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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 1, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> heather: thank you for watching outnumbered overtime. please keep it on fox news for the very latest on yesterday's terror attack in new york city. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. we have brand new details on yesterday's terror rampage in new york city, as we learn the attack was weakness the planning and carried out in the name of isis. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the driver was already known to them while president trump said he will work to end an immigration program which allowed the suspect to enter this country. >> we have to get tough. we have to get smart. we have to do what's right to protect our citizens. we will never waiver in the defense of our beloved country. ever. we will never ever forget the beautiful lives that have been
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taken from us. that was a horrible event. we have to stop it. we have to stop it. >> dana: we have live fox team coverage. katherine herridge has more on the investigation. but we begin with bill hemmer at the scene of the attack in lower manhattan. bill, have police released a timeline now? >> reporter: dana, good afternoon. very specific timeline indeed. they caution us they're in the very early stages of this investigation. but already they have put together the following. at 2:06 right around this time yesterday, 24 hours ago is when the truck was rented from new jersey. the suspect then entered the island of manhattan at 2:43:00 p.m. so about 35 minutes later. at 3:04 p.m., 58 minutes after he left the rental station at that home depot, that's when he jumped the lane, entered the bike lane and started mowing down people which resulted in the deaths of eight and injured
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of more than 11 people. at 3:08, so we're now four minutes past that point, 911 calls come in. three police officers visiting a local high school respond immediately. officer brian nash fires the shot that downs the terrorist and puts him down on the ground here in lower manhattan. multiple knives found in the car. the pickup truck that i mentioned there. dana, as you mention there, for awhile now he had been planning this. planning for a number of weeks. there was literature found inside the car, suggesting he did it for isis. followed to a t, that's a quote from the new york police department, as to what isis would say and encourage their followers to do online. that was all new information as they pieced this timeline together from 24 hours ago. >> dana: was he known to police, the suspect? >> reporter: doesn't appear to be. we believe the driver's license he had to get that car was valid, but we have no way to
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verify that just yet. however, it has been said so far that he was not the subject of any police investigation. he was not the subject of any fbi investigation. but they will not rule out what they call the connectivity he has to others who have been subject to the investigation. part of that investigation, too, rental agencies throughout the new york city area, of which there are about 150. they were put on notice starting about two years ago after the attacks in berlin and nice, france, to be on the lookout. if there is someone considered suspicious who kwapbt wants to rent a vehicle r notify them. as of two weeks ago all those agencies had contact with them by way of the new york police department. so there was an active program under way. what sort of questions they had them ask is still unclear at this point in the investigation. >> dana: we're in the city of new york, that never stops. what do you think is next? >> reporter: this intersection is abuzz. life goes on here.
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i'm just noticing to my right. if you go 150 yards, that's where that pickup truck is picked. but the traffic in the northbound lane of west street has now resumed as of a few moments ago. so the city is moving yet again. on sunday there is a massive event, the new york city marathon. 26 miles, five different boroughs. the officials said if you ride the subway or public transportation, you're going to see more police officers. we're going to have more canine units out, heavy weapons units. new york is ramping up as only new york can. we'll try and keep it safe. >> dana: bill hemmer, so glad you were able to join us. thank you very much. >> reporter: sure. >> dana: and we are learning more about the suspect in yesterday's deadly attack. sources tell fox news he had close ties to people on law enforcement's radar. katherine herridge is live with
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more. >> reporter: in the last hour fox news obtained photos of the suspect's apartment complex that is virtually on the door steps of the omar mosque and within blocks where the 911hijackers lived. code name for the 911 file tells fox what troubles him most about this case is how close the mosque that was known to 911 investigators to have leads after the attack entered the suspect's home in the second photo you'll see a brick building there on the left. and that's the apartment of the suspect with the mosque in the background. for some additional context, fox news first reported on the significance of this area five years ago. this is blocks from where the 911 hijacker and ring leader and the muscle hijackers finalized the plot for 2001. based on preliminary evidence, we learned the suspect planned the attack for weeks. left hand written notes at the
