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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 30, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> busy monday. >> lots of news happening and more to come. >> thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort and his business associate rick gates both turning themselves in to the fbi today, expected to make an initial appearance at a district court in the next hour. the indictment unsealed contains 12 counts including conspiracy against the united states. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner. the editor of katie pavlich is here. ghost of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. and today's #oneluckyguy, also from fb and after the bell and host of fox david. what has turned out to be a busy week. good to have you here. >> thank you for allowing me to be here. >> sandra: knew details coming in on the first charges and
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special counsel robert mueller's investigation and the possible ties between the trump presidential campaign and russia. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his business partner rick gates indicted by a federal grand jury on 12 counts, including conspiracy against the united states and conspiracy to launder money. our own judge andrew napolitano read the indictment and told me earlier on "america's newsroom" what he finds most troubling about the case against manafort. >> the allegations continue to september of 2016. meaning during the time, that paul manafort was the chair for chief executive officer, not sure what the title was, of donald trump campaign, he was still engaged in this massive money laundering fraud and was serving as an agent of the foreign government. the government of ukraine without ever having informed the united states of america as he is obliged to do under the law.
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>> >> sandra: meantime, there is speculation over who leaked the indictment credit came from either the office of the special counsel deputy attorney general rob rosenstein's office or the court itself. here is new jersey governor chris christie. >> there are very strict criminal laws about disclosing grand jury information. depending upon who has disclosed this to cnn, it could be a crime. we have to have the public have confidence in the fact that the grand jury system is secret and as a result, fair. again, we don't know who leaked it to cnn. it would be a crime of prosecutors or agents leaked it. >> sandra: james rosen is live from the district court. >> good afternoon. great publicity had to attend the filing of these two indictments that ultimately turned out to be unrelated to allegations of collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin. but with exceptional stealth, special counsel robert mueller and his team arranged for the unsealing of a guilty plea in the russia case disclosed about
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an hour ago as if to dispel that the probe has stray too far afield. but george papadopoulos, an advisor to the trump campaign pleaded guilty earlier this month to lying to special agents about what doing that took place just one week after the inauguration. papadopoulos acknowledge misleading the agents about when he had contact with the professor oversees and others boasting their contact inside the kremlin. including a russian woman who papadopoulos believed to be the niece of vladimir putin. papadopoulos falsely told the agents to be in contact card to his service with the campaign. the court documents state "the professor told defendant papadopoulos as he later described the fbi that they, meaning the russians, have turned on her. this russians had emails of clinton street and they have thousands of emails. following that conversation, the court documents continued, papadopoulos continued to correspond with campaign
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officials and continue to communicate with the professor and the russian ministry of foreign affairs connection in an effort to arrange a meeting between the campaign on the russian government." however, these court documents also make clear that the trump campaign rebuffed this effort by the russians working through papadopoulos to set up a meeting with the candidate himself. an unnamed senior campaign official is quoted in these documents as having written "we need someone to communicate that dt is not doing these tricks." the news follows a surrender of the federal authorities this morning of manafort, the former trump campaign manager. he and his associate are due in this court about 90 minutes from now to enter pleas to a dozen counts of alleged financial crime, including money laundering and tax evasion. stemming from manafort's lobbying from 2006 to 2015. sorry, president trump tweeted in response, but this was years ago before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign. why article could hillary and
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the dems the focus followed by five question marks and the president added there is no collusion. so what's the first guilty plea secured by the special counsel in an investigation that has gone on for more than a year and a half, and it suggests that perhaps there will be more to come. one thing we can glean from these documents is that mr. papadopoulos' sentencing is going to be condition on how much he cooperates with the special counsel moving forward. >> sandra: are we likely to get a look at paul manafort when he enters the court they are in little bit? >> hard to say. and sometimes private entrances are arranged but perhaps of the special feeling particularly aggrieved about the alleged allegations against mr. manafort, he may require him to do perform what is colloquially known as a perp walk, surrounded by cameras at the moment recorded for posterity. >> sandra: going to open up for any questions for my colleagues. >> harris: is here is, good to see you.
