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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 30, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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dvr. we'll see you next sup, back here at 11 eastern with the latest buzz. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ >> believe me, if you're the person, you know. you have already been told you are a target. >> we don't know who is being charged. we don't know what they are being charged for. the only conversation i had with robert mueller it was stressing to him the importance of cutting out the leaks. >> i'm on the committee, which is investigating the whole alleged russian collusion. and i have not seen one bit of evidence. >> when they start rallying against things and they succeed, everything starts unraveling. let the tax writers do their job. >> what's going to happen with me politically? i have no idea. >> here comes fisher.
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[cheers] ♪ ♪ ♪ lights come on ♪ everybody's singing ♪ from the floor to the ceiling. >> did you see that game last night. lights coming on. lots haven't turned theirs on yet. game going on. watching "fox & friends first." i'm heather childers. i hope you had a great weekend. top story for you right now. at this hour speculation is swirling as we await the
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first indictment in special counsel robert mueller's russian probably. announcement could be made today. top republicans are calling into question the whole investigation over alleged leaks by mueller's team. griff jenkins is live for us in d.c. with the very latest. good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather. it's going to be a busy monday if multiple reports are accurate as have you suggested that federal grand jury has approved first charges in mueller's investigation we could see those indictments and possibly individuals taken into custody this morning. now, we don't know who will be charged or what those charges are. they were sealed under federal judge's order as congressman trey gowdy, a former federal prosecutor himself says, is he frustrated by these leaks. >> we don't know who is being charged. we don't know what they are being charged for. the only conversation i have had with robert mueller, it was stressing to him the importance of cutting out the leaks with respect to investigation. make no mistake exposing
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grand jury material is violation of the law. >> speculation from lawmakers like adam schiff, ranking member of the intelligence committee, says he doesn't -- he hasn't been officially afforded the charges mike flynn or campaign chairman paul manafort was suggested. when pressed if the president was under investigation this h. to say. >> the president is not under investigation. is that your conclusion? >> i can't comment on that, george. i can't answer that one way or the other. >> one way -- you wouldn't know whether robert mueller is investigating the president? >> i can't comment on that at all. >> meanwhile president trump unleashed a twitter storm russia and democrats. including this one. never seen such republican anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on the clinton made fake dossier now $12 million. the collusion is a witch-hunt and distraction from agenda on tax reform:
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people taken into custody, we don't know. we will see what happens. it could be a very busy in washington. heather: a long monday for a lot of folks who stayed up for that game last night. thank you so much, griff, i appreciate it as griff just mentioned the spotlight is on robert mueller who served as fbi director during the time of the uranium one deal. and, as controversy around the deal gross, congressman peter king says mueller doesn't necessarily need to resign, but he insists he needs to be transparent with the american people. >> i'm on the committee, which is investigating the whole alleged russian collusion, and i have not seen one bit of evidence. we had michael cohen who is president trump's attorney in this week. he answered every question. i have been there for almost all the witnesses. there is not one word of evidence linking in any way the trump campaign to any russian collusion. as far as director mueller, serious issues have been raised certainly involving the uranium investigations coming up. the role the fbi had in
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that. i have a great regard for director mueller, but i think there are issues here which he is going to have to address because it is going to involve the investigation of what the fbi was doing and not doing at a critical time during our relationship with russia when he was head of the fbi. i'm not calling on him to resign, buy there are issues he is going to have to address and discuss them publicly. heather: we have a lot more coming up on that later in the show so stay with us. meantime this fox news alert for you. north korea possibly making new preparations for war by asimulating attack responses. state media report says north korea citizens are having rare blackout exercises and mass evacuation drills. meanwhile, the u.s. flew a nuclear capable b 2 stealth bomber over the pacific this weekend just days ahead of the president's visit to asia. and a fallen hero killed while serving our country has been identified. 36-year-old army chief warrant officer jacob sims died after a helicopter crash in afghanistan on friday.
