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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 26, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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there plowed right through the wall. 9 people hurt, two of them seriously. the driver says her brakes failed. that is scary. jillian: thanks for joining us this morning. have a good day. rob: it was a fun show. a lot more coming up the next three hours. we'll see you later. >> the department of justice is now going to allow that fbi informant, one of the key players in the russian nuclear bribery plot to testify before congress. >> it's a stunning turn of events. >> a complaint was filed with the federal election commission alleging the clinton campaign and dnc violated federal financial disclosure laws. >> it's almost $6 million that they paid. it's disgraceful. >> this is a partisan effort to distract. >> you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either; is that right? >> well, i mean, she may have known. >> somebody has got to go to jail over. this his speech was high drama that gets pat on the head cool new trends in the media. it was cheap and damaging.
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>> private company picked by border patrol will begin finished border wall prototypes that have been erected near the san diego border. >> that right center field well hit own with be caught. it is gone for a home run. and the astros win it 7-6. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. steve: welcome in the news show. news you can use throughout this thursday. it's "fox & friends" live. ainsley: did you say thursday? it is thursday. down hill to the weekend. brian: also some uphill. we have some major
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announcement to make about being number one not only were the ratings really strong this young lady number one in the. steve: "new york times" best seller list right here. ainsley: thank you so much. the list was published last night. you and i were here because we were on sean show's last night. brian: it was not a dirty dossier and the informant wars the "new york times." ainsley: that's right. steve: you were talking to him and sean so you were colluding before i found out? ainsley: full disclosure, there walls no dirty dossier here. it is a children's book. and i appreciate all of your support. y'all are awesome. brian: that is fantastic. quick question. i would like to ask one music question a day. is john mellencamp country because he sing as lot about country things. steve: i would say no. ainsley: no. he sing as lot about country things so he is country? steve: john mellencamp. brian: did he do farm aid? steve: he did do farm aid, sure. i don't think so. this is stuff we can generally work this out before we get started.
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brian: we're ready to start. steve: we have so much news for you today. we start this hour with a fox news alert. the department of justice has lifted a gag order on fbi informant we have been telling you about who has critical information about the russia uranium one deal and what role then secretary of state hillary clinton may have played. ainsley: this story is changing by the second. so many new details. we are waking up to this morning. brian: griff, you probably have the most explosive detail right now. you are in washington. gte us up to speed. >> good morning, guys. protect safety. we will learn what this fbi informant knows the department of justice issuing a statement last night lifting the gag order on him saying that they have authorized him to disclose information to the chairman ranking members and key staff of the senate, judiciary committee, as well as two house committees. at the center of the informant's testimony will be whether or not there was a coordinated effort by the russians to curry favor with the clintons to win approval of that controversial deal
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that gave russia 20% control of america's uranium reserves and allegations of bribery, corruption, and payments to former president bill clinton's foundation. president trump weighed in, calling all of this a modern day watergate. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that's watergate modern age. >> one of the reporters who has been on this show and helped break this story sarah carter of circa news says now these committees need to follow the money. >> one of the things they are going to be looking for are those connections and where did that money go and who they were bribing and how real a national security threat was this? i mean, was this just kind of covered up because, remember, nobody back then actually knew. >> key question that chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunez if there was this
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investigation why wasn't congress made aware? steve: the president of the united states was hearing about the fbi progress during his presidential daily briefing. thank you, griff. what does this guy have? apparently he has got evidence of how russia tried to win favor with the clintons and also ultimately influence the obama administration, get uranium one deal done. this is the same guy who helped put -- help get convictions against russia's top nuclear executive in the united states. that financier we were talking about from new jersey a while ago. and also one other person who was involved in a trucking company involved in uranium. so, clearly, the fbi has listened to this guy before. so it sounds like he does know what he is talking about. brian: all i'm going to say is i don't think we should assume he wants to come out. ainsley: he does. steve: he does. he wants to tell his story. brian: he knows his life is going to change once he goes public. i'm just wondering if he is going to remain anonymous to a degree before he comes out
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and says i'm bill jones, and this is what i got. steve: he already helped convict those other people. so he just hasn't been able to reveal his story in public thus far. remember, he was bribing the other side with money out of his own pocket. and he went to the fbi and said you told me to do that now i want the money. they said no, we are not going to give you the money and you can't tell anybody about it. ainsley: hopefully this all goes public once is he able to talk. you have the judiciary oversight and government reform committees in this. this is a joint investigation. so you have three committees that want this investigation. brian: just lastly, one of the most explosive things going underreported in this story after donald trump won the election, the fbi waste going to continue financing the dossier and christopher steel. until christopher steele's name became public. wait a second, the fbi outsources with private contractors? that, to me, why do we have
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our own fbi. 35,000 people. if we don't have enough people hire another 35,000. they have have to pick up where hillary clinton and the dnc left off? please. steve: apparently steele had better connections inside russia. russia was cooperating with him, apparently than the fbi did. that's the dossier. we will talk about that in a minute. let's go back to uranium one for a second. adam schiff says all this information that we are now learning about the clintons and the favor the uranium one people were trying to curry with the clintons as well. it's all partisan. come on, folks. here's congressman from california. >> this had to be orchestrated with the approval with the speaker of the house so this is a partisan effort to distract. it's a partisan effort aligned with what the white house has been urging and fox and breitbart in which there was no consultation with the democrats in congress. i think that tells you all you need to know about whether this is in good
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faith or not. brian: you know they are making progress and surprising when you see less of adam schiff. when this thing was supposed to be russia collusion january, february, and march. and spring. he was basically on every other day. steve: quoting the dossier. brian: now he doesn't seem to be that flamboyant. ainsley: if the democrats don't think -- if nothing happened, if nothing was wrong, there wasn't anything nefarious. why are the democrats upset about this? we just want to talk to this fbi informant and find out what he knows and find out if there was anything corrupt happening within the campaign. i heard someone talking on first "fox & friends" is what gets her is that with hillary with the dossier that was her campaign. that was the dnc. we don't know what she knew there with, this she actually negotiated for russia to get 20% of our uranium. brian: right. steve: so that's the uranium one deal. back to the dossier for a moment. ainsley: it gets so confusing. steve: it's all over russia. that's the larger umbrella. so, regarding the dossier we told you yesterday that apparently her campaign and
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the dnc paid for it although the dnc nobody there seems to have known about it noble at the campaign. brian: not debbie wasserman schultz. steve: not tom perez either. brian: what about donna brazile. she took over for debbie wasserman schultz. maybe she has receipts. steve: yesterday a complaint was filed with the legal center with the fec and said that the campaign broke the law because when you make payments to anybody, you have got to reveal what it's for. ultimately, the democrats, according to the center, hid the payments and they have got to disclose that the money was spent for this particular dossier. ainsley: how did they hide this? "the washington post" says they have the money, okay. dnc and hillary's campaign have the money. they pay a law firm, perkins coy. is that how you pronounce it? they wrote on the receipt legal services. then the law firm took the millions of dollars upwards of total of $8 million. brian: 5.6. ainsley: 5 from her campaign and then 3 from the dnc.
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so 8 or $9 million that they paid in legal services. that law firm then hired this guy, this spy to go investigate and come up with the dossier. steve: it's completely legal to fund opposition research. ainsley: it is you just have to disclose. steve: just write down opposition research but instead they wrote down legal services. brian: look at this from here on in about going to other countries to find out about would be candidate, perhaps maybe that should be even more transparent. meanwhile, the president of the united states got this news, has been digesting it and found his way to lou dobbs camera. >> they funded something called the trump dossier which they ball youd for some time. we now know who paid for it. >> yes. >> the dnc and hillary clinton. and one as yet unnamed republican. >> i won determine who that might be? >> do you have a sense? >> i think i know. i will let them find out. they will find out
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eventually just like they did -- don't forget, hillary clinton totally denied. this she didn't know anything. she knew nothing. all of a sudden they found out what i was amazed almost $6 million that they paid and totally discredited. it's a total phoney. i call it fake news. it's disgraceful. s it disgraceful. steve: it does look as if that particular dodgy dossier was used by the obama administration to spy on the trump campaign. because there is information that it was used to justify at least one fisa warrant to look in on what one campaign person at trump was doing. so, keep in mind, this whole russia investigation, the mueller investigation,all from this dossier, which has not been proven true but was paid for by the democrats since march of last year. brian: by the way, steve, if the investigators are doing a good job in the house and senate, they would have asked ben rhodes yesterday. they would have asked others along the way including
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samantha power that was in last week or two weeks ago that very question. what were you unmasking. what was it you were making your case that you needed all these trump people unmavericked? steve: well, we had this dossier. brian: jillian, you are not wearing a mask. jillian: i'm not wearing a mask. should i? steve: halloween is a couple days away. brian: trying to transition and didn't work. jillian: i think it was great. good job, brian. goorge. we wanted to go to a fox news alert now though. because we do have breaking news. isis could be plotting deadly attacks against tourists in the caribbean. the head of national trinity issuing a grim warning as terrorists return home from the middle east. he claims it's not a question of if, but when they attack. more than 100 people from the island nation have traveled to the middle east to fight with isis. gasps and horror of the video the moment kate steinle was killed was played at the murder trial of yuan lopez sanchez. the footage shows steinly dropping to the ground on a san francisco pierre as
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lopez sanchez drops the gun into the water and takes off. he had been deported five times and jailed just before the shooting. testimony continues today. a thrilling extra innings win for the houston astros in game 2 of the world series. >> the stringer, that right center field, well hit. won't be caught. it is gone for a home run. jillian: that two-run homer in the 119 inning proved to be the difference. the series now tied at 1-1. oh, it's getting interesting. brian: game in los angeles. it's tough for the dorntion to step up. i would have bet it was 3-1. not fair for the score to change that dramatically. jillian: it is not. you should talk to them. ainsley: really good. if they could go to another team or another location and win, right? brian: also getting to the world series another indication they are really good. let me tell you what's coming up next. the left has a kne new hero it's
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major revolt within the president's own party? >> we are witnessing an astounding public indictment of the integrity of a sitting president. >> i call it historic. this is the type of speech that i think tomorrow should be shown, should be listened to by every high school civics class, politics class, history class. brian: right. exactly. unless, of course, you don't agree with senator jeff flake getting a pat on the back by the mainstream media big time after blatzing the sitting president, president trump and the new normal in washington. does he really deserve the praise? here to weigh in "the washington times" online editor, public editor cheryl shrumly. cheryl, first off, i'm wondering, jeff flake refresh your recollection surprised that a libertarian would be so embraced by many on the left? >> well, jeff flake has been an anti-trumper, an outspoken anti-trumper for some time. he wrote a book about it practically. i think the mainstream media and left leaning media. they failed to mention he
3:19 am
voted with trump platforms roughly 92% of the time. brian: he doesn't like the president's tone. to his credit he has been consistent. like ben sass not on board but not necessarily an obstructionist. this political headline was something note worthy. flake won't rule out a 2020 run against president trump. senator flake is a very nice guy. he has 18% approval in arizona. he was going to have an uphill battle even getting the nomination again. why do they think he is on the fast track to running for president? >> because i think the establishment in the republican party just cannot understanding why donald trump is so embraced by the american people. look, we're dealing with democrats who think a first amendment freedom is to we would baseball bats against make america great again supporters. we don't have time to be polite. those days are over. we need bulldog politicians and some of those elitist establishment minded in d.c. need to get on board with
3:20 am
that. brian: senator jeff flake could take a -- could actually have a very learned moment by looking at john mccain. when senator john mccain was taking on george bush, the sitting president he was a hero. when he ran for president. he became a villain. the same thing will happen to flake. do you agree. >> i do agree. actually it's a little bit sad. i think of ronald reagan's 11th commandment that no republican should speak ill will of another republican in public. i think republicans need to keep that in mind as they go forward and work with donald trump. brian: we'll see. especially if the republicans can still hold the seat. actually, president trump will look better. if they lose the seat, it will be a lose, lose all around for that party. cheryl shrumly, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: v.a. hospital rankings are out and it's not good news. that better change soon. plus connecticut's capital in the mix of a financial meltdown. next guest says you can blame many democratic
3:21 am
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steve: all right. we are back with quick headlines on this thursday morning. first up, starting later today, all incoming flights to the united states will be subject to new screening security procedures. it will impact over 2,000 flights each day. passengers could face verbal or written interviews during check-in and heightened screenings of personal electronic devices. also happening today, thousands of classified government documents about the assassination of john f. kennedy being made public for the very first time. president trump tweeting yesterday, quote: the long anticipated release of the #jfk files will take place tomorrow. so interesting. it is not clear yet if the president will allow a full release or elect to keep some files secret yet.
