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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  October 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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some pumpkins were filled with paint and whipped cream to make this more impressive. united david letterman did this for comedic reasons for years! that does it for us, will be back at smart 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock eastern. >> and up next, "fox report weekend". >> a federal grand jury reportedly approving the first charges in the special counsel robert mueller investigation into russian election interference. i am molly line, you are watching the "fox report". the sealed indictment for mueller setting off widespread speculation on who could be targeted and lengthy charges might be. right now we just do not know. the wall street journal is reporting authorities for lessons one person as early as monday. the new developments blocking new criticism from republicans. >> there are many of us save lesson mr. mueller has a
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compass of interest. i think he is tieback to the rain ãthe uranium at one scandal. and the dossier which is allegedly filled with fraud and misstatements, is that relied upon by the fbi to initiate the investigation which they do have an indictment which coincidentally seems to be diverting attention from this massive fusion scandal that brought bedtime this week. >> now click back at how we got here. the justice department appointed mueller on 17 may. after james comey was fired. a month later we learned that he was investigating president trump for obstruction of justice. a week after that emerge that the investigation had turned to the president's finances. on july 26, the fbi raided the home of former trump chairman paul manifort. on 5 august mueller had a grand
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jury in the present csa with the first charges were reportedly filed. we have team coverage on this. kristin fisher is live at the white house. but we can with garrett tenney in washington. we do not know exactly is being charged him and also individuals that have been targets of the investigation, right? >> absolutely. you have to understand with special counsel robert mueller was appointed he was given broad powers to look at the into anything that comes up even if it is not russian election meddling. the investigation has grown not to include the finances of the president and his associates as well as their contacts with russians and other foreign ages.when the top targets of the efforts has been former truck campaign chairman paul manifort is being investigated for alleged money laundering and tax issues according to the wall street journal. last night the attorney told fox news live again or anyone
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on the legal team had been informed of an indictment if charges were filed against her client.another person of interest has been former campaign advisor, quarter page. this afternoon he suggested that his legal team also had not been contacted about any charges and added the statement to fox news, in terms of charges, i can't even imagine what might even be considered the false absence from finance dossier the starkness disaster has been instead, expose as a complete sham. there is also forming riser, michael flynn was being instigated over obligations and get to work with russian hackers during the election to get copies of hillary clinton's emails. his attorneys have not responded to multiple requests for comment. >> you have any idea at all what kind of charges these can be ? >> of this pointing to be anything. and several justice department
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officials that there is no way to guess what they are or what the indictment means to the investigation overall. >> i think it could be any number of things and if it is a one-off, it could be false statements on the fbi. it can be obstruction of justice. some destroyed documents. those things could have an effect in telling other witnesses you will a priori overactive frequency will likely have some of these questions answered when charges are formally introduced interest is made. that can happen as soon as monday. >> a potentially huge week in washington.thank you. for more on this is bringing in criminal defense attorney, former homicide detective in a fox news contributor, thank you for being here tonight. >> my pleasure. your family with the courthouse, judges, plus some insight into what is next as we look ahead to monday. >> you are right, i vertically with the courthouses and as a
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matter fact, i was in the courthouse yesterday. i can tell you, once an investment is handed down, we need to understand everything that goes on the grand jury is secret. i'm somewhat disappointed that it has now come out that an indictment has come out but nevertheless, what normally happens now is that there are charges the fbi and local police are going to do one of two things. at some point they will contact lawyers with the targets charged and they will ask them to bring them in or they will do minot air force base simulates the fact that someone has been charged and all of the cameras are there to see them walk out in handcuffs. >> as he talked about at the end that he has a not, we have heard word from some folks have been in the circle of the
