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tv   OBJEC Tified  FOX News  October 29, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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harvey levin: the objects people choose to keep in their home define who they are. this is... wait, wait, wait, you made these in prison? i did. i'm harvey levin. this is a story about a woman who turned her back on a lucrative career on wall street to become the perfect homemaker. this 19th-century tailor's table will be absolutely perfect for the adult. harvey: but martha stewart's life wasn't all perfection. i did not want to get divorced. i think he had a wandering eye. and wandering whatever. ( laughs ) harvey: she was a billionaire. unstoppable until a tiny stock deal landed her in prison. james comey was the prosecutor. yeah, dear james. do you think that he's sexist?
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martha would not only rebound and rebuild, she would completely redefine herself, with a little help from some friends. i had to sit next to snoop. i was so high. say again? i s so high. harvey: martha stewart, good in the kitchen, kick-ass in the board room. martha stewart. how do you do? what's crack a-lackin'? ( laughs ) everything. ( laughs ) thank you so much for doing this. i am fascinated by your journey. how you got to where you are today. - great. - and that's what we're gonna do today. great. well, it's the american dream. it is the american dream. and nightmare. ( both chuckle ) i get it. let's start. - okay. - okay. tell me what this is. well, this is one of my precious bowls. but it's a special bowl because it was given to me by my next-door neighbors in nutley, new jersey, mr. and mrs. mouse. they were german immigrants who were fantastic bakers.
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and when they retired from their bakery, they started a bakery in their basement. and this is one of the bread bowls. and they gave me this. your dad, um... had a big impact on you. - tell me a little bit about it. - he did. my father was a very handsome man, very tall, actually, he could be called "beautiful" i think. blond hair, blue-eyed, looked more nordic than polish, but he was 100% polish. my mother was also polish, 100%. born in buffalo, new york. i've read he was a perfectionist. very much so. and i got my sense of perfection and wanting to do things in the best possible way with the best possible result from him. - that stuck? - yeah, so it stuck. and it still sticks. the perfect, perfect café latte. the perfect ganache. how to make the perfect bed. that is a very nice egg. perfect. he was also big into gardening. dad was a wonderful gardener.
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he grew the best tomatoes on the street. some of his tomatoes, those jersey tomatoes, were four pounds each. - four pounds? - four pounds. those were big, big-- they were called "big boys," actually. um, and then he also grew beautiful flowers and he instilled in me a love of gardening. i am a real gardener. and i think that's from dad. you are your father's daughter. i am. and i think i-- i hate to say it, but i think i was his favorite daughter. you grew up in a time when women became housewives. yes. it seems that you didn't accept that at a very early age. was it because of your da uh, no, i don't think it was my dad. i think my mother could be considered a feminist, an early feminist, because she was trained as a teacher. the day my youngest sister, laura, got into kindergarten, mom started teaching again.
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so she went right back to work with six kids at home to feed at night. she would then go and teach a class of 32 students at the lincoln school in nutley, new jersey. one of my favorite things that i've read about you is what you wrote in your high school yearbook. and it so resonates. i want to talk about it. you wrote, "i do as i please and i do it with ease." ( chuckles ) a little bit snotty, i would say in retrospect. i would, too. but it's interesting you wrote that as a kid, as a 16-year-old. right. well, i felt that way. dad had instilled that into me. his best piece of advice he ever gave me was, "if you work hard enough, you could pretty much do anything, martha" that's what he said to me. so he understood that i had a brain, he understood that i was smart enough. i wanted to be a housewife, too. i did not ever look down on the-- on housekeeping, or house work. i never looked down on it.
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i was brought up doing house work. did you ever have a rebellious period growing up? i wish i could say i did. i was just goodie two-shoes all the way. - really? - until i met my... my boyfriend, my first boyfriend. who turned out to be my fiancé, and then my husband. i was a very good girl. and that was your rebellious period? - yes. - ( both laugh ) well, because, i mean, i went out of our religion, i married-- i fell in love with a jewish boy, and i brought him home. and my father was... well, i didn't bring him home first, i went home and told my parents that-- i was 18 years old-- i said, "i have fallen in love and i'm going to get married," and i didn't ask if i could get married i just said i am going to get married. and my father actually slapped me. because he was jewish. then when they met him-- oh, my gosh, then they fell in love with him. they loved him, and... can i go back to slapping?
