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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 31, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> every night were going to hit the big issues of the day. and some surprising notes from all angles. heartland america, you have a champion. >> happy halloween, "outnumbered" starts now. >> a fox news alert, the white house firing back after president trump's for former campaign chair pleads not guilt guilty. the indictment on paul manafort and rick gates shows collusion with russia. this is "outnumbered," good morning everyone. with us today, harris faulkner, lisa boothe, trish reagan, today's #oneluckyguy, guy benson is here and he is outnumbered, good to have you. >> harris: never scary, always
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lovely. >> guy: one of the producers played a prank on me, i asked if we were wearing costumes on the couch and for a while she said "oh, yeah." have something you might be comfortable getting slimed in. i was a shark for halloween. i had a giant shark onesie. can you imagine us attacking russia, me in a shark onesie? >> the white house dismissing the first round of charges announced as paul manafort and his business associate both pleaded not guilty to a 12 count indictment and do back in court thursday. we also learned about a guilty plea by a former campaign advisor, george papadopoulos. press secretary sarah sanders and chief of staff john kelly both defending the president.
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>> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president, has nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activities. the real collusion scandal as we've said several times before has everything to do with the clinton campaign, fusion gps and russia. we've been saying from day one, there's been no evidence of trump-russia collusion and nothing in the indictment today change is not at all. >> all of the activities they were indicted former long before he ever met donald trump or had any association with the campaign. i think the reaction of the administration is to let the justice system works, everyone is innocent until presumed innocent. >> sandra: the democrats say this is just the beginning. >> no surprise, look, from the day director mueller was appointed to get into this investigation, i knew he would get to the bottom of it. more and more evidence is coming to the table, bottom line is mueller will get to the bottom of it.
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>> what it reveals is there is a lot more we can expect, it's the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert, we want to show the white house live right now because the white house has scheduled a meeting with the president. they're calling it a tax reform industry meeting, we are being told. it did not produce a list of attendees beforehand. they have only said there will be trade association types there. they have been able to separately confirm, referring to our reporters in the white house, the representatives from the national association of manufacturers and the business roundtable will be in attendance at that meeting, once or saying this meeting will try to keep the business community glued together on tax reform. lines are being drawn in the sand and the thinking is the white house wants to make sure there isn't a divide heading into tomorrow's big rollout of
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that tax plan. a very important meeting potentially taking place right now, let's listen. >> thank you very much for being here. for the incredible work you are doing to help us pass the really historic tax cuts, there's never been anything like this in the history of our country. its cuts and its relief and it's also reform and frankly it's also simplification. so we are covering everything, there's never been anything like it. and it's so important, the economy is doing very well but it can do much better, a lot of jobs are going to come from this and a lot of companies are going to start pouring back into the united states. we are going to be announcing one big one sometime very shortly. a very big one coming back into the united states. all of you have done a tremendous job mobilizing your members, talking to members of congress which is very important, and making a strong
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case for tax reform in the medi media. the media is not all fake, therefore we can get a fair shake. now is a time to redouble our efforts, we need you more than ever before, you are leaders of this country and certainly leaders on this subject and you know more about it than anybody and we need you to be united, committed, and proactive in order to overcome forces fighting, and there are forces fighting out there that very much benefit the way it is now but that's bad for the country, they know that. but their fighting for themselves, they are not fighting for the country. in a few days i'll be traveling to asia to advance america's economic and national security priorities. i'm counting on all of you to be back here working to maintain our momentum on tax reform and tax cuts and that will be a short period of time i will be away, about ten and a half days,
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and we will get back very quickly. were meeting in china and south korea and japan, we are going to vietnam and the philippines, which is a strategically important location where the previous administration was not exactly welcome, as you probably remember. the democrats will say our tax bill is for the rich but they know it's not, and what they will do, they don't even know the tax bill. the tax bill hasn't even been put out yet. they immediately say it's for the rich, because that's the right thing to say. for them, it doesn't work and i know that. i think we will have some democrats joining us for the reduced taxes because the tax bill for middle class, a tax bill for jobs, it's going to bring a lot of companies in and it's tax bill for business which is going to create the jobs. we are bringing it from 35 down to 20. well i'm in asian members of my cabinet will be traveling around
