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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 31, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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spent this hour with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream, this is fox news at night. wi >> donald trump was evidence mister manafor and the trump campaign colluded with russian government. >> has nothing to do with the activities of the campaign but his failure to tell the truth, nothing to do with campaign or the campaign at the activities. >> it will come out that papadopoulos -- i wish it was because there was no collusion. it would be a nice thing to prove to people. >> i think it will grow into a bigger scandal and at the center of it is a corrupt justice department whose professional staff within the tank for
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hillary clinton and has been abusing its power. >> this is dominoes, not down the first domino, that knockdown the second domino, looking for the big domino in the oval office but i don't think they're going to get him. >> the reaction of the administration, the legal system, what it represents. ♪ >> good morning. live shot from the streets of new york city on this halloween. the streets will be filled with ghosts and goblins later today.
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you are watching "fox and friends" first this tuesday morning. appreciate you joining us. paul man is aford grand jury indictment. us special forces just captured militants accused of playing a key role in the deadly benghazi attack. kelly wright joins us with more on his upcoming trial in washington. >> with this capture the united states shows there is no place for anyone wanted in connection to the benghazi attack to think they can hide from its reach. special operations forces and fbi agents on a joint mission captured how amann at a location in libya, here's a suspect believed to have been involved in the heinous 9/11 attack on the us compound in libya that killed four americans serving their. ambassador christopher stevens, glenn doherty, sean smith, donald trump gave the orders for
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the operation. in a statement the president says this. to the families of those, of these fallen heroes, i want you to know your loved ones are not forgotten and they will never be forgotten. our memory is deep and outreach is long and we will not rest in our efforts to find and ring the perpetrators of the heinous attacks in benghazi to justice. a us official tells fox news he will be brought to washington dc where he will be charged in federal court. the us justice department will be the prosecution against him. attorney general jeff sessions says this arrest is a major step forward in the ongoing investigation of the barbaric attack in benghazi. in a statement mister sessions stated the united states will investigate and identify all those who were involved in the attack and we will hold them accountable for their crimes. we do not know if our mom has arrived in the united states yet, but the alleged benghazi
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mastermind is currently on trial for his role. heather: a lot of people waiting for more to happen. appreciate that. after waiting for action against the terrorists who carried out the benghazi attack, jack keane says the us should have been this aggressive from the moment american lives were lost. >> i have been so frustrated by this for a long time. we knew that night conducted that attack on the consulate and killed the ambassador and burn the place to the ground and the of the three americans died, we had to close our embassy down. we have known that organization did that, president obama should issue a finding to the central intelligence agency and told them and also joint special operations command destroy this organization as quickly as we
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possibly can. they expected us to come for them. everyone was hunkering down and we did nothing, we never went after this organization. we have done two people, that organization still thrives in libya. it should have been destroyed after what they had done to us. heather: paul man is about afort under house arrest along with rick gates after pleading not guilty to conspiracy and money laundering charges as the white house insists the charges have nothing to do with donald trump. griff jenkins live in washington with breaking developments. we said yesterday it would be an exciting day. you were right. >> what they call a big do net -- big news in washington is the first charges emerge from mother's investigation, man's of afort pleading not guilty to 12
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counts ranging from conspiracy against the united states to conspiracy to launder money and asking dating back to 2006 while working for a pro-russian ukrainian politician years before the 2016 election. chief of staff john kelly speaking out the first time with laura ingram. >> all the activities long before they ever met donald trump or had any association with the campaign but the reaction of the administration is what the legal justice system work. everyone is presumed innocent and see what goes. >> man's of afort pleading guilty, his attorney echoed the sentiment at the white house. >> donald trump was correct, there is no evidence mister manaford or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government.
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>> then came orders from the special counsel, george papadopoulos pleaded guilty earlier this month to charges of lying to the fbi about his communication with someone claiming connections to the russian government. sarah sanders downplaying his volunteer role. >> it was extremely limited, a volunteer position and no activity was ever done in an official capacity on behalf of the campaign. >> donald trump sounding off on twitter calling for an investigation into hillary clinton and the democrats writing sorry but this is years ago before paul's of a man is about aford was part of the trump campaign but why aren't crooked hillary and the democrats the focus? there is no collusion. there was even more news. the powerful lobbyists associated with hillary clinton, a powerful person stepping down in mueller's meddling probe. that busy day we started yesterday will continue today, tomorrow and the rest of the week.