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scene in arabic expression his belief that the islamic state would endure forever. fox news reported that the suspect had connections to individuals who were already known to federal law enforcement and new york's deputy commissioner flushed out some of those details earlier today. >> mr. saipov has never been the subject of an nypd intelligence investigation, nor has he been the subject of an fbi investigation. it appears he will have some connectivity to individuals who were the subjects of investigation though he himself was not. >> reporter: law enforcement the scrubbing the suspect's electronics and there is evidence that he was searching online for isis instructions for using trucks as weapon, dana. >> dana: has anyone officially claimed response bltd for the attack? and does that even better? >> reporter: well, first point, no one has given an official claim of responsibility. to your second point, the bottom line is that this discussion of
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whether someone is self-radicalized or directed by isis operatives overseas really is of little consequence any more because what we see in these tapes is they get the inspiration online and they have some kind of support network. they talk about this suspect as being a lone wolf. i think based on what we know now and his contacts with others who were under federal investigation is that's a little misleading. it take morse than one person to pull off any kind of attack. and they're so difficult to prevent. >> dana: all right. thank you very much for joining us. so joining us now is a former new york city police officer. he's author of the anti-terror check list and a safety and security expert. thank you for being here. you got called down to the scene. >> yes. >> dana: what did you witness? >> it was mass pandemonium. i will say the first responders, our nypd, fbi, did a phenomenal
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job keeping the piece and collecting the evidence. >> dana: what would you say, there's tourists everywhere. i walk everywhere. ever since these vehicular at tabs started, it is on my mind. i don't worry about it. i don't change my patterns, but should i? >> simple phrase, be prepared, not paranoid. it's good that you have these things on your mind. you told me sometimes you walk to work and you are aware of your surroundings. what you don't want to have are head phones on, face in your not so smart phone i call it. you want to expand that bubble to your surroundings. if you see something coming, it's called situational awareness, then go what's called critical thinking mode. you see a car coming your way, hopefully you'll be able to get out in time. >> dana: let's talk about the first responders. ryan nash, who shot the suspect and brought him down, he was actually on a call for something totally unrelated. he was looking for an emotionally disturbed individual
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and he's there. what kind of training does it take to get somebody to have that quick reaction to prevent further tragedy? >> it takes a lot of training. the nypd supplies that. it's also incumbent upon an individual himself. officer nash, what he did, to show that discipline, throwing only two round, not emptying his weapon, and having the sprepbs of mind to approach and look at his surroundings is unbelievable. it's a credit to the nypd and the man himself. >> dana: he could not have been able to tell that the weapons were not real. >> that's right. >> dana: do you think he was meaning to shoot to kill or shooting to injure so we could capture him and get the intelligence? >> this is important to clarify. law enforcement does not shoot to kill. it's shoot to stop. main body mass. that's where all the main organs are. the fact that he stopped with the adrenaline pumping, he showed extreme discipline in throwing two rounds not more, as i said, not emptying his whole
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magazine. >> dana: extremely difficult for law enforcement to be able to track down individuals who do something that lots of people do. they rent trucks from a store to move things. how can they held responsible, i guess, is the question, for ferrying out all these possibilities if you'll have that many lone wolfs. >> we all don't have an officer nash on our shoulder, so it's incumbent upon us to deputize ourselves. there are indicators along the way. if you see someone acting funny, keep your eye on that person. don't immediately think he or she isn't gonna do anything. as we see, these people, when they just decide to snap, it's virtually impossible to stop them. >> dana: what about -- last question for you. when katherine was talking about him belonging to the mosque in patterson, new jersey, and the history that mosque has, does that give you any further
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indication this might be more widespread? >> well, we don't know for sure, but come on. there are things that are said. he may have been spouting some rhetoric. it would have been better if the person would have raised their hand, called 911, called a law enforcement agency. agencies need to follow up and question. there are ways you can speak to someone and get indicate evers. the same way israel does it at airports. they get indicators if they're being deceptive or not. that's what we're looking for. >> dana: i appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> dana: president trump voicing concerns about the visa program that allowed the suspect into the united states in the first place. he's pointing fingers at chuck shumer and another democrat will join me later this hour. first we'll hear from jim jordan.