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the country talking to taxpayers and focusing on the regional media, which we find to be a much more credible media, to be honest with you. i found it to be incredible how good they are. my entire economic team will remain totally focused on tax reform, they will be staying here and will continue to work closely with all of you, we've had a great relationship with most of the people in the room. we need your continued input to make sure the final bill gets all of the details right and that we get that approval. i want the house to pass a bill by thanksgiving, i want all the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign by christmas, hopefully before christmas, you will be in the room, standing front row center, i think we will be able to find a place where you can all stand front row center. it will be a big event, the biggest tax event in the history of our country. thank you all for being here today, we have a couple of folks
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that i'd like to have say a couple of words while we leave the media, tom donohue has been the president of the chamber of commerce for a long time, do you have anything to say? >> thank you very much for having me, mr. president. the business community has been waiting a long time for an administration and a president and a willing congress to do what we haven't done for many decades. and we think we were lucky to arrange a budget so we're going to have a better opportunity to send it. i think you're right, there are some members of the democratic legislature that will come around on some of this, particularly if the numbers are as promised. you hit it right on the head, we've got to work on it, we are going to have some differences amongst the business community on what should be the takeaways
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in the end, but we just have to work on that and i think you're planning is really quite good, off to asia and everybody else get it worked out, come back and see what we have. thank you very much. >> what you said is important, we did get the budget passed, it was a big event. it doesn't often happen. it was fairly easy to pass, we had a couple of extra votes if we needed them. more than a couple of votes if we needed them. the republicans have a tremendous spirit, we will have no democrats support, we may have on the tax cuts, i think it's going to be very hard for five or six of them to run successfully saying they want to raise taxes. the democrats want to graze taxes and create obstruction on the republicans want to lower taxes, we want to get rid of regulations. i've gotten rid of more regulations in the first nine months of than any president has for their term in office.
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that's a big statement but we really have just begun, i would say we have at least another 50% that we want to do. that's going to be fantastic. in some cases it statutory, we have to give a notice and another notice, wait 90 days. but we've got along that statutory process and i will tell you, you're going to see a lot of additional relief from these horrible regulations that have been killing our country, they've literally been killing. as you noticed, gdp was just announced, shocking a lot of people expect the hurricanes which could possibly consider to be one point, we were three. we were 3.2 last quarter, but we were three. to be at 3, it would've meant we would've hit 4. those are numbers that have not been seen for many years. we are doing well, we will continue to do well, the big
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thing is we have companies that really want to move back into the united states because of regulation and what we are doing with taxes. and some big ones are going to be announced very soon. could i ask you to say a few words from the national association of wholesale distributors, they'll be great. >> thank you. appreciate the opportunity to be here. a few of us on the room are old enough to remember being in the same room when president reagan was working on tax reform. two of us, at least. tom was here. 30 years or so have passed, the tax code doesn't resemble what was done in '86. the form is long, long overdue. i represent an industry with very high effective tax rates, they are tired of paying the other guys taxes. unstated but i assume the price
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of admission for being here today is that you support the process going forward. obviously each of us have to see the details, although one thing or another would like to see different, but the broader perspective is for the good of the economy, the good of the country and frankly i think the good of our members, you have to support the process going forward. you have our commitment to do precisely that. >> thank you, that's really great, i appreciate it. it's so important, we talked tax cuts which is really to me the great big thing, tax cuts. we desperately need them but so many other things are happening, including bringing $4 trillion back into the united states and that money is going to be put to work in our country for our people, creating our jobs and factories and plants. i think the number could be higher than 4 trillion, it's been two and a half trillion dollars for so long, everyone
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said two and a half trillion dollars but it's gotten a lot bigger. i think the numbers going to be well over $4 trillion coming back into our country and so many other things. one of the other elements that are important, you're going to say a few words next because i'm dying to hear what you have to say. one of the things that so important a simple vacation. too complicated, we are simplifying it greatly. i want to thank all of my folks for being here and working on i it, the process is complicated but the end result will not be that complicated. it's going to be -- people are going to pay less tax by a lot, companies are going to pay less tax by a lot. it's a big difference and companies are going to start rebuilding and they're going to stay here and expand and build new plants. they won't be going to other countries like they have been for many decades. could you say a few words, small
