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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 27, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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evening. laura ingraham's show, "the ingraham angle" starts on monday at this hour. thank you all for watching. good night. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. another mystery solved. less than an hour ago we finally learned who began funding of the trump dossier here in washington. an amazing and maybe not surprising tale. first, the avalanche of propaganda continues here. you can tell when the democratic party's pr apparatus feels it has come up with the talking point. you're hearing the exact same phrase from every cable news hack on television, including on this show. the latest is opposition research.
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that's what democrats are now calling the trump dossier, that collection of unverified allegations that in some cases appears to have come straight from the kremlin. last month the democrats told us that was evidence of treason and grounds for impeachment. now that it turns out hillary and the dnc paid for it it is being written off as opposition research. totally routine, move along, nothing to see here. why arehe you so uptight? we've heard this story a thousand times. right, not so fast. the trump dossier is far from opposition research. it's beenn the linchpin in a remarkable effort to overturn last year's election results. information in that dossier which looks very much like disinformation flowed from russia to the hillary clinton campaign and the headquarters of the democratic party. it somehow made its way throughout the obama administration to the fbi and various other law enforcement agencies and intel agencies as well. the obama administration used
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the dossier's allegations to just identify spying efforts against american citizens, including a trump associates. in other words, the entire investigation into russia and trussia collusion, the one that has stalled our government and changed our foreign policy, all of it grows from the now discredited trump dossier. it's hardly just a piece of opposition research. it's a history changing document. and apparently a fraudulent one. there's no wonder so many people are now lying about it. maggie haberman reports the democratic officials repeatedly lied to them for a year. claiming they had nothing to do with the dossier. neither the hillary clinton or dnc reported how they acquired it as they were supposed to do by law. the lying continues to this moment. according to reports today, both hunting campaign chair people
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john podesta and debbie wasserman schultz told the senate intel community behind closed doors they had no idea who funded the dossier. they had no connection betweenr. them and the fusion gps. not likely,. actually. they paid more than $9 million to the law firm perkins coie and it seems likely that fusion was receiving the lion's share of that. they've resisted having their financial records let out. multimillions of dollars. wasserman schultz and podesta so from the campaigns they were running in a presidential year they had no idea where millions of dollars went? that seems absurd. less than an hour another great mystery has been solved. the identity of the funder of the original fusionn gps opposition research on the trump
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campaign. we've known for a long time it was an anti-trump republican. now according to byron york we know it was the washington free beacon. a website funded by hedge fund billionaire paul singer andy founded in part by twitter celebrity, bill kristol. that's where it all began. we promise you not a single person in f washington is surprised by that. a former state department official joins us tonight. david, thank you. i'm glad you're here. we'vee had many conversations about russia over the past year, you and i. you've expressed outrage about collusion between the trump people and russia. now that we know that the hillary campaign colluded with russia and took information from russia to affect the outcome of the campaign are you outraged? >> i never expressed outrage that there was collusion i expressed outrage that russia interfered in our election which all intelligence agencies agreed to and i said that needs to be investigated and if there is collusion, that's a very serious
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crime. >> tucker: we know the russians gave information through a couple of cutouts to the hillary campaign and the democratic national committee to influence the election. how is that different from what you just said? >> that's not what happened. the news that we learned this week t is that hillary clinton funded fusion gps. but we already knew that a democratic ally had funded it. that came out in october 2016, if you look at the mother jones article which first published these allegations, it was clear then that a democratic ally had fundedra it. we know which ally. it was the hillary clinton campaign. >> tucker: you are tracing the genesis of the story. i'm asking you what happened. russia gave information, who gave it to fusion gps and then it floated to the hillary clinton campaign. and to influence the outcome of the election. using hillary as a conduit.