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sims, who served tours in iraq and afghanistan, lived in alaska with his wife and his children. he received several awards, including the army achievement medal. six other crew members were hurt in that crash. the crash is still being investigated but we do know that enemy fire did not bring that chopper down. well, fox news has learned that white house senior advisor jared kushner made an unannounced trip to saudi arabia last week. kushner flying out on commercial flight wednesday and returned saturday night. weave don't know yet who he met with exactly. the white house said he discussed the trump administration peace initiative. this is the third time kushner has visited vawsh this year. after four days on the run an escaped inmate is caught trying to cross the border into mexico. 43-year-olded to boise captured in texas after escaping a west virginia jail on wednesday after changing into street clothe inside his cell. it took prison officials nearly two days to realize
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that he was gone. and four officers have now been suspended as a result of that. boise has been charged or he had been with attempted murder of police officer after stealing a car. it is the largest single team protest yet in the nfl. all but 10 houston texans players kneeling or sitting during the national anthem. did you see this in the show of force is in response to owner bobble mcnair comparing the players continue to mates. kelly wright joins us now to washington, d.c. with this. kelly, this is the first time that anyone on the texans has actually protested, is that right? >> you are right. it is the first time. because, initially, they would always stand. but they had something to show and they set out to do it the. the nfl players and owners are showing signs of frustration by the way with each other over these protests. they have sa cancelled today's meeting to discuss social justifiable.
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but the actions of the texans players before the game, well, that's the topic that people are talking about today. for the first time this season, the texans took a knee during the national anthem, all but 10 of the players were kneeling in front of controversial comments made by team owner bob mcnair. during a recent meeting with other nfl team owners discussing the nfl players protest for racial, social issues during the national anthem, mcnair said we can't have inmates running the prison. after his comments were made public, he issued an apology to his team and the nfl players twice. calling his comments very regretful, he stated i am truly sorry to the players for how this has impacted them and the perception that it has created of me, which could not be further from the truth. even jay-z weighed in t weighe .
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beyond the mcnair issue. cancelled meeting in philadelphia. malcolm jenkins a spokesman for the players says wants to get backs to football. support is growing over collin kaepernick's role. some players believe he should be included in future meetings with players. meantime, there are more empty seats in the stadiums. and that, of course, has team owners, pla irrelevancy, and the league itself quite concerned about how they move forward. heather? heather: you cannot miss that when the cameras pan up and you see these empty stadiums. kelly wright, live for us. thank you, kelly. >> sure. heather: the los angeles dodgers, turn from football to baseball. game five home run battle. >> high flying. >> high fly ball.
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heather: home run after home run. it was amazing. the astros putting the game away finally in the 10th inning. alec redman driving in the winning run for 13-12 victory. houston now leads the series 3 to 2. speaking of two. two former presidents in the house for that amazing win. [cheers] >> president george h.w. bush handing off the ball to his son, president george w. bush to throw out the first pitch. the series now heads to los angeles for game 6 tomorrow night. it was definitely a great game to say the least. and it is halloween at the white house. look at this. this is pretty cool. melania trump tweeting this photo 1600 pennsylvania avenue transformed with giant spiders, creepy cob webs and bats. children from 20 schools, virginia, maryland and washington, d.c. invited to
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trick or treat there today along with military families and community organizations. i wonder what candy they will hand out? well, the time now is about 10 minutes after the top of the hour. they put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. according to one columnist honoring america's heros is a problem? a legal i will grant here to shut that down and why make country the greatest on the planet. critics raising questions about the robert mueller's special investigation. they have 66,000 reasons to do so. why our next guest, the former federal and criminal defense attorney says objectivity in the case has gone out the window. and from the range to the big screen now to the white house? what the rock just said about a possible run ♪ ♪ believer ♪ fame
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heather: welcome back. "fox & friends first" 4:14 in the morning here on the east coast. after two failed presidential runs for president, ohio governor john kasich could be looking to challenge president trump in 2020. a new york magazine claiming that leftover members of kasich's 2016 campaign staff are helping him to decide. this despite telling "fox news sunday" host chris wallace that he is not planning anything. >> i can tell you at this point i'm not plotting or planning anything like that, chris. that's just not where my head is right now. heather: the report claims that kasich doesn't know if he would run as a republican or an independent. and then there is this. actor dwayne "the rock" johnson once again hinting at a possible run in 2020. > you may remember that johnson teased the idea back on "saturday night live" back in may alongside fellow actor tom hanks.
