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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 31, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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president. >> lisa: she doesn't like that state. we established that. >> sandra: "outnumbered" halloween style, we are back tomorrow at noon eastern, every weekday. here's harris. >> harris: president trump in the white house going on the offensive big time against the first indictment of special counsel robert mueller. they insisted had nothing to do with the campaign. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner harris faulkner. paul manafort and his associate rick gates under house arrest after they both pleaded not guilty yesterday to 12 charges including conspiracy and money laundering. top administration officials say they their alleged misdeeds have been long before they are there met the president or were associated with the campaign. furthermore, they say the same holds true for former campaign advisor george papadopoulos who pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents. president trump tweeted this --
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the leader of the senates democrats chuck schumer is not buying the official weight house line, he says the indictments show mueller is progressing in a very serious way, watch. >> what we know now is that an alleged unregistered foreign agent was charged with laundering tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments on behalf of their agenda and was given the chairmanship of the campaign for the presidency of the united states and with it untold influence on the future president. >> harris: kevin corke or drums is now live from the north lawn. >> we were going to hear the white house talk about tax reform, clearly we have this big
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asia trip coming up, it is obvious they would love to turn the conversation towards anything other than the ongoing investigation. that said it is still a very difficult turn for this white house, even though they recognize it, they have a huge agenda they'd like to get going in washington, that's a people are going to talk about, the mueller investigation, that's how it goes. if you are wondering, the president holds this tax reform rollout meeting right here at the white house, if you are wondering if just maybe he might want to take a stab at talking about the investigation, once again feeding into this idea that it's fake news, you'd be wrong. >> i want the house to pass a bill by thanksgiving, i want all of the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign by christmas, hopefully before christmas, you will all be in the room standing front row center, i think will be able to find a place where you can all stand front row center. it will be a big event, the biggest tax event in the history
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of our country. >> there you go, he bypassed a chance to talk about it, when he was asked about it, the president just said thank you, no really, thank you. he's obviously trying to turn the conversation towards tax reform, a lot of people are still going to be talking about a young man i'm going to show you his picture, george papadopoulos, he issued a guilty plea, a formal low-level staffer, that guilty plea announced yesterday, of course from working from the mueller investigation since the summer. a multiple count indictment of former trump campaign chair paul manafort. you heard mr. schumer talk about him, continues to garner intense scrutiny. for good measure, we expect this all to be on the table when the white house press briefing gets underway shortly after 2:00, we will see what sarah sanders has to say about all of this. it is clear the white house has a singular focus, this is not about russian collusion between
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the administration and the russians, this is about a political witch hunt. they've got the business of the american people and that is likely to be the message here today. >> harris: a lot of talk on the economy, a lot of business, you saw the president meeting with corporate and small business leaders just last hour. kevin, did i say corker? >> it happens. i have a nickname for you, i think you know what it is. >> harris: i have a nickname, i want one. >> you are my favorite minnesota northstar. >> harris: because i moved to new york from minnesota, thank you. the president and his defenders quick to point out that the indictments of manafort and his right-hand man do not have anything to do with the trump campaign. to the charges hit anything
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else? let's bring in doug burns, among his areas of expertise, criminal offense and constitutional law, those things often come in hand handy. it does beg the question, clearly you can read it, you know it doesn't have anything to do -- the problem is, what's around the president, who was around the president? that's what people were looking at, what do you think? >> you didn't have the separate guilty plea report. it's not problematic, it would've been even more intensely noted that it has nothing to do. let's keep it simple. the time periods involved or before the campaign, it doesn't involve the campaign, that's not a political sound bite. "i can't believe he supports the president." that's not the point, legally there is nothing in that diet to make indictment that has to do with russian collusion. on the guilty plea there is a
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little bit of sleight-of-hand going on, they make it sound as though he pled guilty to a crime, not an underlying crime, he could pled guilty to lying about a chronology and the time period and much more importantly, you must note that the meetings it is a lead she was going to set up, those meetings did not take place and the defense is going to be the trump campaign wanted nothing to do with the meetings and out in today's report that you were involved with, the professor himself is calling it into doubt which shows you the difference between probable cause and beyond a reasonable doubt, we will see. >> harris: what components do you look at for moving forward in all of this? we don't know what mueller has or which direction he's going, i know from talking with you, you can sometimes give us a guide as to where we might be going. >> if you asked me at halftime of a basketball game who won, i can't tell you, the game is not
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over. in this particular instance i find it so interesting that yesterday, all the political sound bite's going back and forth, here's my take, here's my crystal ball as it were. the investigation is obviously going to progress along, i don't think paul manafort is going to cooperate. >> harris: i want to stop you right there. you don't think paul manafort will cooperate, was that frustrating by the fact that that raid? >> first of all, you don't really do a search warrant, we analyze that in a white-collar case unless you think the documents might be destroyed or removed. you don't do a "no" knock warrant and kick the door in, there are those who praised mueller, but you can also condemn it because your point of such a good one, that might've alienated him. i don't think he would've cooperated under any circumstances.
