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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 27, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you so much. that wraps it up for "fox and friends" first the first hour but the second hour continues right now. hope you have a great weekend. i'm going home to north carolina and will be back on monday. see you then, goodbye. >> new low in american politics, everything the clinton campaign and the dnc were falsely accusing this president of doing they were doing themselves. jillian: hillary clinton and democrats denying and deflecting the dossier scandal and uranium one deal. what we learned about the obama administration threatening the fbi informant. rob: new surveillance video just released in three random murders that terrorized a lot of people in the tampa area. the hunt for a killer wrapping up right now. jillian: the high school
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football team told there is no room for faith on the field. "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪ going on ♪ magazine shade ♪ jillian: live look outside new york city early on friday morning. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: thanks for starting the day with us, one minute after the are, new developments on the uranium one bribery scandal. lawyer for the fbi informant who could hold the key to this. the lawyer saying the client was threatened by the obama
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administration to stay quiet. jillian: the fbi's expected to turn over documents on the dossier. let's get to griff jenkins with the latest. >> reporter: uranium deals and dossiers, speaker ryan said the fbi agreed to hand production to the health intelligence can be related to the dossiers, fusion gps and related records. >> the fbi got in touch thursday afternoon and have informed us they will comply with our document requests and will provide documents congress has been asking for. >> reporter: the fbi will honor that commitment, turning of the criticism. this exposes the hypocrisy of democrats. >> this is hypocrisy at the highest level, maybe a new low in american politics, anything the clinton campaign falsely accusing this president of doing
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over the past year they were doing themselves. >> reporter: in a separate developer and the fbi, the uranium one deal intensified before congressional committees about what he knows, was threatened by the obama administration after threatening the decision with 20% of america's uranium. >> he was furious about the decision made to sell for 20%. the fbi person, what is going on? why are they doing this? >> reporter: her client worries the conversations with the fbi could be in jeopardy so submitted a letter of preservation to assure no evidence will be destroyed. democrats are calling these investigations nothing more than destruction by bad faith politics and no word from
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secretary clinton about this. rob: a lot to talk about on this topic. jillian: seems like we are always hearing someone in denial from the democratic party, someone else who during that time i knew nothing about this. kellyanne conway says america sees right through it. >> nothing to see here, i know nothing, because nobody -- this is exactly why a significant majority of americans until election day last year said they find hillary clinton to not be honest or trustworthy. they feel there is something dirty and a reputable going on. last time the party spent several million dollars and couldn't figure out whether they paid a foreign national to dig up dirt on their comments, that won't pass for many americans.
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rob: there appears to be a good deal of smoke in this story but no fire at this point but let's talk about the simple fact there has always been a lot of smoke with the trump russia collusion and no fire either. when this was speculation on trump and russia the mainstream media went wild, tons of coverage for the past year. now the same situation with hillary clinton let me show you the mainstream media coverage of this story from last night and it is pretty fair on cnn, 30 minutes and 20 seconds, not bad, 2 minutes and 55 seconds by msnbc compared to hours of coverage they gave to trump and russia, abc, cbs and nbc still not sold on it after talking about speculation of trump and russia for the past year, it was all we heard. now that it flipped the other way you see the disparity. that is what we talk about with general media bias. here is jason chaffetz talking about the same thing. >> they have got to get the
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media to do its job. that may be asking something impossible. places like time magazine, donald trump junior on the cover saying red-handed only to find out they used the wrong picture, the pictures should have been hillary clinton. that was the precursor, this document was the precursor for everything to do with robert mueller and all these other investigations and radio silence from the national media and silence from the democrats. rob: we want to get your comments on that, friends -- waiting for you to say it. jillian: you can tweet us or send a message on facebook, this won't go away anytime soon, we are learning more information,
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what you think about it at this point. there is no fire but a lot of smoke. rob: a close call but major win for the trump administration, the house approving a $4 trillion budget paving the way for tax reform the president tweeting big news, budget just pass, 20 republicans joining democrats in opposing the measure. we spoke with peter morici about why democrats need to get on board with tax reform. >> the president's program will return money to lower and middle-class americans, working families to make their lives better, promote growth, increase jobs, raise wages. i don't know how nancy pelosi can be against that except she's against everything the president wants to do. rob: this will enable tax legislation sets to be introduced next week to pass
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without democratic votes. jillian: cuba calling out the trump administration over mysterious sonic attacks on us diplomats claiming they are not responsible citing lack of medical evidence of the 24 americans who suffered hearing loss and minor brain damage at the embassy in havana as the white house appoints the new chief for the embassy. rob: more emotional testimony about the mission to rescue bergdahl, i thought i was going to definitely die in afghanistan, accepted my fate, pulled out my bible, grabbed my 9 mm and kept firing. what these men and women go through. the wife of mark allen who was shot in the head and is unable to speak will testify that is
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coming monday. bow bergdahl pleading guilty. heather: jim matus face-to-face with north korea visiting the demilitarized zone between north and south korea to reinforce donald trump's commitment to disarm the rogue regime. >> our goal is not war but the complete, verifiable, irreversible demilitarization of the korean peninsula. martha: jillian: this is before the official trip to the region. rob: stranded at sea for five months and this morning two sailors and their dogs are back on dry land. jillian: this is the moment they were spotted by the u.s. navy 900 miles southeast of japan.