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could be an episode of ballers though. well, robert mueller's first indictment could come within hours. but before the charges are filed. red flags are being raised about the credibility of his legal team and more than $66,000 that they donated to democrats. here to weigh in on the impact, this could have on the case, former federal and criminal defense attorney emily cam comp panio. >> thanks for having me. heather: what do you think about this? just off the very top your very thoughts on robert mueller. is he tainted going into this himself? >> well, the investigation team certainly is now, the clear lack of objectivity with his selections here, it's mind blowing and, frankly, the american public deserves to have confidence that there is not a secondary agenda here with these investigators and at least that there is not the appearance of such direct
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and repeat donors to barack obama and hillary clinton. $65,000. multiple of which worked in the obama administration directly for the white house as a advisors on criminal procedure and criminal law and even security clearance. at least one of them represented hillary clinton herself in the 2015 lawsuit involving access to her private emails and represent dollars the clinton foundation as well, defending against a racketeering lawsuit. so, again, the optics here, to me, are staggering. heather: it really is mind boggling when you take a look at that let's take a look closely at some of those donations that were made as you said at least nine members of his team. had you james over $24,000. jeanne ray over 12,000. andrew wiseman over 4,000. greg andres over 3,000. andrew goldstein 2,000 and goes on down from there. i mean are there not any other attorneys available to join his team of
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investigators? >> exactly. that is another reason why the public faith in this continues to erode. regardless if they are actually objective, the optics are so staggering it leaves us with no choice but to raise questions. it's not being partisan to do so. heather: emily, let me ask you this question. if they donated money, some of them to the dnc, and if we now know that the dnc funded, in part, this dossier, which was part of what led to this russia investigation to begin with that mueller is handling you, isn't there just a huge conflict of interest there? that alone that they donated money that led to this dossier? >> absolutely. there's a tremendous conflict of interest here that depending on, who in fact is, indicted moving forward, can raise that issue in court. it's frankly spoiling the well from the first minute. and note, too that multiple of them in fact all but one worked with and for each other as well and obviously cam rad derly and team work
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are important. what is more important is that impartiality and the lack of subjectivity here. all but one were former prosecutors. it's a different mind set and different breed than being an advisor or investigatory attorney where they have a goal first mentality versus being open to where the data leads you. for me, again, from the get-go the optics are poor. heather: definitely seems like open-ended investigation continues to spread which not to mention we didn't have time to get into the leaks, including the leak about this alleged indictment coming down today. so there is something to be said about that as well. emily, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. heather: the time now is about 20 minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert for you. brand new plot just uncovered. isis targeting 4-year-old prince george. the terrifying message that the terror group is sending directly to the royal family. and the pc police are taking their push to erase history
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to the next level. george washington's own church now moving to scrub away any record of the first president from its history. charlie shimkus is here live with how people are sounding off online. good morning. ♪ ♪
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heather: welcome back. and some outrage boiling over as nearly every member of the houston texans takes a knee during sunday's game. this comes after the team owner bob mcnair apologized for saying, quote, we can't have the inmates running the prison. carley shimkus from 24/7 sirius xm 115 here with serious reaction online it is pouring in, right? >> this is a big one.