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( chuckles ) he slapped me. in my happiest moment, telling my parents i was going to get married, he said i'm too young, "you're wasting your life," dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, you know, that kind of thing. - wow. - yeah. had he ever done that before? - slapped me? - yes. oh, yes. but not, like, across my face, i usually got spanked. - wow. - it was the day of spanking. - um... - ( chuckles ) okay, so... not bad, i mean, when i say spanking, you know, it was discipline. parents actually disciplined their kids. nowadays, you're not allowed to do this, and you're not allowed to do that, and most parents, you're not allowed touch and... but in those days, actually, discipline... didn't your parents ever spank you? - daily. - yes. okay. harvey: was this an easy childhood? martha: i would say it was a very easy childhood. harvey: had a good one? martha: it was very good. i enjoyed everything i did. i was happy. ( music playing )
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so tell me about these. well, these are-- this is mrs. beaton. mrs. beaton started writing in the early 1800s. and this is called "household management." it's everything you have to know about keeping a home. so many different things in here: recipes for wild duck, and sole, look at these beautiful sole, and how to cook, catch and clean eel. whatever you want to know, it's here. this is all about being a housewife. yes. this is all about being a... how to run a home. - so... - you want to sit down on a stool? - okay, i'd love that. - as we talk in my kitchen? this is my kitchen by the way... i-- i'm a perceptive guy. - ( laughs ) - i noticed. you... went into modeling early. and, i'm wondering, was it because people said to you, "martha, you should be a model," or did you just look in the mirror and say, "yeah, i can do that"? martha: i never considered myself a great beauty or even beautiful, but i had a neighbor friend
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who was modeling in new york city. and she said, "you know, i model and i make money on the side. you should try it. you're attractive. you can probably get an agent." so she took me to her agent in new york. and, yes, they signed me right away. and i started to earn, i think i remember earning $15 an hour to start, that was live modeling at bonwit teller on saturdays. modeling whatever they put on me and i would walk around the store. and then, i got another agent. and they said, "oh, you can do commercials." announcer: busy, active people, stop. now you can odor-proof your body. helps blemish-proof your skin, too. get the active soap for active people. did you ever think, "maybe i'll put college in the backburner and make modeling my career"? oh, never. it didn't occur to me at all. i was using modeling as a means to an end. because i was told by my parents they did not have enough money to pay any tuition. harvey: you met your husband, andy,
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i believe, when you were at barnard, he was at yale. martha: yes, he was at yale law school. and i fell madly in love immediately. harvey: what attracted you? martha: well, he was very smart, and he was nice-looking, and he was well-educated, and he talked a lot, and he was fun. i mean, all the good things. how quickly did you marry him? oh, within a year. so you were 19 when you got married. i was. that surprises me that you would get married that early when you're so focused and determined to go out on your own and... - make a name for yourself. - well, i had lots of interests, and marriage just was-- it just came along and i thought, "god, you know, this is great. i really love this man." and i didn't call him a man, this boy. "and why not get married? i can do everything anyway." which i did. harvey: and it never occurred to you that, when you get married, then you suddenly assume a fairly traditional role again that might hamper your ability to go out?
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well, he wasn't that kind of guy. he was not going to put me in the kitchen and make me cook dinner every single night. i wanted to cook dinner. i cooked dinner anyway. so why not do that and study? and i did not give up my studies, i continued to go to school. got my degree. i toyed with the idea of becoming an architect. and instead of becoming an architect, i went to wall street. andy's father had been a stockbroker. he had a seat on the new york stock exchange. and i thought, "oh, this looks exciting, investing, learning about companies." it was very exciting and interesting. you go to wall street, which was male-dominated at the time. very much so. was that daunting? uh, no. again, i don't easily-- i don't get daunted too easily by things or by people. how were the male colleagues receiving you? oh, they loved me, oh, no, they loved me. and the senior partner, of course, monez, he fell madly in love with me. and, um-- but i was a married woman and i sort of stuck to my guns. i was always a married woman.
