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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 26, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> that was fun. thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, a big win for the white house and republicans. house lawmakers approving the budget, paving the way for the party to past tax reform. it was very close, 216-212 with 2 republicans voting no. house speaker paul ryan saying moments ago this bill will ultimately reignite the american dream. we will have much more on this later in the hour. and breaking developments as they happen. fox news alert, an fbi informant under a gag order is cleared by the justice department to tell lawmakers what he knows. now they can ask him about any russian efforts to win favor with the clintons while trying to get approval from the obama administration for a uranium
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deal. and it's was telling fox news the order to lift it came right from president trump himself. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith in here today, harris faulkner. republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe. ghost of kennedy on the fox business network kennedy. and today's hashtag #oneluckyguy, former secret service officer, dan bongino is here and he is we 22 always good to have him. >> dan: i've had a couple of cups of coffee. >> sandra: your levitating. >> dan: serious energy levels. >> sandra: let's get right into it. and obama undercover fbi informant cleared by the justice department from a confidentiality agreement. allowing him to speak through three congressional committees about whether he witnessed any russian efforts to win favor with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state at the time of the deal.
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it put a russian backed company and control of 20% of u.s. uranium. raising questions about the quid pro quo russian money going to the clinton foundation. half-million dollar payday to bill clinton even for one speech to russian banking officials. just dig through this for us because a lot of details are coming our way, but the latest big news is that gag order has been lifted. we will now hear from that fbi informant. >> dan: this guy is a more incredible or woman, we don't know who it is at this point. this source is more than credible. this was a person who sought. this is going to be ugly. if you were writing a script for potential corruption for a book for some thriller, so you have a presidential nominee, you have the sale of nuclear fuel to a hostile foreign actor, nobody disputes that at this point. we have the husband of the secretary of state who works for the administration collecting five times the amount of the
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facebook ads you will lead to change the course of the election and a speaking fee and we are all supposed to sit back and pretend nothing happened? i think this informant could be explosive. >> sandra: i had a conversation with pete p and earlier, the congressman. he's a member of the intel committee. in looking at these investigations and there is, i'm sure you've brought this up with many of your guests. he's asking the question looking back, why was this deal ever approved to begin with? >> harris: why was it approved and who are the people in those nine agencies who helped the approval process along the way, where are they now? the gag order is important to mention. there was some back-and-forth about how about how that was going to be lifted. we now know the resource, fox news has learned that it was the president himself who lifted that gag order, for that question to be there. he requested for the doj. that actually puts him in the game a little bit differently because it was just a couple of days ago that he said this is the story of the decade. it's not getting any attention and we need to know what happened.
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there you have the president of the united states saying to the doj go ahead, do you got to do. we threw the first logical questionnaires from trump is honestly not going to have him release information that would be in any way temperamental to him or anyone else. he must know something and read it where y elsewhere who would he do that? it is a make sense especially with all those other stuff going on from a practical perspective. >> kennedy: under eric holder and the writer lynch into signing the mba and then being threatened if if you came forwd as a whistleblower and talk to congress or any other investigatory body. was very interesting here, even if you take the clintons out of it because there's a long shady stuff that doesn't make sense. hillary calls a bologna, but none of it adds up. to your question, why did we do this? of his criminal informant has gleaned some truth as to why these agencies rushed this along, it goes much deeper than the clintons and then we are talking about those deep stators who are government for decades
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who were just trying to protect their power. >> harris: every time you say that word deep state, people look at you like your conspiracy theorists but that's how we describe the sort of behavior. we could call it something else but it doesn't change the facts. >> lisa: you look at the fact that robert mueller was in charge of the fbi at this time now and he is running a special counsel investigation against russia this time. i do think these are a lot of questions about the fbi, why was congress left in the dark about this? and also, how are we just finding out about this? he look at the amount of coverage that has been given to russia and russia's role in the united states election and how was this just surfacing now? how did reporters not pick up on this through the mountains and mountains of coverage about russia over the past few months? >> kennedy: may be part of that has to do with the president's challenge. he has been aggressive toward the media and i don't necessarily agree with him when he makes attacks on the basic