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>> the group changing their name and revamping their entire business as a result of this is something will happen. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. be media having a field day all weekend long. as soon as the rest indictment bombshell dropped friday night. fox news legal analyst greg jarrett saying the press must have been disappointed when their collusion claims were not vindicated. >> the media was giddy with delight all weekend long when they learned there would be an indictment revealed on monday was all of a sudden they read the indictment and go oh, tax fraud by menaford, nothing to do with trump and rush and collusion. papadopoulos. >> they didn't charge him with underlying crime of collusion because no such crime exists, only an antitrust law. it is not a crime to talk to a russian. presidential candidates for decades have been making overseas trips to burnish their
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foreign-policy credentials and talk to foreign nationals including russians. heather: during the obama administration. representatives, the biggest names in social media in the hot seat starting today. lawyers from facebook, twitter and google will be questioned over the role russia played on their platform during the election. what lawmakers want to know is how the russians were able to target ads meant to divide american voters. more on that and emotional testimony in bowe bergdahl's sentencing hearing after a judge ruled donald trump's comments with not keep them from receiving a fair trial. the disgraced army sergeant breaking down on the stand saying, quote, i'm sorry isn't enough, my words can't take away the pain people have been through. speaking of that, the wife of mark allen who was shot in the
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head while searching for bowe bergdahl saying he cannot play with their 9-year-old daughter. a sentence is expected by the end of the week and bergdahl facing life in prison. netflix canceling its new show amid sexual allegations. >> secretary of state, that is all i wanted, that is what i was promised and now here i am, president of these united states. >> house of cards will not return after season 6. the announcement coming days after stark kevin spacey was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old fellow actor in 1986. spacey has apologized but netflix is the decision to cancel the show was made months ago and is unrelated to the
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scandal. nearly had a protest free game monday night football. can it be? kansas city chiefs cornerback marcus peters staying in the locker room during the and some helping the team beat the denver broncoss 29-19 but the nfl ratings continue to take a major hit thanks to the world series, houston astros wild victory over the dodgers in game 5 of the world series toppings are usually dominant sunday night foot wall by more than 3 million d words. a lot of people tune into that. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. new york city is living up to it sing to a status to defy donald trump. the new plot to keep police and immigration agents from doing their job. what is next for paul man is of afort and richard gates? our next guest is a former prosecutor who says the indictments are big on details but light on evidence so where does the investigation go from here?
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jillian: welcome back, 4:15 in the morning on the east coast. dramatic to most of money in the trial against an illegal immigrant on day 5 of the murder trial of kate steinle. we know how she died.
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retired officer testifying the gun was pointed at a crowd of people, the bullet ricocheted off the ground before striking steinle in the back. one lopez sanchez, the 5-time deported national admitted to filing -- fiery the fatal shot but he claims it was an accident. new york city living up to its sensory status to defy donald trump. city council expected to unanimously approve a bill that would ban the nypd from partnering with ice and other federal agencies to enforce immigration law or track undocumented immigrants altogether. of approved the wall would further defy the trump administration's thread to withdraw federal funding from all sanctuary cities. now back to this. bombshell indictments against paul man is about afort and richard gates. they have nothing to do with the trump campaign.
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what is next in the investigation? here is more on the legal fallout. thank you for joining us earlier this morning. not a huge surprise because this was leaked on friday. >> not a huge surprise, but what is a surprise is in that 31 page indictment there is no evidence connecting any of paul man is of aford's activities to the trump campaign and that was the reason a special prosecutor was brought into this case to begin with. that is the bombshell. >> that is what people don't understand and we can bring up the timeline of eventss and it goes back to 2006-2017, 2006 the majority of all that is happening during the obama administration. >> exactly. that is the real story. paul manaford, assume he was doing illegal deal for the last
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decade that had nothing to do with his limited role, very short role in the trump campaign. what is that about? does that mean mueller did a no knock search words into his home, came up with evidence that had nothing to do with russian collusion but had to say i can't just not invite him for this and that is what we have here and a lot of pundits are saying this is the first indictment, i think it is the first and the last. i don't think there will be any more, there are no fish on this i think that because everything has been unsealed. papadopoulos plea deal. heather: what about that? >> my opinion on it, papadopoulos was taking up space. he didn't have a real role in the trump campaign. he lied about something he did not need to lie about, it was not illegal, got a slap on the
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wrist, maybe offered some information that could have been helpful. heather: maybe he was wearing a wire at times. >> if he were, where are the rest of the indictments? there was no evidence -- heather: they never took him up on these meetings suggesting they could take place between donald trump and russian officials. that completely fell flat. >> there is no underlying charge in his plea deal as part of it is you can't talk to anyone who was involved in the campaign so i think again there is no there there and i don't see any other indictments coming down the pike. heather: tony podesta resigned from his company, changing the name. is that indication something is coming? >> people don't just step down from their companies for no reason. it is not a coincidence it happened the same day these indictments came out.
