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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 30, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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throwing a strike, of course. the astros won, the game 13-20. stay tuned for the daily briefing tomorrow. i'll speak with kevin brady about the big tax reform bill. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington. today a potential watershed moment for the men close to the president. breaking this morning, word that one of his former foreign policy advisers has pleaded guilty for lying to the feds. and the president's former campaign manager, paul manafort and an associate of his pleading not guilty after he was indicted on felony charges including conspiracy against the united states. now president trump is fighting back asking why the feds are not focusing on democrats and insisting there was no collusion with russia. this hour, we'll explain the case, the defense and why the
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special counsel robert mueller, this could be a pit stop on a longer ride. new reaction to the white house for all of this. let's get to it. first from the fox news deck this busy monday afternoon, former adviser to the trump campaign has now pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents about his contacts with moscow. specifically his dealings with russians that promised him dirt on hillary clinton. we learned about this as the justice department announced charges against two former senior campaign aides, paul manafort and his business associate, rick gates. more ahead. unlike this case, the one against george papadopoulos directly relates to the russia investigation and whether the trump campaign had ties with moscow. we circled papadopoulos's picture in a photo with then candidate trump which he sent out last year calling it a meeting with his national
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security team. attorneys for papadopoulos released a statement saying that it's in their client's best interest for them not to comment right now. it continues. we will have the opportunity to comment on george papadopoulos' involvement when called upon by the court at a later date. we look forward to telling the details of george's story at that time. it appears to legal analysts that papadopoulos is cooperating with investigators. in other words, that he has turned state's evidence. he could be key on a question of collusion. the white house is downplaying his role. we have team fox coverage now. john roberts with reaction from the white house. first, james rosen live at the courthouse in d.c. james? >> good afternoon, shep. george papadopoulos was first questioned by the fbi one week after the inauguration and over three weeks ago he pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi in that session specifically about the timing and circumstances under which he was in touch with foreign nationals who
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papadopoulos believed to be well-plugged into the kremlin, one of whom he believed to be the niece of vladimir putin. papadopoulos told the agents to contact the team before he joined the trump campaign. court documents state that papadopoulos continued to communicate with the professor and the russian ministry of foreign affairs connection in an effort to arrange a meeting between the campaign and the russian government. however these court documents made clear that the trump campaign rebuffed this effort by the russians working through mr. papadopoulos to set up a meeting with the candidate himself, a senior campaign official unnamed in the documents wrote to another we need someone to communicate that d.t. is not doing these trips. d.t. standing for donald trump. >> shepard: being instead someone of less high profile. is that what this said?
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so not to send any signals? >> well, no, it says in essence, we want someone of a low rank on the campaign to communicate to these folks that donald trump is not doing these meetings. it was suggested that mr. papadopoulos could take such a meeting himself. he did not. >> shepard: got it. paul manafort pleading not guilty to all charges in a court appearance this afternoon. they include conspiracy against the united states and acting as an unregistered foreign agent. paul manafort turned himself in today. he's accused of funneling millions through shell companies and using that money to buy luxury cars, real estate and expensive suits. rick gates is manafort's former business associate. he also pleaded not guilty. the office of special counsel robert mueller announced the indictment. the former fbi director looking into russian meddling in the election and the trump campaign's possible ties to
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russia. the criminal charges against gates and man ford do not appear to be directly related to the presidential race. in fact, the indictment does not reference either the campaign or donald trump himself in connection to russia. it does, however, allege that the conspiracy began in 2008 and continued into this year. in other words, the conspiracy is alleged to have continued during the time that he and his associate worked for the campaign and the new white house. the president fired paul manafort in august about reports for his lobbying work for a russian company. but gates continued to work for the campaign. president trump has denied collusion with russia calling the story a hoax. first james rosen. >> shepard, good afternoon. i spoke this morning to someone who spoke at length to paul manafort just this past saturday twice, as a matter of fact. paul manafort was saying he didn't believe he was going to
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be indicted. he's been released on $10 million bond. the parties agree to home detention. the indictment against the two men focuses on lobbying that the two men did for ukrainian interests from 2006 to 2015 and on alleged financial crimes that purportedly that continued until this year. manafort hit the existence of foreign bank accounts and falsely and repeatedly reporting to tax preparers and to the united states that they had no foreign bank accounts. manafort was said he directed the campaign to lobby officials on behalf hoff ukraine and ukrainian political parties. they were required to report to the united states their fees. manafort did not do so. >> my sense on this is look,
