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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 31, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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new york city, this is confirmed with the police department. that said, there's an enormous crime scene. with attractions in lower manhattan on halloween, this investigation is just beginning. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: all right. thank you, shepard. you're watching this video coming to us from wabc in new york. the "new york post" is reporting now that two people have been fatally shot in lower manhattan by a gunman firing from his truck. we don't know what precipitated the incident. some are saying an accident between two vehicles. the gunman now in police custody shot at least six people at west street and chambers street, this is downtown, not too far from the old world trade center, which is now known as the freedom tower. it happened around 45 minutes ago. a witness described in the post saying this. what happened was there was a
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car crash. the driver came out of one of the cars. he had two guns. he was running around chamber's street. somebody started to chase him. there were multiple reports of gun shots. one witness said four to six. people started running. there was evidence of one person laying motionless on the street. reports of two to three others were in a similar predicament. video shows some confusion there. the shooter is in custody. there's so much we don't know what we dough know is this rings eerie familiar scenes in other parts of the globe. nobody is calling this a terrorist incident. we had a similar incident that involved a deranged driver a few months back. rick leventhal has more. >> we're getting preliminary information from sources and
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other information popping up from local news organizations. as you're reporting, one local news organization is reporting there were six people shot after this suspect got out and shot. police say this may have went further than houston street where the suspect drove on the bike line and may have struck multiple pedestrians and/or people on bicycles before stopping at chamber's street where there may have been shots fired. this is all preliminary. i've been told that they believe there are multiple fatalities in this incident. there's multiple police agencies on scene in lower manhattan. they have frozen the zone there near one world trade and the world trade center and ground zero. they have frozen that area because they believe there's a suspicious package and want to bomb squad to check it out and
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make sure it's not an explosive device. witnesses say he struck multiple people and may have gotten out and shot others. they're trying to keep people away from the scene while they tend to the injured victims and try to process what happened there. we do know multiple people have gone to hospitals. there are again many police in that area after an incident with a pickup and multiple injuries and perhaps multiple fatalities. >> neil: it would appear he drove on the bike path near the world trade center. after that, brandished a gun. so it does not appear getting on the bike path was an accident. >> it appears there was a shooting incident and the
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suspect came into custody in the vicinity of chambers in lower manhattan. the bomb squad is on scene. there's multiple victims and multiple fatalities. >> neil: all right. rick, thanks very much. you can see by the strip there, bloomberg financed park that was built many years ago. this is on the west side and connects you to north and south in manhattan. not too far from the old world trade center and downtown new york that is a booming area beyond just the financial district. bucks sexton is here with us. no one is calling this terror, no one is jumping to any early conclusions. it looks like this guy had the intent to hurt people, jumping on the bike path and brandishing a gun when his vehicle was
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stalled. what do you make of this? >> at this early stage when you have reports that are unverified and unconflicting, the beth you can do is get an early sense of what we're dealing with her and look at the probabilitiesprobab similarities. there was gun fire that he was shooting at random civilians and if there was anything other than an intentional attack. we all know this was an attack. you go beyond that, once you're talking about a vehicle and follow on gun fire, even if fact that's the case, it's not confirmed yet that that happened in that sequence, but once you're talking about a vehicle attack and gun fire, we look at similar attacks in europe that were terror incidents. this is too early to quantify and specify as a terrorist incident per se.
