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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 26, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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with harris faulkner starts right now. >> harris: the gag order is off, the key informant in an investigation involving hillary clinton can talk. the president himself requested the doj lift that gag order, what are we about to learn? let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. for years republicans have demanded answers about an obama era uranium deal. they have wanted to know all along of russian donations to the clinton foundation played a role in the green light. and now they may finally get their answer. the president himself, according to the white house, ordered the lifting of that gag order that florida former fbi informant from testifying. congressman peter king was spearheading the investigation, here he is. >> if any of these allegations are true, we are talking about a very serious matter. first of all, was there an fbi investigation being carried out?
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what was his role in it? if this investigation was being carried out, was this brought to the attention of the administration? >> harris: kevin corke is live at the white house, kevin? >> hello, harris, you are right. the president -- you may have heard this yesterday with his conversation with john roberts, he called this a modern-day watergate. if you don't know what that means, let me make it easy for you. this is huge and if what has been alleged turns out to be true, people could end up going to prison over this, this is a very big story and a very big deal and now that that gag order is lifted we are going to learn a lot more thanks to an informant. let me share what this all means. as you pointed out, the state department was 1 of 9 governmental agencies to green light this idea of having a deal back 2010 with uranium one, which ultimately gave a company now controlled by russia control of over 20% of u.s. uranium
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supply. republicans have raised concerns about russian efforts to influence clinton to sign off on the deal, citing donations of the clinton foundation. also setting up $500,000 speaking fee received by her husband, former president bill clinton. now the chairman of the senate judiciary committee is not only calling for the appointment of a special counsel, he says he is eager to interview that whistle-blower who has made some pretty explosive allegations about the deal. >> i know the lawyer well, i know what the lawyer said that this person is willing to testify and he might know something about the involvement in the uranium one of money laundering, fraudulent activity and bribery and we ought to know about that. because transparency brings accountability. >> the fact that they were working with a foreign government, taking in millions of dollars through the clinton
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foundation, and giving over such a large percentage of that uranium while she was secretary of state, there's a lot of things that need to be looked at here. >> wow is the first word that comes to mind when you start to get into the nuance of this deal and what could possibly mean. in case you're wondering, this doesn't mean this is going to go to capitol hill and be out there in public, what we will see is the senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley and the ranking member, senator patrick leahy of vermont will have an opportunity to interview this person and we can learn a lot more and this could get very big very quickly. we will be keeping you posted but for now back to you. >> harris: others on the hill, we will talk with them, we are about to meet one of them. my first guest is a republican congressman who sits on the house oversight committee, one of the committees that will hear testimony from that informant. so good to have you today, this is an important moment in history when you talk about that gag order, let's start there,
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why is that? >> what's important is there has been an absence of any kind of transparency into some particularly troubling areas. one of them which senator grassley has been a partner in is the whole question of the approval that required both secretary clinton and the attorney general to approve, they both had conflict. obviously the donations to the clinton foundation should've crossed do not cause hillary clinton to recuse herself from this decision but the other part was because this organization was under investigation by the department of justice, by the fbi, he should have at least disclose that if not actually held up the deal until that investigation was concluded. those are two troubling areas where you asked, were these people uninformed or were they doing it for some comparatively
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nefarious reason? >> harris: are you anticipating that will be the line of questioning you and your committee will ask this informant? >> yes, it is. we are going to want to find out whether money or some other promise was made, we are certainly going to want to essentially follow the leads where they go. the one thing that oversights should never do is reach a conclusion about what you are going to hear but there is certainly so much smoke and so many examples where the american people deserve some clarity in this, obviously in the russian involvement investigation and so on, that we've got to have it be first to us and to the public to the greatest extent possible. >> harris: one of the questions that is looming i would say is why would you do a deal like this? would there be any sort of information we might gain about what the russians intend to do without much uranium from our country? >> the russians would like to corner the uranium market the
