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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> dana: the president is saying that we will defeat to this epidemic. thank you, and thank you for joining us. i am dana perino, it has been a very interesting hour, the president giving a very powerful speech on the opioid crisis. stay tuned for more was >> shepard: there's now word of a new battle inside the republican party. supporters of the senate leader, mitch mcconnell are reporting to personally planning to go after the former white house chief steve bannon. president trump tweeting and unity in the gop. we should get a look at thousands of secret documents about the j.f.k. assassination. will they shut down the conspiracy theories or raise new questions? starting today, new security screenings for airline passengers. get ready for more questions and
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inspections. let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck this thursday afternoon, president trump just moments ago declared our nation's opioid crisis a public health emergency. the president said it's time to put a stop to the drug problem. >> as americans, we cannot allow this to continue. it's time to liberate our communities from this scourge of drug addiction. never been this way. we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic. we can do it. [applause] >> shepard: federal health officials say more than 140,000 americans die -- i should say 140 americans die each day because of opioids. the president stopped short of declaring it a national emergency. that would have meant new money to fight the fight. instead, officials say today's move gives states more flexibility and how they use existing federal funds.
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supporters say it expands action says to medical services in rural areas. critics say it will take new money, that's what they need to solve the drug problem. it's fox's top story. john roberts is on it live at the white house. hi, john. >> good afternoon, shep, this declaration initiates a 90-day period that can be renewed after that depending on whether or not there's any progress here made that the federal government brings down the totality of its resources to fight the problem. some of the things that the public health declaration will allow the administration to do is expand tele medicine, increase mental health treatment, allow hiring of specialists, drug treatment specialists, increase access to substance abuse for people in hiv and aids program. the president is waiting for the results of a commission headed
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up by chris christie. the president suggested he's been briefed on the recommendations. listen to what he said here. >> today i will detail many of these aggressive steps with my administration, which we have already taken. after we review and evaluate the commission's findings, i will quickly move to implement appropriate recommendations. >> the president said a lot of recommendations are common sense. the president got personal this afternoon talking about his brother, fred, who had problems with alcohol. he said his brother kept on telling him don't drink, don't drink or smoke, which the president says he's done neither since he was a little boy. i was looking at ways to increase public awareness to advertising campaigns, to get young people to not take drugs. other people as well. he also wants to launch a national program to try to create nonaddictive painkillers. one of the measures that he
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wants to do is take off the market a drug called opana. it's a synthetic opioid that has a high risk for abuse. a lot of people crush it and inject it. >> shepard: and president trump brushing inside the infighting among republicans. the president tweeted today, do not underestimate the unity within the republican party. that tweet came after "the washington post" reported a super pact tied to the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, plans to take on steve bannon. part of a push to help more establishment republicans keep their seats in the mid-terms. it's not clear whether the president's tweet was a response to that reports. analysts say division in the gop threatening to derail the agenda. the house republicans passed a bill. it clears the way for the party to approve a tax plan without help from democrats. of course, that was also the case with healthcare.
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republicans could not get that done. back to john roberts at the white house. john, is this real or does this have a chance? >> well, certainly seems to be real in the house and was in the senate last week. we'll see where it goes. the president hoping that tax reform works out better than obamacare. already a couple of points of disagreement. maybe some sticking points. the first one on 401(k) contributions. many americans use them to plan for retirement. the president says they're off limits. the house ways and means commission kevin brady says we think it's on the table. another sticking point, the elimination of state and local tax deductions. the entire system of tax reform is predicated on that. lawmakers from high tax states are saying no, we're not going to accept that. that would raise taxes on middle class families. listen what sarah huckabee sanders said on that this morning. >> we think we're going to move this through, going to move the ball down the field certainly. i think one of the things to look at when it comes to state
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and local tax deductions, very few people itemize. it's around 20% of people itemize. those things will be offset by other tax credits that are part of this plan. we're very confident moving forward we'll get it done. >> don't forget, 20% of the population of taxpayers is probably 15 or 20 million people. the president believes he's got support from democrats on this. he's keeping quiet for the moment as to just who those people might be. >> shepard: john roberts at the white house. thanks very much. for more on the divide in the gop, josh gerstein is here from politco. hi, josh. >> good to be with you, shep. >> shepard: what does your reporting indicate the level of seriousness about this attack steve bannon campaign? >> seems to be a real thing among allies of the majority leader. his political supporters, the people that have deep pockets are interesting in going after bannon. how that will be carried out
