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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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but he did not get selected. that's how fox reports this saturday, october 28, 2017. thanks for watching. "watters world" starts right now. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters tweets that haven't aged well. everybody knows once you write something on twitter it stays there for eternity. it could be a good thing and it could be a very bad thing. we decided to comb twitter to find tweets that haven't stood the test of time. michael moore writes in 2015. harvey weinstein is one of the best people to work with in this town. here is the leader of the
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liberal labour party in 2013. thanks, hugo chavez for showing us the poor matter and wealth can be shared. he made massive contributions to venezuela in a very wide world. hugo chavez ran the one trims economy into the ground. the government is running out of food. heck of a job, hugo. the "new york times" journalist wrote this when anthony scaramucci was tapped to be the
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white house chief. days before the 2012 election the democrats tweeted this, romney who calls russia our number one geopolitical foe doesn't seem to realize it's the 21st century. last time i checked, democrats are not too happy with russia. this is what joy reid said, trump takes the republican party to new lows. it's perfectly okay to seek campaign oppo from a foreign adversary. isn't that what hillary clinton did? here is donald trump in 2012 before he became president tweeting. electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.
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here is president trump after he won said -- president trump: the amazing thing about the electoral college is you stop in all these states. that's what our founders had in mind, and that's what people had in mind. it's an amazing thing. it really is. jesse: but we won't let barack obama off the hook. president obama said by 2014 the war in afghanistan will be over. well, it's 2017 and we are still at war in afghanistan. now let's bring in debbie wasserman-schultz. she was the chairwoman on the democratic national committee. here she is poking fun at reince priebus during the republican national convention. ryan is, i'm in cleveland if you need another chair to keep your convention in order. debbie got busted rigging the
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primary against bernie and she didn't survive to make it to her own convention. >> the head of the democratic national committee resigning in the wake of a release of emails by wikileaks. jesse: here was hillary clinton two weeks before the election wishing herself a happy birthday. happy birthday to this future president. that, my friends was a tweet that did not age well. joining me now is the executive vice president of the trump organization and son of president trump, eric trump. what do you think about some of those tweets? >> it's laughable. happy birthday to the future president. that's the exact reason she didn't win. remember when she:had the stage
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under the glass ceiling. they had fireworks. they spent more time designing the stage than they did on the campaign. it's why we ran by her earn though she out-raised us 6-1. jesse: everybody cried and scream because they were so upset. now on the anniversary of the election they are going to have a screamfest across the country. a mature attitude for the democrats. >> this country wanted to get back to rational thinking. i think this country was sick of pc nonsense, politicians who never held a job in their life. people voted against that. that's why you saw the revolution, the movement, whatever you want to call it. people were sick and tired of the old. against all odds, against all
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polls, he did so well. jesse: later in the show i went out and asked about offensive halloween costumes, i think you will enjoy that. your father announced there is an opioid crisis, a public health emergency and thursday shared a personal story about his brother. >> i had a brother friend, great guy. best looking guy. best personality, much better than mine. by had a problem. he had a problem with alcohol. and he would tell me, don't drink. the fact is, if we can teach young people and people generally not to start, it's really easy not to take it. jesse: it sounds like your father had a very close relationship with his brother. >> he did. that whole thing i thought was so beautiful. he was totally off teleprompter,
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he was speak from the heart. you rarely see politicians do that. he was telling a story straight from the heart. jesse: i would give him a kiss good-bye before i went to school. 5 years old, 6 years old. he would say eric, no drinking, no smoking, no drugs. what is drinking? i'm 5 years old. jesse: he started you young. >> that waltz message every day. no drinking, no smoke, no drugs. and you better get good grades. this is something he takes deadly seriously. i love to see shim finds pain medication that don't have the addictive effects. how smart is it you see these people -- bath rooms full of prescription drugs and their kids going in and taking them and what that ultimately leads to.
