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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 30, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern, join us every weekday at noon, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: we will start with the fox news alert, here is who president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort and his close associates are set to appear before a federal judge. a federal grand jury has indicted them on 12 counts as part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. we are awaiting the start of the daily press briefing in the white house, we expect a new reaction the administration. it will be the first time we have heard officially from the white house since this happened. paul manafort and his business associate rick gates were indicted on charges of money laundering. it should happen at the bottom of the hour, all of this as the president is appearing to distance himself from manafort, tweeting this this morning.
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"sorry, but this is years ago, before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign. but why aren't crooked hillary & the dems the focus????? ....also, there is no collusion!" john roberts joins us now live from the press briefing room. no, you are right outside the white house. >> apologies, harris, their briefing has been delayed for 1. we will come out here, we had heard from sources close to the president that his response today would likely be to say he feels bad for paul manafort and his family but reiterate that the charges that have been leveled against manafort and rick gates have nothing to do with the term campaign. it seems the president is only responding to the trump campaign part of that with that twitter statement you read just a short time ago. we will see the president later this afternoon when he hosts halloween at the white house. i don't know if you will have anything to say about this but
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as you pointed out we will be hearing from sarah huckabee sanders very soon. the one thing this does is it makes the mueller investigation which is this thing that's been conducted behind closed doors. it's made it much more real than it has in the past, and with the foreign policy advisor, an unpaid position, i am told, who pled guilty for lying to fbi agents who interviewed him back in january of this year. i believe that is manafort you see there. at any rate, papadopoulos was a person who was in the company of the president during at least one foreign policy meeting, he was a peripheral player and anything suggested went nowhere, the campaign never took them up on his offer.
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supporters of the president continue to stand it aside, there you see if photo of george papadopoulos there. jeff sessions on the far right. trump loyalists zeroed in on reports that manafort has been under investigation since 2014, he may have been wiretapped. corey lewandowski, who was his campaign manager at the time, papadopoulos was one of the foreign policy advisors. listen here. >> if the public reports are true and there was a time where paul manafort was under a warrant before coming to the trump campaign, why is it the fbi never reached out to donald trump and said look, you may want to pause for a second day and take a look before you bring this guy on board, they never did that. he was under a warrant supposedly, both before and after his tenure with the campaign and the fbi never
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notified the leading presidential candidate for a major republican party race? never notified them about the potential problem? this is a problem with the fbi if you ask me. >> democrats also in weighing in, chuck schumer saying "the president must not under any circumstances interfere with the special counsel's work in any way, if he does so congress must respond quickly, unequivocally and in a bipartisan way to ensure the investigation continues. sources familiar with all of this says the president has no interest in interviewing, nor does he want to recuse himself from the investigation. their interest at the white house is to see this brought to a conclusion as quickly as possible. >> harris: still taking notes on what cory lewandowski said in a different way, i watched it when he said it, he has an excellent point. what would've kept the fbi from notifying him? the campaign should be vetting the people they are hiring, you
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mention papadopoulos didn't have an actual salary buddy was certainly on board to do something with the group. that information would have been not just helpful but critical. >> he's making the point that here's a person who might become president of the united states and this is critical information. that the president may have wanted to know for a national security purposes. from the way i know the fbi operates, for the most part they are after the target of the investigation and i don't know if they are making any kind of determination as to whether this could have been critical to national security but at that time it would appear at the very least that they were after the targets of the investigation and not whether it telling donald trump about it would've been beneficial to trump. >> harris: john roberts outside on the white house lawn as we wait that press briefing to come up inside the white house moments from now, thank you. let's bring in my guest tom. he served as deputy assistant
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attorney general under president george w. bush and he joins us not from washington. great to see you today, i appreciate your expertise on this. let's start with the issue of the actual indictment. it's being written about, by people that it really doesn't have a need to do with the man who now sits in the white house. your thoughts? >> i think that's a fair analysis. my sense on this is this was mueller's opening salvo, it's extremely significant that he was indicted but at the same time it's notable about what the indictment does not say, there is nothing that links the russians to the trump campaign. they certainly talk of lot about things that manafort did long before he came to the donald trump universe but the key piece of this we haven't seen yet is that link between what he did with the russians and the trump campaign or the president himself. >> harris: if you were to sit across from paul manafort and rick gates today, we are