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one of them blowing kisses to their rescuers. >> they set sail from hawaii to tahiti but got knocked off course by a storm in may. >> they thrive thanks to water purifiers and supplies they stood away on board. rob: that is just madness, can't believe they survived. jillian: 10 minutes after the hour, possible breakthrough in the hunt for a potential serial killer terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. >> we believe this person has ties to this neighborhood and we want to speak to them. >> the unusual clue in this brand-new video. >> the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done, that is watergate modern age. rob: how deep does this scandal
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rob: the hunt for a serial killer. jillian: a man running through a neighborhood moments after the first sweeping murders were committed, police want to talk to that man. >> reporter: police say detectives have had this clip for a while but are just not releasing it because the person seen in that video clip has not come forward. this is video tampa police want you to see showing the man running away second after the police say the first or three unsolved murders happens this
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month. the surveillance video shows the man wearing a hooded sweatshirt or jacket, flipping his cell phone. police of that action can bring a break in the case. as the investigation continues into the shooting death of benjamin mitchell, monica hoff and anthony, police of the new clip can provide identifying clues about a mystery man on the radar for days. >> i have come up with four reasons this person is running. one, they may be late for dinner. two, they are out exercising. three, they heard gunshots. and four, they just murdered benjamin mitchell. >> reporter: police are paying close attention to that flip of the cell phone hoping that triggers a memory for someone out there to help identify this
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person. the reward is $35,000. at have a police headquarters, fox news. heidi heitkamp donald trump comparing the uranium scandal to watergate. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done, with tremendous amount of money being passed, i think that is watergate modern age. rob: what charges could hillary clinton face if this does develop? criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor here to weigh in on that. we know what is alleged here and we are early in this but if it comes to fruition in the case republicans are trying to make? >> at the time she was making a decision about the uranium deal money was funneled to her husband, $500,000 by a russian source. someone deeply involved in a deal gave millions of dollars to
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the clinton foundation at the same time. it is shocking. the idea this could go on without a special prosecutor looking into it is absurd. we know a person very close to the investigation was providing confidential information to the fbi was told not to talk about it by the obama justice department. the question is why isn't somebody looking into this? why did the obama administration cover it up when it was going on? jillian: our legal analyst has been talking about crimes she could face, 13 of them. one specifically you point out, the federal bribery statute. >> the federal prosecutor used the language of the bribery statute, said that my client has information about an attempt to
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reach hillary and bill clinton. that is classic driver he. when you influence the uranium deal with violation of the federal bribery statute that could lead to hearing charges, the shocking part is no one has investigated it. rob: $500,000 to bill clinton to make a speech and meet with vladimir putin, three times his normal speaking engagement fee, $100 million, why do the russians wants to give money to an american foundation? as a prosecutor you got to admit there is a lot of smoke to start investigating. >> there is not only smoke, there is fire. after a while it is so absurd to stick your head in the sand. the reality is a lot of money was being funneled to the clintons at a time when the russians in effect took control of uranium. jillian: you are talking a lot
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of money. how does nobody know? somebody knows something. rob: 18 minutes after the hour. protesting the protesters. the miami dolphins thing in the locker room during last night's game in baltimore and now their own police department saying enough is enough. the police union president live with how they are standing up for america. stay tuned. jillian: donald trump's birthday wish for hillary clinton. carly shimkus with the tribute -- twitter takedown coming up next. ♪ have a good time ♪ witness katy perry.
