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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 29, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> the drama is building in the nation's capital is a federal grand jury reportedly has approved the first charges in special counsel robert muller's investigation into russian a legend and election interference. authorities could arrest at least one person as early as tomorrow. the waiting game is on board who it can be and what charges the indictment might reveal by tomorrow morning. hello everyone, i'm eric. >> and i marcel neville.
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they're digging into moscow interference in the 2016 election, including any possible collusion between president trump campaign and the kremlin and now the white house bracing for the indictment tomorrow and muller putting his cards on the table after months of working in the shadows. garrett is life in washington with the latest. reporter: hello. there has been plenty of speculation today about what and who is basing these charges and what those charges might be. what we know according to reported by "the wall street journal" is that profiteers from special counsel presented evidence to the grand jury on friday and whatever that evidence was it was enough to convince the jury to sign off on charges against one or more individuals. a federal judge sealed that indictment which is supposed to keep it secret in the rest could be made as soon as to. this morning commitment adam's shift was the top democrat on the intelligence committee said there is plenty of evidence to suggest who those charges might be against.
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>> there are two people, i think, from press reporting that it is likely to be mike flynn or paul manafort. we have not been informed of who it is and i don't think it's appropriate for him to tell us. >> earlier this summer fbi agents rated paul manafort's home was being investigated for alleged money laundering and tax issues according to "the wall street journal". his attorney told us they have not been informed of any charges being filed against their client. that is something that would typically happen following an indictment. wasn't's former national security adviser michael flynn is another target of the fbi investigation. his attorneys not responded to our multiple requests for comment. it is also entirely possible that the person be charged is someone we've never heard of. on "fox news sunday" congressman trey gowdy said at this point, it's impossible to say how big of a deal these charges are. >> it will be really important whether this indictment involves 15 -year-old business transactions or 15 -day-old
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conversations with pressure. it's really important what the charge is an important who the person being charged is. reporter: these facts of who is being charged and what we are able to learn from this indictment and what it means to the investigation as a whole moving forward. space seven garrett, thank you. eric. eric: back and forth between the president and the republicans. senators bob corker and just like with scathing criticism of the president's leadership. john mccain blasted president trump what he called half-baked nationalism. where is this view going next and will other republican senators join in and how will affect the gop agenda? kristin fisher is live on the white house lawn. reporter: that evening. more silence from republican lawmakers in response to the
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call to resist this president. even senator bob corker who, as we all no, has been critical of president trump declined to repeat some of the more inflammatory remarks that he has made earlier this week. listen to how he responded when asked about those remarks on another sunday show. >> i care deeply about our country and that is why iran for the senate. i care even more deeply now having been there 11 years. i have been in the foreign relations area the entire time and i've been there and i'm chairman and i have copies with tillerson often and i talked with national security folks, not only here but around the world, and i have a good sense of what is happening. i am speaking to that. that is my job and i will continue to do so. reporter: you can see he clearly didn't answer the question. he also didn't double down when he had an opportunity to today on those remarks he made earlier this week.
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that is what we heard a lot from and similar things from most other republican senators on the sunday shows today. senator susan collins from maine says she is going to continue to speak out when she believes it is appropriate. >> i have not hesitated to disagree with the president, whether it is with his comments after the incidents in charlottesville or on the very important health care issue. i will continue to do that. i will work with the president and support his policies when i think he is right but i will not hesitate to oppose it when i think he is misguided. reporter: the main unifying issue for all republicans right now is tax reform as the president's top legislative priority and will continue to push it hard this week. he's also expected to announce for chairman of the federal reserve and also be preparing for his epic 12 day trip to asia. he leaves for that on friday.