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learning more about this judge, she was the person who -- the d.c. mayor back in the '90s pleaded guilty of tax evasion in front of her. what are we expecting in this appearance arraignment type situation? >> i think today's hearing is going to be somewhat anticlimactic. there's always a possibility that they will have to kind of run through the media to get to the courthouse and that sort of thing but from a legal perspective, today's hearing is going to be anticlimactic. i would anticipate they will enter an initial plea of not guilty and the prosecutorial engines will start firing up from that point. over the next few months we will see a lot of pressure to enter a plea agreement and cooperate with a special counsel, to tell them everything they know in exchange for a reduced sentence. that is what the spotlight is going to be on over the next few
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months, whether they are willing to tell the story in exchange. >> harris: what impression does it make on you that we've already seen one guilty plea, albeit it wasn't about what he did but not being truthful, george papadopoulos who work with the campaign? >> what that tells me is a lot of it is when you meet with these federal agents, if you haven't done anything wrong or if you have done something wrong, you need to be 100% honest. today shows that what he ultimately pled guilty to was not any sort of underlying substantive violation of the espionage laws or anything like that, instead it was just telling falsehoods to federal agents and that is a key here, once you have federal agents beginning an investigation, you need to take those questions extremely seriously so you don't make a misstep and say something that's false when you need to be telling the truth. >> harris: how much could that cost them? >> it certainly has already cost him and that he had to plea.
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without plea agreement, does he have more information to share? this is someone who had some connection to the campaign, it appears he was an unpaid advisor, this was not an official campaign in any stress of the word. they were really very far removed from the candidate himself, the question is what knowledge does he have and has he shared it? >> harris: that's where i want to take you next, the special prosecutor, special counsel seems to have gone far afield from where he originally started, he certainly has the right as i have been reading to do that, to follow the trail. that means you have to sell certain people what they should and shouldn't do, what would you advise the president at this point? >> i would advise the president to make sure his people are fully cooperating. as we were saying earlier, if you conceal information from investigators you could run a risk of violating the law in that respect. total honesty, total cooperatio
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cooperation. the president, it is in his best interest to ensure that mueller can wrap this investigation up quickly. the more this drags out, the more you see people connected to the campaign being brought in for questioning under oath, who knows what can happen and that will cause them to spend the focus of the investigation. the president and the white house need to keep it narrow and on track and do everything within their power to ensure it is wrapped up promptl promptly. >> harris: former deputy assistant attorney general for george w. bush, thank you very much for being with us as this news is breaking on this monday afternoon, appreciate it. let's bring in the anchor of special report, bret baier, always good to see you. this is happening right before us. now we know a little bit of what's going on, we saw others this morning saying the president, no tweeting, no talking, kind of sitting still. what are we hearing from the hill where you are? >> it will be interesting to
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watch this briefing live here on fox to see how the white house handles it, all the questions will be coming. i think tom handled it very well as far as what the indictments show us, they are financially related and many of them are before they campaign, however it does stretch into the campaign, meaning that activity on the financial side, the feds are alleging was continuing while he was campaign manager. that is at least somewhat significant. i think the bigger story line if you are looking at any connection to russia is the papadopoulos plea and the fact that he clearly is cooperating with the investigators, he was charged, he was arrested at the end of july and made the guilty plea in early october. he is facing what the police says is between zero and six
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months, that means that they are giving him an easy ride to get his cooperation and that obviously raises eyebrows. >> harris: his cooperation in the form of information, what can he tell us about what was going on in the campaign. one of the things we haven't touched on yet this hour but i know is an issue is the idea of how this information was leaked into the importance of that, your thoughts? >> that's true, i think that's part of it. sometimes grand jury indictments do get leaked, sometimes that is illegal other times it is the way in which the people under investigation are told and it gets out that way. i think it will be a part of the questions that are asked, you are talking about breaking news, just in the past few minutes there are reports that democratic power lobbyist tony podesta, is stepping down.
