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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 31, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and is not the mueller investigation. time will tell if that turns out to be true. thank you for joining us today on "the daily briefing." we hope to have you back again tomorrow. i am dana perino. and now, as always, shepard smith >> shepard: its noon on the west coast and 3:00 in d.c. where the white house is hitting back against the robert mueller investigation. president trump says the man that is cooperating with the investigators is a proven liar. but where will george papadopoulos lead investigators? our judge andrew napolitano has thoughts on that. the russians weighing in on the case. turns out they don't think it's a big deal. they've been meddling in america's affairs for quite a long time. today we'll learn how far they have spread in our social network. also, the new iphone x.
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haven't seen it, right? iphone x, anyone? the first reviews are out. think it's worst the $1,000 plus? let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck on a tuesday halloween afternoon, the white house just wrapped up their briefing. sarah huckabee sanders said the president's former campaign adviser lied an that's on him. president trump dismissed him as a low-level volunteer. george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents about his contacts with russians and conversations during which a man offered dirt on hillary clinton. the president also tweeting about his former campaign manager, paul manafort. he, of course, surrendered to the fbi yesterday and pleaded not guilty to charges that include but not limited to conspiracy against the united states of america. he's accused of funneling
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payments through foreign companies and bank accounts as part of his political work in ukraine on behalf of a russian politician or one that was favored by the russians. another former adviser, rick gates, this man, pleaded guilty in the same case. both of them are under house arrest. paul manafort's lawyer has called the accusations ridiculous. he said there's no evidence of a trump collusion between the president and russia. the president is down playing the investigation into russian meddling and said that charges against his aides are tweeting "the fake news is working overtime overtime overtime." paul manafort said there was no collusion. few people knew george papadopoulos who has already been proven to be a liar. check the dems. fact check.
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the charges against paul manafort stretch from 2006 to 2017 to this year. as for george papadopoulos, he was brought on to the trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser in early march of 2016. he was told at the time, according to the indictment, that the campaign sought better relations with russia, early march of last year. he then took a meeting almost immediately in italy with a man that professed to have good connections with the russians. on march 21 of last year, the president identified himself as one of his advisers on his foreign policy team with "the washington post." here's the audio from that. >> carter paige, ph.d.
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george papadopoulos, he's an oil an energy consultant. >> energy consultant. excellent guy. that was march 21 of 2016. remember, gates and mueller pleaded not guilty. if i misspoke, for that i apologize. this is march 21 of last year. ten days later, the president sent by instagram this photo of the group he called his national security meeting. we circled george papadopoulos there. according to the indictment, after that opportunity, papadopoulos had multiple meetings with russians by skype and e-mail while in contact with campaign officials. papadopoulos offered to set up a meeting between trump and putin. it didn't happen. in august of last year, a campaign official encouraged papadopoulos to make a trip to russia to meet with officials if feasible. he never did. again, according to the
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indictment, on january 27 of this year, the fbi interviewed him. during that interview, he lied about the timing of his meetings with the russians. he told the fbi was not on the campaign team when those meetings happened. that was also a lie to which he now admits. on july 27, the fbi arrested him. 38 days later, he pleaded guilty. during all or part of those 38 days, he was, as it was described in the indictment, a proactive cooperator in the fbi investigation. and he's still cooperating. we have team fox coverage. kevin corke at the white house. first, james rosen live in washington. james? >> one key assertion of the special counsel's office and the new star witness, the former trump campaign foreign policy adviser, george papadopoulos is coming under challenge today. you'll recall from our coverage yesterday that it was papadopoulos's meetings with a
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foreign professor that claimed access to well-connected russians that led papadopoulos to try to get a meeting with vladimir putin. documents released with papadopoulos's guilty plea said, the professor told defendant papadopoulos as defendant papadopoulos described to the fbi, that they, the russians, have dirt on her, meaning hillary clinton. the russians had e-mails of clintons. they have thousands of e-mails t telegraph newspaper in london has identified the professor as joseph mossoud. his online resume appears sketchily defined and histories of writings are about putin. this is from a pro russian think tack. he acknowledged a meeting with papadopoulos but the professor told the telegraph that he was upset by the claims about being privy to dirt on hillary clinton because they were incredible.