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seems problematic and tricky. they're talking about running ads that would paint bannon as a white nationalist and raise the most polarizing allegations about him. it's not entirely clear how they will do that without causing some collateral damage to the president, to the white house and maybe to the republican party as a whole. >> shepard: then there's the matter of senators corker and flake and the divide that's crept up there. many wondered if there would be others to follow. seems like we have the answer, no. >> yeah, we haven't seen other sitting senators come forward and join in those criticisms with a possible exception of senator mccain. but that doesn't mean that what corker and flake had to say is not a widely held view among republican senators. more question of whether they're going to articulate it and for the moment we have the situation
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of cognitive dissonence and where they say they're all friends and some say the house is on fire and others say no it's not. i'm not sure if they can go forward like that. the political pressures on people like mitch mcconnell seem to be holding everybody in place. >> shepard: very important mid-term elections in a year. what is the read on fund-raising for the gop? >> well, there could be a significant effect. we're seeing particularly -- you see the media figures, the rush limbaughs, the sean hannities that seem to be pushing an agenda against someone like mitch mcconnell. you can see a divide. the people that have the funds have lined up behind figures like mcconnell. so i'm not sure that it will devastate them, but you can see some negative impact on their ability to raise money. the real question is how they do
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relative to democrats and the democrats have had their own issues. >> shepard: josh gerstein, thanks so much. short on time. appreciate it. pentagon officials holding a closed door briefing to update the senate armed services committee on the deadly attacks on the u.s. troops in niger. four americans as you know by now died in the ambush. officials say they believe militants linked to isis carried out the talk. lawmakers have criticized the military for not giving enough fig about the attack. senate armed services committee chairman john mccain just spoke to reporters about this briefing and said officials provided them with a lot of good details. jennifer griffin with the inside on that. she's live at the pentagon this afternoon. jen what do we know? >> shepard, there were two classified briefings this morning. the house went at 8:00 a.m. followed be i the senate armed services committee at 10:00 a.m.
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where defense secretary mattis performed. both chambers were in attendance. also joining chief carom is buck elton, deputy director for special operations on the joint staff. after the classified briefing, the chairman of the house armed services committee, marks tho thornbury said you're never satisfied. one of my colleagues reminded me we don't flow all the situation from las vegas yet, referencing the resent matt shooting at a country music concert on the strip, shep. >> shepard: jennifer, what do we know more about the ambush? >> we know the 12-man team was on an overnight reconnaissance mission to collect intelligence in the region, which began on
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october 3 and continued the next day. officials tell fox the team was not hunting a high value target as some have reported. but instead, they were asked to collect information when they meet with village elders. when the meeting went longer than expected, it's believed that someone tipped off the 50 fighters that attacked the u.s. team on their return to base. general dunford says iraq has not left syria in large numbers but they have looking for a new home. >> small numbers of isis leaders are attempting to leverage local insurgencies. in africa, a number of local insurgencies that rebranded themselves and pledge allegiance to isis over the last year. >> dana white and lieutenant general frank mckenzie are giving a press briefing right now. we'll update you with new information. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer.
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the budget vote in congress was quite a victory for president trump's agenda. but it's a narrow win by only a few votes. the bigger question now is, will the gop stay unified to the degree that they can get the president's tax plan fully passed? that's coming up on the fox news deck on a thursday afternoon. glad you're here. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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nancy pelosi called the plan a massive con. she says it gives tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations while raising taxes on the middle class. >> it's a rip-off, a shake-down, a looting of the middle class. who pays? the middle class. the fact they're saying there's a middle class tax cut is not true. >> shepard: here's what the house speaker paul ryan, had to say about that. >> can you guarantee it will cut middle class taxes? >> the entire purpose of this tax bill is to cut middle class taxes. >> shepard: can you guarantee it will do it? speaker ryan says he wants the house bill to pass or wants the house to pass this bill before thanksgiving. mike emanuel with the news. he's live on capitol hill. how does the gop get that done? >> shep, they're on a tight timeline. kevin brady says they plan to roll out the package, next week,
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november 1 and the idea is his committee will work on it november 6 and the hope is a house vote on tax reform november 13 or so. when asked today about the outstanding issues, paul ryan did not engage. >> i agree with comprehensive tax reform and give the ways and means committee the leeway to write the legislation. we're trying to give people a break on their taxes, making it easier for people to plan and save for the future. >> one item they're looking to address is a compromise over getting rid of the state and local tax deduction. 11 of the 20 republican nos were from new york and new jersey, high tax states. shep? >> shepard: what more are we hearing from this on democrats? >> they're saying the budget will explode the deficit by 1.5 trillion. really going after the fiscal hawks. they're saying it's not too late to sit down and hammer out a bipartisan tax reform
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compromise. >> work with us. we want to create a bipartisan bill that helps the middle class. we're for tax reform. we can get something done. please, stop this train in its tracks early on before it's too late and you'll regret it. >> zero democrats reported the budget so it was really tight. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thanks, mike. we're waiting to get a look at thousands of secret files about the assassination of john f. kennedy. conspiracy theories have been around and it's not clear what answers we might get. details on this massive document release. that's next.