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aside from the wall and drugs coming into this country, what can stop it? it's gutting youth in this country and youth in this country. >> it's all across the midwest and industrial midwest. i saw when i went to west virginia. i see the towns and they are hole overred out. people hang out on the side of the street because there is no hope. so they rely only the oap tornadoes, the pills in order to feel better. >> when i saw him going across the country, it was the second talking point. no matter where we are, we are going to stop the drug problem in this country. it will be one of my top priorities. i think fred had a lot to do with that. and i'm happy and i was proud of him when i saw him give that speech. jesse: you can see how emotionally invested he is because of his experience with
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his brother. your brother caught a lot of heat from the press for the meeting at trump tower where some russian lady came in with some dirt, she descrnlt dirt. no plon -- she didn't have any dirt. no money exchanged hands. hillary paid millions for dirt. that got into the bloodstream. the fbi is looking at it. paid the guy's expense and dig the up. and all of a sudden that's opposition research. >> my brother had a meeting about adoption in russia. podesta says, i had no idea. how do you not know $9 million left your campaign and where it
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went? if you could let $9 million leave the campaign and not know where it's going, you should not be running the campaign. they know, they are lying by the. if you know where $9 million that goes to a law firm is going. that's not a rounding error. jesse: podesta told the senate committee he had no idea. it looks like the doj is starting to turn the screws on this. if this fake dossier paid for by the clintons was used as the base to fact inquiry wiretaps, to create the narrative there was this collusion, that is really dirty from the jump. >> off significance research. were you ever arrested for this.
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did you ever do anything that would disqualify you from running for government. jesse: that's why i'm never running for office. >> to pay $9 million to have someone fabricate a story based on lies. first of all be it's immoral. but you are effectively committing fraud. jesse: and we have someone coming on at the ends of the show to talk about, could hillary clinton be looking at some felonies. the whole lock her up chant may turn out true. eric, congrats on the baby. kellyanne conway and dean cain up next. "watters world" asking liberals about offensive halloween costumes. with the geico app
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jesse: president trump keeping his border wall promise. 8 prototypes were construct along the san diego bored. msnbc was hit with a bout of irony. >> what happened?
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almost on cue a group of asylum seekers jumped over the existing fence to turn themselves in on horseback. a small group of three people. a girl with a green backpack. >> this is the reality of every day border enforcement. the united states is still the ultimate draw. jesse: joining me is dean cain. asylum seekers. not illegal immigrants. from refugees. they were coming over for asylum. jesse: i can't believe they put this in the package. it's a surprise. >> normally they would edit it out. jesse: the reporter, i have seen him at the conventions. a lot of shoe leather on the
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ground. asylum seekers? why doesn't he call them nomads. >> there was one story of where they were trying to get an angle. jesse: i want to show you a treat. this is ellen degeneres, she was wishing katy perry a happy birthday. happy birthday, katy perry, it's time to bring out the big balloons. and she was look down at katy perry. in the current environment with everything swirling for. if it had been a man who said that, destroyed. >> niewkd on the spot. there is no way you can do that. could never work again. pc culture has struck again. if a man had don't, finished.
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jesse: i guess you have to be careful with everything you do these days. >> it's unfortunate. people say things in private time. but twitter is not private time. so watch your ps and qs and balloons. jesse: we all wants to be on ellen's show. >> i have been on her show. but i did not dance. jesse: the kaepernick situation. ratings are down. he signed a million dollar book deal. he seems to be almost profiting off of it at this point. how do you feel about colin? he was protesting police brutality.
