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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  October 27, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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night at 9:00 p.m. eastern for mike huckabee, jason chaffetz and the chairman of the board -- all of them. >> jesse: masa breaking news tonight. who funded the original fusion gps opposition research on president trump? good evening, everybody. i'm jesse watters and this is "fox news tonight." thanks for being with us. brand-new information. we now know that conservative publications the washington free beacon set in motion opposition research that eventually led the dems to a dossier that included unverified claims regarding ties between trump and russia. for more on this developing story, let's go right to james rosen who is in d.c. with the latest. >> good evening, the washington free beacon said it has approached the house intelligence committee to answer questions about the money the
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conservative news outlet paid for the purpose of conducting research into the lives of then candidate donald trump. all of the work at fusion gps provided to the free beacon was -- it appears in the steel dossier, none of it. ... the christopher steel dossier was compiled by this man, former british spy christopher steel, is reportedly included interviews. its brand with highly salacious rumors about president trump but its contents went unverified even if it landed in the hands of various news outlets.
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buzzfeed published it in total. what apparently began as a republican funded effort to discredit mr. trump on publicly available sources and a early in 2016 and was plucked up by the clinton campaign and became an effort to get private information from moscow. for more than a year, these democrats have alleged collusion between the trim campaign in the kremlin. the disclosures about the funding suggest it was the democrats seeking to benefit from russian intervention. >> jesse: thank you, james. the mainstream media and left continue to downplay developments in the controversial uranium one deal. take a listen to this exchange from the white house press briefing today.
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>> in the uranium one investigation, are you trying to chin up your own russia investigation and where is the presidents evidence that hillary clinton colluded with the russians as he tweeted this morning? >> any specific involvement, the president has pushed for transparency if that's what you are referring to. >> jesse: the cnn legal analyst seem to find the genesis of the uranium story. >> this whole uranium thing, it comes from fox news. i mean, this is a closed investigation that came up in peter schweizer's book, "clinton cash" in 2015. >> i mean, if that makes it -- >> exactly. the book came out in 2015. it was one of the accusations, it's been discredited. two years later, fox news and republicans in congress and
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republicans of the white house start raising it simply as a way to waive russia back to the democrats. there's nothing new, no new information here. >> jesse: joining us now from boston, adriana cohen. and from virginia, ned ryan. the ceo of the group "american majority." you know the democrats are guilty when the media begins blaming fox news for the scandal. >> it's outrageous. it is all they have left. it's just incredible. one thing we can say, everything that has exploded this week, now we know why hillary clinton deleted all those emails. we learn more and more about this uranium deal. had she not deleted so many emails, perhaps we would know much more about what was going on. this was just an incredible bombshell. the democrats had been pushing this fake russian narrative.
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the trim campaign colluded with russians to subvert our democracy. accusing her of treason. horrible things. and then the special prosecutor. now we find out it was actually hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc who paid $9 million, $9.2 million to basically russian informants to give them all this fake information, fake news to subvert our democracy. >> jesse: hillary basically paid for fake news, as ironic as -- i want to fact-checked somethin. this came from fox news? it absolutely didn't. peter schweizer is not a fox news contributor and it was broken by "the hill" newspaper. a nonpartisan publication. >> in april of 2015, "the new york times" wrote a long piece on this. one of the authors -- actually
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wrote about uranium one and the clinton foundation. it came out of "the new york times." i think we need to go back and look at the uranium one deal. look at these nine cfius voting members and bring them to the hill and say why did you prove this deal again? it was done in a rather expedited fashion, jesse. in 2010, approved october 22nd of 2010. when you are dealing with issues of real national security, sometimes it takes up to 128 days. they are more like 75 days. there were mergers that were not approved quickly by obama's federal department. >> jesse: the committee you are talking about is this committee on foreign investment where hillary and eric holder and voted on this uranium deal. my question is this -- journalism is about holding powerful people accountable.