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jillian: welcome back. no room for god on the gridiron. i school football team told they can spray on the field. rob: carly shimkus with a story i am sure will anger a lot of people. >> reporter: we have been talking about the national anthem protests, today we have another football related story lighting up social media. i school in birmingham, alabama may have to stop broadcasting prayers before a game because the city school district received a letter from the freedom from religion foundation that says this. it is illegal for public school to sponsor religious messages at school athletic events. they struck down school sponsored prayer in public schools. a lot of people on social media, one person says pray before game, who is it hurting, does it make you want to have a community cares for our kids, you want to tear it apart. another says nfl players have
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first amendment rights to disrespect the flag but students don't have a right to pray, talk about double standard, dan tweeted i thought it was freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. a new fox news poll finds since 2013 the nfl's favorability rating has gone down 18 points. that is a big jump. as you can imagine a lot of people find the nfl less favorable are republicans. it is a very political issue. jillian: donald trump junior. >> reporter: hillary clinton's birthday yesterday and donald trump junior used it as an opportunity to roast her on social media. last year she posted a tweet calling herself madame president on twitter. that didn't age well. she remembered twoing a year later in the arrogance of entitlement in this tweet exactly why it was never going
2:25 am
to happen. happy birthday, hillary, with a fox news linking it to a story about that pesky russian uranium deal. i don't think he will get invited to her birthday party. rob: he is more fun to follow on twitter than his dad. jillian: like father like son. rob: i cover that hurricane and the decimation and jj watt stepped up and raise a lot of money. >> reporter: $37 million and he revealed how he plans to spend the money. take a listen. ♪ hope to dine ♪ the response in time ♪ going back ♪ >> reporter: what he is going to do, sounds like a fun song. what he is going to do is split it up between four charities, rebuild homes and schools.
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amazing stuff. we commend him. so too many people in social media. one person says thank you for everything, we are proud to be an american, love that, simple but true. thank you for all you do, we keep you in our prayers. you are an amazing person who gives from the heart. that started as a $200,000 goal, now $37 million. the grin on his face. i will say a lot of people have an issue with what is going on in the nfl but this is one of those stories that should be highlighted, how to put it to good use. jillian: the best way to say it. rob: hillary clinton has a long list of reasons for losing the election, she's not shy of telling people about them. she has never been on that list.
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jillian: the head of the democratic party making excuses as well except there's a bigger problem with this one. >> the constitution. >> they should get the constitution down before sending a candidate to the white house. ♪
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(cheering) a triangle solo? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sam and yohanna saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> americans recruited by isis could be slipping through the cracks and returning to the united states according to a new report from washington-based security agency, 300 have tried, 120 americans have succeeded in leaving the middle east. 7 have returned to the us. where did the others go?
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the fbi claims it is nearly impossible to track. we are learning more about the stolen gun used to shoot and kill kate steinle. testifying his loaded weapon was kept in a backpack and his locked car in san francisco in 2015 but when he returned to his car the windows were smashed, the backpack was gone. he was unaware of any instances where his gun went off on its own, but one francisco lopez sanchez, the illegal immigrant charged in the shooting and killing of a young girl claimed the gun went off by accident. that is his defense. he had been deported five times before this. jillian: netflix series that shocked the nation, new evidence could change everything for stephen avery. >> everybody is listening, what do you want to say to me? jillian: avery's lawyer claims
2:32 am
the brother of brendan lied about the murder of photographer teresa hallback claiming he could have committed the crime. he was sentenced to life behind bars along with his uncle stephen avery in 2007, chronicled in the show making a murder. golf superstar tiger woods will be back in a courtroom today hoping to resolve his dui charge is expected to enter a 12 month program for first-time offenders to manage his medication problem. in may police found him asleep behind the wheel of his parked car with blinker on after taking prescription drugs after back surgery. no alcohol was found. rob: the way to prepare you for this, extreme weather, this is a snowstorm, hammering minnesota causing white out conditions as the storm is moving south overnight. jillian: the twin cities bracing