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he got an opportunity and he did all right. he's on the down swing in his career. he opted out of his contract, the final year of his contract, passing the free agent market and no one wanted to pick him up. he's having a meeting with the owners and they are colluding to keep him out. if you play on a team, if they are toy shot in the locker room, you are done. the chemistry is something that's very tangible. i know some players who are great but were poison in the locker room. if i was an owner and i felt like he wasn't a good fit, that's enough right there. jesse: he was toxic and no one wanted to sign him. speaking of owners. bob mcnair says we can't have the inmates running the prison when he was talking about the
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whole kneeling controversy. >> perhaps wrong choice of words. that was certainly not the right thing to say. it's unfortunate that he said that. but there is maybe a better way to have said it. jesse: the prison analogy does not work. >> that was an awful thing to say. jesse: did you play at some point. >> i played at princeton university and i played officially for the buffalo bills for an hour and a half. i was injured. but i still have friends. i hurt my right knee. jesse: but you don't take a knee. >> i would never take a knee. if you want to protest against police brutality, there are better ways to go about that. i think roger goodell has done a poor job of handle this and the
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fisher investments. clearly better money management. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. unitedhealthcare has the people and tools to help guide you through the confusion. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. unitedhealthcare. [♪] reporter: a suicide truck bomb exploding outside a hotel in so
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mall's capital weeks after the country's worst attack ever. the blast killed at least 23 people. and a standoff continues between security forces and extremists. 350 people were killed in a massive truck bombing, also in mogadishu. al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for this latest attack. officials in california says it will take mass and years to recover from the destruction from the fires. the fires killed 42 people and destroyed 1,000 structures. jesse: the president declaring the opioid addiction a national
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emergency. west virginia is leading the country in opioid addiction. what do people like doing here in west virginia? >> drinking beer, naked parties. use your imagination. jesse: is heroin a problem? >> no, it's mostly pills and pot. jesse: someone who has been at the forefront of the president's efforts, kellyanne conway. i hate to use west virginia as an example when it comes to this stuff. but i was listening to senator manchin saying there is a town there 400 people, and a million pain killers shipped into that town. it's unbelievable. is this the kind of effort you
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are putting forth where you could see executives face jail time? kellyanne: you can't ignore the numbers. when a democratic senator like joe manchin joins the president and the first lady in the news conference and hold a press could be forensic, it's important to put that visibility behind it. make sure those overprescribing are put on notice. we have millions of chronic pain sufferers. we are talking about the person who gets surgery or the injury or the dental procedure and goes home with one or two bottles of pills. they either don't finish them, they get in the wrong hand or they get hooked on them. west virginia is different in many ways. it's unique because it's the only stated that got i.m.d.
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waiver exclusion. that means this president wants to loosen the regulations, so when you get your 17th bed, you aren't considered a facility that can't get medicaid treatment. can you imagine how long the waiting list is. when you get your 17th bed the government isn't reimbursing you. west virginia is special because two weeks ago i traveled there with the first lady. to have the first lady's input behind this issue where she is focusing on youth prevention. it was humbling for the first lady to say drug addiction could happen to any of us. and the president's experience with his brother fred. jesse: we played that at the top of the show. and eric said when he was a 5-year-old kid his father would
5:29 pm
tell him before he left for school, no drinking, no drugs, no smoking. they are very invested. the whole family, in fighting this. i was talking to juan williams, our friend juan who means well. i said can democrats get on board? can most of democrats get on board to fight the opioid epidemic and he said no. i said why? he says because the president is trying to criminalize people. from what i understood, that's not the case. this is more treatment-based and regulatory based, correct? kellyanne: he's not talking about criminalizing anyone who needs treatment or recovery. first of all prevention and education, don't start in the first place. but you have kids today, eric trump was told by his dad many years ago, don't drink and don't take drugs. now some of the parents are
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saying don't drink the chocolate milk and don't eat the french fries. let's get back to telling these kids don't ingest poison. these kids are on college campuses and they are into their health and they take a pill from someone they trusted. more and mort case is, it's laced with fentanyl. so the president is saying don't start to begin with. for those who are in treatment and need assisted freet treatment, they need infacility treatment, those people will have the help they need. the senate bill on health included getting rid of that waiver so you can treat more people, and it had $45 million for opioid funding and not a
5:31 pm
single democrat will come forward. you have interdiction enforcement. you have got to get the fentanyl and heroin out of this place. jesse: part of the deal with the border wall that keeps a lot of heroin from coming in. let me ask you really quickly. taxes. i'm hearing rumors, i'm getting upset. i'm still hearing rumors about them messing with 401ks and people making over a million aren't going 0 get a tax cut. and second of all the tax cut when you talk about people making over a million, that's what's going to stimulate economic growth. kellyanne: the president was very forceful this week through a tweet talking about protecting 401ks. he believes that we have to have middle class tax relief.