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number two, president trump is not, i repeat, not going to pardon anybody. i will tell you what, always down the road, that's always there, it is within his constitutional authority to do that. it's also within his authority to commute any prison sentence without issuing a warrant. that's what happened with scooter libby and president george w. bush. this thing is a long way from being over but to answer your question about where it's going, it's hard to say. the first blush seems a little weak, they've got paul manafort on financial crimes. >> harris: is anybody looking to lawyer up based on what we know, anybody connected to manafort, rick gates? >> that is sort of behind-the-scenes. from my experience, many people have been in contact, we want to
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interview you, call a lawyer, obviously. the lawyer says he doesn't want to be interviewed, wait a minute, okay, maybe we will do it. that type of tap dance for lack of a better term is going on. >> harris: it is fascinating that you see paul manafort likely will not cooperate. in case people didn't catch it, at the very end of his corporate and small business leaders conversation about a half-hour ago, he was asked, are you going to pardon paul manafort and he said thank you very much, we are going to move on. that's not why he was holding that conference, that pop up news conference. >> that's the intersection of politics, politically it would cause a crisis. >> harris: you've got guys like senator lindsey graham who are saying we don't want to touch this, you want to let this run its course. always great to have you, thank you very much. as the white house pushes back hard on the indictments, there are questions about what this
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could mean for the president and the republicans agenda. will it slow it down, will it focus it more? that's an opportunity, let's bring in the fox news politics editor, chris stirewalt, always great to see you. on the positive side of this, i had lee's eldon tell me yesterday on the set that this is a good thing that these indictments have come down because you can focus on other things and let justice be done. >> we need a little time to chew on it, i have read it all, poured over it, read the analysis. remember, team mueller has been working on this for five months. we can only guess where they're going to be. this will continue to be a distraction and disruption for the administration itself but i suppose you are right, for the republicans in congress, this can focus the thinking. there is real danger for the president actually working out there in the shrubbery, maybe
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you got to get going now on the agenda before it gets there. >> harris: is a really danger? i'm looking at some things here, the atlantic wrote this article about why the president should worry less about robert mueller and more about congress in terms of a flip and control democrats next year, and ultimately, when you look historically at other presidents who have had administration members or anybody close of them looked at investigative style, it generally comes down to the party supporting that president so you want to keep that bicameral majority. >> for republicans obviously, if they lose control of congress there's a very strong chance donald trump will be in peach. if the democrats got control of the house? >> harris: you don't think they'd focus on all the things they say are important for the american people? that's with the democrats say. >> these are politicians. one republicans impeached bill clinton i'm sure there were
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other things that the american people wish they would've focused on but they focused on satisfying a bloodthirsty base and teaching the president and i'm sure there would be many calls among democrats to do the thing. i would say this, mueller is showing the danger for trump is that he had what looked like a confidential informant working inside, around the trump organization, relying on those contacts, we don't know what is out there. this is not the beginning of the end, this is the end of the beginning. we have no idea how this will play out, maybe that does focus the attention of republicans in congress to say we've got to get stuff done. number two, because if they don't it increases the democrats chances of winning midterms next year and putting everything at risk. >> harris: you say it increases the chances, why is that? when you look at other investigations that have gone on, they tend to take a long time which is one of the reasons
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you saw a representative saying can we focus these investigations and shorten the timeline to keep them focus and spend less taxpayer money, i'm just throwing that in. >> the only historical predicate we have for this, the only analogy that works is the investigation into bill clinton and this is moving much quicker. this is five months, we are not talking about years. we are already seeing charges filed in five months, i think mueller knows he's on the clock and he has to go fast and i have every expectation this will continue to move at a much faster pace than similar investigations. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, senator lindsey graham has talked about what would happen if he touches investigation, specifically robert mueller, what's your hearing just in terms of what might happen? >> if the president wants republicans to turn on him, the easiest and best course would be to lay a single hand or lay a single finger on a single strand of robert mueller's hair.