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number 2, his company is named in the indictment, we know there are going to be connection and one smart thing he it is the equivalent of leaving the party without saying goodbye to the host, let me leave now while all the media is on paul manafort and that is what he did and that is where there might be more. heather: we will bring you back. all right, we have lots of energy, thank you so much, appreciate it as always, 20 minutes after the top of the hour, jihadis want their country to fight on battlefields of syria returning home to taxpayer-funded housing. the new plan to bribe terrorists to keep them from carrying out attacks. disgusting new campaign that you
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have to see portraying all republicans is racist. have democrats finally crossed the line? your comments on this up next. ♪
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what donald trump and ed gillespie mean by the american dream? >> a democratic campaign ad depicts donald trump in the republican party as racist in a startling add depicting white supremacists chasing children through the streets. carly shimkus is here with what many are calling a new low from the left and this is shocking if
1:25 am
you look at the flat. >> it is and the virginia gubernatorial race between democrat ralph northam and republican ed gillespie just got even more dramatic. the democratic group concertina victory fund is responsible for that ad that shows a car with an gillespie bumper sticker chasing around are trying to mow down minority children. the group responsible for that ad promoted it on trader writing an gillespie and donald trump promised the american dream but can only deliver an american nightmare. but is this type of fear mongering below the belt? many on social media think it is. democrats just when you think they hit rock bottom find a lower level. melissa sustaining how low campaigns can go, if i were in
1:26 am
virginia i would vote for the candidate who condemned is that at. karen says now we know how low the dems can go poisoning the minds with these ridiculous ads. if you have any decency this ad would be gone. it is not, it is running through election day november 7th, and it will be on spanish channels in virginia and the dc area. jillian: you have hispanic children running, what appears to be a child running, african-american child running from what they say is a republican in this racist truck, thank you. let's go to the next topic. dressing up as elsa promotes white beauty. >> last week of nepal came out with an article say you can dress up as princess milano because it is racially insensitive, scratch elsa off
1:27 am
your list, a blogger says there's one thing i don't like about the character of elsa. because she is a white princess and we see so many white princesses her character sends the message you have to be a certain way to be beautiful or be a princess. is there no end to this, that is what people want to know. these people will stop at nothing until joy and fun is sucked out of the earth. rick says let it go, let it go, activists, let it go. thank you so much. >> now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the day. thank you, appreciate it. the time is 27 minutes after the top of the hour in the white house made it clear that little indictment belongs to paul manafor, not donald from. >> the announcement has nothing to do with the president, the real scandal has everything to do with the clinton campaign,
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fusion gps and russia. >> that is not stopping opponents from dragging the president into the fray but our next guest says democrats are setting a trap for themselves. tammy bruce here live up next. a question we have all been dying to know. >> what are you going to be for halloween? >> hillary clinton's halloween costume revealed and it is terrifying but first more of your halloween pics. can you tell who this is? you just saw her. a younger carly shimkus dressed as a very cute clown. even pets are joining in on the fun. rock star of course. ♪ i don't think anything can prepare you to hear those
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hoping robert mueller and his team would hand them a smoking gun against donald trump in their collusion case but instead it is falling short. charges against paul manfort and richard gates have anything to do with the trump administration? joining us to discuss is tammy bruce. thank you for joining us. we were just talking about it. it doesn't mention donald trump anywhere in the indictment. >> this is a very -- regarding manafort pre-donald trump, pre-campaign, this goes back to 2006-2012, he hired the podesta group which is a democrat firm, tony podesta, the most powerful brother of john podesta, hiring that firm because he is trying to influence a democratic president, nothing to do with
1:33 am
donald trump, this is the irony, of all the democrats involved in this framework during a democratic administration it was supposed to be about trump. this is where democrats once again have not just let their base down but misled them, lied to them. they know what it is like to be misled. democrats were expecting is this huge thing about trump and they were going to get them and that is not going to occur. i think there will be more indictments, mike flynn had an illustrious career, an awful situation for him but he has been involved in some shenanigans, that will come up and mister podesta will find himself, he is behaving as though he expect something to happen. >> we were talking the end of the week before this information leaked out, talking about democrats and russian collusion, the impacting of them. now we have this happen, the
1:34 am
timing of all of it. >> no matter what happens democrats are always trying to move the narrative to be against trump. >> also towards mueller himself. >> i agree with general kelly. we need to let the legal framework play out the president will. and also, a lot of democratic supporters, the fact is even when you look at the indictment regarding mister manafort it is remarkable he amount of money involved with tax evasion and money laundering and fraud and this is what tony podesta has to worry about. there seems to be some comfort in the indictment and what special counsel is doing regarding democrats. heather: as it continues to unfold we have midterm elections coming up, democrats need to be
1:35 am
can there and how this will impact them and this statement from ohio, we don't have a lot of time around here talking about vladimir putin and james comey, i am frustrated by what comey did, but that is what we talk about, we will lose again. >> the american people care about the issues, they want their future secured, care about their families. through this process the democrats have continually lied. we find out a lot of this has been deflection on the president was americans resent the attempt to harm the president because that harms the nation. people want to get down to business and democrats don't know how to do that and we are seeing this unravel. on my twitter people saying your guy, donald trump is all of our guy is going down.