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political analyst eric erickson is writing today that people may adjust to the conclusion because of the role that paul manafort played on the trump campaign, that there's some connection there and you just showed us the tweet by the president is saying don't jump to that conclusion. but what eric is saying that when you look at the actual wording of the indictment, the two are very separate and it isn't just the timing that some of these things happen before manafort worked on the campaign but they're just very different. they don't implicate the white house as far as you can see. what are you hearing? >> if you review of the indictment, it's very clear that the charges do not relate to any allegations of collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin. rather, they relate to mr. manafort's and gates work together on the behalf of ukrainian interests from 262,015. so which is totally unrelated. what strikes me as savvy about the special counsel's work today is that in addition to unsealing those indictments, he also chose
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this moment when he could probably have done so at any moment since october 5 to unsealed his guilty plea by mr. papadopoulos as if to say to the public without saying in so many words look at what we are doing, not just far afield and looking at the tax reference from ten years ago. also looking at the russia collusion angle and it's ironic that mr. papadopoulos didn't do anything wrong in all those emails on those contacts with people he believed to have dirt on hillary clinton but he did by his own admission live to lie i officers and the circumstances in which they occurred. >> david: this is david as men, about previous special prosecutors in the way they leak information the parties that they think will be somewhat sympathetic to their cause. i was working for "the wall street journal" when ken starr was investigating whitewater and president clinton of course led to an impeachment. they knew the prosecutor's
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office knew that we were somewhat sympathetic to their cause because the journal had been doing a lot of reports on whitewater. we were pretty to a a lot of information i won't say from whom it can both publish both on the news and the editorial side. the fact that cnn were the first people to get the information from the prosecutor's office i think is very interesting, kind of shows that they are linked in a certain way, towards getting something on the trump administration. >> i think we have to be very careful about describing responsibility oracle ability for the leak of the secret grand jury information. we just don't have the facts about where cnn obtain that information. if the activities of paul manafort a decade ago fall within the purview of special counsel molar, he will not view it as far afield for him to
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investigate leaked word of these indictments in the case that he is prosecuting. so this should probably also fall under his investigatory lens. but one point still to be made about that since we are also delving back into history that there is a precedent for this kind of information. with the grand jury process to be compromised, the famous reporting duo from "the washington post" referencing himself interviewed a grandeur in that process but misled the readers of all the presidents men in "the washington post" for decades about this and didn't really come to light or get confirmed until 2012 when a biographer of ben bradley based on files showed that in fact carl bernstein did interview a grandeur and mislead his readers about that. >> david: are great historian, james james rosen. >> sandra: i'm sure we will
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see a bit more later. i'm going to open up this to katie pavlich now because i walked into the green room before the show and you were knee-deep in these indictments. you said you're into this. what stands out the most to you as you give through these? >> katie: never a good day when their former trump campaign manager gets indicted on 12 counts of felony. it is important to point out that there is not a single sentence, not a single word in the indictment that refers to the campaign. the left has been all over the trump campaign for months about russian collusion. that's not what this is. this indictment is all about paul manafort shady business dealings, about lying to federal agents about where he was putting money, his business partner being in on it as well, tax evasion. this is about his private business which has got him in trouble and the president is trying to distance himself from it. the other thing that is important here that does have to do with the campaign is the plea deal that was made with the 30-year-old trump campaign