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and i flirted, but that was it. and so you were never discriminated against? - no. - really? no. they used me. i mean, they used me as a sort of allure for clients, in the nicest possible way. you're a successful stockbroker, you're young, you know, it's exciting, you're having a great time. - you quit. - ( chuckles ) and you move to the country. i'm thinking, "is she just waving the white flag and she's just gonna become a housekeeper?" martha: that's when i started developing my idea that change is good. learn as much as you can, move on. but what were you moving on to? well, i was moving on to something new. what was that new thing, moving to the country? - we bought a house. - right. and i was commuting from an old, rickety house, turkey hill road, 1805 farm house, and i wanted to see what i could do with it. with no particular designs on starting a business? no, not necessarily, no. but i liked to cook, and then thinking, "you know, i want to start a business. i'm gonna start cooking." and i had a friend who wanted to cook.
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so this is... the framed design of my stock certificate when we went public on the new york stock exchange. it feels really good, especially now with the stock opening substantially higher than the offering price. i must tell you, we're really excited. it's a good thing. this is when you became a billionaire. yes. that was a good day. - i bet. - ( laughs ) tell me about that day. well, it was a very exciting day. i had worked hard to build a company that was martha stewart living on the media. and a lot of people poo-pooed the idea of "on the media," but, to me, it really made sense. so it was a media company, which encompassed a magazine and a world of books, - um, and television. - harvey: television. martha: it became a merchandising company. we sold products. at that time, we were selling a lot of product at k-mart.
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i'm martha stewart. and i'm k-mart's new consultant for entertaining and lifestyle. i'll be helping millions of k-mart customers with tips on just about everything for the home and entertaining. so come to k-mart. so you have this amazing company. - yes. - and, in one day, you become a billionaire. yes. and i was driving up madison avenue and thinking, "gosh, i could buy anything." - did you? - no, i was so stupid. ( laughs ) i mean, i, you know, i like things, i like art, i love-- but i like a lot of things. you were the first american woman who became a self-made billionaire. that's what... that's what they say. harvey: that must've felt great. martha: it was excellent. but i don't take that kind of stuff and take it as seriously as other people take it. - it's a big deal. - it is a big deal. but i had a lot to do and it was-- i've been very busy ever since. i'm taking you back now to turkey hill.
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so you're painting the house, working on roofs, uh, and then you decide, "i'm gonna start a catering business." - yeah. - why? well, i like to cook, and i noticed that there was a void in the market for a good catering service. harvey: what was the hole in the market? martha: the whole was everywhere for good, wholesome food for parties. harvey: when you started out, did it feel to you like this was gonna become a business you're gonna develop or was it more of a hobby? oh, no, it was a business. i was booking up to a million dollars in revenue for my catering business, and that's a lot of money. - locally? - yes. - a million dollars? - yes. ( chuckles ) but that was hard work. and what really happened was the experience that i got doing this catering led to me deciding that, if i didn't write something about this work i was doing, if i ever grandchildren, they wouldn't know what grandma had done. so i decided to write a book. and that's really what the value of all that catering,
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and all that learning, and all that recipe development led to the creation of my number one cookbook. harvey: that was book was everything, wasn't it? martha: it was the first time that people understood, that i understood that i was every woman who really needed advice and guidance in entertaining friends and family. holidays became more important after this book. people really paid more attention to what were they gonna serve on christmas eve or christmas day, and birthdays and feasts of different ethnicities. all of this is in this book. it's a simple, beautiful book and i think everybody should read it. steven spielberg talked about you creating housekeeping as an art form. martha: right, and that was so flattering, by the way. and he told me that walking down the street on lily pond lane in east hampton. - but it's true. - yeah. but, at the same time, it's unattainable to most people. they can't do that. but it isn't anymore. i really think that women everywhere,
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and guys who are running their own homes now-- there's a lot of single men or married men who are running their households-- i think they all know pretty much now how to throw a good party. did you have a master plan or was this just kind of happening as it went along? i wish i could say it was all mapped out. ( laughs ) of course it wasn't mapped out. but i knew what i liked to do. i really, i'd found my voice with this book. so i started to write a book a year. and every single year, i created a really, really good book. and i wanted to do television, i wanted to do everything. i thought the only other format that would pay off is a magazine. so that's where this comes in. this is number one issue of "martha stewart living." this was an immediate success as a magazine. it was the first full-fledged lifestyle magazine with a person attached. were you competing with oprah? i was a little earlier than oprah. it was martha, then it was oprah,
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then it was rosie. we were all like ten years apart. oprah is by far the wealthiest and most powerful, but i consider myself a successful creator of an industry. i have seen a lot of successful people try their hand at television and they fail miserably. you had never done television before. it's pretty audacious to say, "now i'm gonna venture into this area without any experience." and you were successful at it. martha: well, i was good in front of the camera. i learned that modeling. i think that modeling was really the best teacher for me because there you are, standing with 25 people over there telling you what to do and you have to look nice, and act relaxed and pretty in the pictures. so i learned how to behave in front of the camera. - right. - but then, i was also a good teacher and i could easily talk well and do. it's hard to... - it's hard to cut meat and... - and talk, yeah. smile at the camera, and do the whole thing and not burn yourself and cut yourself.