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>> mr. president, do you want the assailant sent to gitmo? >> i would certainly consider that, yes. >> are you considering that now? >> i would certainly consider that. send him to gitmo. i would certainly consider that, yes. >> dana: president trump raising the possibility of sending the new york terror suspect to guantanamo bay. also saying he wants homeland security to step up the extreme vetting program. joining me now is ohio republican congressman jim jordan member of the house oversight committee and freedom caucus and your first appearance on "the daily briefing." >> good to be with you. >> dana: first open with your reaction to the terror attack yesterday? >> first of all, our hearts go out to the families who were impacted. again, this illustrates how evil these folks are. there have been a series of these across europe and now, unfortunately, in the united states, this kind of tactic.
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i think the president's right. this guy deserves the full penalty. they deserve to die, this terrorist. but the full impact of the law should be against this terrorist. >> dana: there have been 34 vehicular attacks since isis asked their followers to go forward with that so they've come to the united states. let me play a sound bite from senator schumer and get your reaction. >> president bush, in a moment of national tragedy, understood the meaning of his high office and sought to bring our country together. president trump, where is your leadership? calling on the president to rescind his proposed cuts to this vital anti-terrorism funding immediately. >> dana: just last week the house republicans passed their budget. would you be willing to restore though cuts he was talking
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about? >> i got to look to see exactly what mr. schumer is talking about. what does need to happen, and the president talked about this, senator cotton and purdue have this bill. we need to change this lottery visa program which is how this terrorist got in our country. that leads to change. that's one of the key elments of senator cotton's legislation. the president's endorsed that. i feel like it's the right kind of legislation to pass. i think it's good legislation. the american people agree with it. that needs to be the focus as we try to move forward and deal with this terrorist threat. >> dana: time to revisit that, i agree. on tax reform, do you expect you're still on track to introduce this bill tomorrow? >> that's what we hear. would have been nice if we had it today. look, we do have the frame work. we know what the rates will be on the corporate rate, small by rate. we have a good idea what the personal rates will be. let's get this done for the american people. i think it's coming up tomorrow. let's hope that's the case. >> dana: do you feel like there's more unity now with the
11:18 am
republicans? i know that former speaker boehner referred to you, perhaps affectionately in the political article as a legislative terrorist. >> i don't think it was affectionately. >> dana: might not have been afbt shunnately. do you think the freedom caucus agreeing with this budget and now tax reform and wanting to get it off the table? >> the freedom caucus has never been the problem on tax reform. what we've been arguing is to abandon this crazy revenue neutral idea which is washington speak for keep the taxes the same, just shift around who pays what. that is always who loses, the middle class families. what we've said, letting people keep more of their money is not a cost to the government. let's just design a tax code that cuts taxes, simplifies the code and one that produces job creation. design a good tax code. then let's deal with spending. that's what we in the freedom caucus have been pushing
11:19 am
forward. we won't be the problem on this tax reform bill. >> dana: do you support the idea or the concept of keeping that top rate for the highest earners in america? >> i want to see the overall package. what i'm not for is raising people's taxes. i don't think we should be increasing anyone's taxes. we should be lowering the tax burden, kre kwraeugt a code conducive to economic growth and one that is simpler, flatter, fairer. that should be the parameters and principles we ascribe to. i think it's going to do all that. when it does, i think you're going to see strong support from the freedom caucus. but more important, the support from the american people. >> dana: if that rate for highest earner is kept where it is, the wealthier will end up paying more, do you think you'll get some democratic support so that this ends up being a bipartisan bill? >> i don't know you're going to get any democratic support in the house. you may not senate. but i don't sense that in the house right now. i'm not exactly sure what we are
11:20 am
gonna do with that 39.6% rate. i don't think it should go up. i don't think we should be raising taxes on anyone. that's not what conducive in my mind to economic growth. let's not do that. >> dana: we'll see what's in the bill tomorrow. jim jordan, thank you for being with us. >> you bet, dana. >> dana: suspect pledging allegiance to isis. how the terror group is using the internet to expand its message even as it suffers losses on the battlefield.
