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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this halloween parade still scheduled to go on in new york's mayor is going there now. we will continue to cover it on fox news channel. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for the special report, fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> martha: breaking new details and the fast unfolding terror attack in new york city tonight. good evening everyone, i martha maccallum, and "the story" begins on the lower west side of manhattan. just blocks from the former site of the world trade center towers as new york becomes the first american city to become a target of the kind of vehicular terrorist attacks would seem in europe. new details now coming in about the man coming in custody and under armed guard not far from here in a new york city hospita hospital. law enforcement officials telling fox news that he has been identified. he has them and they believe who shouted "allah akbar" before he plowed a home depot-rented truck
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into a busy, popular bike path right along the hudson river that is used by hundreds, if not thousands of people every day new york city. he took the lives of at least eight innocent people and injured at least 11 others. we are about to get updates this evening on the condition of many of those. that home depot is just on the other side of the holland tunnel and tonight it is the site of intense scrutiny. if they have two cars in the parking lot there that are roped off. we will take you there in just a few moments. police say that the 29-year-old man came onto the bike path, as you see on the left-hand side of your screen on that map, near the former world trade center, and other side of the beautiful gleaming freedom tower, which has taken its place. then he drove south. he had pedestrians and plowed into people on bicycles. we will show you in a moment the bicycles scattered across the
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path at the horrific scene. then he plowed into a school bus, injuring at least two adults and two children. this amateur video, take a look at this. this is after he jumped out of that white home depot truck and started running around the street. can you imagine what is going through the minds of the drivers and people who are along the sides of the streets as they watched the sky running around with two guns in his hand. we were later told by the police commissioner one was a paintball gun, and one is a pellet gun. just imagine the fear that engulfed this entire area of lower manhattan as he continues to run around. he was taken down by a very brave new york city police officer who had arrived on the scene. more details on that a moment. this is new york city. we are told that he was shot in the abdomen. he's currently being treated at a local hospital. >> this was an act of terror,
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and particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians. >> are these lone wolves who an act of terror? this was all very preliminary, it's a live in a couple of hours, but at this point there's no evidence to suggest a wider plot. >> we heard the shots and we went to the window and we seem to of the bodies lying down. a bunch of bicycles, they were on the floor, it was really chaotic. >> martha: president trump tweeted this moments ago. in new york city, it looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following closely, not in the usa! we have experts on deck to walk us through this breaking news tonight as we get more details by the moment. shepard smith is live on the scene in lower manhattan with some of those late-breaking details. good evening. >> good evening. the governor and mayor
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announcing heightened security across our city and our state. heightened police presence at public events. just west of us is the annual new york city halloween parade, expected to drop to a million people to greenwich village and beyond as a ghost was straight at the center of our island. the mayor announcing the parade will go on as scheduled, it is scheduled to begin right now. between here and there on the walk from the subway tonight, we saw lots of little kids with their parents and hand dressed for halloween going trick or treat. a sign that new york city carries on as the mayor and the governor insisted it would with heightened police presence. across the city that is no doubt shaken on subway senate. they were quieter than usual but just as crowded as ever. at the city on the move in the wake of this terror attack that happened 5 minutes past 3:00 eastern daylight time this afternoon. it was houston street on the far west hand side of the island, as far as you can go before you get to the hudson river on a bike path that has been there long before bikes were the way people
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got around in the city. if it is maybe the most famous bike path we know when our town. north and southbound lanes there, and at houston street there's an entry, and it's at that spot that they believe this man, this was becky immigrant we believe, who came in 2010, lives somewhere in the new jersey area more recently, fox news can't confirm that. he entered at 5 minutes past 3:00, southbound on the bicycle pathway and when he did so begin to hit pedestrians and bicyclists, one after another after another. moving southbound some 20 blocks and along the way according to witnesses who spoke with fox news, traveled that up to 4. those are witness reports. there were mangled bicycles around that bike path now, which sits just 10 feet off the highway. take two to the bridges and tunnels that lead to new jersey
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and beyond. when he finished, he was here at the iconic site you mention, right at chambers street and west street. in the shadows of the world trade center. it was here that he ran into that school bus, very near stuyvesant high school, a famous high school that is very close to here. school had just been let out because of the time a day on a halloween afternoon. he ran into a school bus according to authorities. and after he did so he jumped out of that vehicle, and that's when that video was taken, of the man running around in the street in what is the west side highway. a major avenue. in the middle of all of the traffic, swerving and weeding and according to multiple witnesses in the new york city police, shouted allah akbar, and it was then, quoting the new york city police officer who was on scene at the time that the "sixth precinct lit him up." he was shot, we don't know how many times, in the lower extremities we are told. it's my understanding from sources there that he still at bellevue hospital, listed officially in critical condition.