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investigations.carter page, the amount of 14, they do not think that they have been part of this indictment.not hard for michael flynn's team. do you have any insight on who could be named in this? >> i think they're all sweating just because they are not contacted as of now it does not mean they are off the hook. what happening right now, the team needs some individuals to squeeze. and so they are looking for people like michael flynn's son very well could be on the radar screen. michael flynn could be on the radar screen. paul manifort. we really do not know at this stage, but we do know they are trying to find someone vulnerable and that they can squeeze. it means that they will cooperate in the investigation and give out information so that the investigation can continue successfully. >> given power and this investigation could go broadly
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not just intervention meddling but to business delays and tax evasion and all sorts of things really. he mentioned going after potentially will could be seen as the small fish to lean on them for more information. if that is true, does this signal the beginning or the middle, where are we as this process moves forward? >> i think is more of a beginning of the actual investigative process. having been a federal agent myself, i've been through this process. i can tell you one of the things we want to individuals who can give us information clearly can spread out and move out after other individuals. so we do not know where this is going but we know one thing, it is certainly i think at the beginning stages. >> all right we will see. monday, it will be a big news day for certain. we will see the days after that are just as newsworthy. thank you for joining us tonight.>> my pleasure. press the washington free
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beacon is not saying that it initially paid for the research done by fusion gps on republican candidates in the 2016 campaign. however, if they have nothing to do with the former british by the compiled the now infamous trump dossier funded by the dnc and the clinton campaign. the wall street journal's kimberley strassel in the denials coming to light are just the beginning. >> i think we should be watching for it in the house intelligence committee is in discussions and negotiations at the moment with fusion gps to get a hold of the rest of fusion bank records. i think it is notable that fusion did not reveal the names of the clients until this week. it has been under immense pressure to do so for almost a year. and they did so because they were trying to hug favor and keep the bank records secret. for more on this we are going to kristin fisher at the white house. kristen, what is the white house saying about all of the
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recent revelations?>> the white house is using is to flip the script on democrats. exhibit shows that if anyone was splitting with russians, it was the clinton campaign and not the trump campaign.they are of course making me argument at the exact same time that the russia probe is entering the new critical phase. >> congressman spent a great deal of time on this. the better part of one year. all of these organizations have spent probably a lot of money on this as well which we would consider probably a pretty big place. i think our position has not changed since day one. i think that we are seeing now that if there was any collision with russia it was between the dnc and the clintons and certainly not our campaign. >> so far in a statement from the clinton campaign. democrats argue they've done nothing wrong, this is nothing more than your standard opposition research. any kind of campaign pledge intensified out during the course of a heated
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>> bring us up to speed about what the president has been tweeting about today. >> he was all over the map, tweeting about president jimmy carter, the opioid epidemic, the jfk files, first responders day. he also talked about some of the positive economic numbers he believes are not getting enough attention. he says quote - very little reporting about the gdp numbers announced yesterday. three percent despite the big hurricane hit. best consecutive quarters in years! i have to point out that the numbers were on the front page of the wall street journal, washington post and new york times a. former thing for ago molly, is president trump now acknowledging that one of his tweets ãhe said moments ago, while not all presidential i must point out that the sloppy michael moore show on broadway was a total bomb and was forced
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to close. sad! it got quite a chuckle from everyone here at the white house tonight. at least to acknowledge it, right? as i will acknowledging you cover an enormous amount of ground at the white house every day. spectacular job, thank you for the report. >> i try! thank you molly. wesley welch john kelly is sitting down with laura for the premier of the ingram angle. he will likely touch on the russia investigation and the fiery war of words between him and congresswoman frederica wilson. you can catch the exclusive interview this monday night on fox news channel of course. check your local listings. there right now i suspect is behind bars for serving -- for starting a raging fire and he used it to commit even more crime. plus, classified files and jfk's assassination released in
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making an arrest in connection with a destructive wildfire that scorched hundreds of acres of land. 54-year-old marla employee is accused of starting the bear check 25 bear creek fire. -- officials say the outcome could have been worse. >> rarely have i seen a more
