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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 30, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: thanks a lot for joining us on "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris. we will be wrapping up with dana in a few >> dana: fox news alert, white house briefing wrapping up, and some of the questions were about robert mueller's special investigation. former camp campaign chairman, paul manafort expected to go in front of a judge. this is president trump and this is the "the daily briefing" ." manafort and his business partner were indicted on 12 counts. we learned that former top aide, george papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to making false statements to the fbi. we have it covered. doug mckelway with a coastal look at george papadopoulos. shannon will join us with legal analysis. james rosen outside of the
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district court in washington. james? >> good afternoon. we expect paul manafort and rick gates are in front of the federal district court to have the police for the 12 counts of alleged financial crimes that they face. manafort for a time the campaign manager and associate, rick gates, surrender to federal authorities, the fbi, this morning. sources close to the case believe manafort's mueller steam may be using expected prison time to compel testimony from metaphor and gates can and alleged collusion with the kremlin lecture. from the indictment this morning, manafort and gates funneled millions of dollars into for nominee companies. the existence of the foreign
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companies falsely and repeatedly reporting to the tax payers but they had no foreign bank accounts. manafort and gates, directed the campaign to lobby the united states officials on behalf of of the government of ukraine. the president of ukraine, and ukraine and palooka parties. they were required by law to report to the united states their work they do not do that. and the indictment also states, manafort used his overseas wealth to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in the united states without paying taxes on that income. i spoke friday night with his lawyer attorney, he did not know of any indictment. on saturday, manafort said, he did not believe he would be indicted. then to a george papadopoulos, the foreign policy advisor to the trump campaign. we learn today he pleaded guilty earlier this month to align to fbi special agents during questioning that took place one week after the inauguration.
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papadopoulos misled the fbi when he had contact with overseas who are boasting to him of the context inside the kremlin. including one russian woman, who papadopoulos believed to be the niece of vladamir putin. papadopoulos falsely told the agent, the guilty plea, the contact that occurred prior to the campaign. from those documents, the professor told and defended papadopoulos as papadopoulos described to the fbi that they, the russians, were going to pause -- we are going to pause for this police car here. they had dirt on her, hillary clinton. the email had a lot and cling to the court documents concluded, he corresponded with campaign officials and connection with the russians. arrange a meeting between the campaign and russian government. sought this with president trump
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when he was a candidate, and senior campaign officials, they need to commit a kid that they will not be doing these trips. >> dana: thank you james. on former top advisor, papadopoulos, and doug mckelway. what do you know? >> special counsel announced, a plea deal, 1 of 5 foreign policy advisors on candidate donald trump's team. sarah sanders in the briefing that just ended said, he was a volunteer on the panel that meant one time. the deal allowed him to charge, the agreement states the lie was quote, about the timing extent, nature and interaction with certain foreign nationals. we understood to have close connections with senior russian officials. it goes on to state, defendant papadopoulos claims that his interactions with the overseas professor who defended papadopoulos had connections to russian officials, occurred before defendant papadopoulos
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became a foreign policy advisor for the campaign. in truth, defendant papadopoulos learned he would be an advisor to the campaign in early march. after he had already agreed to go to work for the trump campaign. papadopoulos' foreign policy convention seemed then for someone who is picked for an influential position. his linkedin page called him a just wish excellent guy. he claims to be a current member of the international business council for cyprus with business, energy, policy, and finance. cyprus is where paul manafort is said to put some of his fortune and offshore bank accounts. a great place for russian money laundering. in addition, wilbur ross bought shares in the bank of cyprus three years ago. he found himself working with a bank vice chairman, who "the new york times" said, used to work with vladamir putin in d