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from the head of that lobbying group. he is we are told under investigation by the special counsel. how that all factors in, the fact that tony podesta is stepping down is a significant development, just in the past few minutes. >> harris: us there has been those questions, critics are wondering, in defense of the white house saying the president is not under investigation, we hear governor chris christie say he hadn't heard anything different since it was first reported, when you hear them say, would he be taking a look at the other side of the political aisle? does this become more about justice and when does it on less of a politics? i think that shows at least an interesting development, that mueller is looking at that. we don't know what we don't know, i always say that on the special counseling investigation. these are just crumbs from what
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we are told. i think the bigger spin on capitol hill is the effort to prevent the president from getting rid of the special counsel. instead of trying to draft something that would prevent that. >> harris: you bring us the news, tony podesta has stepped down. it is an interesting developmen development. thank you very much. back to what we are watching, you see the left turn at the white house press briefing room, we are waiting for sarah sanders to step up and talk today for the first time from the white house in reaction to paul manafort and his business associate, former campaign chair for the trump campaign,
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>> harris: we are now within the realm of one this can happen live, we are watching very closely as the white house press
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briefing is set to take place at any moment now. former trump campaign chair paul manafort and his business associate have been charged in a 12 count indictment including conspiracy against the united states, conspiracy to launder money and false statements but there is no mention of president trump in this indictment. we want to say that. or of any alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia. a spokesperson for the rnc, and the vice chair for the dnc. look at that. this will be interesting, good to have you both. let's talk about where we are with this, we've seen some from the left now saying there's a connection and the president tweeting and making it very clear there is no connection between what's happening right now that we know of in the indictment that's come down and the accusations against the trump campaign. your thoughts? >> this has always been a
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conspiracy theory, the idea of russian collusion and today proved that. in addition to the special counsel investigation, the 31 pages never mention trump or the campaign or the white house, solely the individual business ties of paul manafort, in addition to that, we've had nine months of congressional investigation, 100,000 pages of documents, 4,000 pages of transcripts, interviews with the obama administration and with people on the trump campaign, they have turned up nothing. there is nothing to this theory, an effort to thwart the will of the american people and level false charges of russian collusion where there are none. >> harris: in the sense that we just want to get to justice here, what are your thoughts? >> let's make sure we are focused on the most important piece, the campaign chairman for donald trump's campaign was indicted on conspiracy against the united states. for us to make it seem like that's a conspiracy theory is pretty ridiculous and disrespectful to the american people. number two, when we talk about
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the broader conversation, when you have someone as a foreign policy advisor who just pled guilty for what he decided to do, who was in a meeting with trump, in a meeting with jeff sessions, for us to make it seem like this is some other person is quite ridiculous in itself. the point that this proves nothing is absolutely not the case, it clearly demonstrates that there is continual concern that exists here to regularly, say none of their associates were being considered under investigation, that is clearly not the case. we want to make sure that he is allowed to continue this investigation. >> harris: i am keeping my eye on the lectern there and also, michael is in the studio with me right now. i want to go back to you to give you a chance to respond to michael. >> michael mentioned that paul manafort was charged for conspiracy against the united states.
10:22 am
that is not russian collusion. conspiracy against the united states is because he lied to the department of justice about his individual financial ties and didn't disclose that he was a foreign agent to the department of treasury. that is nothing to do with russia, or collusion or donald trump or the trump campaign. as for this papadopoulos character who was an unpaid advisor to the campaign, no personal connection with donald trump. there is an august "washington post" story that says that when he presented manafort with a campaign idea, it was rejected by paul manafort. on page nine it says the meetings he was proposing never happened. there were no meetings with the russians, they were rejected. for you to allege collusion where there is not as a responsible and offensive to the will of the american people. >> harris: one more response and we are going to move on. >> to convey that someone was an
10:23 am
informal advisor is not critical, paul manafort was no longer working for the campaign, corey lewandowski still clearly engaged. number two, the point i was just raised, it just broke within the last 10 minutes that there were attempts to consider an investigation with trump officials to meet with russian officials in russia last year. to make it seem like we are just ignoring the core facts here is a distraction at that point. the reality is this, an investigation is happening that donald trump and his political team regularly said there was nothing there. the chairman of the campaign was indicted for conspiracy against the united states and the foreign policy advisor was just pleading guilty for clearly not being honest. >> harris: one of the things it has been brought up, just to piggyback off of what michael is saying, a lot of what is in this indictment is said to have happened years or sometime
10:24 am
before manafort worked for the campaign. you are getting that out of the white house. i want to remind everybody that the questions pertaining to all of these issues are anticipated to come one press secretary for the white house steps up, sarah sanders stepped up to the lectern on the left of your screen, we are watching that closely because we are now in that time summer we can see that happen immediately, we will bring it to you live. those things are said to have happen before the campaign, that is an important part of all thi this. this is not happening in a vacuum. if you look at everything that's going on, there are implications of their were democrats who were doing some things that they shouldn't have been doing. not that that's part of this indictment but it is kind of something happening. >> we've had ten months of investigating republicans and nothing has been turned out that applicants donald trump or his campaign with collusion but there are real questions, why did john podesta and debbie
10:25 am
wasserman schultz tell congress privately we had nothing to do with this dossier and we find in fact they spend $9 million on this dossier. why did hillary clinton approved 20% of u.s. uranium going to the hands of the russians when we know they were under fbi investigation? why did tony podesta just stepped down? there are real questions that i hope maybe michael can provide some answers to and i hope they will start investigating this. >> the answers i can provide, it's interesting to listen to you talk about credibility when the reality is you remove from the rnc document that the first entity that did the research was deemed not d research was the washington free beacon. it was not the secretary of state to move forward on uranium one. she was not a part of the nine entities. >> harris: good to have you today, i knew it would be feisty, the rnc and the dnc
10:26 am
right here. good to see you. we are awaiting the white house press briefing right now, paul manafort is set to make his first court appearance and arraignment after being hit with 12 counts inside of an indictment. some republicans are raising new questions over the fairness of robert mueller's investigation and all of this. a g.o.p. congressman will join us live with his take, stay with us.