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rights billed in the first amendment but maybe journalists are internalizing that and thinking you think that we are not doing our job, you think this is fake news, we are going do actual journalism which is terribly inconvenient for people who have held onto power for so long and just assume that they're going to get a pass because people like hillary clinton didn't win the election, therefore any past wrongdoing are not worthy of accountability. >> harris: of the things i've wondered and i don't know how much we know about this, when you talk about criminality and accountability in all of that, what is the chain to follow on that? >> dan: i find the most disturbing portion of this whole story on the criminality end of this is a former federal law enforcement agent, i have the utmost respect for the fbi. let me get that out of the way. the men and women who work there are fantastic. where's the fbi for four years on this case? you slow rolled the case for four years when the russians bought off of fifth? >> sandra: based on you saying that, can you give us details on this informant? what is happening with him right
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now? is he sitting in front of the fbi being questioned at the moment? and then will we ever see him, will his identity be revealed, will he answer questions publicly or behind closed doors? >> dan: is probably going to give a classified briefing. i'm sure the information he holds, you don't want to reveal sources that could implicate others that were involved in this set of potentially still working. in other words, we don't know that this fbi investigation is even done. and they have splintered off into other directions. he's not a law enforcement officer. he may not be familiar when he talks that he's actually giving up information. >> harris: does he lawyer up? >> kennedy: he has. i've spoken with fox business network but to your point, does he talk to the house and senate judiciary committees? chuck grassley has called for special counsel to be appointed here because to your point, robert mueller was in charge of the fbi in 2009. there were two plea deals who
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resulted from this under the fbi investigation. however, they were very soft. these were cream puff plea deals that ended up the money laundering. it followed from a state sanctioned person, one of vladimir putin's operatives and basically giving money and arresting people in those tiny plea deals. this cannot be wrapped up in his investigation. jeff sessions has to recuse himself from meetings that he had last summer. robert mueller oversaw the fbi for all of this is going on 2009, how can he possibly be objective in this? >> lisa: we are also simultaneously talking about the dossier as well. and the role that that played an fbi investigation as well as the special counsel investigation with molar. >> sandra: it is hard to keep
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the two separate. but when we are dealing with the uranian deal itself, the president has made it very clear how serious he thinks this is, so interesting that we just learned that harris just pointed out, we just learned he specifically went to the doj when said lift this gag order, we need to hear from him. >> harris: i want to follow on something that you said just in terms of the type of attorney that this informant would have. i know that none of us here work for the doj, but i'm just curious at that point when you're representing someone who has a gag order, the game has changed. is it going to look differently at this point? >> dan: he picked a very good lawyer. he was smart to do that because again, you want to be very careful that what he says fell under an immunity agreement that he may have signed. we have these king for a day deals, you want to be sure that he has fallen within the lines.
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>> kennedy: she has said it was wrong for the department of justice to threaten him with criminal prosecution for violating an mba good those completely separate issues and like chuck grassley, the senator from iowa for an independent counsel in this regard because they were so many questions that require oversight. it goes back to your point, why did we make this deal in the first place? no one has satisfactorily answered that or even close. >> sandra: we will have much more on this developing story, former house oversight committee chairman will be joining you next hour on "outnumbered" over time. be sure to catch that. house republicans nearly passing a $4 trillion budget paving the way for tax reform. what happens next and will the party and the white house get a big actually to win back that they badly need. and the clintons -- whether team clinton broke election laws him on how much did or did not know about the payments to a research firm behind that dossier.
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>> harris: a bit today on
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capitol hill. fox news alert, the house has passed a budget by a 216-212 vote. it was close as expected. 20 republicans voted no good the budget approval pave the way for congress to take up tax reform now. but a win is a win. a win for president trump and republicans. lawmakers wasting no time, just announcing that the bill will be available on november 1st markets beginning november 6th. >> today, we passed a budget that is fiscally responsible, it strengthens our national defense, and it is really good for taxpayers. most importantly, this budget that we just pass in the house today brings us one step closer to historic tax reform. that means more jobs, they were taxes, bigger paychecks for americans. >> harris: no democrats voted for the budget. the sender been carted of marilyn says he does not think though get it to a tax bill just yet. >> i don't think it's very likely that will get it done this year. we need to have democrats and republicans working together.