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i'm wondering where your outrage is? >> that's not accurate. steele was hired to do opposition research. he talked to lots of people. not just russians. he talked to people in europe, the u.s. he found sources. some of his sources were russian sources. >> tucker: i didn't say every source was russian. i'm saying what we know from public record is that information from the russians, that would be people associated with the russian government found its way to the clinton campaign. they paid for that information and it was o designed to influe' the outcome of the election. i'm just holding you to the standard you said when you said this is undermining american hacking of an election. why is it not the case here? >> everyone should read the steelele dossier. >> tucker: i have. >> you would see there were mant
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sources. >> tucker: that was one of them. i'm not saying it was the only one. >> carter page who worked for trump. >> tucker: i got it. >> it you're obscuring the point and i think our viewers know that. >> tucker: look, it's wrong for one side to do it. it is wrong for any side to do it. you have evidence here that it happened on the democratic side. there is no evidence the republican side did it. >> you are equating two things that are not equal. it is not wrong for opposition itsearch to be conducted and for some of the resources to be russian. >> tucker: you don't have a problem with that? >> it's sufficient that trump theged in collusion with russians. >> wait a second, wait a second. real quickly, why did h hillary not engage, honest question, why different given what we know now that the hillary campaign gave millions of dollars to the russians how are they not including with the russians? i'm o missing this. >> there is no news that suggests they gave money to the russians, they gave money to a british former intelligently
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intelligence agent that gave money to the russians. we don't know what he did. let me make one important point. why do we have a special counsel investigation? because trump fired the fbi director, comey, he fired the fbi director comey. >> tucker: no, no, i think you're missing a few steps, here is the key step you're missing. the investigation had already begun. the administration began investigating them. why did they do that? i've been here the whole time. the investigation was under way and it was under way in part because of material gleaned froa the trump dossier paid for by lethe hillary campaign. it's a really simple well. does it bother you -- i'm not, i said in part -- >> you're wrong. there were lots of reasons why the fbi started investigating. they had surveillance of trump. >> tucker: david.
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>> trump campaign officials talking to russians. >> tucker: you can't have a conversation with someone who is shouting. i'll lower my voice, i hope you do the same. we know jim comey tried to add the trump dossier to the january intel report from the community showing -- this played a pivotal point. does it bother you opposition research wound up circulating through the obama administration? through law enforcement and intelligence agencies? how the hell did that happen? >> you're trying to argue that all roads lead back to the steel dossier and that's not correct. it came from our cia, fbi, state department. that was based on their review of what happened in the campaign. their review of the data and the stealing of data -- >> tucker: you know what?
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you and the loser we've had on last time have convinced me there is no answer to these questions. that's why you're filibustering. >> that's why we have the independent counsel. >> tucker: this is really hurting. you're a reasonable guy acting k in an unreasonable manner which suggestsfi you know this is bad. it's bad, david. going to find out. thank you. >> thanks tucker. >> tucker: jonathan turley issu a cool head, not a right winger, been around a longe time. i wanted you to come on to assess, coolly, logically, the legal exposure, potentially from this story. >> there's considerable it exposure. the interesting thing about the original russian collusion argumento is that including with russians is not a crime. there is no such crime. there's conspiracy, but the question is conspiracy to do what? i've been saying this and many people have been saying this the case is getting weaker by the day. there's not much evidence to suggest. an actual crime. compared to this, there is a basis for a criminal charge if these allegations are proven.
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now you have the uranium one deal, which is a pay for play allegation. >> tucker: right. >> that's a serious crime. the clintons could very well show there was no relationship between the half million dollars that went to bill clinton and what the state department did. but that is a classic criminal allegation, if it were to be proven. with regard to the fusion gps andth the dossier, there are issues there, particularly if people lied to investigators, either congressional or federal. that's the type of crime that gets charged in dc. >> tucker: i think what you are referring to is apparently what happened last month, before the senate committee investigating this. john podesta and debbie wassermann schultz were asked directly, did you pay for this? did money from your coffers wind up at fusion gps and both of them said no.
