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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 31, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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if you are watching on a local fox station across the nation, we will return you to local programming. on fox news channel, satellite and cable, "special report" with bret baier continues our coverage. i am shepard smith, fox news new york. >> an act of terror. a particularly cowardly act of terror. aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them. >> bret: dances at fox news alert. terror has hit new york city again. at least eight people are dead so far after an attack that authorities describe as an act of terror. a man driving a truck, bicycle path near the world trade center memorial after plowing over runners and bike riders, hopping out of the truck yelling allahu akbar. according to police. the driver was shot by police at
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the scene and he is in custody, being treated. david lee miller is on the scene of the attack. >> trying to figure out exactly what happened here. this was an act of terror, it began a little after 3:00. we talked to one of the witnesses who was on the scene his name, tahwid kabir, was afraid for his life. this video shows the man believed to be the perpetrator. according to witnesses, he had in his hand two guns. the perpetrator was shot in the leg. he is being treated at bellevue hospital. at this hour, we are told at
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least eight people were killed and as many as eight dozen were injured. apparently this individual got behind the wheel of a rented car, a car that was rented from home depot, and he began to drive along the bike path. for those who know new york come along houston street. he began to drive south and exited houston street, chambers street. that's the street we are on. it was here that he apparently got out of the vehicle after hitting a school bus, slightly injuring a number of people on the bus, and began to run through the streets. that's when you saw the video recorded a short time ago. when the gunman was shot by authorities. according to a number of reports, this individual was 29 years old and he shouted out allah akbar. he has been described as being of middle eastern descent.
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let me show you live the scene here in lower manhattan just for you can get a sense of what's taking place. this is a mixed area, residential and a lot of commercial activity. you can see there is still traffic flowing. it's halloween. there are many people in the streets, adding another eerie element of what is happening. wearing costumes, many of those who were here at 3:00 when this tragedy began on full, thought this possibly might have been some type of halloween prank. that was not to be the case. the mayor of the city of new york sang this action was intended to break our spirits but the city of new york say hitting the halloween parade slated to take place not very far from here, saying that it will take place with more security. this is an area that's dealt with acts of terror in the past. we are about half a mile or so from the world trade center.
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many people here still very much on edge despite the fact this incident took place at 3:00. a little more than three hours after the attack now. nerves still very much on edge. as authorities continue their investigation. at this hour, at least eight dead. the perpetrator believed to be a lone wolf, 29 years old, now in police custody, recovering from a gunshot wound. >> bret: we heard from authorities in the news conference in new york, as you mention, the halloween parade is continuing. the presence on the street will be significant. obviously authorities don't believe there is a current threat ongoing, otherwise they would have done something more than they are doing now with this parade. >> that's right. authorities believe this was a lone wolf but there's an abundance of caution. you can take a look down the
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street. this is chambers street. the incident took place about two blocks down the street. it is still sealed off. there is a very heavy police presence, and i suspect it's going to remain that way for the next several hours, increased security presence not just here but in other parts of new york city as well. >> bret: thank you. we should point out the department of homeland security pointing putting out a statement they are closely monitoring the situation and working with federal, state, and local partners. the president has been briefed and he's aware of the situation. joining us now, mike mccall, chairman of the house homeland security committee. thanks for being here. breaking news, obviously. what can you tell us? >> this was the ninth vehicle assault used by isis. and nice, we saw this happen previously.
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>> bret: you think this is isis? because i believe winning an individual yells out allahu akbar, all the indicators and hallmarks of an act of terror and i think it's true in this case. for two years, they have called out in their internet magazine to attack by vehicle, explosive device, knives and small-scale attacks. this is in accordance of the directives coming out of spent spent -- crushing the caliphate, defeating isis in mosul and raqqa. we are going to see these vehicles, knives and explosive devices. >> bret: it is hard to defend against. we are told it's a 29-year-old man of middle eastern descent, some names floating out there. we haven't gone with it yet. a time to florida, a new spec national.
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>> these cases can happen so fast. one person radicalizing quickly and killing eight people. it's probably the hardest thing to stop. larger scale operation like 9/11 plot, we could likely stop today. this is a case that worries us the most. >> bret: the difference between self radicalized, inspired by isis, and directed by isis. how significant the differences. >> i think the lines are blurred because of the internet bandwidth reach globally. they can radicalized people all over the world and it is still in the name of isis. we saw a picture of the cell phone at the scene of where this happened a month ago. around august, and isis logo, sort of predicting this may happen. >> bret: slow down. a picture of a cell phone in this area where the attack ended today? >> with the isis logo on it.