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that will be the shortest path to being stranded on a desert island. >> harris: there's no indication of that, lindsey graham said if it were to happen, not a good reason, we want to complete the context on that, he said there are some good reasons but if it happened without them that will be problematic. on fire all the time, thank you very much, good to see you. an emotional statement, we will have it next. the brother of the former hillary clinton campaign chairman has stepped down from his lobbying firm after coming under investigation by the special counsel. it happened to live during this program yesterday, we are going to talk more about what this means for democrats and the russia investigation. oh, yeah, they are part of it too. stay close.
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>> harris: a fox news alert, tony podesta, the brother of former hillary clinton campaign chair john podesta resigned from his lobbying firm about this time yesterday, we learned it after coming under investigation by special counsel robert mueller. the podesta group did work to benefit a pro-russian ukrainian
10:19 am
party, although they reportedly said they did not think their client was politically tight at the time. they are looking to whether they failed to file the proper disclosure forms of the justice department. here's what the president tweeted -- let's bring in congressman doug collins of georgia, he is vice chair of the house republican conference, representative collins, great to have you today. if you can come i want you to break it down for us and tell us what's most important about what's happened now that tony podesta has stepped away from a firm with his name on it. >> i think what's happened is we are beginning to see this whole circle, the democrats have been trying to spin this story about
10:20 am
the russian involvement in the indictments i came out yesterday but what's amazing is they finally got called themselves and i think he is stepping away, for most of the year now, they say there's a connection going on here. i think the interesting thing is when you look at the two brothers, my question is, you had a bad candidate. hillary was a bad candidate who didn't get out and campaign, who did not work, who didn't do the things she promised and donald trump went to the american people and said you want to see something different and that is what we are going to focus on. i just say, turnabout is fair play sometimes. >> harris: judiciary committee, the word is justice, what does justice look like when it comes to the podesta firm and its connection, tony podesta and his brother who worked for hillary clinton? >> i think if you want to fire shots and you've been talking about the misfortune of last
10:21 am
year, if you are part of this, the investigation is going to find out where you're at. if you didn't file the proper paperwork you will pay the pric price. if you are paying for things that end up getting used in different ways, those of the kind of things we have to look at here. we will see how it moves from here but i think this all goes back down to a thing with many democrats, they are wanting to do everything they can to get us away from an agenda that is focused on the american people. you want to talk about something that's really good, its tax reform this week. i want to talk about putting more money in the pockets of families out there so they can spend it and make dreams for themselves instead of democrats dreaming about what could've been last november when they lost the election. >> harris: i hear you talking about that and the economy and you've thought what's coming down in terms of tax legislation that the whole country will get to see tomorrow, today,
10:22 am
democrats have a vision about where they want the focus to be and i want to share some tweets by john podesta, tony's brother who just walked away from the firm bearing their families name, john podesta tweeted this "not bad enough that i was the victim of a massive cybercrime directed by the russian president, now i'm the victim of a big lie campaign by the american president. donald trump seems a lot more worried than july 2016 when he asked the russians to hack our campaign, your response to that? >> this is somebody who ran a campaign that was terrible, you are trying to deflect up your own work. the president won, he is working on the agenda for the american people. i would do anything i could to defuse blame from myself as well, you had a candidate that didn't work, campaign structure you were a part of that did not do what it said it was going to do and you end up doing exactly what should've happened, you
10:23 am
lost. you are part of this game, you've been part of d.c. foreve forever. if you want to spin it that way, go right ahead. i think the podesta group has a lot to answer for and they are going to answer for it in this investigation, we will see where it goes for there. we are going to support tax reform for the american people because that's what they voted for. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, congressman collins, i want to get that in any case we have to let you scoot, it was paperwork they were looking at. do they have a client that may be had ties to russia, they didn't file the right paperwork, you say there's a lot to look at. give me another example and what does paying for this look like? what does accountability look like? >> paperwork matters in these kind of situations, we saw that in the indictment that came out yesterday, paperwork does matter here, and i think let the investigation do what it supposed to do, we spent a lot of time focused on that, the democrats would love for us to focus on that.