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it certainly is a mass -- a multi-casualty incident and we'll look more closely at reports of what possible motive was here, who the suspect is. we know the suspect is in custody. it's a process of sifting through rapid defusal of information and try to get the best sense possible of what the this is. it's an attack, a terrible scene in lower manhattan. bringing back rough memories for a lot of people in the city. we're going to have to keep our eyes on this and make sure we understand the reports as they come in. >> neil: we're also understanding that the fbi is involved now and on the scene. what does that tell you? >> tells me they're taking seriously the possibility that this is a terrorist incident. i saw the reports this was a new york city can driver. if that was in fact the case,
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there will be a lot of information that they can pull very fast who this individual is. it's not going to be hard to i.d. the person. they'll know and start the immediate investigation of both the activities of the person from today and then going back in time looking at their digital foot front, their phone, cell phone, computer. everything they have been up to. this unfolds rapidly. right now they're also concerned about the possibility of co-conspirators out there. that's standard operating procedure after an incident like this. no reason to believe that anybody is in imminent danger. when you're looking at a multiple casualty event in new york city, when i was at the nypd, this is the crown jewel of terrorist targets, new york city. the moment you're looking at an incident like this, people have to take seriously the possibility there's either copycat or follow-on attacks. the fbi's involvement deals with
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that. right now it's about finding what the motive is here, making sure that casualties are attended to. and then we understand what the actual facts of this case are and the information gets out quickly to the public. that's an important part of keeping everybody safe downtown and preventing a panic from spreading which an incident like this could create. >> neil: buck, if you don't mind staying there. if you just tuned in, the fbi is now responding to a scene in downtown new york not far from the freedom tower, world trade center. the community getting ready for a halloween parade hours away i the west side highway, a busy thoroughfare that connects manhattan has been shut down south of about 20th street we're told. what we do know and confirmed by a variety of sources that two people have been fatally shot,
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as many as six others also shot in what appeared to be a deliberate act on the part of one individual to storm on to a bike pathway. and then began shooting people when he got out. he had been apprehended. he's in custody. they're being careful about the vehicle. they don't know if it's booby trapped. nobody is calling this a terror incident. we know that mayor de blasio has been alerted. you can understand officials leeriness of labelling it at this early time. we also point out that oftentimes what looks like terror could be a mad lunatic. you can remember that a speeding
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car plowed into times square and people. it was just a guy that just snapped. again, it doesn't matter. if a loved one that you know was hit and killed in an attack like this, the source is not as important but the fact that you lost a loved one. they're not interested at this point in determining the source of this as much as whether there could be other players at hand. pat brosnan join us on the phone. they're rightly being careful to call this anything but an incident. with the fbi involved, it upped the ante here, hasn't it? >> it's certainly not too early for me to call this a terrorist act given the six factors that are confirmed as far as we know, given the known facts. first of all, it's a deliberate
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act. he turned that vehicle. he made a hard right-hand turn. i know where he went on houston street and traveled 10 as many as 14 blocks as to what is developing here in the command center. we're getting thousands of social media intel that we're parsing through. we have to start with the facts. >> neil: i should stress, pat, the fbi is saying this is too soon to be called a terrorist attack. go ahead. >> no, neil, we have gone down this pathway too many times. the fact is it's premature to speculate. but in reality, when you take six people, the car is a weapon. deliberateness of traveling on a bicycle pathway. the third factor is heavily armed. two automatic weapons. how is this for symbolism? it's hall when and within
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striking distance of the freedom tower. sticks and ice pick of fear into me personally and very disturbing. >> neil: so pat, the fbi arrives on the scene working with local new york city police. how do they handle who is investigating what here? >> right now they're probably splitting the command juncture. the fbi is coming in because it's a federal terrorist act and falling under their jurisdiction. you have between two fatalities and six injuries. so the local detective squads and the local chief of detectives would be responsible for that through the nypd. so they'll be sharing responsibility for the command and control of the site. the fact that the fbi is on the scene -- first of all, they're around the corner. that supports the operating premise that this is being
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viewed as a likely terrorist attack. >> neil: i want to alert people tuning in. a gunman emerged to what appeared to be a rented home depot truck and started opening fire on four bike riders. these bike paths are popular in downtown. they rule the streets. he jumped on to the bike lanes, plowed through four people we're told. one of them fatally. get out and started shooting people. its certainly a deliberate act. whether it was inspired by a group or whatever, it was a deliberate act. the governor we're told is arriving on scene and the mayor close by. just your thoughts on some of that information that is coming out in bits right now. >> one of the things is the home depot trucks.
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it's chilling and very eerily remembrance of another attacks on your show and what we discussed on a number of different have the look at the two weapons, two automatic weapons. extremely unusual. opening fire. the deliberate nature of the drive, 14 blocks on the bicycle path. it's really scary stuff. i think this is going to be a bad one when the smoke and dust settles. >> thanks, howard. one of the things that comes up with the sequence of events, how quickly the police respond. thank god they did. this is coming separately from the new york daily news. reporting one witness said i thought it was a halloween prank or something. i saw the gun running in a circle and realized it was serious. this assuming after the shooter jumped out of that truck. what does this tell you?
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the police say it's one guy. but it's too soon to say that without a doubt, right? >> it is too soon to say it, neil. sounds like an individual, probably -- we don't have any indication if he was shouting anything relative to terrorism. sounds like an individual self-radicalized. it's unfortunate. we're successful overseas with isis and terrorism, this becomes an easy target. you can't put ballards an every path and every streak. >> thanks very much. rick leventhal has more. >> i just spoke with a high-ranking law enforcement source who has responded to the scene. he's telling me that the perp was shot twice by police.