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same as at one time opec had real influence on the price of oil. back in 2010, the natural gas revolution hadn't really done as much, nuclear was in its ascendancy in many ways. and of course russia is an exporter of nuclear reactors and other uses. there are a lot of valid reasons they would want to corner the market and be able to influence. >> harris: i guess i ask that because we know what bad actors they can be in terms of energy, look at how they treat the neighbors. i just wonder, why would the united states want to do a deal like this. let's move on, you've got the judiciary committee through chuck grassley, republican chuck grassley of iowa chairs that committee and talked about why a special counsel is needed in this investigation, i want to get your thoughts on that. >> obviously there was and is
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justification for special counsel russia versus trump, now we've got problems with the previous administration. it seems to me there are so many people within the justice department that that be have conflicts of interest. that i asked for a special counsel in regards to the investigations of russia versus the obama and clinton involvements with uranium one. >> harris: what do you think? >> certainly it is a possibility and i wouldn't disagree with the chairman. from my experience, any time you do a special counsel, we are seeing it with mueller, the first thing that happens is nothing for a period of time, everything goes quiet. my preference for now would be active and open investigations by the committees of
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jurisdiction, judiciary, oversight and so on on both sides of the house. i also believe we are long overdue to work with the house and senate doing joint committees to try to do these investigations. having said that, there is no question, at some point if you are going to go from investigating to have the american people know to possible criminal prosecution, you have to have somebody that is free from entanglement in the department of justice if they are part of the potential investigation and that is where it appears to be going. >> harris: it seems logical. i guess you don't try these things together necessarily, but this also involves russia. the scandal over the infamous trump dossier, hillary clinton's former spokesperson admits hillary clinton may have known her campaign helped fund it. "the new york times" reports that she didn't know about the dossier, so she saw it in the media. in the meantime the president says hillary clinton had to have known and that this is real
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collusion. he calls it the story of the decade, what about this dossier? >> certainly what we have is a false group of documents put together that does clearly link on one end to hillary clinton and the democratic national committee and on the other end to russia. what's important to understand, there were so many in between groups used to sort of shield direct control that it's very clear that people on the one end, russia, and on the other hand, the democratic national committee and hillary clinton's campaign, they obviously wanted to create the inability to connect the dots. when somebody goes through so many efforts through so many surrogates to keep that from happening you have a special reason to want to connect the dots. i think following to find out who really on one end the new what was going to happen on the other hand, again, this goes
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back to the assumption, i think the american people have now realized russia is a bad actor, russia wants to hurt america. russia probably doesn't really care who they hurt in america, they are happy to hurt both sides. it appears an investigation will show potentially that they were perfectly happy to hurt donald trump in this process just as much as may be facebook ada may have hurt hillary clinton. and i think that's why we have to continue investigating thoroughly russia because the next election, they are going to be better at what they do and we have to keep them from adversely affecting our election or other elections around the world, some of which are even easier for the russians to manipulate. >> harris: we appreciate your time today, from the great state of california, hope you will come back on the program, we appreciate it. let's talk about it all, we want to bring in chris wallace, the anchor of of "fox news sunday." you are just hearing where the
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congressman wants to go with the questioning, we are going to step back just a second on that first issue we talked about, the gag order being lifted on the informant. his committee is going to get to talk with this informant, the importance of the questioning he wants to go down, i want to get your reaction. >> i think we need to talk about this whistle-blower who is now going to be able to talk to several committees because the gag order has been lifted. what it could show and what it might not show. i think the key there is this is someone who was an fbi informant who is saying the fbi and therefore the justice department knew a lot more about the company that was involved, uranium one in getting all of these uranium resources from the united states. and if they knew there was bribery going on, money laundering going on, why did they approve the sale?
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i think this could potentially -- we all have to add potentially, we don't know what this whistle-blower is going to say. potentially be quite damaging to the justice department and why they signed off on this. it doesn't come to the question of hillary clinton and her decision, there have been a lot of issues we have raised for years about that, on "fox news sunday" we did reports. there are questions about donations to the clinton foundation. as you pointed out, huge half-million dollar speaking feast of bill clinton. this whistle-blower isn't going to be able to talk about that. he knows about the justice department and whether they should have blown the whistle, he doesn't know about the state department. >> harris: interesting. what about the president's role today, making some news because he was the person to request the doj lift the gag order? we knew there might be some back and forth between the legalities of doing that and now that's been wiped away by this president who called it the story of the decade.