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investigators are looking at the photo to find out. it was posted on a website of isis in august. that is something investigators are looking at right now in terms of, are there other people involved. right now it looks like a lone lone wolf case. >> bret: we heard from authorities about the efforts to talk to the truck rental, car rental dealerships around new york city. to engage them, to see if there's anything suspicious, to tell us. obviously this was a rental pickup truck. and that's something that, it sends up red flares for authorities. >> i think the shield program in new york, anyone suspicious renting these vehicles to stop them. the '93 world trade center bomber. this is nothing new to new york and unfortunately, they are the number one target.
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this event happened close to ground zero. worried about the halloween parade tonight but also the new york marathon on sunday i think is very much on the radar of law enforcement. >> bret: this would be the first isis attack, i guess, if it turns out to be that, self radicalized, since when? orlando? >> orlando was a big case. you had an ohio vehicle tag. probably since orlando. >> bret: isis to credit at least publicly for las vegas. >> they out that didn't pan ou. they ran his name through all the fbi databases. not related to isis. >> bret: when you look at this, what do you think? are you surprised this hasn't happened more to us as a country? >> i am always surprised this hasn't happened more. as we crush the caliphate, you're going to see this
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branching out and more small-scale operations. i am proud of what we have stopped. we stopped a times square bombing from occurring this last month. we arrested an individual that was going to blow up times square. there are countless cases where the fbi and nypd and others have taken down isis in the united states to stop these things happening. we have to be right 100% of the time. in this case, we didn't catch it. >> bret: we spend a lot of time covering the story of the day, the moment. the narrative ongoing in washington but there are a lot of things happening below the scenes we don't focus on. as chairman of the house homeland security committee, you know that. have we stopped a lot of things in recent months? >> we have stopped, again, the times square bombing. many plots. i can't tell you the number of arrests and plots have gone down since 2015, 2016.
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we still have 1,000 investigations in all 50 states. >> bret: 1,000 investigations tied to what? >> potential terrorism. >> bret: in all 50 states? >> in all 50 states. that's how broad it is. as long as they can propagate this jihadist material over the internet, it's global. until we can get these companies to take that down, we are going to continue to see this activit activity. >> bret: were you surprised when you heard this today? >> i wasn't. i was having a conversation in the capital after a chairman's meeting with a member of congress talking about what a soft target that places and how lucky we have been that we haven't seen that kind of attack take place. it is something we worry about. it keeps us up at night. i think the victories we've had over isis in iraq and syria have diminished their external operation capabilities out of
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the region. that's the good news. the bad news is the internet is still radicalizing them and instructing them how to kill people here in the united states. >> bret: is there anything more we can do? if we're going to be a free society, to harden targets? this is a bike path. anyone could have driven down this bike path. >> again, see something. say something. i think working with the internet companies. google, facebook, twitter, taking down sermons, taking stuff off the internet so people vulnerable to that kind of messaging won't become a radicalized individual that pops up like in this case and kills eight people. >> bret: anyone can rent a truck. >> anybody can rent a truck. unless there is a legal basis to deny the rental, we can't stop that. >> bret: do they do rental receipts? do they check through all that, the renting of vehicles?
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>> operation shield, a good public-private outreach. nypd is one of the finest, one of the best. they work closely with the fbi, joint terrorism task force. i go there to get briefed by the commissioner. they have stopped a lot of bad things from happening. it's a constant wave of people looking at these images over the internet that concern us. >> bret: you are convinced this is an isis attack? >> to me, it has all the hallmarks. when someone yells allahu akbar in public, when somebody mows down pedestrians. following the advice of the isis isis -- i'm convinced this was an isis attack. >> bret: looking at the web of connections this guy may have
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had. >> we want to know if anyone else, is anyone else involved, if further conspiracy? with the halloween parade tonight, also this is near the marathon sunday. i know they are scrubbing everything they have right now to ensure there is no one else connected. >> bret: how significant that he is still alive? many times, we've seen the attacker get killed or kill himself. he was shot, we are told by a police officer but he's been treated. >> law enforcement, prosecution, intelligent standpoint, very important. because of the information in his head. when the boston bomber was shot and killed, we lost that intelligence of what he was doing, radicalizing. direction from raqqa, syria, pakistan?