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of course, hanging over all of that is reports that special counsel has filed its very first charges and so far tonight still no response from the white house directly. no idea what could go down tomorrow. eric: everyone waiting for tomorrow and what the charges are and they could hit as well as waiting for the president's trip to asia. kristin fisher, thank you space seven massive crowds rally for unity in barcelona. hundreds of thousands marching through the streets in the capital of spain, catalonia, region two days after catalano readers to cleared independence. spain's government responding by firing catalonia's leader and dissolving the regional government. connor is following injerusalem. reporter: 48 hours after they declared independence from madrid hundreds of thousands of people today in barcelona took to the streets to protest the
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move. [speaking in native tongue] reporter: peaceful demonstrators declared support for unified spain. >> no one speaks for us. we our catalogs and we want about. reporter: space central government has called her election on december 201st and catalonia's autonomous parliament and government. polls consistently show a majority of, i'll be at a small majority, want to stay a part of spain. a vocal minority has pushed for independence. emotions are running high and the possibility for violence remains real. as spanish authorities are scheduled to take over control, catalonia's government this week. it's a move that could inflame the situation even more. the us and the eu are you urging
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that the two sides to compromise and to open a dialogue, something that so far has largely been avoided. space seven connor, in jerusalem, thank you. >> the controversy on nfl sunday continues. texas unite in protest to the controversial comments from the teams owner. nearly every texan player to connie during the national anthem before the game and that after bob mcnair referred to the anthem protesters saying quote we can't have the inmates running the prison" will is live in los angeles with much more on this continuing controversy. reporter: eric, it was a big question about what the presence will do leading up to today's game. as the national anthem got underway a handful of players stood but the majority of the players on the texans chose to take any.
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bob mcnair that his team saturday and expressed regret. he also issued a statement which in part reads: >> it troubles me that for all that period of time the owners consider these young men something less than human beings. it troubles me that they are, in fact, a commodity. i think that that is the conce concern. >> this all started with colin kaepernick kneeling last season and we are learning that a coalition of players have invited bob mcnair calling kapnick and nfl commissioner
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roger goodell to a meeting to work through this controversy and controversy. it is unclear if or when that meeting will take place. >> well, thank you. >> a reminder now, a new evening lineup is rolling out tomorrow here on fox news. white house chief of staff john kelly will join laura ingram for the premier of the ingram angle. that is at 10:00 p.m. eastern time and at 11:00 p.m. eastern, shannon greene, from fox news at night. and paxton and utah senator mike lee are on. >> we are looking forward to that tomorrow night on fox news channel. it's been a while since north korea testfired one of their missiles and in fact not since president up about to the united nations to destroy north korea if it attacked. some are asking is the president top talk strategy actually now working with kim jong-un in. plus, that tax reform bill was
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supposed to be unveiled on wednesday on capitol hill but will there be enough in it to convince publicans who are critical of the bill to vote for it? we will break it all down tonight as you watch fox news channel with the latest coming up. >> the house and took up the senate budget so we could move two weeks faster to get tax moving. we have the criteria and we wanted to be simple and we wanted to be progrowth and we want to help the hard-working ♪ ms chewy bites.
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eric: the head of puerto rico's government power company says it will scrap the controversial printer million dollar contract with the montana -based whitefish energy holdings. once it finishes the current work on the recovery effort from hurricane maria on their island. the agency chief says he is vowing to demand from puerto rico's governor. white this, as you may no, is a two-man two -year-old company when hurricane maria slammed puerto rico more than one month ago and democrats and
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republicans in congress have been calling for an investigation into whitefish and how it was hired to restore power of the island. it happens to be based in hometown of interior secretary ryan zinke from montana. he said he has had no contact with that firm and a local and federal audits are now underway. so the 70% of puerto rico is still remain without power tonight and whitefish in the last few minutes has responded to this in a statement that the company says it is: >> not allowing the state income tax deduction that has to be fully analyzed because that is a major issue in my district also and throughout the city of new york. get people look at the overall tax plan and live in the states they will like the final outcome of what it deals with. especially, if you're that middle income hard-working american you will get a tax savings in the process. >> those two republicans from high tax states, new york and california, may have a sticking
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point when it comes to some itemized deductions. another possible stumbling block in the gop tax reform plan it may propose limits on 4o1k contributions to pay for tax cuts. president trump is saying that he is flexible. >> 4o1 kays are very important and important because that is one of the great benefits to the middle class. i didn't want that to go to four and that's why i ended it quickly. >> kevin brady said it could be on the table. >> 4o1 kays are very important and when you find out in our school raise the money to put in. the more individuals invest their own money the better off we are in the long-term. eric: joining me now is the associate editor of the hill. jesse, let's stick to those sticking points and 401k deductions and. >> the devils are in the details and we've seen it back and forth now between kevin brady and
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president trump over those 401k's and whether this is affecting that and we will see on wednesday when the tax bills are rolled out and that's in there in fact and there is wrinkling right now on another area that is a big sticking point and it's the state and local deductions and how congress will handle those and there's republicans in the big tax states like new jersey, new york and california and they don't want to see those go away. obviously, it will negatively impact their constituents and we will see how the house leadership tries to wrangle those votes and shore up support among the republicans that they will include in this plan. arthel: how politically hamstrung are some republicans who want to get a win for the team but don't want to jeopardize their individual spots on the team?