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bob mcnair made that comment while discussing business concerns surrounding the national anthem protest. now he says his words weren't meant to be taken literally and he is sorry, telling the houston chronicle, quote, i told them if i had to do it over again i wouldn't use that expression. but that apology did not calm tensions among many texans players who retaliated as you saw by taking a knee during the national anthem. still, many fans expressing their disapproval on social media. joe says let me get this right, the players are disrespecting the national anthem because of something stupid the owner said? seems childish at best. david on twitter writes most houston, texans didn't stand for the anthem today and lost. should have spent more time practicing and less time protesting. if they are unhappy with their employer they can exercise their right to quit oh, wait, their millions are more important than the movement. now, many players, h heather,
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say they want to have a new meeting with owners, this one they want to have collin kaepernick included in. heather: well, he was invited to the last one from what i understand. he just didn't show. all right. so, george washington's church, he attended this church for two decades but they plan to rip out his memorial because they think it may make some of the worshipers feel unsafe? >> that's right. if you remember, this is something that the president expressed concern might happen. take a listen. >> george washington was a slave owner. was george washington a slave owner? so, will george washington now lose his status? are we going to take down -- excuse me, are we going to take down -- are we going to take down statues to george washington? >> christ church in alexandria, virginia, say they are going to take down that george washington plaque and one also honoring robert e. lee saying the plaques in our sanctuary makes some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome.
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some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques. many others though don't see the point. marianne says awful, just visited this church last month only because washington attended. u.s. history being rewritten because people can't handle it. this is an ongoing debate that we see, heather, we will continue. heather: we will talk more about that in the 5:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends," too. see you later. the time is now 26 minutes after the top of the hour. hillary clinton issuing a call to arms against president trump. telling democrats to resist all the way through 2020. >> i hope you still got a lot of fight left in you. [cheers] because we have some tough battles ahead. heather: but the left says
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the left's so-called evil politics are bringing republicans together instead. is he right? we debate. you decide. and a bizarre scene on the nascar track when a fan picks a fight with a driver on pit row. you have to see this. stay with us. ♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ fire away ♪ problems. stomach for. cocktail parties.
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we go looking for them. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ of every person in every community. ♪ because change doesn't happen alone. ♪ hope isn't a one man band. ♪ and there's no such thing as self taught ♪ or self made. ♪ we have one life. ♪ to live better, ♪ we must ♪ live ♪ united. ♪ heather: we're back now with a fox news alert for you. spain at a boiling point this morning after catalonia is stripped of its governing powers. but its former leader refusing to go without a fight. kitty logan live in london for us with today's top international headlines. good morning, kitty. >> good morning, heather.
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that political crisis continues in spain. yesterday we saw hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in barcelona in favor of united country falling that declaration of independence by the catalonian parliament on friday. now, the latest polls are interesting. they show a small majority of catalonians oppose independence and the spanish government has called for fresh regional elections to be held in december. the question now, is whether the former catalonian leader will continue to defy central government and show up for work today. he was dismissed by the spanish prime minister. spanish authorities say he will be eligible to stand in those elections, as long as he is not arrested for breaking the law. now, in other news, according to british tabloid newspaper, isis has made a specific threat to the royal heir prince george, the paper says it discovered these threatening messages online there have been seller isis inspired attacks in the u.k. recently and the threat level to the general public remains at severe. but, despite that heightened
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alert in the u.k., there was an embarrassing security lapse for one of the world's busiest airports london's heath low, a memory stick with confidential and security details about that airport was found on a london street by a passer by. one folder contained information on how the queen accesses the airport. >> well, it's precisely the sort of information that terrorists would love to get ahold of. because it gives information of movements. it gives information of secret tunnels that no one knew existed. and, of course, it's exactly the sort of information that the police and security services and airport wouldn't want release to the public. it's a bit of a disaster. >> it is investigating the incident and reviewing security processes following. this heather? >> they certainly will. kitty logan thank you. we appreciate it back at home, the navy is trying to figure out if two u.s. navy seals are responsible for
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the death of this green beret. army staff sergeant logan mill garr, a veteran of two deployments to afghanistan was strangled. now, it happened in his barracks back in june he was stationed in mali to help with secret counter terrorism training there we're told. accord to the "new york times," the seals who are part of seal team six have been put on administrative leave. he lost his ability to talk and walk after being shot in the head while searching for disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl and today his wife will take the stand for him. shannon allen, wife of master sergeant mark allen will testify during the final day of the sentencing hearing. bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion in afghanistan in 2009. he was exchanged for five gitmo detainees after five years in captivity. he could get life behind bars. and today a judge could declare a mistrial new jersey senator bob menendez
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corruption case. judge unfairly blocked testimony from two key witnesses. one of those witnesses lawyer mark elias who worked as a lawyer for hillary clinton's campaign specifically an and the dnc. is he recently gaining attention for his role in commission the trump dossier if you recognize his name. menendez is accused of accepting gifts from wealthy doctor next change for political favors. the weinstein's company latest film making embarrassing flop at the box office, a big one. this just weeks after dozens of sexual assault allegations surfaced against the former company chair harvey weinstein. am amityville netted $742 at 110 locations nationwide over the weekend. the company releasing the film on google play earlier this month coming two weeks before the massive scandal burned out.