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reckless action than those committed by this man. if not for the heroic efforts by first responders, he could easily be facing murder charges today. >> he remains in jail on $800,000 bail. he will make the first court appearance next week. president trump on twitter vowing to release all of the remaining records on the assassination of jfk. the national archives released about 3000 classified records on thursday but 1000 are roughly 1000 were withheld. over concern by some agencies of sensitive information in the files. the director of the university of virginia center for politics says the information could shed light on the issues that remain a mystery, decades after the death of jfk. >> there are some hints that oswald may have told people or may have had some help, particularly on that trip to
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mexico city. i have been convinced for a long time that in the six days that he was there, he did a lot. it was not just going to the soviet and cuban embassies. that accounts for several hours of six days. >> fascinating to see the history unfolding here. we have will carr joining me from los angeles with more. what are we learning? >> there's a lot of unanswered questions out there but the documents released thursday are still filled with espionage, cold war intrigue and really give us the historical look at the world's climate at the time of jfk's assassination. take an fbi memo from 1964. detailed discussion to assassinate fidel castro for around $100,000. the more directly with the assassination of the cam amount outlined a fall intercepted by lee harvey oswald the russian embassy in mexico while oswald was in mexico city still a lot of questions about the time
4:18 pm
they are leading up to the assassination. there still are a number of documents that have not been released to the public. take a listen to attorney general jeff sessions. >> i talked with the fbi, we talked with our staff here. i think the president is right to say let's get this material out. they are moving very quickly. some documents have already been released and they will be moved faster. they will not be i believe any significant reductions. >> even with the documents, historians not believe it will find anything that does not coincide with what we know. >> on the same, when kim expects the remaining documents to be released? >> they will have to prove to the president why the documents should remain secret or be redacted by it seems like it
4:19 pm
will only happen if they involve a living person name more information about that person. >> thank you. a deadly blast in the city already reeling. what happened and who could be behind it.and political turmoil escalating. we will have more on catalonia.
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[sfx: mnemonic] >> 23 people killed and dozens more wounded after a suicide truck bombing in the capital of somali. they were chasing down attackers as gunfire enough. and the blast comes just two weeks after the country's worst ever terror attack.a truck bombing on a busy street that killed 350 people. >> with political turmoil in spain is escalating after lawmakers in catalonia declared independence. their victory turning out to be short-lived. as a spanish government quickly moved to seize control of the region. some of the people that live there hoping that cooler heads will prevail. >> let's see. i think they have to speak to
4:24 pm
one another and try to make an agreement, try to listen. our beliefs, our arguments, it will be difficult i think. a lot of work to do. >> for more on this, we're going to kitty logan in london. >> the political crisis in spain is deepening for the spanish government has not removed power from the catalonia region in the declaration of independence yesterday. it is removing the president but he shows no sign of backing down. they're calling for a peaceful opposition to the spanish government.the prime minister -- to formally declare independence. the spanish government said that this is not a legal process.
4:25 pm
the independent vote sparked jubilation from supporters outside of the parliament. there are real doubts if this will become reality. separatists argue in a referendum held legitimizes the independent spirit is the divided issue for spain and dozens of supporters of the unified country also took to the streets yesterday. many saying they would continue to protest until the crisis is resolved.the spanish government has called for fresh reasonable elections this december. meanwhile the situation catalonia remains extremely tense. no one knows what may come next. >> it is very precarious. the president calling this a modern day watergate. democrats call this a distraction. coming up, we break down details of the 2010 uranium one deal. plus report second rock washington.
4:26 pm
expert analysis and how the white house will handle this. >> this is about as high profile and investigation as probably either of us can remember. from a political standpoint, this is rather extraordinary. if charges are brought it will have been stress tested at a minimum. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. >> this is the "fox report".
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it is the bottom of the allocative your joining us, special counsel robert mueller report defiling the first chart is an investigation into possible collision between the chum campaign and russia. the wall street journal said they could arrest at least one person as early as monday. the washington free beacon a conservative publication now saying that and it initially paid for the opposition research that was done by fusion. however, this is nothing to do with it the now infamous dossier. energy has been tough at home now saying they will investigate the administration approval of the uranium one deal from 2010. it allowed the russian company, to take control of uranium lines in utah and wyoming. this is texas congressman minot air force base. >> mrs. clinton was one of nine of a group that approved this.