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>> dana: new york's governor weighing in on sunday's new york city marathon, which will go on
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as scheduled but with extra security. >> we'll have federal forces, national forces, nypd, barriers, every precaution that could be taken will be taken. but, let's be honest. you can never 100% police against these rental car truck driving into a crowd situation. >> dana: marathon organizers say that some prerace events tonight are being cancelled out of respect for the victims. isis losing ground in syria and iraq but waging war on the rest of the world. terrorist conducting a deadly attack in new york city yesterday using a rented truck as a deadly weapon to run over pedestrians and bikers. is this encouraged by isis online? >> he appears to have followed almost exactly to a t the instructions that isis has put out in its social media channels before with instructions to
11:25 am
their followers on how to carry out such an attack. >> dana: joining me now retired green beret commander, former commander to vice president cheney, fox news contributor and friend, of course. michael, i want to show you something for the center from the counter terrorism project. isis issued a call to kill nonbelievers with a knife or run him over with your car. there have been 34 attacks since then. these are low tech attacks. they've killed 196 people and injured more than 1049 others since 2006. how is this all related to what we've been talking about in the past couple of weeks about green berets and other special forces out there in the world trying to prevent the radical islamic ideology from growing? >> well, it's growing around the world, dana. i think part of this is that we are seeing the chickens come
11:26 am
home to roost from the obama administration to these sanctuaries. the withdrawal in iraq, afghanistan, where 20 of 40 of the world's terrorists groups reside, to a completely passive approach to syria and letting isis grow and fester and grow into a state. even today, isis just took over a city in the philippines. we have special forces helping them retake that city. to the navy s.e.a.l.s. raid in libya and niger to where the green berets are helping locals provide security for themselves. it is all connected. s the also connected to some of the debates here such as the 702 authorization for nsa to conduct this surveillance. finally something a lot of people aren't talking about but i just want to reraise the name edward snowden who basically told the world and all of these terrorist groups which
11:27 am
encryption method, which apps, which software our community cannot penetrate. that's what they're using to conduct these attacks all over europe and now in the united states. >> dana: what would intel officials try to do to stop somebody like this? this is a man who came here in 2010 from uzbekistan. not on the list of any of the countries we've talked about in the past year. he's been here seven years. he's ingreated. he has a job, a wife, a children. yet still becomes radicalized because of online activity. how do we get on top of that? you could eliminate isis' battlefield in syria, but the battlefield online is basically endless. >> so we can only play so much defense. let's just be honest. we talk about the visa program. which i do think needs to be tightened up. we can't protect every street, stop every rental truck from
11:28 am
being rented and stop every concert. but what we can do. these are symptoms of the deeper illness. what we have to get in place is a broader strategy that gets to the ideology and under minds the ideology from a credibility standpoint. why aren't we having disco bonds from copy groups? because the ideology of communism no longer holds credibility and can no longer recruit. how do we get at that? we can get at that with girl's education, with women's empowerment, with economic initiatives, with a number of efforts and with a lot of things that green berets are doing in terms of training local forces to take care of the problem overseas before it comes here to the united states. it's that broader effort that under minds the credibility of the ideology itself. that's really the heart of the matter. >> dana: what can be done on the cyber part of this? that is growing. i know you're very interested in
11:29 am
that. in the time we have remaining, what do you think about that? >> one of the things comey testified ab when he was fbi director was that just in 2016 there were thousands of devices that we couldn't crack into. imagine police forces not being able to get through a certain type of lock or into a house or car to search it? that's what's going on with these devices and encryption apps. i think the software companies in the tech industry need to step up from a national security perspective and little less worried about their bottom line and i think overconcerned ab privacy here. there's a court process in place. but the technology now is outpacing our ability to get at those devices and get to the software. that's another huge issue. >> dana: you also bring up the 702 reauthorization. that has to be done by the end of the year. michael waltz, thank you. >> one more thing on congress' plate. >> dana: thank you very much. we are awaiting the white house briefing where we expect to hear a lot more about the terror attack, tax cuts.