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i've only cut myself once on camera. and do all of that stuff, it's not an easy thing. and still look good and act well and be pleasant in front of the camera. you're a competitive person. um, i'm competitive. but not, not... i mean, i wouldn't be good on a tennis court competing with anybody. i'm not like that. what about in business? um... i'm not cutthroat in business. i'm not. why do you think some people say you are? because i'm successful. ( laughs ) i think that's really the reason. ( music playing ) for five months, i spent an uneasy time in alderson federal prison. james comey was the prosecutor. yeah, dear james. do you think that he's sexist?
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. efforts to store power in puerto rico, complicated by cancel deal. the government decided to scrap a 300 million-dollar contract with a small montana power company after the deal came under intense scrutiny. they estimate it will delay worky 112 weeks but hope to have 95% of power restored by mid december. about 70% of the island remains in the dark, nearly six week after hurricane maria hit. hundreds of thousands rallying in downtown barcelona after the separatists of the catalonian parliament voted to separate from spain. the spanish government declared it dissolved. now back to objectify.
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i spent an uneasy time in alderson federal prison, i guess it's called. i can't even remember the name. but, to pass the time, i took up whatever i could possibly take up. - mm-hmm. - reading; it was like a great reading vacation. but i also took pottery. ceramics it's called there. wait, wait, wait, you made these in prison? i did. you were allowed to make three pieces of ceramics in five months. but i persuaded the powers-that-be that this was one piece because you couldn't just do three of them, you had to do the whole thing. so i think there's 12 pieces or 15 pieces. so this is a nativity scene? this is a nativity, um... figures for a crèche, a christmas crèche. - but this is so intricate. - aren't they beautiful? oh, my god. and you had to ship it out you know, and you had to wrap everything. and nothing got broken - i was so pleased that... - ( laughs )
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you know, these are so great. look it, these are the three wise men bringing their gifts to baby jesus. and here's joseph and mary. and these beautiful camels. harvey: this is incredible. martha: so i recently called the prison to ask if they still had the molds. 'cause i'd like to make this for, you know, qvc or for... oh, my god, "martha stewart's prison molds." oh, no, don't call it that. okay, but it would sell. - it's called a crèche! - it would sell like crazy! let's call it "the nativity." it's so beautiful, but at the same time, it brings back memories. is it painful? you know, that time is-- i do not want to be defined by a time like that. that's an unfair time. harvey: do you feel like you were unfairly targeted because you were martha stewart? martha: i can go on and on and on about this. i don't think it's so appropriate... harvey: okay, then give me a yes or no. yes. definitely yes. i'm just very, very sorry that it's come to this. that a small personal matter has been able to be blown out of all proportion,
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and with such venom and such... gore. i mean, it's just terrible. james comey was the prosecutor. yeah, dear james. so, he's a complicated person, isn't he? do you think that he's sexist? no, i'm sure i was an example. and that's it. harvey: until hillary clinton comes along. second example. but not only the second, there have been... i'm sure there are other people that were also used as examples. so are there dots you connect that then...? um, i'll be writing about it in my autobiography. ( laughs ) were you hurt by the glee that some people expressed when you went through this? not hurt, just disgusted. ( laughs ) and i'm a very strong person. i can put up with a lot of lemons in my life, but, of course, i was really, not discouraged, even,
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just disgusted that this kind of thing could happen in the united states. you brought a $10,000 birkin bag into court. martha: um, i don't even know if it was $10,000. i bought that bag, it's a beautiful bag. i have very few handbags, pocketbooks. and very few, and that was the one i was using at the time. i didn't even think about it, that was my pocketbook. expensive pocketbook. well, i was a rich woman. they didn't focus on my clothes so much. some of those clothes were more expensive than the pocketbook. harvey: ( laughs ) you got away with that. ( laughs ) got away with that. but, um... but it was... it was ridiculous that that was the focus. why? does a man get focused on for the belt he's wearing or the gold buckle or the whatever? what was it like for you there? i mean, here you are in this opulent life, and then going there. martha: simple, i mean, it was just simple. i had a roommate, we were in a little old house.