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the kgb. ross claimed he tried to get the russians out of the hierarchy. papadopoulos' attorney said in the best interest of our client, we refrain from commenting on george's case. he could face up to six months in jail and a fine up to $95,000. on that one single charge. >> dana: very interesting, do, because he is cooperating. if i'm looking at this correctly, he was arrested the day after manafort's home was raided. more on that. speak out the timing is not coincidental. >> dana: from wind is, former counsel to vice president cheney you have been helping me understand the law for a long time. i want to ask you what are the charges and how serious are they? can you address this, conspiracy against the united states. what does that mean? speak out that is a general conspiracy charge. there more specific as to what
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paul manafort was doing, and what he is charged with is essentially, the two big charge charges. laundering money, hiding the proceeds of his representation of ukrainian government, and also not reporting to the federal government, that he was acting on behalf of of ukrainian government. lobby and indirectly with the united states. these are very serious charges for paul manafort. the money laundering charge can carry up to a 20 20 year sente. >> dana: interesting. the special counsel is authorized to investigate, we have this. coronation between russian government and individuals associated with the trump campaign. anything that rose up from the investigation, and any other matters within the scope. it is broad, and the white house made the point on the podium,
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all of the charges against manafort happened years ago, and yet, if you are special prosecutor, and you are looking into something and you find something such as money laundering, conspiracy against the u.s. years ago, is mueller obligated to bring the charge? >> this does not tell us much about russian interference with the election. it tells us something about the investigation into that interference. yes, what the special prosecutor is likely doing here is putting pressure on someone he knows was at the center or feels was at the center of this relationship with russia, and trying to use criminal charges as a way to get cooperation for manafort, whether that is going to work or not will be seen. it >> dana: on this, george papadopoulos. >> he sounds like a "seinfeld"
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character. >> dana: at the end of the indictment, talks about the senior campaign advisor. this could end up being nothing or something various significant. i'm interested in your thoughts on the timing. all week, indictments are coming. we found out early this morning, it was manafort and dates. there is obsolutely no collusion, and one hour and a half later, mueller's team, we have this one. it is their trump card. >> so to speak. i think you're right that there is a reason these are being put together, because the manafort indictment has nothing to do with russian interference. there is nothing in that indictment that will tell you anything about the trump campaigns connection with russia. the papadopoulos indictment and plea does in fact relate in some way, because it shows, at least, the russians were trying to use papadopoulos to get to the
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campaign, and as far as the information suggests without any success. >> dana: we just found out, shannen, both manafort and gates pled guilty. ten million and $5 million. >> not surprising. this is an attempt to get cooperation that has not been forthcoming yet. there would not be a plea deal. it is only at there had been a plea deal, you would hear something other than not guilty. this will go through the process. >> dana: what about the news that came out in the last hour that tony podesta, the democratic lobbyist is stepping down from his law firm. we found out a couple weeks ago, he also had been investigated, because he might be with the company that you hear the indictment with manafort and gates. >> i am not sure. i have not heard about that.
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i will tell you, in looking at the foreign registration for this ukrainian company, the podesta group comes up. >> dana: is mueller close to being finished? sarah sanders said that from the podium. >> i am not sure if they're speculating on that, or if their lawyers are in contact with mueller and getting some sense of that. this seems like an open gambit to me. the using best to get more information. i don't think there is a reason unless they are getting something from mueller to think this is anything but at the opening stages. >> dana: very interesting. we appreciate your giving you being here. who is the other person indicted with paul manafort? we mentioned him, rick gates.
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in the background of long metaphor aid. the indictment, including one reaction we said, this shows there should be another russian investigation.