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we will not support a program that's going to blow a hole in the deficit. in their plan is scheduled to be a $1.5 trillion additional debt, probably will be much larger than that. as you've already pointed out, we've always supported tax proposal that helps the middle class. the majority, overwhelming majority of pay here go to the highest income people. >> harris: president trump a celebrating grade he tweeted big news, but it just past. the house ways and means committee chairman within seconds put this out in its own longer form letter. today is a historic day and we are ready to deliver tax relief on november 1st, we will introduce our tax reform bill that will deliver more jobs, there are taxes, and bigger paychecks to people across the country. >> dan: first, was that a comedy act? is a very nice guy might just get that out of the way. but it seems seriously as a democrat talking about blowing a hole in the deficit? i get it, republicans are blowing holes in the deficit two.
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that's why i call myself the renegade republican. i am not aligned with the g.o.p. in any way at this point. but barack obama blew a hole, a black hole in the budget. he sucked in the whole budget universe, and now the democrats are worried about budgets? that was almost hysterical. and now we are all about the tax cuts for the middle class so now the world have been reversed. the democrats now care about debt and deficits and tax relief for the middle class. this is like a joke. all they want to do is tax the heck out of the middle class and obama. >> harris: lisa want to give you a high five and then some. >> lisa: you look like things like the stimulus and is a little bit comical. it's a comedy routine right there. to the president's point, what is important is the fact that this budget passes now that it pave the way for the republicans to be able to use the reconciliation process which is probably the only way that they are going to get tax reform done because that allows them to do it on a party line basis. this is big news for republicans and allowing them to do that much and quite frankly to get
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something done that they desperately need heading into the midterm election. >> harris: i'm going to pop this up and then come right back out. it's important because you want to know how frustrated are you at home watching or wherever you have to pay in taxes the amount. i don't even want to say is a bipartisan issue. this is just an american issue. north of 50% for both democrats and republicans by quite a bit. >> sandra: this is supposed to be about the american people. that's who he is doing this for and he is targeting the middle class. the american public watches all of this play out and they just want to know will i have more money in my pocket at the end of the day and will my country be better off? while the country prosper and grow faster as a result of this? >> sandra: the democrats lie about taxes all the time and i wish they would tell the truth. one of the talking points to hear all the time his tax cuts are going to lead to a decrease in government revenue. i say to all of the millions of viewers right now, show me where that happens. two he does, email me.
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i'll give you my email. email me where that happens. kennedy, coolidge, reagan. >> harris: not this kennedy. >> kennedy: would have to go hand-in-hand with with that in your right about the coolidge model. i hope at some point. >> harris: a song is great. >> kennedy: you have to cut spending. we are spending more money than we can possibly afford that's why we are trying to borrow our way out of this conundrum and they're just shifting the tax burden from one to the other. punishing middle income workers by talking about decimating that 401(k) ability. will let me jump in here because i want to get to something that really does affect a lot of people. middle class, upper-middle-class, lower middle class, most people have some sort of retirement plan. the 401(k) situation is really important. the president about to hop on marine one on air force one yesterday on his word to dallas had this to say.
9:20 am
>> president trump: 4o1 kays to me are very important and they are important because that's one of the great benefits to the middle class. i didn't want that to go too far. it's why ended it very quickly. >> chairman of the house ways and means committee said this morning it could be on the table. >> maybe it is and maybe we'll use that as negotiating but trust me, that's one of the great things. there are certain elements of deals he don't want to negotiate with. and kevin knows it and i think kevin brady is fantastic, but he knows how important 4o1 kays ar. >> harris: i think kevin brady is fantastic. that's not the only issue though. hand-in-hand with that is your ability to deduct your local and state taxes on your federal income tax. so now you got lawmakers in new jersey and new york where people are going to be broken economically if they cannot deduct those along with severely cutting the amount that you can put pretax into your retirement 401(k). >> lisa: the point that you're
9:21 am
making and we just all play out between chairman kevin brady and the president is the fluidity of the situation that we are facing right now. >> harris: those are untouchable. we are seeing this replicate among republicans and democrats. that hurts people. i don't care about the offset of the word thousand dollars. >> lisa: i don't know what's untouchable or not to be honest. i think republican's are just going to try to get something done on this. i think the point that i'm making an the fluidity of this is the fact that we still don't have this in legislative form. we are still talking in broad strokes and saying this on the show. we will know soon what is untouchable or not when the proof is in the pudding and we actually see the legislative details. >> harris: so the fact that these things are still on the table at the president had said, they are hearing from lawmakers across the country. speaker of the president and kevin brady have had opposite messages particularly on salt, which is the state mobile taxes. and that really could hurt people. that's why you saw 20 republicans defect.