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earlier his condition was described to me as grave, but all involved now say they do believe that he will survive. was he able to speak with authorities between the time when he was arrested and before he went into surgery? we do not yet know. according to witnesses he was coherent at able to speak at the time. as for the victims, four of them are from stuyvesant high school. two said to be staff members, two said to be children. the high school letting out at that time today. suburbs all across america people lining up to get on the buses. in lower manhattan son do that, most office subways. the regular city transit to make their way home. they were scattering about the school and headed home as they always would when the scene unfolded. one of those children said to be in critical, that child said to be a bellevue medical center, and level one trauma center in lower manhattan, east of us now, where they are under guarded care we are told. the suspect enclosed police watch. as for the vehicle he drove, we are not told that he went rented
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that white pickup truck from a home depot in passaic new jersey. originally we were reporting jersey city, new jersey, just the other side of lower manhattan, passaic new jersey about a 15-mile drive, 45 minutes in traffic from the spot where i'm standing in lower manhattan. very near the 9/11 memorial. it's there that authorities are on scene right now trying to assess is there a video of him from that time. was there anyone with him when he rented that vehicle? tracing the cameras, which are ubiquitous here to see if there was anyone with him along the way. the investigation continues tonight, this halloween night as trick-or-treaters mix among those investigators. >> martha: shepard, thank you very much. shepard has been on this since 3:00 this afternoon when this first started to unfold. of course in the initial stages, no one really wanted to believe that this was what certainly has turned out to be clearly a terrorist attack, as was laid out by mayor defazio and governor cuomo in the news
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conference that they brought forward not long after that event. joining me now on the phone, lieutenant colonel tony schaefer. senior fellow at the london center for policy research, good to see you this evening. here we go again. lower manhattan, as we keep saying, not far from the scene of the world trade center. we know that obviously the big apple is high on the list for terrorist who want to pull off something like this. your thoughts on what we saw today? >> i was right there just yesterday and i walked from your studio to the train station. this is no small issue to me. we have to recognize that isis has found an effective technique and i'm sorry i disagree completely with governor cuomo. this is not a lone wolf. this is a technique trained by isis to be used against all the targets in new york city. there are some good and bad news here. first, let me say, the new york, new york, police nypd counterterrorism folks have been doing a lot more to stop the sorts of things than they can
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acknowledge. that's the good news. the bad news is they can't be there everywhere. as shepard just about, incidental to the halloween parade, they were there with a very heavy presence and they reacted quickly to take this guy down. those guns he had, they looked just like real weapons. we have to do two things, we have to understand that you live, and i live in washington, two of the biggest terror magnets in the world. isis is not defeated, they have metastasized. they gone other places. this is where we have to get ahead of it. secondly, to do that we have to be able to enhance law enforcement intelligence sharing, nypd is the best. i've worked with the sheriff in stafford county working behind the scenes. the american public does not understand how much of a threat there really is. if they need to understand that people are working it. last thing, we have to do what we can to get ahead of this thing in the big picture, to
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defeat the message. these things are happening because isis got out of control, the obama administration didn't do enough to stop it and now we are behind the power curve and we have to do more to stop it in the future. >> martha: you think about the different scenes were we have seen this and as soon as i saw the images come forward in the early reports were that it was some kind of accident, which of course takes all new yorkers back to the moment when you started your hair that may be a small plane had gone into the side of the world trade center. as soon as i saw the images of those bikes strong across the pt becomes an unmistakable image that we have become too used to seeing, and it's pretty clear that someone very intentionally plowed off of the road and into that pedestrian area. >> new information on that. if something was found in the cab of the truck that may indicate some sort of motive. i hear it may be some sort of manifesto that the nypd is analyzing. we have to be patient, this may be part -- we don't know if this was part of a larger network, that is something they are
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indeed looking at. to your point, this is horrific, this is indicative of what terror now looks like. we cannot ban every truck, we can't ban knives, so we have to get ahead of him as best we can to protect the network, defeat the networks and go at them where they are at both overseas and here. let me say one other thing really quick, we talked about this before. the left in this country is now positing the idea of using violence as part of their political speech. there's an ad out in virginia by ralph northam where he uses trucks mulling over kids. >> martha: would play that last night. >> think about this, they do this on the left and now we have it happen. this is not acceptable political speech and we have to do everything we can as americans to defeat the terror networks do not buy into using their message is a political method of speech. >> martha: we did hear from john miller from the nypd, a counterterrorism specialist, and he said we visited 148 truck rental places -- this was in preparation for this kind of