4:31 pm
as you know being at the table and being secretary of state, your opinion is going to carry a lot of weight in the room. again, it just doesn't smell right. evidence can potentially be there. i think it needs to be fully investigated and that is why our companies and congress will take a look at it. i think there needs to be a special counsel on this. >> for more on this we go to washington. >> this week the president called the uranium one deal in modern day watergate. this is the back story. uranium one is a canadian company that has operations that have accessed -- as secretary of state, hillary clinton was one of nine members on the committee on foreign investments allowed if you're one of several steps the deal had to go through. in this paper reports before this was completed the fbi and information the russian officials use bribery and
4:32 pm
extortion to increase russia's influence. at the same time the clinton foundation received millions of donations from uranium one. democrats argue that the justice department put a gag order with the purpose of distracting for russian troubles. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee released this statement. quote the prospect of the president sought to intervene will not need to be a key part of the investigation to determine if improper political leverage was applied to target the political foes.this is the white house to request the president has pushed for transparency. if that is what you're referring to in dealing with congress. i know it's probably something new for presidents actually push for transparency but that is what he has done.
4:33 pm
>> they republican led committees investigating the uranium one deal of the house oversight and intelligence committee. >> just hours before reports reveal the grand jury approved charges in special counsel robert mueller's rush investigation, white house press secretary sarah sanders weighed in on this essay the president hopes that he can move on. >> the president wants to see this completed.we think that we are continuing to see day in and day out as the investigation moves to completion. the same as it started, there is still no evidence of collusion between the president and anyone. if any conclusion took place it would between the dnc and the clintons. i think we are starting to now see that all of the things that the democrats had accused this president dear they were actually guilty of themselves. i think it is a big problem that should be looked at. >> joining our member white house correspondent, and former president of the white house correspondent association. thank you for joining me
4:34 pm
tonight. >> pleasure. >> i guess the obvious question would be potentially what are the ramifications of the white house war for the white house? >> if the charges have been filed if someone is arrested as early as monday, we will find out who that is number one. and if the person was someone connected to what part of the president's campaign. then it will put the focus back on the president and republicans. this is coming also added some of the white house was trying to divert attention about the story to the democrats. as you can see with the clip that you displayed. and also preparing for some major policies that they tried to get past fear number one, tax reform. the president is also expected to his choice for that share next week and going to -- >> imagine atomic grid it is interesting, the uranium one stories on somebody talking
4:35 pm
about the trump dossier. what is the main move there the white house? >> i think the white house was pleased as far as that particular story is concerned to put their attention on the trump dossier and looks as an aspect of that. but otherwise i think they are going full speed ahead on the policy issues that i was just describing. despite hesitantly very focused on tax reform. billy wants to get that done and the fence, selection is also been a big process for them. that said it is hard to escape the russia story. then the president continues to tweet about it and people in the white house are certainly studying it with in the counsel's office paying attention to it. whatever happens on monday and who it ends up targeting, will certainly be very interesting. not just to us and those covering events for people in the white house itself. >> a number of people that have been in the president's inner circle during the campaign,
4:36 pm
they have statements essential that they received nowhere to be part of the indictment. we have a statement that says i do not know what can be considered since this is politically motivated. big money finance that started this as traditional disaster has been a complete sham. talk about the charges, who it is and what they might be. and the possible impact on the white house. this a broad investigation. so for someone charge that has nothing to do specifically with russian meddling, for the white house, should they be concerned? could this be the beginning of arrest is that of the conclusion of an investigation? >> is hard to say, we are just speculating. we will not find out until monday what has been decided or what charges have been filed. it is certainly clear that this probe, the investigation was very wide. so if it is just starting on
4:37 pm
monday with breasts or with charges, it certainly is possible that there will be many more. it is impossible to say right now without seeing the evidence and taking to the grand jury. >> of the investigation unfolds, and deceived about the course of this is mentioned, the president tweeting about it the white house making comments about things. what would be a big news day monday and can we expect a quick response with allison who was arrested or forward and what the advisement says from this white house? >> definitely will be a big news day. this is something we have looking for a anticipating for months. we have also given over the investigation into russian meddling in the s election started before the special prosecutor was appointed. so this is something that has been like that for a long time. the fact that there is some progress on that will be a big story.