11:30 am
plus president trump said one program in our immigration system may be partly to blame for the terror attack. and he's pointing the finger squarely at new york senator chuck shumer. >> 23 people that came in or potentially came in with him. that's not acceptedable. so we want to get rid of chain migration. we wanted to do that for a long time. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> dana: this is a fox news alert. nypd releasing names of yesterday's attack. one of those killed was a 31-year-old mother of two children from belgium. she was visiting new york with her mother and sisters. the other victims are 32-year-old darren drake of new jersey, 23-year-old nicholas cleaves from manhattan, as well as five friends here from argentina to celebrate their high school reunion. president trump is taking aim at chuck shumer. president tweeting terrorists came in through the diversity visa lottery program, a chuck shumer beauty. i want merit based. he had more to say about it earlier. >> we want a merit based program, where people come in to our country based on merit. and we want to get rid of chain migration. this man that came in, or whatever you want to call him, brought in with him other
11:35 am
people. >> dana: joining us now is maryland senator ben cardin, ranking democrat on the senate foreign relations committee. obviously the senate. sir, thank you for being here today. do you have any initial reaction to the president tweeting this morning? >> well, first, it's good to be with you. >> dana: thank you. >> secondly, let's recognize that we do need come pro hen seufrb immigration reform. that's what the senate passed four years ago. senator schumer was part of the leadership to bringing that bill to a successful vote in the united states senate. it dealt with these types of issues. changing our immigration laws to make a lot more sense. unfortunately, the house never took up that legislation. i think the president is wrong in the way that he's using this tragedy to highlight one of the problems we have on immigration. we should have comprehensive immigration reform, that's true. but that's not what caused this tragedy. what caused this tragedy is the fact that we need to, first of all, make sure we use the best intelligence to deal with
11:36 am
terrorism. this may have been a lone wolf. they're the most difficult for us to deal with. we should pull together as a nation to make sure we're as strong as possible. >> dana: i know there's frustration on republicans side. like the massacre in las vegas. politicizing that. then the question of the president bringing up the diversity visa program. you're saying there would be a willingness by democrats to look at the diversity visa program maybe within context of a comprehensive bill? >> we did. we did away with that program during the comprehensive immigration reform bill that was on the floor in 2013. a good part of this is to make sure that we all fund programs adequately, whether they be immigration programs or counter terrorism programs. when we look at the trump budget, we need to work together. the congress and the trump administration keep america safe. we shouldn't be trying to politicize these type of issues.
11:37 am
>> dana: let's move on to tax reform. you gave the democratic address over the weekend talking about how you want to have some sort of tax reform but you don't think you can support the republican bill as it is coming out. we don't have details yet. but, sir, if the republicans do include a high rate of tax on the nation's highest earners, do you think then you might be able to support it or other democrats, too? >> let me just tell you what i think it needs to include for to it be acceptable. >> dana: okay. >> first, we don't want to drive a hole in the deficit. we don't want to continue to do deficit borrowing to get the tax cut. as i understand the blue print, it's going to have built into it a $1.5 trillion increase in our national debt. that's unacceptable. secondly, the people who benefit must be middle income taxpayers. when we saw the original outline, it was skewed toward the highest income. then third, there's specific provisions that we will be very concerned about.
11:38 am
one dealing with state and local tax deductions. that unfairly penalizes taxpayers in maryland. 40% of our taxpayers take advantage of the state and local tax deductions. they shouldn't pay tax on tax. >> dana: there's a reason tax reform is difficult. they're having a difficult time in the house. sounds like they will get it introduced tomorrow and sounds like there will be room for cooperation. last topic about the social media hearings being held on capitol hill. one of your colleagues, mark warner, had some pretty strong comment force the companies. let's listen. >> many of us on this committee have been raising this issue since the beginning of this year. our claims were frankly blown off by the leaderships of your companies. first presentation were less than sufficient and showed, in my mind, a lack of resource, a lack of commitment and a lack of genuine effort.