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he also described as a laughingstock a suggestion in the report that he had introduced papadopoulos to a female russian national described as a relative of vladimir putin. here's professor mifsud in may, around the time that he was in touch with george papadopoulos extolling moscow's role in the nuclear deal. >> you have to have all the players there. almost people were dragged into agreeing it. i think the tact of the foreign minister and his team is exceptional. >> the unsealed documents inkate -- indicates that papadopoulos is cooperating with the fbi. typically sentencing is defen defense -- deferred because of assistance. >> and the white house playing
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george papadopoulos's role in the campaign as well as indictments against paul manafort and rick gates. team coverage continues. kevin corke has more. kevin? >> listen, shepard, this white house knows they have tax reform on its mind and a fed chair that they would like to announce tomorrow and an asian trip. but clearly the circle goes back to george papadopoulos and the indictments and the house arrest of a couple of trump staffers during the campaign. we're talking about gates and manafo manafort. sarah sanders try to distance the white house from papadopoulos who has you know who has been cooperating with federal investigators since his arrest in december, about july. >> papadopoulos is an example of somebody doing the wrong thing while the president's campaign did the right thing. all of his e-mails were voluntarily provided to the special counsel by the campaign that is what led to the process
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and the place that we're in right now with the campaign fully cooperating and helping with that. what papadopoulos did was lie. that's on him, not on the campaign. we can't speak for that. >> you can see where they're going with this, shepard. their idea is no matter what has come out thus far from the special counsel's investigation, nothing at least directly they would argue has tied the president or the campaign specifically to collusion with the russians, shepard. >> shepard: kevin, the president talked about the republican tax plan today. >> yeah, this is one of those things that you keep trying to turn the conversation back to something that has major policy implications to say nothing of the fact we know how tough the battle was on healthcare. they're going to try it again with tax reform. sarah sanders talking about the need to focus on what the president would like to get done. that's get tax reform to happen quickly. the president talked about taxes as well earlier today. here's what he had to say about it. >> i want the house to pass a
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bill by thanksgiving. i want all of the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign by christmas. hopefully before christmas. you'll all be in the room standing front recenter. i think we'll find a place where you can all find front center. it will be a big event. >> try, try again. meaning you can try to turn the conversation to taxes but that doesn't mean at any point, especially given the nature of this investigation with the special counsel that that won't be the lead conversation, especially in rooms, like this one, shepard. >> shepard: kevin corke at the white house. ahead, more on the mueller investigation and the papadopoulos connection. what exactly happened in the months -- the adviser's arrest and his guilty plea. it was 38 days. judge andrew napolitano will join us with more on what the indictment indicates and what could be coming. that's straight ahead from the
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lied to the fbi about his contacts with russian and a professor offering dirt on hillary clinton. he lied about the timing of that. he lied when he said he was not a member of the campaign during any of that, and the plea deal happened 38 days after they arrests him. it was 38 days. the original charges, those original charges against him, the original charges against him included obstruction of justice. but now he's charged only with lying. why did that happen? we'll get to that. analysts say robert mueller's decision to reveal all of this now sends a message that papadopoulos could be giving the special counsel some key information. judge andrew napolitano is here. you think he wore a wire. >> i think he wore a wire. >> shepard: you're not alone. >> right. i don't know when he wore the wire. he either wore it between the
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time of his arrest or the guilty plea or the time of the getty plea and the revelation of the existence of the guilty plea yesterday, this is a very unusual guilty plea. >> shepard: how so? >> it occurred in secret. the doors to the courtroom were locked and the documents referencing the existence of the guilty plea were kept under seal by order of the judge. in order for a judge to do this, prosecutors and defense counsel must both request the secrecy and the government has to persuade the judge that the failure to maintain secrecy will materially interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation. translate, he's become one of our witnesses, he's probably wearing a wire, we're going to send him to talk to some people. if they know he's pleaded guilty, your honor, you'll defeat our criminal investigation. the judge says okay. second, the original charges you just said against him was obstruction of justice. 20 years. >> shepard: up to 20 years in prison. >> lying to the fbi, five.
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>> shepard: in addition. >> but he was never charged with obstruction. >> shepard: but had he been. >> correct. that tells me he's already provided significant assistance to the government already for them to reduce the 20 down to five. he wants the five years to go to six months. >> shepard: it could. >> and it could. >> shepard: he could also get probation. >> correct. depending what else he provides them. >> shepard: here's the thing. along the way, the -- first of all, there were contacts with russians repeatedly. the campaign knew of these, according to the documents inside the indictment. the campaign encouraged him on august 15 of 2016 according to the indictment, the campaign encouraged papadopoulos to make a trip to russian if feasible. january 24th, the fbi is investigating interference here and speaks to michael flynn. they interview michael flynn. two days later, january 26, sally yates goes to the white house.