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>> you're right. this attorney mark elias is in a precarious position. he was the general counsel of the campaign. "the new york times" reporters, two of themou have accused him f expressively saying there was no relationship with the clinton campaign in the dossier. he was actually sitting next to john podesta when podesta made the same denial. thatat gets you into very difficulto area, that's when false statements are given to federal investigators. that has to be of concern. it doesn't mean that crime occurred but it's an obvious concern. m >> can you think of an alternative explanation? i will take off the table the idea that the head of the campaign and the head of the party didn't know about millions being spent on opposition research. is there some other way they could explain their behavior before that committee?co >> well, that's what the really have to look at. it's hard to argue that this isn't appropriate for investigation. there are serious questions here. ithe doesn't mean there's crimes but there's serious questions.
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it's also true that if you're investigating the trump side for coordinating or including with silluding with russians, this would seem to be an analogous situation. having said that the moral high ground in washington has always been measured in millimeters. i'm not so sure i'm going to cast aspersions or congratulations on either side. >> tucker: that's always a bet. >> there are serious criminal allegations here that could potentially be moved on. i think that both sides need to acknowledge that many people felt after comey was fired there was a legitimate basis for the special counsel investigation.he it's hard to deny that there'si legitimate basis for the coming congressional investigation into uranium one and the dossier to find out what these facts are. if people lied during the course of that, that's the type of crime people get indicted for in washington. >> tucker: the neocons in d.c.
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hated trump and a bunch of them got together and funded this opposition, the washington free beacon and everyone associated with that. >> i don't see the crime in gathering evidence, even from vefor reason sources any more tn i did with trump and the alleges on thatd side. where you get into some serious problems is if you're trying to acquire classified information or if you are encouraging the theftgi of information or the hacking of systems. those can be charged as a crime. >> tucker: right. >> but in terms of gathering information, as you know, that the long-standing practice in washington, d.c. but what you really have to look for are people that will may have given false information on investigations. ande that's what prosecutor's start with, because those are people that can be easily charged. >> tucker: this is how martha stewart wound up in federal prison. peter schweizer literally wrote the book, clinton cash.
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he joins us tonight. peter, thanks for coming on. there's actually a new development in basically an old story. tell us what it is. >> yeah well the new development is that hillary clinton's defense in saying she was not involved in the uranium one decision has essentially been -- they trotted out former assistant secretary of state fernandez to say he was the one that made the decision. they presented him as basically a serious arbitrator who is going to explain how this was done. the problem is, that if you look at the john podesta emails that were leaked, you find something very curious, tucker. you find that mr. fernandes was mr. podestag with when this story first broke in 2015, will my book came out. in fact, what mr. fernandez told john podesta was i want to do all i can to help the hillary clinton campaign. and literally four days after that email, that's when he was trotted w out to say hillary
8:16 pm
clinton t was not involved in ts decision, i was the one that made the decision to approve the uranium one deal. so what it means bottom line is, you know, this is not a source we can trust. it's another example of why we need to investigate this. we simply can't take his wordd for it or take hillary clinton's word for it. >> it also suggests that they knew exactly how this would be from the outside. so her husband had taken this half million dollar speaking fee. d their family foundation hadmb taken about $145 million from board members of uranium one. there are going to be a lot of questions. it sounds like from the evidence you just suggested that they found this guy and said you know what? you're making the decision. >> yeah, no. that's right. their responses have been to trot out fernandez. their other defense has been there are eight other government aragencies that approved this deal. the problem is that has absolutely nothing to do with the issue of bribery. there's nothing in the bribery statute that says you have to be
8:17 pm
the swing vote. the point is if she voted and p supportedte this initiative in y way, in exchange for this money it doesn't matter if the vote was 5-4 or 9-0 it still constitutes bribery. this is partil of the problem. they have not presented any evidence to support their claim. need toit's why we investigate this. we can't take hillary's word for it. the explanations they've offered thus far simply don't add up. that's right. >> tucker: not all government agencies are created equal. the state department is the first among equals. this whole thing, american national security suffered because of this.eq peter, thank you. you're the one who broke this story and i don't think you can get enough credit for it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: the latest jfk documents have been out for 24 hours. they revealed things people didn't know before. bat it around with a jfk
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[ music playing ] ♪ . >> tucker: almost 3000 documents remedied to the k >> tucker: almost 3000 documents related to the kennedy assassination release last night. some were deliberately withheld yet again 54 years later as the cia and other unnamed agencies seek redactions because you're allowed to see it t it's enough fuel for conspiracy theorists to go another 50 years or so. what have we learned? runs the center for politics and is an expert on kennedy and the assassination.