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what's more powerful than the clinton dynasty? or billionaire russian industrialists? we think the media wants a pulitzer prize and should dig around and find the facts. they say they are not fake news but now it is an opportunity for them to start digging in and start looking into the facts. >> absolutely. what we've learned with this russian uranium deal, clearly it was paid to play. you don't need peter schweizer's book. as much of the value it was, the average person watching in america knows that it's very suspicious when the united states government is approving a 20% transfer of our uranium and then around the same time, the hillary clinton foundation is getting $145 million not from joe blow from idaho. they are getting that money from nine uranium one investors. >> jesse: great point. this is what i would ask you.
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i would say to the people that approved this deal, what is the american interest in selling 20% of our uranium to the russians? how does that help america? >> these are the answers we need to understand, jesse. what was the motivation to approve this deal? the russian nuclear agency -- the one that really controls, controlling interest, they've been helping iran build nuclear plants. these people do not have our best interest in mind. in an attempt to get russia to come in on a bad iranian deal or was this deal approved to benefit democrats, donors for all the financial support they've given? i want to go back and hit the media on this. they've acted like they are moses coming down from mount sinai with god's truth. they are nothing but opinion us,
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they are not journalists anymore. they are just another guy with an opinion and a different worldview and set of values trying to drive a specific narrative. the reason is, they got played on this. they tried to attempt to pull off one of the biggest hoax in american history. the left in the press try to dissuade the american people. somehow the duly elected president of the united states was a puppet of putin? there's a certain disdain for america. when that lines up with the misinformation they were fed, they dig and dug hard on it. >> jesse: it completely boomerang and hit hillary right in the head. politics is a team sport, adriana. give the republicans on the other. it's two against one. >> that's right. i think bob mueller needs to recuse himself.
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how can we have a special prosecutor aggressively going after the trump administration while on his watch while he ran the fbi, he overlooked the pay to play between uranium one and $145 million in the clinton foundation. he also overlooked russian banks paying bill clinton half a million dollars for a one-hour speech and also bill clinton met with putin. personally. right before the steele went down. if none of that crossed his radar, he let all that go by and also john podesta's financial entanglements go under his radar. now we are supposed to believe he's impartial going after donald trump and his family and his associates? so relentlessly? he has to recuse himself. >> jesse: his integrity is definitely encrusted because of all the things you just mentioned. it's definitely encrusted.
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we have not confirmed that. we don't have the facts about yet but if we do bring that we will bring it to the audience but not yet. we're not going to speculate on what is going to happen. it looks like it will be a pretty big week next week. adriana, ned, thank you guys, very much. coming up, president trump is draining the swamp and is driving the establishment crazy. we're going to show you what's going on, up next. impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. lease the 2017 nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> jesse: it's no secret there is a deep split within the republican party but president trump is winning the fight so far. it's driving the establishment crazy. time magazine took a jab at the president's destructiveness in its upcoming covered up the back depicting president trump as a wrecking ball. joining me now, the spokesperson for the committee to the senate of the president. amanda, let me put it to you very simply. is president trump winning and how? >> i want to note that that
7:16 pm
cover -- i don't really find it to be insulting. i know that they meant it to be but i have a lot of friends who call me a miniature wrecking ball. i kind of like it. >> jesse: you were taking that as a complement for the president. >> i feel like president trump is too. >> jesse: okay, he might be. >> there are some stipulations going in the win column. the text for more cuts have to be done. this strain between the g.o.p. and trump has been boiling for a while. it seems like most americans are siding with trump. >> jesse: do you agree with that, tim? americans are siding with the president? >> as a spokesman for the committee to defend the president, i think it's good that he's not -- they haven't been able to pass legislation and this is the problem with the president. he thinks winning is triggering results. that's nice. there's nothing wrong with triggering liberals.