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she was the acting attorney general at the time. she said that flynn has lied and that flynn is subject to blackmail or vulnerable to blackmail by the russians. the next day, january 27, papadopoulos, who has already gone to italy to meet about russians, gone to many different places to meet about russians, papadopoulos is coming back to washington. when he lands, they arrest him. nobody saw this, told of this, not really sure. but they interviewed him. >> a voluntary interview. >> told him you don't have to meet with us. you can call your later. he said i have nothing to worry about. i'll talk up to. >> shepard: none of my russia contacts happened during the campaign. i wasn't a campaign official yet. he lied about that. >> they knew at the time he lied because they verified where he was.
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>> shepard: think about that. that was january 27. that is when he lied to the officials, said wasn't in the campaign. >> right. >> shepard: all of february goes by, all of march goes by, all of april goes by. the investigation is underway. all of june goes by. he's still on the campaign. july goes by. july 27. so january 27. now we're july 27. he is arrested at dulles after he's come back from a trip. >> right. then he begins cooperating with the government. >> shepard: at some point in there his lawyers negotiate a deal with the government. and their original charges, obstruction of justice, maximum of 20 years in jail is reduced -- we have to charge you with lying to the fbi because we have to hold something over your head. >> shepard: the documents indicate on january 27 when he lied they knew it. were they following him?
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>> there was one other interview with his lawyers. it's unclear if he lied again or if he repeated what he said or if he tried to tell the truth. didn't change the fbi's mind on a couple things. one that in fact he lied to them in january. two, he was a worthy government witness that they wanted to work with. three, they were going to offer a deal to the lawyers right then and there. your guy helps us out and obstruction of justice goes away. >> shepard: when he pleaded guilty on october 5, earlier this month, this is halloween, when he pleaded guilty october 5, he was still a cooperating witness and he's a cooperating witness to this day and must reminute such. >> correct. the only thing he's probably not doing today is wearing a wire. nobody will talk to him. he was probably was wearing the wear between october 5, reason for the secret guilty plea and the revelation of the guilty plea yesterday. >> shepard: on january 26, sally yates went to the white house and said flynn is vulnerable and could be blackmailed. he resigned on february 13.
12:20 pm
there's no mention of michael flynn. none at all. >> our colleagues tried to get me to guess who would be indicted. i didn't want to do it. in my mind, i thought it would be general flynn. it's not. the general, i'm sure, has lawyers who are involved with bob mueller's office. i don't know if they're pursuing him. >> shepard: we don't know if he's been cooperating. >> i think that's next. i think bob mueller has sent a message to the political community and legal community. he's serious. they have gathered serious evidence. wait for the next -- >> shepard: the president says this is all fake news. >> this is serious stuff. it's not fake. manafort and gates are charged with enough jail time to put them in jail the rest of their lives. that will cause their lawyers to start negotiating with bob
12:21 pm
mueller. >> shepard: if they don't? >> then you'll see serious prosecutions and criminal trials and who knows who will come out of it. >> shepard: judge, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: the news continues after this. we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character.
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>> shepard: there's what appears to be a pretty serious incidence developing on the west side of new york city around 14th street right off of the river. the west side highway. if you're familiar with this. go ahead. we are getting new information about it now. i want to let you know what we understand it to be. we understand that there has been a shooting downtown in manhattan. it appears there's a vehicle involved. it appears there may be a couple of victims. shots were fired according to the new york police department.
12:25 pm
witnesses, first-hand witnesses have seen a number of ambulances in route to the area. must of the west side of manhattan, the downtown area, the west side have been shut down. there is a massive parade through greenwich village tonight. so the barricades are up all over greenwich village. so there's basically on the west side to the central part of manhattan no movement right now. we're waiting for official word from the police department. nypd tells fox news that they're on scene at chambers and west street now and assessing the situation. it's a traffic nightmare. we hope there's no serious victims. details as we get them. russia's top diplomat says he sees nothing wrong with president trump's campaign reaching out to them.