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anticipation this morning await special announcement from special counsel robert mueller. expecting indictment in russia probe. this comes as top republicans call the investigation into question over alleged leaks. griff jenkins is live for us in washington, d.c. so, griff, it is going to be a busy news day no doubt with all of this going on. >> that's right, heather. there is intense speculation we could see individuals taken into custody as soon as if the report leaks out on the investigation are true. the grand jury has approved these first charges. and while we have no idea who will be charged or even what those charges will be we have reported on some of the targets of mueller's investigation. it could be folks like mike flynn, there you see the former national security advisor or paul manafort, the campaign chairman. whoever it is congressman trey gowdy former prosecutor himself says is he frustrated that this has leaked out. >> we don't know who is being charged. we don't know what they are being charged for. the only conversation i had
1:36 am
with robert mueller it was stressing to him the importance of cutting out the leaks with respect to serious investigation. make no mistake, disclosing grand jury material is violation of the law. >> congressman gowdy who also chairs the government oversight, government reform committee says he would like to know more also about that dossier and ties to both between russia and hillary clinton and the democrats. heather? heather: specifically. so people sitting on mueller's team. we talked about that just a short time ago. over $66,000 amongst nightbeat nine of them for the dnc for hillary clinton and president obama and his campaign as well. so, what is the reaction so far from the white house? >> well, this may surprise you, but the president took to twitter and unleashed a storm, a series of five tweets according to lack of investigation between hillary and the democrats and russia saying at one point in one of those tweets, quote: there is so much guilt by democrats, clinton,and now the facts
1:37 am
are pouring out, do something. so the president not sitting still. although ty cobb, the attorney at the white house said his twitter storm was not related to the leaks of the first charges coming out of mueller's investigation. heather: all right. mueller monday had has come. thank you so much, griff, we appreciate it have a great day. it's going to be a busy one. hillary clinton spent her weekend meantime rallying the resistance, calling on democrats to unite against president trump. >> these days as a person i'm okay, but as an american i am really concerned. i hope you still got a lot of fight left in you. cheers] because we have some tough battles ahead. >> but is her call to arms actually bringing the republican party closer together? here to debate is former
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democratic ohio senator capri and politics editor ron meyer. thank you both for joining us on this monday. >> good morning. heather: appreciate having you both here. capri, your thoughts on, this is this going to have the opposite reaction than what hillary clinton wants? >> you know, it's possible. let's also put this in context. the human rights campaign which is what hillary clinton was speaking at, is not just a democratic organization. it's an lbgt advocacy organization nationwide. but obviously her message was clear that, you know, we need to come together and continue to exist. way bring republicans together, look, she is still litigating the election, she is not getting over it. it's the old guard. you know, and you know from, that perspective, you know, republicans may be coming together. i think more importantly, the democrats need to come together and have a real seed change.
1:39 am
while we all respect hillary clinton because of her, you know, being the first woman to be nominated for a major political party, at the same time, we need to get past, you know, these 70-year-olds that are leading our party and brings in some new blood and focus on the economy. heather: ron it, does seem to be that maybe the democratic party hasn't learned that yet because we still have hillary clinton out there, you know, asking what happened or at least coming up with a lot of different reasons. >> yeah. no kidding. she is speaking at the human rights campaign despite her husband, you know, having don't ask, don't tell and signing the defense of marriage act. going to an organization that opposed her husband's presidency and she recently came to their defense a couple years ago. if hillary clinton is going to be the person who leads the democratic party in this resistance, trump is going to be happy and republicans are going to be happy. look at what happened in 2016.