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attack, and they basically told them what to look for, who to be concerned about when someone walks in and wants to rent a truck. obviously these are the kinds of things that we have to get better at. >> john and the nypd and they are doing everything they can. they cannot disclose everything they're doing. they cannot disclose techniques. they cannot disclose successes. i'm telling you we cannot afford to let our guard down one bit. we need to go full steam ahead and we cannot afford to allow innocent citizens walking and biking in new york or anywhere else to be mowed down pointlessly. >> martha: horrible. the word is, we are still putting the pieces together of this man whose last name is saipov. he's believed to have been uzbeki. he spent time in tampa, florida. if obviously this is all going to continue to be refined. it has been living in new jersey. he doesn't sound like somebody
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who came in as a recent refugee or anything like that. he sounds like he's homegrown. >> look, the issue has not been unnecessarily where where theyt from, it's all the messages given to them. the propensity for radicalization. we cannot simply count on law enforcement always being there ahead of those folks. we have to start going after the message. this guy found some level of connection with isis. we go back and go through social media, i'm sure we will find indicators of how he was radicalized. and again we have to understand that it's not simply about catching these guys, it's about trying to get ahead of them. to defeat the ideology you must help push forward -- the president of egypt has has there needs to be a reformation of the muslim faith to remove violence as part of the faith. i agree with that and others to too. we have to go after the message
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and stay ahead of their missions. >> martha: always good to talk to you, thank you very much. joining me now my phone is former new york city police commissioner bernard kerrick, good to have you with us this evening. obviously a bad day for all new yorkers. we've been down this road before and now it has revisited our great city. >> listen, the unfortunate thing is that nobody should be surprised by this. these people constantly, whether it's isis or al qaeda, or any of these it radical islamic extremist groups, constantly promoting what they are going to do, how they are going to do it. it's in their actual training manuals. if you can't get your hands on explosives or you can get your hands on firearms, use knives. use vehicles. the bigger the vehicle the more damage you caused. this is right out of your training stuff. we have to realize we don't have any specific threats in this country, but isis and al qaeda
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and radical islam is a very credible threat to the united states and anybody who thinks it can't happen here, or it's not going to happen in the future, you are either naive or you are a moron. it's here to stay. >> martha: think everybody who has witnessed the horrible attacks with skiing in europe of this nature, and we certainly have the boston marathon killing, without other -- the pulse nightclub, too many attacks in this country. this kind of attack where it someone, all they need to do is rent a car and use it as a weapon essentially. it's eerie and it's incredibly simple. >> you and tony were talking and were talking about john miller and how they've gone to the individual rental agencies around the tri-state area trying to get people to understand what to look for. the unfortunate thing as tony
4:17 pm
said, we can be the best we can be, but you only need one to slip through the cracks and that's i think what happened here. fortunately for us -- unfortunately it's new york city, but fortunately, it's new york city and we have better resources, we have more resources, we have more personnel, we have the joint terrorist task force that is probably the most superb in the world. we will get to the bottom of this, we will figure it all out and we will make sure that we are on top of it, but at the end of the date you will have things like this that slip through the cracks. >> martha: let me ask you this, because we all remember the controversy when commissioner kelly was in charge and there were sort of more relaxed rules, for lack of a better way of putting it, in terms of scoping out people could potentially be dangerous in communities around new york city, new jersey and
4:18 pm
new york city. tell me what you're feeling is about how we approach that now under the current administratio administration, and what, if anything needs to change gimmick >> the thing that needs to change, the one dynamic that needs to change his political correctness. stop the political correctness. the reality is you are not racial profiling when you are looking for terrorists. your criminal profiling. that's what you're doing. you are looking for certain people that do certain things that associate with certain people, that live in certain areas, that attend certain mosques. if you have a basic idea of what you are looking for, and you go find that. you look for them, you interview people, you collect intelligence. >> martha: are we hamstrung in this area in new york right now? >> we are, because people are afraid to admit that there's a real problem. the bottom line is, these people are out there. they are out there. >> martha: when i talk mayor
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de blasio stand up there, this is a difficult moment for anyone in leadership, but when i hear they are trying to break our spirit, we are strong new yorkers and we are going to go on and all of that, which is all true, it does make you sort of want to shake your head and say, are we really doing all we can, you know? i feel like the sort of moments of solace and discomfort words and phrases that are heard all around the world are sounding a little hackneyed in many ways. >> here's what the mayor didn't say, and many leaders will not say. they are going to kill us if we don't kill them. that's what he didn't say, that's the reality. this is a war, it's a war they started many, many years ago and the war is not going anywhere unless we end it. the only way to end it -- there's no diplomatic solution. if this a conventional enemy. they don't wear a uniform. they don't belong to a state.