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paul manafort and his business partner, rick gates, pled not guilty moments ago. bond is set. for reaction is boxer's politics editor, chris stirewalt. a lot to get. the mood it has been ongoing since april. how long is it going to take? what is the mood in d.c.? are they glad that it is underway? >> david french wrote, i think it's quite right. this is not the beginning of the end. this is the end of the beginnin beginning. give a guilty plea and to indictments. one of them, very senior figure inside the trump campaign. the other two, more ancillary, but still important. the next chapter of this, and i think as we talked about tax
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cuts and obamacare, talking about all of these other issues, the unknown unknown. the known unknown was, when does the mueller stuff get into the real wet work, when do we get into the active phase of the investigation. now we are in the active phase. the arrests have been made. now it is happening. in a weird way, it does bring uncertainty, but at least there is, relief as you say, that we can deal with concrete charges as of just hypothesis. >> dana: sarah sanders was aggressive and talking about the investigation and pushing back. i thought she was making statements like, gosh, that is why i tweeted you where the unknown unknown. there are many. what you think about the decision for the white house to answer these questions rather than referring to somebody else as a lawyer to do that outside of the podium? >> at the original idea, they were going to have a shop just
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for all the questions to the investigation, all go to the lawyers, and it was going to go there and keep the white house clean on this. ultimately i do not think that was going to be possible, because i think it is all going to be to gummed up. she's got to just deal with these. >> secretary sanders: i think she does it well >> dana: i think she does it well. she commands confidence. that shows that they have some idea of where they think this will go, but you never really know. before i let you go, i want to talk to you about what this means for legislation and progress on capitol hill. take a listen to speaker ryan and nancy pelosi. >> we are working on solving people's problems, and one of the problem, our economy has not been hitting the potential. people deserve tax breaks, especially middle class and businesses that compete globally. we need to focus on that, and that is where a lot of our time and attention is focused on
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right now. >> dana: speaker ryan on a radio this morning," from nancy pelosi, even inside the justice department, and investigations inside the republican congress, we still need an outside fully independent investigation to expose russians meddling in our election and the involvement of trump officials. why would she want an additional investigation? >> because then they can do nothing but investigate until 2018. everything will be given over to the investigations until next fall. robert mueller did an important thing. he told the people in congress, this is a criminal matter. we are doing this. you have politically motivated investigations, and who cares. ultimately in the end, who care cares. can you make a case against someone on a specific charge? i those facts on the ground real, and can they be handled in
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an effective way? >> dana: >> dana: in and can thy continue to push tax reform through, which member's of congress say we have to do both things. chris stirewalt, thank you very much. the chairman of the house oversight committee suspending mueller on "fox news sunday." >> much less important to me than the underlining fact. i would say, give do his job. >> dana: where it is a go from here now that the first charges have been piled to make our political panel weighs in. ♪ insulin lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes
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♪ >> dana: a fox news alert as we take a look at the federal courthouse in washington, d.c. we are waiting for paul manafort and rick gates to depart after pleading guilty. both sides agreed to home detention -- do i say guilty? i meant not guilty. the teleprompter meant not guilty. they will have home detention. paul manafort on $10 million bond and rick gates at $5 million. former consultant to the obama campaign, and alex:
11:25 am
great to have you here this is now officially underway. we have a special prosecutor moving forward. there is questions this weekend, alex. "the wall street journal" sayin saying, he worked closely with mr. comey. it is no slur against mr. mueller's ability. he could best serve the country by designing to prevent further political turmoil over the conflict of entry. listen to trey gowdy. >> give the guy a chance to do his job. the result will be known by the facts, what he uncovered. the personality involved, much less important to me than the underlining facts. i would say, give the guy a chance to do his job. >> dana: alex, you thought? >> i would agree with trey
11:26 am
gowdy. not only because if anyone broke the law, clearly, they should be held accountable, but really is important to find out what the russians did to influence our election, so we can prevent them from doing it again in the future. robert mueller has a lot of experience with these investigations. he has a support of congress and the white house as we heard sarah sanders earlier today. we should all let him do his job so we can find out what happene happened. if anyone broke the law, hold them accountable, and make reforms so we do not have foreign interference in our future elections. >> dana: marjorie, why do you think nancy pelosi wants to have another independent investigation? >> politics. this is the standard practice when there is concerns about the process, the opposition says, let's look into this further, because it ties people up and diverts attention. it does all those things that makes it harder to pass legislation. the tag form that democrats do not want passed.
11:27 am
i think the positive thing about mueller, he has bipartisan support. obviously, there will be dissenting opinions, but people agree who have worked with him on both side of the aisle, utmost confidence in his ability. as my colleague said, let us see what the facts say and make a decision. >> dana: speaking of legislative process, we expect the ways and means committee chairman, kevin brady, who will be on the show tomorrow, he will release the tax bill on wednesday. over the weekend, alex, the national association of homebuilders shielded off. they're unhappy with provisions paired the white house is actually pushing for the state and local tax reduction. it does not seem like they are budging on that. are they running into significant roadblocks before they get to wednesday? >> yes, but they were always going to. passing tax reform is incredibly complicated, because once you make any changes to the tax code, inevitably there will be winners and losers, and the
11:28 am
losers will be upset. i think it is indo republican's best interest that this tax code is as friendly and favorable to. maybe not as big as a corporate tax cut as otherwise it becomes at the expense of the middle class. we will have to wait and see what is in the proposal on wednesday, but i think it is critical it is a pro middle-class tax cut, or otherwise will be very difficult to sell to republicans. >> dana: mick mulvaney -- no steven mnuchin said the middle class tax cut was nonnegotiable. thank you. the white house and president trump reacting to the indictments of paul manafort and his aide. why the white house says this is no big deal. already admitted lying to the fbi, but just made public today, so is this a big deal?