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advisor. again, he is accused of lying to federal agents about setting up meetings. he is not in legal trouble for trying to set them up and it should be noted that nobody from the campaign actually attended any meetings he was trying to set up. >> harris: also what james said, there wouldn't have been anything wrong with what he did but then he lied about it which is a reflective action of someone when they think that all my goodness, are they asking me presuming that i've done something wrong? and sometimes that can happen to you and you don't have legal counsel. i don't know what the situation was when he was asked. but sometimes, now it's a lie that has him in hot water. >> kennedy: or your tried to protect someone else but in the case of paul manafort, paul manafort is trying to protect paul manafort. it will be interesting to see putting the squeeze on some of those accounts because what paul manafort loves his money and being in proximity to power. so if they seize those assets, those offshore accounts where he allegedly laundered millions and millions of dollars, are they
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doing that and putting that kind of pressure on him in order to get him to spill on the next person and whoever else they seek in those indictments? >> sandra: the one thing that's interesting about this papadopoulos guy and his guilty plea is what james has said is the prosecutors are trying to prove that they had thrown such a wide net dealing with things that happened way before manafort ever dealt with donald trump as a campaign chairman that they want to show that they are looking into stuf stuff. i wonder about fusion gps. i know we are going to be talking about this later, but there is fusion gps, there is uranium one, a whole lot of russia gay issues about which moeller should be looking into it. his main interest is looking into russia is affecting our russia campaign on both sides, he's got to look at both sides and so far, there is no indication been doing that. >> harris: one thing that's come up that i'm kind of furious about. our team has been reporting this morning that paul manafort was caught off guard by this,
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completely shocked that anything like this was coming down. it do you remember the raid? it got really he must've known. >> kennedy: his financial documents, tax information. i feel like we need to broaden this out and asked the question what does this mean, how does this affect the trump agenda? >> katie: there is no evidence of them investigating uranium one, there is evidence of them investigating john podesta's brother because he is investigating things that we are not made aware of yet but he is certainly going after that. how does this affect the president politically? you should stay away from this. he should take his advice. >> kennedy: has nothing do
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with the white house, he never worked in the administration. he is not a government official. does not their problem to deal with, move on. >> david: can i just say that one thing that when bill clinton was going to the process that led to his impeachment by congress, he did a lot of things like welfare reform, actually past the cut in the capital gains tax we are embroiled right now and try to cut taxes so you can get things done while this process is going on. >> sandra: the process has changed this monday. it was all the dossier, uranium one, hillary clinton, the democrats last week and we are in a completely different one this morning. >> kennedy: maybe that's not coincidental. >> sandra: former trump campaign chair paul manafort initial court appearance of having at any moment this afternoon. some serious questions for special counsel robert mueller over whether he should still be needing the russian probe. there are calls for him to testify about his role as fbi director during the controversial russian uranium one deal. as one congressman says, he
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should resign. we debate. plus some lawmakers are demanding answers now that we know that hillary clinton and the dnc helped fund that dossier on president trump and russia. they want top democrats who denied knowledge of this payment for the dossier to be interviewed again. the political fallout.
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>> harris: we are awaiting reaction from the white house of the press briefing as that happens. we will bring you went live. meanwhile, this is the reaction to the 12 count indictment against president trump's former campaign manager and his business associate. trump appeared to express frustration yesterday before the details came out. this is what he tweeted. "never seen such republican anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on clinton fake dossier. now 12 million, the uranium russian deal, 33,000 plus deleted emails, the coming fix and so much more. instead, they look at a phony trump russia collusion which doesn't exist, the dems are using this terrible and bad for
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our country witch hunt evil politics. but the republicans are now fighting back like never before. there is so much guilt by democrats, clinton and now the facts are pouring out. do something, exclamation point. a member of trump's legal team said in a statement the president's comments today are unrelated to the activities of the special counsel with whom he continues to cooperate. the former u.s. attorney for aurora says robert mueller is going to be watching everything the president does including tweets. >> i would look for a couple of things. whether or not donald trump has some reaction and talks in a way that could be used against him in the future because the mother would do that. in the second thing i would look at us to see if the president of the united states is sending some kind of message to the potential defendant or other witnesses. when we were just talking about the fact that political analysts