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this was bob mueller's opening salvo. it's obviously extremely significant that manafort was indicted. at the same time, i think it's notable about what the indictment does not say. there's nothing that links the russians to the trump campaign. >> a spokesman for rick gates issued a statement saying that his client looks forward to his day in court. the lawyer called the proceeding hasty and unexpected. gates did not have his lawyer present. a lawyer added the mueller team seems to have been concerned more with political and press considerations than due process, shep. >> shepard: james rosen live at the courthouse. you may have noticed during his report there, we went to a live picture of attorneys from this case walking out and passed the microphones. they didn't have anything to say. president trump says the charges against his former campaign chairman do not show any connection between his
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connection and russia. the president said sorry, this was years ago before paul manafort was part of the campaign. why aren't crooked hillary and the dems the focus? paul manafort and rick gates did work for the russian party until 2015. the money laundering continued there's last year and the conspiracy until sometime this year. john roberts is live on the north lawn. john? >> the white house is doing its best at the daily briefing today to distance itself from paul manafort. sarah huckabee sanders saying he was wrangled to get delegates and left soon after. he was the campaign chairman through the summertime but left as you'll remember because the story that came out about the ukrainian ledger that allegedly showed millions of payments to manafort. manafort told me at the time that there was nothing to that
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but he was stepping down as the campaign chairman because he didn't want to be a distraction to the trump campaign as they were going into the general election. listen to what sarah huckabee sanders said a short time ago about the fact that this did appear to occurred before manafort joined the campaign. listen here. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president, has nothing to do with the president's campaign. the real collusion scandal has everything to do with the clinton campaign, fusion gps and russia. there's clear evidence of the clinton campaign colluding with russia to smear the president, to influence the election. we've been saying from day one there's no evidence of trump collusion and nothing in the indictment changes that. >> the president sent out a tweet this morning when he heard about the indictments coming from the special counsel's office. sarah huckabee sanders talked to the president after that. she was asked what his reaction was. let's listen to what she said
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there. >> he responded the rest of have. without a lot of reaction. doesn't have anything to do with us. >> doesn't have anything to do with us. a montra that you'll hear repeated by the white house. sources familiar with the president's legal team say they believe that all of this will turn out very well for the president. they say they have been very forthcoming with everything that the special counsel has asked. people have been talking for months about the fact that paul manafort and rick gates might get indieded and it happened. >> shepard: george, you also asked about papadopoulos, the man who pleaded guilty on some charges. >> they're down playing his role. i think they have a better case of the down playing papadopoulos's role. he was an unpaid volunteer. he attended one meeting. he was sort of a foreign policy adviser. there's the photograph that you
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show that was posted on instagram with papadopoulos at the one meeting with the president. they're suggesting that he was freelancing his way into areas -- >> shepard: breaking news. paul manafort's lawyer at the microphones and speaking live. listen. >> he was seeking to further democracy and to help the ukraine come closer to united states and the e.u. those activities ended in 2014. over two years before mr. manafort served in the trump campaign. today you have seen an indictment brought by the office of the special counsel that is using a novel theory to prosecute mr. manafort regarding a fara filing. the united states government has only used that offense six times since 1966 and only resulted in one conviction. the second thing about this indictment that i myself find
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most ridiculous is a claim that maintaining offshore accounts to bring all your funds into the united states as a scheme to conceal in the united states government is ridiculous. thank you. >> shepard: that's a lawyer for paul manafort. first of all, the party and the candidate for whom manafort was working was a pro russia, not pro nato, pro united states. he was a pro russia candidate. in fact, when he was ousted from office, covich was the leader and escaped to moscow where we believe he's in exile to this day under the protection of the russians. john roberts back at the white house. that's the tick tok on that, right? not what he said, that he was
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trying to bring them closer to the united states. >> right. there's no question that victor was a pro russia president there in the ukraine. you listen to kevin downing and we'll hear a lot from him over the weeks and months ahead, he's one sharp cookie when it comes to handling defense for people that have been charged with fairly serious offenses as paul manafort has. you'll here he was mentioning the fara statute, disclosure as an agent of a foreign government. saying there's been six people that have been charged under the statute since 1966 and resulted in one successful conviction. there's a lot of people i've been talking to today that say watch kevin downing. they think he has a good case to fight back against this. we have seen other good attorneys that have lost. this is day one. we'll see where this goes. >> thanks, john.