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the suspect is not dead but he was shot twice and that the suspect may have gotten on the bike path much further north in the 40s on the west side highway. may have hit people up there, been on the bike path in the forts, got on the west side highway and then got back on the bike path further down where the suspect hit people on the bike path with the rented home depot truck. people on bicycles, perhaps pedestrian, before someone in a school bus, saw what was happening and cut this guy off. you can see the truck there it's damaged. that's because somebody in a school bus intentionally drove and hit this guy to stop him from hitting anyone else. that's when the guy got out of his vehicle and the law enforcement services say he had what appeared to be a handgun. may not have been a real gun. the suspect might not have fired
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any shots at all. police are still investigating this. when police saw what appeared to be a gun in the suspect's hand, they shot him twice and stopped him from doing anything else. he's now in custody. i'm told there's multiple fatalities. they just must be from this person driving into people on the bike path and not shooting anyone. obviously still very much under investigation, neil. >> neil: if you're right, are you saying he started this much further, you know, up north on manhattan, in the 40s versus what we're giving the attention to, south of 14th street? >> it's not clear if there's injured people in the 40s. i'm being told this person got on the highway in the 40s on the west side, got on the bike path in the 40s, got off the bike path, got off and went further south and that's where the bulk of these people were injured and potentially killed.
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the suspect was stopped by someone in a school bus and cut him off and caused the accident. that led to the suspect being shot and taken into custody. >> shepard: yeah. one of the other reports to the point said the car just ran over two people, crashed into a school bus. two people ran over appeared immediately dead. we're getting this from different sources but confirms your timeline. thank you. we're getting more information. david lee miller on the see with us. what can you tell us? >> neil we're at the intersection of greenwich and chambers. we're about a block away from where this incident unfolded. i talked to an eye witness who said he heard as many as ten gun shots. he could smell the gun fire. with me now is another witness. you're a college student nearby. tell me what you saw and heard just a short time ago.
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did you actually hear the gun fire, see gun fire? >> yeah. i was in the bridge between the chamber street and stuvescant. the guy had two guns and running in the street. i heard like five or six gun shots. and then i got down. i didn't know where they were coming from. i was scared. four or five students more on the bridge. they were all scared. so again, i saw the guy with the two guns. he was in the street. the cops shot maybe. >> you see him fire, the man with the two guns? >> i didn't see him shooting someone. but he was running around like -- he was like this. but he didn't shoot anyone. >> a gun in each hand. >> yeah. >> what happened to that man? >> i saw him with the gunshot, i saw him on the ground and the cops took him. yeah. the cops were with him. >> did you see anyone shot?
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>> no, i didn't see anyone got shot. >> did you see where he came from? did you -- one eye witness said he exited a truck -- >> yeah. >> with a home depot logo. >> yeah. the truck was hit. that's why i wondered what happened. then i saw the guy running around on foot. the students said the guy came out from the truck. >> your a student nearby? >> yes. >> thanks for speaking with us. so neil, still a great deal of confusion down here. i'm going to let you get a sense of the scene. fire department still arriving here. the street where it happened, still completely sealed off. authorities are trying to figure out what happened here. another eye witness that i talked to said he saw the person that was shot. so far's only heard reports that there's one person that was apprehended. this took place near a
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high-profile high school in new york, a stool with a very good reputation and difficult to get admittance to. what happened here is near this high school. it does not appear to be connected or linked to this high school. again, this is an investigation that is still in progress. neil? >> neil: have you heard any reports of the guy was shout something nobody knows what he was shouting but just shouting at anyone and everyone presumably after he was shot? do we know anything about that? >> i have not heard that. one of the witnesses that talked to the individual that had the guns was described as a heavy set man. the gentleman i just talked to said many people like he was thought that he may have been talking part in a halloween
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rank. that is not the case. what if anything he said so far we don't have any word of that, neil. >> neil: thank you, david lee. "the new york times" is reporting that officials there are saying as many as six people might have been killed and 11 injured. the "new york times," coming from "the new york times." i've not seen that count so high in any other source. anyone's guess. and dan, we're trying to ascertain the exact timing of events here because it was thought this was exclusively all downtown when in fact this driver, the shooter, might have been creating bedlam some blocks north, midtown, if you're familiar with new york city. west side highway connects the north and south of manhattan.