2:33 am
for sloppy commuters snowfall similar to this is expected throughout the day, blizzard like conditions hitting northern minnesota communities with 60 mile-per-hour winds. janice dean here with the latest. >> sound like you never lived in northern -- it is late october. let's take a look, current temperature 35 in minneapolis, the upper midwest, please tweet, we have experienced this before. it is not an anomaly, winter in october, 23 in rapid city, all of this moving across the midwest. the temperature change significant, 30 ° difference from yesterday. the storm is bringing snow and winds. they have experienced it before. what is going to happen in the weekends, for folks in the
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northeast, as this system moves eastward we will see the potential of gusty winds, much cooler temperatures and something close to a nor'easter although temperatures will be too warm for snow sunday into monday, talking about this low that could bring travel delays and maybe certain complaints from some anchors. rob: if it starts snowing in new york this time of year -- >> i have something that will help them. donuts. come on over. stranger things, everyone excited about this one, premiered at midnight, the doughnut project in new york city decided to help us celebrate and bring us some donuts. thank you for the donuts. all is forgiven, they have little mini waffles and little
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-- where these from? >> the doughnut project in new york city. >> i have never seen stranger things. i know waffles have a big part to play. i heard the word doughnut and came running. >> really good. >> is it real butter? >> thank you for this. rob: it is good for you. >> the calories are in the doughnut hole but there is no doughnut hole. a little pre-halloween treat. rob: the show premiered at midnight. a lot of people been watching all the episodes all the time. >> we will be right back. wanted to surround them in comfort and protection that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals
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rob: after months of denial by hillary clinton over her election lost the fly from the dnc is making excuses about the electoral college. >> the electoral college is not creation of the constitution. >> he has not checked article 2 of the constitution which includes the electoral college. they denied from won fairly because he won the electoral vote the clinton won the popular vote. jillian: white house releasing 3000 classified files related to former president john f. kennedy's assassination, keeping it under wraps. >> he had no choice to accept those reductions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to the nation up security. >> a lot of documents to go through. the committee investigating the
2:40 am
assassination, thanks for joining us this morning. 18,000 documents left of the 87th husband to be released over the course of the next six months as the investigation continues. what was the most important information? >> it will take a while to digest, there has been no smoking gun but part of the problem releasing part of the material is creates more reason for conspiracy theorists to say the real evidence is being retained and we have to wait for more of the release before making any conclusions. right now nothing has been released affect the part i was involved in, oswald fired three
2:41 am
shots, two started the president from behind and caused his death and there were no other shooters. rob: you don't buy these conspiracy theories, you say lee harvey oswald wanted to kill the president and ruby wanted to kill him and that is it. what is in those files? why is it we can't see them after 40 or 50 years? >> part of the reason is a lot of mistakes were made in the protections of the president, releasing the root he was going to take, the only way oswald found out he was going to come by his building and a lot of embarrassing information for the cia, the fbi, more so than evidence that will show there was anything unexpected and how the president was killed.
2:42 am
rob: a national security to reject those files and nothing in that that is 50 years old. >> some people who are still alive after 55 years that would be embarrassed by it but doesn't sound like there is much that will affect our immediate security. that is what the president is looking at right now before he will release the rest of it in six months. jillian: i was looking through information, go through everything in a couple hours, fbi director edward hoover from november 24, 1963, saying hours after jack ruby was shot or shot oswald, sent an agent to the hospital trying to get a confession out of oswald before he died and this is a quote. hoover's urgent desire to have, quote, something issued so he can convince the public oswald is the real assassination.