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we will either kill them or they will kill us and that the only way you can deal with this. >> martha: 's bernard kerik, thank you very much. strong words, good to hear it tonight. this just into fox news, president trump has released a statement on the new york city terror attack. this is obviously his home city and he feels strongly about it as anybody does who lives here. it lets go right to chief national correspondent ed henry. also a new yorker, he joins us tonight live from the white house with that. >> good to see you, martha. interesting the president has been getting updates, we are told briefings, from his chief of staff, retired general john kelly, to stay on top of the situation. he's been tweeting about it, his normal mode of communication to get things out quickly. if just the last couple moments, a formal written statement from the president, goes into further depth. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of today's terrorist attack in new york city and their families. my fenestration will provide its full support to the new york city police department including through a joint investigation with the fbi.
4:21 pm
we offer our thanks to the first responders. the suspect rendered immediate aid to the victims of this cowardly attack. these brave men and women embody the true american spirit of resilience and courage. i will continue to follow the developments closely. going back to the campaign in 2016, martha, you know he has been very aggressive about saying we have to take the fight directly to isis and other terror organizations. this is now a terror attack on american soil that he is going to have to deal with. there are going to be massive ramifications in the days ahead, as you have been reporting. in that statement from the president, this is now a joint investigation not just with the nypd, but the fbi involved, which means the full resources of the federal government behind us as well. >> martha: thank you so much. we will go back to ed at the white house shortly. joining me now by the phone is new york city congressman peter king. member of the house intelligence
4:22 pm
committee, muscle joint here in studio five general jack keane, chairman of the institute of the study of or any fox news military analyst. general, let's go to your first-tier onset. what are your thoughts on what we saw today? >> certain animal born and raised new yorker but you can't help and be affected by something like this and regardless of where you are in america you feel the same way in terms of people being needlessly killed like this. when you put this thing in context, we've been dealing radical islam in america in the world for 25 years. the fact of the matter is, sadly to say, radical islam has morphed into a global jiahd and those 25 years. isis, despite the fact that we just took their safe haven away from them, they've managed to expand into 30 countries. they managed to grow, and they were very resilient organization from several hundred iraqi fighters in 2012, on the internet they recruited almost
4:23 pm
exclusively an entire international army, some 18 months later they grew to a size of 30,000. no organization has ever organized like that before. that internet operation, we refer to it as a virtual caliphate. despite the physical caliphate is going away, the virtual caliphate is intact. that organization -- the leaders are in southeastern syria and they are still inspiring maybe somebody like this was inspired by them. or directing terrorist operations. >> martha: you raise such a great point, and i think about what happened in washington today with facebook and google and twitter and all of the concerns that were raised about the 2016 election, and that's a separate story. how do we get at their form of communication and of recruiting and of reaching out over social media, which is ungoverned essentially? >> we are struggling with it, to be frank.
4:24 pm
taking down a physical caliphate for us militarily is easier than actually defeating them cyber. that's the reality we are facing, dealing with privacy rights. right now before the congress is about they are facing on 702, part of the patriot act, so that we can track terrorists were talking to people in this country. and there's people in the congress who don't want that to happen. wake up! we spent in this war for 25 years, these guys are dead serious about it. they are going to keep coming for us and coming for us. i agree you can't just shoot your way out of it because it is an ideology and people are drawn to it, and you have to go out there and undermine that ideology and it's complicated, but you have to start. national leaders, it takes community leaders, it takes religious leaders. if you have to offer these young people an alternative to what they are reaching for, which is some purpose and meaning in their life, and there drawn to this horrific ideology, but you have to have an alternative for them.
4:25 pm
there's a lack of political and social justice and economic opportunities in these communities where they come from. they are breeding grounds for it and they are the leaders. then they inspire somebody that lives in the united states was actually living likely a middle-class life. if the american communities come the people in the more assimilated. second generation is off to college and come back to visit. that's america, but that's not what happening around the world. if we got to get up to this thing comprehensively. this administration has the potential to do it because they understand it and they want to do something about it. previous administration disengaged. we disengage, what we got in return for that is isis. the same thing for not resource in afghanistan. >> martha: 's a homegrown model, which this individual may be, it looked like he lived in and in new jersey. one of the big questions in his case already, there's a lot of them, is whether or not he traveled anywhere and came back.