10:24 am
i am going to choose to let this investigation go where it leads and go from there, we are going to focus on what matters for the american people and the president understands that as well. >> harris: you are on board with tax reform, we will see that on what happens moving forward. i was born in the peach state, just a little info there for yo you. >> it's good to have you from there. >> harris: have a great day. as a prize moment convicted army deserter hearing. if you didn't see it you have t to. what he is saying to the soldiers wounded when they were searching for him. you just heard from the congo prison do congressman from georgia talking about this. state and local income taxes, that's what they've been going back and forth on. how will that sit with republicans from high tax states like new york?
10:25 am
we've had a few of them on the program, stay close. the next era belongs to those who help ensure the next energy to power our dreams, will be american energy.
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>> harris: convicted army deserter bowe bergdahl unexpectedly took the stand at his sentencing hearing. he apologized to the soldiers who were injured while searching for him in afghanistan after he walked off his post and was later captured by the taliban. >> 's testimony is focused in large part on the harsh conditions he faced as a prisoner of the taliban, he describes routine beatings with copper wire and said he was kept in a small cage, never knowing if the next person to open the door would be his executioner. bergdahl said "the worst was the constant deterioration of everything, the constant pain from my body falling apart, the constant screams from my mind." bergdahl has already pleaded guilty to desertion and could face as much as life in prison
10:30 am
for walking up his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was freed in exchange for the release of five taliban detainees. the prosecution is focused on injury sustained by some of the servicemen who search for him after his disappearance. for the last witness they called shannon allen whose husband took a bullet to the head during an ambush, mark allen was left paralyzed and unable to speak. his wife describes how his husband is unable to reach out and hold their daughter. during bergdahl's testimony he apologized saying "i would like everyone who search for me to know it was never my intention for anyone to be heard and i never expected that to happen." bergdahl's lawyers have been trying to argue comments by president trump may have jeopardized their clients ability to get a fair sentence. those comments have not had a direct effect on this military
10:31 am
court or the fairness of the process. >> harris: thank you very much much. the house g.o.p. is preparing to release details of its tax reform plan tomorrow. kevin brady and a radio interview has said the plan will now not include a deduction for state and local income taxes. that was a big sticking point for republicans and democrats. it will have a provision for property taxes, watch. >> is there going to be any relief on the income tax side? >> the answer is no. here's why. we have taxes reduced across the board, our lawmakers in a high tax state believe they are being punished the most by property
10:32 am
taxes. >> harris: chuck schumer says this. "if any america needed more proof of the bill would be for the wealthy out of the expense of the middle class they should look no further than this revision." mike kelly serves on the house ways and means committee, writing this legislation right on time to have you, thanks for being here. what do you say in rebuttal to senator schumer? >> i think senator schumer's comments, with the health care bill we have to redefine what's in it, this is consistent and something to be expected. we've got a job to do, we are done. it's time to get it done and that's what we are working on right now. harris, this is generational. the implications not only for us at home but globally are incredibly important and that's were working on. that's our goal, to make sure,
10:33 am
we are allowing our industries to grow and making sure lower income people have more take-home pay instead of shipping it after that federal government. i think it's a wonderful day for america. >> harris: kevin brady was just explaining and it makes a lot of sense, you are going to reduce taxes across the board. i want to get back to the state and local tax situation. you have 20 members who decided, at 20 members who decided they were going to cast a "no" vote in protest, it didn't jeopardize the budget passing, which set us up for a majority vote on tax reform, but it did send a strong message about how important it is to people particularly in high tax states like new jersey and new york. my question is, how did you get the property taxes, it wasn't lost on many of us a 10% of your
10:34 am
home values can sometimes be depleted if you can't write off your taxes so that means you have to drop your price. i want to know how you got there and what happened. >> i think we look at all of this, there are certain times, it depends on the member and where they are from. you have to look at what they're saying. i've got to understand what it's like for somebody in those states and those representative representatives, i know there's going to be accommodations made and we are going to keep working on it. we've got a deadline and there's nothing better than a deadline as you know. i want to get to the real concerns each member has. at the end of the day, there's going to be some people that are happy and some people that are really happy, that's our goal and that's what we are fixed within that's something we just have to do.