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but they need to get legislation and you need guys like bob corker and jeff flake to do that. the president who is supposed to be the great dealmaker hasn't cut a single deal successfully on the hill since he's been there. now we are ten months in. i hope we get tax reform. it sure does not help when the president is not attracting any democratic votes in his name calling bob corker and jeff flake and others whose votes he will need. what's the point of that? i don't think that's a winning. >> jesse: i agree they haven't had a lot of legislative accomplishments under the first nine months of the trump administration but i would also -- there's been great judges appointed. isis, the caliphate is gone. border crossings are way down. being deported out of here. the keystone pipeline. you can point to a number of accomplishments. regulations being slashed. two go consecutive quarters,
7:18 pm
record high stock market. there are some things the president is doing well, amanda. although not so successfully on legislation. correct. >> correct, if corker and flake feel so strongly about opposing president trump and moving the country more in the direction of their view, why are they bailing and another thing is people who are in the republican party who claim they are conservative and yet they are not supporting the vote, you have to remember during the election, donald trump won over 300 counties. hillary won 57. the majority came from a collective about ten states and the district of columbia. people want trump's agenda so when they go back home, they act like they know what their voters want but their voters already told them what they wanted. >> jesse: she really redrew
7:19 pm
the map. wouldn't it be better to work with the president instead of against the president? >> the president did a nice job winning the election, you're right about that. but in a fox news poll the other day, he only has 37% support. the point of winning the presidency is not just to win to feel good. that was nice and he deserves credit for winning it but then you have to advance long-term legislative objectives. i agree with you, jesse. i support neil gorsuch. that was a good appointment but all the other things you're talking about our executive orders that conservatives should oppose and if democrats win, they should just turn around. >> jesse: i would consider those -- they are reviewing those. that's in play.
7:20 pm
>> the next president can put us right back in. >> jesse: you would have to applaud him for that. one of his best accomplishments is keeping hillary clinton out of the white house. >> i think the globe is warming. i don't know if that makes me a global warming guy. >> jesse: you look pretty tan. >> i was in california. >> jesse: i am sorry to hear that. to speak of the people in power, we have to hold them accountable. i think you are graded on a curve. he's had a lot of serious problems and i think corker and flake's criticism of him, his honesty and behavior in the west wing and his lack of accomplishments are all fair and strong criticisms. >> jesse: let's get amanda to respond to that. tim has a point. character counts.
7:21 pm
maybe some of these guys don't care about getting reelected. didn't want to run again. they are offended by the president's behavior or demeanor. that's a fair criticism, is it not? >> maybe they are not running because they are bailing out on their own volition. maybe they are bailing because they know they won't win. americans are so sick of the left and the right, downline party politics. they voted for trump because he represented a version of hope and change we did not see it in the last election cycle because it wasn't some trendy slogan someone turned into pop art and put it on their wall above their yoga studio. it actually represented something that americans wanted to see. yes, you're right, his polling numbers are down but you look at numbers on economic and national security and they are higher. he's had a lot of pickups along the way.
7:22 pm
there are people on both sides of the aisle that are obstructing. >> jesse: i think you both can agree that the republicans if they can get tax reform done within the next year and about the carrot repealed and, both of you would say that the president has a pretty successful first two years, correct? >> i would posit a -- >> jesse: tim goes first. >> if bob mueller keeps indicting people and if it's true there was negative behavior in russia, i don't think obamacare and tax reform would fix that. >> jesse: that's a wild card. >> the president should get focused. if he can and not some of these other spats that he spending his time on, that would be a step in the right direction. >> jesse: i don't think the spats are ever going to go away. i think we all have to get used
7:23 pm
to that and rolled with the punches, as they say. tim, amanda. thank you very much. >> jesse: up next, hillary clinton just won't go away. but is not really good news for president trump? we will break it all down for you, next. back in a moment. a small new size that's fast, cause it's liquid. woohoo! you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments
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>> jesse: hillary clinton has been in the hot seat this week but that did not stop her from taking the stage at the women's media awards. >> i follow the media. i knew there were a lot of folks telling me to just shut up and sit down and never say another word. i thought to myself well, what is that they are so afraid of hearing? i don't intend to be silent. i know none of you will let that happen.