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business entrepreneurship council? >> thank you so much, mr. president. for your support and leadership on this issue, this is one of the most critical issues for small business and they are going to have more capital to put back into their businesses, they're going to invest more, they're going to provide higher wages, better benefits for their employees. these business owners and entrepreneurs are also leaders in their communities and they do see the lack of business dynamism, they don't see new business creation and our communities and that's a problem in this country, the lack of entrepreneurship. according to our numbers, 3.2 million missing businesses in our country because of people not taking risks. were very excited about tax reform in terms of growth that will bring, the investment it will bring, making the u.s. even
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for capital again because we need to get that edge back, we need to encourage more people to start businesses, particularly millennials starting businesses again which will add to our competitiveness. thank you. >> one of the things we've been talking about and that we've seen, there's never been anything like it, the level of enthusiasm for business, for manufacturing is the highest level it's ever been. the highest level since the charge started. we have a tremendous level now. of enthusiasm for business and for manufacturing, nobody's ever seen anything like it. of course the stock market is at an all-time high, historic high, it's going up -- 54 times since i was elected, we've hit the record 54 times. it's up again a little bit today, we are going to try to keep it going up. we've created almost $5.5 trillion in stock market
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wealth. $5.5 trillion since november november 8th. we're very honored by all of that, a very big part of it will be tax cuts and tax reform and we will work on that together. thank you all very much, thank you. thank you very much. thank you. we are not looking for that, hopefully not. some people have mentioned, hopefully not. thank you, everybody, . thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. >> sandra: president trump commenting on tax reform and tax cuts to industry leaders at the white house. ahead of this big rollout that is happening this week of the tax plan, we talked about these
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tax cuts being historic, addressing critics who say this is a tax bill for the rich, he said they don't even know what's in this yet. we will have democrats rooting for us, the president said. talking about that corporate tax rate coming down to 20%. there's reports it will be phased in over five years, he said they're not looking for that to be the case. he called it the biggest tax event in the history of our country, there were questions on the mueller findings and paul manafort, the president declined to respond. i'm going to open this up to the couch, guy benson is on the couch with us right now. tom donohue, the chamber of commerce was speaking there and he said the business community has been wanting this for a long time. he has the support of industry leaders around him, he said he believes democrats will come around if the numbers are as promised. a big meeting ahead of a big week here. >> guy: i think if you look at the news cycle over the last 48 hours, this was clearly an
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effort by the white house to press the pause button on russia and say we still have a proactive agenda we are pursuing with this administration and we are going to force you to talk about it because president trump is going to talk about it. to that point, i was listening very carefully, he talked a lot about cuts but circled back to simple vacation which i think is an important element of this. he made a little news, pressuring the house of representatives and paul ryan to get a bill passed out of the lower chamber by thanksgiving, that's a concrete timetable. >> sandra: the timetable was really interesting, trish reagan, you are always diving into the numbers. he said i want the house to pass the bill by thanksgiving and i want everyone by my side to send the bill by christmas, is not too aggressive? >> trish: deadlines help, as journalists we all know that, it's good to have a deadline. congress -- you could make the argument that the deadline was
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difficult for them with repeal and replace and probably didn't do them any favors. this is the one the president has been committed to, one that lawmaker after lawmaker after lawmaker has run on and we've talked about forever. simplification of the tax code, lower taxes, bring all that money that sitting overseas, the president says $4 trillion, back home. these are easy low-hanging fruit opportunities for lawmakers. deadline is perhaps -- >> sandra: a little joke by one of the meeting members ther there, tom donahue said he joked about the president's trip to asia, he said good timing. where does the mueller investigation go from here? we will take a look at what's next as the white house pushes back on any collusion allegations, we will be all over this next. ♪
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>> harris: breaking news, we will get back to our top story. the white house pushing back after charges were filed against three campaign employees and saying nothing points to collusion, let's go to chief washington correspondent james rosen live in washington
9:24 am