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>> it seems to me, the whole idea of a government informant having a gag order so he can't talk to congress -- it's one thing to say he can't talk to the public but these are coequal branches, here you had the obama justice department having a gag order to prevent congress from hearing what this whistle-blower wanted to say, that seems very troublesome. the fact that the president has lifted the gag order makes all kinds of sense. >> harris: i want to go forward on with the congressman was saying about the situation with the dossier and where we are there. i think there may have been some sort of video situation but we've got chris wallace back. this whole idea, now with the dossier, who may have funded it, who knew what when? the dnc said to have funded some of the cost of the dossier about then candidate donald trump. the dnc chair at the time said she knew nothing about it,
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that's a little hard to believe, what do you say? >> i think in terms of hillary clinton, this is a much more damaging story than the other one and the whistle-blower. the fact that while hillary clinton and the democrats have been talking for months about collusion with the russians to try to interfere with the election, it seems that is exactly what the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign were involved with through various cutouts. they gave the money to a law firm that gave the money to the research company who gave it to the former british spy who then assembled this very damaging dossier against donald trump. it seems they're concerned about getting foreign countries involved and interfering in the election did not -- was fine if it was them doing it to trump, not so good if it was potentially, allegedly trump doing it to them. >> harris: that's an excellent
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point to bring up in terms of penalty. when it was potentially the republicans doing it, you've heard democrats talking about what the penalty could be. what could it be now that it's the democrats? >> in a political sense, not nearly as much. donald trump was elected president and hillary clinton is a private citizen. if specific laws were broken there could be penalties but obviously -- look, i think we need to point out, it is absolutely conceivable that the russians were playing both side sides. they don't really care who wins. they just wanted disorder in the united states and it is certainly possible they were trying to help the clinton campaign discredit trump at the same time they were trying to help the trump or various people in this country discredit hillary clinton. as we saw in charlottesville, they put out social media statements on both sides. both on the right on the left,
10:16 am
they want to so that discord and controversy. >> harris: you got a big exclusive coming up. good to see you, here it comes, the big exclusive that chris wallace will have this sunday on "fox news sunday" ," ohio governor john kasich, no doubt he will ask him if he's going to run again. we will be there for every second of it, check your local listings for when you will see chris wallace and "fox news sunday." president trump one step closer to making history with tax reform, republicans on capitol hill eked out that victory. guarantying they can pass legislation without support from democrats. we expect it by november 1st, next wednesday, we will talk about that with one lawmaker who supported, voted for today's budget. but first, house speaker paul ryan was asked this question about the president.
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>> are you at all concerned, you detailed the tough choices, that he's not going to may be like some them and tweet something about it? morning on the beach was so peaceful.
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>> harris: developing, house lawmakers have passed that republican budget today and that paves the way for congress to get to work on tax reform. the vote was close, 216-212. lawmakers can get to work on a $1.5 trillion tax cut. it would be a major victory for president trump who tweeted this earlier. let's go to a chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on the hill. big moment. >> the vote was really close, a lot of tense faces outside that house chamber but they do get it done, taking a critical step toward a major agenda item, tax reform. >> this budget we just passed, that is really important for getting tax reform done. the ways and means committee will be putting out the specific plan very shortly and they are going to work with all of our members to look at and address their concerns. i believe the ways and means committee will be working with these members in particular to find a solution. >> 11 of the 20 no votes came from republicans in new york and
10:22 am
new jersey. the ways and means chairman kevin brady told fox this afternoon "they made it clear they need this problem solved before they vote yes on tax reform." today the house democratic leader says lawmakers should've killed this budget to force a better deal. >> these numbers walk the plank, something they are going to have to answer for back home and i think of the ability to have leverage it would have been to defeat this and go to their speaker and say we want something different. >> next steps from kevin brady, the tax bill will be rolled out november 1st, that committee will start working on it november 6th, the hope is a vote in the house on tax reform the week of november 13th. timing on capitol hill is not exactly precise but the bottom line is, the house wants to get this done by thanksgiving to give the senate time to work on it, to try to put tax reform on
10:23 am
the president's desk by the end of the year. >> harris: thank you very much, our next guest voted in favor of today's budget, congressman mark walker of north carolina. is the chairman of the republican study committee, he joins us now, it's a big caucus, how you vote at that caucus matters, we will get into that in just a moment. you voted yesterday, why? >> i believe it's very important, nancy pelosi talked about how we are going to have to walk the plank and answering to our constituents. we are walking to ramp up more jobs for american citizens as well as the corporate side to be able to invest in america. the individual and business, this is a big win for america. we didn't get everything we wanted because they stripped out some things that are very important but it's enough to begin to take the next step. >> harris: i want to get back to the republican committee portion of this. i understand that in order to
10:24 am
get those votes there were some things he wanted in exchange, you wanted a promise from leadership to accelerate the tax reform vote schedule and you wanted other things, what were they? >> the conversation started last wednesday when the president called, he asked if we could get to a "yes" and expedite this, we said we could. we met with the speaker as we do once a week, specifically in urgency on getting tax reform done because we believe that continues to be the promise we made to the american people. we also need to make sure we are paying attention to these deficits, republicans controlled both houses, a balanced budget is very important. legislation to make sure we are bending that bell curve and not passing this debt from one generation to the next. >> harris: how much it will cost to pay for the tax cuts, is it a concern at it always is, we were talking about kevin brady putting out that information about what we could expect to see next wednesday.