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he has a lot of information in his head to, and that's the kind of information we will be getting to the bottom of through interrogation. >> bret: i know it's early but you don't have any sense this guy was on any alert or that authorities had seen him or heard of him before? >> $0.05 as of right now is that he was not on the radar. i think this posting of the cell phone picture of the isis logo as far back as august or the where the attack occurred, it is going to be of interest to an investigator's. >> bret: you're talking about a cell phone picture at roughly that bicycle path? >> correct. >> bret: fascinating. we appreciate your time. thanks for coming on short notice. >> thanks for having me. >> bret: the governor of new york warned expect a stronger police presence in and around new york city. >> we will be vigilant, more
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police everywhere. you'll see them in the airport, in the tunnels. it's not because there's any evidence of any ongoing threats or any additional threat. it is out of vigilance and note of caution. >> bret: senior correspondent eric shawn standing by police plaza in new york city. >> good evening. it's a day of pain but new yorkers are resilient and we will not give income of those are the words of new york mayor bill de blasio here at police headquarters within the last half hour. it's interesting to note there is the jersey city connection to the case and previous attacks, radical islamic terrorist attacks. we are told the home depot pickup truck was rented from a home depot and jersey city. that's where the ryder van was rented in 1993 used at the world
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trade center. officials, when i asked, they would not say if there were indications that this is radical islamic terrorism. they won't confirm it. nor will they confirm if there's a wider international net or tentacles of a foreign terrorist organization involved or if the suspect, 29 years old, is self radicalized. it's all part of the investigation and they are not yet releasing his identity. the officials here sought to assuage and comfort new yorkers in this time of pain in this time of a terrorist attack. >> new york is an international symbol of freedom of democracy. that's what we are and we are proud of it. that also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts. and we have lived with this before. we felt the pain before.
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we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than eve ever. we are not going to let them wi win. >> for decades, new york has been the target of radical islamic terrorists, the first back in 1990, a shooting at a hotel. a follower of the cell of a man from jersey city. of course, there was the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. dozens of other plots that have been disrupted. a car bomb in times square, thankfully did not go off. there was a bombing on 23rd street by a new jersey man. he had recently been on trial. mayor bill de blasio reference the history of this and the attitude of his fellow new yorkers. here is the mayor.
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>> we know of eight innocent people who have lost their live lives. we know this action was intended to break our spirit but we know that new yorkers are strong and resilient. our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence, enactment to intimidate us. >> new york city deferment has a wide-ranging antiterrorist effort. there are new york city detectives posted in world capitals around the world. their cialis program in which officers patrol midtown manhattan. deputy commissioner john miller reference the shield program in which businesses have been contacted and told what to look for for potential terrorists
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that included 148 truck rental sites. clearly this home depot will be a center of investigation of how the suspect may have been able to rent this fan and this pickup truck. if he has been on any databases. as of tonight, the focus goes to the annual halloween day parade which is a festive, raucous event in greenwich village. we will be reporting from there later. sand trucks, police cruisers and other measures to block the side streets to prevent anything that we saw, such as in nice. efforts the police department has engaged in in dealing with thanksgiving day parade to try to prevent any copycats of the international terrorism we've seen so far sadly around the world and sadly here, striking us americans here at home.
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>> bret: let's get some analysis from former assistant director of the fbi who works with law enforcement legal defense fund. retired green beret mike walls, walls, sr. counter terrorism advisor to vice president dick cheney. your take on this, ron and as you look at it, the tactic does fit what we've seen, these vehicle attacks in recent months and weeks, back to berlin, nice, spain. you see it again and again. >> has the isis fingerprints, has the isis dna. this is the sort of attack isis has called for. they have made innocent civilians as legitimate targets of their attacks. what concerns me is within the last ten days, two weeks, the head of m5. the current terror threat is as
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intense as he's ever seen it in great britain. the speed with which attacks are being planned. 3,000 active investigations. 500 of them pretty intense. i think here, america's threat is a fraction of that but still the speed and intensity, the time between flash and bang is very concerning. >> bret: you heard the chairman of the house homeland security committee, mike mccaul, mentioned this about an isa spokesperson. atlantic magazine in 2015 wrote it this way. "the islamic state's chief spokesman called on muslims in western countries such as france, canada, to find an infidel and smash his head with raw, poison him, run him over
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with a car or destroy his crops. the biblical sounding punishments juxtaposed strangely with his more modern sounding call to vehicular homicide." there's been a lot of quotes about using vehicles, and we've seen that. >> in isis and al qaeda have their own magazines. isis has "inspired" magazine and they've been calling for a truck-type attack in new york, vegas, l.a. one should ask how they are producing their own magazine. take a step back and go strategic. that's why i think we have to stay on offense. we can only do so much defense against these types of attacks. that's why the president's decision to stay engaged and on the offense in afghanistan, with the green berets are doing in niger. the navy seal raid last night
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against isis in libya, the president's speech in saudi arabia on his first trip, calling on muslim majority nations, moderate majority nations to take this problem on. my bottom line is, we are in a global war against islamic extremism. it is at war with us, and we are fighting it in raqqa and condore to stay on offense. put a broader strategy in place and how to undermine theology. as we undermined and discredited the ideology of communism, ideof islamic extremism. >> bret: from an investigative standpoint, what's happening right now and trying to get the web that this guy had any contact with? >> they have speeded their way to the home depot.