9:22 am
>> harris: only 22. >> kennedy: and they almost did. this is a key point of negotiation from lawmakers in places like new york, new jersey, and california where taxes are sky-high and people need those deductions in order to survive and make it bearable. >> harris: you said it was fluid. how about this? litter clinton facing new questions about the dirt. her campaign trying to dig up on president trump and that controversial dossier. whether any laws were broken in that process and what is setting a new says about it all. and get on the trump train or else. why the president and his allies feel emboldened by the departures of two republican critics. will this shakeup help or hurt the white house? we will talk about it.
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>> sandra: hillary clinton facing heat about what she knew about the dossier on president trump is a new complaint alleges that her campaign and the dnc broke the election by hiding payments to an earth dirt on the president. hillary's former spokesman says that while she may have known, he adds what she said. "the new york times" reported that clinton didn't know about the dossier until the source was broken january. president trump not buying it. watch this. >> president trump: don't forget, hillary clinton totally designed this. she didn't know anything. all of a sudden, found out. what i was amazed it is almost $6 million that they paid and totally discredited, a total phony. i called it fake news. it's disgraceful. >> kennedy: president had a great sit down with lou dobbs on the fox business network. at the top democrat on house intelligence defending what he sees as a routine research and believes all the fuss is just an
9:28 am
effort to hide the truth. >> i would certainly want to know that. i think everyone would want to know if their opponent was getting illegal assistance from the russian government. i think doing that opposition research, finding out if indeed your opponent is violating the law by working with hostile power is certainly something that you would want to undertake. i think this is a bit of an effort to discredit christopher steele, discredit the dossier. ignore how much it has been corroborated already. >> kennedy: they're getting illegal help from the russians as someone is getting illegal help from the russians. the congressman mentioned as a former british intelligence officer who but the dossier together. lawmakers want to hear from him. what would you as christopher steele if you are in a alone with him and wanted to get to the bottom of this? >> dan: how is this not by any objective view of the scandal of the century? you are two takeaways for me as a former federal agent that are devastating. how in the world did a fake russian intelligence information make it to the presidential
9:29 am
daily brief to president barack obama which is then used as a pretext for the media to cover a dossier many people knew was false. number two, god forbid any of this information shows up in an fbi warrant that's on file, pfizer warrant to wiretap americans in this investigation. >> kennedy: what if it does? then what happens? >> dan: and i are going to have to backtrack and reverse engineer this case and say let me get this straight, you took fake russian intel. and decided to warned on wiretap some of his associates based on totally noncorroborated information? when i was a secret service agent, you couldn't work at treasury check investigation on information. >> harris: americans were scooped up in that. the point is, they were unmasked just to finish the chain there. >> kennedy: that's the problem with section seven oh two of the flies act as americans can be
9:30 am
swept up if they use one keyword or one name and email transition, than all of their emails are now fair game. this is the second time the show we heard about something with the fbi. what i find is truly remarkable about this because if you look at the endless amount of coverage of the russia-trump a narrative has gotten, you look at the fact that there's an fbi probe, special counsel investigation and it turns out it is seemingly likely that hillary clinton and the democrats were probably tearing this entire thing from a dossier that paid russian officials basically for disinformation, and they've been lying to us and lying to reporters about it the entire time. this is truly remarkable to me. >> kennedy: and they also didn't fully disclose what the money was used for and by law, they have to do that. talking about hillary's campaign and the dnc. she denied knowing about the contents of this dossier. >> harris: put a spokesperson say she may have known. >> kennedy: the only person
9:31 am
who's being honest here. >> sandra: what about the dnc's response? they said it wasn't us. then debbie watson schultz asked on camera with a microphone i didn't know anything about it. >> harris: how does that make her look? she's been in the dnc and she doesn't know where the monies going? >> kennedy: was at $6 million for that they paid for the law firm? >> lisa: i mention this yesterday and the show, but the book shattered goes back and looks of the fact that 24 hours after she gave her concession speech, teaming clinton came together to come up with a narrative for why she lost and the russia part was the centerpiece of that. we have seen the media basically just take their talking points on this russian narrative. i think that this is going to be like an onion. we're just going to keep peeling to get to the bottom of it. [all talking at once] the middle of that onion and flees to russia and all of these cases about russia, it's about power, it's about chaos.