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say which of the president do? >> kennedy: be quiet. he said that on fox news channe fox news channel. >> harris: part of the reason, just to keep a gate on what is out there but also legally speaking when it comes to material specifically in this case. >> david: think of what happened to bill clinton. some of the statements that he made about that woman, monica lewinsky which actually led to his impeachment led to him being interviewed in a format which led to his impeachment specifically because it was found to be lying under oath. so anything the president says now can be used by the special prosecutor to bring him in for questioning under which under oath he would be forced to say things that may or may not be completely true. >> harris: it's a point hereto that this is so far afield from where it started that we know that is was in his right to do the special counsel but propensity for the particular
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prosecutor. >> katie: the president actually use the special counsel to his advantage in which he can say a special counsel has been appointed to put where we have plenty of lawyers working on it. if you're interested on it, call the special counsel's office part of they have a public relations person who will answer all of your questions. today when sarah sanders comes a lectern in the press briefing room, that's what she will say. she will refer all the questions about this to the justice department as she should. that's exactly where it belongs. >> kennedy: i understand the president's frustration here because if you feel like you haven't done anything wrong and you feel like there are great and powerful forces working against you and his greatest political opponent, hillary clinton, he feels like she has done so much wrong and has gotten off scot-free and will probably never meet real justice in her life, i understand that and i understand that urge to protect what you worked very hard for. having said that, you can do more damage to yourself and to your administration by feeding
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those impulses for justice in the moment. >> harris: on the point that you made, it isn't just tweeting but what if he makes a mistake? you can go deleting it. >> david: what you say and tweets could be used by the special prosecutor to bring you under questioning again, president trump is not a politician. bill clinton was a professional politician, great a professional politician and he made mistakes. and that led to his being question. >> kennedy: being not a politician is why manafort was there in the first place. people like manafort are attracted to that. the dynasties and institutions of politics have been put together for years rated >> david: manafort, it must be remembered, by the trump campaign because of the fact that he lied to them. so they had the good sense to fire the guy. >> sandra: i'm trying to think of all the times and see has been president that trump was warned don't respond, don't say anything, and if he ever really
9:24 am
did just that. this case is different because you're talking about the legality. >> katie: there are political moments where he says things that republicans wish that he wouldn't. that is not really an issue but when it comes to the legality of what the special counsel is investigating, he does have the potential to get himself in trouble because he doesn't know the scope of the special investigation. there were many avenues that he could stumble into on accident by talking about things he is unaware of. it distracts from his agenda. >> harris: the special counsel can go in and seek the direction that he needs to going for it i want to talk money for just a second, particularly with you. so i want to bring him up again, legal analyst was on fox news about an hour ago said something that i thought was very astute. he said nothing happens in a vacuum. there's always a consolation out there. he said if the president needs to concentrate on the other things that are in the universe like the great economy right now, like that 3% in gdp that we
9:25 am
just saw on friday, the greatest point of growth, consecutive since 2014. >> david: he said he was going to do and he did it. >> harris: so according to him, every tweet should be about how great the economy is. >> david: i'm just wondering whether ty cobb, what ty cobb said to the president after he saw the tweets yesterday. i'm sure that he said mr. president, and understand the frustrations that kennedy was just talking about but please don't do this. please come to me first and who has had that power before? general kelly, everybody thought was going to. >> harris: everyone has had the opportunity. >> david: now was a time when he's got to take legal advice very seriously because he does have all kinds of things on the agenda is to get through. as i mentioned before, clinton got a lot of things done while he was under investigation. this president can get a lot of things done. tax reform was done during the clinton demonstration while he was being investigated.