1:36 am
this is serious business, the fact is all of these politicians the last 15 to 20 years. heather: we need to know how that dossier was used. >> on that regard the democrats have to face the truth and gather themselves when it comes to what the future is going to look like involving the white house. heather: with a smile. the region's out the leader fleeing the country, hearing rebellion charges. with a look at international headlines. following this story closely for us. >> the question is are they retreating or regrouping? that is the plot from barcelona
1:37 am
thickening. the president and some of the other regional leaders fled to belgium and said to be in a safe and discreet case. they carry potential long jail sentences in spain, whose headquarters are in brussels, not recognized in the declaration of independence but belgium have a strong separatist movement among the belgian community and said to be sympathetic independence, that independence declaration made friday was countered instantly by madrid invoking article 155 with major institutions in barcelona, declared the independence bit criminal. weeks after four green berets killed in niger by militants the state department issued a travel warning for the country warning of high threat of kidnapping. al qaeda, the islamic state
1:38 am
affiliate in west africa and they are creating the greatest things, the state department pledged $60 million to boost security, including niger, chad, various british media sources report a plan in the works to co-opt terror suspects and returning for invite is by offering free housing and help finding jobs in the uk, this is highly controversial as it could mean terror suspects jumping the line for taxpayer-funded housing, think you can't buy people's loyalty to the country but the reported scheme called operation constraint. to neutralize the threat posed by terror suspects, and 360
1:39 am
returning jihadists. >> i will retweet for people. thank you, appreciate it. back at home as the government evaluates the eight completed prototypes for the border wall white house chief of staff john kelly told lauren graham we need to double down on the president's efforts to defend our borders. >> we have a more dangerous border today between drugs and illegal immigration than we did in 2006, overwhelming support both sides of the aisle to include senator schumer, hillary clinton, barack obama to vote for the defense act, 600 miles of fencing was built, is effective but not as effective as it could be, we are improving the fencing, looking for additional funds to build a physical barrier. the process to date is lengthy, the vast majority of it is in
1:40 am
the country. >> if we cannot verify refugees he doesn't think we should, quote, let them into the country. senator bob mendez, the lying at mistrial for the new jersey democrat saying his attorney's argument was silly. mendez is accused of pressing high-level administration officials to resolving this does dispute in exchange for bribes, this could go to a jury this week. she couldn't get elected president but maybe for at least a day, hillary clinton can dress up like one. >> what are you going to be for halloween? >> i think maybe i will come as the president. heather: the former democratic nominee making those comments in chicago and drying quick reaction on social media, one person tweeting sound like she is not trick or treating in
1:41 am
wisconsin. ben schapiro saying she will dress up as trump. it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. donald trump once to raise your taxes in the new york times, their version of the truth on tax reform, the trump administration squashing those claims. >> we will fight tooth and nail for what is right for the american people. >> what is going on? our financial expert separates facts from fiction up next. ♪
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heather: donald trump's tax plan said to be unveiled tomorrow as his chief of staff promises he is working to put money back in
1:45 am
your wallet. >> is working with congress, both sides of the hill and there will be a great tax cut. he will fight tooth and nail to get what he believes is right for the american people relative to tax cut. heather: along with the left the new york times doesn't belief in writing this headline, donald trump wants to raise your taxes. taking money from the government and putting it back in the hands of the private sector really going to hurt the average american? here to weigh in, thank you for joining us. this is important. this is what people need to know. let's look at this quote from the new york times article, trump and his allies are feverishly trying to claim their plan would benefit middle-class. the latest point the notion the corporate tax cuts will create an indirect windfall for workers. funny how the wealthy that most of the direct benefits while everyone else has to hope for
1:46 am
indirect ones somehow to materialize. true or false? >> i think it is false. i say that because the automatic fallback, talking about tax reform, to say the rich are going to benefit, they are not paying their fair tax but the office of management and budget came out with a report last week that the top 20% of wage earners are paying 95% of the federal income tax right now. that is more than their fair share. only 5% of the tax base being paid by 80% and half of them don't pay any. >> how does that benefit everyone? >> the rich are paying less, if that is the position that will be taken although we don't know that because the plan hasn't been finalized. heather: everyone has an opinion. >> we will know on wednesday when the plan comes out. the automatic thought process is