10:35 am
>> harris: is there anything else out there that is a sticking point? you talked about maybe lowering the amount you can put into your retirement, 401(k), you found a way around that. what else is looming out there that some of these lawmakers are coming to the table with? >> it depends who it is that you talk to, it depends what the major issues are and the people they represent. i think this process -- and this is a process, as you know. we are going to put text out there tomorrow, that's what we are shooting for. we are going to enter into the real debate as we move forward, we have to get it to the president's desk by thanksgiving but i think having an open mind and listening to other people's really critical points as to how this affects them at home, not as republicans or democrats but as americans, we've got to take care of each other and make sure we're doing the right thing. we got to become competitive globally and keep jobs here, get jobs back but more importantly we've got to see people get more
10:36 am
take-home pay, that's our goal and we have to make sure we can compete with anybody in the world and win. >> harris: use of the president today meeting with corporate and small business owners or leaders of the white house, what you got from that was the focus from this president, particularly on the corporate tax. you are seeing a slide and now, a discussion that you would phase in a corporate tax over a five-year period which is very different and a very different impact on this economy if you drop it from where it is now two 20%. you do it over five years. why the shift? >> the transition into a new tax plan altogether, how do you do that? you have to have a path to get there. i would say this, the concepts that are being put out there right now, this is part of the debate. this is what we are supposed to be all 435 of us, in some cases
10:37 am
very similar. if we don't come to washington with the best interest of those folks, i don't care how they vote, we are here for the wrong reasons. we've got our wonderful leader at the top right now. because of taxes that are way too heavy and regulation are working on things to clear that climate up to make sure america is in the lead. we are going to make tax cut, the greatest tax cut people have seen in over three decades, that is unbelievable good news for every single hardworking american taxpayer. >> harris: i wrote down what you said, people have a lot of questions about that corporate tax being phased in. good to see you, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, harris.
10:38 am
former trump campaign manager cory lewandowski sounded off on the fbi, he says it should've warned him about paul manafort before the campaign hired him. should the fbi have raised a red flag about paul manafort? stay with us.
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10:43 am
the campaign in a high-profile capacity and that person happens to be under some type of surveillance by the fbi for potential wrongdoing, you would think from a security standpoint they would comment and say we've got some concerns about this person, you are still welcome to hire them but we made you aware of it. that never occurred. >> harris: let's bring in our power panel, jessica tarlov and jason chaffetz. both are fox news contributor's. i'm going to come to you first, congressman. national security issue, this is important. does he have a point? >> he doesn't. the fbi and law enforcement should be doing their investigation and not injecting themselves in a political campaign. it's up to the political campaign to do their own vetting. remember, he pled not guilty. this person is presumed innocen innocent. i'm sorry, it's not the fbi's job to go in and say hey, you are making a bad decision on
10:44 am
your personnel. it's unfair to the person who is the subject of that investigation because he could be in the clear and it would probably ruin and destroy his career and the second part is he is a political candidate at that point, donald trump. >> harris: even if the country in question was russia? >> it could be russia, china, it could be ecuador. it doesn't matter, that's not the job and the role of the fbi. they're trying to keep that as secret as possible, that's how they do these investigations. if they are getting a warrant they've gone to a judge and made the case that we have some because here to actually surveilled this person. you don't give a heads up to his boss and say hey, by the way, this person is under surveillance. >> harris: i will circle back with you on that, but i see an odd coming from jessica. i know the bar is low, you guys have set for how often you actually agree but you are nodding. >> i think most people who are
10:45 am
being objective and fair right now are nodding, no matter their partisan affiliation. we want the fbi to be as nonpoliticized as possible, cory lewandowski went out there right now and did everything he could to not blame donald trump. do not blame donald trump for the poor judgment in hiring paul manafort. you could just go on google and take a look at the stories that have been written about paul manafort, the people he's dealt with in the past, the accounts, the parties he's worked for, what he's done and you would know this is not someone you want running your campaign. >> harris: i would say, because of the role paul manafort played in that campaig campaign, he was brought in for the delegates rounding up, he did what he was supposed to do. >> they put together a winning campaign but there doesn't need to be a group of people at the fbi saying should we tell him or not? >> harris: you wouldn't of
10:46 am
been able to find that on googl google. >> you would know he is an unsavory character and has been for many decades from looking at his past track record, who he associates with. >> harris: the name that falls is podesta today. >> it hasn't hit me at all. >> i think yesterday had two big bombshells in washington db tc. >> harris: and the former secretary of state. >> i don't think uranium one is the biggest issue in the room, you have hundreds of millions of dollars transferring hands, at the surface, why would the united states of america give up 20% of its uranium to russian interest? >> we are back to normal, i completely disagree.