4:38 pm
as to whether or not the white house will respond quickly, certainly if it is somebody connected to the trump campaign. assuming that the white house would have been connection to, then they will be asked for comment for sure. how quick it will come, i cannot really say here but there will be a red spots prepared as soon as they get the news. >> this could potentially be big and we appreciate your insight on this saturday night. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> strong words from the dissector target defense about north korea. warning the threat of a nuclear missile attack from the rogue nation is accelerating. his comments coming at a joint press conference with his south korean counterpart. the secretary say this primacy is still the preferred option but since the us is ready and able to respond to any attack from pyongyang. >> we must recognize the reality that this is a regime, the kim regime north of the dmz that threatens peace and stability and certainly directly against the people. so our combined efforts is to deter that sort of threat or to
4:39 pm
have military options. many different military options that would realistically reduce that threat as low as possible. and yes, we do have those options. >> james mattis is an agent for a weeklong trip that included a visit to the dinner -- to the denuclearize zone. -- a possible serial killer in florida. police said that the person in the newly released video could have vital answers. people are banded together to keep the neighborhoods safe. >> i don't there is a feeling of confidence. i think they don't want to live in fear. if a group together they can come outside and enjoy their
4:40 pm
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tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. >> tampa police releasing bit
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4:43 pm
of hope will help to crack the case of three murders. possibly committed by a serial killer. the video shows a man running from the scene of the first murder earlier this month. two other people were killed in the same area weeks later fearful as a going door to door in the neighborhood searching for clues. >> we are trying to get an idea of someone in the area that might not be in the area, enough along the area. want to know about it. we think there's something in the neighborhood knows who that is. we're just asking them at this point to give us a call. >> and we joined in the studio now, how is the neighborhood
4:44 pm
responding to best buy is a good neighbor but they have 10 day stretch with three murders within and a half mile of each other.the killer is still at large and it is halloween weekend, timelines families are out and about. so guardian angels have control in the neighborhood and execute president that needs to feel potential sale killer could be in the least bit investigators also continuing their patrols surveying papers and looking for more possible surveillance video.>> i feel better knowing that there out there. i feel better knowing that their exhausting every lead that they have. they are seeking as much information as i can and to the best of their ability. looking at some occupation stuff. >> vaping a hug for the third victim on the right of your
4:45 pm
screen. he was mildly autistic and got up at the bus stop when he was gunned down on october 19. just blocks away from where benjamin mitchell was shot and killed waiting for a bus on october 9. then just two days after that the 32-year-old was murdered. these individuals had no connection to one another. they were alone when they were killed, they were not robbed and they were all shot.>> accident surveillance video released by police.have they received any new leads based on this? >> the video came out on thursday and got over 100 tics. but no real breakthroughs yet based on surveillance video. this was taken on the night of the first murder. the man is wearing a hoodie, at about the same time of the murder of benjamin mitchell man was seen running. they are zeroing in on his right hand. seeing flipping his cell phone. they say it could be a habit that could identify the person. they think that the person
4:46 pm
could be the key to solving these gardens but it is not necessarily a suspected of the deep is asking if you are not killer, then why did this person not come forward? >> interesting to see if someone will recognize that little quirk with the cell phone. >> good to see you. >> good to see you brian. thank you. and this marks the 50 percent super storm sandy slammed the yes devastating parts of new york and new jersey. the system killed more than 100 people and caused an estimated $65 billion in damage. the effects are still being felt today. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal has this report from point pleasant, new jersey. >> when super storms slammed the jersey shore october 29, 2012, it ravaged miles of coastline. the oceans followed the beach, swapping the impreza typically did not flood. leaving vehicles underwater and boats on dry land. cutting some houses right in
4:47 pm
half. sandy's unrelenting wind and storm surge destroyed casino. seaside heights, dumping the roller coaster in the atlantic ocean. five years later the boardwalk and the pair had been rebuilt with new thrill rides. the construction continues up and down the post with the new jersey is office reporting one in five homeowners are still building. and some continue to struggle with insurance claim. >> is an exact footprint in the original healthcare question that if her husband had just moved back into their v-belt home once in the gulf. he is after the they filled their first four. >> i didn't know which it was long otherwise i would have left. >> then no flood insurance and spent all the money to fix the structure only to find a list of cannot be insured. so they rebuilt and rose the
4:48 pm
home. >> i feel so safe these people because they do not know what is ahead of them when there is a hurricane coming. >> her husband was a blessing. as i built this house and i think that is unbelievable where we are today.i'm happy, the house is beautiful. for me it was an opportunity to have what we wanted. >> sandy's bonfires also. including this massive blaze in new york. ironically if they her retirement spot for former new -- for former new york city firefighters and police officers. this man escaped his daughter's house nearby watching helplessly as the neighborhood burned to the ground. >> the surge of ocean came up and it went four feet in about one minute. about 50 firetrucks came here.