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this was like a campus. it had been built, that particular place had been built as a girl's school. and there were small brick buildings, no security, no fence. was it difficult for you? no, not at all. how was the food? - horrible. - ( laughing ) horrible. there were no lemons. did you try to influence the cooks? no. - harvey: really? - martha: no, i did not try to impose anything on anybody there. that's not the appropriate place to do that. if you played "family feud" and said "things about martha stewart," that poncho's gonna come up in one of the numbers. ( martha chuckles ) it's in a box somewhere in the attic. - harvey: you don't know where it is? - martha: no, it's some place. i have a lot of stuff stored here and there.
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harvey: people were obsessed with that poncho. oh, i know, and we made a pattern, - which is still sold. - ( laughs ) and you can still buy the same wool. you are fantastic. and it was a great poncho. well, david, welcome. i see you have your ankle bracelet. ( chuckles ) yeah. your poncho. and poor little francesca, you're holding her by the ear. ( laughs ) hey, say hello to my little friend. ( laughter ) you did your house arrest here. and i am blown away by how fantastic this place is. yet i've read this was harder for you than prison. martha: well, it was. it was, again, that kind of thing is so unfair. wearing an ankle bracelet for god's sake. i mean, and, uh... i couldn't do "saturday night live." they asked me to do "saturday night live," and there were not enough hours to prepare for "saturday night live." i could've been alec baldwin. ( both laugh ) there's an old saying that
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that which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. i hate adages like that. i think they are ridiculous. if you're strong, you're strong. and you're not gonna get any stronger by going to a silly place like alderson. ( music playing ) harvey: i was blown away by your performance at the "justin bieber roast." were you scared? no. i was so high. say again? i was so high. say again? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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i actually used the five months of home arrest to write this book. you made money while you were in prison. you bet. you made 12 cents an hour going in, and a lot of money going out with this. right, i don't remember the 12 cents, but... okay, so my opinion? prison made you super cool. ( laughs ) well, actually, to a certain group in america, prison gives you street cred, so... it does, doesn't it? but it's an unnecessary way to get it. well, you know, it's funny because there are a lot of people who may not have liked you or have been indifferent, but showing imperfection, whether it was fair or not fair, makes you relatable to people. so isn't there a positive that comes from it? no positive whatsoever. i'm not giving in on that point. - so... - ( chuckles ) there is no lemonade here. none. by the way, natasha, i do a lot of gardening,
8:40 pm
but you are, without a doubt, the dirtiest, used-up hoe i have ever seen. ( laughter ) i was blown away by your performance at the "justin bieber roast." i think it was one of the most brilliant comedic performances that i have seen. - thank you. - from somebody who's not a comic. as we all know, kevin is one of the biggest movie stars in the business right now. and he deserves it. he's struggled for years. when he finally got his first big paycheck, he spent $150,000 on a watch. ( chuckles ) i forget that term for that. it's not "african-american rich." it'll come to me. ( laughter ) ( cheering ) were you scared? no. i was so high. say again? i was so high. it was just a joke. ( both laugh ) well, i don't know. i mean, you were sitting next to snoop. i had to sit next to snoop for four hours.
8:41 pm
oh, second-hand... - ( laughs ) - yes. it's nice to see snoop again. one of the highest-rated episodes of my show, "martha stewart living", was when snoop and i made brownies together. ( laughter ) and, uh, i've used his recipe ever since. as a matter of fact, i ate three of them right before they called, and asked me to do this roast. ( laughs ) i guess that was the first time you met him, right? - oh, no. oh, no. - oh, you knew him before? - oh, yeah, we knew each other. - oh, he was on your show, wasn't he? he was on my show. and just a, you know, a pleasant guest, fun guest, and one of the most popular guests. hi, everybody, welcome to our show. or should i say, what's crack a-lackin'? ( audience laughs ) 'cause look who's sitting right next to me? he's very funny and so laid back. and, um... and we just rekindled just a friendship on that roast. and then someone came and asked if we would do this, um, a cooking show together. ( music playing )
8:42 pm
we thought that it would be really nice to do a potluck supper. and that's what we did. harvey: so... is this rebranding, a brand extension? 'cause that's not the stuff you used to do. it's neither, neither. it's really a melding of two diverse cultures. i've gotten to know what compton and all that... lifestyle is about, and music. i didn't know how talented snoop was in music, or jamie foxx is a genius. you don't know that until you actually sit down and spend a day with a person that's famous, but you don't know how talented underneath they are, what education has gone into that, that amazing performance ability. so i learned a lot, and he certainly has learned a lot. fo shnizzle. yeah, for shnizzle. - ( laughs ) - yeah. so tell me the truth, you smoke with him now?