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i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had.
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the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise >> harris: we are awaiting the white house press press briefing with new reaction to the indictment of former campaign chairman paul manafort. he and business partner rick gates are facing 12 counts stemming from the russia probe. to the left and right of your screen, that is what we're watching. james rosen is live for us at u.s. district court.
10:31 am
>> good afternoon, we are expecting the arrival of paul manafort and rick gates to enter pleas to the 12 counts of alleged financial crimes that they now face in federal district court. earlier today, manafort and gates surrendered to authorities, may be mainly the. we had all known there was some indictment or a pair of that have been filed in a sealed fashion before the court as early as friday night because cnn reported exclusively at the time, it would appear to be a criminal violation of grand jury secrecy rules, presumably that will also fall under the ages of the scope of special counsel mueller for him to investigate. we expect that not guilty pleas will be entered, there is no talk of a guilty plea.
10:32 am
we also have the surprise announcement from the special counsel this morning, unsealing a guilty plea that had been secured by his team earlier this month, the individual who pleaded guilty was george papadopoulos, national security and foreign policy advisor to the trump campaign. he pleaded guilty earlier this month to lying to fbi agents about the circumstances under which she was in contact with foreign nationals overseas. mr. papadopoulos believed they were well plugged into the kremlin and were promising to deliver to him dirt on hillary clinton, and in exchange for which these overseas foreign nationals were seeking to set up a meeting between the candidate donald trump and high-level russian figures. it's worth noting that in the documents that were released along with the guilty plea, they quote one senior campaign official unnamed by the trump
10:33 am
campaign, writing to another and saying "we have to communicate that dt is not going to be doing these meetings. "the trump campaign rebuffed this effort from russian nationals, one of whom was believed to be the niece of vladimir putin to set up an meeting with the candidate at that time. i also want to correct one in accuracy for my reporting on air earlier today, i stated apparently according to my detractors on twitter, that the scope of the manna manafort int was from 2015. the indictment also does estate to that of financial crimes extended possibly into 2017. >> harris: , by and drop the facts as you do so well, thank you my friend. meanwhile, some republicans stepping up questions over the objectivity of special counsel
10:34 am
robert mueller's team. kevin mccarthy pointed out that his staff includes attorneys who donated to president obama and hillary clinton. to my team, i want to skip this, we don't have a lot of time and i want to get to the congressman with me now. he serves on the house foreign affairs committee, no, couldn't do it. we will bring you back, sarah sanders of the white house press briefing, let's watch together. >> secretary sanders: i'd like to start the briefing by addressing a topic i know all of you are preparing to ask me about. that's tax reform. the initial house tax reform will be here on wednesday by the ways and means committee. it is now going through an open process in the house. the committee plans to mark up the bill next week starting on monday. the house is likely to consider the bill the week of november 13th. in order to stay on pace to have it passed by thanksgiving.