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>> dana: a fox news alert, first indictment headed down by bob mueller, campaign chair, facing 12 counts including conspiracy against the united states, and pleading not guilty to all 12 charges. john roberts joins us now. >> good afternoon, dana. the white house pushing back against any notion this is a thing to do with the trump campaign or the trump presidenc presidency. it happened a long time before paul manafort ever got near working for president trump, then candidate donald trump. tweeting out this morning, sorry, this is years before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign. why aren't crooked hillary and the democrats the focus? there is no collusion. the white house sources told me, they believe this really is not going to go much further up the food chain. the white house has been very
11:34 am
cooperative. they talked with mueller's people frequently during the weeks, sometimes multiple times, during the day, and they believe they are cooperating to the fullest extent possible he can hear at the white house. let us listen into what the press secretary said about these indictments today with paul manafort and rick gates, and lack of connection to the trump white house. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president, nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activity. the real collusion scandal as we said several times before has everything to do with the clinton campaign, fusion gps, and russia. clear evidence of the clinton campaign colluding with russia intelligence to spread disinformation and smear the president can influence the election paired we have been saying from day one, there is no evidence of trump-russia relation, and that she is shown today. speak out there trying to turn the tables and say, if you look at
11:35 am
the fact that fusion gps and the were partially funded by the clinton campaign as well as the democratic national committee, you look at the investigation and congress into the ukrainian one at deal, if there is bribery. what the fbi knew at the time, and bob mueller, what did he know about the uranium at one, how did russia come into possession of 21% of our uranium preserves. there's a lot of smoke at the white house trying to turn the press attention in a different direction, but again, dana, the bottom line. paul manafort in this case was engaged in activity that led to indictment by the special counsel office, but that was long before it became a part of this campaign, though sarah huckabee sanders did say the president did talk to paul manafort after the election, after becoming president. the last contact that she knew was back in february this year.
11:36 am
>> dana: and you pressed her on george papadopoulos. we have been talking about him today. he pled guilty. >> he did. talking to the a administration a short time ago, papadopoulos was prosecuted on the strength of evidence that the white house produced, because the white house was in possession of all of his emails that papadopoulos had been sending to campaign officials to say, hey, i can get you meetings with russian officials. i might be able to get you a meeting between the president and vladamir putin. and every turn, it was rebuffed. they could not figure out at the campaign, why he was working with russia, because he had been brought on the foreign policy advisor council to build relationships with greece, not russia. let us listen to what the press secretary said about papadopoulos a short time ago when i asked his role in the campaign. >> it was extremely limited. a volunteer position.