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>> republicans in general are going all out to the tax purpose. they had a devastating failure on healthcare appeal and earlier this year and they are making a lot of concessions especially with deficit reduction in it trying to balance the budget and pay for these tax cuts and the 1.5 trillion that was affected over ten years and in this plan and how at the end of the day obviously it will affect the constituents and affects the people that put them into office and they will have to defend those upcoming votes and they want to limit a bunch of that in one area that the house is trying to do is retain property tax deductions and that might be one area where they can continue to shore up support among those republicans. arthel: how motivated are the democrats motivated to work with the republicans and the president? >> to see the opposition over
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this text one in general with the democrats and will see with the details are revealed how it will impact people in general and democrats will pounce on that and we've already seen some details leak out and the suggestion of how it will impact the upper middle class and lower class and we will see those details. a lot is riding on this role this week. republicans have been working on this for months and this push to have a tax plan that the senate can vote on by thanksgiving is a very high task and the gop leaders are pushing for but it's difficult thing to get done. arthel: today is october 29 and at the very least the president wants to have something on his desk by the end of the year so you're looking at two months from now and you pointed out that there are many details that
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are still need to be ironed out and very intricate and tricky. >> yes, one key thing to watch here is how president trump handles coming up enthusiasm and support among republicans for this plan. the plan is being rolled out on wednesday and then he leaves on a 12 day trip to asia to meet with leaders there and this is a critical moment for republicans to advance this measure and to limit the number of defections. we will have to see how he continues to remain engaged with house republicans to bring reticent republicans from the big tax states including new york, presidents hometown, to do 15 and actually get them on board with their plan. arthel: or some might use the asia trip as cover once everything is distracted and the coverage is redirected to that trip that will start on friday. we will see, it makes though, right? >> yeah, the big push and will see if we can get it done. arthel: thank you, jesse. nice to talk to you.
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>> thank you. eric: the threat from kim jong-un on, top of the agenda during the president upcoming visit to asia later this week. the president taking a hard-line stance against north korea and its looming missile program. what else can the us do to to tour the growing threat and tonight the guessing game. it is in overdrive in washington. many are wondering who will robert muller stopped by on tomorrow morning. reports are picking the first indictment is in in the russian probe. what are the charges and who will it will be and how will it affect the continuing investigation? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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eric: mike pence was in north
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dakota on friday which happens to be the home of some of our nations b-52s and icbms. he was addressing aircrews they are and the strategy to to tour north korea's nuclear program. the top talk to the head of the president's trip to asia to start on friday. another communist regime has so far conducted 15 missile test since this last february alone but it has now been more than six weeks since their last missile launch. that happens to be the longest stretch between test since president trump's took office. the last firing came a few days before the president upon speech of the united nations. did that language have an effect? for more on this let's bring in lieutenant colonel, retired green beret commander to vice president cheney. kim jong-un is held off for now and this after the president vowed to in his words quote destroy north korea if the attack so the general assembly speech in september. do you think that language and strategy has played any part in
3:28 pm
the temporary suspension? >> it has had some type of effect because i'm fairly certain that kim jong-un did not believe that the united states had a credible use of military force on the table the last eight years. i think it also sent a message to chinese president is keep in mind he just completed his reelection with the communist party congress that has held every five years. that was critical to him and in a very strong way consolidated power in a way that we have not seen since mao and he has enshrined his name in the chinese constitution and he has consolidated and put a number of his key people in place so i think the message that president trump has sent has been effective not only to kim jong-un but effective to president xi jinping and i would not be surprised that he sent the message to north korea ahead of his reelection and said knock
3:29 pm
it off. eric: in that case, do you think those party congress is over and we could see a potential missile launch or do you think of jungle disk on the message? >> keep in mind, while we haven't seen a missile launch we did just the a successful test firing where the missile didn't actually fly but if the test firing of a solid fuel engine and that is critically important because the north koreans are progressing in their capability from liquid fuel to solid fuel which means they can launch the missiles much faster and often the japanese and the south koreans get much less time in terms of warning. they are progressing their capability. eric: doesn't that make it harder to find. >> yes, it makes it easier for the koreans to put them on a mobile launching and makes it towards for us to take out. time is not on our side here and the top talk is necessary to actually help our diplomacy and