3:25 am
we'll keep you posted. all right. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, steve. connecticut's capital is in the midst of a financial meltdown. the city of hartford is currently facing a $65 million deficit with more than $500 million in outstanding debt. our next guest says that you can blame liberal policies. joining us now is g.o.p. scan democrat hopeful. tim, thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. thank you. ainsley: let folks know what's happening in their state. >> our state has been in perpetual fiscal crisis for the last seven years. we have had budget deficits on top of budget deficits. two of the largest tax increases in the his struf the state of connecticut. what we are finding is that the policies of the last seven years of taxing more, spending more, borrowing more and kicking the can aren't solving our problems. they are forcing businesses like g.e. and aetna out of our state. and the problem that the city of hartford is having
3:26 am
is really a symptom of an overall disease that's plaguing the state of connecticut. doing too much can kicking and not being honest about our problems. ainsley: we are seeing it in california and illinois and now connecticut where big companies are leaving because of the high taxes. aetna left your state and also g.e. left your state. >> correct. ainsley: who is to blame for this? >> i think the current governor and the democratic majority in the legislature. they are part of the problem where they do not embrace the kinds of fundamental structural reforms, pension reform, benefit reform, tax reform, the things that other states are doing. and we're seeing their economies growing. case in point, last month connecticut lost 2,000 jobs. massachusetts gained 9300 jobs. we were ranked as one of the sixth worse states in terms of business climates last month. we can't keep doing this any longer. if we don't elect a new governor and a lemming lay temperature that's going to pursue pension and benefit
3:27 am
reform, tax reform, spending reform, getting our state spending under control, connecticut is going to continue down a very dangerous path. ainsley: it's a liberal state though how do you as a republican plan to win and change the state. >> it's not as liberal as people think. we picked up three seats in the state senate in 2016. why tied the state senate. we are four seats away from taking majority in the state house. we have a history of electing president governors in connecticut. i think when we run on a pro-growth, pro-reform jeakd rooted in common sense and really fixing our problems, telling it like it is, if ever there was a time to send proven reformer and hartford outsiders to the gold dome to shake things up, the time is now. ainsley: do you like the president's agenda especially on tax reform? you talk about high taxes in your state. >> i think the tax reform package before the congress is something that needs to get passed. i think it's good for the country and good for people feeling the squeeze. and i think that the republican congress is poised to pass those tax reforms and really jump start our economy.
3:28 am
ainsley: it's a tall task to reform your state. how do you plan on doing that. >> i plan on doing it based upon what i have done in trumbull. when he was elected 8 years ago i refused a pension. i reduced my office budget 22%. i cut my own pay. i believe in leading by example. i have said that if i'm elected governor i'm going to refuse a pension from the state of connecticut. ainsley: what about your future though? how are you going to pay? >> i'm a young guy. it's okay. ainsley: very niles of you to do that. >> i'm going to refuse a pension. i'm going to insist all my department heads do the same thing. i'm also the only candidate on the republican side that has said i will refuse donations from hartford lobbyists. i believe you have to lead by example if you are going to bring the kinds of reforms necessary to get connecticut back on track. ainsley: all right. we wish you all the best. you grew up in that state you love it, don't you. >> did i. i went toe trinity college like jesse watters and tucker carlson. very much of who i am. ainsley: grad to have you on. we wish you all the best. >> thank you.
3:29 am
ainsley: you're welcome. the firm behind the trump dossier took money from the russian government at the same time they took money from the clinton campaign. is there another part of this story that is yet to break? plus, patriotism now required. the brand new mandatory class that one college is actually rolling out. isn't it about time? if you have a kid in high school, you are going to want to know where that is ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ have you got to give for what you take ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪
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contained allegations about their opponent in this. >> i think it's important to remember that, a, opposition research happens all the time in campaigns. >> no, no, the result, the
3:33 am
product. oh it was a privilege to keep secret the democrats paid for opo on their opposition opponent for the opponent in the campaign. steve: democrats and those on the political left excusing this dossier scandal saying this is how opposition research works in politics. brian: all right. but our next guest goes one step further revealing to lawmakers on capitol hill thought firm was also working for russia during the election. >> you believe that fusion g.p.s. should have registered under fara because they were acting on behalf of the russians? >> that's correct. in the spring and summer of 2016, they were receiving phone indirectly from a senior russian government official. ainsley: here with more on the relationship between russian and fusion g.p.s. is the ceo of hermitage capital red browder. thanks for being with us. >> great to be here.
3:34 am
ainsley: you say fusion g.p.s. also worked for the russian government. explain evidence you have. >> in the spring and summer of last year, fusion g.p.s. was running around washington with a project to try to cover up the murder of my lawyer, my russian lawyer sergei minisk. why did they want to cover it up. putin wants to cover that up murder there are sanctions in place called the minute minui sanctions. they had to be paid by somebody. we have been able to trace it up the chain. fusion g.p.s. was paid by a law firm called baker hostetler. baker hostetler was paid by a family called the family in russia. a senior member of the family is also a senior member of the vladimir putin regime. that's where i get that information. it's all documented and all available to be proven. that's what i was testifying about in front of the senate judiciary committee in july
3:35 am
of this year. steve: sure. bill, the democrats and those on the political left are saying everybody hires opposition research firms. which is absolutely true. but i can't ever remember a time when opposition research for a political party and a candidate was done essentially by a company working with a hostile foreign nation. >> well, i don't know so much about the work that they did for the democrats on trump. but what i can say is that the person who is working on the anti-minisky bill browder project last year was basically being paid to run around and speak to journalists and lie. lie about a murder that took place to try to cover it up. whatever he is involved with, seems to me to be questionable at best. brian: bill, i know you don't do foreign policy with the russians. they are just trying to kill
3:36 am
you and make your life miserable because you are trying to get justice forever your lawyer and more. but, having said that, what do the -- what objective do the russians have in our elections last year besides creating chaos? do they really have an animus towards hillary? did they really prefer her over trump, do you know? >> well, so what i know for sure is that vladimir putin's number one foreign policy towards america was getting rid of something called magninsky sanctions named after my lawyer. why did he care about that? sea rich man. is he probably the richest man in the world. his money potentially can be seized under the sanctions. so he has cents out emissaries to look at any point of weakness where there is a possibility, where there's a possibility to change or repeal these sanctions. we know for sure that he had people running all over capitol hill.
3:37 am
we know they went to trump tower. i'm sure they would have gone -- they were a nonpartisan -- putin is a nonpartisan criminal. he will go to anybody who will do his bidding for him. we know for sure he went to the trumps. he may have very well gone to the clintons. i don't know. i know for sure all he cares about is his money. doesn't matter who is going to help him keep his money safe. steve: we had a guy on yesterday, maybe you heard the name author halverson he had been targeted by fusion g.p.s. he said they are in the business of making up fake dossiers to slime people. he, himself, was slimed as were you. do you find it extraordinary that the fbi might look at the dossier and say even though it is widely known that they apparently are in that fake dossier business, the fbi looking at it and say yeah, this is good stuff, we should go ahead and investigate this? i. >> the fbi is full of very smart people. i'm sure they can separate
3:38 am
bullshit -- excuse me, bad stuff from good stuff. but the -- you know, he is definitely not -- definitely not a credible person. brian: i'm glad you had your name removed from the interpol list. they basically had you banned from coming to this country overturned. you are okay? >> so two things. putin put my name on the interpol list after the canadians passed the act and then automatically dhs banned me from coming into the country. that was listed on monday. i'm still on the interpol list on a bogus arrest warrant from vladimir putin. we're still trying to get that lifted right now. brian: i thought it was solved. ainsley: retaliation. brian: please let us know how we can help. thanks, bill. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian has some more headlines for us. jillian: that's right. good thursday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. let's get you caught up on this. the las vegas security guard shout on the massacre left
3:39 am
the country days after the attack. our tucker carlson revealing jesus campos only eyewitness from the attack returned to the u.s. from mexico seven days after the shooting rampage. he was driving a rental car from w. california plates. unsure how long he was out of the country. union claims it was a preplanned visit. nearly a dozen facilities failing to improve, renewing one star status from 2016. that includes centers and facilities in texas, tennessee, and california. the va uses a five star scale to score its medical facilities. based on quality factors such as death and infection rates and wait times. missouri college rolling out mandatory class for freshman all about america. patriotic education and fitness court of college of the ozarks teaches students modern military customs, politics, and flag protocol. the president of the
3:40 am
college, gary davis, will join us in the next hour right here on "fox & friends." and i have to imagine that the response to that is pretty good, guys. steve: i think you are pretty right. brian: red, white, and blue. jillian: thank you very much. let's hand it over to janice. janice: are you ready for winter? show of hands. not happening? ainsley: i'm with you, janice. janice: it's time. take a look at it. you were midwest 37 in chicago. actually coolner atlanta, georgia than it is in new york. it's coming. we will start to see some snow moving into the upper midwest, the great lakes region. and then that storm that brought severe weather across the northeast that is still lingering over parts of northern new england. past 12 hours. okay, coming out of rockies, here we go. the snow and the potential for very blustery winds across the you were midwest. this is our first significant snow of the season for this region. we have freeze advisories and freeze warnings for many, many different states as you can see and it is on its way. i just vote for maybe we get through halloween here in
3:41 am
the northeast and then bring it on. bring on the snow. back to you. steve: let's wait until november. janice: we're almost there. steve: j.d., thank you. ainsley: thank you so much. brian: if i want to catch up to ainsley over the weekend. she prefers i don't. where do i go, ainsley if i want to see you and your number one book? ainsley: you sore sweet. thank you. i would love for you to all come out if you live in naples see me at barnes and noble 7:00 friday night. saturday morning we are going to drive to lake land and be there at 11:00 a.m. that's the books-a-million ontown center drive. brian: chopper being maintenanced. ainsley: private plane is actually not working right now. steve: i was in naples for a beautiful wedding, brian, if i wanted to catch up with you this weekend. brian: my mom's family was from naples, italy. steve: different naples. brian: my book tour friday in the afternoon heritage foundation. i will be doing the show tomorrow from d.c. and going to the heritage for two
3:42 am
hours, speaking first. and then on saturday in the afternoon one of my favorite stops is barnes and nobel in mcclain, virginia, never know when mark levin is going to show up. go over to fred distributionburg. my chopper is busted, too. i will take a car. that will be until 8:30. then i will be done for the weekend until next week. steve: are you going to say mark levin is going to come to the event. brian: he has come up last two years and been a surprise andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans. ainsley: some point we are going to do some signings together. i'm really excited about that. brian: we have one coming numb jaxxville. ainsley: we do. have we confirmed that? keep watching that's coming up in few more weeks. brian: i think we do. ainsley: what senators flake and senator corker leaving capitol hill. how will this shift the republican control of congress? we're mapping out what that means for the mid terms next. steve: plus, dan bongino and sean hannity are both going to be joining us live in the studio. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city.