5:32 pm
it swamps semantic speak. jesse: what about people making over a million. kellyanne: if you are a small business owner you will go down to 20%. jesse: what if you are not a small business owner? kellyanne: this president said to them from the beginning, make sure this benefits the middle class first and foremost. if you are a job creator in that million dollar category, you will go from 35% to 20%. that's unheard of. jesse: i heard small business owners make over a million are not getting a tax cut. kellyanne: the bill isn't written yet. we are talking about principles. we understand who bears the brunt of tax burden in this
5:33 pm
country. middle class tax break and reduce the tax bracket on our job creators. jesse: you guys had a great week. you had 3% gdp growth. boomeranging on the democrats. kellyanne: your grandmother was right. be careful what you wish for. jesse: is hillary clinton going to go to jail? we'll debate that up next. they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business
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dossier on trump. you said you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either, is that right? >> i don't know. >> thank you for clarifying. shouldn't she know? shouldn't you, someone so high up in the campaign be informed of this? >> she may have known, but the degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge. jesse: president trump called hillary clinton's involvement disgraceful. president trump: hillary clinton totally denied this. it's almost $6 million they paid. it's a total phoney. i call it fake news. it's disgraceful. jesse: joining me ben shapiro and richard fowler. do you believe hillary is lying
5:39 pm
when she claims she didn't know about funding the fake dossier? or do you think she is so incompetent that her campaign was spending millions and she didn't know. >> i finds it implausible that she didn't know her campaign was spending millions on a dossier on sources clearly inside russia. especially when they were claiming trump was working with the russian government. jesse: richard, same question. did she know? yes or no? >> i don't know. jesse: do you think she should have known? >> i think we have to ask the clinton campaign these questions. they paid the company to do opposition research. it's clear in the evidence this individual worked with the
5:40 pm
russians to dig up information on the president. she paid for a firm. jesse: worked with russians. >> went to the russians and got information. jesse: did she collude with the russians? >> i don't know. jesse: you just said she paid a guy. >> you act like i'm working for the clinton campaign. jesse: i'm using the same argument you used against don junior. >> there were emails released. you can't base -- you can't use a group of leaked emails to make facts off of them. mueller has seen all these emails. mule per and his team is the only person who knows what happened in that meeting. we have to wait and see what they know and what would happen.
5:41 pm
but let's be clear here. she met with the particular russian lawyers about adoptions. jesse: i don't think don, jr. ever paid anybody millions of dollars. if the fbi or the department of justice under president trump used this fake dossier paid for by hillary as the basis to ask for fisa warrants to spy on trump campaign officials, how wrong would that have been? >> the big question is whether every claim in the dossier is untrue or whether only the most of spec tack there are claims. it's possible the fbi looked at the dossier and independently verified some of the elements and used has as an excuse to ask
5:42 pm
for a fisa warrant. but if they didn't verify the claims it would be the politicization of the fbi on behalf of the clinton campaign. jesse: the fbi and the department of justice have not been forthcoming about the dossier, if there was money that changed hands. but i want to get to richard on something. uranium one. is this a big problem for the clintons? as you know, millions of dollars, $145 million poured into the clinton foundation right before, during and after she checked the box allowing russia to have 20% of the uranium deposits in north america. >> there were nine government agencies that was part of the commission that made the decision to give 20% of our uranium to this particular
5:43 pm
company. number two, the individual we are talking about here who gave money to the clinton foundation divested three years prior to giving money to the clinton foundation. i understand the concern and i understand why people are concerned about this uranium deal. if they are concerned, let's not waste time with a political hearing and trey gowdy and devin nunes and let's have professional prosecutors look at the evidence. let's have a grand jury impaneled and see if hillary clinton, her state department actually engaged in wrongdoing. jesse: it's politics so games will be played. gregg jarrett said there are some possible crimes hillary could be facing if it's as bad as it looks. racketeering, bribery, wire fraud possibility.