7:28 pm
>> jesse: joining me now with her reaction, robin of biro, a democrat and amy holmes, a conservative. she seems like she's playing the sexism card saying i am a woman. they don't want to hear a woman. but i'm going to yell and scream and you're going to hear from me. >> she says "i will not be silent." we know, girl. it's clear. great for republicans but they should be underwriting the bullhorn. hashtag deplorables. the more she is on the stage, better for republicans. she doesn't seem terrible to remember -- for her to hog the limelight is only good for republicans. >> jesse: that's true, if anything, it's democrats who are saying let's turn the page. >> jesse, i agree with you. in her book she actually said
7:29 pm
it's the far left that's telling her that more than anything. she has every right to get up and use her voice. she earned 2.8 million -- more votes. she was former secretary of state. i want to say when you run a campaign and lose, you learned so much information. she knows it's her responsibility to impart that information for young females inspired to run for young to o. >> jesse: george w. bush, they had the bitter recount. what do you do? for the good of the country, he stepped back and was quiet for many years and then he got on the green deal. >> then he got onto the global warming. >> he resurfaced after years of spending it out of the spotlight. many people would like to see hillary go off as kind of the elder states will mend and ride
7:30 pm
off into the sunset with the little class. >> it's funny. like sunset boulevard. who doesn't seem to understand the spotlight has moved on for the good of the party. it should. while al gore is a mixed comparison considering he has also wanted to be a star on the world stage, he took an issue that was separate from himself. he took on something he obviously felt passionate about and that he advocated for but we are still in hearing from hillary. me, me, me. when you talk about young women and whether or not she's a great example, look at the young women who voted for bernie sanders. overwhelmingly. she did not have purchase on the millennial voters. >> jesse: absolutely true. one of the reasons -- the size of the book tour, biro, they continue to creep into the new cycle even after they left the stage. her husband, bill.
7:31 pm
you still heard about pardons and stealing furniture from the white house. now she's been gone and we are hearing about uranium one, the dossier, that's why she's still in the news and people are saying hillary, move on. >> jesse, you know as well as i do that hillary will never stop talking about hillary clinton. [laughter] >> donald trump makes serious missteps and they love to bring up anything about hillary clinton or bill bill c. to distract from some of the serious missteps from the current trump administration that cannot pass any major legislative agenda. when that happens, start rolling anything they can. throw it at the wall about hillary clinton, bill clinton, see what sticks. >> jesse: to be fair, donald trump did not bring up the dossier. the dossier came out from good reporting and the uranium one
7:32 pm
was not brought up by the president. >> the clinton baggage could fill in airport. have you noticed that hillary clinton, she was the most detail-oriented politician ever to seek the highest office in the land so whenever there's a scandal, "i didn't know," i am oblivious. harvey weinstein, it's one of my biggest funders and supporters. i didn't know anything about him. >> jesse: she lost her memory with benghazi. with weinstein. uranium one. the dossier she has no recollection of her campaign, biro. spending 6 million or $9 million on opposition research? >> before that, i want to point out it's not reported much in the news but the g.o.p. has spent money, too. i'm not sure what candidate but a g.o.p. candidate. >> jesse: that was the
7:33 pm
washington free beacon. a conservative publication was spending some money with fusion gps but that was before the steele guy from great britain got involved with the fake dossier. >> you notice when it comes to controversies, of course she wants to use the feminist victim language. "i will not be silenced." >> jesse: listen, donald trump has the best enemies. it doesn't get any better than hillary clinton. the more and more she stays in the arena, the better it is. she's a great political punching bag. she's got no self awareness and refuses to accept the results of the election. it was she that accused donald trump in the debate of not being able to accept the results of the election and now she say it was rigged. >> ironically, that can be said
7:34 pm
of the clintons. it seems she's on the other foot. >> jesse: i just have to ask, robin. is that an "i'm with her" tide? it almost looks like the hillary logo from the campaign. >> are you kidding? come on. i'm wearing the red, white, and blue for you, jesse. >> jesse: i love the bow tie. more tucker carlson than tucker carlson. i think it looks great on you. robin and amy, thank you. up next, our experts break down the biggest political stories of the week. stay with us. each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps.
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remission can start with stelara®. talk to your doctor today. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for stelara®. >> jesse: welcome back. it's been a busy week in washington and to find out what the biggest stories were, let's bring two reporters working in our nation's capital. white house correspondent for the independent journal review and writer for the "washington examiner." okay, what are your biggest stories of the week? go. >> we first have to talk about the retirement of jeff flake. no one was really expecting this. i actually think that puts arizona into serious play. democrats have a relook at reald candidate. try to make arizona competitive but it's never competitive until it is.