10:25 am
there are a couple of sticking points i have to ask you about, across-the-board, it hits voters. the 401(k) situation, we would see a severe lessening in the amount people can take pretax and put aside for their retirement down to a much lower number than where it is now, people who don't make a lot of money who are in the low-to-mid middle-class region, it's one way they can pay for their future. the president said some things don't get touched but he said it's on the table, how is that possible? >> i believe 4o1 kays are going to be protected. one of the reasons the house did have some concern about any kind of deficit adding, one of the reasons we pushed hard and chairman diane black deserves some credit, chairwoman of the budget committee. we've been promised we are willing to come back and take a look at that. 4o1 kays are important and we are going to make sure those things are not damage, the president is right.
10:26 am
there's a lot riding on this, we understand that, of course. >> harris: we had chairwoman diane black on this program. i was curious what was going to be said about that issue in this issue. on the east coast especially and on the other coast, california, this is a big issue. state and local taxes, if you can't take those off your federal income taxes, that hurts a lot of people, thousands of dollars per household, are those untouchable? >> i don't think there untouchable. it's something very important to remember, when these state legislators from california or some of the northeastern states, when they are very irresponsible in their own budget, driving up state and local taxes, i don't know that that's always on the backs of the federal guys that we should give those states have passed. they should be more fiscally responsible at a local and state level and not depend on the federal government to bail them out. >> harris: how do you think it will go when we see what it is
10:27 am
next week? >> we are the threshold, 1986, for me that means top gun, the need for speed. >> harris: you get the last word, that was great. thank you very much, congressma congressman. congress is taking its first action against iran now, president trump refused to recertify that nuclear deal, we know that. the house isn't slapping new sanctions and onto ron's ballistic missile program. will this be enough or is it time to focus on iran's nuclear missile program? john bolton this year to react, we will talk about it all. u.s. customs and border protection just announced the completion of eight border walls prototypes. they are building this, how's it going to work? what or who will determine who the winner is? we will go live to the u.s.-mexico border, stay close.
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>> harris: a fox news alert, earlier today the house approved new sanctions on iran over its ballistic missile program. also passing sanctions on iranian backed militants. let's bring in john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, a fox news contributor and a senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. right next to me. you and i were talking, i will tell the audience what's going on. this really isn't all that different but why does it matter? >> it steps up the pressure, i think it's the right thing to do, i am glad they did it. it ties into what president trump announced about ten days ago in terms of increasing sanctions on the revolutionary guards corps. the question is whether these
10:33 am
kinds of targeted sanctions ultimately will have an impact. let's say you sanction the abc corporation, and say you can't do business with the united states. pretty soon you find out there is an xyz corporation that continues the same business. i think congress is against it very clearly, they don't trust the iranian regime, they think it's not only a nuclear threat but a continuing state-sponsored terrorism. >> harris: even though the ballistic missile program was not necessarily the center of the iran deal, it does require that the u.n. and others take a look at whether they should be sanctioned over that regardless of whatever was in that deal. speak with the purpose of the program was to deliver nuclear weapons. the key u.n. resolution on iran, which endorses the nuclear deal also endorses in effect this ideal.