8:22 pm
larry, whenever you talk about this you don't want to seem like a nut case. on the other hand, bobby kennedy it has now been shown -- his first reaction was the cia did this. he thought it was possible. so have we gotten any closer to what happened with these documents? >> h no. at least not the ones i've read, sttucker. remember, there were tens and tens of thousands of pages. we're just now skimming them and using some great student resources. i think you know y how good the students are at the university of virginia. you know some of them. >> tucker: yes, i do. >> i so we're looking for new material. we found some nuggets that are very, very interesting. but i don't think it's changing the course of history. the isn't rewriting the warren commission,en or changing the nggeneral thrust of the evaluatn of this assassination over many, many years. >> tucker: so what have we learned? >> well, i'll give you a couple of examples.
8:23 pm
i've tried to understand lee harvey oswald. i've read a great deal about him. >> tucker: right. >> he was young, he was a misfit. some might say a sociopath. very strange guy. who would defect to the soviet union in those days from the united states? then he got to come back amazingly. went right to work for fidelot castro. this is an unusual fellow. one thing i never understood was that until i read something in that file, he had murder on his mind for a long time. one of this associates in the military reported shortly after eisenhower began his second term that lee harvey oswald said he wanted to kill dwight eisenhower because he was part of the oppressive class, killing the poor people. we know as well that during his -- when he came back to the united states, he told his wife
8:24 pm
and convinced her at one point that he was preparing to kill former vice president richard nixon. on a texas trip, yes, on a texas trip. it turned out he was using that to abuse his wife, tucker. the vice president wasn't coming at the time that lee harvey oswald told his wife he was. he never got the opportunity. then, he nearly killed general edwin walker. he shot at him, nearly killed him. we know what happened on november 22nd. this guy had murder on his mind for years and he finally acted on it. >> tucker: let me the ask you quickly. there's evidence that a british newspaper or the fbi any way believed a british newspaper received a call less it than an before the assassination saying call the u.s. embassy, something terrible is about to happen in america. is that a credible account, do you think? >> yes, it is. in fact, today i had a lot of experiences with british tv. they were fascinated with this
8:25 pm
document and focusing on it. what convinced me was not simply the account by the reporter, we have now learned am i five, british intelligence essentially validated this claim and believe the reporter did research into it. am i five. they were never able to identify the person who made the call. but 25 minutes before president kennedy was assassinated this reporter in the cambridge news. remember cambridge was a nest of communist spies for decades. they know, 25 minutes before this person said to the reporter, you had better call the u.s. embassy, there's big news coming out of the united states. now look maybe it was a coincidence. maybe it was a crank call but it's one of the most incredible coincidences in history. >> tucker: unbelievable. thank you, larry, for that. really interesting. >> thank you tucker. thanks a lot. >> tucker: hollywood attorney mpsa bloom made her career acting as the supposed champion
8:26 pm
of victims of sexism. that's not at all what she was. tonight additional evidence she worked to discredit victims of sexual harassment, specifically those harassed by harvey weinstein and she did it for pay. we've got the details next. t fo marie callender's turkey pot pie starts with turkey covered in a rich, flavorful gravy. and a crust made from scratch. because she knows that when it's cold outside, it's good food and good company that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor. when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites.