12:26 pm
george papadopoulos admitted he lied to the feds about contacts with russians and admitted that he lied when he said he was not on the campaign at the time of the contacts. russian's foreign minister, again, russian's foreign minister says there was nothing illegal about those contacts. he also called the accusations of russian election meddling fantasies. the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer is calling for republican lawmakers to defend robert mueller during the russian investigation. >> he must be allowed to finish the work he started without any interference. a republican leader in the house and senate have an obligation to tell donald trump to lay off of the mueller investigation. >> shepard: the republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina co sponsored a bill, a bipartisan one, to make it tougher for president trump
12:27 pm
to fire robert mueller. but senator graham told reporters he doesn't feel an urgent need to pass that law. >> i have zero concern that mr. mueller is? jeopardy of losing his job. i've heard nothing to suggest the president will try to replace mr. mueller, zero evidence from anybody i talked to. it would be wrong to do so unless there were cause. >> shepard: on these matters hose right. there's nothing from the white house to indicate that he would do such a thing. senator graham said there would be holy hell to pay if president trump fired mueller without having a good reason. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill. what more are we hearing from democrats? it's clear that they believe the president is starting to feel backed into a corner, trapped, surrounded, drawn and that they fear he could make the move of firing robert mueller. but there's no indications thereof, right? >> that's right, shep. democrats sound impressed that his probe is producing results,
12:28 pm
making progress. the panel's top democrat of the senate intelligence committee, mark warner, says this is the latest evidence that the russians were feeding information, dirt on hillary clinton during the 2016 campaign. another democrat says he doesn't think special counsel mueller needs more protection. >> we shouldn't have to pass something for a special counsel to be able to do their job without interference in the white house. if we continue to see the sort of interference and attempts to discredit the special counsel, then would be fully appropriate for us to do that. we certainly shouldn't have to do that. there should be an inherent level of the rule of law in the white house. >> so what we're hearing from democrats, they want to give robert mueller the space he needs to do his job. >> shepard: what is the latest from republicans? >> mitch mcconnell weighed in a short time ago. >> the special counsel has his
12:29 pm
job to do. the job we have here in the senate is the investigation being carried out by the intelligence committee. >> the chairman of that senate intelligence panel says he is not shocked by the latest developments. >> i don't think the indictments were a surprise to any of us who have been involved in the investigation for ninth months. does it make our job tougher? only in the fact that there may be some information that we could get from manafort or gates that we're not going to be able to get now because of the indictment. but we had assumed for quite a while that at some point they would be taking off the deck for us. >> so relevant lawmakers are adjusting. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thanks. now back to the nation's largest city where police in new york have now confirmed giving us an update on the reports of a
12:30 pm
shooting in lower manhattan. police say one person is in custody. they expect many personnel in the area. we have from eye witnesses and lots of them that multiple people have been shot, that much of the lower west side of manhattan, if you were to look at the island, when you get below midtown, so you go below central park and halfway down to the bottom of the assistance, everything is in great lock now. halloween is one of the busier days of the entire year in lower manhattan. as i mentioned, more than a million people for the halloween parade every year, barricades are put up along small streets in lower manhattan. sidewalks are already small and the influx of people causes gridlock that is hard to describe. now we have multiple reports of people injured. there are reports that it is much more serious than this. here's what we got early on. here's what we're hearing from witnesses. somebody is driving down this area, chambers, west side highway, somebody started shooting out of a vehicle.
12:31 pm
that's the early report. sometimes reports are wrong. but you can see it on facebook and the rest if you want to. but we know that multiple people have been shot. we know that it looked like to witnesses somebody was shooting out the window and a bit of a car crash at some point. that's when chaos ensued and the complete chaos. now there's reports of fatalities. police have not confirmed those. facebook reports almost half of the entire population of the united states was at least potentially exposed to a russian propaganda group attempting to influence the 2016 election. lawmakers are demanding answers. we'll have coverage of that as our bottom of the hour top story after this. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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>> shepard: confirmed, one person is in custody after a shooting. we have a map for you. you can access it. it's in bat 1. here's the location. west side highway and chambers. it's on the river. right on the hudson river and in a very active area. if you go just east of here, the right-hand side of your screen from here, you'll get into the west village and the village. that's where all of this halloween traffic is. brand new video just in in the last couple of seconds. this is from that region. we know that multiple people are confirmed shot. one person confirmed in custody. there are reports of fatalities. police have not confirmed that. therefore we would hesitate on this. i know you're seeing it on social feeds. hang on. coverage continues after this. and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance,
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>> shepard: new york city, the update. no active threat. that is the headline from police.