10:34 am
on ballistic missiles and other issues. i think these things are two sides of the same coin. congress is making a very clear statement here about its dissatisfaction with iran. >> harris: you wrote an op-ed for "the hill." i want to tackle it to mike about it a little bit today, you say that thanks to our former president, america is multiple steps behind in the middle east on iran, how so? >> harris: we are all happy that the isis capital has fallen, i think president trump accelerated the campaign, they are now close to eliminating the territorial caliphate isis established. we did it in such a way that we strengthen the ron's hand in the region for what may be the next conflict. i think they gained that ahead of us, they understood, they are going to try to create an arc,
10:35 am
kind of a new southern front against israel, jordan, the arab monarchies. in the northern front which they have already started. >> harris: what i hear you saying is okay, that's fine if you want to localize your efforts on nukes but that doesn't have any thing to do with nuclear weapons. >> i don't think it ultimately makes a lot of sense to say here we are going to do with nukes and here we are going to deal with terror. the threat is the iranian regime and it manifests itself -- >> harris: did the obama administration not see that? >> i think they did not see tha that? the basis will show that we don't have hostile intent, get them to back away from the nuclear weapons program, give them confidence, they will become a normal civilized nation and all these problems will go away. >> harris: i tried that on my third grader. i'm not being facetious, that
10:36 am
doesn't work with world powers necessarily. >> they have a clear, strategic objective. there's an old cliche, we are playing checkers, in this case they are not merely playing chess, they are playing three-dimensional chess. >> harris: what are the ramifications of having not gotten this right and being high behind the middle east? >> if they are able to establish this arc of control all the way to the mediterranean, they are in an outstanding geostrategic position for future conflict. and it would enhance their overall leverage. it adds into the russian effort to increase their influence in the middle east, turning to the kurdish friend, their deep trouble now is maneuvering iraq's forces towards them. it doesn't appear that bureaucracy had a post isis caliphate strategy.
10:37 am
they didn't have one under the obama administration and we don't have one now. >> harris: that's really disturbing, you had an administration that looked at them as being junior varsity. that was your starting point, it makes sense you wouldn't have one because you didn't consider it that much of a threat anyway. >> they didn't consider it a threat even when they engage in military activity, that's why it took so long until trump came in and increase the operational tempo. we need to move on it quickly and you can have the same people in the bureaucracy who created the situation to begin with tell you how to get out of it. >> harris: that's code for it you have to let some people go, replace some people, repeal and replace. great to have you, thank you for being here. a big victory for president trump, a federal judge refusing to immediately reinstate obamacare subsidies while a lawsuit moves forward. what does this all mean in the battle over health care?
10:38 am
our power panel will weigh and next. stay with us.
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>> harris: this was a huge point for then candidate donald trump, the wall. the trump administration has announced the completion of eight different border wall prototypes. private contractors spent the past month putting them together, building them out, u.s. customs and border protection have unveiled the mock-ups and it happened just moments ago, they are alive from san diego, this is a big moment, an important moment. walk and talk us through it. >> that is the past, that's the old offense. you can cut right through it. this is the future, 30-foot monsters and i want you to take a look at this. this is 4 feet six of concrete we enforced. that is really going to be hard. do you think you can bore through this?
10:43 am
it's going to take an awful long time to do that. they are also going to see if people can go under them, can they get through them? over here, each one of these things goes down 6 feet so you can't burrow under it. can you use a cutting saw, concrete or hydraulic jets and poppies through? look up there. these are things -- there is a deterrent here. how do you get a grappling hook over that round thing? that's a kind of thing they're going to be doing. of course, the acting chief was just here and he says number one, you are not going to have 2,000-mile wall along the border. number two, it's going to be based on where you need it, and based on terrain and topography doesn't make the most sense. you can see some of these features, they've been building these things for a long time.
10:44 am
barriers work. the president wants to get this done. trying to put in the appropriate bill, build as many miles as he can, build it up to 30 feet. that's going into the testing phase right now. they are going to put this where they need it. you probably need another ten, 12 12 miles of fencing, that's what they want. looking at these different designs. i will wrap up by saying it probably won't be one design that will be chosen, they will put for instance -- this goes good in arizona, water can go under it. in the desert you might want to put concrete. it's going to be determined by what you are facing and also the tomography. >> harris: such a fascinating point, my family is from down there, we have a house. what you are talking about for
10:45 am
arizona, that leaves it porous enough to get that water through but you talked about the thickness and how hard it would be to break through it, those are important points. people may think they are going to build a solid wall and topography would not allow you to do that. there are eight prototypes, have they talked about which ones they will use or will it be a little piece of everything? >> you are dropping out, there are eight different fences, they are all different, border patrol hasn't used concrete in the past. really hard to get through compared to what they used on that old style which was really easy. wildlife can get through the air, water get through here, it's of perfect type of design for that location. you may not use it where you've got the sand and this stuff. 30-60 days, we should get some conclusion on what they like. >> harris: you are fighting with the helicopter noise, were
10:46 am
going to let you go. thank you for giving us a close-up look at that meeting he just came out of where they are looking at those prototypes for border protection. a big win we've been talking about for the president, a federal judge has denied an emergency order that would've forced the trump and administration to resume paying obamacare subsidies. 18 states along with the district of columbia could have asked the courts for the payment to resume weld the situation is being litigated. 56% of americans think obamacare should be partially or fully repealed. i'm going to start with you. >> it's a big day for the president. this may be the most -- particularly with this judge ruling, we started a president trump perhaps put some wins on the board. we saw what happened with tax reform in the budget this
10:47 am
morning, now this. i think the president may have the power of the constitution behind him on this one. no funding with an executive order, congress has to decide who funds these things. one more bit of momentum for trump. >> harris: when you say it slows down obamacare, in the pathway of that are millions of people. if it changes their lives in a negative way, what say you? >> obamacare has been a terrible and horrible mistake, you cannot sustain a program where insurance premiums are this high. in some cases, people have seen 100% increases. it's not sustainable. programs that are made in washington, manufactured top-down, one-size-fits-all, that was the way this works. obamacare is an abysmal failure.