4:26 pm
it seems to me that that is one zone that should be more manageable. i think of the people who traveled, trained and came back. we've seen that again and again. how can waite wrap her arms around that issue and say if you go off to train in one of these camps, you are never coming back your? >> that's why we have a president who clearly understands that. he wants people to be that it were coming out of these known areas that are growing grounds for terrorism, and particularly in places where there is no mechanism there to be able to check on the people who are applying to much lying to this country. that's the whole issue and why people don't understand it, is beyond comprehension. >> martha: very outspoken and forceful about. i want to bring in congressman peter king, who joins us on the phone tonight. congressman, welcome. you obviously spent a lot of time on this topic and now it has hit home in a brutal reality
4:27 pm
tonight. >> it really has. let me say at the outset i agree with everything that general keane has said. this is a vicious enemy and the nypd is the best in the world at what they do, worked with the fbi in new york, they do an outstanding job. this type of attack with the vehicle, not a lethal weapon, it's not a gun, it's not a knife, it's not an explosive device, it's so important we check on this person's record because unless the person has a terrorist record, and once they've been on the internet, and was they've been using other forms of social media, it must've been talking to people in the community about carrying out terrorist acts, it's virtually impossible to stop them. every fbi and cop's nightmare, low cost to the enemy and yet it can be terribly lethal and it shows how evil and diabolical they are, and it also shows how wrong the critics have been over the years who have been critical of the nypd for overstretching
4:28 pm
this issue. if the only way we can stop it locally is through increased surveillance, community surveillance, that means using undercover, using informants. it means going through every bit of social media we can. the police officer who shot the terrorist today, what a hero he is. if he had not, who knows what might've happened. >> martha: incredible, you can see in some of the video we saw today individuals kind of running behind a car trying to get an angle on this guy is he starting around and i think about the bravery of those individuals and one of them may have been a police officer, it's hard to tell on that video. i also think back to when you had a panel on counterterrorism in washington and it was titled something about islamic extremism in the united states. they wouldn't even let you call it that and wanted to open it up to other forms of extremism that
4:29 pm
could be discussed on the panel. what general jack keane is saying and bernard carra, the former committees, police commissioner is wake up. the country needs to understand that we are literally and figuratively under attack. until we really deal with it in that way and take it on, and i have to say that president trump dealt with at that weight during the campaign, clearly calling out for what it is, and we've been through and long period where we weren't allowed to say that. how do we accomplish that goal? >> all violence is wrong, all murder is wrong, but what makes islamist terrorism unique right now is that worldwide movement. it's a movement that has tens of thousands of supporters around the world, including here in the united states. and with travel being what it is today, as you said people go to syria to get trained, they come back. europeans who come into our country without applying for a visa. they've got to syria, they are training, they go back to europe. we have people here this
4:30 pm
country, as we've seen, without any number of terrorist attack stop and people arrested. people serving long prison sentences. as he said before, they will kill us unless we call them first and we have to stop being politically correct. we have to stop being apologeti apologetic. six and a half years ago you would have thought that i was adolf hitler the way i was being attacked. two of them are muslims and one was an african-american. they were there to talk about the danger and the damage that islam has caused to muslim communities in this country. 99% of the people are good people, but the fact is there are elements that are dangerous to our country and the community has to cooperate more. i've said this a million times when the fbi was going after the mafia, it was the
4:31 pm
italian-american. if you're going after islamic terrorism after monitor the muslim community. that's where it's coming from and that's the reality. after stopping politically correct, stopping apologetic and realize the enemy wants to kill us and the most diabolical way. this kind killing innocent people on a bike path, people standing around, attacking a school bus, what an absolute disgrace. >> martha: congressman peter king, general jack keane, thank you very much to both of you. a very tough night for america as the first vehicular attack in a major american city turns us to another page of confronting terrorism in america. we have breaking coverage as we get more details about this terrorist coming in, where he's from, his age, the condition that he is in at a new york city hospital tonight. all of that straight ahead. ♪ [car accelerating]
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"grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that. >> martha: unfortunately this is not the first time that an attack of this nature has occurred as we all know. in fact, terror attacks where a vehicle becomes a weapon is becoming very common. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with the back story on those cases, which we remember too well. good evening.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: good evening, martha. isis and al qaeda have long been telling their sympathizers to use a combination of cars and knives, and those two appearede the common denominators and most of these types of attack like back in august in barcelona when a 20 oh two spanish citizen drove a van into the shopping district, killing 13, injuring more than 100. the attacker then got out of his van, stabbed and killed another woman and yelled "allahu akbar" before police shot and killed him. in june 3, terrorist used a van to plow into pedestrians on the london bridge and then got out and began stabbing people in pubs and bars along the bridge. in all, seven were killed, 48 injured. in march, a british citizen who pledged allegiance to isis drove into pedestrians along the westminster bridge in central london, killing 4, injuring 50. that attacker got out of the vehicle and fatally stabbed an off-duty police officer before being shot and killed by police. we have also had deadly vehicle