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8:30 pm
bloom worked to discredit numerous women who claim sexual harassment at the hands of harvey weinstein. trace gallagher has the amazing story. >> hey, tucker, critics have called lisa bloom a mercenary scavenger. her decision to defend the very powerful harvey weinstein raised eyebrows, including her mother's gloria allred, who condemned the arrangement. now we know bloom was reportedly willing to ruin his accusers in the process. the daily beast is reporting earlier this year lisa bloom called ronan farrow who was in the middle of his weinstein investigation. who offered to share opposition research on the sexual history of weinstein accuser rose mccowan and at the time, bloom did not disclose that she was defending weinstein. other reports say bloom compromised information on italian model and helped new york police get an audiotape of weinstein admitting assault.
8:31 pm
tmz says bloom tried to secretly record at least one of weinstein's alleged victims. bloom says she resigned from rorepresenting weinstein after learning of his sexual misdeeds esand cannot comment further citing attorney-client privilege. tucker. >> tucker: what a shame, trace. it would be great to know more. thank you for that. joined by fox chief washington correspondent james rosen who has information on the real effect of sanctuary cities. >> tucker, good evening. two of america's so-called sanctuary cities are defying pressure from the justice department to begin cooperatings with federal authorities. new york city mayor bill de blasio and philadelphia mayor jim kennedy informed the doj today they have no plan to showow they are not impeding immigration enforcement.
8:32 pm
justice has threatened them with not giving them millions in federal grants. enforcement of sanctuary cities is endangering citizens in those communities and had they point toli several recent in late august, mary israel estrada marco, an undocumented immigrant from guatemala reportedly turned himself in after he allegedly beat his girlfriend to death. now faces murder charges. he had been charged for beating the same woman all of two weeks i.c.e. gave federal agents 16 minutes notice before setting him free. then the case of a 19 year old undocumented immigrant from el salvador with multiple arrests. he broke into an unmarked police car in month good morning try maricopa and stole an ar15 and was arrested within days. i.c.e. filed a detainer but they
8:33 pm
reportedly let the man walk after he posted $2,000 bond. he was later arrested by i.c.e. agents again. >> tucker: amazing. it's amazing to see the details of this. normally we speak only in terms of broad slogans. thank you, james, for that. fascinating. you bet. >> tucker: the republican who was challenging bill deblasio in the mayor's race this year says in the past four years he has effectively put the city up for sale. she joins tonight. nicole, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: can you be more specific in your allegations. mayor de blasio? >> if you read the headlines in "the new york post" today, it is said that during testimony with the unrelated corruption trial, one of the people that testified it's a donor of bill de blasio and said he bought the mayor for $189,000 in that he has the mayor whenever he wanted his attention. whenever he needed assistance
8:34 pm
and he got special treatment out of city hall. this is not the first time we're hearing about something like this. we see here in new york city property is being leased off to ddevelopers who are building luxury condos and those developers either bundled tens of thousands of dollars for the mayor or they are lobbyists and have also seen projects such as restriction listed from a health care facility in lower east side of manhattan. >> tucker: none of that is surprising to people familiar with new york but it is upsetting nonetheless. i've worked on and off in new york for many years. therend are thousands and thousands of people living on the street in new york. more people living on the street than i've ever seen in'v decade. is this partly due to the mayor's policies?s? and what would you do about it? >> it is partly due to his policies, diminishing policies that were put in place by
8:35 pm
previous mayors. the mayor is out campaigning elizabeth warren. he has bernie sanders coming. he will want to run for president of the united states and at the same time, people of new york city are suffering. my plans to tackle homelessness and mental illness are on my website. we've got to get serious about about the issues plaguing this city. the people of new york deserve better. we're asked to shell out a tremendous amount of the money in property taxes. even he's benefiting from the system here in newhi york where hiss district pays the less effective property tax rate. he and his millionaire donors and friends are getting benefits and the people of news york city continue to struggle paying taxes and not getting results. >> tucker: here's my
8:36 pm
confusion. private sector businesses in new york despise de blasio and he despises them. are they behind you? they seem passive. have they come behind you? >> we're getting a lot of the support. haevery day the more he opens hs mouth and revelations like pay wto play are coming, we get more support from around thero country. we can defeat bill de blasio on november 7th. we need the help to stop his agenda which is dangerous to new york and the city as well. >> tucker: i agree with you nicole. thanks for coming on tonight. an fbi agent infiltrated terror groups over a period of years. they believe he was one of them. an amazing life in the shadows. he joins us next to tellan us wt he saw. ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make.