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west side highway to hudson river what do you make of what you're hearing hear? >> that is a key fact to determine if that happened. there's quite a distance for new yorkers out there like me between the 40s where this -- where there's some reports where this initially happened, where this truck entered on to the bike path and downtown. the key point here, although obviously motive right now is in the air, nobody knows why this happened. maybe we can speculate till tomorrow morning or when we find out. i don't think there's any question at this point it was deliberate. if this person did enter in the 40s and reentered back down town manhattan near stuyvesant, this is not an accident. it's a deliberate act. motivation is up in the air
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still. >> neil: we've gotten from various sources, the local nbc affiliate are saying up to six are feared dead right now. at least a dozen injured. this is a throng of people along those bike paths and elsewhere where this guy got in the path, plowed through these people. we saw something play out in france where a driver plowed through a crowd who were enjoying a nice spring night. that was in france then. we've seen this play out in a host of locals. some by just crazy. not having anything to do with terror. others with clear terror intentions. we do know the driver was yelling, screaming. witnesses heard him but didn't understand him. witnesses don't know if he was
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speaking english or they didn't understand him period. what does that tell you? >> this is all part of our worst fears. looks like terrorism. that's speculation. but of course, it meets a pattern of what we've seen in major cities around the world. another tidbit that came out recently, a rental car, or rental truck from home depot. again, this fits the pattern, a similar pattern of the path of the terrorists. why would that do that? vehicle purchasing costs money and leaves a paper trail. if you need a big car to impact maximum damage, which these sick people do, you go out and rent a truck, which is heavier and bigger and you don't believe a big paper trail or suspicions. that's the fact pattern here is certainly not a good one. again, that distance from the 40s down to houston, this is obviously not an -- this is a
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deliberate act here. this -- the intention was to m maim and kill as many as possible. >> neil: and we're getting reports here because it's reported so widely, i have some pause repeating it, but he might have been wearing something. this is halloween. they're getting ready for the halloween parade, which is quite the event. tens of thousands are drawn to that. not only those that march but those that match. we're days away from the new york city marathon on sunday. a big crowd expected in lower manhattan, throughout manhattan, i should say, the race itself, through all five boroughs of the greater new york city area. but timing is everything. would that have played a part in this, you think? >> yeah. the goal of terrorism is to cause terror. and that's to get media eyes in
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front of the maximum amount of carnage that you can get. the reports of him wearing something, we'll see about that, too. we've seen that in the past in prior attacks. the guys exit the vehicles with weapons and have fake suicide vests on. we don't know if that happened here. that's happened in the past. they don't want the police to engage right away and want to fire on people. certainly wouldn't be unprecedent dodd do something like that. we've seen that before. >> neil: dan, we're getting updates from rick leventhal. what can you tell us? >> this is new information from a member of the joint terrorism task force that tells me that in fact they believe this man when he got out of the pickup truck yelled "allah akbar." he had two weapons. one of them was apparently a paint ball gun and the other one may have been a b.b. gun. he may have found round from one or both weapons, but at this point preliminary, they don't
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appear to be anything more than a paint ball gun and a b.b. gun but he was waving them in a menacing manner and the nypd shot him twice. he's expected to survive. i'm told that he drove down the bike lane for eight blocks before a guy in a school bus cut him off and caused the accident that brought him to a stop. there may have been as many as 11 injured on the school bus when the driver tried to stop this guy from hitting anyone else. i'm also being told there's four doas as a result of this person driving down the bike path and being stopped and waving a couple weapons that were a paint ball gun and a b.b. gun before officers shot him. >> neil: it was before he was shot that he was reportedly shouting "allah akbar?"
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>> yes. and that's when he was shot. >> neil: thanks. ron is here from the fbi on the phone. this is a theme that we've seep play out before, ron. what do you think? >> again and again, neil, based on what's going on in europe, we've seen some hints of it here, ohio state in columbus where we had a guy jump the curb and try to run people down and come out with a knife. in this era of isis-inspired terror, i think the fbi will be looking at this as terrorism until proven otherwise. authorities have seen the jackets from the scene. you know, it could turn out that it's somebody committing a street crime and decided this was my path to flee the scene and his goal was to get away from a crime and it's nothing
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related to terrorism. with the background that we face in america and the background in the world today, they have to look at it as terrorism until proven otherwise. >> neil: what would confirm it? people say just be careful because somebody is shouting allah akbar doesn't mean it's an attack. but it begins to take on the look and feel of one. we know new york's mayor, bill de blasio, has said it's contained right now. active shooter contained. that doesn't mean they're still not looking for possible accomplices, right? >> they would always be looking for accomplices. probably as we're speaking, they probably have an identity, getting people to his residence. getting access to his devices. one of the things that terrorists aren't necessarily looking to do is cover their tracks. they're looking to say i'm affiliated with a group.
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this is me. i'm serious about it. i would think that between the joint terrorism task force and nypd, they'll have a good sense of this within a couple hours at the most. >> neil: we will be hearing from new york police department officials in about 45 minutes, could be sooner. they're confirming several people are dead, up to -- again, these are separate reports. the "new york times" and other reporting six dead. we cannot confirm that. nypd says several people dead after a vehicle drove into a bike path near the world trade center site. home of the freedom tower and so much more and what is becoming a booking downtown ironically after that tragedy that happened 16 years ago. a reminder that terror is a big worry, a big concern.