1:47 am
those high wage earners are the employer's. the more they have in terms of their disposable income and money available they are going to employ more people and put more people to work in order to expand their businesses. heather: create jobs, put more money in people's pocket. how is it we hear such a drastic differences in opinions whether or not that helps? >> it comes down to this. most people don't understand the tax code. the tax code is notorious for picking winners and losers. that doesn't have to be the case. in my judgment when you are talking tax cut across the board everyone benefits because if there is more money in our pockets all of us, that will
1:48 am
stimulate the economy and what we need. this is an economic plan, not a tax plan. heather: being more competitive with the corporate tax rate. >> corporate tax rate really important, we are at 35%, one of the highest in the world. how can we be competitive on the world stage? taking it to 20% which is what the proposal is will allow corporations to get jobs back to the american people. heather: simplifying the tax code. >> has to happen because quite frankly it is too old and needs repair. heather: we will bring you back when we get details on wednesday, thank you. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour, new roof that the affordable care act is anything but affordable, could this be the nail in the coffin for obamacare. twitter fighting back against fake news, social media site cleaning up its act, at least they say they are before getting grilled on capitol hill. ♪
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heather: shocking information ahead of a congressional hearing on russian meddling in the 2016 election twitter suspending 2700 accounts they claim are linked to the research agency, that is more than 200 accounts initially disclosed. lawmakers will tell congress those accounts issued a total of 1.4 million tweets. meanwhile twitter users rushing to attack george papadopoulos after the former trump campaign advisor pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about the russian investigation. the problem is users attacked the wrong guy. the man who has the same name tweeting i am not trump's foreign policy advisor. i have no association with a trump camp.
1:53 am
this papadopoulos who was a wall street journal expert panelist dealing with an influx of hate online and even called a liar. foxbusiness alert. obamacare enrollment begins tomorrow and premiums are skyrocketing for next year, some states seeing a 70% increase in price just for basic insurance. here is what you need to know. >> reporter: the average monthly premium for obamacare will surge around 37% in 2018. the second to lowest-cost plan will go from $300 a month right now to $411 a month before tax deductions are applied. the change in costs will differ by state but iowa will see a 70%
1:54 am
increase and these federal tax credits that help people to buy coverage will rise sharply which means people eligible for those tax credits could pay last but people who don't reach those tax credits could pay more. heather: i want to talk about this next story. elon musk, this underground tunnel in la, electric skates, 150 miles an hour, this is wonderful. as someone who grew up in southern california this will be incredible if it happens. a first look at this underground tunnel that elon musk is building into the space x la headquarters, they will put these cars in these and travel underground and skip the traffic. great thing at 150 miles an hour. halloween freebies, spooky specials today. >> reporter: lots of treats and no tricks. you can get two free kids meals with purchase of an adult entrée, kids eat free with the
1:55 am
purchase of an adult entrée, chuck e cheese, another deal, red robin, sonic, pizza hut, a lot of good deals if you are dressed up. some have a deal if you are dressed up. kids will likely be dressed up. heather: some good deals, thank you so much. coming up, no tricks here today but plenty of treats, we are celebrating halloween up next.
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heather: happy halloween. dunkin' donuts, baskin-robbins offering specials on halloween and special treats, they are decorated for halloween. >> this is my favorite donuts, a spider with a munchkin, you get the donut and the doughnut hole. heather: these are trick or treat polar pizzas from baskin-robbins. ice cream, even better. >> we think halloween is for kids but it is for adults too. speaking of kids some final pictures here, this is me dressed as a scarecrow, a clown,
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we had you as a clown earlier but now we have you as a major at and as a pope. do we have that? there you are. and young tracy as a ballerina. happy halloween to everyone. "fox and friends" first continues, have a great day. ripping it apart. rob: fox news alert us special forces detaining one of the alleged benghazi masterminds bringing him home to face justice in the united states. the key militant just captured. >> donald trump was evidence mister manaforte and the trump campaign colluded with the russian governme


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