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>> looking at that, they are collecting across government, every piece of intelligence that we have on this person to see, did the fbi ever touch them before, and we nypd. i think part of that offense of strategy is to be with people of 702 authority for the nsa in coordination with the fbi. we need to be listening to these potential targets over the seas, if they are touching americans, we want the fbi to have that information. we want them to action i. >> if i can just jump in very quickly, one thing a lot of folks are no longer mentioning what i want to be sure to point out is edward snowden. he took essentially all of the apps, all of the software, essentially all of the systems are in the world that we have trouble penetrating because of encryption, and dumped it out there for all of these terrorist groups to use. i hold him accountable whether it's barcelona or london, or no
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new york or orlando, i hold him accountable as well for basically giving the bad guys the means to communicate that has been very tough on our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. be what i just want to point back to something else the chairman mccall said, looking at one of these websites, the picture on a cell phone of that area in the west side of new york city. a photo taken near houston facing south with the logo on the cell phone displayed an isa symbol. obviously i don't think people at that point could say this is where this attack is going to happen, but it does send a signal that they were looking at that area. >> we have a learning, evolving, metastasizing enemy. this is an enemy that is not here just for today, not here just for a couple of weeks. they are here seriously and they have a long-term perspective on
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attacking america. the notion that they can post something up on an internal -- a magazine they are disseminating on the internet for anyone who wants to read it, they are looking to inspire just the sort of activity. if somebody take that date and they go, that's the fear of the fbi. >> bret: 1,000 investigations in 50 states, in all 50 states. >> being re-prioritized everyday, being moved around to address the highest priority threats and hoping like the brits on the french that we get it right every time. >> bret: that's a threat that we just don't even acknowledge or think about, the fact that there are that many investigations ongoing. >> is absolutely right. the ugly fact is the bureau cannot possibly track and follow and stay on top of that many individuals. unfortunately we have to bat 1,000. the terrorists only have to get one through. that's why i keep saying over
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and over again we have to stay after the sanctuaries. we may have defeated the islamic state as a state, but we haven't defeated it as a movement and we are seeing not only at metastasize all the way over north africa, but we are seeing it finally get infiltrators through and the thing i can't over emphasize its in that part of the world respect strength, and they respect what they think is going to win because they are making life and death decisions every day. that's when we need to hit them hard over there while her brothers and sisters in law and law enforcement or defending us at home. >> bret: for people who just walk around and say how does this not happen more? it seems like, what prevents the bad guy from getting a truck and going to have a bike path? >> very little prevents the sort of activity and as i mentioned earlier that concerned about flashed a bank, the space between someone being inspired to do this terror and actually taking the steps forward to do
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it is getting increasingly smal small. that's the space that law enforcement is typically working in. if this is not al qaeda where they were trying to get you to a training camp in afghanistan or in pakistan. these guys are doing it on the internet and doing it in your own methodology. that is the concern of law enforcement. fortunately, because of tips and clues, because of interagency collaborations, the fbi and the partners have defeated dozens of attacks here at home. one recently within the last two weeks in miami where an attacker wanted to detonate a bomb outside of miami. the fbi has been incredibly successful, but as michael said, we have to keep every pop out of the net. if one gets through you look incredibly bad. they will learn from this, figure out what was missed, what could have been caught, how to defeat at the next time but unfortunately this may be the new norm. >> bret: from a counterterrorism perspective they obviously feel in new york
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fairly confident that tonight they're moving forward because halloween parade, and they are moving forward with more presence on the street, trying to tell people to keep going about their business. >> that's right. the goal of the terrorist is to inspire fear. the worst thing we could do is to hunker down and be afraid. i hope everyone up there, our fellow citizens in new york, get out tonight in defiance. seeing that in paris, we've seen that in barcelona, we see that in london, that we will not be cowed, we are the united states of america. and as i mentioned earlier, we saw with the navy seal raid in libya. >> bret: must talk about that for a second. >> you can run, but you can't hide. we will come after you and we will find you injustice will be be served. >> bret: going after i says, it's not just happening in syria and iraq, it's happening all over. >> as we discussed at 60 to 80 countries in any given day we have special operators out there
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trying to keep this country safe. >> bret: we appreciate the time. let's head over to the north lawn or white house correspondent kevin corke is covering reaction from the white house. it would interest in the president obviously has been briefed about all of this. >> you're right about that. we learned this afternoon shortly after the events unfolded in new york city that the president had been briefed by his chief of staff john kelly, and shortly after that, right around 5:30 p.m. he took to twitter to express himself and express i think the thoughts you could argue of a great many americans. tweeting this. in new york city, looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. the law is following this closely. not in the usa. a number of tweets i can share with you, including this one from the vice president. he wrote saddened by the tragedy in new york city, our prayers are with the victims, their families and first responders. those responsible must be held accountable. the first lady of melania trump writing my heart breaks for new york city today.