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>> shepard: well, today is the deadline for the feds to release thousands of classified documents on the assess nation of president kennedy. it's the final batch of government records that could or should help shed light on decades of conspiracy theories and unanswered questions. president trump says the feds he release the documents, all of the documents. it's required by law and could give the okay any time now but must be done by midnight washington tonight. he could decide to keep some
12:22 pm
records secret in the very end. president kennedy was riding, as you know, in an open convertible in dallas november 22, 1963 when the shots rang out killing the president and seriously injuring john connelly. less than an hour later, lee harvey oswald shot and killed a police officer on the street. he was eventually arrested in a movie theater. one of the major questions has been whether lee harvey oswald acted alone that day. the government's official conclusion is yes, he was the only gunman. the official conclusion. it's unclear why the 24-year-old former marine shot the president in the first place. two days after it happened, nightclub owner jack ruby shot and killed lee harvey oswald live on television in police headquarters. some conspiracy theorists say it
12:23 pm
was a government cover up. some say two cold war enemies were behind the plot, cuba and the soviet union. prosecutors say that lee harvey oswald tried to defect to cuba. he wanted to get visas. there's a lot we don't know about his visit. the final batch of documents could give us some answers. rich edson is on it and live in washington. a lot of documents, rich. >> we expect to focus on the trip to mexico by lee harvey oswald. what the cia must have none about it a few weeks before the kennedy assassination. oswald courted the soviets, lived there. he defected in 1959 and got married and had a child and returned to the united states the year before the kennedy assassination. he was also involved in the pro castro fair play for cuba
12:24 pm
committee. so the soviet cuba theory is one of several suspected culprits in the assassination of president john kennedy. historians, amateur and professional, will examine any mention of the cia and mafia. these stories have fueled many books over the years. they pick apart the theories and finds the conclusion that oswald killed the president on his own is correct. beyond that, this is a look into the workings of the u.s. intelligence committee in the 60s and a year after the cuban missile cry it is when the primary focus was on containing the soviet union and the spread of communism. >> shepard: rich, it feels like three down playing this. >> just as we figured. much of what will be released will be tangential to the
12:25 pm
assassination. it may still withhold some information from this release like grand jury testimony and tax information. it's unclear how much information the archives will release, how many pages. it's expected to be in the thousands of documents. it's also unclear how much pushback the intelligence services pushed back. >> shepard: thanks, rich. hillary clinton's presidential campaign and the democratic national committee facing legal trouble after word got out that they helped bank roll the controversial dossier on president trump. now we're learning about another attempt to expose dirt on a presidential candidate but it's from a firm linked to the trump camp. that's ahead from the fox news deck. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them.
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fox report. more with today's headlines. the u.s. navy rescuing sailors and dogs stranded at see for months. the sailors say they were travelling from honolulu to tahiti when their engine broke down in may. navy officials say a fishing boat spotted them 900 miles east of japan. cops in georgia say they busted two teens that were planning on bombing their high school near atlanta. investigators say they found a homemade explosive in one of the suspect's homes. the suspect is facing up to 100 years in prison for making terroristic things. 47 people are confirmed dead after a fireworks factory exploded in indonesia. that's word from police in jakarta. they say the factory's owners are under investigation for hiring illegal workers. the news with shepard smith continues after this.