12:37 pm
there is no active threat. that said, one person is in custody. new information that we now have. there's multiple victims. the victims have been taken to largely where they are now going, belleview hospital. the location is near stivenson high school. west street and chambers would have been in the zone after 9/11. the vehicle is now reported by abc 7 our local network news service affiliate and others, the truck believed to have been driving on the west side bike path. that's what you're seeing here. along the west side highway, from at least midtown all the way down into lower manhattan and down to the tip of the island, there's the highway. separate from that divided is a bike path. people run on it. there's bike lanes going both
12:38 pm
directions. if you're going north, the river is to your left, the highway is to your right. there's places that you can drive into the piers, chelsea piers. there's a heliport that you can drive and you cross over the bike path. it's possible, i know this, that you could mistake this bike path for a driving lane. it's really wide. it's as wide as a lane of traffic in a normal city, if you would. so could you be coming from something on the riverside trying to get to the west side highway and accidently take a turn on the back path? you could. that's feasible. does not sound in the early going like that is what happened. police were responding to a report of shots fired. that i were responding to shots fired and found from the video you just saw along the bike path there multiple victims. there are hundreds of witness reports on a chilly but perfectly sunny afternoon, chilly by manhattan standards,
12:39 pm
cold by southern standards, a chilly afternoon and windy and the wind comes off of the river, so it's cold there. there's multiple reports of lots of people hit by a vehicle that was driving in the bike path. i know what you're thinking. we all think the same thing under these times. there's zero indication of terror. nothing of any kind of that matter. i don't want to bring up the word because it sounds like what we're seeing is, initial reports, shots fired, police arrive. witnesses begin to report. there's multiple people down. then we get the word that the truck was not on the west side highway. it was on the bike path. both are concrete areas, both used by hundreds of thousands of people a day. the key is, there is no active threat. from this we can surmise that whoever was driving that vehicle is in custody. we know only one person is in custody. we know of no other people involved in any way. we know of no passengers or
12:40 pm
accomplices and we believe this is accurate because the mayor's office and the nypd says there's no active threat. one perpetrator, one person in custody. we don't know if this person fired shots. we know there were multiple reports of shots being fired. now we know, we have just gotten confirmed, police shot the suspect. so could the suspect have been driving in what is a bike path? possibly by mistake, possibly otherwise. police engaged and shot the suspect after the suspect ran over a number of people. we believe that is where we are. here's the reason. we know the perpetrator was in a vehicle. we know the perpetrator is in custody. we know multiple people were run over by the vehicle which is on a bike path and not on a street and we know the police shot the suspect because authorities have just informed us that police shot the suspect.
12:41 pm
the office of bill de blasio, the mayor, his office said there's no active threat. so what do we have? as i mentioned and i want to emphasize because it's important to talk about this early on, if you're at the west side heliport at 30th street and you want to go on to the west side highway to go north or south and other parts of manhattan and you're not paying attention, you could end up on the bike path. there's multiple places like that along the way. witnesses say they heard a loud bang that sounded like something was crashing and then they heard sirens after hearing shots. that's according to witnesses on scene. our information specialist reports from wabc 7, our network news service affiliate, quoting "i was coming out of work, walking down west street. i heard a pickup truck. it ran over two people riding
12:42 pm
bikes. i went up to their bodies, they were dead. the truck kept going. hit some cars. i heard gun shots", this matches all that we have heard now that suggested that a person in a vehicle ran over multiple people, according to this witness, ran over two people on bicycles, this is a very active biking area. a program in new york city called city bike and everything from midtown to uptown areas of manhattan all the way the lower manhattan they have blue bicycles and there's bicycle lanes everywhere in lower manhattan. they are heavily regulated. the movement of cars is restricted and changed to allow for the bike lanes. bikers rule the city. they have the right of way everywhere. and you have to stay out of
12:43 pm
their lines. this truck did not stay out of their lines. quoting from the witness, two abc 7 eye witness news, i was coming out of work and coming down west street, the west side highway by the bike path, i hear somebody behind me a white pickup. ran over two people riding bikes. i went up to their bodies, they were dead, this is from an eye witness to the new york daily news. frank briddou is his name. he told the daily news he saw two trucks crash into each other and a heavy set man get out of one blue track suit and chase somebody and fired five or six times. let's kill this commercial break. reports of an active shooter came in 3:00 eastern time. so this was 43 minutes ago. quoting here. "oh, my god, i just heard gun shots and ran with my dog" said josh groban.
