide, 64,000 americans died last year. jillian: you can get it over-the-counter. they are selling overdose reversal drugs in 35 different states. many law enforcement agencies help combat, pharmacists teach buyers how to use it. rob: the list of war films is endless but not so many movies about what happens when these
2:44 am
men and women come back from the fight. jillian: that is what thank you for your services based on. kevin mccarthy sat down with one of the soldiers depicted in the movie joining us with the review. >> reporter: an honor to be on with you. thank you for your services directed by jason hall who wrote the screenplay for american sniper. this should light on ptsd and the battle soldiers face when they get home. it sheds light on the idea that our soldiers are not getting the care they deserve when they return home from war. not only will they battle war but when they get home integrating back into society focusing on the idea that family members also go into battle as well emotionally while their spouses are at war. a phenomenal role here, adam schuman is a soldier in the film, 36-year-old veteran in
2:45 am
real life. there is a line in the movie mile seller had. i'm not a hero. people risk their lives and save lives of federal soldiers don't consider themselves heroes. and what it is about that, why doesn't he considered himself a hero after the amazing things. >> the line in that and do anything over there that was not in the job description. and and anyone would do the same position. and shot in the head. >> adam schuman in the hallway.
2:46 am
thank you for your service when i was walking away, the title of the film, an incredible person to meet and sitting next to him was the actor who portrays him in the film, the movie that really does show attention to this and needs to be talked about a lot more. i highly recommend that. only a brave about our amazing first responders recommend that as well. tune in to "fox and friends," season 2 all nine episodes and i have my review on "fox and friends" this morning. >> give us a preview. and all 8 episodes were phenomenal. much more intense and insane. episodes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, will
2:47 am
blow you away. i love every moment of season 2 and can't wait to talk about it. i give it 5 out of 5, premieres at midnight on netflix. the actual release date is friday. binge it tonight. jillian: love your enthusiasm. >> it is so awesome. ghostbusters and etn to poltergeist brings those things in the 80s to one show as an original idea. jillian: amazon its newest service puts deliveries and delivery people inside your home. rob: the new offer from the online retailer, what this means coming up.
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>> new screenings at some airports, new security rules set to take effect for all flights coming into the us. jillian: what passengers can expect. >> reporter: to be clear, these new measures only affect passengers who are coming to the us, not passengers leaving the us and they will affect americans and foreigners alike. 5 airlines, air france, captain pacific, egypt air, will begin interviewing passengers before they board their flights to the us, six airlines, jordanian will do that in mid-january. airlines say you should allow
2:52 am
for extra time. how much? some say get to the airport three hours before your flight departs to make sure you make it. the new measures affect 2100 daily flights bound for the us. you mention the interviews being conducted, besides those, you can expect more scrutiny with personal electronic devices, 325,000 passengers coming from 280 airport and 105 countries will be affected by new measures. tsa says it is constantly changing its security protocol to make sure everyone stays safe. that is the latest from jfk airport this morning. jillian: amazon taking its latest step to make delivery more convenient but some say it is taken a step too far.
2:53 am
rob: the delivery details. >> first they had those lockers at grocery stores and then the drones, amazon key basically allows you to use the amazon cloud cam to unlock the door, let and amazon delivery person into your home and place the package near your front door so you can watch this in real time or a playback of this. it is an invasion of privacy, you got to weigh your privacy and convenience, which do you value more? this will start november 18, '37 cities, not recommended of room. rob: obamacare premiums going up in 2017. >> we will see big increases.
2:54 am
34% in 39 states, they are consulting, obamacare will increase premiums and for the bronze plan 18%, the lower plan will go up 16%. these rate increases driven partly by the trump administration's decision to end federal cost-sharing reduction payments paid out to those insurers covering the healthcare costs of lower enrollees. open enrollment november 1st so we will see what happens. >> 54 minutes after the hour, hillary clinton has gotten bad news the last couple weeks but she's worried about the state of the republican party. comments pouring it on this one. jillian: remember jeremy meeks? coming up, behind bars. ♪ of equipment,
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rob: okay. couple big stories this morning. we have had the uranium one deal with hillary clinton and the obama administration. we've also had the dossier that's been funded by hillary clinton and her campaign. a couple big stories this morning. here is some of your reaction online. john on facebook, this goes straight to the top. obama and clinton, holder, they all deserve jail. such a disgrace to our country to be led by such a corrupt administration.
2:59 am
jillian: come to mind. rob: unbelievable the amount of trouble h can get into. jillian: one thing the dnc and hillary clinton and the msn defenders depend upon how there is no law against lying to reporters or the american public. rob: first the good, the adorable 3-year-old boy who saluted a funeral procession for a fallen officer for two hours getting a big surprise his very own police car. well deserved. the sheriff's office in georgia gifting cohen with a personalized electric toy a great kid. jillian: remember jeremy meeks. now a california gang member is being dubbed the new hot felon after her mugshot goes viral. this woman was arrested on two felony charges after police say she was traveling with a stolen pink hand gun with a child in the backseat. rob: she ain't that hot. come on. and the ugly. more than 30 people dining inside this restaurant in maryland when that car right
3:00 am
there plowed right through the wall. 9 people hurt, two of them seriously. the driver says her brakes failed. that is scary. jillian: thanks for joining us this morning. have a good day. rob: it was a fun show. a lot more coming up the next three hours. we'll see you later. >> the department of justice is now going to allow that fbi informant, one of the key players in the russian nuclear bribery plot to testify before congress. >> it's a stunning turn of events. >> a complaint was filed with the federal election commission alleging the clinton campaign and dnc violated federal financial disclosure laws. >> it's almost $6 million that they paid. it's disgraceful. >> this is a partisan effort to distract. >> you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either; is that right? >> well, i mean, she may have known. >> somebody has got to go to jail over. this his speech was high drama that gets pat on the head cool new trends in the media. it was cheap and


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