11:39 am
candidly, your companies know more about americans in many ways than the united states government does. >> dana: did you have a chance of seeing those hearings? do you agree with senator warner? >> i think we cannot be naive about what russia is attempting to do here in the united states. they're using misinformation campaign in order to compromise our democratic system of government. they use our democratic institutions to hurt our democratic democracy. so we need the help of the social media companies to work with us, to protect their ability to advance technology and communication, but to protect our national security from threats such as russia that use social media to bring down our free election system. >> dana: my last question, do you think the election result would have been different and that hillary clinton might be president today if russia had not meddled in the election? >> i know russia is trying to compromise our free election
11:40 am
system. i know they you multiple strategies including misinformation and trying to influence people's votes by what they put out on the social media and the misinformation campaign. we should protect ourselves against that type of an attack. >> dana: okay. maryland senator ben cardin, thank you very much for being on "the daily briefing." >> thank you. >> dana: police and fbi agents zeroing in on the suspect's home and if he had help. laura ingall is live in patterson, new jersey, with the latest. laura? >> reporter: indeed, investigators have been very busy all morning long going in and out of apartment number 9 inside a two story brick apartment building behind me. we have seen a lot of activity. the activity started very early this morning once the suspect was identified and agents could converge right behind me to get into that apartment. we want to show you some joyed that we saw of a man coming out,
11:41 am
an fbi agent coming out with a large garbage bag, presumably with evidence inside. they drove away, agents did, with that evidence as they had taken other things out of the house earlier in the morning. saipov reportedly lived with his wife and two children in this building. but not for long. we're told he only lived here a couple of months. so this apartment complex is important in terms of its proximity because it literally butts up against the omar mosque which he reportedly attended. locals say they saw saipov frequently talk with people on the corner in between the apartment and mosque. but that no one knew him that well. he only moved into the area a few months ago. while there were reports that he did frequently pray at the mosque, some members of the mosque said they did not really see him before. their community is coming together to compare notes.
11:42 am
>> you don't just wake up and decide to rent a truck and plow into a bunch of people in any way, shape or form. there has to be circumstances that will lead up to that. that's not defending him in any way, shape or form. there must have been a circumstance that made him go to this. >> reporter: while investigators say they think that he had been planning this attack for several weeks, they don't know why he chose this area in new jersey. why patterson? why this block? one of the many pieces of the puzzle investigators are working on putting together. dana, back to you. >> dana: laura, thank you very much. both sides of the aisle saying the terror attack is becoming politicized. as governor cuomo slams the president for his tweets following the carnage. our panel weighs in next.
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11:46 am
where the press briefing is set to begin at the top of the hour. it is the first one since yesterday's deadly terrorist attack here in new york city, which has renewed the immigration debate. the feds say the suspect entered through the u.s. diversity visa lottery program. president trump said he wants to get rid of it. we'll hear more from the white house when the briefing gets under way. that's coming up on fox news channel. see you then. >> dana: as shep mentioned we're waiting for the white house briefing to start. let's bring in katie and michael star hopkins. my first in studio panel. i appreciate you being here. let's take a listen to what andrew cuomo had to say about president trump's tweet. >> the president's tweets i think were not helpful. i don't think they were factual. they tended to politicize the
11:47 am
situation. you play into the hands of terrorist to the extend you disrupt and divide a frightened people in this society. and the tone now should be the exact opposite. >> dana: katie, let you respond to that. >> what's more frightening to society? a guy running a truck into pedestrians for eight blocks without being stopped or president trump trying to do something and wanting to work to make a difference so it doesn't happen again? i understand president trump's tweets are unpopular sometimes. democrats always take the chance to criticize him. but what governor cuomo should have done is i know you want to talk about this as a distraction, but right now the focus is on the victims and that is what we are focused on as officials from new york. instead he took the low road and decided to go at it from insulting further the situation. >> dana: what do you think, michael? president trump was pretty pointed at chuck shumer. he didn't waste any time. >> he was. it was disgusting. we had an attack yesterday.