3:43 am
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brian: glad you are finally up. i'm tired of shaking you. u.p.s. is raising shipping costs just in time for the holidays starting december 24th. some say that's christmas eve. ground air and international packages will receive a 5% hike. u.p.s. saying the increase will help pay for company expansions and some improvements. by the way amazon is getting close to drone delivery. amazon wants a key to your house. of the online retailers offering a lock system and camera allowing drivers inside your house to drop off packages, maybe they will make my bed. new service will be available next month. steve? steve: thank you, brian. senator corker and jeff flake announced they will not seek re-election. how will this affect the
3:47 am
balance of power in the upcoming midterm elections next year. national political reporter for real clear politics caitlin huey-burns. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i know we are a little ways away from it. >> never too soon for an election. steve: exactly. it's a year ago. start with the senate republicans have a very thin edge 52 to 48. >> democrats are actually pretty vulnerable. there are a number of democrats up for re-election in states that donald trump won. however, you do have a couple of republican retirements jeff flake and bob corker putting a lot of attention on those states. and, also, republicans still need to recruit a lot of candidates to take on some of these democrats. steve: sure. so these are the states where they have democratic senators in states that president trump won. >> that's right. steve: these are the toss-ups. and interestingly enough, all three of these guys have been in the news. have you got first of all jeff flake from arizona. >> um-huh. steve: then have you got as
3:48 am
can you see right there, dean heller, the president was worried about his vote on healthcare. >> on healthcare, right. steve: and finally oops, i went the wrong way. >> tennessee bob corker just retired or just announced he is retiring. tennessee is not going to be that big of a battleground. it definitely trends republican. the interest here is on that primary. lots of candidates in that race already. jeff flake's retirement puts a lot of focus on arizona. there is going to be a primary there. and republicans think that with jeff flake announcing his retirement that they might be able to recruit a candidate who can be effective and democrats have been eyeing arizona for a long time as it becomes increasingly diverse. steve: regarding jeff flake, he was somewhat popular in his state until he wrote that anti-trump book. and then his base left him. they said what's this guy doing to us here? >> it's very interesting. jeff flake said he wouldn't be able to win a republican primary in this environment by going against the president. but, interestingly enough, you know, if you look at his voting record, he was pretty in line with president
3:49 am
trump. so a lot of this is rhetoric and personality here. steve: all right. real quickly, the republicans have a pretty sizeable margin in the house of representatives. but, when you look ahead, if they could gain 24 seats, they would have a 218 to 215 margin. is that possible? >> now, it still is an uphill climb but democrats are looking at districts held by republicans that districts that went for hillary clinton in the last election. and, also, i know we have a while to go, but keep your eye on retirements from republicans. because those seats open up and democrats really focus in there. the house is big to watch because if it flips control, that really changes the dynamic on capitol hill. steve: interesting stuff. thank you very much for breaking it down. >> thank you. good to see you guys. steve: meanwhile straight ahead the political left is accusing a pastor of one of the largest consciouses in the country of hating catholics. pastor robert jeffers is defending his faith this morning and he is coming up live.
3:50 am
today marks milestone for a signature campaign promise. >> build that wall. build that wall. >> build the wall. >> we are going to build the wall. okay? steve: the latest on building that wall coming up. ♪ [bell rings] every year we take a girl's trip. remember nashville? kimchi bbq. amazing honky tonk? i can't believe you got us tickets. i did. i didn't pay for anything. you never do. send me what i owe. i got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots. are you serious? is that why you don't like them? those boots could make a unicorn cry. yeah, tears of joy. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure and simple way to send money. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology -
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3:53 am
ainsley: he is the pastor of one of the largest congregations in our country. but the left is rehashing an old accusation against pastor robert jeffress as far as going him anti-catholic. listen to this. >> i wanted to ask you about the president's tweet in
3:54 am
which he called pastor robert jeffress a wonderful man. given that there is 70 million american catholics, why we say that about somebody who so viciously anti-catholic. >> i'm not aware of robert jeffress being anti-catholic. i know that he engages with the catholics in his home state on a regular basis so participate in events like the march for life. those are the only actions i have seen him participate in. so i couldn't comment any further on that. steve: here to respond is the author of the new book called a place called heaven. fox news contributor and first baptist church pastor robert jeffress. good morning to you, pastor. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: i was watching that press briefing and when the reporter said the thing about the anti-catholic bias, i was going, what are they talking about? can you explain why some feel that you're anti-catholic? >> >> absolutely. this all started friday night when i was on lou dobbs show defending the
3:55 am
president against these unwarranted attacks by that whacko congresswoman and after i finished the show, the president was gracious to tweet out some words of support for me and for my new book "a place called heaven" that i had given him a few weeks ago. that's when the left pounced on me and they. steve: how does that make you anti-catholic? >> well, what they did was, steve, they went back and recycled some old quotes from years ago that were either completely manufactured at the time or ripped out of context. let me be clear, i have said this repeatedly, i love my catholic brothers and sisters in christ. we march alongside one another and right-to-life marches. we work alongside one another in religious liberty causes. just this past sunday i invited sean hannity, a catholic himself, to our church. he spoke and i said to sean iin and our entire congregation i believe that millions of catholics are going to be be in heaven because of their faith in christ. these attacks are nothing more than an attempt to
3:56 am
discredit the president by discrediting his most vocal and visible evangelical supporter and these attacks are not going to diminish my support for him by one iota. ainsley: what do you say to the critics upset with you being on the campaign trail with the president yesterday? >> well, it's interesting. i was with the president last night at a campaign event here in dallas. and he asked me halfway through his speech to come up on stage and talk to the group. and i explained to the group why i believe and continue to believe in president trump. and i noted to the group that, look, the economy is booming. the stock market is rising. these russia investigations are turning against hillary clinton. and the president's approval rating are at the same level they were on election day. no wonder the democrats are in full panic mode. people know that the tide is turning towards president trump. steve: all right, pastor. thank you very much. joining us live from dallas to answer the allegations.
3:57 am
ainsley: thank you. just love having you on. steve: the department of justice will now let an fbi informant testify about the russian uranium one deal. senate judiciary chair chuck grassley on that coming up live. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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dossier paid for by political opponents. >> isn't that against the law? >> everyone is colluding with russia except trump. >> this is a partisan effort to distract. >> you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either. is that right? >> well, she may have known. >> somebody has got to go to jail over this. >> congress tried to hammer out a tax cut plan. a new fox news poll finds 89% of you feel overgovernment spending. >> that's into right center
4:01 am
field well hit won't be caught. it is gone for a home run. the astros win it 7-6. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i like it ♪ i love it ♪ i want some more of it ♪ i tried so hard ♪ i can't rise above it brian: this is tim mcgraw? that's a whole different octave ♪ i like it ♪ i love it ♪ i want some more of it. steve: thanks for loving "fox & friends" and joining us for hour two on this very, very busy thursday. ainsley: like it or not you are getting more of it. brian: absolutely. we have a lot more to say until hemmer and sandra kick us out. meanwhile, we begin with a fox news alert. the doj on the fbi informant we have been discussing over the last few days.
4:02 am
he has critical information about the russia uranium deal. and what role, perhaps, that then secretary of state hillary clinton played in it. steve: this story constantly changing. many new details we are waking up to on this thursday morning. ainsley: exactly right. griff jenkins is in washington to get us up to speed on this story. uranium one. griff? >> good morning, ainsley, brian and steve. it's a significant development last night the department of justice lifting that gag over on the fbi informant clearing the path for him to come forward. the doj issuing a statement last night where they said they authorized him to disclose information to the chairman ranking members and key staff of the senate judiciary committee as well as two house committees. likely never know his identity. he will be protected for his safety. what we will know is what he was saying at the time and learning at the time of that investigation. lasted some 8 years. at the center of this testimony will be whether or not there was a coordinated effort by the russians to curry favor with the clintons to win approval of that controversial deal that
4:03 am
gave russia 20% control of america's uranium reserves and allegations of bribery, corruption, and money laundering. now, president trump weighed in on this yesterday, calling it nothing more than a modern day watergate. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so under handed with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that's watergate modern age. >> the investigation is being led in the senate by judiciary committee chuck grassley about to come on this program and in the house by intel committee chairman devin nunes. both of them discussed the importance of knowing whether an fbi investigation uncovered information that would have raised national security threat issues to this deal. secretary clinton has been on a book tour this week, guys. and when asked about it, she says that this is, quote: the same bologna they have been peddling for years. much more to come. brian: the problem is the same bologna, very hillary clinton friendly "the washington post" came up with it.