3:30 pm
so that everyone in the region, chinese and north koreans believe we will not stand for this program. eric: teddy roosevelt said speak softly and carry a big stick. this is not speaking softly and then got a bigger stick but the vice president up at the air force base in front of the b-52s and it's the only joint air force base that has the b-52s that are older than we are but they are still up there and working. the icbms, at the same time, we now have three aircraft carrier battle groups off the coast of north korea and in that area. that sends a potent, strong message to the north koreans. >> you had secretary matus visit the air force base and the vice president visit and that is sending a signal to the world and to our own military into congress that our nuclear triad is back. you've also had justice with secretary matus and chairman dunford visit south korea and go up to the all ahead of the president trip. this is a hugely consequential
3:31 pm
trip. you now have president xi jinping in power and consolidated his power and he did not name a successor. he could be in power for some time to come and if you listen to a speech that he just gave to the party congress he essentially said china is ready and rightfully should take its place as the other world superpower. china is going to move forward in a very aggressive way and trump sit down with him couldn't be more consequential. we have also just had the reelection of a very conservative pre-election in japan. pieces are in the region. eric: would you advise the president as he sits down with president xi jinping and as you said, one the most important issues not saying if they will visit himself but hope is that the dmz but like you said madison on friday. what to the president say to the chinese president and do you think they have finally gotten the message in potentially taking the right steps to try to bring in kim jong-un and? >> he has to make it crystal
3:32 pm
clear that the calculus has to change. the chinese see the north koreans nuclear program as the united states problem, south korean problem and the japanese problem, not their problem. we need to work together, us and china, to shut this program down. i think he needs to make it clear that we do not seek regime change. kim can get rid of the program and the chinese can still have their proper state. that is fine but if that does not proceed that way that we could see japan becoming much more aggressive and actually having an office of capability which is currently precluded by their constitution. we could reintroduce taxable nuclear weapons and south korea which were removed in the 1990s and we will take every action necessary to stop this program but if the chinese do
3:33 pm
not stop, we will. eric: do you think the president should go to the dmz or it's not as symbolic? >> i do thank you should and not only does it send the right message to the region but importantly we have to remember 30000 troops in south korea, 25000 in japan and sent the message to them that their commander-in-chief understands what they are going through and they are on that wall and is leading from the front. eric: we are all with the strips tonight. lieutenant colonel, thank you for your insight this evening the seven check your calendars. hurricane season is not over. in fact, right now tropical storm felipe is moving its coast. it forms brief rate is a touchdown in florida's east coast where it dumped about 4 inches of rain. meteorologist adam is tracking the storm from a box weather center. adam, is it unusual to see a tornado there in the miami area. >> when you talk about hurricanes that's not necessarily unusual but in this nature when you come in the slate that is unusual this is our sixth major storm and we get 11 or 12 and this is a fast
3:34 pm
mover. they are now off the lowest content left coast and at this point it is run into a cold front so you are seeing that moisture john further to the north and it has been raining buckets from the mid atlantic to the northeast today. that will continue to be open the overnight hours and will deal with till tomorrow. there is a timestamp up the corner and you can pay attention to it as it lists up to the north. it will be a major pain event as we talk about widespread, three, four or 5 inches of rain. this is taking you into monday and at that point this entire system should have looked north and were trying to but in the next 12-18 hours you are looking at widespread areas from philadelphia to new york and further to the north and all areas where you see that red those are spots you could see four or five or 6 inches. it's happening quickly and that's when you might perhaps have flooding. we do see some fun advisories
3:35 pm
stretching from new york all the way up into new england and may in an update as well. as i said, it's a combination of the tropical system running into the cold front in the cold front is very much there. folks have been battling this all weekend but it creeps farther and farther up to the east. the temperatures are dropping to the mid-sixties back down and this is the windchill but back down into the 30s in the midwest and that is slowly creeping this way. you will have to bundle up for the next couple of days the 744 windchill in nashville. >> yeah, that's called. arthel: adam, thank you. eric: did you see that game last night strike after losing two in the row the dodgers won game four of the world series. the boys in blue rally late last night to beat the astros and even the fall classic with two games apiece.