1:40 am
donald trump, who ran a really a bare bones campaign beat one of the worst candidates in history. i think republicans are fine repeating this effort. but the problem is i think most americans want to be focused on 2017. not reliving the 2016 election. i think that's the democrats' fundamental problem. they are stuck in 2016, not 2017. >> what most people want to focus on, capri are jobs and getting some legislation passed. tax reform. healthcare reform. all of that type of thing. >> absolutely. you know, i think that democrats would really benefit from leading and actually saying, you know, we are the adults in the room. we want to come together with republicans, you know, put party politics aside and focus on the american people. focus on things like jobs and tax reform and not worry, about you know, gotcha situations and trying to really say we're going to just oppose everything the republicans do because we want to be on destructionists. that's not what the american people want. they want people to come together for solutions.
1:41 am
democrats and republicans alike. i think the american public is frustrated and rightfully so. this town washington and capitol hill were broken because it's been too divisive for too long. heather: ron, not just talking about democrats and what can bring them together, republicans themselves, what can possibly bring them together? >> well, we definitely -- honestly, i think this is the one democrat i have heard say that we need to have cross party bypass on tax reform and come together on jobs. we need more people like that on the hill, whether it's democrats or republicans. you saw some republicans who are resisting tax reform. also some legitimate questions about the state and local taxes and some of these other things. but, overall, i mean, republicans and democrats need to unite sand say, listen, would if we want the economy to continue to grey not only continue to grow but empower a larger group of people we need significant tax reforms. that's what trump needs to be focused on in tweets and
1:42 am
messaging. heather: i appreciate you both joining us and both good points this morning. thank you. >> thank you, s see you. heather: taking center stage as republicans are set to reveal their historic overhaul this week. >> the more individuals can invest their own money, the better off we are in the long-term. heather: you are going to want to hear this exactly what it means for your 401(k) is up next. ♪ ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first." a fox business alert for you now. the big unveiling of president trump's tax plan is set for wednesday of this week. this as house majority leader kevin mccarthy doubles down about protecting 401(k) accounts. tracy from our sister network fox business here with how republicans plan to put more money in our wallet. is that right, tracy? >> yes, good morning,
1:46 am
heather. kevin mccarthy house majority leader says that the tax plan out this week will expand the amount of money americans can invest into their 401 retirement accounts. meanwhile, senator bob corker, who has been going back and forth with the president says congress needs to step aside and let these tax writers do their job. listen to what they both had to say. >> i think 401(k)s are very important. when we are going to find out in ours, we are going to raise the amount that you could put. in the more that individuals can invest their own money, the better off we are in the long term. >> when groups starts rallying against things and they succeed, everything starts unraveling. let the tax writer does their job. if you start taking things off the table on the front end, we're not going to get where we need to go. >> some interesting viewpoints there. now, heather, as you said, we will get all the details for the highly anticipated plan on wednesday. heather: all right. well, speaking of getting where you want to go,
1:47 am
united, they are introducing their longest nonstop flights? >> yes. the flight took off last night from los angeles to singapore. it clocks in at 17 hours and 55 minutes. it's 8700 miles just to get there the return flight is a little shorter, 15 hours and 50 minutes. this tops the hour. the previous flight. the longest flight was on qantas airways dallas to sydney australia. that was about 8500 miles. i checked the status. this flight is expected to arrive tomorrow morning. >> wow. that long of a flight. get up and move around so you can keep your circulation going. >> watch a few movies. heather: thank you so much, tracy. appreciate it? >> thanks, heather. heather: 1 heather: up next illegal immigrant says honoring our troops is part of what makes
1:48 am
us americans. we'll share his story ♪ i'm talking red hot ♪ red dress ♪ hanging on your hips ♪ i'm talking backseat ♪ heart beat
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♪ heather: welcome back. "fox & friends first." is patriotism problematic? well, apparently it is. according to the magazine the economist, an article entitled america's love affair with uniformed men is problematic suggest that soldiers in combat are romanticized and that could lead to bad decisions when it comes to federal funding. here to weigh in is green card warrior retaking america author and ceo of flag nick adams. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. a pleasure to be here. heather: first off the pat, your overall feeling when you read the article?