now. >> a fascinating development today, the special counsel's office and its new star witness george papadopoulos is coming under challenge today. you'll recall from our coverage yesterday that it was papadopoulos' meetings with a foreign professor who claimed access to well-connected russians who tried to arrange a meeting between russia and then candidate donald trump. documents attached to his guilty plea set up what the professor told defendant papadopoulos as he later described to the fbi that they, meaning the russians, have dirt on her. the russians had emails of clinton, thousands of emails." today the telegraph newspaper in london has identified the professor as a teaching fellow at sterling university in scotland this may whose online resume and limited history of
9:25 am
published includes support of vladimir putin's regimes. he also described that the laughingstock suggested in the report that he'd introduced papadopoulos to a female russian national he described as a demand relative of vladimir putin. >> tactics of the russian federation proved to be very useful. the agreement was reached, you had to have all the players there, including the united states. those people were dragged into agreeing and the foreign minister and his team are exceptional in deception. >> democratic lobbyist tony podesta announced yesterday he is leaving his powerhouse firm
9:26 am
the podesta group to focus on the special counsel's probe. he is the brother of hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. neither of them has been charged with any wrongdoing and mr. manafort entered a not guilty plea yesterday. >> harris: thank you very much. the story now has a couple of podesta's and a british spy. for the longest period of time we have seen the shingle out, are they going to look at everything, it hasn't been one of the other, do you look at republicans or democrats? it's always been look at everything. >> guy: that is the charge of the special investigation on this team, it is not to get donald trump, it is to find out what the russians did and anyone who gets swept up in that,
9:27 am
republican or democrat, if they were engaged in wrongdoing, so be it. i think the fact that the podesta group is apparently in the cross hairs of this investigation speaks well of mueller and undermines the narrative among some on the right that this is a witch hunt designed to go after only one party. that doesn't seem to be the case right now. >> lisa: i think what we saw from yesterday's news is an indictment of the culture of washington, d.c. we look at the culture of corruption with lobbying practices and also politics, we really seen the foreign agents registration act, to the forefront, you've seen both paul manafort, rick gates, fusion gps, the podesta group, all failing to register as essentially foreign agents of russia and doing their bidding in the united states. we look at politics and the dirty aspect of politics, taking meetings we shouldn't take or paying millions of dollars to
9:28 am
fusion gps to basically pay off kremlin forces for disinformation. i think what we've seen is basically the swamp in action and the corruption in washington, d.c. >> harris: that's what i was thinking as you were saying it out. i want to go to something the president weeded out with regards to looking for -- looking at all aspects of this. he says "the fake news is working overtime is paul manafort's lawyer has said there was no collusion that took place before he came to the campaign. few people knew the young, low-level volunteer named george who has already proven to be a liar. check the democrats." >> trish: i believe that as a reference to what happened with the so-called dossier, was the united states played in some way? russian sources feeding this information to christopher steele, the british spy who was doing this work on behalf of fusion gps.
9:29 am
there's a lot of questions there, we haven't even gotten to uranium one. i think that all the important thing here is we need answers, we need to find out just exactly what happened and it's not necessarily as guy says our partisan thing. i'm wondering how our administration, the obama administration may have taken some of this year's pay from the british spy seriously enough to be looking into this. >> harris: republican congressman rhonda santos we've had sitting in our #oneluckyguy recently suggested to limiting funding and restricting the investigation scope. when this thing runs its scope, and, if you mess with it along the way, what does it do? >> guy: if your hope is to be vindicated -- >> harris: there is no
9:30 am
evidence. >> guy: if he is confident they are going to chase all these threads and end up with nothing, doing anything to undercut or undermine the investigation is self-defeating, looks bad, terrible objects and desperate and suspicious. let mueller do his work. >> harris: there's the issue, it could rob you of a victory day. speak of the best thing he could do right now is talk about the economy and talk about taxes. let's talk about what's most important for the american people, he says in the streets. >> harris: president trump is now calling to turn the focus to put democrat corruption in addition to perhaps the economy, this is white house chief of staff john kelly saying he backs the special counsel to look into the obama era russian uranium deal. on the funding on dossier on it
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♪ >> sandra: white house chief of staff john kelly says he supports the call to appoint another special counsel to look into democrats alleged misdeeds, including actions related to the obama era russian uranium deal and the now discredited dossier on the end candidate donald trump. the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc spent millions to help fund that dossier. general kelly asked whether it's time for investigation on all of this. >> should there be another special counsel? >> i think one of the strengths i have been looking at issues in
9:36 am