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between our last chatting, buck, we're getting more indications this could be a terrorist attack and the shooter shouting allah akbar, god is great, continue as theme that we've seen in many cities, trans, belgium, london, paris and so many cities across the globe where this kind of thing has played out almost exactly. what do you make of it? >> the probability of this being a terror attack is going up with every minute and with each additional report. the thing that separates what would be a mass casualty incident like this from being rightly described as terrorism is this is deliberate murder. somebody that was trying to get in a mass casualty incident. there's fatalities based on what nypd has told the press. the questions we still have have to do with why would somebody do this.
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then you look at similarities and patterns. so an individual getting a large heavy vehicle like this an also yelling allah akbar, if in fact that report is true -- haven't seen that confirmed yet, but if that is the case, you look at the pattern and the similarity and there's a direct link that you draw between mass casualty, vehicle attacks in europe and what we just experienced here in new york city. whether it's nice or in berlin or a number of cities that have suffered incidents similar to this. the fact that he carried some additional weaponry to add to the terror effect of, this if it's true, that hers carrying a paint ball gun and a b.b. gun. clearly he was trying to get more attention for himself and create a greater frenzy around the initial incident after he left the vehicle. but this does look right now, again, a question of probability, looks likely to be
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a terror incident. it's question of making sure the reports are verified and motive. motive is always in the early stages like this, you're balancing out different competing theories. there's been mass casualties with a car and they decided there was an individual that had some form of mental illness or just lost it essentially. in this case, given that he yelled allah akbar, rented a truck, probability terrorism going up every minute. >> neil: we're also getting an indication here that it was relatively easy for this guy to do what he did. downtown new york. there's not quite the large partitions and concrete blocks that will are in times square, a richard rojas had jumped a city
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sidewalk. they blocked off as much as times square to vehicular traffic. you can still get around down there and they do block off some streets, 47 to 45th. but in this case, it's a lot more open. there isn't the blockages that there are elsewhere. short of blocking every single sidewalk, how do you defend yourself against something like this? >> this kind of attack is very difficult to thwart once it's operational, neil. forget living in a free society, a society where people can function and move around and drive vehicles, there's always the possibility that the threat hoff this kind of attack and that's what makes it for terrorists a useful tactic. a reason that we've seen a spike in this kind of incidents. some of the major groups -- it's
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not confirmed it's terrorism. if we're looking at similarities, some of the major jihadist groups, al-quaida, the islamic state, have understand that complicated plots that involve training and coordination are easier to thwart whereas in an individual radicalizes in secret, anybody can mow down people on bicycles or pedestrians on the street. so it really increases the perception that we have that terrorism could happen at any time, anyplace and anyone could engage in it, which adds to the psychological impact, which is exactly what our enemies want. assuming this is terrorism, which is a better than 50/50 proposition at this point. >> neil: looking increasingly like it, buck. the a.p. confirming earlier reports, law enforcement officials say six people are
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dead, people injured near the world trade center site. you can see this is prompting a good deal of crowds, a big halloween parade was due to start a couple hours from now, if not sooner. whether that parade is still on is anyone's guess here. it attracts quite a few crowds. tens of thousands descend on lower manhattan for that event. and this is the weekend for the new york city marathon as well. much of the west side highway has been all but shut down. bill stanton, a former new york police officer with us right now. what do you make of this, bill? >> you said something earlier today that will never be forgotten. the loss of life, no matter what the reason, for friends and family injured and the people deceased, you know, doesn't make a difference what we're labelling it. now, what is actually happening?
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is it a road rage gone mad or is it an act of terrorism? i'll tell you, from what i'm watching, looking at the resources of the nypd, the fbi, i doubt it's an organized terrorist attack. if it were -- if i was planning the terrorist attacks, i'd be on the other side. now my resources are here investigating this one person. might this person have had radicalized leaning and road rage and mental deficiency and terrorism? maybe. to me this doesn't feel like an organized terrorist -- to put it in simpler terms if nothing else, the numbers are too low for an organized, unfortunately for new yorkers and everyone, the numbers are too low. if it was really thought out and really planned, the numbers
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would be higher than what we have here. >> neil: but it could be one guy in a vehicle plowing down people. the six deaths are people run over, not shot. what do you make of that? >> there's not a lot of facts coming out. i'm interested to hear what the witnesses saw and heard. was it precipitated by being cut off or did this person have every intention of doing this? once they get into his social media, once they get to his p.c. and they gather all that, if there was planning behind it, it would be interesting to see. i'm leaning towards and this was a guess, i'm leaning towards this was a man that snapped. just may have had certain leanings, you know, in one area, whether it's radicalized muslim or whatever. i'm thinking this was an act that just occurred. it was not preplanned. that's my guess. if i'm wrong, i'm wrong.