9:32 am
>> harris: take this from the hillary clinton, spokesperson just to give you an idea of how they might have been thinking. he tweeted this out. i regret i didn't know about christopher steele's hiring pre-election. if i had, i would've volunteered to go to europe and try to help them. speaker had the most unfortunate experience of working with the clintons for a long time. them in their organization of the most minute of the people on earth. if you believe that for a second, i've got a bridge down in ponseti florida where i live off now so you very significant. >> kennedy: a question for you very quickly. if meeting with a shady russian lawyer about adoption and perhaps getting opposition research, fed's collusion, then what is this? >> dan: this is a potential criminal conspiracy is what it is. if, in fact, that information was paid for. >> harris: will there be a criminal investigation? >> dan: i can't say they're not being one at this point. >> sandra: the day is young. a new report has present them from trying to purchase mna's and the g.o.p. and reshape the party. so is this a good move or could
9:33 am
the rise of conservative populists but republican majorities? nearly a year after her stunning collection loss, what happened? hillary clinton says republicans are headed into the abyss. slamming the parties direction under president trump. reaction, debate, all of it ahead. because there were a lot of things that i worry about. this is on my list of what i worry about. the republican party is imploding.
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>> harris: are republicans under pressure to support president trump? yes, according to politico. they are reporting the president and his allies in bold and events are looking to squeeze out his enemies. and diminish the power of the g.o.p. establishment to reshape the party.
9:38 am
this report comes after two g.o.p. critics of the president, senators bob corker and jeff flake announced they would not seek reelection. and his three longtime house republicans who oppose the president also dropped plans to run next year. when the president was asked about corker and flake yesterday, he brushed it off saying republicans are coming together to act on his agenda. watch. >> president trump: that's okay. they have to do their thing. i will say this, i think the republican party has a pretty good unity. we are really unified on what we want to do. we want tax cuts for the middle class, we want tax cuts for businesses that produce jobs. >> harris: unity and dtf during the slump. >> dan: is from states of the right of the broken party, i hate to say this, this clear kills me because i have run for the broken party. he has no use for them as long as you stay so the right of them with judges on taxes and on fiscal policy. what is the republican party?
9:39 am
serious question for america. what lasting victories have they had in 30 years? don't tell me about a policy, the reagan tax cuts didn't last. we are back up to 39.6 tax rates. giving one lasting victory the republican party has given you over the last 40 years. they've done nothing. >> kennedy: medicare part d. >> dan: a bunch of foreign interventions, still involved in that we can get out of. it is the republican party done? where's the beef? member the commercial. >> harris: what you have to replace that apparatus? >> dan: you have it in the white house right now as long as he runs to the right. he doesn't need their money. >> harris: do you see the majorities in the house and senate then staying but with different republican players that look more like this president? >> dan: i hope so because i find it awfully convenient that mitch mcconnell keeps pointing to the races in the where in missouri but never points to rand paul and ted cruz, three
9:40 am
principal conservatives who won back in the tea party revolution in a folder republican party. >> lisa: i disagree with you because in the 2016 election, president trump heavily relied on the rnc in their ground again and the rnc as an infrastructure in the various components as part of the opposition research, communication among ground data, fundraising great he did rely heavily that the purpose of the rnc to serve. i would also say that i think that this rift with steve bannon and president trump and republicans. >> harris: you think it's a war between those two men? >> lisa: i think it's all overrated. it has long been divided. freedom works born with establishment candidates. senate conservatives fund, this is been going on for really long time, and the media loves to report on it because it's to se see. >> sandra: is the president's strategy a good one then? >> lisa: if he can get tax reform done, the economy keeps booming, he's in solid shape for 2020. if he wins in 2020, than his
9:41 am
gamble paid off for him. i just don't think at this current juncture, we can really tell. >> kennedy: there's a connection and i want to go back to what you're saying. $100 million of the republican party has been able to raise will the democratic party is in the red. they are still in debt. they can't raise money, they don't have passion. there is civil wars in both parties but the republican party is doing something more effectively. part of that is the way the president has reenergized his base. a group of forgotten people who now have someone to look up to. can he deliver? that's the ultimate question. i think that he is better served to work with the party, but i understand he wants to reshape those squeaky wheels. hopefully he doesn't do it with a bunch of squares. >> sandra: here's what hillary clinton has to say. she's attacking the revoking party after two senators decided to retire. clinton says the g.o.p. is headed in a dangerous direction under president trump's leadership. >> there are a lot of things
9:42 am