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12:31 pm
federal election commission against hillary clinton's presidential campaign and the democratic national committee after word got out that they helped pay for the so-called dossier on president trump. that report contains claims unverified by fox news about the president, his associates and possible ties to the kremlin. the campaign legal center accusing clintons of violating campaign finance law because they did not disclose the money to finance the dossier. this is coming after team trump is responding to a daily beast report that the head of a data analytics firm worked for the trump campaign reach out to wikileaks and release hillary clinton's e-mails before the campaign. julian assange said he turned down the approach. wikileaks did publish thousands of e-mails from john podesta a month before the election
12:32 pm
itself. the chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge in washington. let's start with the dossier. >> the campaign legal center filed this report accusing the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign committee of breaking campaign finance law but failing to accurately disclose the money spent on the dossier. the questions about who paid for the dossier is under increased public interest. just as litigation over a congressional subpoena forced the disclosure that fusion gps a approached a general counsel for the clinton campaign and the dnc to fund the project that ultimately led to this unverified trump dossier that was later shared with the fbi. a former clinton campaign spokesperson, brian fallon responded to the accusations and
12:33 pm
said this is kind of standard m.o. in politics. it's opposition research, this is the way opposition and payments are handles, shep. >> shepard: and then there's the wikileaks report. what is president trump saying about that? >> in is intriguing. we're not getting a lot of people talking on the record about the specifics. here's what we've got. the executive from a data analytics company testified before the house intelligence committee in a classified session that was closed to the public. the committee is not talking openly about that testimony from alexander nix. however, as you mentioned in the lead-in, wikileaks put out this tweet that claims he was approached over the 30,000 deleted clinton e-mails. i can confirm an approach by a cambridge analytical company last year and can confirm that it was rejected by wikileaks. the rnc did not take on this complaint today or the specifics of the reporting, but there was
12:34 pm
a statement from the trump campaign that reads in party -- he claims the voter data from any other source played a deal role in the victory are false. so we have some stuff on the record but a lot of mystery still about what exactly was offered and rejected here. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: senators from both parties taking their stand for their colleague, bob menendez in his bribery trial in new jersey. this is a case that in the end could cost him his senate seat. lindsey graham and menendez fellow democrat corey booker testified as character menendez. senator graham said he's trustworthy even under pressure. >> bob is an honest guy. we've worked hard on
12:35 pm
immigration. nothing more difficult than immigration. very emotional. my statement before was that if bob gives you his word, he keeps it no matter what the pressures are. a handshake from bob was enough. >> senator menendez a doctor from florida were accused of bribery. both member pleaded not guilty. david lee miller is outside the courthouse. david lee? >> shepard, this is day 26 with this trial. it's a significant and emotional day. highly unusual to have two senators testify, even one from across the aisle. lindsey graham speaking out on behalf of robert menendez.
12:36 pm
he faces a dozen counts, including bribery. worth noting that lindsey graham sent out a written statement saying in part that his testimony was unrelated to the underlying charges. he went on to tell the jury that bob menendez always keeps his word. a handshake is all you need from bob. we heard from corey booker from new jersey. he testified that menendez profoundly was honorable, trustworthy and direct. as i said, this was an emotional day for senator menendez as he entered the courthouse this morning, asked about the fact that two of his colleagues were here. he choked up saying that he was grateful that they were going to testify at his trial. lastly, shepard, worth noting, we heard from a former u.s. senator, tom harkin, also a democrat. interestingly he testified for
12:37 pm
the prosecution. shepard? >> shepard: one more thing. the defense team has asked for a mistrial here, right? >> that's right, shepard. today was, as i said, a dramatic day, especially the last few hours. the defense wanted to call to the stand a high-profile democratic attorney. his name mark elias. if that name is familiar, published record have linked him to the very controversial dossier reportedly tying president trump to the russians. the judge decided that elias could not testify ruling that his testimony was inadmissible because it was hearsay. the defense wanted him to take the stand to refute the criminal charges that the senator lied on his financial disclosure forms. when the judge, shepard, said that elias could not testify, the defense extremely disheartened and went to the judge and asked him to declare a
12:38 pm
mistrial. moments ago, outside the courthouse, senator menendez expressed his frustration with how the trial is going. >> i'm deeply disappointed that my lawyers had to -- it came to the point that my lawyers had to make the motion they made today. i think what they said in court stands for how i feel. >> the judge did not rule on the motion but he made a point of saying their arguments don't have much merit or any merit. he invited the defense to submit written briefs over the weekend, which they said they would do. right now, court is scheduled to resume in the trail of robert menendez monday morning at 9:30. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller, live. thanks. investigators say they're miss ago key piece of evidence in the las vegas massacre. coming up, how that clue could help police figure out the shooter's motive.