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>> neil: just shouting allah akbar does not make it a terrorist act. nobody has confirmed that. just it has the underpinnings of looking like one. thanks very much. ken is here, the man that came up with home depot. sadly a reminder today because the vehicle used here was a home depot truck. i'm just that just makes ken recoil. what do you make of this? here we are downtown new york, note far from the neck of the woods that unleashed horrors 16 years ago. >> i'm sure i spoke for everybody at home depot how badly we feel that it was one of our vehicles that was legitimately rented from us. we have that service where people can rent a vehicle, carry things home. it's part of our business. but i think, neil, this proves for sure danger is all around us. i'm sorry. i don't care whether it's organized terrorism or one nut who buys into this insanity. we have to be on our guard all the time. if nothing proves to me more
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than this experience, that we need to know who is here with us. how the hell can we just say come on in, we don't care how you get in here, we don't care where you're from or what you did or what your background was? i'm not arguing pro or against immigration. my grandparents came here as immigrants. virtually everybody's ancestors came as immigrants. but they came legitimately and we knew who they were and what we wanted to do. >> neil: we don't know anything about this guy's ethnicity -- new york could be like a fortress -- >> neil, we're a free society. we won't have our lives restricted. i don't care if it's an organized effort on one guy on his own, people have lost their lives.
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it's a form of terrorism altogether. i believe that this underscores the need for us to be diligent and have a program and have an effort where people have to let us know who they are and they come in here legitimately. why have borders otherwise? >> neil: and this guy was maybe a home grown american and nothing -- >> there's nuts in the words. there's mass murders. the unabomber. we have enough screw balls in america. we don't know anything about this case right now. what he screamed out would indicate that he was sympathetic to the terrorists. >> neil: by the way, we're understanding now the president of the united states has been briefed on the developments in lower manhattan. what is increasing although not officially calling it a terror incident where the person involved after using a home depot truck that he rented
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legally. >> legitimately. >> neil: ran on what was a bicycle path and plowed down a number of people. all of the six killed and at least 15 injured came as a result of that. he then came out of the vehicle, brandishing what appeared to be guns, but now we're told they might have been fake guns. unless he was shot, apprehended but not before shouting allah akbar, which gets back to the notion it was a terrorist incident. might not matter now. much of lower manhattan is shut down. the west side highway a major artery that gets you too and from manhattan, all the way up to the 40s, which is parallel to midtown manhattan. but ken langone, knowing this area, the neck of the woods, people are what they're exposed to, a big halloween party -- >> it's sad. it affects our way of life and the things that we take for
1:44 pm
granted being in american. whether it's a halloween parade or the marathon sunday. whatever it is, this is a fact of life, this is the world we live in today. >> neil: we have a view in this country, generally not us, despite the 9/11 experiences, the boston marathon incidents, we tend to think it's more abroad as well but it's here as well. >> it's all over the world. all over the world. >> neil: what do you i do? >> you do the best you can to make sure you take every precaution possible. and i come back again -- believe me, this is not a political argument. this is my belief. we ought to know who is coming to america. we ought to know something about their background like all legitimate immigrants, this argument that we should look the other way with illegitimate immigration is nuts. it's nuts. let's do away with the border guards. let's do away with the points of entry. let's not have people at kennedy airport waiting in line to come through customs.
1:45 pm
that's what it says. >> neil: what do you think about those that will see this incident and those coming in to watch the marathon and not run in it or to go to the halloween parade, if that is still on -- i haven't heard if it's being cancelled. that was supposed to happen tonight. that's a big event. people get anxious. >> look, that's natural. it's understandable. i would hope that we don't allow these people to win by default. that they so frighten us that they affect things we take for granted and a way of life in america. we take for granted that i can get in my car and drive to a movie house or take for granted i can take my grandkids down to watch the halloween parade or the new york marathon. i pray to god we don't get so paralyzed by these acts of whatever you want to call it, whether it's terrorism or insanity. i prayed to god we don't let this affect our way of life. >> neil: what it does come up,
1:46 pm
whether it's one lone nut inspired or like alone wolf that was isis inspired. but we pay so much attention to groups like isis that are supposedly on the run over there, but they're like cockroaches everywhere. >> how many billion people on earth now? six billion? nine billion? if they have 5,000 of them, do the math. you lose it in the rounding. but they're there. we won't accept one death. we think it's a tragedy -- if nobody was killed and somebody got a broken leg, that would bother us. these are our values. this is the thing we have to think about. people do matter to us. limbs matter to us. eyesight. we can't make any concession. we just have to be on our guard. we live in a dangerous world. what else can you say?