4:04 am
and "new york times" is angry about it because they feel like they have been lied to. so let them take up her bologna comment with them. and by the way, i didn't know hillary clinton had a book out. she has a book out? steve: she does. steve: apparently everybody does. ainsley: bologna is selling 20% of our uranium to vladimir putin. we want to know why that happened. brian: she can't hear you. steve: griff just touched on this. we do have coming up iowa senator chuck grassley the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. we will ask him about this informant in his testimony because that is one of the committees that he would testify in front of. i just spoke to the informant's attorney on the phone and i asked whether or not this would be in public. at this point it is unknown. but i did ask what the evidence regarding this particular case, the informant has, and she told me that he knows what the russians were saying and how they were spending money to get close to the clintons. and ultimately try to influence the decision on uranium. ainsley: all right. well, that's the one scandal
4:05 am
with hillary clinton. that's the uranium one deal. steve: um-huh. ainsley: there is also another scandal we have been talking about at fusion gps. the dirty dogs yea. this is the new information. many are wondering if she broke the law if she and the dnc broke the law. the campaign legal center has filed a complaint with the federal election commission. they are aaccusing hillary's campaign and the dnc breaking campaign finance laws because they did not disclose the money that they spent. brian: just missing $5.6 million. must be a rounding error. greg jarrett weighed in. >> 13 potential crimes committed by hillary clinton. she could be charged for six anticorruption statutes. they are all felonies. she could also be charged with racketeering for using her charity as a criminal ernght prize. and then you've got all of the email crimes, two of them under the espionage act
4:06 am
and two additional. and now this latest dossier information. you can't pay a foreign national relative to a political campaign, and it appears she also and the dnc hid it in their disclosure reports which could also be criminally charged. steve: what they did with the disclosure forms was they wrote down legal services. they weren't legal services because these weren't attorneys. this was opposition research. they should have written that down. opposition research is fine, everybody does it. ainsley: you had should write that down. steve: sure, absolutely. i was listening to the rnc chief yesterday who was on with dana in the afternoon. she says she do opposition research and we push it out. but we don't have a third party push it out, which, keep in mind, fusion g.p.s., i believe in september of last year, brought in all the reporters from the big newspapers and networks and said, okay, look at the dossier right here. everybody in washington
4:07 am
heard shortly thereafter what was in the dossier. and, yet, the woman at the head of the campaign, hillary clinton, says she didn't even know about it until it was published by buzz feed. brian: really? is that the case? so, when brian fallon, who is the spokesperson for hillary clinton came out yesterday and started tweeting, good, if we are linked to this, if i had gotten that, i would have used it and gotten all that information out. but then he did an interview on cnn. and he was asked, since hillary clinton is on the record saying she knows nothing about it, did she actually know anything about it? listen. >> just to be clear, brian, you have said previously in the last 24 hours, you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either. is that right? >> oh, i don't know. i haven't asked. i haven't spoken to her, no. >> okay. thank you for clarifying. >> yes. >> shouldn't she know -- shouldn't you, someone so high up in the campaign be informed of this? >> well, i mean she may have known, but the degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge.
4:08 am
brian: that's the worst spin i have ever heard in my life. steve: think about it though who paid this firm all that money to do this. if hillary didn't know, you know, may have known, and debbie wasserman schultz didn't know, because the allegation is that the dnc and the campaign paid them. okay. that's the campaign. and that's the dnc. unless it was john podesta, who was the campaign manager who hired them, john podesta, whose brother is tony podesta, who is currently being investigated by the fbi for links to russia, do you see some dots being convicted here? brian: limpings to paul manafort. he link links with tony podesta raised in the same podesta family as john. steve: his brother. brian: coming up later, just to brag a little bit, trey gowdy, if you ask him the right question he will give you i have explicit answer. house oversight and governor reform committee chairperson. >> i believe he took over for jason chaffetz who came to us. ainsley: that will be interesting. he will give us all the
4:09 am
answers and find out how close we are to finding out who actually was in charge of giving that law firm all of that money which led to the dossier. we have some questions for him. also, the president had an exclusive interview with our lou dobbs last night. and he was talking about all the fake news and the unfair media. listen to this. >> so the one thing that i really thought, because i thought i was treated very unfairly by the press in the campaign. when i won i said the good news is now they will start treating me well. but they got much worse. lou, they put on stories on cnn, on nbc and cbs and abc and nbc being offshoot with msnbc which is ridiculous. they have so-called sources that, in my opinion, don't exist. they will say sources have said. they are sitting down. they make it up. it is so dishonest. it is so fake. and you know i have come up
4:10 am
with some pretty good names. people, i think one of the best names is i have really started this whole fake news thing. they have turned it around and now they are calling stories put out by facebook fake. they are fake. what could be more fake than cbs and nbc and abc and cnn when you look at some of these stories? brian: one thing they are pursuing on the other side, the thing that came out yesterday. i was saying this to sean last night, every time something happens president gets on the roll poland speech or rise in the market economy at 3%. there is some type of opposition research jumps down. ainsley: like they hold it. brian: it seems like they're running timing patterns. latest one is wikileaks revelation reached out to julian assange to find out if they had the 30,000 emails from hillary clinton. did he confirm yesterday they did reach out. i didn't give them an answer. cambridge analytical one of the private firms hired by the trump campaign at one point on the social media side. steve: president did say there is nothing to the
4:11 am
russia thick and maybe now we are learning not so much regarding him and collusion. ainsley: anchors the 5:00 a.m. show as you know. steve: good morning. ainsley: you put a graphic up of all the major networks. zero coverage of uranium deal. jillian: i know. it's crazy. my question was, look, you are supposed to be journalists. i'm not saying that they are not. i'm saying we are the liaison. we are the middle man from everything that's going on in the information to the people who need to know what's going on how do you not tell them what's going on? that was my big question this morning. let's get right to the news and let you know what's going on. a fox news alert. start with that a search for a killer intensify in florida. tampa issuing a stern warning as police ramp up patrols. >> you guys go hunt him down. and bring his head to me. jillian: well, investigators still don't have a lead after a string of three killings in 11 days. police believe the murders
4:12 am
may be connected. they all happened at bus stops within a one mile radius. heart breaking testimony from a former navy seal remembering the loss of his military dog in the search for disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl. retired navy senior chief petty officer james hatch was shot in the leg. his dog was killed. hatch is one of three soldiers to testify in the sentencing hearing. jonathan whose hand was shattered in the grenade takes the stand today. berg dal admittea look at your n this thursday, guys. steve: busy day. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. steve: the department of justice will let an fbi confidential informant testify about the russian uranium deal. senate judiciary committee chair chuck grassley wants to take it even further. how? he's going to join us live next and tell us. brian: man, he has a bounce in his step. plus she is back, finally, rosie o'donnell just reignited her fuse with president trump.
4:13 am
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♪ ♪
4:17 am
ainsley: time for news by the numbers. first, 544. that's how many illegal ballot officials in pennsylvania found that have been cast since the year 2000. they say a glitch in the drivers license system dating back to 1995 caused noncitizen immigrants to register. next, 8. that is how many border wall prototypes will be put to the test along the san diego border today. they will be graded on how hard they are to climb. how hard they are to dig under and to cut through. after the test, the trump administration will pick unto use. and finally, nine out of ten, nearly nine out of ten americans don't like how the government is spending money. their money. that's according to a fox news poll it found republicans and democrats are nearly equally as frustrated. also, today mark as major milestone for a signature trump campaign promise. >> build that wall. build that wall. >> build the wall. >> we are going to build the wall, okay?
4:18 am
ainsley: all right. we're going to have the latest on that wall next. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
4:19 am
well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage.
4:20 am
>> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
4:21 am
steve: all right. this is a fox news alert. overnight the department of justice has lifted a gag order on that fbi informant who helped expose the uranium one scandal. brian: all right. senate judiciary committee chairperson chuck grass solid calling on the special counsel to investigate the growing story. senator, i know it's tough hearing with all the background noise and you are soldiering on. senator, why do you think we need a special counsel? what alerted you to the fact that we have got to go deeper? >> well, obviously there was and is justification for special counsel, russia vs. trump. now we have got problems
4:22 am
with the previous administration. it seems to me that there are so many people within the justice department that maybe have conflicts of interest, that i asked for a special counsel in regard to the investigations of russia versus the obama and clinton involvements with uranium one current special counsel, robert mueller, do not trust robert mueller to investigate it's not a case of trusting mueller for what he can investigate and things that he is independent of there might be reasons to wonder his involvement because of his involvement with the previous administration during this period of time. there's no way that i can make any accusations against
4:23 am
mr. mueller because he is a man of high ethical standards. but, on the other hand, i think that when there is all these questions, and special counsels are being used, if particularly where there might be criminal fraudulent activities, we ought to have the same conversations for that independence that mueller gives to the independents of whether or not there was russian influence in our elections. brian: this fbi source, whose identity was unknown, will now be allowed to step forward. what questions do you have for him? do you expect to get him in front of your committee? do you know who he is? >> i don't know who he is i presume that obviously when we get an opportunity to question him, we're going to find that out. i do know the lawyer well. and i do know what the lawyer said that this person is willing to testify.
4:24 am
and he might know something about the involvement in the uranium one of money laundering, fraudulent activity and bribery and we ought to know about that because transparency brings accountability. steve: that's right. we have heard that this particular informant his testimony was used to convict three people in bribery money laundering case three years ago. he apparently has been threatened by the russians. so he probably worries about his own personal safety. do you know whether or not this particular i object informant will testify in public or behind closed doors? >> right now the limitation we have is not for the person to be released from his statement, that he made with the fbi and the agreement he made with the
4:25 am
fbi. that he will talk to people in question and answer with sink gel staff person lawyers on the judiciary committee staff. at this point that's the only release we have. so much more information than we would have ever had information to before. let's start there and see what that does. i want to know why this thing can't be broken up completely so that we can maybe national security reasons. there may be reason for his personal protection. on the part of people we thought cover up. justice or fbi that now that we have informant a little bit.