9:26 am
>> kennedy: how his base feels about this. he should out the good news that is coming out economically. >> harris: i want to make sure that we reiterate the point right and left there has been a major change in the last little while, we know that it has not been reported or printed that the president in any way, shape, or form is under investigation. let's move on. as we await former trump campaign manager paul manafort first court appearance on the russian investigation, what about the democrats and their involvement and now that infamous trump dossier during the campaign? why a key republican wants hillary clinton's top lieutenants to return to the hill for some questions. ♪
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we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. >> kennedy: this is a fox news alert. as we learn more about indictments handed down today, republicans and the white house demanding answers following the bombshell revelation that hillary clinton's camp and the dnc helped fund a dossier containing damaging claims about president trump. white house press secretary sarah sanders tweeting "clinton's spokesman just said he is glad clinton campaign colluded with russia to spend this information about the president and influence the election. he and russia colluded to influence election is indisputable. former linden campaign former dnc have separately denied
9:32 am
knowing of the dossiers funding to congressional investigators. but susan collins saying it is in parent in light of the new findings. watch. because they absolutely need to be recalled. it is difficult to imagine that a campaign chairman at the head of the dnc would not know of the expenditure of this magnitude and significance but perhaps there is something more going on here. >> sandra: perhaps, but adam schiff says the key here is not who paid for it. listen to this. >> i certainly would have liked to know who paid for it earlier but nonetheless, that's just one factor to be considered. it doesn't answer the ultimate question, which is how much of the work is accurate. how much of it is true, and my colleagues don't seem particularly interested in that question but that is the most important question for the american people. >> kennedy: is it true, the
9:33 am
means and payment are meaningless. >> david: of course, his technocratic colleagues are not interested in whether the democratic party was directly involved. but the fact is whoever paid for this dossier was played by the russians. i think everybody now agrees that at least most of the stuff that was in that trump dossier was made up and presumably by people source in the kremlin. the point is is that that is at the heart of russia gait. russia was out to destroy our confidence and our democratic system where there was a democrat they were playing or the republicans. that's what was going on with russia. that's what i hope muller is looking at. not just the republicans. >> kennedy: let me ask you a question because if your prosecutor, do you move with the jury and say some of our evidence wasn't tampered with? just pay attention to that stuf stuff. that's essentially what adam schiff is asking the public and perhaps special counsel in the
9:34 am
future. >> katie: for him to say that he doesn't really care who paid for it doesn't really matter at this point. if the shoe was on the other foot in the trump campaign had paid. >> harris: are you trying to say what difference does it make? >> katie: absolute but to your point about the special counsel, i do think that they are looking at an extensive web of not just the trump campaign but also that campaign. >> harris: you said it best during the commercial. it is a thirst for justice. i'm paraphrasing you now. if they are look at all of it. >> katie: there are very serious questions about this dossier. let's not forget this was published in january of 2017 by busby news. it was sent to a number of other reporters who refused to publish it because he didn't think it was going to verify and it was salacious to throw into the universe and now the question is did the fbi use this as part of
9:35 am
their investigation into the campaign and did it trigger the unmasking of obama white house officials of trump campaign? the special counsel's going to have to deal with the legality. >> kennedy: less wondering if anybody would ever actually be held accountable then. so now that we see these indictments come down, it's algebra. what you do on one side you have to do the other. and that's were have to be agnostic. if you're drawing the line and you're not allowed to accept payment from foreign entities and launder them and not claim them, which is allegedly what paul manafort and rick gates did, that's wrong. but you're also paying a british agent for former foreign officer who was working with the russian government and paying him millions and millions of dollars are paying a company at a law firm millions of dollars to access that information, how is one wrong and the other is not? >> david: to your point, this
9:36 am
indictment really focuses on what manafort did or what they claim manafort did in terms of not registering as a foreign agent or foreign government. fusion gps, which is the company behind the trump dossier never registered as a foreign agency or former individuals as a foreign agent, particularly glenn simpson the guy who started it. if, in fact, there was some money trail from russia to fusion gps, someone at fusion gps is going to jail. and that has to be asked and hopefully robert mueller can ask that question. space is on the political end of it, it's not necessarily about where people are getting their opposition research is democrats are trying to say this is. it's all about accusing the trump campaign of collusion for months and months while the hillary campaign sat on the fact that they paid for this dossier while the senate intelligence committee gets up to the press conference and says we just need to know who paid for this dossier to go forward with our investigation and they said
9:37 am
nothing until fusion gps was subpoenaed and had to admit that they paid for it. so they knew all about this and they are willing to let these investigations go forward without the cooperation that they would expect from the other side. >> harris: i also find it interesting that as they go down on this, it would seem that the hillary clinton campaign did not circulate this information. if they give it to certain members of the media, but it didn't go among the campaign members. was that because they already had found some things that they suspected, because they were so salacious that they might have been made up or they just weren't useful? >> david: also because they had their contacts in the press. at the way that this indictment has been sent out. >> kennedy: what we see and talk politics now is you invite any means necessary. and brian fallon betrayed that philosophy when he said i don't care if she knew. i would've gone out with a rush in and help them. so basically, you are laying your feelings and message bear.