8:43 pm
- never. - really? never. it's of no interest to me. but it's interesting to me. snoop dogg: oh, lord. watch out for martha 'cause she's about to lose 'cause snoop's chicken is soaked in chronic and booze. ( laughter ) your version of "the apprentice" kind of ruined your relationship with donald trump, didn't it? martha: well, at that time, he didn't like it because, well, he doesn't like much. but he didn't like that i even had a version of "the apprentice." i was supposed to fire him at the end of my... my first season. - harvey: really? - martha: well, they-- he was going to leave "the apprentice." and mark burnett had promised me that i would fire donald trump. and, uh, that didn't happen. donald trump decided he wanted to continue with "the apprentice," and rightly so because, look, he became president as a result of that "apprentice" show.
8:44 pm
along the way, he trashed you and said, "oh, her ratings were my ratings. that ruined the relationship, didn't it? martha: oh, well, at that time, it wasn't so nice to say things like that, but he's said that about his other successors too. he doesn't want to give anybody else a chance. does he? ( music playing ) you were married for 29 years. right. what went wrong? um... "what went wrong?" uh, i think he had a wandering eye. and wandering whatever. ( laughs ) we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
okay, talk to me about this. ah, well, this i have cherished for a long, long time. my daughter, alexis, made this for me. she went to the putney sool in vermont, and this is called an overshot coverlet. and it's beautifully woven of a hand-loomed wool that she spun. -wow, she did this? - and then wove it. yeah, this is a big coverlet. so i like to save things like this from her childhood. i have her drawings too, of course, and her letters to me. the internet's buzzing, and it's all because of my daughter, alexis. she's at it again. "whateverland: learning to live here."
8:49 pm
you'd think that now that she's a mom, she's grown-up, that she would've sort of figured it out. well, she hasn't. harvey: alexis once said... ( martha laughs ) so she really put herself out there to be judged. oh, wow, i mean, i couldn't do this. that's amazing. she's a fantastic cook. she's a better cook than i am. - really? - oh, she is. and she cooks 15 meals a day right now for her family. and she is the cook of the household. harvey: so she really got this from you. martha: well, i don't know if she got it from me, but she is a fantastic mother, she has two amazing children, my grandchildren. ( clicks tongue ) i'm so proud of them. they're my only two grandchildren. and i pay their school tuition. - i still... - ( laughter ) i still don't get to know what they're gonna be on halloween.
8:50 pm
so your daughter doesn't come to the martha stewart board to get approval of the costumes? she's extremely original herself, so guess what? she doesn't really need me to do that. you were married for 29 years. right. what went wrong? um... "what went wrong?" i think i was working too hard, not paying enough attention. i think he had a wandering eye. and wandering whatever. ( laughs ) - and, um... - ( laughs ) we grew apart. i did not want to get divorced. yeah, i know he left. - yes. yeah. - it hurt. oh, yeah, for a long time. but... i've built a good life. you had talked about, um... wanting another-- wanting a companion. um, is that a priority? martha: oh, i have companions. i have five dogs, six horses. ( laughs ) but you didn't meet any of them on and you're on martha: oh, yeah, that was a disaster. ( harvey laughs )
8:51 pm
that was a disaster. no, but i've had some serious relationships that also didn't work out, if you want to call it, if marriage is working out, or just long-term friendships. most of my relationships have ended in a friendship, but not in a marriage. but it's still something you seek. - no, not really. - really? i mean, if it comes, it comes. and thank heavens i have the two fantastic grandchildren that i have, jude and truman. harvey: boy, they have just taken your heart, haven't they? martha: oh, definitely, definitely. i'm sure i am boring to death to my friends talking about my grandchildren. alexis said that sometimes you made her, not only cook her own meals, but wrap her own christmas presents. - ( laughs ) - so what changed? oh, well, she... they always say grandchildren are infinitely more interesting and more pleasurable than children. is that true with you?