4:26 am
then we will get more information, draw more conclusions later on. brian: senator, a couple things, adam schiff, you know the ranking member of the house intelligence committee uranium one investigation is a partisan effort aligned with the white house and fox and breitbart. no consultation with democrats in congress. i think tells you all you need to know about whether this is a good faith effort or not. what do you say to people who think this is a distraction from the trump collusion investigation? >> i look at it this way. pretty much as i do over a period of my three decades in the united states senate building reputation for doing oversight work that's equal opportunity, in other words, not worrying about whether a president is a republican or democrat, so simple answer to your question is, if it's good to investigate russians
4:27 am
involvement in the election process in the united states and in regard to trump, it's just as legitimate to investigate russia vs. the clintons. steve: all right. senator, in the sound bite before that one right there, you -- did you suggest there may have been a coverup regarding this in the last administration? i suggested we need more information from the standpoint of my relative suspicion of bureaucrats generally that if there is something that they don't. they don't want that information out, that wouldn't be just last justice department. that would be my feeling towards government bureaucracy generally. that they don't want to be embarrassed and that leads me to raise a question could there be a coverup? i don't have an answer for
4:28 am
it yet, but we have found that to be a practice through the bureaucracies under republican or democrat. brian: lastly, senator, real quick, i'm wondering why you are able to work with the president regularly and guys like senator corker and senator flake clearly can't. what's the difference? >> the difference is that i am a member of the legislative branch of government. i have got my job to do representing the people of iowa. my whole approach is policy, not personality and i don't care who is president of the united states. steve: all right. there you go. chuck grassley who has represented the great state of iowa for many years. sir, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. brian: the audio is not great. the echos are tremendous and he still soldiered on. good job, senator grassley. we appreciate it. alarming new study finding the food you give your baby could have arsenic in it. what all babies need to know before you spit it out. steve: indeed. remember when the democrats
4:29 am
called donald trump jr.'s meeting with that russian lawyer perhaps treason? why now is hillary's dossier no big deal? that man, dan bongino is going to join us live to explain that right? ♪ ♪ you're going my way ♪ i want to drive oh...sorry i'm late sir...had a doctor's appointment. so was your doctor's appointment at a steakhouse?
4:30 am
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the strikingly designed impolexus nx turbore. and hybrid. lease the 2017 nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ ♪ brian: let's bring in dan bongino because he showed up this morning. we brought him over. he is a secret service agent nypd officer and author of "renegade republican." you also have another book out. >> renegade republican is my podcast. protecting the president is my book. brian: still out now. >> still out now. brian: you will be on outnumbered a little bit later. >> i'm the lucky guy. steve: i like your socks. >> i saw pete i thought i'm definitely going to spice it up a bit.
4:33 am
ainsley: brian, let's see yours. brian: i went plain black. if you start wearing gel then i'm going to be worried because that's too much pete hegseth. ainsley: talk about russian collusion, democrats are saying against president trump russia, russia, russia. they are saying that meeting with don jr. that was treason with the russian attorney. but now we are hearing all of this about the democrats and hillary clinton and fusion g.p.s. and they are saying oh, that's just standard. that's what both sides always do. >> listen, you know, i really try not to jump on the conspiracy theory train ever, even on my own show. i get in trouble for not feeding into conspiracy theories. how is this not the scandal of the century right now? we have the democrats for six months, even more than that who pumped us -- if you are a liberal today, don't you feel stupid that for six months you were told the biggest scandal of trump colluding with the russians to tilt the course of an american election. now we find out that the boomer rang has come back and slammed the democrats right in the face. and the entire time the russian connection was through the d.c. and the dnc ane
4:34 am
clintons campaign? there is a couple take aways. i was a former federal investigator. this is not a joke now. you had bogus spurious information fed from the russians into our fbi that was used in a presidential daily brief. the president was briefed on fake russian information. brian: under the supervision of the national intelligence director james clapper while briefed by the fbi director james comey. think you might be aware of it, there might be leverage used against you once you assume office. >> i will take this to the second pingt here too. you are right. if this information was used god for bid in a document to get a warrant to tap anyone on the trump campaign, i mean, you want to hear about a scandal, the fbi used fake russian intel potentially? steve: i read in the "new york post" this morning this fake dossier was used to apparently justify a fisa warrant to spy, well,
4:35 am
monitor, the government monitors, not spies, on some members of the trump campaign. so it is exactly what you are talking about. and it was paid for by the opponent, which is crazy. >> i saw your gusts earlier the magnitski lawyer. brian: phil browder. >> how is this information if you are a liberal how are you not horrified. i get it, listen, i don't tell anyone who to vote anymore. i get it vote republican, vote liberal, that's fine. if you are a liberal how are you not horrified that people in your government at the spheres of power took fake russian intel to start a counter intelligence investigation against the presidential candidate? ainsley: this should be illegal, not happen. what happens next? >> i think fusion g.p.s. right now, this has become a very serious. brian: you mean the group that took the fifth? >> fusion gps has got to come clean. we have got to see the bank records. in those bank records you have to look for one thing. catherine herridge has been all over. this did the russians pay fusion gps and what was the money for? because this -- folks, i'm telling you, we have lost
4:36 am
trust in our entire ic intelligence community. brian: we agree that the dnc write 3.6 million and hillary clinton campaign over 5 million, just short of 6 million. you are trying to see if the russians were also paying. >> if the russians were paying the conduit, the vehicle for this whole thing fusion gps while the dnc and hillary were, and what were they taking that money for, i mean, you have a monstrous scandal that really could change american politics forever. steve: man oman. meanwhile let's talk about the terrible story last month, earlier this month that is to say in las vegas where jesus campos apparently walked in to the 32nd floor, he was a security guard at mandalay bay and wound up getting shot in the leg. >> yeah. steve: people are. brian: hailed as a hero. steve: where did he go between that night and his appearance on ellen? as it turns out now, tucker had on his show last night somebody who suggested that he left the country, went to
4:37 am
mexico for a week. we didn't even know about it. >> that's really strange. listen, i get it. he was a victim in this. i totally understand. but this is the largest potential crime. it is the crime of the century in american history. had a huge mass murder, horrific attack. the american people under standably want answers and this investigation has not been forthcoming. the most innocent explanation i can imagine in this at this point, because it is very strange. it may have been a pre-planned trip. but he was a witness to one the largest murders in american history by the way with a wounded leg. he was shot with a 556 or 223 round. ainsley: why would that be alarming he went to mexico. >> you are the witness to the biggest crime in american history while investigators are potentially going to need access to you and you leave the country while you are injured by the way? steve: why would he leave the country. brian: he appears to be the hero on, this at the very least he could reconstruct the time line. >> my innocent explanation because i want to defer to them on this and believe
4:38 am
that this is the right thing here, is that mandalay understood that he was overwhelmed with the attention, understandably. he was involved. he was a victim of this as well. and that they needed to give him some time to get his thoughts together before he said something on an interview that could potentially cause legal liability. brian: you are worried did you go to ellen? that's ridiculous. she didn't even ask what the time line was. >> think about it, brian, that's the only one they could control because of business relationships. there were other interviews they could control. afraid he would say something that put legal liability. brian: i will say something ellen cannot be controlled. >> she dances pretty well. brian: not a as well as you would think. >> have you ever seen brian dance on the set? ainsley: never have. brian: i'm a happy nondancer. steve: i have seen him dance. it was the ymca. it was a long story. dan, thank you very much. you will be on outnumbered. ainsley: i expect to see you on the dance floor. brian: that's a.j., right?
4:39 am
ainsley: remember you saw him propose to his fiance on times square? dance floor. steve: december 1st stz date of the up in the actuals the electric slide. brian: i don't think he is taping it. steve: jillian has other news. jillian: let's begin with this headline. president trump expected to declare a public health insurance on the opioid crisis today. "u.s.a. today" routeing the president will direct the department of health and human services to wave regulations and give states more flexibility in how they use federal funds. the president explaining the crisis to fox business' lou dobbs. >> the opioid is a tremendous emergency. what's going on there. and i tell you what, we have made a big impact, but, still -- jillian: more than 64,000 americans died from opioid overdoses last year. your baby's food could have deadly chemicals in it. listen up, an alarming new study finding arsenic in popular formulas and baby foods. the clean label project
4:40 am
finding the chemical element in 65% of the products they tested. a shocking 80% of formulas including brands like enfamil also testing possible and 60% of products contained led. rosie o'donnell promised to move to canada if president trump won the election. she never did. now she is worried she won't survive the next three years. in an interview first since the election rosy says quote i seriously worry whether i personally will be able to live through his presidency and whether the nation will live through it and survive. roast and the president have been publicly feuding for years. game two of the world series bringing all the drama and excitement to los angeles. >> the springer. that to right center field well hit. won't be caught. it is gone for a home run. jillian: oh, man. that two-run blast in the 11th inning proving to be the difference in the astro's 7 to 6 win against the dodgers.
4:41 am
the series now tied at one game each. but, it was legendary announcer vin scully who stole the show returning to dodgers stadium for the ceremonial first pitch. >> i think i hurt my rotator cuff. i need a left hander to come out here and help me. oh my god. fern in anfernando venezuela.>>r after 67 seasons of calling dodger baseball. what a night. brian: he called it when they were in brooklyn. jillian: it's incredible when you see something like that. be there and have that moment forever. steve: skully was smart though. rather than actually throw it, he handed it to an expert. brian: i don't want to put a damper on it but they did lose. jillian: you nosy what,
4:42 am
brian? jeez, just enjoy the moment. brian: i'm telling you they lost. steve: do you know who loves though is fox. ainsley: when is the next game? jillian: day after tomorrow. brian: knox is not all about ratings. steve: we love people to watch our show and janice has actually got a couple people going to watch her do some "foxcasting." janice: absolutely. where are you from? >> plymouth, wisconsin. janice: what were your names. >> cindy and jon scott. janice: jon scott you know we have a jon scott as well. they watch "fox & friends" so often. what is your telltale that you watch "fox & friends" so often? >> well, just wonderful news report we get was fun during the commercial breaks to watch brian get his hair touched up. janice: right, brian gets his hair touched up. janice: how does it look today? >> beautiful. he's a fine looking man. janice: is he a fine looking man. take a look at this map. in new york city beautiful day. cold air is coming my friends. first significant storm of the season moving into the upper midwest my friends in
4:43 am
wisconsin u right? we are going to get some snow there and potential for windy conditions. this is going to be our next weathermaker going to bring cold air southward and much of the country is going to feel it. do you want to say hi to brian and steve and ainsley. >> good morning brian, steve and ainsley. >> nice seeing you. janice: look at brian fixing his hair? steve: they are actually right behind us. they are watching during the commercials as the make jump and hair people come in. and touch up brian. ainsley: is he such a diva. what does her husband think about brian is a fine looking man. >> well, i would have to agree with her. janice: good answer. back inside. steve: a fox news alert. the u.s. house would soon vote today on a crucial new budget that could pave the way for president trump's tax cuts. what they mean for your wallet when stuart varney breaks it down next. good morning, stu.