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we'll discuss where the russian investigation goes from here and we'll speak with the legal analyst about the plea deal for the foreign policy adviser. he was named foreign policy adviser in march of 2016. it was the next month that he began communications with russians. what could he be telling investigators? apparently he's turned state evidence and appears at least to be cooperating with the prosecutors in this matter. the special prosecutor. as for paul manafort, saying that he was working to try to bring this pro russian man over to the united states and to nato's side, that pro russian man is now in russia. nobody has seen him. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon.
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admits he lied to the feds about his contacts with the russians offering dirt on hillary clinton. let's go to john bussey from the "wall street journal." they're really down playing the foreign policy adviser. unpaid and all of that. >> george papadopoulos. >> shepard: it was march of 2016 that president trump mentioned himself. said an oil guy. great guy. it was april of 2016 that these conversations with the professor regarding russia began. so one happened in march and the next in april. it's going to be hard for them to down play him. >> i think so. we heard sarah sanders say look, one meeting, he was a volunteer. sort of his involvement with the campaign. when in fact, no. there were e-mails back and forth between him and campaign officials. >> shepard: five of them. >> talking about what you just described, which were his
12:19 pm
meetings with this russian who was saying, look, we can get you information on hillary clinton. we want to understand a little bit more about where donald trump is growing to be on russia. let's organize some meetings. he's e-mailing back and forth and they're corresponding with him and each other about his e-mails. so there's a paper trail here. yeah, at the end of the day, we have manafort that was somebody that was backing candidates, who were pro russian in ukraine. he has been charged with money laundering. his lawyers talking about the ridiculousness of some of the statutes against him. this is a money laundering case. the fbi says you kept a lot of the cash you were given overseas, lived a lavish lifestyle in the united states. he didn't pay taxes. you have to come clean on that. so we have manafort and papadopoulos. papadopoulos communicating with campaign officials, a pro
12:20 pm
russian connection informs all of, this you have to ask yourself, what additional information does mueller have, what additional people involved that we haven't heard about yet. >> shepard: he's sending signals for one thing with papadopoulos. papadopoulos appears to be a cooperating witness, appears to be proactively cooperating which is sometimes code for has worn a wire. we know when he was indicted. we know when the charges came. that was a month ago. we don't know when he began cooperating and who he spoke with. >> each of these charges against manafort have serious consequences if he's found guilty of them. mind you, he's just been charged. each of the statutes that say x number of years per charge, you have to wonder if manafort will cooperate. >> shepard: that's what you want. if you're a prosecutor, you want the top person and tray to get people along the way to flip. in that indictment, there's no mention of trump, team trump,
12:21 pm
candidate trump, president trump. none of that. which may serve robert mueller in that he will say or now allow the white house to say this is a political witch hunt, which the president has said from the beginning. >> yeah, you may say to yourself, there's not a lot of donald trump there. papadopoulos doing some collusion freelancing on his own. yeah, maybe he communicated back and forth. but indeed, it may go that far. or you can say this is a deliberate guy, mueller and the charges are deliberate. they're pretty compelling at this stage of the game and papadopoulos has signed off on the charges. he agreed to them. maybe this is a sign of a mueller that has a lot more in store. >> shepard: john bussey, thank you. our next guest says robert mueller appears to go for the low-hanging fruit with the charges against paul manafort and other former campaign
12:22 pm
staffers. she says special prosecutor mueller could try to build his case by forcing these defendants to actually cooperate. more to come in that conversation is next. (vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> shepard: president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, is facing 12 felony charges including conspiracy against the united states. remember who he was. paul manafort, they used to call him the count. paul manafort going way back, trump met him in the mid 1980s. it was 1988 in new orleans at the republican national convention. he was called the count. he was the guy on whom they were going to rely. remember when it was everyone within the republican party, all trump supporters were afraid they would get to that convention and somehow they would steal the convention?
12:26 pm
it was paul manafort's job to come in there and turn votes into delegates. to hear in the trump campaign, they cannot steal this nomination from us, being the trump people and from donald trump. he got in there, he ran that convention. in cleveland, paul manafort was in charge. no one will deny this. he was in charge of everything. then at some point later because of this russia stuff through the ukraine, he was dismissed. the other man involved, gates, was not. he continued. the analysts say the threat of prison time and millions in fines could pressure paul manafort to cooperate with the special counsel, robert mueller. they say mueller will try to force manafort to reveal everything he might know in russian meddling, if there anything. our legal analyst, mercedes cohen is here. the squeeze begins. tell me what he faces. like if you're paul manafort and these are the charges, what can happen to you? >> significant.