my job, i think probably is only looking at this kind of thing, if you can find someone who is very objective who can get to the bottom of these accusations. the american people have an absolute right to know these things. >> sandra: president trump also tweeting this morning that it's time to focus on "democrat corruption." hillary clinton's 2016 running mate tim kaine today appearing to defend that dossier while dismissing the need for a new investigation, watch. >> we all do research, every candidate does research on their opponent, you can ask any candidate for office, they do it. hiring a firm to do research is pretty common practice. that's not any evidence of collusion, that's what's done. let's get to the bottom of it all, let's all agree that director mueller will have the complete latitude and resources to get to the bottom of this. >> guy: okay, let's unpack that for a minute. when the trump campaign is
9:37 am
talking about opposition research, this is russia, this is different. the dossier was compiled by a foreign x spy using very shady high-level russian sources, apparently spreading disinformation about a presidential candidate dan to the democrats denied and deflected and lied about whether or not they had paid for that information. this is not just typical opposition research, i'm sorry. that spiked my b.s. meter a little bit. the other thing i want to get to the bottom of, the piece of this puzzle that is baffling to me and demands an answer, why was the fbi paying christopher steele to continue the opposition research into candidate trump and stop that, cut off the payments when it was publicly reported they were doing it? that makes no sense to me, we need answers on that and i hope mueller is willing to take a
9:38 am
very tough look at his own former bureau and ask those questions. >> lisa: i think even more questions about the dossier, what role did it play in the fbi investigation which subsequently led to the special counsel investigation as well? i think those are imperative questions that a lot of people want to get to the bottom of. you look at crowd strength, the group to run the forensics on the dnc server, they did not allow the fbi access to, was brought into the fold by the law firm that the dnc and clinton campaign were paying to then pay fusion gps and a buffer to serve in between them. i think that raises a lot of questions about the server itself. there were a lot of underlying questions here i think americans deserve answers to. >> trish: if you're going to talk about russia you have to go back to uranium one. i know how difficult it is to do
9:39 am
cross-border transactions and you are talking about a company that was trying to buy an interest in uranium productions in the united states. which had not uranium in its title but the parent company was the russia state atomic energy corporation and they were doing this at a time that we in the fbi were looking at whether vladimir putin was trying to gain outside influence in the atomic energy sector and russia. simultaneously we know hundreds of millions of dollars are going to the clinton foundation so when we talk about russia i think there is a big deep dive that needs to be done in terms of the dossier and in terms of what secretary of state clinton's relationship was with the russians and how did that lead to uranium one. >> sandra: hillary clinton reacting to the first indictments in the russia probe while calling on congress to hold president trump accountable. nancy pelosi is demanding another investigation into
9:40 am
russian meddling. are democrats overplaying their hand here? we will debate.
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prudential. bring your challenges. ♪ >> sandra: hillary clinton now weighing in on the indictment of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his deputy and the russian probe. during a stop on her book tour in chicago yesterday, calling on lawmakers to act as well, watch. >> i believe it to the investigators to decide whether or not there was collusion or conspiracy but we don't need a lengthy investigation to tell us that trump is ignoring the intelligence community about an urgent threat, refusing to stand up to an adversary who was already attacked us and advocating his responsibility to preserve, protect, and defend our national security. we know everything we need to know on this point, we just have to make sure that the members of
9:45 am
the congress stand up and do their job. >> lisa: top house democrat nancy pelosi is calling for yet another investigation into russian meddling in the trump campaign's actions as she sees them. saying "even with an accelerating special counsel investigation, inside the justice department, and investigation inside the republican congress we need an outside, fully independent investigation to expose russians meddling in our election and the involvement of trump officials." what do you think nancy pelosi thinks a special counsel is doing? >> guy: i have absolutely no idea, i'm not going to pretend to get into nancy pelosi's brain. i would like to ask her what on earth she's talking about, we have the house investigation, the senate investigation which virtually everyone agrees is going well and being put together and conducted in a bipartisan and professional manner, and the thing democrats were screaming for them to god, a special counsel to address exactly these questions is doing
9:46 am
its work. she can maybe hire a special investigator, a magnifying glass, dust for fingerprints, we have as many investigations as we can possibly have been the subject. this does give the sense of the democrats will never be satisfied no matter what happen happens. to me it's preposterous. >> sandra: wouldn't raise that inevitability of democrats to say -- we want to get the bottom of all of this, get some clarity, wouldn't they also want to get to the bottom of uranium one, the funding of the dossier, where that information came from? >> harris: race credibility, the answers don't turn out to be in their favor. absolutely not. in the search for a special prosecutor or special counsel, already established investigation, of course -- sometimes special means of mind.