12:44 pm
he tweeted "downtown" and then an expletive. "i work on chamber street", tweeted someone else. somebody was an eye witness. said "shots were fired from within a vehicle." a new picture coming in here. this is from the lower west side per p.d. sources. a fight between two truck drivers led to one truck hitting multiple pedestrians and one truck driver opened fire. so now a new version. we know multiple people were hit. we know pedestrians were hit. we know bikers were hit. we know a truck, a white truck was involved. now the new york police department has just alerted that this didn't begin with some sort of accident. a drive on to the bike path. they believe it began with the drivers of two trucks fighting with each other. who knows how this happened. but on a crazy busy day in manhattan with all that is going on with the halloween parade and
12:45 pm
all of the streets shutout, all of the rerouting, by 6:00 you can drive nowhere downtown. it's all barricaded and a million plus pedestrians. so everything is chaos down there. there's a fight between two drivers of trucks in a way that new yorkers do, which escalated beyond what anyone ever should. the fight escalated. one truck hit multiple pedestrians during this fight and one truck driver opened fire. now, we have the multiple reports that a suspect was shot by police. we shall see what they say coming up. here's a thing that has not changed. there is no active threat in new york city. if you're concerned, be concerned about traffic. be concerned about getting around. be concerned if you have somebody that was involved in all of this certainly. but as far as being concerned that there is an active shooter or someone who actively wants to
12:46 pm
do harm, the new york city mayor and police offices is there's no active threat. whatever this was, it's over. now to figure out who has been injured, for whom it's much worse, what the circumstances were surrounding the beginning of this and who will be charged if anyone with anything. this began with reports from police to all of us in the media from police of shots being fired in lower manhattan. it began with somewhere around 14th street, which is a little north of where we're talking about now. chambers street is in the general area of styvescant high school. not far from the 9-11 memorial. this area where this is, by way of happenstance, was inside the zone after the attacks of 9/11. this area has largely by repurposed and rebuilt since the
12:47 pm
attacks of 9/11. it's a very expensive and gorgeous place to live. the highline is not far from here. we have new information coming to rick leventhal live with us and in new york city. rick? >> i've spoken to multiple law enforcement sources, this information is preliminary. i'm being told that there's multiple fatalities from this incident. one source tells me the suspect entire the bike lane at halston street and drove his pickup truck down the bike lane striking pedestrians and people on bikes all the way to chambers street where there's reports that he got out of the vehicle and began firing a weapon. there are again reports of fatalities. i'm told there's fatalities from this truck hitting people on bikes. there may be fatalities from the
12:48 pm
shooting. there's officers on scene trying to sort this out. again officers telling me the suspect is in custody. the bomb squad is now checking tout vehicle to make sure it's not booby trapped with explosives. they have located the suspect and the vehicles and tending to the injured and perhaps wounded along that path of carnage. >> shepard: yeah, it's being described by the "new york post," which is owned by the parent -- with which this company shares common ownership as a bloodbath in lower manhattan. i will caution that we all working in this building remember that immediately around the corner from here and it wasn't that long ago, there was a vehicle which took a turn into a pedestrian area of midtown and literally appeared to be a terrorist mowing down tourists and a few locals. turned out, that person was a
12:49 pm
drunk driver going to wrong way on a one-way street. as awful as that was, that was not an attack on this city. this person, we believe, rick's information is accurate. stories change from police and witnesses. largely especially when the area is so big. these are live pictures now. if rick's reporting is correct, and we have no reason to doubt it, you make this turn there and drive -- i've been trying to describe this pathway for you. it's more like a small alley-sized bike path. as wide as a small street with lanes for bikes in both directions and room for runners. it's a wide thing. you can see it. there's the median there. where all the cops are standing, it's a bike path. it's not a street. somebody turned on the bike path in a truck. from rick's reporting, he hit
12:50 pm
bikers according to witnesses on scene. this report of the truck, the argument with the truck, that could have happened as someone else -- we don't know every detail. we know lots of people are injured. our belief is that multiple people in the early going, witnesses believed, that multiple people are dead. i'm quoting witnesses for you. said i walked up to them and they were not breathing and they were not alive. so what has happened exactly in new york city? we don't know. we don't know if a horrible accident has happened, we don't know if somebody of under the influence of something made a wrong turn. we don't know the circumstances. we don't know if it's something more coordinated. there is no active danger in new york city. the mayor's office and the head of the police department, the police commissioner, say there's no active threat.