4:37 pm
attacks in paris, sweden, berlin, and don't forget in this country last november when an ohio state student of somali descent plowed his car into a crowd of students and then stabbed him with a butcher knife, injuring 11. if the suspect shot and killed. of course the deadliest vehicle attack happened in july of 2016 in nice, france, when a tunisian national drove a large truck through a crowd of people celebrating bastille day, killing 86, injuring more than 500. recently, and isis magazine included an article that showed the best kinds of vehicles to use for attacks. it even suggested that sympathizers rent them, which caught the attention of new york police. watch. >> we went did extensive outreach to the truck rental business. we visited over 148 truck rental locations in this area, the obvious ones u-haul, writer,
4:38 pm
home depot, et cetera. >> of course police say today's attacker used a home depot rental truck, al qaeda has many times called trucks the ultimate mowing machines. >> martha: thank you. if peer with more tonight, karl rove, former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and a fox news contributor. and bob strang, ceo of investigative management group who also serve as a joke cochair of the new york state post 9/11 terrorist task force. good to have both of you here. let me start with you in terms of white house response and i just want to mention that the first lady is a new york city. we just received word a little while ago that she is here until wednesday and we saw that she tweeted out her thoughts and prayers of course to everybody who was affected. this is her hometown as well and she is concerned, obviously as they monitor the situation. how did the white house deal
4:39 pm
with this kind of situation? >> after 9/11 we created the counterterrorism center located in washington, and my sense is the homeland security advisor inside the white house, the chief of staff will probably have very close communication with the counterterrorism center almost from the moment that this event occurred. probably brought in intelligence agencies. this is after all a uzbek national who came to the united states in 2010. it was pakistan is the most popular of the former soviet. about 90% of the population are sunni muslims. it is generally peaceful, but it has an islamic extremist movement in the islamic movement of uzbekistan, which is officially aligned itself with isis. they probably already begun efforts to check out what kind of connections he might have had, if any, to that movement.
4:40 pm
the white house has at its disposal to the homeland security department in the counterterrorism center, and the homeland security advisor inside the white house, new means of communication and tools that were not available on 9/11 and my suspicion is all of those were heavily used this afternoon and this evening. >> martha: no doubt. good information. bob strang, let me go to you. in your work, in terms of counterterrorism in new york state, you look at the situation and this is a really been everyone's nightmare. we would see this kind of thing here, and that we have. >> right. it's also just -- looking at the other cities across our country, take a look at the potential of something like this. all of our avenues in new york city across our country and malls and bus stops and outside schools, this is continuing to be a problem. not only around the world, but here in our own country. we learned this through intelligence. in new york we've been able to stop 15 attacks since 9/11.
4:41 pm
tonight is the first time where someone has successfully gotten through and had this type of terrorist attack in our city. i think if you look at the big picture, and look at the intelligence for the most part is working. look at our surveillances, social media. at the different things we are doing to try to preempt these situations. we've been very successful. unfortunately a situation like this, there's not much you can do. it's almost the last resort. the police officer on the street who has a gun who could stop him. you have your intelligence first, you have your military, your enforcement operations and then your last line of defense, if you will, the cops or the good guys. >> martha: they were out probably and more force than usual because it's halloween. there is a huge parade that takes place downtown in manhattan. lots of streets would be blocked off as a result of that. what do you make of this terrorist picking the state to do this act? >> we don't know yet, it's too early, but we will know soon. they are executing search
4:42 pm
warrants, they are interviewing family members and friends. they are going forensically through his phone, his laptop, everything. we will have more information by this time tomorrow. clearly there was a plan here. clearly there was a truck rental. my son was at that school, stuyvesant high school. that's a very busy intersection down there in manhattan. there was some thought that went into this. right now if you look around the city of 2,000 police officers. if you have all of the immediate response units out around the city on this halloween night. you have all of the hercules teams out. everybody is doing the best they can to make sure that the city stays safe. >> martha: trying to go about their lives as much as possible. we all remember president bush responding to the last terror attack in new york city, standing on that rebel and saying we hear you. at the people who knocked down these buildings will hear from all of us soon. those words just cut to the chase in a way that was so needed at that moment.