10:35 am
this is a very aggressive timeline but one that will help us get tax cuts this year so families and businesses can plan for 2018. we look forward to the details of the tax bill being released on wednesday but today i want to take a step back and explain what we are working to do using an anecdote we can all understand. this story has been floating around of the internet for a while. keep in mind that the numbers are not exact and i'm not encouraging any drinking so file that away. mostly for my parents. i think you will enjoy it. suppose that every day ten people, for our purposes we will say reporters, go out for beer. the bill for all ten comes to $100. if the ten reporters pay their tab every night the way we pay our taxes it would go something like this. the first four, the poorest would pay nothing. the fifth would pay $1. the seventh would pay $7, the eighth would pay $12. the ninth would pay $18, the tenth, the richest, would pay
10:36 am
$59. that's what they decided to do. the ten reporters drink at the bar every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement until one day the bar owner threw them a curve ball. since you are all such good customers i'm going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20. drinks for the ten reporters now cost $80. the group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes so the first four were unaffected. they still drink for free. what about the other six? how did they divide the $20 windfall so everyone will get their fair share? they realize that $20 divided by six is $3.33. if they subtracted that from everybody's share, the fifth reporter in the six reporter would each end up being paid to drink beer. the bar owner suggested it would be fair to reduce each man's bill by a higher percentage, the poor he was. by doing that he explained they
10:37 am
would continue following the parental principles they have using. the fifth reporter now paid nothing, he got a 100% saving. the sixth now paid $2 instead of $3. the seventh now paid $5 instead of seven. the eighth now paid $9 instead of 12, at 25% saving. the ninth now paid 14 instead of 18 which is a 22% savings. in the tenth now paid $49 instead of $59, a 16% savings. each of the was better off than before and the first floor continue to drink for free. once outside the bar the reporters began to compare their savings. i only got a dollar out of the $20 savings. she pointed to the tenth reporter, he got $10. it's unfair that he received ten times more benefit than me.
10:38 am
why should he get $10 back when i only got $2? the wealthy get all the breaks. wait a minute, yelled the first four reporters, we didn't get anything at all. this new tax system exploits the poor. the nine reporters yelled at the tenth and made him feel bad so the next time the tenth man didn't show up for drinks and the nine sat down and had their beers without him. when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. they no longer had enough money between them all to even cover half of the bill. and that is how our tax system works. the people who are being paid the highest taxes will naturally benefit from a tax reduction but not the largest% benefit. taxing them too much and they might start drinking overseas where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier. this is a silly story but it illustrates a very important point. our tax cuts and reforms will create a fair system that works better for everyone. it will make our country the friendliest in the world for american families trying to build a better life for their
10:39 am
children. and for american companies seeking a competitive edge. i will be happy to get that story to everybody so you can get those numbers later. again, i know that may be an oversimplification but it paints a very good picture of the tax system. i will take your questions. >> reporter: i'd like to get the white house reaction to the indictment of paul manafort. specifically, we have heard a couple of tweets from the president, when he says "why are cricket hillary and the democrats the focus" is the president saying special counsel mueller should be investigating hillary clinton and the democrats? and is he going to rule out once and for all firing robert mueller? >> secretary sanders: i will address the second question first. the president said last week, i have said several times before, there is no intention or plan to make any changes in regards to the special counsel. today's announcement has nothing
10:40 am
to do with the president, has nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activity. the real collusion scandals we have said several times before has everything to do with the clinton campaign, and russia. there is clear evidence of the clinton campaign colluded with russian intelligence to spread disinformation and smear the president. to influence election, we have been saying from day one there's been no evidence of trump-russia collusion and nothing in the indictment today changes at all. >> reporter: specifically by the campaign -- >> secretary sanders: it has nothing to do with the activities of the campaign, it has did it with his failure to tell the truth. >> reporter: evidence of ties between the trump campaign and russia -- >> secretary sanders: most of them took place well before the campaign even existed. >> reporter: can you explain what george papadopoulos' role
10:41 am
with the campaign was? >> secretary sanders: it was extremely limited, it was a volunteer position. no activity was ever done in an official capacity. on behalf of the campaign in that regard. >> reporter: what about the outreach he was making to campaign officials to try to put together -- >> secretary sanders: the outreach that was repeatedly denied and they said they were not going to take any action on? >> reporter: can you explain what happened? >> secretary sanders: he reached out and nothing happened to be on to that which i think shows his level of importance in the campaign and shows what little role he had within coordinating anything officially for the campaign. >> reporter: i wanted to ask about mr. mueller, investigating the president at times called it a hoax and called it a witch hunt. he used similar type of language before. last week you indicated that you believe that mr. mueller is wrapping up his investigation.