that i worry about. this is actually on my list of what i worry about. the republican party is imploding. it is becoming a far right captive party to ideological religious and commercial interests. it is at the mercy of its financial backers and a cabal of leaders who are doing things like stringing the electorate, gerrymandering, and taking every step they can to maintain power on behalf of themselves and those who are like-minded. >> sandra: clinton urging the media to ask republican lawmakers how they really feel about president trump. meantime, despite clinton's claims that the g.o.p. is in disarray, the washington free beacon noting that republicans retained all their congressional seats and special elections this year. there's something odd about hearing hillary clinton talk about how concerned and worried she is about the republican party. >> dan: this is a clownish
9:43 am
party that has invested the last 30 years of their lives calling america's. misogynist, racist, homophobes, they've had nothing else other than calling america deplorable names. get the popcorn for this virginia gubernatorial election because if gillespie pulls out the us wow upset, watch twitter the next day. it's going to be an explosion of liberal tears. >> sandra: i went to get you in on this because well hillary clinton says the g.o.p. is imploding, the fundraising tells a completely different story. in september alone of 2017, they took in more than $10.8 million. year to date so far this year, $104.1 million, cash on hand 44 million, and no debt at all. >> lisa: the dnc, they are getting crushed in fundraising right now and it's really going to hurt them facing some really tough reelection battles that their democratic senators have 2018. not to mention the fact that dan pointed out, zero in special
9:44 am
elections. this is coming from a candidate who embarrassed herself who was protected to have over 90% chance of winning and continues to embarrass herself to this day. what is also very hilarious of the fact that she's talking about people who were bought in. four. look at the clinton foundation. not only that, look at people criticizing wall street when her campaign coffers with her money. >> sandra: that was always a point of hypocrisy during the campaign but donald trump himself answering to these concerns, if you will and just a couple of hours go on twitter he tweeted this. "do not underestimate the unity within the republican party." >> kennedy: something is going on because they are out fundraising democrats and hillary clinton is very disingenuous. i would be much more worried about the legal troubles that have once again creeped up like lacrimal with uranium one, her email server, the dossier ties
9:45 am
now. she's got a lot on her plate. she shouldn't be flapping her claptrap about republicans because she's a set in the debate who were enemy was. she said republicans. if your enemy is imploding, she should delight in that. it just goes to show that she has no intuition and she's not a good strategist and she doesn't know how to capitalize on that. >> sandra: and figure out what the message should be. >> dan: they don't have a message. they lost middle-class american. you can't run around and call people racist and deplorable and expect to turn around and walk in the booth and vote for you. this is typical to understand? i went to grad school for psychology. you don't need any of that academic training -- i know that was a ridiculous major -- you don't need a degree in psychology to figure this out. >> harris: you could argue that she does have a message. the message is that such a hot mess standard in her view across the aisle, don't focus on what's happening over here among democrats trying to get a message in trying to keep nancy pelosi and those who have
9:46 am
been around for so many terms, don't focus in on that, focus in on that, focusing on the other guys. >> kennedy: isn't that misdirection? >> harris: that's third grade. that's really old material. >> kennedy: she's accusing the publicans of misdirection bringing up the russian dossier and whatever else, but that's what she's doing. >> harris: it doesn't matter because she's not running. >> dan: totally wired right now. >> sandra: a harsh rebuke of president trump, not enough for some members of the mainstream media. they pushed him to go for full impeachment. big bias or fair game? we will debate grade >> do you think congress should be pursuing every avenue to get president trump out of office?
9:47 am
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>> sandra: so much more coming up right here on "outnumbered" but first, we will go up to harris faulkner to find out what's up on ot. >> harris: thanks a lot, sandra. the justice department has clear the way for the former fbi informant to tell congress exactly what he knows about the obama era uranium deal. congressman darrell ices oversight committee will get to talk with him. and representative will join me. and a big deadline for
9:51 am
president trump's proposed border is today. the eight prototypes that they've been building out have to be finished by today. we will have a live look at that and more atop the hour. back to you guys. i love looking down. >> sandra: looking forward to it, here is. thank you. >> lisa: lots of reaction to arizona senator just like announcing he will not seek reelection bread he criticized the president on the senate floor and media outlets. for some anchors, he did not go far enough. he really, really wanted him to say that president trump should be removed from office. listen to this. >> there is a way that congress can change this. do you think congress should be pursuing every avenue to get president from out of office? >> is there a difference in your mind between a president who, these are your words, undermines our democratic ideals and has a flagrant disregard for the truth and decency and a president who was unfit to hold the office? >> you seem to be trying to ignite a movement.