11:37 am
again, no activity was ever done in a official capacity. >> tried to put together -- >> the outreach that was denied? i'm not going to take action on that. beagle can you explain what happened with the outreach connect >> he reached out, and nothing came from that. his level of importance it is shown, and it also shows what little role he had within coordinating anything officially for the campaign. >> again, dana. they felt a couple in those blanks, papadopoulos was reaching out to campaign officials to say, i can get you close to russian officials. at every point, the campaign official who were responsible for leading the charge in terms of foreign policy were looking at this and saying, we do not want to meet with the russians, why papadopoulos talking about the russians at all when a
11:38 am
different part of the world was his area. >> dana: very interesting, john roberts. thank you very much. let's look at the timeline of papadopoulos' dealings with the fbi. his gaze started unfolding in january of 2017 when he agreed to be interviewed by the fbi. less than a month later, he was interviewed again, and the day after, he deactivated his facebook account, which had info with an overseas professor about russia. run the same time, he stopped using his cell phone number, and started using a new one. and then in july, he was arrested, , and since met with e government. shannon bream is the host of "fox news at night" debuts tonight, but i have for now. thank you for joining us in the daylight. tell us about what you know about this case, and how you'll be covering it tonight on your new show. >> luckily, dana. we have every angle covered. i'm getting back into the legal area what it means for every
11:39 am
player that is involved in this potential case or cases, because there are differences here. it is interesting to note, looking at the at the manafortd gates, no evidence of collusion with the russian government. with respect to the trump campaign, but there is fraud, money laundering. all kinds of things. that makes the question, why are we getting papadopoulos information today when he pleaded guilty weeks ago, and a lot of people think it is a signal coming from a special counsel office, we are not done. there may be other things they do show potential connections. the papadopoulos case that you outlined with john roberts, very much focused on the russian angle and the fact that he was repeatedly trying to get people within the trump campaign i'll be up to the president. at that time, to meet with different russian individuals. a lot of folks in washington believe, if you have a chance to meet with someone, you have to assume for all purposes, there
11:40 am
is some type of russian agent. at him, again and again and his emails, saying, we have information. folks want to meet with you. and as sarah sanders pointed out, they did not take action. the fact that we get the papadopoulos information today, same time we are getting the revelations may signal that someone out there that there is potentially still a connection that is not exactly what manafort and gates are facing. >> dana: one thing that papadopoulos is facing, he thought the russians had access to thousands of emails. there's two different sets of emails, right? the hillary clinton email, that were deleted from her private server event additional thousands of emails that get hacked from the dnc. including the podesta thanks. do you know what they are talking about? 's lawyer says, they are looking forward to telling the whole story. >> for the purposes, they are not going to do that, but
11:41 am
eventually they do look forward to outlining what happened. i do think at some point, we are going to get clarification on this. he has pleaded guilty. he will be facing a sentencing, and that makes people very cooperative at times. we will see, but because the attorneys are saying, we look forward to outlining exactly what he did in his options, what he was pushing, exactly what these emails are. i do think there is a potential to get those answers, because it is clear this individual tried to at least play a game with the fbi according to the charges upfront, but it became very clear in january, they believed he was lying during that time as you outlined. chained on social media and those things. again with a guilty plea, he knew he could not play a game any longer with this agency. he's these are very serious cha. >> dana: as i mentioned, tonight is the big night. tune in for the debut of
11:42 am
shannon's new show, it is called "fox news at night." tonight and every night at 11:00 p.m. eastern. congress reacting to the big news of the special counsel indictment. the tax reform bill hitting the floor on a couple days. i will ask rob portman about that, coming up. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. ♪
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fbi about contacts with the russians who have dirt on hillary clinton. george papadopoulos, circled here, attorneys say they look forward to telling the story. legal analysts about how the special counsel may be going after bigger fish. top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." we will see you then. >> dana: paul manafort stands accused of acquiring 12 million in untaxed dollars for personal purchases between 2008 and 2014. among them, five and a half million dollars shelled out to a home improvement company, 1.42 million clothing in beverly hills. a little more than $1.3 million on a home entertainment system and fort appeared 700 plus thousand dollars on landscaping and $300,000 on a mercedes-benz and range rover. today's indictments is a big week for congress. the tax bill and was a to be revealed. 30 now is ohio senator rob
11:47 am