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thoughts and prayers as we monitor the situation. her starter ivanka trump rating heart breaking coming out of new york city, praying for the victims. as you know it is customary in circumstances like this, the president will receive periodic briefings and updates on the ongoing situation, making available to those who need it in the new york state area in the tri-state area just around manhattan, any and all federal resources that they might need as they continue to investigate this horrific crime. also, we do not expect the president to speak about the situation tonight, and of course if that changes i will let you know right here. back to you. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. just to update you again, this terror attack in new york city as described by the new york city police commissioner. >> a male driving a rented home depot pickup truck enter the west side highway bicycle path at houston street, began driving southbound and began striking
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pedestrians and bicyclists along the route. at chamber street this truck collided with a school bus injuring two adults and two children's. after the collision the driver of the truck, a 29-year-old mal male, exited the vehicle brandishing two handguns. a uniformed police officer assigned to the first precinct confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen. if the subject was wounded and transported to a local hospital. >> bret: it looked like two handguns at that time, it turned out to be a pellet gun and a bb gun. as you heard, homeland security chairman, this event in new york is similar to other recent terrorist attacks that employ the same grisly tactics, using vehicles to plow people down. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us now former d.c. newsroom with more on that angle. good evening, james. >> good evening, officials at the homeland security department and a member of the house intelligence committee and remarks tonight following this massacre in new york are portraying it as most likely a
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copycat attack based on similar uses of motor vehicles as weapons in acts of terrorism in big cities. a spokesperson for acting dhs secretary elaine duke after noting she had been briefed, we have recently seen attacks like this throughout the world. likewise, congressman joaquin castro, democrat of texas and the end intelligence committee, told fox news tonight more people are being inspired. it certainly looks like a copycat thing, but it's too early to make that determination. certainly the use of vehicles to mow down large numbers of people is intensifying. the first incident like this, similar to this anyway, that we can trace, was in chapel hill in 2006, but it resulted in minor injuries. the first large scale atrocity that relied on this tactic was back on july 14th, bastille day lack year in nice, france, killing at least 84 people.
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that too was an area near water. they said that attacker had been radicalized online. six months later ohio state university witnessed a car attack that killed 11 people. worldwide attention focused on berlin on december 19th when another tunisian national plowed into a christmas market, killing 12 people. and then of course in march of this year, britain reeled from a car attack on the westminster bridge that killed four people. at the attacker also got out and stabbed a police officer on that occasion. in all, in this country, including this attack, at least ten isis-inspired or islamist terrorist events have occurred in the last two and a half year years. >> bret: james rosen live here in d.c., thank you. senior correspondent rick leventhal is a new york standing by with the latest. >> we are the governor of new york say there's no evidence of a wider scheme, but important to point out, that does not mean they are not investigating very, very aggressively to make sure
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that there is no wider scheme and our viewers may have picked up on that. our aerial footage of the home depot in jersey city where we told you a couple of hours ago that the fbi and joint terrorism task force had told us this home depot truck had been rented from him i was told they had sent members of the j.t.t.f. to the home depot and in the aerial footage you can see some police tapes surrounding a couple of vehicles on the parking lot. they are very likely looking to see if the suspect drove himself to the home depot, left his vehicle in the parking lot, rented that truck and drove in into manhattan. that may be why those vehicles were surrounded by police tape and that home depot parking lot. authorities confirming our reporting that in fact this individual drove onto the bike lane along the west side highway at houston street just after 3:00 this afternoon, hitting people on their bicycles and pedestrians on that path at a pretty high rate of speed, driving south for eight or nine
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blocks before he hit a school bus, which had been driving along the cross street there at chamber's, and that injured a couple of people and a couple of kids on the school bus. at that point the suspect then got out of the car and according to law enforcement sources yelled allah akbar before heading into the intersection carrying what turned out to be a couple of fake guns, a paintball gun and a bb gun. that's one authorities shot him. the nypd already down there, shot this suspect and sent them to the hospital. you were looking at some of the video of him running to the street. he's being treated at one of the hospitals were a couple of the victims were also being treated, but obviously this guy is in isolation. he's under heavy guard and authorities have a lot of questions for him and are looking for any links to anyone to explain why he might've done what he did. we heard very clearly from the mayor, from the police commissioner and from the governor that they do in fact believe this was an act of terror and they are investigating as such.