1:47 pm
>> neil: yeah. i do want the dip in as ken was speaking, we're getting a few more details and some witnesses talking about it. when all of this went down about an hour and 45 minutes. let's listen in. >> a bunch of bicycles were there on the floor. it was chaotic. >> how many bicycles were on the floor? >> like four. four bicycles. >> what have you heard about fatalities? >> something like this happened around here. we looked outside the window. that i were laying there, dead. they weren't covered yet. >> we didn't hear the gun shots. we were paying attention and heard that someone got shot. we ran to the window and the body was laying there. >> i took us like half an hour for them to have a lockdown.
1:48 pm
>> so what time was the shooting itself? >> probably around 3:00. 3:15. >> what is your first name? >> shakima. >> and your name? >> denise. >> thank you. >> neil: that is interesting. some eye witness reports and always happens in incidents like these, people hear ant see different things. that woman said it seemed to start downtown, still another witness earlier on. i caught that before we were on the air with a guest here. that it did appear in midtown manhattan, first. there's great confusion. that's to be expected. doesn't mean anybody is right or wrong. their memory and the event plays out differently. ed mullens joins us on the phone. what your hearing, reports of
1:49 pm
six dead, nine injuries, the count could be higher and that this was a deliberate act where a lot of the killed were killed when the deliver jumped a bike path and ran over them, killed them. brandished what appeared to be live weapons but might have been fake weapons. he was shot. screamed allah akbar. what do you make of that? >> i'm getting the same reports, neil, from the officers at the scene. he jumped out of the vehicle, yelled allah akbar, fired into a crowd of people. i'm also getting confirmation of at least six people dead right now. i think it's too early to eliminate any possibility of what this may be. i'm kind of taken back to the mayor and the nypd saying it's not terrorism and it was a truck dispute. this has the makings of terrorism very early on. the fbi is at the scene. i think we need to really do a
1:50 pm
thorough investigation and get all the facts. we also have a halloween parade tonight. the nypd is prepared for that. so this could be one event that leads to another event. right now there's so much taking place that we need to start to digest all of this information and learn who this individual is and look into his background to see where this is really going. >> neil: all right. thank you very much, my friend. i want to go to rick leventhal who might have an update. rick what are you hearing? >> more confirmation as this is being treated as a possible if not likely terror attack, neil. i'm getting confirmation that this person in this truck drove on to the bike lanes near houston street and the west side highway, traveled eight blocks south, hit many people. there's at least six dead and more than a dozen injured after this vehicle attack.
1:51 pm
the suspect as we have been recording then apparently hit a school bus, got out of the school bus and law enforcement sources said -- witnesses heard him yell allah akbar, waving what appeared to be two guns in his hands and he ran into the street. he may have fired rounds from the weapons, which turned out to be a paint ball gun and a b.b. gun according to law enforcement sources. police on scene, shot him twice. he was wounded, expected to survive. they're looking to see what if anything this person had on social media or elsewhere that could explain why he would have done what he did. certainly him yelling allah akbar, hitting innocent people on a bike path and jumping out of his vehicle with two imitation weapons suggest that he was up to some sort of terrorist attack here. >> neil: rick, the new york city mayor saying the situation is contained. by that it seems to be saying that the shooter, driver, whatever apprehended, there
1:52 pm
doesn't appear to be a threat of an additional assailant is. that what you're hearing? >> all we know of is the one person. it does a mere to be alone attack. but these guys work in teams, they have cells. it's not confirmed as terrorism. but certainly appears to be that. if he was working with other people, if there are other people that might be involved, then there's sufficient concern that on this very busy day and busy night ahead in new york city, that there would be concern about what might be ahead. >> neil: thank you. very good reporting as always, rick. again, we're getting you updated numbers. we can get these from the new york police department. so as they adjust, we adjust. reporting at least six people killed and nine injured. that could change. we're going on just figures that they provide for us. david lee miller is on the scene with more.