4:49 pm
they backed off all the way down. they connected and because of the surge. this was 38 caliber. you can see the trigger mechanism here. >> is two inch off-duty revolver was the only thing he could salvage the level. rebuilt the house in part because of the 19th and 27 grandchildren. >> the kids come up, they have a bathing suit on at seven in the morning. >> the insurance industry says nearly 98 percent of sandy related claims have been paid out. but it means that some of them are still waiting. and far too many never had coverage in the first place. >> of the vacations from sandy was a four letter people who needed flood insurance did not have it. even if you are seen as being in a low risk area, it doesn't mean no risk. >> that is the lesson folks here learned the hard liquor that low risk does not mean no less. while the new home is impressive, this dilemma marble
4:50 pm
number of empty lots and boarded up homes five years later serving as reminders of just how devastating the storm sandy was. >> that speaks to the challenge of rebuilding. we now have a look at what is ahead on waters world. plus a big xi, eric trump, dean cain and kellyanne conway. as i go looking for offensive halloween costumes. don't miss it! >> that will be at 8 pm eastern after the "fox report" here on fox news channel. the houston astros are taking control of the world series. [video] this comes as one of the star players is punished by major league baseball. could it change the momentum of the series? a lot of food.
4:51 pm
we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. >> the houston astros now to
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
win away from the championship taking a lead over the los angeles dodgers. but now the heroes are earning a punishment for major league baseball over this adjuster. we are live from minute maid park. tells about the suspension. >> good evening molly.we are about 30 minutes away from the first pitch. the suspension here five games without pay will not affect the world series. it will go into effect the start of next season. it was made towards the japanese picture. tonight it is amazing night for baseball. the astros have won every game
4:55 pm
they have played and the fans are ready for another one. >> game four is about to get underway could what is the mood like tonight? >> the mood tonight, we've been talking with a lot of the fans throughout, fathers and sons throughout texas. but also from los angeles. we have dodgers fans, a mother and a daughter who is that even of the team is down two games to one, they say we are a resilient bunch as well. >> they will grind through it. they will make it happen. our guys have played hard all year with a lot of heart. they will come back. i know they're going to come back. i know they are. you saw game number two. how well we came back. >> the dodgers need to win three games before the astros win just twice. and again, -- will be played throughout the world series. 70-year-old haley dawson who has a 3d printed hand will be printing out the first pitch
4:56 pm
tonight. her goal is to do it in every major league ballpark or the houston astros are bringing her in tonight to do are $750 to get in on the secondary market right now. >> you have the assignment of a lifetime! very jealous, enjoy the night. thank you for joining us. former presidents are just like us. barack obama and how he is not ♪ ♪ answering the call to serve ♪ his country. ♪ [music] he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit, from voya. i'm the money you save for retirement. who's he? he's green money, for spending today. makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking.
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reporter: from running the white house to serving his country from the courthouse. barack obama getting a call for jury duty from his home state of illinois. and he's reportedly going to serve. in 2015 former president george
5:00 pm
w. bush also answered the call, but he did not get selected. that's how fox reports this saturday, october 28, 2017. thanks for watching. "watters world" starts right now. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters tweets that haven't aged well. everybody knows once you write something on twitter it stays there for eternity. it could be a good thing and it could be a very bad thing. we decided to comb twitter to find tweets that haven't stood the test of time. michael moore writes in 2015. harvey weinstein is one of the best people to work with in this town. here is the leader of


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