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we also talked about increases in security across the city, and you know after that incident in times square when someone with the wrong way up the street and drove onto a sidewalk and mode people down there, which turned out apparently to be someone who was under the influence and not a terrorist, they put up barricades in times square to block those sidewalks for many other vehicles that might try something like that, but as you can see down here in lower manhattan, some of the access to the bike path was still over this afternoon. this person was able to drive that rented pickup truck right onto the bike lane, and you better believe they are going to start hearkening those targets, hardening the security at the bike lanes, simply because of what this person did this afternoon. >> bret: listen, new york is probably one of the best, if not the best, and fighting this kind of thing. you know a lot of these men and women on that force and in law enforcement. what is their feeling to make you this a sense that this is a one-off, that may be isis-
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isis-inspired, it may be terrorist-inspired, but the threat is diminished tonight as they continue with this parade, and continue on? >> certainly the initial reports and the initial word that we've been getting from law enforcement was that they are treating this as a lone wolf, treating this as one sick individual carrying out a sick plot to hurt and kill people on a beautiful -- otherwise beautiful afternoon in lower manhattan. but they are cross-checking everything. they are scrubbing the sky, they are scrubbing all of his contacts and they are looking at the rental of that vehicle and any other contact he might have had with other people to make sure, to try to determine whether or not there might be some sort of other plot, and we've been hearing about the halloween parade tonight in the village, in greenwich village in manhattan. they will have sand trucks blocking cross streets, which they've been doing with some regularity. they will have heavy weapons teams with long guns, snipers on rooftops and other security precautions that might not have been there a few years ago, but
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has to be there now and certainly even more so tonight in the wake of this horrific attack. >> bret: thank you. just moments ago, the president taking to his twitter account saying we must not allow isis to return, or enter our country. after defeating them in the middle east and elsewhere, enough! from the president just moments ago. joining me now matthew graham, founder of graham combat, who currently serves as civilian defense contractor. he was also local law enforcement officer. lone wolf, or group attack, the question is how do you protect against something like this? >> good evening, and i don't know that you can. just like both guest on your panel have said. as we continue to take the fight to the enemy overseas, we really need to be ready her for what's going to happen.
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low kinetic, individual operators whether they are attributed to a group or not, what we are finding over the last couple of years is that they are able to -- there's not much we can do to mitigate it. >> bret: i guess we can take out the internet sites that inspire them at some point. >> that's like banning books, and talking about ideas. i think we all understand that whether you get information off the internet looking at a website is not something that drives you to strap a bomb onto yourself, or to grab a car and drive it down a bike path. i think we know intellectually that it is bigger than that, and i think that's the big thing that we really don't want to talk about as a society. the threat here, even tonight in new york and other cities around the country for howling, isn't diminished. we can talk about it being diminished and there may not be other acts, but when an actor wants to act, which they are showing that they want to do globally, we are in a fight, we are in a war and as the sf
3:42 pm
soldier can tell you, it's an insurgency. at this point they are taking lives. >> bret: we're just getting word that mayor de blasio is heading down to the hollowing parade to check out security there. from a counterterrorism point of view, from a showing of point of view, that's a logistical challenge when you're dealing with big cities and big events like the hollowing parade. >> we have a huge country and were not going to be able to put roadblocks in every bike path, we will not be able to funnel people into areas that vehicles aren't. as much as we change our defense posture, they will change their offense. nobody wants to save your life more than you, so the idea behind it is you need to be ready, get your head off, look around, see what's going on and carry tools that can defend yourself and fix yourself. >> bret: obviously with the increased use of these vehicles, trucks and cars, we've seen these attacks, as i said, berlin, nice, spain, all over,
3:43 pm
london, and now here. >> absolutely. how will you stop a person from renting a truck? that's one of the difficult points. you have the chairman on earlier and even as he said, we only know after the fact, the speech 25 is cultivating that rental site, dealing with who has rented and what -- we know that because we are seeing the front end of the truck ripped off on people that we live with and love every day. and what we need to do is press that fight sooner. and we are doing that globally, and as part of that response we are going to have to deal with that threat here. >> bret: matthew graham, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> bret: let's bring in our panel, guy benson, political editor at laura. we were from earlier. mike wallace, who served as a senior terrorism advisor to dick cheney. and gillian turner.