4:43 pm
this president has tried to come up with ways to block people from entering this country who he thinks present a danger. he's been stopped at every turn. >> the president has -- on the other side of it, he is succeeding in ways that are really important for our countr country. he has focused on isis and the destruction of isis, not merely its containment, but it's destruction. he has reinforced the view that we will remain now in iraq to help the iraqis to combat extremism within our country. he reversed the previous administration's decision and has kept an increase the number of u.s. advisors and troops in afghanistan because he knows now that it is vital that if we want to avoid more incidents like this then we better be fighting them abroad and when we have a victory like we had in iraq, we have to understand that it's not
4:44 pm
an end, that was going to happen is the rats will scatter and we need to go to the holes that they will scatter to wherever they are in this world. this is a generational conflict and he's leading it. >> martha: thank you. quick break, more of "the story" after this. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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>> martha: breaking moments ago, we received this live shot. this is believed to be the home depot in passaic. we don't know absolutely at this point whether or not this is where the van or the pickup truck rather was rented by the man who has been identified as sayfullo saipov, a uzbek 29-year-old male. but as you can see, there is caution tape around a vehicle there. whether or not that could possibly be a vehicle that he drove to that location, we don't know. that is obviously an area of interest. belgium and argentina have both said that they have lost citizens this afternoon
4:49 pm
new york city. let's go like a shepard smith, who was standing by with more. it live on the scene of this tragic, tragic attack. >> martha, a little more from police on that spot you were mentioning, that car that is surrounded by tape is believed to be the car that the shooter -- that the perpetrator in this case took to that home depot in passaic. it is now surrounded by the crime scene tape because authorities have been getting prints and all that you might imagine, forensics from the vehicle. we don't know whether he went to that location by himself, but my understanding from law enforcement sources is that there are cameras at that location, that they are on just about every square inch, as it was described to me, and if there was anyone with him they either already know or will know very shortly. they have worked in close contact, they tell us, with the home depot there. again, they are processing that vehicle to try and learn more about him. if he left anything behind in that vehicle, we still don't know. we expect to get that from
4:50 pm
police at some time. here are unseen in lower manhattan in the shadows of the freedom tower, i can tell you that police have told me in the last 20 minutes or so that the suspect didn't say anything to anyone aside from "allahu akbar." the location just down the street from us, and when he was wondering out of the traffic, authorities on scene, he didn't say anything else. one very good police were sent to me, and i'm quoting, "he didn't seem to be in any mood to speak, and we certainly weren't in any mood to talk to him." my police sources tell me he was shot in the midsection described as the abdomen. he still at bellevue hospital, the trauma center. if a surgery was scheduled, whether it's complete or not i do not know. i've confirmed with two more people in the last 10 minutes that they believe his injuries were not life-threatening so they will be able to talk to him. as for the background, catherine herridge is reporting
4:51 pm
tonight that he is believed to have been here on a green card. he's a uzbeki national who was in the united states on a green card. has expired identifications from both tampa, florida, and in near new jersey. new jersey near the city of new jersey. he is believed to have been living in new jersey for the better part of the last few years and most recently, "the new york post," with which this channel scares common ownership. he was in uber driver. once took him to the airport, wanted to take pictures, says that he wasn't willing to take pictures, described him as a friendly guy who was good to everybody. obviously that was not the case here. three: 905 this afternoon, according to authorities he began a rampage on my bike path just off the west side highway, 20 blocks, mowing down pedestrian after pedestrian, biker after biker. ending his rampage here in the shadow of the world trade center
4:52 pm
very near stuyvesant high school where he ran into that school bus. it catherine herridge reports that there were handicapped children on that bus at the time. the school reports one person from the school was in critical condition, two staffers injured as well. that's what we know about his background and the situation across the river in passaic where they have that vehicle surrounded, trying to find out what they can learn about this man from that. >> martha: thank you very much. joined now by illinois congressman adam kinzinger. he's a veteran, good to see you tonight. your thoughts on what we saw today in new york city? >> it's tragic. it was interesting because about two hours prior i was having president with president trump, and we discussed terrorism. we defeated isis, we expect that they will spread out and try to do spectacular attacks. we had no i did this was coming. he's right. one of the important things to keep in mind here is, as we are people on the right and left
4:53 pm
complain about having troops in other countries around the world, you heard it after that niger attack. this is what we have troops over the road, to be able -- as badt is, this is kind of a new reality. i told people don't live in fear because they will win. also understand that when president trump makes a decision to say we are going to send green berets and we are going to engage in other countries in the world to defeat terrorism, but that's this fight is. it's to to to stop it from comg here. >> martha: that is a great point. if you think about sort of the backlash, even for members of congress, as i understand it, no reason to not know that we have troops in nier obviously al qaeda and isis have expanded. said earlier on the show, and i'm sure you agree, we need to wake up about this threat and
4:54 pm
about how immediate it is and is host a close to home. >> this is a generational fight, probably at the rest of my life will be involved in this to some level. i believe this a low-grade version of world war iii. we are fighting all over. if the president is doing the best he can to say areas where we see this cancer is going to n next, we will send some american men and women to build a bullwark so the nigerian forces can prevent this from happening. again, to my colleagues, some on the right and a lot of the left that say we have troops everywhere, we have troops places, not to be an imperial power, but to protect against attacks like this in new york city, and you will never stop them in their entirety, but i would much rather fight them over there than here at home. >> martha: understood, thank you very much, good to have you with us tonight. joining me now, gabriel, founder and ceo of act! for america,
4:55 pm
welcome. good to speak with you tonight. here we go again. >> yes, here we go again. again, the signs were there. what type of questioning are we doing for this coming into the country? you take this person for exampl example, his name is sayfullo. it's an islamic name. was this personal question when he came into the country? what type of family did he have? this is what we are failing, we are failing in the intelligence department and human intelligence. scrutinizing people were coming into the country, what type of refugees they are, whether they are coming as refugees or second-generation refugee. in other words, the refugees that are being brought to the country from different islamic countries right now, especially those with links to terrorism, meaning the country. they were cared for six months, they are given the american nationality, and then they can start bringing their extended family members. how did this person get here?