1:52 am
>> disgusted, dismayed. what a disgusting article,. heather: er. i couldn't believe what i was reading. how could anyone question the gallant tri of american troops. how can could anyone diminish the love of the united states america. without the united states military, there is no civilization. the u.s. military doesn't only protect america. it protects the world. it freezes the sweat and chills the bones of those who even aspire to tyranny. heather: it was so unbelievable. one of the parts that made me the angriest when is where he talked about the thank you cards that were sent from children to these troops overseas and he insinuated he flat out said, actually, that the troops that he witnessed didn't believe that to be the case when they dead thank you for your service. >> it was incredible. and all of the different references to soldier worship and, you know, people were fuzzy if they had this view of serving
1:53 am
military. the only person fuzzy, the only people, fuzzy, heather are those that don't understand how tremendous the united states military is. that don't understand the sacrifice, the patriotism, the love, the passion that's involved with people serving in the united states military. as a legal immigrant. someone who chose to come here, who made the decision to come to the united states, because it's the best country in the history of the world, i can relate to loving the united states military. i think loving the military appreciate the military is a core american value. heather: absolutely. >> if you don't love the military, you are unamerican and annual at this american. heather: nick, what did you think about this specific part of the article. it says meanwhile there are costs to america's uncritical soldier worship. most obviously it gives the department of defense an outside advantage ioutsized adv.
1:54 am
less patriotic than american soldiers are a dismal case in point. so he is saying that, you know, supporting our soldiers is actually something that they're using to get funding. >> i don't know what planet this particular individual lives, heather. i have got to tell you i don't think it's a mainstream view. thank god for that if you want to go ride around the world and have a look what would happen if there was no united states military, north korea would invade south korea, taiwan would be overrun by china. islamic terrorists would act with complete impunity. tie rants in north africa would run around even more mercilessly than what they do. russia would continue to build the soviet empire. cataclysmic natural disasters would have no coordinated response effort. individuality would diminish and become extinct. that's what a world without the united states military looks like. heather: not to mention the
1:55 am
world would look nothing like it is today with past american military members. >> absolutely. heather: headed out all over the world. thank you so much for joining us, nick. we appreciate it? >> thank you, heather. heather: is patriotism a problem? head to our twitter and facebook and instagram pages. we will read your responses the next hour. in the meantime, the time right now is 5 minutes until the top of the hour. some fans thought that they snagged a piece of world series history. watch. >> that is hooked down into the corner at the wall. it's gone. heather: but, that souvenir was very short-lived when another fan throws it back. have you got to see this. stay with us. ♪
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♪ heather: welcome back, a nascar fan tries to pick a fight with driver denny hamlin on the racetrack after the playoff cup race at martinsville speedway. >> you shouldn't be driving like that. [bleep] [bleep] heather: the threats coming after hamlin pumped chase elliott's car sending him into the wall near the end of the race. police having to restrain the man away from hamlin. in the end kyle busch took home that win. you don't want to mess with denny hamlin. stealing a home run ball from another astro's fan and then throwing it back on the
2:00 am
field. >> that is hooked down into the corner at the wall. it's gone. into the crawford box. heather: the home run hit by the visiting l.a. dodgers. the woman celebrating her souvenir before it was snatched and thrown back onto the field. "fox & friends" continues right now. have a great day. see you tomorrow. bye. >> believe me, if you're the person, you know. i mean, you've already been told you're a target. jillian: it is monday, october 30th. speculations swirling this morning as an indictment looms in the russia investigation. the credibility of robert mueller's team now called into question over potential leaks as president trump demands action. rob: also, the royal family targeted. a disgusting new threat from isis aimed at 4-year-old prince george, a very sick plot on the dark web just


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