10:48 am
>> harris: are democrats feeling the love in terms of being a little bipartisan? you have millions of people in the pathway of change that's happening. >> your question introduced a political element to this -- >> harris: i'm the only one who sees the politics? >> you are talking about millions of people potentially losing their health care, that is a political aspect. there is a legal aspect. i am going to say losing. half of the people who were uninsured before obamacare now have insurance. this was an emergency state petition, you have to prove there's going to be irreparable harm. what the judge said in this case, the states are figuring out how to keep those subsidies going, irreparable harm you won't have. >> harris: now you sound political. >> the policies are tough for republicans, if you put those poll numbers backup, 75%
10:49 am
responding said they like some aspects of obamacare. only 25% said get rid of it. if you are responsible, the president or congress, for taking away millions of people's health care -- >> harris: when you have a democrat and chuck schumer saying mitch mcconnell take it to the floor, where are we? >> 56% don't like it. the bottom line is 100% of the people in this country believe obamacare could be fixed. it needs to be fixed, it isn't working. it's as simple as that. >> are republican and a democrat having upland the president said he might support, i think that's our best hope right there. >> harris: i am we've got another plan coming up. great to have you. thank you very much. the long classified at jfk assassination file set to be released. whether it will enhance our understanding of what happened
10:50 am
depends on who you ask. a live report from dallas, texas, when we come back.
10:51 am
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>> harris: president trump is authorized the release of classified files from the jfk assassination, said to be thousands of pages of secret documents from both the cia and the fbi. speculation is swirling now most of the information those files actually contain. -dallas, texas. >> i don't think speculation is ever stop swirling about what happened here on that cold november day in 1963. just over 3800 documents are expected to be released today, that represents about 11% of the remaining case files surrounding the assassination. some of the findings could shed some new light on what happened here in dallas, texas.
10:55 am
according to the national archives, more than 3300 of these files have already been released but they were heavily redacted at the time. this would include everything, potentially. there are 441 pages brand-new, never before seen by the public. there's a whole lot of debate over what, if anything, we could glean from these documents. >> i would not agree there is nothing in there that could change our understanding, i think there is something that could do that. >> chances are slim that any of this information should be protected anymore. those who are expected expectie a bombshell are likely to be very disappointed. >> the conspiracy theories of the second and third shooter, we don't expect to see anything substantiated in these papers that would support that. the one item to look for, a whole lot of interest seems to be surrounding lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico two
10:56 am
months before the assassination. he was there for about six days in september of 1963, history buffs are hoping these newly released files could shed some light, paint a clearer picture of what he was doing in mexico, who he was talking to, and what mexican officials told the american government when they were interviewed. >> harris: fascinating. the speculation has never stopped, we will see if this may be brings it to a little bit of a pause. thank you, we will be right bac back.
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>> harris: there was a lot to cover this error. thank you for watching. i am harris. here is dana. >> dana: this is a fox news alert, we are only moments away from president trump at the white house, where he will declare the national opiate eight national health emergency. hello, i am a dana, and this is "the daily briefing." the president's actions come only hours after republicans on capitol hill took a big step forward for tax reform, laying the groundwork for a tax reform as early as next week, tweeting simply big news. a budget just passed. chief white house correspondents john roberts trends may not appear to john, that was a big deal actually. >> it was a big deal, the process for tax reform, president trump


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