3:44 pm
as we look live there in new york city, your thoughts on this day, this event and kind of where we are going? >> personal comment, manhattan is my hometown and so the strikes particularly close to my heart. i've been on the phone with friends and family most of the evening making sure that folks are all right. it's completely devastating that new york has been hit again. i want to make a comment particularly about isis's -- if this is an deed isis attack, which is the chairman pointed out, it looks likely. it bears all the hallmarks of one. their turn to reliance on the use of vehicles, the weaponization of vehicles is something that is going to have catastrophic consequences for decades to come. if their reach is definitively global thanks to the internet, this particular tactic makes all terrorism local for the effective future. it means they can reach into any community anywhere in the world,
3:45 pm
at any time and find recruits and sympathizers who are willing and able to go forth and carry out terrorist attacks. this is the 13th one this year, and since this first started with niece in 2015, we are a 30% in the lethality of the attacks. >> bret: i want to turn back to the interview we had with chairman mccall. take a listen to something he said during that period >> this is the ninth vehicle assault used by isis, nice, we saw this happen previously. >> so you think this is isis? >> i believe when in individual yells out allah akbar, all the indicators on hallmarks of an act of terror. we know for two years they've called out there internet magazine to attack by vehicle, by explosive device or by
3:46 pm
knives, small-scale attacks. >> bret: went on to describe this one picture, image of an isis logo taken near that area. the west side. that happened in august, popped up on the website. >> this is not very far from 9/11 actually. just write up the street from the site of 9/11. but look, this is an issue that is going to have to be confronted, balancing the demands for free life. >> bret: and capitol hill deals with the 702 renewal, which by the way is listening in to terrorist, even if they have connections with u.s. citizens. >> the question is we will find out in the coming days, was this person a u.s. citizen, did he have any ties to isis in some way, was he here legally, there will be a lot of questions answered. then you can design the precautions accordingly. i don't know if every single rental car place in america has to have a list of people who
3:47 pm
can't rent a car. >> bret: guy? >> especially if the person trying to rent the car has no record whatsoever. that's what i think is so frightening about the style of attack. going back to what julian was just saying, in the past with al qaeda, around 9/11, uss cole. these were highly choreographed, highly complex, particular attacks. getting a car and mowing it into people is sort of the opposite of that, but it brings the threat home to everyone. it's a very low frills, low maintenance attack that can be inspired from far away or from a computer screen and anyone virtually can carry it out. that is what is scary about this. if we are talking about fear amid the loss of life and the tragedy in new york, i have to say watching the leadership in new york moments ago during a press conference saying yes this parade is still going on, we are not canceling it. we are new yorkers, we are americans, that's not what we
3:48 pm
do. that sort of gave me chills. that's the spirit of this country, even in the dark hour. what you're looking life from our affiliate, fox five in new york, and that is a shot of the home depot rented pickup truck that this assailant drove down the bike path on the west side of new york. not far, as mentioned, from the world trade center. plowed over people biking and running on a path, on a pretty sunny but cool day in new york city. there was some early talk that he had firearms and that there were shots fired, the shots fired actually were from police shooting at this man. he actually had a bb gun and a pellet gun of some kind, maybe even a paintball gun. but he was injured, and there you see the video of him running. we are told that this is him with a pellet gun and a bb gun running into the street there. pursued by, you see that man
3:49 pm
there. i don't know what happened to him, but soon there after he confronted law enforcement and was taken down. he was shot in the rear end we are told and he was taken to a hospital and is being treated. that's a big deal, to be able to get somebody who says they've got this guy in custody because he potentially provides information. >> let me just personally say and give a salute to the boys in blue in new york city tonight and to the nypd. i've been in situations where you have only seconds to determine if they are friend or foe. we may remember in may when a vehicle plowed into times squar times square, and immediately folks were afraid it was a terrorist attack, turned out it was a drunk driver. when the sky hops out, he has something that resembles weapons, he runs, the nypd get after him and taken down, but taken down in a way that now he can be interrogated, really hats off to them.
3:50 pm
>> bret: one of the witnesses describing what he saw. >> as stomach i saw a guy with two guards and he was just running in the middle of the street. and then i heard like five or six gunshots. >> a couple of my classmates, we heard the shots and then we went to the window and we see two of the bodies lying down. >> the car and a school bus collided and people in the school bus got hurt running around. >> bret: again, at least 810 so far, we are told to go were being taken into surgery at one of the local hospitals, bellevue. let's go back to miller who is live on the scene with an update there. >> the scene here in lower manhattan increasingly area at this hour, there are hundreds of new york city police on the streets. there are also trick-or-treaters, very young children in costume walking up and down to get candy. all this in the shadow of the world trade center.
3:51 pm
we will pan up here and you will get a good sense of the geography here, that is the world trade center less than half a mile away from where this terror attack occurred about three hours ago. a few moments ago i talked to a witness, a 17-year-old girl, who was under lock down for three hours in stuyvesant high school, a high school less than half a block from where this incident unfolded. she told me that she was able to watch what took place from one of the windows in the school. she said she saw three bicycles in the aftermath on the bikeway where the car ran over pedestrians and bikers, and her words, she told me she didn't know it was possible for a bicycle -- she saw three of them, to be so twisted. she told me that they were completely destroyed by this truck that was used by the perpetrator.
3:52 pm
she also said she saw two bodies and body bags that were laying nearby. and as you can see at this hour now, almost four hours after the incident began, lower manhattan still very much experiencing a very heavy security presence. we traveled a few blocks from here, a very different scene. it might just be an ordinary day hearing in new york city. underscoring that, the halloween parade that is an annual event is going to take place tonight, and we are told that new york city mayor bill de blasio is headed in that direction now. he wants to personally inspect the security at the parade site. he said earlier that what happened here in lower manhattan was a cowardly act. at this hour, at least eight dead, a dozen people injured. as the investigation continues. >> bret: david lee miller live on the scene, thank you.