7:39 pm
the same could be true of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. for republicans this past cycle, this story has legs because it was going to be competitive for democrats but also because jeff flake has been very vocal in the republican party, critical of president trump. >> jesse: being vocal is one way to say it. do you think arizona is in play for the democrats? what did donald trump win that state by? >> jeff flake just called it quits early. what this shows is that a lot of these guys, these conservatives that our heritage foundation style, their brand just isn't working anymore. instead of clocking out early. the populist nationalist side of the republican party is on the upswing. >> jesse: that's true. kelly ward is the band and picked conservative, we will see
7:40 pm
how she performs. >> that is true but also, this is going to go even further because a number of conservative groups came out against another republican candidate who could potentially run, a congresswoman in arizona. they want to support kelly ward. you are going to a nasty republican primary in arizona. >> jesse: nasty is good for cable news. the nastier, the higher the ratings. what do you think the biggest story of the week was? >> what we see coming out of the russian dossier. if you are paul manafort or michael flynn, i would not want to be either of those guys tonight. now that mueller has fresh charges with the grand jury, whoever is charged could find themselves arrested come monday morning. this is going to be the dominant story going forward for all of next week. >> jesse: like i said at the top of the show, the cnn report,
7:41 pm
fox news has not yet confirmed that. if and when we do, we will bring it to you. if that is true and they put someone in handcuffs as soon as monday, that's going to blow everything out of the water. , what else to think think was big this week? erin? >> bob corker, it dominated an entire day of news coverage. while i don't think it jeopardized tax reform in the way people are talking about, it is clearly going to continue the fight between the establishment and the populists and president trump like you were talking about. >> jesse: i enjoyed the little kerfuffle. we've got a new nickname. little bob corker. liddle.
7:42 pm
and then there's lil kim. i don't know if you can accept that nickname. i don't think that will jeopardize the trump agenda in the senate, if corker does not vote for tax reform based on personal beef with the president, he's really selling out his constituents. >> that's right. one of the big story that i think it's really important that took off, an analyst for msnbc lost his contract. he was political director of "abc news" back in the '90s. a number of women came out on the record tonight. cnn reported that story but "the washington post" has followed up. you are seeing more and more women come out against mark helprin. he also lost a book deal and the option for one of his books to get an airing in a minute series on hbo and showtime as well.
7:43 pm
that story is a big deal because i do think it is not just mark helprin we will see, a number of other figures and otherwise have more and more women come out against them. >> jesse: he released a statement and talked to a lot of misbehavior and rudeness and inappropriate-and -- i feel bar the women suffering the kind of abuse and power. >> to focus on a lot of the fights in congress, a positive story coming out of the white house. when president trump was getting serious about the opioid epidemic. he did not prescribe some magic elixir or say do x, y, and z and we will beat this thing. he went with in all of the above approach. he also enough powerful moment moment talked about his own brother who he lost to alcoholism. it's so important because if you are that person in the midwest,
7:44 pm
if you are someone who is addicted, the president is talking about his own brothers struggle. shame is no longer an excuse not to go to your community and get help. that's what's important. it will be community, not government, that's going to solve this problem. >> jesse: on "watters' world" tomorrow night at 8:00 i have eric trump and he talks about his father and how he was raised. say no to drugs, alcohol. smoking, it's obviously an important and emotional issue with the trump family. we are going to have you guys stay here. we will take a short break but when we come back, we will have a preview of next week's biggest stories. stay with us.
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>> jesse: welcome back. we are rejoined by erin mcpike and philip. what will go down next week? >> it is incredibly important and it's the virginia governor's race. at the gillaspie definitely has momentum right now. he's known for doing one thing that is breaking late, if he's
7:49 pm
able to pull this out and really turn on the afterburner in this last week before election day, not only does he have a chance to turn virginia red but republicans have a chance to get some momentum before the 2018 midterms. >> jesse: it's been a purple state. hillary won it. i think gillespie was closing so fast. just came up an inch short. it didn't get any money but he should have gotten. how do you see this going, erin? >> great question. the poles have been all over the place. i think we've seen a lot more -- in terms of on television but that means ralph northam, i think it's a good point and obviously it's still more than a week away. the tuesday after, i think we will see it in two weeks. >> jesse: okay, she took
7:50 pm
issue, philip. with your accuracy there. i'm not even going to make too much of it. we don't want you guys shouting at each other. erin, you are up. what will happen next week? >> jesse, i will say we devise this list before the cnn report came out, the charges are going to be filed on monday in the mueller probe. fox news has a confirmed that just yet but if that does happen, that will blow everything out of the water. the other big story you're going to see a lot about is that president trump in true apprentice fashion has been talking about the fact that he will be naming the next fed shares sometime next week. he's obviously very excited about it. that for him probably will be the biggest story. >> jesse: that will be so boring, that nomination that will have no chance of blowing them mueller news if it's true come out of the new cycle. philip, the fed share.