4:44 am
brian: patriotism now required. mandatory class one college is rolling out and man who made it happen will join us live, red, white, and blue and varney. ♪ what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. ♪ stare with me into the abyss ( ♪ )
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4:47 am
jillian: jill. ainsley: in just a few hours the house is going to vote on the senate budget framework. if it's passed it could clear the way for president trump's tax reform. but not all republicans are on board. steve: this comes as a new poll show 89% of americans are frustrated by how the government spends your money. brian: here to react is the host of varney and company stuart varney. he is playing for us now because is he getting ready for his show that starts in an hour and 13 minutes. first is, there going to be drama today in the house on the budget? >> the stakes are so high on this thing that, yes, there will be drama one way or the other. excuse me. if there is a no vote, that kills the fast track to tax
4:48 am
cuts. brian: unbelievable. >> if there is a no vote it, really hurts president trump's growth agenda. if there is a no vote, it hurts the republicans in next year's election. the other way around, if there is a yes vote, then, yes, tax cuts are on a fast track. and, yes, the president's pro-growth agenda is going forward. and, yes, the republicans may recover some in next year's elections. big deal. steve: i know the freedom calculation was negotiating with the white house all along so that whatever they brought forward today they could go ha long with it and then go ahead and fast track the tax cuts stuff. but there were a lot of republicans in congress who don't like the fact that today they are going to vote for a budget they don't like in order to get the taxes. >> yes. but they -- i think they will vote for it i think there will be 218 votes in the house to pass this budget. but there are two outstanding issues. first of all, state and local taxes. at the moment you get a deduction against your federal taxes for the state and local taxes that you pay. there is a proposal to do
4:49 am
away with that deduction. do you that, and people in high tax states, new york, new jersey, california, illinois, all of those people will pay more, despite a tax cut. ainsley: if they vote yes, that's going to happen? >> no, no. if they vote no. it goes to negotiation. this is going to be negotiated. it's in there. brian: contentious. the republicans must realize it's not in their self-interest to implode like this. not party interest their self-interest. >> that's why i'm saying odds are i think very much in favor of 218 yes votes in the house. the vote starts late this morning. we'll be covering it watch that stock market because if it looks like a no vote that market, i think, will go down. if it looks like a yes vote i think it goes up. that's the state of play. it's about as high stakes as you can get for everybody involved. ainsley: we know what our top story been tomorrow
4:50 am
morning. >> can you never tell. steve: can you never tell. ainsley: we'll be watching your show at 9:00. steve: over on the other channel. steve, sir. >> thank you. ainsley: kid rock says is he not running for senate but this veteran is. he could be the future of the republican party. is he going to join us for his first national interview. steve: that veteran right there. plus, patriotism now required the brand new mandatory college one college is rolling out and the man who made it happen joins us live next ♪ in the good old fashioned way ♪ i watched them shut the factories down ♪ and the foreigners roll in to town ♪
4:51 am
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ainsley: anthem protesters can learn a thing or two from this college course. creating a mandatory freshman class on patriotism. focusing on respect for the military and our beautiful flag. college president jerry davis calls this a much needed move and he joins us live from near campus with more. good morning to you, jerry, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. good morning. ainsley: good morning. why did you decide to make this class mandatory for all freshman at your school? >> we think this class will enhance our caring out of our patriotic goal and we are trying to teach students to understand and support and be willing to defend our country. we think that's needed, especially because of the culture in which we live. we have 99% of us being -- having our safety secured by less than 1% of the military. and we think the general public needs to have a better understanding of the military. and we think our students need to get that background, too, before they go out in
4:55 am
the world and we hope make a difference. ainsley: i think it's just great. you said it must be taught. it must be modeled. the class is called patriotic education and fitness. and in this class you teach rifle markmanship, math reading and rope knotting. why did you decide those three things knee to be taught to our students? >> well, if you are going to teach young people about the values that identify, there is no better way to do that than in cooperation with the united states military. so, basically, this course includes what we would find at rotc 101 at most campuses. it's a combination of courses. ainsley: i wanted to get your response to collin kaepernick's protest and what would you tell your teams if they go and play another team that refuses to stand for the anthem? >> we don't plan on playing another team that refuses to stand. we think that's disrespectful and we think we owe the military more
4:56 am
than that. some people say that it's not about the military. well, that's who usually brings the flag out when we do the national anthem. and we think it's not encouraging to somebody, for example, who might be in afghanistan risking their lives to come home and see some spoiled millionaire making a statement against the very country they are trying to defend. we think people can say whatever they want. but they need to keep in mind there is a better place to say that. we don't care if a person is involved in football, basketball, or basket weaving. we all owe this country something, and we certainly owe the people who defend us our respect. ainsley: jerry davis. god bless you. if you are watching at home and want more information the school is college of the ozarks. thank you so much. still ahead on "fox & friends," democratic senator joe manchin and congressman trey gowdy plus sean hannity is up early. he is here in the city. and he is going to be on the curvey couch, too, talking
4:57 am
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♪ brian: the doj lifting a gag order on the fbi informant. he has critical information about the russia uranium deal. >> he might know something about lawn dering, fraudulent activity, bribery, we ought to know about that. ainsley: campaign legal center filed a complaint with the federal elections commission. they're accusing the hillary campaign and dnc breaking finance laws. >> you doesn't believe hillary clinton may have known this either, right? >> she may have known. steve: how are you not horrified to have a monstrous scandal that could change u.s. politics forever. >> if there is a yes vote, yes, tax cuts are on a fast track. >> that is into right
5:01 am
centerfield. well--hit. it won't be caught. it is gone for a home run. the astros win it, 7-6. ♪ ♪ steve: sean hannity coming up this hour. so is trey gowdy. we'll talk about all things russia with him because he has a lot of questions just like you do. brian: might be the finest prosecutor in all of washington, trey gowdy. he is very concise, very deliberate. i think he might be as respected as any lawmaker on both sides. ainsley: just like the song says, let's get it started. we begin this hour with
5:02 am
fox news alert. doj lifting a gag order on fbi i am fornash at ant with critical information about the russia uranium deal and what role secretary of state hillary clinton played. brian: so many details. this morning the story is evolving by the second. steve: griff jenkins joining us from washington what we do know. good morning, griff. reporter: this is moving very quickly this investigation. senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley who was on, has called for the gag to be lifted on the fbi informant. grassley called for a special counsel into the uranium deal which needs to be independent into the current probe of russia head about the russia meddling in the elections. grassley says we may or may not ever know the identity of the informant. they may protect him for his safety but the doj issued a
5:03 am
statement, but they authorized him to disclose the information, chairman, ranking members, chief of staff of the committee and two house committees. the center of his testimony will be knowledge of alleged corruption and bribery, money laundering into the uranium market and if secretary clinton gave 20% of control of u.s. uranium reserves in exchange for donations to the clinton foundation. president trump weighed in on this, calling it a modern-day watergate. >> i think the uranium sale to russia, the way it was done, so underhanded, with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that is watergate modern age. reporter: other committees investigating intelligence committee headed by devin nunez and chairman gowdy, government oversight committee. fascinating to what he has to
5:04 am
say. hillary clinton weighed in saying this is distraction saying it is baloney they have been peddling for years. brian: distraction from what? sorry, griff, i didn't mean to get you involved. i guess i can let you go. steve: give earnings mentioning chuck grassley from the great state of iowa. he was on with us a while ago. brian: we should toss to the sound bite like this. steve: it was very loud. one of the things he was calling for a special counsel to investigate exactly what the last administration knew regarding the uranium one deal. keep in mind the president was getting information from the confidential informant, from the fbi in his presidential daily briefing. so they knew the russians were trying to influence the federal government, yet they still okayed the uranium one deal. watch. >> obviously there was and is a justification for special
5:05 am
counsel, russia versus trump. now we've got problems with the previous administration. it seems it me that there's so many people within the justice department that maybe have conflicts of interest, that i asked for a special counsel in regard to the investigations of russia versus the obama and clinton involvements with uranium one. i want to know why this thing can't be broken up completely, so that we can have them before the full committee and in public teach steve here's the key and we did ask him, don't you trust robert mueller who is doing the special counsel he is work right now? he aid essentially, there are people within the department of justice who may have been conflicted. hmmm. who could that be? keep in mind, regarding the uranium one deal and confidential informant, who was the fbi director at that time?
5:06 am
robert mueller was the fbi director at that time. so he does have a conflict, don't you think? brian: right. and his former deputy, once acting still there, correct? >> rod rosenstein. brian: right. ainsley: we'll ask trey gowdy all of that. dossier, another surrounding controversy for the hillary clinton and the dnc. nine million was given to the law firm. they put on the receipt, for legal services. that law firm hires fusion gps to come up with this dossier. it links the clintons, that is not illegal, to, well, let me take that pack. opposition research is not illegal. both sides do this. what many people are asking now still legal to hide the money, to put legal services instead of making it on just it was opposition research. she said she didn't know anything about the dossier. dino anything until buzzfeed
5:07 am
printed it. brian: she gets buzzfeed delivered to her house. brian fallon, who was cocky 48 hours ago, couldn't come up with an answer. >> just to be clear, brian, you have said previously in the last 24 hours, you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either? >> i don't know. i haven't spoken to her. >> thank you for clarifying. >> yes. >> shouldn't she know, shouldn't someone so high up in the campaign be inform of this? >> well, i mean she may have known, but, the degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge. brian: who had withdrawal slip for 5.6 million? i will not follow up on that. ainsley: everyone in washington says they knew about it. all the media outlets knew about it, didn't want to report because it was so salacious. the dossier. what is interesting, everyone in d.c. knew about it. don't you think the lady, running against president trump, she would no something about it.
5:08 am
brian: i want to know who the republican was that commissioned the study to begin with. >> we think we know what campaign was. we haven't had that confirmed yet. but it was fusion gps that was briefing journalists a year ago. we didn't know until recently that hillary clinton and her campaign, and the dnc were paying for it. so, if hillary didn't know, and dnc incident know, because debbie wasserman schultz and tom perez said we didn't know, who hired the firm? maybe the campaign manager. maybe john podesta, whose brother is currently under investigation for his work with ukraine and the whole russia thing. we don't know. brian: up until recently i didn't know john had a brother tone think. we're learning a lot. we'll somehow get out that family tree. maybe if we unearth it, do 23 and me, find out someone who was related to them. steve: sure. brian: the republican began opposition research on president as it relates to russia, they
5:09 am
did not have christopher steele involved at time. christopher steele was hired, if we believe the story by "the washington post" and democrats and clinton campaign took over. christopher steele was so hooked, in i have a idea if donald trump won, i want to continue the information. i did not know the fbi was outsourcing using private contractors. steve: and not only looks likes this particular company was getting paid by russia, according to one of our earlier guests as well. can you imagine getting paid by the hillary clinton campaign and russia to come up with a dossier with a bunch of stuff that makes your opponent look bad? dan bongino was on. he said the russia thing it is boomeranged. democrats didn't see this coming. >> how is this not the scandal of the century right now? we have the democrats for six months, even more than that, who pumped -- if you're a liberal today, don't you feel stupid?