12:39 pm
first, forecasters say parts of northern midwest are about to get their first accumulating snow of the season. white on the ground. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the weather center. >> puts a smile on your ground. >> shepard: yes, sir. >> no cold air so far. that's about the change. this storm across southern canada, now diving in here across parts of minnesota and throughout the night tonight. the snow will dive into iowa where the temperatures have been incredibly warm. along with this, you get the idea that cold air is settling in in a big way across the plains here. along with that, we have the snow. the winter storm warnings across the arrowhead of minnesota. winter storm warnings across the state. we're going to watch probably a 1-3 inch coating with a couple spots that might see 3-6 inches of snow by the time we're done with this. along with this, it's very cold. take a look at that. freeze watches or frost
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advisories across parts of texas, oklahoma. you get the idea here across parts of the mid-atlantic as well, the first big cold batch of air coming in. so it's been feeling solidly like summer for so many. tomorrow, 26 in fargo. 28 in kansas city for saturday morning. going towards sunday, eeking out a warm morning in the east. 32 towards little rock. the first batch of cold air on its way across the central part of the country. "shepard smith reporting" will be right back. i was a good soldier.
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>> shepard: a laptop found inside the las vegas gunman's hotel room is missing its hard drive. which makes it even harder to figure out a motive three weeks after the massacre. that's according to the associated press citing a federal official. investigators say they think stephen paddock removed that hard drive after he fired shots from his room on the 32rd floor but they haven't found it. police say paddock killed 58
12:44 pm
people and wounded hundreds and then killed himself. jonathan hunt covered the crime at the time and now the follow up. jonathan? >> shep, investigators have no idea what is on the missing hard drive. but if stephen paddock removed it, it suggests there's information on it that he believed could be critical to the investigation of his actions. if paddock removed it from his laptop after opening fire from his 32nd floor suite, it begs the question, what did he do with it? given he didn't leave the room after the shooting and ultimately killed himself right there and the entire suite has been picked apart during the investigation. so what happened? well, this is a standard laptop hard drive, about 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches. just about 1/4 inch thick. there's really only a couple of ways that paddock could have gotten rid of it, as
12:45 pm
investigators believe he was acting alone. one, he could have thrown it from the window. given that investigators have gone through the area in a finger tip search, seems they would have found it if it was nearby. simple logic leaves the most likely logic that he flushed it away in is one of the bathrooms. in that case, it may or may not be lost forever. if there's a silver lining here, shep, the shooter must have had information on that hard drive that he did not want investigators to find. although it may feel the search for a motive is going nowhere, the answers may actually exist if only that hard drive can be found, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. the mayor of tampa is warning anybody with information on a possible serial killer to start talking. >> all you're doing is protecting the killer. that killer may take out one of your family members, may take
12:46 pm
out your mother. so you decide which side you're on. >> shepard: cops say they're looking for the killer that shot these three people earlier this month. the murders happened just blocks from each other and within a ten-day stretch. police today released this surveillance video from near the first killing. they say they're looking for a person that was walking and running around the area, but they're not sure about calling him a suspect. a former florida sheriff's deputy drove his patrol car into his wife's home and police say he did it on purpose. we're just seeing this dash cam video. it shows him pulling out of the driveway with a woman in the doorway and he crashes into the house. you can see the police lights flashing. a former deputy said he was under the influence at the time. he's serving two years
12:47 pm
probation. officials are warning about a health epidemic in puerto rico. experts at the cdc says two people died this week after drinking dirty contaminated water. officials say dozens more people may also be infected after drinking the same water. hurricane maria tore through the island as a category four storm a month ago. 75% of puerto ricans still have no electricity and more than 25% don't even have running water. new rules now in effect for folks flying to the united states. what you need to know for the next time you come back from abroad. because the rules have changed in a big way. stay with us. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease i kept looking for ways to manage my symptoms.