10:42 am
i have heard similar things coming from other senior administration officials. do you still believe that mr. mueller is in the process of wrapping up his investigation? >> secretary sanders: we expected to conclude soon, yes. >> reporter: paul manafort was high ranking in the campaign at one time. i like to know what the president's relationship was with him now, do they still talk, when was the last time they may have had contact? >> secretary sanders: as far as we can tell, we know they haven't spoken in several months. the last known conversation was back in february. as far as anything beyond that, i am not sure of any other contact. i know there was some initial contact after the president was sworn in with him at meetings in the white house but nothing directly with the president. >> reporter: on march 31st, according to the affidavit by mr. papadopoulos, he attended a foreign policy meeting, the
10:43 am
president was there. he said he talked about how russia wanted to talk to the president. what did the president say when he wanted to arrange a meeting and how did other people in the campaign react to that? >> secretary sanders: a match of the president recalls specific details of the meeting, again, it was a brief meeting that took place quite some time ago, the one time that group ever met and beyond that i really don't have anything to add. >> reporter: as you mentioned, mr. manafort and mr. gates were named in this for things not having anything to do with the campaign but with alleged money laundering regarding other business. under those circumstances, was the president consider or rule out pardoning either of them? >> secretary sanders: i think we should let the process play through before we start looking at that.
10:44 am
>> reporter: papadopoulos at one time was referring to jeff sessions, overseeing trumps foreign policy advisor. what does this mean for jeff sessions? >> secretary sanders: again, somebody on a volunteer committee, i'm not sure how that would impact the attorney general directly. >> reporter: can you say given what we have learned over the last few hours, can you say when the president was first aware that russia was behind the hacking and in the possession of emails they considered to be damaging about the clinton campaign, that they were trying to get to the trump campaign? when was the first aware of that? >> secretary sanders: i'm not sure of the specific date of when that took place. i'd have to look into that. >> reporter: does the president regret having hired paul manafort to be his campaign manager? are he and the rest of the white house concerned that this issue will distract from tax reform and other domestic and foreign policy?
10:45 am
>> secretary sanders: we are not worried about it distracting because it doesn't have anything to do with us, this is an action that took place outside of the campaign or campaign activity. >> reporter: as far as whether he regrets having hired him? >> secretary sanders: i didn't ask and that question specifically. >> reporter: how can you describe mr. papadopoulos is having a limited role and there is a photograph of mr. papadopoulos sitting at a table with candidate trump -- >> secretary sanders: he interacts with millions of people. >> reporter: he was cited as to who his top foreign policy advisors are, also how is it not collusion when george papadopoulos is in contact with various people who are promising dirt on hillary clinton in a series of events that closely mirrors what occurred with the president sounds on? >> secretary sanders: this individual -- >> reporter: in pursuit of information that was damaging about the clintons, how is that not collusion? >> secretary sanders: this
10:46 am
individual was a member of a volunteer advisory council that met one time over the course of a year. he was part of a list that was read out in "the washington post," i hardly call that some sort of regular advisor or as you want to push, that he is a senior member of the staff. he was not paid by the campaign, he was a volunteer on a council that met once. >> reporter: he was pursuing information from russians -- >> secretary sanders: he was a volunteer, that is something you need to ask him, i am not here to speak on behalf of the thousands of people who volunteered on the campaign. >> reporter: i have a question on tax reform. the president called out congress to investigate hillary clinton, is he confident they will do that? >> secretary sanders: i think that's a question you have to ask congress, i think there are enough reports and enough information out there that seem to suggest it might not be a bad idea. i don't know if he's had a
10:47 am
member of congress specifically tell him they are planning to do that. >> reporter: my question about tax reform, where does the president stand on the idea of changing the corporate tax code so it would reach 20%? >> secretary sanders: i think the president has made it clear that that is where he plans to start, he has laid out what his principles are and as of right now that hasn't changed and i don't anticipate that it will. >> reporter: use a george papadopoulos had no official capacity, what do you mean by that? >> secretary sanders: was a volunteer on the campaign. and a volunteer member of an advisory council that met one time. >> reporter: 's activities were entirely of his invention, no one asked them to do any of these things, is that what you are telling the american public? >> secretary sanders: i am telling you he was a volunteer member of an advisory council that met one time. >> reporter: there were two coepisodes in which people associated with the campaign at a high level, george
10:48 am