9:52 am
you write "it is time to take a stand against trump." if he is dangerous to democracy as you say, should he be removed from office? >> are words enough? what should you and your colleagues be doing? >> harris: [laughs] >> lisa: where do you go from there? we were talking in the brief before this. what is your take on saying some of that coverage jeff flake's announcement and the floor speech as well? >> dan: his floor speech was his bid for another network contributor spot, not here because you probably would be laughed out of the room by conservative viewers but i ran in the same cycle as jeff flake. i have zero respect for jeff flake and that's a tough thing for me to say because he took money from conservative groups running on conservative principles to run in a state that's been ravaged by illegal immigration and turned around and stabbed them right in the back on the gang of it. jeff flake is not a conservative and it takes zero guts, zero to have a 30% approval rating,
9:53 am
potentially lose your reelection and then go on the floor and bash the president of the united states. >> lisa: without mentioning the fact that he was facing over the uphill battle for reelectio reelection. i get the media, it was pretty sounding the criticism from senator flake. the media wanted to cover that, how did they get from that to impeachment talk? >> sandra: the native republican to open that door. right now, they are hoping to get enough people elected and republicans on board to get him out of office which is insane. flake had any cuts and believes what he said, why not just come out and say i'm for impeachment, why not? speaks >> lisa: i want you to ln to this bit from matt lauer and see your response. >> i know you disagree with her on just about every major policy issue facing this country, but in terms of protecting our democracy, protecting spect for the office of the presidency and protecting our image abroad, is it possible in your mind to consider that it would've been
9:54 am
better if hillary clinton had won the selection? >> i would love to have a republican president but not any cost. i didn't vote for this president last november. i didn't vote for president clinton either for secretary clinton either. >> sandra: i didn't either. i didn't vote for either of the them. i respect jeff flake's moxie, i really do. i think that he is a conservative. i think he's a cost cutter and want to limit the size of government. we talked about mike lee, rand paul, ted cruz, we don't have enough voices like that in congress right now. what you teach your kids? when you have an opponent, when things are difficult, just quit. no. if my girls are going to a gymnastics meet and they were going to compete against homeschool girls are trained twice as much as they did, what i say stay in the car, let's go to mcdonald's and get make flurries because you're never going to win so let's just quit? absolutely not. that's the issue that i take with that.
9:55 am
>> sandra: is in their reason to take issue with the media that in that line of questionin questioning, you just thought it didn't bring up the fact that he was looking at incredibly low approval ratings and suggesting that possibly there was some other reason why he chose to retire? >> lisa: a tough primary and a tough general election as well. i've seen people be critical of him and pointing to people like rob portman are pointing to people like senator john mccain who were able to win their reelection battles in 2016 without being the president's biggest cheerleaders during the election as evidence of it is sort of a copout for them to make this excuse is the reason why he's dropping out when in reality, the likelihood is the fact that he probably just wouldn't have gotten reelected. >> kennedy: he doesn't have the financial backing and when the president is endorsing your opponent is early in the race, it's beyond an uphill battle. that's an icy steep mountain. >> dan: they agree with you 100%. he want to fight on, stick in the race, go out there and knock on the doors and get it done. if not, i don't want to hear from you.
9:56 am
>> lisa: winning does feel better. >> dan: i wouldn't know. >> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
with harris faulkner starts right now. >> harris: the gag order is off, the key informant in an investigation involving hillary clinton can talk. the president himself requested the doj lift that gag order, what are we about to learn? let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. for years republicans have demanded answers about an obama era uranium deal. they have wanted to know all along of russian donations to the clinton foundation played a role in the green light. and now they may finally get their answer. the president himself, according to the white house, ordered the lifting of that gag order that florida former fbi informant from testifying. congressman peter king was spearheading the investigation, here he is. >> if any of these allegations are true, we are talking about a very serious matter. first of all, was


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