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[ music playing ] ♪ . >> tucker: helping the fbi combat i
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>> tucker: helping the fbi combat islamic terrorism and he did it in the most dangerous way possiblege by personally joining theirna ranks as an inside man. the work was so dangerous that tamer elnoury't is not his real name. we can't let you hear his real name orke real voice. we can't let you know what he looks like in fact. his new book is out. he sat down with us to discuss his life fighting islamic extremism from the inside. here is the first part of of that interview. so give us some sense of the go tos you have to protect your life tell us what you went through to change your appearance. >> it was quite the process, actually. i had to go totu a prosthetic company who essentially adds a chin, a nose, a forehead, new hair, different skin coloring. as you can tell it's a little
8:42 pm
bit hard sometimes to move my mouth to properly enunciate but at the end of the day i'm sitting here looking like this so it's a good thing. >> tucker: no worse than botox. in your book, you describe how -- and i don't think you're bragging -- i think it's real, how completely fooled the extremists he lived among whereby your cover. how did you convince them that you were one of them? >> i study them. how do you make friends, tucker? day-to-day? naturally. proper evolution of a relationship. you just have to inject yourself, create the proper persona. we call it a legend, into that individual. but again i got to cheat t becae i study their pattern of life, what they do, what they don't do, what they eat and don't like to eat. where they go when they're not being jihadi. human contact.
8:43 pm
once i have that, it's really not that hard to crack the legend. to be able to insert myself into their lives. >> tucker: what are some of the tells? i was struck in reading it how little even those that read the news every day know about the people who commit or try to commit acts like this, what they're like personally, what they believe. what about them is different in the way that they live? >> everything they do is extreme.. and that's i guess where the term extremism comes from. so in and of itself that will doesn't make you a terrorist, but it's a red flag for me. it's multiple indicators and that's what i tried to highlight in american radical. it's not just for law enforcement and the intelligence community any more to be able to know, to be able to distinguish radical individual and a mainstream muslim. i think it's imperative for usal as a country to be able to defeat this enemy to actually dehave a better understanding of what makes them tick. and there's multiple indicators.
8:44 pm
one, in and of itself doesn't make you a terrorist. but when they all start to add up you want to look behind the curtain. >> tucker: the most obvious question, what motivates them? why are they angry enough at america that they want to compel -- kill americans and in some case, lose their own lives? >> complete and utter disregard for religion. but they take what they feel is an interpretation of how to defend yourself. for example, the best way to describe it to you is chad's interpretation. every major religious text, tucker, has ways to defend yourself. so on and so forth. and sometimes those can obviously be harsh, for lack of a better term. but they take it and they would say, for example, that they have said that every taxpayer in the united states is supporting a government that's occupying muslim lands, chad says.
8:45 pm
and these governments are suppressing the proper military so they can't defend themselves with proper military force. so this is the only way to defeat them, is with terrorism. strike from within because they do it as a tool of war. it's an absolute desecration. it's not the proper interpretation off any religion. let alone islam. so that is another indicator and yet a justification. >> tucker: do you become close to these guys? how did you feel about them?uc >> oh, i hate every one of them obviously. but my trick, and others like me that do this, is i latch on to something significant. something human. in chad's case for example, here he is, he is a brilliant world renown scientist on the precipice of curing infectious diseases, what he offered to humanity was so wonderful. the way he loved his mother and supported his family was wonderful. those human parts of him.