10:47 am
>> harris: what are you expected to do? you are running a campaign, i am not going to find about an fbi investigation on google. >> can you imagine the uproar if this happened in the reverse? of the fbi had tipped off hillary clinton or podesta and said this guy you are about to hire is under fbi investigation, we would be running wall-to-wall coverage. >> harris: do you think that's true? >> i do and i believe it's unfair to the person who has not been convicted yet, they are under surveillance and then they came forward and pled not guilt guilty. he wasn't even charged with anything that was happening during the campaign. >> harris: okay, stick tight. it's about to get chippy as we talk about that uranium one deal. the president of the united states said this controversy over russia scooping up energy, making a big energy by while hillary clinton was secretary of state, is the story of the decade. we will talk about it, stay close. ♪
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>> i'm dana perino and we are waiting from some big life events, sarah sanders will brief the press in our our and you can bet most questions will center
10:52 am
on the manafort mueller invest. we will ask our author congressman kevin brady but all this means for tomorrow's big tax reform roll out. that's coming up on "the daily briefing." >> harris: white house chief of staff john kelly says he supports appointing a special counsel to investigate hillary clinton's campaign funding, the controversial, and the russian uranium one deal approved under the obama administration. here's general kelly speaking with fox and laura ingraham. >> should there be another special counsel? >> one of the strength i have been looking at the issues in my job, i think probably as a layman looking at this kind of thing, finding someone who is very objective, who can get to the bottom of these accusations. the american people have an
10:53 am
absolute right to know these things. >> harris: i wonder what clinton said? "the uranium deal reports have been debunked repeatedly." debunked? >> no, america doesn't know about this deal. the fact that they had nine cabinet level secretaries sign off on this, more than $100 million into the clinton foundation, there's a lot more that needs to be exposed there. when you couple that with the dossier, hillary rodham clinton and her campaign and obama for america, more than $10 million -- >> harris: i want to step back and leaned in a little on the cash that went into clinton's hands. it does smell of access to a former president and a sitting secretary of state. it smells like that, jessica. >> something smell like things and they aren't things. i don't know what to say.
10:54 am
the timeline of the donation don't add up, it is nine cabinet level secretaries, it's already made made clear that secretary clinton was not the point person for this. i understand the state department was one of the bureaucracies that did sign off on it. it's interesting to me that general kelly is using this interview to talk about that and he said that the mueller investigation as a distraction for president trump. you can make whatever case you want, we also have two discuss at the dossier began with republicans. >> harris: can i make one comment about looking into it and wanting it? this isn't necessarily a political thing. the way you are shaping it is kind of how i see it, you can make fun of the small but i will tell you, the former defense secretary under obama, he even says this needs to be looked
10:55 am
into. >> the one good reason why the united states of america should give russia control of any of our uranium, one good reason to do that. >> from what i understand, no uranium actually left the united states, it was 20% control of the company that produces uranium. did any uranium leave the united states of america and end up in russia? absolutely not. >> this is why the investigation -- we don't know that, how do you know that? >> that's what's been reported, that there was no changing of hands of any of this. >> except more than $100 million of donors going to the clinton foundation. >> harris: russia is such a bad actor, it's not to say put it on their pickup and took it out, it's the fact that they have control and look at what they do in their part of the world with control over the energy. look at the people in those countries and how they've suffered at the hands of russia. over the issue of energy. >> 100% and last week on
10:56 am
"outnumbered" we discussed it and i said i am absolutely forgetting to the bottom of every issue here, what bothers me is to see the chief of staff pooh-poohing the mueller investigation and saying it's distracting the president. >> harris: great to see you both, thank you. they went right back to arguing. we will be right back.
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the one we saw the president with donors earlier. tax reform there, tax cuts, the
11:00 am
corporate tax cut, the phase in that they made over five years on the table. then he is now supposed to be in a second meeting with house speaker paul ryan. that is behind closed doors, i am harris faulkner. here's dana. >> dana: a fox news alert, briefing is about 30 minutes away is to hear more about the russian investigation. hello everyone. i am dana perino and this is the "the daily briefing" ." the trump administration pushing back hard after robert mueller fired charges against the former campaign chairman, paul manafort, and his business partner and another campaign advisor. now the focus of a whole lot of interest, correspondent jamie rosen has more, james. >> we have more on the papadopoulos plea deal in the person of sergi landgraf


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