8:52 pm
- no. - ( laughs ) - no! - that was a trick question. i know. alexis was great. but having the grandchildren is just a joy. you really love them. i do love them. and you see them a lot? i try to see them quite often, yes. several times a week. and your relationship with alexis is strong. better than it has been, not as good as it should be. i want to ask you one other dating question. i read that you once dated anthony hopkins. well, we had a dinner, and a date, but i couldn't get out of my head hannibal lecter. ( both laugh ) that was the buzzkill. sorry, anthony. ( music playing ) you went kayaking in newfoundland, you went panning for gold in the alaskan yukon... ( laughs ) dune bashing in the middle east. i don't know what it is. it seems incongruous to look at that
8:53 pm
and then look at a woman who makes her living really teaching people how to be a homemaker. and then look at a woman who makes her living by listening to an thiaudiobook on audible.ame and this guy is just trying to get through the day. keeping it together. losing it. upgrade your commute. ride with audible. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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8:55 pm
liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate.
8:56 pm
liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ( music playing ) harvey: i have to tell you, this property is just incredible. this is so beautiful. and this is all you, isn't it? yeah, it is, pretty much. it's 150 acres within commuting distance of new york city.
8:57 pm
which i am very lucky to have found. and it's just a really pleasant place to come home to. i have a barn with horses and donkeys and chicken coops with very productive chickens and geese and guineafowl. i have turkeys, too. tell me about this. oh, well, this is a duffel bag that has been up to the top of kilimanjaro. ( laughs ) - this is what you took? - yes. - you carried it? - well, it was wheels and, when you go up to kilimanjaro, - you have porters. - harvey: ah. - martha: do you know what those are? - harvey: they're like sherpas. martha: yes. you have a backpack, but you also have to have your gear. it's a long... it's a long walk at a high altitude. so you did it for five days, it's almost 20,000 feet. - yes. - highest mountain in africa. in africa. and you make your final ascent from midnight until five in the morning when the sun rises over africa. it is an incredible sight. was there fear?
8:58 pm
no, it was a little scary because you're up there all by yourself. but i could see in the distance my two companions, my two fellow climbers with me. but it was so much fun. but i love to travel, that's my adventuresome side. - i like to travel, too. - yeah. - i don't climb mountains. - oh, well, you should try. where'd you get this sense of adventure? well, i'm an energetic person with a lot of curiosity about the world and about nature. harvey: you went kayaking in newfoundland, you went panning for gold in the alaskan yukon... ( martha laughs ) dune bashing in the middle east. i don't know what it is. it seems incongruous to look at that and then look at a woman who makes her living really teaching people how to be a homemaker. martha: right, but part of homemaking is traveling and learning. and look at the crafts i've learned all over the world. the crafts, and the cooking, and the foods, and-- oh, it's incredible. it's always about learning for me.
8:59 pm
it's a-- there's so much to learn and you should never stop. and i'm incredibly lucky that i'm able to do it. do you ever think someday you're just gonna sit down and kick back, enjoy life? uh, nope. - ( laughs ) - you like working? i do. why? it's exciting. it's exciting to create. and i don't think you have to stop working. and i don't even consider some of this work that i do. how can you consider your travel work? you can't. how can you consider writing a book work? you can't. it's, you know, it's what you do. it's writing. i always say, "don't think of doing the laundry as a chore, think of it as doing the laundry." what can you learn while you're doing the laundry? a lot. well, we're back, and i'm here backstage by our whirlpool duet washer and dryer, where we get all our laundry done before the show, and after the show. you can learn what machine works the best, you can learn what soap cleans the best,
9:00 pm
which one doesn't smell. you can learn all kinds of stuff when you're doing the laundry. - guess what i learned today? - what? - you're awesome. - oh. ( laughs ) - thank you so much. - thank you. - thank you so much, martha. - thank you. >> welcome to the next revolution. big news expected in washington after multiple reports this weekend that we'll see the first indictment from special counselor robert mueller's office. this follows democrats funding and lifting the gag order of an fbi informant to influence the clintons over the rhenium. the announcement of two new congressional probes into hillary clinton and a probe into robert miller to


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