5:10 am
for six months you were told the biggest scandal in the world was trump colluding with the russians to tilt the course of an american election. now the boomerang came back slammed democrats right in the face and the entire time the russian connection was through the dnc and the clinton campaign? steve: there is a lot there. we mentioned this earlier. campaign for legal center filed a complain against hillary clinton's campaign saying they lied on the disclosure forms. if you pay for obsession research, call it opposition research. don't call it catering or in this case, don't call it -- ainsley: legal services. steve: legal services. it wasn't legal services of the that was the lawyer who hired the -- brian: remember tom hanks movie, "we got mail." we got mail. this is one of them. steve: we've got mail. brian, viewer response goes something like this, this tweet from eve, ainsley. ainsley: she knew, she claims to be a political know it all. hillary doesn't miss a trick, especially when it came to her
5:11 am
presidential race. steve: pat was tweeting today, hillary testified under oath that the dnc was broke and that she had to inject millions. she knew exactly where it went. brian: for the record, that was a sequel, we got mail, right? steve: it was never called we got mail. it was called. "you got mail." ainsley: when you had aol, when you got mail -- >> you got mail. brian: that is tom hanks? steve: no, that is the aol voice. it is a guy from sterling virginia. i know the whole story. ainsley: i loved that movie by the way. every time it is on -- it was filmed on upper west side. jillian: more on that later, a fox news alert. isis could be plotting deadly attacks against tourists in the caribbean. the head of national security in trinidad & tobago issue a grim warning as tourists return home from the middle east.
5:12 am
they say not a question of if but when they attack. 100 people from the island nation traveled to the middle east to fight against isis. president trump said he did not personally authorize the military mission in niger that left four americans dead. >> i did not specifically. i have great generals. i gave them authority to do what is right so we will win. jillian: president adding he believes we will win the fight against isis. four soldiers were killed this month when the terror group launched an attack. the they are reportedly looking to use armed drones to fight terror. the moment kate steinle was killed played at the trial of illegal immigrant juan-carlos -- lopez-sanchez. he drops the gun into the water and takes off. he was jailed five times just before the shooting. testimony continues today.
5:13 am
that is your headlines. back to you guys. brian: thanks, jillian. democrats sounds off on the gop tax plan, for example. >> this plan is a disaster for america. brian: senator joe manchin wants to work with president of the he wants something in return though. he is here next. steve: kid rock apparently says he is not running for u.s. senate but this combat vet is. he could be the future of the party. he will join us for his first national tv interview as kid rock sings about all summer long. ♪ oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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♪ brian: democrats like senator chuck schumer making it clear they're not in favor of the public cans tax plan the way it is right now. what will it take for any democrat to get involved with the president, gop in any way, shape or form comes to workers and tax adjustments because everybody agrees it is time to make an adjustment? senator joe manchin joins us, what your leader, senator chuck schumer says, there is a path
5:18 am
forward after this republican tax bill fails. do you think with, knowing they only need a simple majority if the budget passes this tax bill will fail? >> i think what you look at, if they're strategizing politically and they are not going to move off where they are right now, 1 1/2, maybe more trillions of dollars starting out with projected deficits, and now with the, with the deductions of local and state taxes, that they seem to be retracting on, puts it even further in the hole, another 1.3 trillion. i think there has to be adjustments. i'm willing to sit down, i can't wait to sit down to see if we can find a pathway forward. i look forward meeting with the white house to try to find the balance if we can. we'll see what happens. i'm willing to work. brian: you are willing to work but where? you told me last week or week before, they're blending together, corporate tax going down to 20% is too low. you want to go up a little. what is the school of thought
5:19 am
there? >> the school of thought is there, we need revenue, certain amounts of revenue to pay bills. we have $20 trillion of debt. we're projected to have more debt. this will be $660 billion deficit. we've got to reverse that. i talked to corporations, they're not objecting at 25%. they want that 10% reduction. i think there is enough democrats that will vote with my republican friends to make that happen. they want territorial. there are things we're agreeing on if we can find that middle as they say. brian: all right. so today you're going to the white house. you were invited there, about this opioid announcement. what are you told by the white house will be announced today that would attack the scourge destroying this country? no i'm hoping for good news. i know, i think that is what is going to happen. i think president will have declaring a national disaster. it's a national emergency. this is disaster we're dealing with. it is epidemic. call it whatever you want to. it is hitting every part of my state of west virginia.
5:20 am
it is hitting every part of this great country. we have to attack this full throttle, if you will. the president naming this a national emergency, will give us resources to go to the front line. it starts with education. i'm talking pre-k. you have to start educating children. brian: right. >> absolutely, very young. we have to have treatment. we have to make sure we can get people healthy again. we have to work with the fda, epa. we have a lot of problems surfacing now. they have to be corrected. it is all hands on board. you can't be fighting with your own government. these agencies, we found out from the previous administration that there were some things that happened that exasperated problem, didn't help it at all. brian: exactly. >> we've got to fix this. brian: big pharma is not helping. 40,000 of everyone million residents of west virginia dies. largest in the country. you will slip in a few tax questions and bipartisan solution on health care too.
5:21 am
thank you very much. >> thank you, brian. can't wait for today. see what happens. >> me too. coming up ahead kid rock says he is not running in michigan. this combat veteran is. he might be the future of the republican party. he joins us for his first national tv interview next. is. experience amazing.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
classified government documents about the assassination of president john f. kennedy in dallas that day made public for the very first time. president trump tweeting quote, the long-anticipated release of hashtag jfk files, so interesting. it is not clear if the president will allow a full release or select certain files to still keep secret. we'll let you know later on today. all right, ainsley. ainsley: thank you, steve. kid rock announcing earlier this week he is not going to run for that senate seat in michigan but this outsider is looking in and just getting his campaign started of the his name is john james. he is an iraq war veteran, army veteran, who already raised more than $300,000 for his senate bid a campaign to replace democrat debbie stabenow. some say he could be the future of the gop. he joins us live for his first national television interview. great to see you, john. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me.
5:26 am
ainsley: i was reading your resume'. you have so many wonderful accolade i think folks at home need to know. first of all tell the folks at home about your military service. >> sure. i have a passion for service. and, i enlisted in the military when i was 18 years old. worked my way into west point. graduated from west point in 2004. was commissioned as second lieutenant in the united states army. became a ranger qualified apache pilot. i flew 750 hours of combat over baghdad. i, as i was fighting for iraqi freedom in operation iraqi freedom,7-09, i'm looking back at michigan and we have very hard hit by the recess. i resolved at that particular point in time, i'm over there fighting for iraqi freedom and not enough people back here fighting for the people of the state of michigan. so i got out of the military. i joined my family business, a small automotive logistics
5:27 am
company in detroit, grew the company from 35 million to 700 million in revenue. added 100 jobs in michigan and east mississippi. ainsley: check the box, when it comes to patriotism. you fought for our country. check the box when it comes to business because you helped family business. what about family? we saw your wife and two boys? >> yes, john is four, hudson is 2 1/2. my beautiful wife liz is watching now. everything i do is because of faith and family, god and country in that or, service before self. that is a big part of why i am running. i believe that the direction of this country is going is not in the way that our founding fathers intended for us. i believe in limited government. i believe that is conservative outsider who has experience in combat is best to get results for michigan and people of the united states of america. ainsley: when our producers talked to you described yourself as unapologetic christian, pro-life, pro-business, pro-second amendment. you are running against
5:28 am
three-term democratic senator debbie stabenow. how are you planning on defeating her? >> look the democratic marketing machine has been peddling this brand of dependency and addiction to government power for as long as i have been alive and just walk around the city of detroit. just walk around michigan. i believe that this brand of freedom by telling people the good news of what our god and our country has guaranteed for us, enabling us to go off and work hard and do what we can, and not rely on the government but to rely on each other in rely on our own hard work to do great things, that is what's best. i believe that when we work together and we get results that is what people really want to see. ainsley: i know that michigan did go for president trump. what about kid rock? he says he is not going to run now. maybe in the future he will.
5:29 am
but he is saying for now he is not running. would you like to seek his endorsement or have you talked to him? >> absolutely. kid rock is a patriot. and we are serving in our own unique ways. he is serving by voicing his message of free speech and not allowing anybody to dictate to him how he thinks. i'm an independent thinker as well. i'm a conservative outsider. if you want to learn a little more, please go to john james for i'm putting out 100 videos 100 days. we're 30 videos deep, you see how i think, what i think, how important this country is to me. how important freedom is to me. ainsley: john james, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. more evidence tieing that russian dossier to hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc. congressman trey gowdy is trying to get to the bottom of all of this, the real russian scandal. he is here live. one school made it mandatory to take a course in patriotism.
5:30 am
the man who made that happen next. sean hannity got up early, coming into the studio. he woke up super early after his show last night to join us on "fox & friends." he has a big announcement. ♪ when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store.
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♪ steve: come on up to the couch. look who is here. sean hannity moments ago said you should wear jeans on the couch. why don't we wear jeans. >> wear them every day like i do. steve: when you're behind your big plastic desk you never wear
5:34 am
pants? >> never. brian: why don't you wear shorts? >> my legs are too pasty. ainsley: you have a big announcement. we get headlines. we'll talk news of the day then the big announcement. jillian: save you nice from the shorts conversation before it foes a little too far. good morning to you at home. new va hospital rankings are out, nothing to celebrate. nearly a dozen facilities failing to improve, renewing the one-star status from 2016. that includes the phoenix va, the hospital that unveiled a national scandal after veterans died for waiting for care. the va uses five-star scale to based on quality factors such as death and infection rates and wait times. off-duty officer in the right place at the right time to save a man's life. incredible surveillance video showing new jersey state trooper dennis paliant, jumping into action after spotting a man choking at buffalo wild wings. the trooper gives the heimlich.