papadopoulos is a member of a foreign policy or military advisory committee, sought dirt on hillary clinton for people representing themselves linked to or associated with the russian government, is that a coincidence? >> secretary sanders: the only interaction i'm aware of that deals with this individual was him reaching out and being repeatedly denied. that's all i can tell you. he asked to do things, he was pushed back or not responded to in any way. any actions he took would have been on his own and you have to ask him about those because i can answer. >> reporter: that same kind of meeting at trump tower -- what explains the campaign's later involvement in those associated with the russian government or said they were to get dirt on hillary clinton later in the campaign? >> secretary sanders: they took one meeting and nothing came of it. i don't believe so. >> reporter: does not indicate a pattern of trying to obtain that information? >> secretary sanders: a pattern of getting information about your opponent? the big difference is you have a meeting that took place versus
10:49 am
millions of dollars being sent to create fake information to influence the election. you compare those two, those are apples and oranges. with the clinton campaign and the dnc did was exchange of money, they took our meeting, those are far different. one, it's pretty common practice in any campaign to take on meeting. the other one is actually paying money for false information, that's a big deal and a big difference. >> reporter: i have two questions for you. if i could follow your comments there, this is an issue many senior level administration have pointed to. has the white house asked the department of justice to look into this? >> secretary sanders: not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: you spoke with the present today? can you give us a little bit about his reaction to the news the story? how does the president respond to this news about two people who did work for his campaign? was he disappointed that paul manafort received this news today that he was being charged?
10:50 am
>> secretary sanders: he responded the same way the rest of us in the white house have, that's without a lot of reaction because this doesn't have anything to do with us. >> reporter: we are talking about two of the most senior members of the campaign who are now under federal indictment. >> secretary sanders: for something outside of the campaign. >> reporter: doesn't it speak to the president's judgment that he would choose to have these two individuals in very high positions having allegedly committed these crimes in the years leading up to their roles? >> secretary sanders: these are seasoned operatives, you make it sound like they were regular offenders that have been in massive amounts of trouble, they worked on a number of campaigns, paul manafort was brought into leave the delegate process which he did. >> reporter: the president has no regrets? >> secretary sanders: i did not ask him that question
10:51 am
specifically. >> reporter: what makes you believe the investigation will be concluded soon? welfare reform, the president talked about it several weeks ago on we've been trying to find out what he focuses on and how he plans to implement welfare reform? >> secretary sanders: we haven't made any specific announcements when it comes to welfare reform, those are ongoing conversations and we are looking at ways to improve the system but nothing specific to rollout at this time. >> reporter: what leads you to believe that this will conclude the mueller investigation? have you been given ahead sub? >> secretary sanders: those are the indications i have at this time. >> reporter: indications from where? >> secretary sanders: you don't believe there will be any more indictments at all? that is a question you will have to ask robert mueller. beyond that i don't have anything else to add on a
10:52 am
specific time frame. >> reporter: in march, the president called george papadopoulos an excellent guy, does he still believe that papadopoulos is an excellent guy? >> secretary sanders: he was referring to the council, he was going through a list of names and nothing more than that. complement three of the people that were volunteering on behalf of the campaign. >> reporter: a campaign supervisor told "i would encourage you to make the trip to russia." is that not the campaign encouraging him to make contact? >> secretary sanders: i am not aware of that conversation so i can't speak to that. >> reporter: is there any concern of this administration, that two people who worked for the president are under indictment, and he promised to hire only the best people, is this an example of the best
10:53 am
people to hire? >> secretary sanders: this goes back to these being activities that took place outside this scope of the campaign. >> reporter: were these the best people to hire? >> secretary sanders: the president hired paul manafort to handle the delegate process, which he did. he was dismissed not long after that. >> reporter: last week the administration opposed of federal judges decision to allow an undocumented woman to have an abortion. does that set a dangerous precedent going forward? >> secretary sanders: i can't comment on the specifics of that at this point. i did not speak directly with him about the case. >> reporter: i'd like to ask you about a different topic. just breaking before the briefing, the court on changing military policy regarding service of transgender people. >> secretary sanders: i would
10:54 am