9:38 am
as long as your guy gets elected, it's fine. ethics be damned. not really. very ethical on the couch and also waiting the white house press briefing. new reaction to the indictment and robert mueller's russian procrit and also former trump campaign manager paul manafort's initial appearance in court coming up. we will bring all of that to you live. in the meantime, special counsel robert mueller facing new questions about his potential conflict in the russia pro. particularly, his role at the fbi. when the controversial russia uranium one deal went down during the obama administration. is it time for muller himself to face some questions? we will debate that a head the couch. hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent,
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>> harris: a busy monday with some breaking news. we are waiting the white house press briefing on this big news day as we learned of the grand jury and special counsel robert mueller's russian investigation indicting former trump campaign manager paul manafort and his business associate rick gates. this comes as a mueller faces growing questions over his credibility leaving the probe and potential conflict of interest. lawmakers including new york congressman peter king saying mueller should testify about his role as fbi director during the controversial russia uranium deal under the obama administration. here it is. >> there are issues here which he is going to have to address. it is going to involve an investigation about what the fbi is doing and not giving at a critical time during her relationship with russia when he was head of the fbi. i think that he has to be very, very careful about making sure that the public believes that he has no conflicts and that his integrity is in question. fighting is incumbent upon him
9:44 am
holds himself to the highest possible standard so that people in this country can have absolute confidence that whatever conclusions he comes to investigation. >> harris: david? >> david: let's be clear about what happened. uranium one was sold to the government related nuclear energy facility in russia. >> harris: i liked yours better. b3 it basically is a corrupt enterprise, pieces of it worked corrupt including primarily the piece that involved its relations with the united states uranium concerns. the head of the enterprise from 2009 to 2012, he was involved in a series of corrupt practices including bribery, kickbacks, you name it. he was racketeering. he actually was convicted in 2015, sent to two years in jail for what he did and he was in charge of all of his operations, uranium operations in the
9:45 am
united states. is that one must assume this is a corrupt enterprise. by the united states would agree to selling 20% of our uranium reserves to an organization that they know that the fbi knows is involved in corrupt activities is beyond me in. >> harris: i want to ask you this. the numbers on this, we've seen 20%, we see an 11%, i think i've heard you say that. what really matters when it comes to the percentage? >> kennedy: what matters is not necessarily the percentage because there are some who point out the united states really doesn't produce that much uranium. so it was only a fraction of a market, a teeny tiny fraction of the world market. the point is the russians were trying to get that uranium and they were doing whatever they could including the operative that you were talking about working directly with the kremlin and he took a very soft plea deal. he knew that he was guilty of much more than money laundering and he was threatening people. there was extortion, there is
9:46 am
kickbacks. there was uranian trucking company, the head of that company is also caught up in a plea deal around the same time. the head of national security issue then why let this field go forward without scrutiny? >> harris: i want to talk to about this conflict of interest real quick. "the new york post" column and the honest probe must examine the obama white house and justice department. muller served as head of the fbi for more than four years under president obama and cannot be expected to investigate his former colleagues. without that necessary step, his work would be incomplete at best so it's time for him to say good-bye. >> katie: the point is that he's compromised and he cannot conduct a fair and independent investigation. they have pretty much everyone who has worked with mueller along the way, i have a lot of respect for him.
9:47 am
is this a man who would have taken role on if he knew he couldn't conduct a fair investigation? >> katie: you didn't have to come out of retirement essentially and get involved and have this character impugned. i think that we should let him do his job. he is not going to be popular on any side of the isle when he goes after donald trump and john campaign, not popular politically. when he goes after the clinton campaign, those same people cheer. when you walk into the doj, the security there is much tighter than it is at the white house and it's because they are very unpopular and they make decisions that affect people's lives. they put people in prison and they are unpopular on both sides despite your political leanings. i'm not going to impugn bob muller's character as we tend to do a lot now. it's a lazy argument to make and i think we should finish his work and we will see the facts. >> david: do you think he's going to go after uranium >> katie: i'm not going to say specifically uranium one but i do think he is looking at a wider situation.