9:47 am
sometimes special means serving me, and if that's what the weight is for it's going to be a long wait because we have someone who democrat said had a fantastic reputation, what more do you want? just to be able to ask the right questions, this is the person they have that they said they felt would do that. a >> trish: it's expose how they're only willing to talk about this when it's bad for republicans, you don't see -- what about uranium one? i don't know how many question she was throwing on that one? >> guy: i'm tired of hearing from people on both sides that the only legitimate element of this investigation is this one thing that might benefit them, this other stuff over here that's a distraction. no, it all needs to be looked at, stop being so self-serving. it's happening on both sides of the aisle. let robert mueller -- >> harris: the investigation is not free. we pay for them.
9:48 am
>> also ahead, president trump getting support from an unlikely source, a hollywood star who once threatened to move to canada if trump won the white house, why he is now urging everyone to rally behind the president. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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>> sandra: more outnumbered on just a moment but first let's go to harris on what's coming up on "outnumbered overtime" ." >> harris: it's going to continue, the white house pushing hard on the mueller indictment but do they really want to the mueller probe wrapped up so quickly when it's also turning to the democrats? also, we've got a member of the house ways and means committee, they say they're going to let us see those tax cuts tomorrow, november 1st. what's that going to be? i will ask this lawmaker exactly what's going to be and it is much as he thinks he can tell us, congressman mike kelly will join me next hour. thank you, back to you guys. >> trish: bryan cranston is
9:53 am
changing his tune on president trump. a year ago he claimed he'd moved to canada of the president was elected. fast forward, guess what, he still here. in the united states and he's telling the president's naysayers "president trump is not the person i want to see in that office. that being said, if he fails, the country is in jeopardy. it would be egotistical for anyone to say "i hope you fails." to that person i would say why would you want that? we got to get away from this idea, someone with a different idea is the enemy. there's always room for improvement." meanwhile, you've got a new poll out showing how polarizing the political climate is. nothing that 4%, 5% can't cure.
9:54 am
i think it's serious and that you are seeing tremendous amount of division right now, but i just wonder, if things are improving enough, this may be why he keeps touting the economy and economic reform, if you can get over some of those because of everyone's doing better everyone is going to feel a little better. >> you made the point i was planning on making during the segment, for president trump, they keyed to cut through all the political clutter, is the economy. to get the gdp growing, get americans to feel they are better off under president trump than they were under president obama. we have seen improvement, the unemployment at the lowest it's been since 1974, the best economy we've seen in ten years. i think for president trump, that is key, that's what he should focus on particularly with tax reform. keep the focused on this, don't
9:55 am
get any political fodder regarding the manafort stuff. >> trish: a lot of people didn't like reagan, a lot of people thought it was a disaster that we had an actor as president, he has gone down by many accounts as being tremendous because he got the economy going again. the economy, no pun intended, trumps everything. >> guy: it generally does. i'm waiting for someone on the left to denounce brian cranston for being conflicted in denouncing white supremacy. that's an "breaking bad" joke and a terrible one. the point he made his not assuming the worst on the people on the other side. that is too common in modern politics. when that's your starting point there is going to be no unity and i'm glad he addressed it. >> sandra: i like when he said, when you are disagreeing
9:56 am
with someone you should assume they love is america is much as you do. that's a good basis for debate. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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>> sandra: if you only heard the commercial break discussions here. guy benson, thank you for joining us. is there anything you want to leave us off with? >> guy: i saw hillary clinton said she wants to go for halloween as the president and if she wants to go to the president you should spray a little orange and go to wisconsin. that would look like the actual
10:00 am
president. >> lisa: she doesn't like that state. we established that. >> sandra: "outnumbered" halloween style, we are back tomorrow at noon eastern, every weekday. here's harris. >> harris: president trump in the white house going on the offensive big time against the first indictment of special counsel robert mueller. they insisted had nothing to do with the campaign. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner harris faulkner. paul manafort and his associate rick gates under house arrest after they both pleaded not guilty yesterday to 12 charges including conspiracy and money laundering. top administration officials say they their alleged misdeeds have been long before they are there met the president or were associated with the campaign. furthermore, they say the same holds true for former campaign advisor george papadopoulos who pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents. president trump tweeted


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