2:43 am
to convince the public, that is a red flag in my opinion. >> that is one of the things that raised the conspiracy theories, there was immediate desire not to find anybody except oswald because the russian government, the cuban government, the mafia, the united states government offices were all possible contributors to the assassination, there was a push to make it seem like oswald but this raises questions when you overlook certain information. all the information thus far available shows oswald did it by himself, it was by happenstance, the president's entourage came through dallas but there were lots of mistakes made by j edgar
2:44 am
hoover who tried to paper over the fact that his dallas office may have made mistakes in not following oswald, the new he was there. rob: embarrassing moments by the cia but don't believe the conspiracy theories and it will all be released at some point. 44 minutes after the hour, protesting the protesters. miami-dade police department sending a clear message, respect the flag or we won't protect you, the president of the police union next. >> let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> coming up on "fox and friends," the mega morning deals, doctor sebastian gorka, chris christie from the great state of new jersey where i live. it has been five years since hurricane sandy. the are in c share, about the
2:45 am
world of politics, geraldo joins us, the state department spokeswoman who used to be part of the team. a busy 3 hours kicks off 15 minutes from now on the channel you trust, "fox and friends" first back in two minutes. ( ♪ ) bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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rob: three miami dolphins players continue to random protests staying in the locker room during the national anthem in baltimore. jillian: the police department decided enough is enough and pullback forces at home games. rob: almost one third fewer than the ideal 400 officers, joining
2:49 am
us now is president of miami-dade county pva, thanks for coming on this morning. these officers get paid to work these games. for them to not volunteer this assignment is costing them money. they must really believe in it. >> absolutely. the ones that refused to show up are strong about it and their position is known. jillian: there's a reason you started doing this. can you explain? >> we found out about it after it was in full swing. a group of officers that had enough. they themselves were deciding not to work the game. when we found out about it it was in full swing but they needed 400 officers and the jets game, one of the most volatile
2:50 am
games, they had to force people to come to work, they only got 270 officers quite short of the 400 they needed. rob: when you go to these games you have a few the protest but the bulk of the crowd still support police officers i would hope. >> fans, you see the blues in the stands. everybody for the most part are sick and tired of these kneelings. jillian: a second ago when you were explaining why you decided to do it it was because of the new orleans players kneeling, you mentioned a moment of silence october 15th, marcus mcneill who was killed on the line of duty, you are seeing the
2:51 am
picture, that has to go to the hard when you respect, the momen silence, and in that game the fans who did it at of the players and started to catch on social media, the guys and gals the chose not to work in florida said we had enough. jillian: your opinion on this. i'm sure you can understand some people in the public with think are we safe going to these games with lack of police officers? can you let them know they are safe and able to go to these games? >> the people working the games will give you 100%.
2:52 am
police officers are sworn to protect you but it is unnerving when you don't have the ideal number protecting the fans. rob: that moment of silence really was a file moment that took it too far and was inextricable. we understand your feelings and thank you for joining us this morning. jillian: 8 minutes until the top of the hour. and iconic product made in america for more than a century. >> how much pride does it give you, made in america? >> i can't begin to explain. rob: what makes the best bet in baseball, the louisville slugger, coming up next. ♪ maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running.
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>> when you baseball you think of this, the louisville slugger. rob: we got inside look how this company makes their legendary baseball bat. check it out. >> we are in louisville, kentucky, the home of the best bat in baseball. >> we have been baseball fans are always like many of you.
2:57 am
i often wondered how they make these things. check it out. after 133 years, 100 million bats sold and 112 world series appearances, louisville slugger is a staple in the baseball community. >> founded by german immigrants in the woodworking business the founder's on snuck off to the louisville eclipse baseball game and their fate was changed. >> that is a problem. 100 years ago nobody made that. a 19-year-old young man going to star players, i am pretty good at that. >> reporter: doug johnson has been a tour guide for ten years
2:58 am
and a vietnam veteran. >> how much pride does it give you to work in a company like this where it is made in america? >> i can't even begin to explain. >> the louisville slugger has gone through a 20 to set up process with 30% of the inventory not making the cut. how do these bats get their iconic logo? all it takes is a little of luck. ♪ >> absolutely. a debt of gratitude to this country. in every conflict to salute the
2:59 am
men and women who have done so much for us. >> reporter: we decided to put them to the test. >> the world series. got to talk about this. >> cody belanger, curtis granderson, those guys have been doing great things. >> who will win the world series? >> they are awesome. we will see. >> this is what we call made in america. >> if you get to louisville,
3:00 am
take the tour. and we went 10 for 10 on how to make contact. >> we had a good time. >> thank you for joining us >> yeas are 216, the nays are 212. >> the budget has passed clearing the way for tax overhall. >> an fbi informant may be about to name names and provide evidence. >> the lawyer now saying her client was threatened by the obama administration to stay quiet. >> he was furious. he asked the people that he was, the fbi person, what's going on? why are they doing this? >> this epidemic is a national health emergency. we cannot allow this to continue. >> the assassination files of president john f. kennedy just released, revealing lee harvey ozwald met a kbg agent two months before the shooting. >> country m


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