9:48 am
>> harris: amateur going down those avenues at the evidence points to potentially. one other thing too, the white house wants to see this come to a close, you have to let this play out. if you preempt it at this point, it just makes it go on that much further. we are moving on. speaking of the white house, a press briefing coming up. this will be an important one. in the first time we will hear from the white house on record since the indictments have come down against paul manafort and his business associate. former trump campaign manager paul manafort to make his initial court appearance in the next hour as well on charges including money laundering. the white house reaction live when it happens right here on fox.
9:49 am
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" and just a moment but first let's touch base with harris on what is coming up on "outnumbered" over time in just a few moments. >> harris: literally just a few minutes from now that we are going to see we anticipate the daily white house press briefing this hour also, the initial court appearance by former trump campaign chair paul manafort who was indicted as you know by a federal grand jury, that was unveiled today. 12 counts against him and special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. we will get into the legal and political fallouts with my guest, the rnc's kill a. and more on overtime atop the
9:53 am
hour. >> sandra: we will be watching. we are indeed awaiting that white house press briefing and reaction to the big news today that former trump campaign manager paul manafort and his long-time business associate has been indicted in the russia probe led by robert mueller. manafort phasing 12 counts including money laundering and making false statements. mueller's team also revealing today that a trump campaign advisor has already pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents and during questioning. all that, the latest signs that mueller is accelerating the russia probe. take that all in. we wait for the white house briefing. what do you expect is going to be the biggest question from the press? we threw the question will probably be was there -- did donald trump have any knowledge whatsoever that paul manafort was involved with dealing with russia and their ukrainian allies, which is who they were working for, they were all
9:54 am
working for putin. the key that i think there is going to say is as long as we are dealing with not only looking at where the republicans were involved with russia but also whether fusion gps was involved in russia, whether they uranium one deal was involved directly in russia manipulation during the united states, it's all fair game in terms of russia trying to screw up our democratic system. that's what they've been interested in doing from the get-go and that's what all these things indicate to me. >> sandra: following the indictment of paul manafort, what you expect the messaging of the white house to be in a few minutes? >> katie: i want to address the questions i might come from reporters. there are some of them on twitter obviously but some of them are wondering why the white house visitor logs have not been updated. best of paul manafort has stopped by the white house to have any conversations about this situation, but there is a lot of acknowledgment that the indictment as we talked about on
9:55 am
manafort does not mention the campaign, doesn't mention that the white house won't be asked to respond and comment on it but i think probably and assume that sarah sanders will, and refer all questions to the office of the special counsel and because this is not their problem to deal with. >> kennedy: part of the yardstick of how it's going to be is how good is the initial campaign and i think that this trump campaign president should have done a better job of vetting people like michael flynn and paul manafort. that's what he wanted the job because he knew that he was so scummy and disgusting that a campaign with virtually no political experience would be the one foolish enough to hire someone like him. >> katie: they may at this point to say we have to wash our hands clean of manafort. >> david: they did already they fired him in august 2016. >> katie: he still a good guy but i haven't talked to him in a long time. >> sandra: for a split second, you saw john roberts our very
9:56 am
own john roberts, he is likely setting up to give a report of the top of the hour. you will see that with harris in just a few minutes. meanwhile, more space 22 and we come back in just a moment.
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we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern, join us every weekday at noon, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: we will start with the fox news alert, here is who president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort and his close associates are set to appear before a federal judge. a federal grand jury has indicted them on 12 counts as part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. we are awaiting the start of the daily press briefing in the white house, we expect a new reaction the administration. it will be the first time we have heard officially from the white house since this happened. paul manafort and his business associate rick gates were indicted on charges of money laundering. it should happen at the bottom of the hour, all of this as the president is appearing to distance himself from manafort, tweeting this this morning.


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