12:51 pm
there's no active problem. what has happened has happened and now the investigation begins. the treating of the wounded and the assessment of the situation. it's breaking news coverage from america's largest city and continues after this. hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. your rates won't go up just because of an accident. but he hasoke up wwork to
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>> shepard: breaking news from new york. the headline, there is no active shooter. there's no active threat in new york city. but there has been a horrible serious of events on manhattan's lower west side. we have live pictures coming in. this is from wabc 7. our network news service affiliate. this is what i've been describing as a bike path. northbound bikes on the right, southbound bikes on the left. that is not for pedestrians.
12:55 pm
it's for bicycles. they have the right away. bikes that their own signal light. looks like a bicycle there. you see that? that's a bike signal. that means cross traffic will not hit you. your green light for bikes. it's a serious thing on this west side highway. bikes rule. nobody get in their lanes. today beginning at halston street, somebody got into the bike lane on the west side highway and took -- went south. from halston street all the way down to chamber's street. soho is south of houston. that's what that area is. all the way over to the south side, all the way down into the area around the world trade
12:56 pm
center, chambers street. we're told this car, now we know a pickup truck. 20 witnesses have said the initial vehicle was a home depot rental truck. there was one person in it. according to reporting on scene and our producer reporting, the reporting of local stations, this is where we believe we are. the vehicle got southbound in the bike path and starting running over people. ran over pedestrians, ran over bikers, people trying to get out of the way. there's room on either side. you're on your bike. people have head phones in, not paying attention of attention, which is never a good idea. officials say it started as a dispute between two drivers. one of those drivers, presumably
12:57 pm
one in the white pickup heading south ran over pedestrians. what it began with, there's multiple records. what it ended with, multiple reports. reports of all kinds of shots fired. there's reports that the drive was firing shots out the window. reports that the driver ran over person after person. there's reports that police shot at the suspect at the end. there's confirmed now, the suspect is in custody. confirmed there is no active threat. so everything you're seeing is aftermath and investigation. hospitals, multiple people have gone to belleview hospital, which is right there. does belleview have a trauma center? we're checking. we know there are multiple victims. do we believe people have died
12:58 pm
as a result of this? we do. we believe it because so many witnesses have told the same story. that said, witnesses are telling so many different kinds of stories of what happened here. part of this could be as a result of the fact that you only know what is around you. think about it. if you're standing on a street corner and you look north and south and west and west, you might know a block of information. but this vehicle went multiple blocks and multiple blocks on top of that to get from houston to chambers street. belleview does have a level 1 trauma center. so if for instance you're a shooting victim or a serious traffic crash victim, that's where you'd want to be. if you get to a level 1 hospital, level 1 drama center and you're alive, your chances of you living are very good. in this city, a level 1 trauma
12:59 pm
center, you're in the right place. so we don't know how many have died, if any. we know multiple witnesses have reported seeing people that were dead. we don't know exactly how many injuries. we know many people were hit while walking or running and others were hit while riding their bicycle. we know from city officials, whether it's true or not, they believe this started an hour ago, began with a dispute between two drivers. they presumably have spoken with the driver of the white truck, the home depot rental truck, that is now in custody. so they have an idea. but dcpi, the department within the nypd that gives information to police is extremely good and thorough and quick with information. this is large crime scene, stretches over multiple blocks, multiple victims. there is no threat to anyone in
1:00 pm
new york city, this is confirmed with the police department. that said, there's an enormous crime scene. with attractions in lower manhattan on halloween, this investigation is just beginning. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: all right. thank you, shepard. you're watching this video coming to us from wabc in new york. the "new york post" is reporting now that two people have been fatally shot in lower manhattan by a gunman firing from his truck. we don't know what precipitated the incident. some are saying an accident between two vehicles. the gunman now in police custody shot at least six people at west street and chambers street, this is downtown, not too far from the old world trade center, which is now known as the freedom tower. it happened around 45 minutes ago. a witness described in the post saying this. what happened was


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