5:35 am
seconds later the man starts breathing again. he is expected to be okay. missouri college rolling outmannedder to class for freshman, all about america. the course at college of the ozarkses teaches them customs, and flag protocol. college president jerry davis told us it is all about respecting military. >> we think the general public need a better understanding of the military. we think our students need to get that understanding before they go back out in the world and that will make a difference. jillian: it also includes physical fitness training. message of gratitude for the american flag amid ongoing national anthem protest. >> dear old glory, thank you. i tell you how deeply proud i am of you. at first it frustrated me to see others not standing for. >> not standing for you would not mean anything. >> that a man could kneel before
5:36 am
you is not a protest. >> that is a testament to your glory. jillian: dallas gym owned by a former nfl player created video. that all americans share the freedom of equality and justice. now back to the shorts conversation. brian: we got a little more serious. sean hannity, is here. the same guy from last night. he is executive producer of a great new movie coming out, "let there be light." we have to talk about that later, unfolding developments, sean. the script is flipped on russia investigation. >> i call it the big boomerang. i predicted this for a while. the mainstream media, the hostile empire russia no longer matters. vladmir putin, dangerous actor, no longer matters, we now know fully, we have a confidential informant, the nda was lifted last night, which mean he had information since 2009. he has documents, he has emails, he has tapes that prove bribery,
5:37 am
extortion, money laundering, this fbi informant. steve: he worked with the fbi to put away three different people. they used his information. he apparently did not testify before the grand jury. we were talking earlier to his attorney to who said it sound like he will testify. not known whether or not it will be in public. the guy is worried about his personal security. >> of course he has to worry about it but all this information is going to come out. what this is really all about, and it never made sense that 20% of the america's uranium would end up in the hands of a hostile actor, vladmir putin. never made sense. it was always dumb. we find out there was entire network, including spies because the fbi informant infiltrated this whole organization for four years. ainsley: i peel like pulling back layers of the onion. there is more and more. >> i can tell what i know, so much more will be coming out. what the bottom line comes out
5:38 am
to, in 2009, they knew about, they had all the evidence, documents, emails, tapes, bribery extortion, money laundering raketeering. steve: from russia. >> from russia. before they actually sign off. steve: influence the clintons and get the deal. >> that is the whole point. there is a huge amount of money involved in all of this. a lot of it got kicked back to the clintons. at this very same time in 2009, why would the department of justice, eric holder, fbi director robert mueller, person in charge of the investigation is rod rosenstein, who is now deputy attorney general, all these people, you can't make this up, all these people supposedly investigating trump russia collusion. ainsley: what do you know about fusion gps? we're learning that the clintons might have put money into that through attorneys calling them legal fees. >> sure. ainsley: the russians were also paying them? >> apparently -- brian: we don't know that yet. >> we don't know that for sure. we know the clintons paid for
5:39 am
the dirt. now the talking point, if you watch any other network not number one like your show, the talking point, oh, but one republican donor, they hired fusion gps. that was only for typical, basic simple on research. this didn't include christopher steele. steele is the main character in this play. he is a former mi6 agent and he is the one that paid russians to come up with dirt on donald trump. turns out to be hillary clinton dnc money and the dirt they're finding, was hookers, sorry, guys at home, if you're have kids, hookers, in a moscow ritz-carlton -- ainsley: yeah, yeah. we know. >> different between night and day. ainsley: little ask their parents what does that mean. brian: let me ask you something -- >> one last point. it was all a lie, regurgitated. steve: never been verified. >> everybody, democrat, ran with
5:40 am
it, ran wit, nobody knew whether it was true. you basically have russians being paid to give bad information on trump, paid by hillary clinton campaign for impact of an election. they want to impact the election. brian: put your sell in their shoes, everything is true, they know it. you read shattered, you know their plan was after trump won, say because of the russians. if they now, their hands were so dirty why would they want that line pursued, do you think? >> i don't even think, i don't think they thought that deeply. everybody thought hillary was going to win. if she won -- we would never be where we are today. this informant and lifting of the nda last night will be massive. he will testify before committees. the evidence he has i'm told by really deep sources will break this thing wide open. here is the bottom line what we'll find out, our country's
5:41 am
national security was sold out. it never made sense to give 20% of our eye uranium. ainsley: how do you explain that. >> how do you explain that? steve: president of the united states en route to marine one said this is modern day watergate. >> this is worse than watergate. watergate was break-in to get op research this is about kickbacks and money laundering. everybody in 2009 knew this evidence existed. they all knew. did nothing to stop it. and took it a step further. they signed off on the uranium one deal. eric holder in charge of justice department. mueller in charge of the fbi. of the rosenstein is in charge investigation. and state department and hillary signed of on giving away foundational material for nuclear weapons. that is really dumb thing to do. brian: brian fallon last night, a spokesperson doesn't know if hillary clinton knew about this. is it possible for all of your
5:42 am
experience in politics, for $5.6 million to leave your campaign and not know it? >> she knew and i think there will be evidence proving she knew. steve: you hire a law firm and they dot dirty work. >> this is bigger part of the puzzle, you ask the question what did they know, when did they know it. barack obama got daily presidential briefings which putin wanted to corner the uranium market. he knew. why didn't they stop it? brian: how many signatures approved it. peter schweitzer wrote about it in the book. >> we didn't talk about the 145 million kick back. steve: we need to leave time for the your new movie this weekend. that is coming up. brian: told sean to diversify. he is finally is. he is getting to the bottom of the multiple russian investigation tied to the clinton campaign and russia
5:43 am
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a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. >> don't you dare tell me about the love and compassion of your so-called god. >> daddy. >> clinically dead in the ambulance for four minutes. >> i saw davie. all i wanted to do was put my heart around him. i don't want to do it. steve: that is kevin sorbo the actor. will be with us tomorrow. today the executive producer of "let there be light." sean hannity. ainsley: i have seen the movie. it is wonderful. brian: before i get to my movie, what if he comes in four?
5:47 am
brian: i'll take it. >> you were on my radio show, everybody knows i'm the star of "fox & friends. steve: what? ainsley: he did say that, on his radio show. you're the star. brian: i was having fun. ainsley: should we leave? brian: i didn't think he was actually on the air. i thought it was between us. ainsley: now we know how we really feel. brian: that is absolutely it. >> that was true moment came flying out of your mouth. ainsley: i was saying buy his book. now i say don't buy his book. steve: tell us about the movie. >> this is really, i'm very proud of this movie. i felt hollywood is out of up to forever, as it relates to conservatives in this country. they insult our intelligence. they're so formulaic. everything is sex, violence. batman, superman, spider-man, 10, 20, 30, 40, jennifer aniston meet as new hollywood guy, falls in love. they to through troubles, make it or get divorced.
5:48 am
that is it. that is their formula. this movie will touch your mind, your heart, your soul. we don't run away from faith, but you don't get hit over the head wit. the movie starts out with a lot of danger and evil in the world. then the scene starts, kevin sorbo plays an atheist. he wrote a book called, aborting god. he is debating christian minister. the crowd is with the atheist. you begin to understand, what brought him to this point in his life. he lost a kid. he left his family. he has not models he is dating. he is drinking, doing drugs. steve: i think i know where this is going? >> where is it going? >> yes and no. i screened movie for a lot of people. of gave it to your group. ainsley: yeah. >> a single person watched this movie not cried a lot. you will not depict ending of movie. steve: kevin sorbo cried.
5:49 am
we watched him. >> i will not say a word. ainsley: are you in the movie? >> i'm not in the movie. this is not about me. deion warwick did the music. phenomenal. we have soundtrack for this movie. steve: called, "let there be light." >> we're independent. we didn't go with big hollywood studio. it went to 4 or 500 theaters. ainsley: i did cry. definitely need kleenex. >> what about your friends did they cry. brian: kevin sorbo, sam sorbo star. incredible message. >> great to drive in four hours to get to see you guys. steve: see you on the radio. >> i'm on your radio show. ainsley: you agree to join us every 30 morning at 8:30. >> he is behind the multiple russian investigations and obama administration and clinton
5:50 am
investigation and congressman trey gowdy joins us next. ainsley: bill hemmer to join us at top of the hour. >> hannity, i hate the highway. it will cut your heart out. all matters russia. the president says he is vindicated. sara sanders live from the white house. all that coming up here. peter king and the uranium deal, what his committee wants to know now. newt gingrich on challenge for congress. it will be a big one. a new film gives tribute to our military. "coming home" might be the biggest mission of all for some of the bravest. sandra and i see you in ten minutes top of the hour right her her.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
steve: fox news alert. the fbi confidential informant is given a green light by the department of justice that he
5:54 am
can testify in number of congressional committees, including house oversight committee. head of that, trey gowdy joins us live. good morning, chairman. >> good morning to you. steve: what do you want to hear from this guy? >> whatever he has. uranium is a very important resource. cfius, i need to make sure they had access to all of the information. if there is an ongoing criminal probe when they're making that important decision i need to make sure there are no barriers to their access to information. so, talking to witnesses is usually a good thing. i'm glad the department of justice made him available. steve: of course apparently he was giving fbi information during the obama administration. they knew what, about the bribery that was reportedly going on there. yet the obama administration went ahead and okayed it. we had chuck grassley on the program about an hour ago. he said he is calling for a special counsel to look into it.
5:55 am
perhaps maybe robert mueller is not the right guy to do this, give the fact he was the head of the fbi during the time of this uranium one deal? >> i have tremendous respect for senator grassley, and i mean that. that is not political speak. he is one of my favorite folks on the other side. my view on special counsel is a little different. there is a regulation. there has to be conflict of interest with the department of justice and none of the other u.s. attorneys can be able to do it. i don't think we met that threshold. i think things that ought to be looked into should first be looked into by the department of justice. that is who we hire. those are men and women we trust to do it. special counsels are really unique fact pattern, and i don't know we met the threshold for that yet. steve: let's talk a little bit about the dossier. we know the clinton campaign and dnc financed part of it after a republican campaign apparently, they dropped out, they didn't need it anymore. does it look to you if the department of justice or the fbi
5:56 am
or somebody used the dossier to justify spying on members of the trump campaign? >> well, we are certainly going to find out. who financed the dossier is relevant. it is important to some of my colleagues. what is most important to me, is whether or not the world's premier law enforcement agency relied upon a piece of investigative work that would make "the national enquirer" blush. that is what i want to know. whether or not the fbi relied upon it to launch an investigation and whether or not they relied upon it in court filings. steve: reportedly hillary clinton didn't know about it until buzzfeed published it. do you believe that? >> i'm not a human polygraph. i don't know what she knew or did not know. i would find it pretty interesting if her campaign was making decisions at that level, that she didn't know about, but, i don't have anything to contribute her with, other than her past. steve: congressman. thank you very much.
5:57 am
>> thank you. y'all have a good week. steve: you bet. we'll be right back. nahelps protect eyesin blue from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th. don't put it off 'til later. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call today to learn about the kinds of coverage we offer, including aarp medicarecomplete plans insured through unitedhealthcare. these medicare advantage plans can combine parts a and b,
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>> well, tomorrow is friday. that means it's geraldo day. >> i have to run to the radio. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news, the gag order lifted after eight years. what will a new witness now tell investigators? justice department now saying a former f.b.i. informant will testify and can testify in front of congress about a deal that allowed russian investors to require a lot of american uranium. that deal brokered under president obama. live here in "america's newsroom." good morning. >> sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. the green light coming as the investigation heats up. the justice department had required the informant to abide by his non-disclosure agreement and not talk about the deal publicly. now that restriction is gone giving three congressional committees


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