4:56 pm
was it through an extended family member who was a refugee to begin with? this is why we need to secure the country, understand who is here, who is not here, and what they are doing here if they overstay their visa. by the way, i traveled this past weekend to miami, boston and north of virginia. i had an expired driver's license. i went through three different airports on an expired driver's license and wasn't questioned once, and that is boston, miami and northern virginia, which is the home of the biggest naval base in the united states. i'm an american, i'm a terrorism analyst, i'm a faithful american, but this goes to show you the lack of security -- training those who trying to protect us. that's why we need to throw political correctness in the garbage. >> martha: that's a great point. according to the reports he had expired -- he had some expired document, i don't know if it was a driver's license, but he was able to go rent a car and we
4:57 pm
know that these are mental facilities all around manhattan have been given warning about people wanting to rent cars and do this kind of heinous act. not to blame anybody who was working there, because we don't know enough details to do that, if that becomes the case, we will see is more of this unfold. you make a great point. we put so much it seems into security and tsa and all of these benchmarks and yet people seem to slip through the cracks at an alarming rate. >> exactly, and that's where training really is very important. just like with the israelis do, we need to profile based on behavior and mannerisms. knowing that al qaeda and isis are instructing their people to rent trucks, these type of trucks, and plow into crowds, we need to have a special training tape that we provide to any rental place that does, for example, rent these type of
4:58 pm
trucks. asking people certain questions when they are renting the trucks and monitoring their behavior. people will i start breathing heavily. they start fidgeting. they smile a lot while their eye muscles do not smile, they smile a lot and it looks fake. these are the type of trainings that we need to provide to those working behind the counter is where leasing trucks for example to those who are trying to rent trucks. specifically when we know that isis in particular is calling for these type of trucks to be rented to mow people. >> martha: that's a great point. you look at everything we've seen on inspire and all of these online publications which really lay out very clearly the kinds of places they want to attack. john miller today talking about the potential for something at thanksgiving that they were concerned about as they look at the threats that come across the internet and the like. obviously they know where to look and they have awarded 15 attacks in new york city. unfortunately today this one got
4:59 pm
through, and we understand that he was from uzbekistan. if there is a group there -- he came in 2010. there is a group there that has affiliated with isis, right? >> correct, correct. especially in that part of the world. isis is really mushrooming and they are fighting for finding fertile ground. the balkans are the new afghanistan. this is where the radicals are really organizing it, that's where al qaeda went and started really recruiting, because they have fertile ground in that part of the world. but again, this is where we the american public, it's very important to be vigilant. earlier talking about -- shepard smith was talking about the friends of this guy that knew him, he was very friendly, very nice, peaceful person, he was a uber driver. it sounded exactly like the airport describing the man immediately after september 11th. >> martha: thank you so much for being with us tonight. stay tuned to fox news,
5:00 pm, breaking news on this story. terror attack in new york city, all of this comes as we continue throughout the evening, tucker carlson live in washington, next. good night. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, terror has returned to lower manhattan, an apparent muslim extremist admitted several years ago to this country under a diversity visa, killed at least eight people after plowing a rented truck through a crowd just a few blocks from ground zero. the suspect is called sayfullo saipov, he is a native of the former soviet state of uzbekistan. he reportedly shouted "allahu akbar" as he exited his vehicle before being shot in the hip and apprehended by the new york city police department. the mayor of new york, new york, bill de blasio is called that attacked


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