11:48 am
that attack shook the core of new york. we had terrorist attacks here before. new yorkers are always, we always make sure we come back. when president trump and other republicans make though comments, it makes us less safer. that's what terrorists want. they want to incite fear. they want to divide us by muslim, christian. that's not what we need. when president clinton went to that mosque -- sorry, president bush went to the mosque a week after 9/11 and said we're not as war with muslims. >> i'm not sure that's a relevant point because the president never mentioned anything to do with muslims at all. >> dana: senator cardin was just on. he said basically they had already voted to change the diversity waiver program. yet, katie, that won't do anything in the mean time if you have people here already, who have jobs in america. they've got a wife, presumably. they have this chance at a much
11:49 am
better life than they had in uzbekistan. yet still become radicalized. >> i think the department of home land security and federal government needs more of a see something say something policy. we have no training program about american citizens on how to react about this. how to go ab your day in a vigilant way. what do you do if you see a truck coming down the street in that situation? i think they need to really lay out the ground work for us because we're in a new age of terrorism. it's not a 9/11, thank god, but we do have to deal with these attacks. we don't have any idea about how to handle it or prevent it. >> dana: what do you think about that? >> i think it is relevant. one of the things we have found that is successful when we make communities feel like they are part of america. like they have something to gain by being in communities then we have people getting less radicalized. i think the language is what helps radicalize people.
11:50 am
>> the idea americans and america haven't been welcoming to immigrants from all stripes and that is our responsibility to make them feel welcome. they need to come to this country and want to be part of society. as we see in this neighbor 4d where this guy came from, that's not happening. it's their responsibility to make it happen, not ours. >> i think there's nothing about individuals -- you know nothing about the individuals in this neighborhood. >> i know this guy came from that neighborhood. there's more from them. >> this individual was here for seven years. he was from a place that wasn't part of the muslim ban. let's try to be more inclusive. >> dana: okay. we're all going to do more. all right. katie, michael, thanks. we are waiting for the white house briefing to begin. we'll bring you that as soon as it starts. plus more police presence after the deadly truck attacks. the new york city their month is scheduled to go this weekend. we are live in lower manhattan.
11:51 am
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>> dana: we're learning more about the suspect in the new york city truck attack. police say he's been planning this rampage for weeks. new york police department stepping up patrols across the city ahead of the new york city marathon. brian janus is live in downtown manhattan. brian, what do you know? >> reporter: good afternoon, dana. not only was saipov one of those people, not only did he stake out the bike path here, not only did he plan this for weeks, but this is the 29-year-old terror suspect police say, while somebody who will follow the isis play book to a t. that according to john miller, the nypd commissioner. he said that today. the suspect was interviewed at a nearby hospital where he is recovering reportedly boasting about how proud he was of the attack. governor andrew cuomo also saying today that saipov
11:55 am
radicalized domestically, sometimes between now and 2010 when he arrived legally on a diversity visa. investigation zeroing in on multiple locations. not only the crime scene here, but his apartment in patterson, new jersey, where fbi agents were seen removing evidence in bags today, as well as the home depot in new jersey where we know where he rented the home depot truck just an hour before plowing into innocent victims in manhattan. inside the truck, we know there were multiple knives in the vehicle that went unused as well as arabic hand written notes in which he pledged allegiance to isis. the driver is believed to have acted alone. the fbi had not investigated him before. but police tell fox news his name popped up in connection with other terror suspects. we're also getting the first images of some of the eight victim, particularly a 31-year-old female from belgium. her husband saying she was on a
11:56 am
trip here to the city with her two sisters and mother. she is the mother of two beautiful young sons. meanwhile, new york city taking extra precautions here to make sure that they protect the city from the marathon, extra heavy police officers will be present. there will also be block aids to make sure they can protect furtherer from the threat of these vehicle vehicular attacks. of those that were injured 9 of the 12. >> dana: thank you for that report. cardinal dolan visiting the victims moments ago at the hospital. we'll tell you about his message for new york city.
11:57 am
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>> we can't give up. when i got here nine years ago, my first 9/11 that i celebrated at st. peter's, the priest said what we celebrate more is 9/12. the sun came up and we went on
12:00 pm
with life. that's what we've got to do. that's what we're doing this morning. >> cardinal dolan's message for new york city good words to live by. here's shep. >> shepard: he followed isis' playbook to a tee. it's 3:00 in new york where investigators told us that and more today as they work to get answers against the man accused in the bike terrorist attack. teens from around the world digging to his past for clues. experts say the suspect rolled with a troublesome crowd. we'll take you to his home and explain what we learned about his plot. plus, what we know about the innocent victims of this attack. the heros that came forward to help and how the big city is showing big hearts. >> my message to all new yorkers


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