refer to any specific questions -- >> reporter: congressman doughty has suggested there should be investigation into leaks of the grand jury investigation. do you think there should be an investigation, are you asking for an investigation? >> secretary sanders: we have asked for that investigation to take place. i think there is any time there is leaking of information it should be looked into but beyond that we don't have any comments. >> reporter: is the president in any way responsible for hiring paul manafort -- regarding the point of hiring the best people, does is not in the very least raise questions about president trump's vetting process? and judgment when it comes to bringing on these people? >> secretary sanders: i think i have answered that question today. reported at the present you said back in july, investigation of the special counsel, given what we've learned today, does the
10:55 am
president believe mueller overstepped the bounds of the investigation? >> secretary sanders: i haven't spoken to him. >> reporter: my other question, regarding the plea agreement with george papadopoulos, indicating the president is not recall that meeting -- >> secretary sanders: he does not remember the comments. >> reporter: he's talked about -- >> secretary sanders: i don't believe he's went into the detail of the meeting itself. >> reporter: specifically does not a member there russia? >> secretary sanders: not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: withholding 33% approval, 60% disapproval of the president, what's your reaction? is the president aware of this? >> secretary sanders: we are focused aggressively on pushing forward on a very bold agenda, specifically tax reform, tax cuts, i think the economy continuing to grow and strengthen is something that
10:56 am
will certainly change those numbers but at the same time i think these are some of the same holes that said that this president would never be president so i don't have a lot of confidence in them. >> reporter: can you please clarify that the stock market is moving downward, possibly the corporate rate could be phased in over several years? i wasn't sure if you are trying to make a point of the president would be for a phase in or against a phase-in. >> secretary sanders: i said the president laid out his principles and it does not include the phasing in. i don't have any reason to believe -- >> reporter: the redline of the 20% -- >> secretary sanders: i'm not drawing a red line, i am saying those of the principles we have laid out. thanks so much guys, have a good day. >> harris: we've been watching the white house press briefing, obviously they covered what we thought they would, the reaction the president and the white house would have to the
10:57 am
indictment of paul manafort and his business associate. joining me on set, a congressman who serves on the house foreign affairs committee. you said is something that made an impression on me. in the indictments are a good thing, why? >> in order to finish and wrap up all the special counsel work, i don't think you want to wait another year or two for manafort and gates to get in trouble for what they've done over the course of the last decade. they get their day in court, they may end up ultimately owing their debt to society, these are serious allegations but you don't want the special counsel work going on for two years with this big cloud when you are working on something like this. it's good to get it off the table. >> harris: you heard sarah sanders, the president had no reaction to this, this doesn't have anything to do with the
10:58 am
white house. >> that's correct, reading the indictment, this isn't about about the president. they are not talking about the trump campaign, this is an activity that started over a decade ago, this is separate from the president. >> harris: can i ask you a question, i will be more blunt with that, did the campaign have a vetting issue? >> they were understaffed. the president wasn't out raising a ton of money, he was bringing his message directly to the voters in all these primary states, holding big rallies and bringing people to the cause and he wasn't focused on raising a lot of money for a big huge staff like hillary clinton did and this is one of the problems with having a really small staff. he was also very efficient in getting his message out. >> harris: one of the other thing sanders was asked about, something you and i talked about over the weekend, you voted no on the budget which would've halted tax reform and the movement of it the way that it
10:59 am
is now. state and local tax deductions in new york, tax reform came up with sarah sanders, a phase in corporate tax over five years, does not get it done? is that with the president promised would make america great again? >> i haven't seen this proposal, the proposal i know is we are going down to 20%. i think the sooner we can get to 20% the better, it would be great for our economy, it could be better in 2018. we saw new numbers today, i want to see them go higher. it can continue. we have to improve the business climate is much as possible as quickly as possible. >> harris: i bet you would like for the president to be focusing his tweets on that. i've heard some are public and say yes, tweet about the economy right now and let the justice department do what they've got to do. >> he plays an important role in making sure tax cuts if done by the end of this year.
11:00 am
>> harris: thanks a lot for joining us on "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris. we will be wrapping up with dana in a few >> dana: fox news alert, white house briefing wrapping up, and some of the questions were about robert mueller's special investigation. former camp campaign chairman, paul manafort expected to go in front of a judge. this is president trump and this is the "the daily briefing" ." manafort and his business partner were indicted on 12 counts. we learned that former top aide, george papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to making false statements to the fbi. we have it covered. doug mckelway with a coastal look at george papadopoulos. shannon will join us with legal analysis. james rosen


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