7:51 pm
why should regular americans care? >> the federal reserve, they are in charge of monetary policy. it's telling in the media landscape that it's huge news normally but i think it will probably be overshadowed by what we've seen with the russian probe moving forward. we are going to see ad not cm, democrats of funding that dossier later on and people on the left are going to respond that it was a conservative publication, the free beacon who originally funded it. this is going to dominate the news. if we've seen one thing, it's russia hysteria drives headlines. >> jesse: it sure does. any other scandals besides the russia thing? that you see percolating next week? >> possibly this contract that was given to whitefish, an energy company based in montana. the interior secretary's
7:52 pm
hometown. if you are seeing a number of news organizations start to look into that based on how the contract was written. and this company on twitter got into a little bit of a spat with the san juan mayor. it seemed to be not quite the thing to do when they're trying to bring electricity and energy and water and supplies into everyone in puerto rico. that story is not going away. >> jesse: whitefish is an energy company that's from the same hometown as the interior secretary. they are on on the contract top puerto rico -- what was the contract for? >> that i cannot tell you. >> jesse: i think it's a $300 million contract. a lot of money. to be fair, a very strong statement saying it had nothing to do with this company receiving the contract.
7:53 pm
he welcomes an investigation and wants to turn over all documents. just a little bit of a coincidence. we will see how it breaks down. any last thoughts? >> we are seeing they won't make the same mistakes they made, they are saying right now they look at the story straight from the very beginning. they will control the narrative and push back early and make certain that it does not explode out of proportion. >> jesse: let's go back to this mueller thing and assume that there is an indictment handed down. i'm just going to speculate because we don't know a lot right now. we haven't confirmed it but if it does happen, is it a man afford indictment? is it a flynn indictment and do you guys believe that it's just a small kind of financial filing situation or is it a bigger
7:54 pm
collusion situation that everyone's worried about? that's a big question but there's a lot of speculation going on on twitter already. whether it's flynn or manafort. i would think the scales are probably tipped to manafort and this one. the fbi went and knocked on his door with all kind of tactics. it took him out of bed. it was a messy story. i would imagine it's probably manafort and there's a lot they are. story after story has come out. >> jesse: it does not look good but we've got to run. erin, philip. thank you so much. more "fox news tonight" right after this. team is really made . i win! nuh uh, i win! and these exotic waters? all thanks to rewards from my navy federal flagship credit card. hey mom, watch this! looks like we're all winning this weekend.
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>> jesse: before we go tonight, i want to make sure everyone tunes into the "watters' world" tomorrow night at 8:00. we have an offensive halloween costume edition. i don't want to show promo clip. i want to say good-bye to a dear friend and colleague. nate. nate fredman has been at the company all his adult life. he started as an intern and worked all the way to the top. fantastic producer and great guy. i want to say good-bye. we are going to miss you. lovely wife kim and beautiful daughter. i wish you all the success in the world. it's been a real pleasure working for you and with you. best of luck. that's all the time we had this
8:00 pm
evening. laura ingraham's show, "the ingraham angle" starts on monday at this hour. thank you all for watching. good night. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. another mystery solved. less than an hour ago we finally learned who began funding of the trump dossier here in washington. an amazing and maybe not surprising tale. first, the avalanche of propaganda continues here. you can tell when the democratic party's pr apparatus feels it has come up with the talking point. you're hearing the exact same phrase from every cable news hack on television, including on this show. the latest is opposition research.


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