5:44 pm
how do you see this playing out? is it going to get worse, this uranium deal? >> i will be surprised if it doesn't. i agree with richard maybe a special counsel should be appointed to take a look at the uranium deal, and investigate the fbi and the doj, too. and the russian government. and they said nothing. at the same time this deal was being approved. a special prosecutor seems like a serious possibility. this is not a place where criminal activity is utterly off the wall. it's a possibility some criminal activity happened. jesse: halloween is just around the corner and so are offensive halloween costumes. a special "watters world" report next. when you say you need
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ask. jesse: what are you most of afraid of? what costumes do you find offensive. "watters world" went down to left-wing new york university to find out.
5:49 pm
halloween coming up. what scares you the most of? >> ghosts. jesse: do you believe in ghosts of? >> no, but the concept. >> appendicitis. >> i'm freak out there. jess what scares you? >> the state of this country. >> liberals. they are scary. jesse: what costumes do you find offensive on halloween. >> an indian or something. jesse: native american. >> yes, native american. jesse: i thought multi-culturalism was a good thing. >> but there are complex layers to it that make it more complicated than that. jesse: are you offended by any
5:50 pm
halloween costume? >> if you are white, don't be a black person. anyone should be able to wear any halloween costume they want. jesse: when they go in their birthday suit? does donald trump scare you? >> oh, yes. my friends in california, their shell materials, doing the old air raid drills again. jesse: if someone dressed up like donald trump came to your door would you give them candy? >> no. >> i don't wear a to yo a toupes my hair. >> yes web's a sexual predator.
5:51 pm
jesse: you don't want to make america great again? >> america was never great. jesse: what about when america defeated the nazis? jesse: what do you think i should be for halloween. >> i don't know how to put this. it's kinds of a big deal. jesse: does fox news scare you? >> no. but i don't watch. jesse: then how do you know what's going on? >> the internet. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. wendy, i'm not very politically correct, so explain why i as a white male can't dress up as any other culture. >> there are so many layers to it, that's what that student said that was so beautiful.
5:52 pm
we cannot use someone's culture as a costume. when we look at halloween and the roots of halloween, it was made to be a time of quote-unquote celebration before all saints day. you were supposed to dress up as ghouls and vampires. it's okay to stay away from culture because it's offensive. jesse: tell me why i on halloween the day you wear costumes to have fun and celebrate can't ware a sombrero. >> because you are then making someone's culture, because there are some people a sombrero is reflective of their culture. you are turning their culture into a caricature. and that's offensive. jesse: do you know any mexican-americans that tell you that they are offended when
5:53 pm
people wear sombreros on halloween? >> absolutely. they have said that. universities have reached out in giving their students memos saying before halloween let us have this conversation. you cannot wear a sombrero or dress up as a geisha because cultural appropriation is offensive to your fellow man. jesse: can a mexican-american dress up like a white guy like me? >> when we are talking about culture, let's not talk about race. those are two things things. jesse: can a mexican-american dress up like a pilgrim? >> that's a culture, you cannot do that. jesse: some of it would offend the pilgrims. >> we know there aren't any people who claim to be pilgrims,
5:54 pm
but there are people who claim to be mexican. jesse: it would be offensive to pilgrims? >> yes. i'm nigerian. if someone dresses up in my cultural garb i would be offended. jesse: if i wanted to dress up like colin kaepernick can i throw a jersey on and get down on one knee and go trick-or-treating? >> no. that's multi layered, not only is that issue of you a caucasian gentleman wearing pane afro, but it's an issue of the social implications. there has been and lot of firestorm and backlash when it comes to colin kaepernick taking a knee. jesse: i'm so glad you told me. now i know what not to dress up
5:55 pm
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jesse: type for ask waters. boxers or briefs? what am i, bill clinton? what are you dressing up as this halloween? i think i will go as a border wall. >> my wife is more attracted to you than me. can you please turn off the charm? jesse: it's impossible. just remember, i'm waters and this is my world.
6:00 pm
-- i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: welcome to justice. i'm. adam: . thanks for being with -- i'm jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us. joining me corey lewandowski and mike huckabee and jason chaffetz on deck. all with us to break down the uranium one scandal and the russian dossier. first my opening statement. it's time to shut it down, turn the tables and lock her up. that's what i said, i actually said


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