3:36 pm
houston is now looking for a political when in their final home game of the season tonight for the pennant series will finish up in los angeles. what can happen? jared is live in minute maid park. jared, potentially it could come down to one game. >> it could very well come to one game. honestly, this world series does the deserves to go seven games. it's a roller coaster ride. the same starting pitchers and when they squared off in game one in los angeles it was intended dodgers but now it is even in the series. in houston this is the last home game that the astros will play the season and fans are doing all they can to scoop up pieces of merchandise. astros bands are buying up shirts, hats, and understand what to say. the most popular items have been the caps for $40 and ticketholders for around $10. this is merchandise on the outside but it is big bucks if you are into the game. i iran into a family from dodger fans from long beach.
3:37 pm
>> we sit in good seats and so is the concept, jimmy spencer park? >> the first game causes, we waited to the end, $2000 the first game and 2200 the second game, 2500 today and today was 2700 for our tickets. you are looking at without airfare, hotels -. reporter: if you go to coat style, you can get in for $468 tonight on the secondary market. it's all best of three series and the first team to win two with the fall classic. first pitch night is a 20:00 p.m. eastern and then it goes back to los angeles. the team that wins game number five, like we have tonight, has won the series 66% of the time. eric: would you put and who do you think, the astros 55 years that they been waiting. reporter: 55 years. eric: it's amazing. what is your gut?
3:38 pm
reporter: the gut tells me the astros need to win this game tonight. they don't want to go back to los angeles down three-two and nothing would be better to give the city a gift than one more victory. there is that moment when you're in a serious event in life and someone cracks a joke and everyone burst out because you need it. this city needs it. eric: jared, it's been an exciting series but i don't think the dodgers have ever [inaudible]. arthel: we could see a legal showdown in the russian investigation within an arrest coming as early as tomorrow. could president some try to pardon whoever pieces charges? our legal panel takes up the case next. [vo] when it comes to investing,
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eric: there is a horrible scene
3:43 pm
holding in central michigan. three children were killed they were seven, nine, 12 years old and six other people were critically injured after a pickup truck slammed into therefore strong buggy. it happened in sheridan, 45 miles northeast of grand rapids. the driver of the pickup truck was not hurt and officials are investigating this crash could say so far drugs and alcohol were not factors. "the wall street journal" reporting that special counsel to muller filed the first charges of russian investigation according to the journal and rest could come as soon as tomorrow. that raises the question of whether president trump can use his power to pardon anyone who might be indicted. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee saying the president's ability to do so is limited. >> i do not think the president's power is all that absolute as people suggest. the president cannot pardon people if it is an effort to obstruct justice. it is an effort to prevent bob
3:44 pm
muller and others from learning about the president's own conduct. there are limitations and it is truly unlimited it would have the effect of nullifying the constitution. arthel: bring in our panel. keisha, former prosecutor and both are defense attorneys. good to have you both here. i'm going to start about the legal leeway. how much legal leeway does the president have to pardon those entangled in the russian investigation and must they first be found guilty? >> no, not at all. the president has a broad power to the constitution which allows the president to pardon an offense against the united states. they can't do it when the offense is [inaudible] but the only limitation with a federal offense is that it can't involve impeachment but here we are not dealing with impeachment proceeding, yet. the president could try to pardon the people being charged in this indictment. arthel: and you said they do not have to -- >> no, no. arthel: so ever who is paraded
3:45 pm
out from the chemist while the president could say, you are off the hook, pardon. >> this has never been tested before so there are people of the thought that the president's power is limited to those convicted and sentenced or those who are preserve their sentence. some of those beliefs and those has not been tested yet. some believe that you cannot pardon someone before they have been convicted of the crime so there is a school of thought there also. arthel: that's what was going to ask, do they have to be convicted person you are saying no. >> there is a school of thought that says yes, they have to be convicted first and in addition they can have served their time and if there's no more felony you are pardoned or you have to be convicted and never serve a day until. >> that has been the history but in the constitution it does not
3:46 pm
specifically say that. if you look at article two, clause two, it says that the pardon hundred president can pardon anyone with an offense against the united states and it doesn't say convicted against the united states. >> it hasn't been tested yet and it's there are two school of thought. one that she is arguing that one that i am arguing. we will find out soon whether it happens. >> and knowing this president, he will try it. arthel: it means that whoever the target is at this point or targets are, when we find out tomorrow possibly improbably, they may not even be off the hook. let me talk about this in terms of the charges that might be out there. richard and keisha, we know it's speculation at this point and we won't find out targets are until tomorrow. in terms of speculative, who might be charged in what might those charges be? >> the list carries more note carriers like paul manafort who led the campaign and we are looking at money laundering charges and were looking at filing as a foreign agent and