12:27 pm
40 years in prison and millions in fines. he's 68 years old. the rest of his life will be behind prison. the prosecutors are swinging. they're saying, judge, we want him under house arrest. we want a $5 million bail. any defense attorney will tell you, we're talking about economic crimes here. it's money laundering. you don't have economic criminal charges and $5 million bail on top of it. you don't see that. that's why they're taking such a significant approach with manafort. >> shepard: so if you're the prosecutor and you're trying to get manafort to tell you whatever he knows, you wait and hear what it is that he tells you before you decide whether to drop the charges. >> that's right. all of the back channel communications begin. his attorney came out -- >> shepard: he says he's fighting. >> fighting, swinging. great. obviously he's doing this to send signals to the prosecutor. we're not going to lie down here. we're going to fight it.
12:28 pm
all of these back door channel communications start, this is what manafort will say. i have this information. you can perhaps wire me. there's so many options and the feds will do it. especially if you're talking about the significant charges with such a huge penalty. >> shepard: regarding george papadopoulos. you can see that donald trump named him as a foreign policy adviser in march of 2016. these conversations, the e-mails with the russians, up to five with the trump people, happened thereafter. then in october of this year the charges were filed. >> right. >> shepard: there's the period between april of 2016 and last month that we don't know. we know from the prosecution that he has been described by them as a proactive cooperator. what does that mean, proactive cooperator? >> he's probably helping during that process.
12:29 pm
>> shepard: does that mean wearing a wear? >> could be. things that the feds have at their disposadisposal. what was so weird, when you lie to the investigators, you obstructed justice. >> shepard: same thing. >> same thing. two different charges, ten years in prison potentially. we only saw the plea to one. he could have pled to both and the sentencing will be significantly less. that's already signalling, this is a catch-all charge. prosecutors use it all the time. they do it. it's hand in glove. it's not there. >> shepard: on the one side with papadopoulos, you have a man that is pleading guilty to something and cooperating along the way. that's one thing. >> sure. >> shepard: on the other hand, you have paul manafort who is obviously very close to the
12:30 pm
campaign team and the president who is now fighting. in the indictment of paul manafort, they don't say trump once. never. >> no. >> shepard: so the prosecutors are doing two things with these two bits of information. >> they're juxtaposing it. they're saying we have some evidence but we're going to work on it. manafort, you're in this dark spot with the charges. if you want us to be reasonable, drop charges, work with us, give us more information. frankly, the next step will be, they're aiming at the king. they better kill him. they're going to go deep into his company and get some other individuals that may have more information. they start high and go low and go to the top. >> shepard: thank you, mercedes. nice to see you. we're continuing to watch live outside the courthouse. the reporters are out there waiting to see when bob mueller will come out. we'll go live when it happens. we have no idea if he will speak or not. not bob mueller.
12:31 pm
i meant to say paul manafort. we have no idea what will happen there. we'll be there live. there's other news. much, much more on this from special report with bret baier. there's word of an investigation in the suspicious death of an army green beret. officials are looking into two members of another elite military unit. we're live at the pentagon and at the white house. that's coming up from the fox news deck. glad to have you here. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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jacob sims served in iraq and kosovo and was a trained blackhawk pilot. six others were hurt in a crash. and american sailors that were stranded on the ocean with their dog say they want to try the voyage again. their sail boat drifted thousands of miles off course. they say they want to build an unbreakable boat and try again. the news continues after this. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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. >> shepard: the house speaker paul ryan is not commenting on the indictments in the russia investigation. a talk radio host in his home state of wisconsin asked him about it. >> i really don't have anything to add other than nothing will derail what we're doing in congress. we're working on solving people's problems. one of the big problems is our economy is not hitting its potential and people deserve the tax breaks. >> shepard: speaker ryan says he plans to focus on delivering the tax breaks. the democratic senate minority leader warns president trump not interfere with mueller's investigation. he says if he does so, congress must respond in a bipartisan way to ensure that the investigation continues. lawmakers from both parties have previously said donald trump should not fire mueller. the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill.