1:53 pm
what can you tell us? >> neil, so far everything that i've heard is consistent with a terror attack. the authorities here have not said that's what took place. if you look at what unfolded in the last couple hours, it's consistent with what we've seen elsewhere. one eye witness that we talked to told me that he saw what looked like the vehicle intentionally plow into people on the bikeway. there's a bikeway here along the west side of manhattan, two blocks from where i'm standing. he says there's no doubt in his mind that this was an intentional act. we heard from another witness that told us that he did not see any shooting but he did observe an individual with two guns in his hands. he describeded one as being a larger gun. he said that individual was shot by police. he did not know the extent of the injuries. we understand the perpetrator is
1:54 pm
alive and is in custody. so far, neil, we believe there's one person responsible for what unfolded here a short time ago from some of the eye witness accounts, he may have been behind the wheel of a rented truck, a truck with a home depot logo on it. that truck may have been used to plow down some of the bikers or pedestrians on new york's west side. additionally we understand that truck may have intentionally collided with a school bus. one person i talked to said it appeared there were people on the board the school bus but were adults. it's worth pointing out this incident took place outside a high school here at about 3:30, just about the time that the kids were exiting the school. no reports of any of the kids being injured. there's a high school here. nothing to suggest that what happened here is in any way connected with this high school. stuyvesant high school in lower
1:55 pm
manhattan. this is an ongoing investigation. we expect mayor de blasio and the governor to be on scene. as i said at the beginning, neil, what happened here consistent with a terror attack. so far no one officially saying that's what took place, neil. >> neil: thanks, david lee miller. the white house is now confirming that president trump has been briefed on this vehicle that drove into a bike path near the world trade center, struck and killed several people. up to six dead we're told. nine injured. this is of great concern to the president. not only the president of the united states but he's a native new yorker as he is and his chief of staff, john kelly. kevin corker on how they're dealing with, this kevin? >> you're right about this. john kelly has briefed the president himself about this incident in new york city. not just of great concern as you point out for these two new yorkers, we're talking about an entire nation watching fox
1:56 pm
news with great concern over a city that has been struck harder than any other city in the united states of america. the press secretary, sarah sanders sending out a note talking about the fact that the chief of staff has briefed the president. she said our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected. no real surprise here in terms of how this plays out from the white house's perspective. you hear of an event like this and if you're in the situation room, the east room, some other part of the complex, you get immediate input from your staff, including john kelly. they're in contact with authorities on the ground in new york and putting the full weight of the american government, including intelligence community, behind what they might need in new york as we continue to look for details here. i'll keep you posted. back to you. >> neil: thank you very much. back to buck, the former nypd intelligence officer. buck you and i said whether it's
1:57 pm
deemed officially a terrorist incident or not, it was a terror find. much of lower manhattan in its grips and frozen in place. but again, it does have the looks and markings of such an incident. there's only so much you can do to protect yourself from that, right? the same measures that they took in times square, where a driver plowed through dozens and killing one. you can't do that everywhere. what do you do? >> the precautions you can take involve things like vigilance, vehicle barriers in high traffic areas of the city where there's a lot of pedestrians congregating. very few ways to even dramatically says sen the ability of someone who is radicalized and decided they're going to engage in now what i believe is being treated officially as an incident of terrorism, an act of terrorism.
1:58 pm
so the counter measures for a vehicle attack and we've seen this in europe as well, the counter measures are limited. then it becomes an issue of making sure you find was there -- were there other individuals in this cell. was there a cell, were there other individuals trying to help conduct this attack. was there a cluster. were there people involved in a more secondary fashion but could have alerted law enforcement. because of the congregation that will occur tonight with the halloween parade in new york city -- >> neil: if that is still on. we don't know if that is still is on. buck, thanks very much. i want to go to charlie gasparino. there was an exodus from wall street. can you hear me? >> yeah. my sources on wall street that are being evacuated the minute this happened. i'm going to give you some verbate from a source of mine.
1:59 pm
it's really bad down here, this is not 9/11. but this is what this person said. it's 9/11-style down here. cops are all over the place. a heavy police presence. the entire place is being evacuated like 9/11. that's the response i'm getting from people on the ground. she called it bedlam. tons of traffic. ambulances, sirens, choppers. what happened was, when this first happened -- let me tell you someone that covered 9/11. it's fresh in people's mind and the evacuate started almost immediately came out when there was a possible terrorist attack. >> shepard: thank you. i didn't mean to dumb on you. we're waiting for new york city police department presser on this. what we can tell you right now, six known deaths, nine injured in what appears, and i a stress appears to be a tear rest incident. the driver involved that jumped
2:00 pm
the bike path screaming allah akbar. he rented a truck from home depot, we don't know if it was in the direct manhattan or new jersey to lawn this planned attack. shep is now. >> it is 5:00. i am shepard smith in new york. "the five" is being preempted because we believe there has been a terror attack in new york city. it began at 3:00 eastern daylight time, about two hours ago. we believe it began somewhere around houston street and west street, the northern entrance of the soho neighborhood. a chilly afternoon in new york city but the sun is shining bright. a man is believed to have entered next to the west side


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