3:47 pm
tax evasion and you're working your way down to michael flynn who, as we no, failed to disclose his prussian ties that he was receiving money from building the russian government all the way to the president's son-in-law, jared kushner in the president himself with obstruction of justice. you also have roger stone was an advisor to the president with potential charges, too. the likely candidate is paul manafort and the reason why is because he would note the most and his house has already been rated in july by federal agents. based upon that raid there weren't criminal information that they acted on and potentially that might be diamond we see tomorrow. arthel: so if it is manafort doesn't stop there with him or will we wait -- [laughter] if it is manafort, if it's his indictment, will it be self-contained in that it is just him or will he sing like a
3:48 pm
bird and bring down other people? >> that is one of the things the feds will are known to do. they will come down on one person and use that person to cooperate against all the other defendants so they will say look, if you tell us x, y and z but in this case i think manafort is a big fish and i think they will use them to scare the little fish in the little fish will sing like the birds and they will tell you everything you need to know about this big fish and that is the strategy that muller is using. arthel: the president could have his own strategy and if he begins to check off people and if he says you don't have to sing -- >> but his reputation will be. arthel: the president's. yes, it will bring so much suspicion on him and they will say why is he doing this and what does he have high. a politician has to be careful. >> the main question remains whether the president makes
3:49 pm
these deals for people actually convict whether he will be charged with obstruction of justice. that is one of the big issues and you can't do that. [inaudible conversations] arthel: quickly, richard. what about firing special counsel muller. is this political noise or is there valid, legal fax today? >> only if there was a conflict of interest. people have been working for robert muller had donated to the clinton campaign but only if they find a conflict of interest. for example, the prosecutor says i want to get the president and i don't like him or if he supported hillary clinton and now he's prosecuting the president so there is if there's no conflict of interest which we haven't found at this point of time he will still be the special prosecutor. arthel: richard, keisha, good to see both of you. >> thank you. arthel: will see you again. eric. eric: five years after what was called a once-in-a-lifetime disaster struck.
3:50 pm
some survivors of super storm sandy are still struggling to put their lives back together. coming up, [inaudible] is here to talk about those heartbreaking and inspiring stories. ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ stare with me into the abyss ( ♪ )
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eric: today mike's five years since hurricane sandy hit. the storm was blamed for more
3:54 pm
than 100 people's death and it cost more than $65 million in damage and the effects are still being felt today. joining us now to look at the current road to recovery. >> super storm sandy destroyed 650,000 homes that the storm surge devastated waterfront communities and along minorities. the surge responsible for the majority of the 72 us deaths and since then there are obvious signs of successful rebuilding. the jet star roller coaster that plunged into the ocean on the new jersey shore was dismantled and replaced by a new coaster this year. still, the new jersey's governor office is one in five homes damaged by sandy are still being rebuilt. in new york a massive fire
3:55 pm
sparked by floodwaters and electrical wiring the community of breezy point burned 100 homes to the ground and now the neighborhood has dozens of new homes in the sand dunes to protect the community from floodwaters but for many the rebuild continues. does that in her husband ed moved back into breezy point just one month ago after spending over $300,000 of their own money to build a stronger home. >> i did not think it would take five years to fully get back into the house and had i known that i probably would have left. >> construction is yet to begin a project to prevent flooding damage in new york city from future super stones. like the idea of super you to create flood walls around manhattan. >> most of new york city is just as vulnerable as it was before sandy hit and we have not bought systematically about how to change the design of our structures and infrastructures so that we can get through the
3:56 pm
weather that is coming. >> hospitals have also undergone improvements which has since undergone more than $1 billion in floodplain their facility during super storm sandy. the hospital lost power and 32 newborn babies were evacuated including this little boy, stone. >> it could happen again. thanks so much, brian. we'll be right back. prevagen. the name to remember. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust.
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the seven that has been a big
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day today. big day tomorrow. big day tuesday. hollowing. eric: where you going next? thanks for watching. happy halloween. rick leventhal is next with the "fox report". >> the federal grand jury of purely approves the first charges in russian alleged meddling. i'm rick leventhal and this is the "fox report". after months of working in the shadows special counsel robert muller may be about to put his cards on the table as the white house braces for the possible unsealing of an indictment on monday. all of this is sparking widespread speculation on who could be targeted. lawmakers say they are being kept in the dark. >> let's assume the reporting


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