12:38 pm
what else are we hearing from the republicans? >> chuck schumer was on the senate floor moments and and he said today's indictments show that robert mueller's probe is moving forward in a serious way and is making progress. on the other side, senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley of iowa said it's important to let its legal system run its course and grassley praised the justice department to enforce the foreign registration act seriously. house republicans suggest if the special counsel had enough information to charge, it's better now than having it linger. >> shepard: let's alert that paul manafort is walking out live. the reporters are chasing him along the way. let's listen to this camera. can we track that audio? there's no sound here. reporters are all around him. you'll see paul manafort. he walked out the main doors of the courthouse there. the cameras are walking with
12:39 pm
him. sometimes watching the news being made is not a lot of fun. here he is. the photographers are getting in position to try to get that shot. you know, a for effort. he's put down the sun visor and not get the questions answered by reporters. paul manafort indicted today, pleaded not guilty. back to mike emanuel on the hill at the rotunda. i apologize for the interrupt n interruption, mike. paul manafort has pulled away obviously and is now at the window. really surprised this doesn't have audio trailing it. apparently it does not. sometimes the audio cables are separate. sometimes the audio systems don't work perfectly. continuing to watch, paul manafort does not want to talk to the reporters that are there. his lawyers would probably be very happy that that is the
12:40 pm
case. again, special report with bret baier. more on this tonight. back to mike emanuel. we were discussing matters at hand regarding taxes and beyond. continue your report. >> that's right, shep. bottom line, a lot of republicans here on capitol hill are saying they're taking a wait and see approach. some are still flying back from their home districts and getting a look at the information from paul manafort and other aspects of this investigation. one new york republican said if there's enough information to charge, it would be better to do it now than having this whole issue linger. >> this is a bad for manafort and gates. they get their day in court. they may owe a debt to society. there's serious allegations, a detailed indictment. you don't want the special counsel work going on for two years with this big cloud when you're working on something like this. so it's good to get it off the table. >> nancy pelosi says even with today's development, she wants fully independent outside investigation looking into russian meddling in the 2016
12:41 pm
campaign and contacts with trump officials. pelosi knows defending the integrity of our democracy demands that congress counter russian interference. adam schiff, the top democrat on the intelligence panel says the white house may try to curtail the special counsel's work and "whatever the response, congress democrats and republicans alike, must make clear that we as an institution will do everything in our power to protect the special counsel's independence." adam schiff says they will continue to investigation as well. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. a federal court blocked president trump's trans-gender ban in the military for now. two months ago, president trump said he was going to reverse course on a policy that allowed trans-gender people to serve. meaning officials could once again discharge people for be
12:42 pm
it's trans-gender. today a judge ruled that troops that sued would likely win. so that judge has stopped the president from doing anything while the case works its way through the court. the white house did not comment on this during the briefing today. instead, it referred any questions to the justice department. the united states military reportedly investigating whether two navy seals were involved in the death of an army green beret in mali. that is according to the reporting of "the new york times" and others. the times reports it happened in june while all three were on a secret assignment. a military medical examiner ruled homicide by asphyxiation killed the 34-year-old staff sergeant. in other words, somebody strangled him. the sergeant was assigned to the third special forces group, the same unit that lost four soldiers during an attack in niger earlier this month. i should say the same unit from which four soldiers died. "the new york times" reports
12:43 pm
that the two navy seals under investigation here are members of seal team six, the elite counter terror unit for killing osama bin laden in 2011. jennifer griffin is live with more. jennifer? >> shep, they knew immediately, had suspicions, the senior higher ups in stuttgart, germany that foul play was expected and dispatched investigators to mali in the first 24 hours. the navy's criminal service took over the investigation from the army on september 25. staff sergeant logan melgar was 34 years old, a native of lubbock, texas. he joined the army in 2012 after graduating from texas tech university. he was a veteran. his wife, michelle, he last not commented. he was said to be a devoted
12:44 pm
father that skyped with his families most nights. >> shepard: where are the two navy seals now, jen? >> both were taken out of the country, flown out of mali after the incident on june 4. they have not been named and have been placed we're told on administrative leave. the two navy seals of the vaunted seal team six have not been charged. the two seals were sharing embassy housing with staff sergeant melgar at the time of his strangulations. they were all part of a counter terrorism group in mali. rumors have floated. now the investigation has gone from an army investigation to one led by the navy, shep. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. north korea announcing its sending more satellites into orbit. it claims this space program will help its economy.