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>> shepard: new rules are here for airline passengers flying to the united states. the new rules go into effect today. lillian has details. they're not really providing any are they? >> no. it's vague. hundreds of flights will be affected by these new rules. the most of course is this enhanced overall passenger screening. that's coming in the form of lots of questions. questions when you check in, questions at the security gate, questions before you board. in hong kong, some passengers said they were asked things like where have you been, did you pack your bag, where did you pack your bag. air france will have people fill out a questionnaire before boarding. >> shepard: different airline to airline. >> yes. also, heightened screening of electronic devices.
12:52 pm
you'll want to make sure that you pack with the ability to reach those kinds of devices quickly because they'll be doing more detailed inspections. >> shepard: okay. >> so not all bad. also going to be some expanded k-9 training. you'll be seeing four-legged friends, more of them around the airport. >> shepard: luchia can't answer questions. if she could, we'd be rich. just answer one question. what are they going to do for the pets? >> they want more of them. more security overall everywhere around the terminals, around the flights. more of these dogs just sniffing bags, making sure there's nothing explosive. airlines are recommending getting there earlier. delta says about three hours before your flight is when you want to be there to make sure -- >> shepard: three hours? >> yeah. it's the normal. >> shepard: come on tuesday for a flight on friday. >> they want to make sure that you have extra time. hong kong passenger told the associated press that it was
12:53 pm
annoying, holding up the process to have to wait and talk to the gate agents before boarding. >> shepard: first world problems there in hong kong. >> yes. >> shepard: i hope they have had a wonderful time. want to go to hong kong? >> and they were going to l.a. sunshine. >> shepard: warm there. dodgers lost. >> they did. i haven't been paying attention. >> shepard: what a game. it's on fox. come on. you and the corporate rules breaking. good to see you. thank you. after issuing a travel advisory for minorities on american airlines, the naacp reports hundreds of black passengers are coming forward claiming the airline mistreated them. the organizations president accusing airline workers of removing black passengers from planes and taking aware their premium seats without warning. one woman says a pilot kicked her off because she complained about a seat change. the ceo of american airlines says he's offered to meet with the naacp to talk about the
12:54 pm
complaints, a new jersey state trooper getting lots of praise and a lot of thanks after he saved a man from choking. this happened in rockaway township, new jersey. about an hour or so from new york city. according to the state police, trooper dennis palae was watching football at a buffalo wild wings and he saw this man choking. so he jumped up and did the heimlich. police say the manmade a full recovery. no word on what won the game. the bronx bombers need a new skipper. joe girardi is out. he spent a decade at the helm. he led the team to a championship in 2009. he got within a game of the world series this season. but hey, it's the yankees. before coaching, girardi won three titles as the yankees catcher. he said the yanks decided not to bring him back. he thanked the team and the fans
12:55 pm
for all of their support over the years. we'll be back with a look at what historians are calling an engineering marvel and happened on this day in history. first, a look at a very expensive funeral fit for a king. because, well, it was for a king.
12:56 pm
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hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> shepard: what does a funeral cost? $93 million for a former king in thailand this week. that's the price tag according to reports. people there are end ago year of mourning after the death of the king passed away. he was 88 when he died. we have images of this incredible ceremony on the monster wall today. the entire funeral set to last five days. here, the new king of thailand participates in a ceremony for his late father. after that, three processions including the royal family, the military and the golden chariots cared an urn through the streets
12:59 pm
of bangkok. tens of thousands of mourners dressed in black lined up to witness this thing. in this image, the photo of the king. you can see workers took ten months to build the pavilion made of all gold. on this day in 1825, thor erie canal opened. it can more than 360 miles. the largest manmade waterway in the world at the time. took eight years to build. barrels of whiskey were put along the route to encourage workers. it turned new york city into a shipping power house. after workers finish digging what critics called a ditch 192
1:00 pm
years ago today. we should have barrel of bourbon between here and the newsroom. that's incentivizing. employee morale. have a great afternoon. here's cavuto. >> neil: all right. we're just getting word from the dow jones, the "wall street journal," that a big deal is in the works involving aetna. show shares were jumping 12% today. now we know why on word that cvs is in talks to buy the company outright. aetna shares were up on anticipation of some deal. when we get more, we'll let you know. again, more transactions to report. more mergers to report. more frenetic activity to report. one of the reasons why the dow was advancing today. that also had is something to do with tax cuts and the closer we get, the better stocks look. that was sealed with a


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