8:46 pm
i hold on to that so i didn't look at him with contempt and disgust at the time we traveled together. >> tucker: it's so striking that a guy like that, who is not a loser, who is now in prison, would devote his life to killing americans. that's not the profile we've come to expect. >> you know what tucker? that's one of the main reasons i wrote this book. chad, that's his story, his radicalization, how do you go from mainstream on your way to being within two years one step removed from the leader of al qaeda? y that fascinated me because of the fact i work in counter terrorism. but i think it's a deep dive into the terrorist mindset that all americans should understand. to answer all the questions that you're asking me now. why do a they hate us? how do they go from hello to oh my god? >> tucker: up next, brian kilmeade of "fox & friends" is up late.
8:47 pm
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♪ [ music playing ] ♪ . >> tucker: time n >> tucker: time now for the friend zone. an irregular but beloved segment. we invite one of our friends from foxy here on the show. briania kilmeade hosts "fox & friends," by night he's ann expert on andrew jackson. he has a new book on old hickory. it's called "andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans." it's about the future president's often forgotten bute celebrated in this book. brian kilmeade joins us tonight. i'm glad to be on the friend zone. >> on the grid iron.
8:52 pm
>> tucker:r: this book has moden resonance because our current president has invoked many -- he has invoked andrew jacksn so often. do you see similarities? >> i took the same tour with the person theit president went wit. andrew jackson was not liked by the establishment, the virginia massachusetts establishment. he felt wasn't taken seriously when he ran. he wasn't respected by his predecessors, he liked to surround himself by his own family, in the white house in particular. samew jackson has the unique hair. >> tucker: i think he literally shot a man on fifth avenue. > how else would you settle your scores? andrew jackson was told, he was an orphan at 13. i loved this story and i got into it more than i thought i would, is because we are under the belief in american and i know you believe this, it doesn't matter where you start in america, you have the opportunity to be successful and to pursue happiness.
8:53 pm
he's at 13 years old fighting in a war. losing his two other demonic older brothers. his dad died before he was born. his mom is dead because her stuff arrives in a trunk. guy never had a present, celebrated christmas or a birthday. he was raised by his town. he was determined to matter, not to be a criminal, and he works his way up becomes a lawyer, congressman, senator, judge, attorney general, militia general. wins the biggest battle maybe in american history and becomes a two-term president.he that is an american story. it goes to show you whatever it takes, you can be successful. even back then before twitter. >> tucker: he was a tough man. they called him old hickory for a reason. the battle of new orleans you're describing as the most important battle. >> there are burn marks in the archways there, tony blair m apologized. i don't accept it. we lose every battle and everyny city is terrorized except they
8:54 pm
alexandria. they wrote the check. so, fantastic. they get around and all their generals are under qualified or shotl because of the revolution. they have not had a standing army. in retrospect, don't start a war on somebody if you are outnumbered three to one and the army you are about to fight just beat napoleon. note to self. andrew jackson hates the british, they wiped out his family. he bleeds red white and blue. everywhere he goes, whether it'e the creek indians or the spanish in florida or the british down south he takes them on and wins. he knows the ultimate destination is to stop the mississippi, get the mississippi and stop america from growing. they feared what we have become, which is a super power, economic marvel, democracy who rotates people and votes and gives people a voice. if you're in the king and queen business, you don't usually win
8:55 pm
votes if you're a king. elect me, i'll stay for a lifetime even if i'm 12, lovely system. outnumbered two to one, out gunned with an army put together in three weeks, we defeat the army. the army that defeated napoleon, in 45 minutes, because of the leadership of major andrew jackson and the fearless american army, put together by free people of color, indians and pirates. you should be proud to be an american. i >> tucker: this is your third book, they've sold huge numbers and there's a reason why, you just saw it. brian kilmeade, congratulations. >> and to you. >> tucker: there's more. before we get to hannity, we'll be right back.:
8:56 pm
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have a terrific weekend. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. have a great weekend. is next wt judge jeanine puro hosting. have a great weekend. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." i'm judge jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. we have scandals including the controversial uranium one deal. byron york who joins us in just a minute is reporting the washington free beacon funded the original fusion gps research into donald trump. according to york, fusion gps was also looking into other republican presidential candidates


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