12:45 pm
u.s. and united nations officials say it's not about satellites. it's about testing missiles for a weapons program. details in an update on north korea next.
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but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. >> shepard: 12 minutes before the hour now. days after the u.s. defense secretary visited south korea, the north koreans warn that they're going to launch more satellites. the north koreans say they're in space for exploration. the west calls them ballistic missile tests. jim mattis met with his south korean counterpart saturday. he reiterated that the united states would not accepted a nuclear north korea and if kim jong-un uses nuclear weapons, the u.s. will respond with a massive military response. greg palkot is live in london this evening. greg, what more do we know about this north korean satellite program? >> that's right, shep.
12:49 pm
north korean claims its peaceful. the united states says it's anything but. pyongyang announcing they want to launch more satellites into space over the next couple years. says its aim to improving the economy. the last time they claimed to have done that is february 0 last year. again, u.s. expects say it's a cover for the regime of kim jong-un to develop its long range ballistic missiles now thought to be in range of mainly the united states and now thought to be able to capped by miniaturized nuclear devices. the last thing that the united states wants to allow north korea to do is to get around international strictures banning any kind of development like that. very sensitive times. >> shepard: thanks, greg. we're expecting to learn more about the republican tax plan this week. gop leaders are apparently still trying to work out some of the details. like what would it mean for your retirement account and for certain tax deductions. that's next.
12:50 pm
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>> shepard: republicans in the house of representatives are set to release their tax bill on wednesday. we're waiting to see which deductions could get the axe. gop leaders say their tax plan will protect american's 401(k) accounts and announced a partial compromise on state and local taxes. some republicans threatened to vote against the tax bill if they were done away with. adam shapiro with details. he's live on capitol hill. hi, adam. >> hi, shep. one of the things to point out to you too about the negotiations, brian schwartz is reporting that nine republicans from high tax states like new york are going to have a conference call with
12:54 pm
the white house around 8:30 p.m. to talk about stopping the repeal of the deductions for state and local taxes. let's break down where we are. on wednesday we get the details. first, your 401(k). right now you can contribute up to $18,000 before taxes to your 401(k). they're negotiating a deal where they would cap it at $2,400 pretax. but then expand how much you could put into your 401(k) after tax. you'd have to pay taxes today on the remaining amount. that's one thing that is on the table. the other are the deductions for state and local taxes. the compromise is to allow people to deduct their property tax, but not their income and their local taxes like your auto excise tax. so this is getting a lot of attention. kevin hasset, the adviser to the president, had this to say on fox business. >> the economics of repealing the state and local tax deduction is very sound. it's not the case that everybody in new york is going to be a lot
12:55 pm
worse off. they'll see lower marginal rates. if you look at the two, it's very often that people come out ahead and in many states way ahead. >> congressmen are not happy about losing the deductions. >> shepard: what are you hearing from democrat there's? >> the democrats are already attacking. chuck schumer on the floor of the senate said what you would expect, this will benefit the wealthy and nancy pelosi and others that will lay out how to attack the tax reform bill, benefitting the wealthy and will add trillions to the national debt. shep? >> shepard: saudi arabia will let women into sports stadiums next year. that's according to officials in the saudi kingdom. they say women will have to sit in the family section separate from the men in the crowd. saudi arabia has some of the strictest rules for women in all of the world. it was the only country that
12:56 pm
wouldn't let while drive. last month said they will do away with that ban next year. saudi women will need permission from men to do a lot of things, including open bank accounts and go to work. we'll be back with a look at a radio broadcast that was too realistic and happened on this day in history. watch me. ♪ i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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12:59 pm
>> shepard: on this day in 1938, the aliens invaded. or so people thought. orson wells was broadcasting "war of the worlds" about martians taking over the planet. many people thought the attack was really happening. there were reports of widespread panic. feds investigated and said that wells didn't break any laws. historians say that helped kickoff his movie career after some listeners took a radio
1:00 pm
broadcast too literally 79 years ago today. should more news break out, wing break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is next and starts now. >> it has nothing to do with the activities of the campaign. it has to do with his failure to tell the truth. >> it's the clearest evidence of ties between the trump campaign and -- >> there's no official capacity in which the trump campaign was engaged in these activities. >> has he and the rest of the white house concerned that this will distract from tax reform and the other -- >> we're not worried about it because it has nothing to do with us. >> neil: not one question about what could be the most momentous move on taxes in a generation. not one until the


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