portman on the finance committee, and i know, the house will reveal it on wednesday. in the ongoing mueller investigation throw a monkey wrench into any of that? >> no, it does not, and it cannot, dana. we have to look ahead. this is an opportunity for us to get the economy and help middle-class taxpayers in ohio and around the country have an opportunity to get ahead. this is long overdue. it has been a 30 years in the making since we last reform the tax code. we need to move ahead. >> dana: those obvious momentum with the economy doing well at the moment, people's minds are -- if we have a taste of economic%, candace bill help connect there are roadblocks and had. taxpayers in other states should subsidize about 20% of the state and local taxes paid by new yorkers. do you agree, and does the white house agree? >> look, i think the house and
11:48 am
senate are close. the house has a little bit different political calculation. there's republicans from illinois, new york, new jersey. we should not be subsidizing the high tax base. numbers recently i've been looking at, i need to talk about this, in hancock county, ohio. about $2,000 and deduction. new york city, about $24,000. by the way, half of that benefit goes to people making over $200,000 a year. it is also regressive tax deduction, i think it is an opportunity for us to use that funding to lower rates for everybody, including the middle-class families in new york, california, and illinois. >> dana: they want to increase marginal rate on income, capital gains, dividends. do you like that idea, or would you like to see all of that lowered? >> i think we need to be careful about not discouraging investment put the whole idea of
11:49 am
tax reform proposal, and i think this will happen based on what we are talking about, to encourage people to make investments, create more economic activity, which in turn, will create more revenue. our code is so hopelessly broken right now, dana, it is easy to improve the code in an economic way that will generate revenue over time. >> dana: you have been concerned with government spending, balancing the budget. you think the tax code will let the deficit go way out of whack? >> no, i am not really. a very conservative bill and yes, it has tax cuts, but the economic benefit will be, in my view, much greater than the tax relief. the result will be helping to reduce the deficit on the revenue side. of course, another challenge on the spending side, but they are related. we need to get the economy moving, and enormous impact. everyone point in gdp that goes up because of this will be $2.73 trillion in new revenue.
11:50 am
think of that? 4% increase rather than 1.9%. it goes up 2.3%, which as you say, the last two quarters, that will cover any of the tax cuts in this bill, and everything on top of that will help reduce the deficit. i think it is a positive thing for those concerned about the physical conditions. >> dana: i have one less question for the president on thursday will announce for a fed chairman. you have a preference on who should be? >> no i do not. i listen to what the president is talking as terms of his conversation with various candidates. i think he is on track. the economy is starting to pick up and to provide american workers with a better tax code would be keeping it steady, and we begin to see something we have not seen, really, in a couple decades. increase in wages. wages have stayed relatively
11:51 am
flat while health care expenses have gone up. both on the mantra and tax reform site. >> dana: senator rob portman peer thank you for mom,
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>> dana: james mattis and rex tillerson both testified before the senate foreign relations committee later today. the pentagon investigates two separate events that led to the death of u.s. troops overseas. national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> in the wake of the ambush when some lawmakers said for the first time, there were 800 u.s. troops in this african country, there is concern on capitol hill that the troops hunting al qaeda and isis are relying on an old officer i visitation
11:55 am
today at 5:00 p.m., the senate foreign relations committee will meet with both of them on the issue. lawmakers want to know whether they need a new war authorization, au ms, why took two days to recover the body of johnson after the ambush. pentagon said, he was never left behind. >> reporters are getting wrong on the niger ambush? >> what they got wrong, that we abandon one of our soldiers. as the chairman said, there's someone always looking for him. >> french and nigerian forces were looking for johnson. before taking captive, his body was discovered by nigerian forces, a u.s. drove mike dunn was sent over. it was unarmed. the hunt for isis and al qaeda is what mike going to more countries. their dropped bombs in six
11:56 am
different countries, libya, somalia, syria, iraq, yemen, and afghanistan. u.s. forces in africa have long complained about the lack of air assets. a new aums, because they have not been able to get the votes, and this administration in the last have not wanted to constraint the pentagon or state department with new narrow authority with time and geography. spilt we will check in with you on that. important issues, jennifer. not one but two former presidents appearing together at the world series.
11:57 am
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>> the good news is, former president george w. bush throwing out the first pitch. 43 taking the field where he's joined by his father who gave him the ball.
12:00 pm
president bush winding up and throwing a strike, of course. the astros won, the game 13-20. stay tuned for the daily briefing tomorrow. i'll speak with kevin brady about the big tax reform bill. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington. today a potential watershed moment for the men close to the president. breaking this morning, word that one of his former foreign policy advisers has pleaded guilty for lying to the feds. and the president's former campaign manager, paul manafort and an associate of his pleading not guilty after he was indicted on felony charges including conspiracy against the united states. now president trump is fighting back asking why the feds are not focusing on democrats and insisting there was no collusion with russia. this hour, we'll explain the


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