3:53 pm
this obviously the first deadly terror attack in new york city since 9/11. the governor talking about how new york is always in the cross hairs. >> the truth is new york is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. that's what we are, and we are proud of it. that also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts. we've lived with this before, we felt the pain before, we feel the pain today, but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever. we are not going to let them win. >> bret: back with the panel here. guy, morrow, mike and jillian. going forward, you wonder how this affects the stone, if it does. the politics that we are seeing on a number of fronts.
3:54 pm
not only what we are seeing the new u.s. military take on overseas, but also with their taking on here on capitol hill. >> it's an event like this that can instantly shift the entire national conversation. this new cycle will be about tax reform in russia, and now we have eight people killed, apparently inspired by isis. just watching that report there from david lee miller, it popped into my head, they are having this parade in lower manhattan now. imagine the difficulty that nypd has. they are telling people to be vigilant and notice anything unusual. it's halloween in new york, everything is unusual. that adds to the burden on the first responders. i sort of veered off from your question, but i think it's really strong for mayor de blasio make that statement and sam going to the parade as well. i think that's great. >> bret: just moments ago, governor cuomo announced enhanced the security measures
3:55 pm
throughout lower manhattan at the governor's direction, increased security at high-profile locations around new york, including airports, bridges, tunnels, mass transit systems. you have, following this terrorist attack, an increase in security at all of those places, additional personnel being deployed to high density areas. large public gatherings as a precautionary measure, not based he says on any specific intelligence on ongoing threats. but as you heard from german mccaul and ron earlier , around the world they have seen increased chatter in recent months to the point we had the british and my six head say it's the most dangerous he seen it in years. >> we talked about isis get squeezed in the middle east, they will go somewhere. and they will go back to europe. i don't know if this person came from there, we will find out a lot more about him.
3:56 pm
but the threat is going to go elsewhere. i'm a new yorker, i'm proud of new york tonight and we have seen other countries go through this, kind of hunker down. england and all the nra bombings, they never give up and never change their lifestyles and eventually they solve the problem. it sounds like it's something we will have to do. i'm not saying it's the no more normal but people are not going to cower inside their apartments because of this. >> bret: the images on the screen, the cell phone video taken from above as it just changed out there, that's of the suspect who was running away from the car after hitting a bus filled with children. some of them being treated at local hospitals. your final thoughts? speak on just thinking about the last eight years and i think the chickens are coming home to roost in many ways. pulling out of iraq, telling the world that we are leaving afghanistan, doing nothing in syria and allowing this ideology
3:57 pm
to gain strength all over the world and to inspire them all over the world. i think we are seeing -- it's going to take a while to undo that. i go back to the president's tweet in the sense that isis is not defeated. they are now dispersed, and we have to keep our foot on the net around the world. the more they're worried about where they will sleep at night and a missile coming through their window, the less time they will have to plot and plan. >> looking at the live footage of lower manhattan there, it strikes me that amid all of this chaos at horror, the one fortunate datapoint is that new york city's joint terrorism task force is the oldest and best of its kind in this country. they have managed to bring a greater degree of what looks like stability on the ground, but behind the scenes in it know that the race is on to figure out a few key questions that will determine where this goes in the future. i think we can rely on this
3:58 pm
terrorism task force, which brings to bear the best of nypd and fbi elements on the situation. what they will be looking at tonight is essentially whether this person, the perpetrator, had any accomplices, and whether -- if he does, if they are still active, and whether or not they have any formal affiliations with any international terrorist organizations. those will guide the days ahead, but new york city is in good hands. >> bret: described as a 29-year-old middle eastern man by authorities. from now, from our producer at the justice department getting a name. we were told earlier that he may be and it was back national, came to the country in 2010. there is some talk about a tie to tampa, florida. we are trying to get ties to that. we did manage to pull up the picture of the cell phone near this event that happened.
3:59 pm
it does have -- we are just getting it in here. it does have a picture of the cell phone itself. if you can push in there. this is from site, and you can see the isis logo in the background, this is the west side right near the area where it occurred. you heard chairman mccaul references earlier in the interview. we will post that whole interview with the chairman, house homeland security. there are some interesting nuggets throughout that interview. namely that there are a thousand ongoing investigations into jihadist terrorism with possible ties to terrorism in all 50 states. that is something that you have to think about as our country deals with yet another attack. a city that knows terror so wel well. a city that will persevere.
4:00 pm
this halloween parade still scheduled to go on in new york's mayor is going there now. we will continue to cover it on fox news channel. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for the special report, fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> martha: breaking new details and the fast unfolding terror attack in new york city tonight. good evening everyone, i martha maccallum, and "the story" begins on the lower west side of manhattan. just blocks from the former site of the world trade center towers as new york becomes the first american city to become a target of the kind of vehicular terrorist attacks would seem in europe. new details now coming in about the man coming in custody and under armed guard not far from here in a new york city hospita hospital. law enforcement officials telling fox news that he has been identified. he has them and they believe who shouted


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