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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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behind two young sons, a 3-year-old and 3-month-old. two americans were killed in the attack. darren drake, he lived at home with his parents in new jersey who had dinner every night and the father described him as the perfect son. and nicholas cleaves recently graduated from skidmore college. he was in incredible person everyone liked. 12 other people were also injured in the attack. nine remain in the hospital in serious or critical condition, bill. >> bill: we have more on that today. sandra. >> meanwhile, president trump tweeting out nyc terrorist was happy to hang an isis flag in his hospital room. he should get death penalty. kevin is live from the white house. good morning. >> good morning. you're right, in fact the president is doubling down on
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his assertion the attacker in new york city should in fact get the death penalty. heard people talking about the idea he should be sent to gitmo in cuba. let me take you to twitter, the president is saying this, this won't surprise a great many people. he said "i would love to send the terrorist to guantanamo bay but that process takes longer than going through the federal system." he goes on to add," there's something appropriate about sending him to the home in the horrible crime he committed." sayfullo saipov planned the attack about a year in the name of isis. he rehearsed before the deadly attack that killed eight including two americans, a belgian and five argentines. but some feel the president
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should still consider him an enemy combatant. among him a law maker, lindsey graham writes, the trump administration is criminalizing the war on terror by not declaring saipov an enemy combatant. it's ridiculous to believe one day of interviews in a hospital tells us all we need to know about his terrorist ties. he adds this, "the trump administration missed an opportunity to send a strong message to terrorists and make america safer. this is a huge mistake. very sad." the president is moving to eliminate the visa diversity lottery that allowed the uzbeki national to come to the country. this is happening on a day when there's a great deal of news at the white house. we're talking about the announcement of a new fed chair and jobs announcement and the unveiling of the major tax reform policy ahead of a 12-day
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trip to asia ahead. a busy day here. we'll keep an eye on about what else the president might say. back to you. >> kevin cork thank you for setting this up. >> bill: we have a cia analyst with us. you wrote a piece on our online piece on fox news. there's a book called "just terror tactics" a year ago and the killer was looking at this. >> the islamic state's magazine put forward a straightforward set on what to do to conduct this kind of attack down to the letter and specifics of the tactics and surveillance. they said don't worry about doing anything in terms of contacting us.
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you should take it upon yourself to be a jihadist and go through this step by step. >> bill: that explains why they said he was following isis to a tee. point two, he's been hoarding videos on two cell phones. what can investigators do about that? >> investigators will be looking at this and trying to figure out exactly where he went to get the information and also that may lead you to co-conspirators. it could theoretically lead you to another cell or someone else who has become a radical -- a lone wolf but trying to stop this is difficult. they're trying to pull the propaganda from different platforms and there's platforms that are new that allow individuals to share information. that's a battle underway and long standing. it's difficult to win the online
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propaganda fight. >> bill: we'll continue this in the future i think everyone can agree. al-baghdadi is challenging followers all over the world. what are you going to do as a result of what he would consider the suffering back in iraq or syria? he's listening to that message and he's still alive. >> it's commonplace among jihadist to have a victimology mind set and part of a victimized class and where he has his resonance with people who have never been in iraq or syria. there's also a big disconnect. as we know the islamic state has inflicted a tremendous amount of sadistic violence and the fact someone has a moral need to go after people shows you the power of this sick propaganda.
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>> bill: there's some great insight. thank you very much. later we'll talk to the senate homeland committee chair ron johnson and where he stands and what we think we know and the whole debate on enemy combatants. it's ten minutes past. >> gop lawmakers recall to roll out the plan for tax reform. this hour, house republicans are expected to huddle one last time before the big release later this morning. president trump calling the revamp of the tax system unprecedented. >> it's reform and frankly it's also simplification so we're covering everything. there has never been anything like it. >> so does the bill stand a chance in the senate if it makes it out of the house? >> louisiana senator john
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kennedy joins us next with his take. what a morning, bill hemmer. >> it will be a battle royale. we'll see if they can avoid the pitfalls so stand by on that. >> and the chairwoman on that as well. >> bill: and breaking, paul manafort and rick gates back and bob mueller's investigation continues and details on that. >> and the obama administration said they found a quote, treasure trove of documents during the raid on osama bin laden's cave. why cia director mike pompeo decided to release the documents. >> and after the deadly shooting in colorado, police now releasing an image of the suspect as the hunt for a killer considered armed and dangerous continues in that state. >> i was one of the first people there and for some reason
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>> bill: quickly on the russian files have you seen any released? what do you think? was interest a bias? what is your observation as a member of congress and american voter looking at those, senator? >> two points. first, it's clear to me the
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social media platforms don't know who's running what ads on the platforms. number two, at some point you have to trust the american people. and i do. they may not read aristotle every day but the american people get it. they're used to looking at political ads and saying that makes sense to me and i think it's a bunch of nonsense. i trust the american people. >> bill: do you think they favored one side or the other in this election? based on what you've seen so far, was there a bend or a bias towards a trump or a clinton? >> well, i think they tried to make both candidates look bad and i'm not convinced it was only russia. i think we'll find if the companies ever figure out who ran the ads and they say they know but they don't that there were probably other countries involved. i think these ads were equal opportunity in the sense they tried to bash both president
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trump and and secretary clinton. i don't think it was one conspiracy against one candidate. >> bill: i hope you come back. it's a battle royale on taxes. thank you for your time. >> it's going to be fun. >> bill: we'll see how fun that is. thank you, sir. here's sandra. >> sandra: days before a big election in virginia meanwhile, a controversial ad getting pulled down. do you remember this? why they finally took down the ad and does the democrat group behind it owe someone an apology. and a new bombshell from the dnc, did hilary rig her race against bernie sanders. rona mcdonald is here and we'll
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>> sandra: the high-stakes virginia governor's race and we told you about an attack ad showing republicans chasing minority children in a pickup truck. the group taking down the ad in light of the attack that happened tuesday in new york city. joining me is rnc chairwoman, ronna mcdaniel. that's quite a development because it took time for the attack ad to come down. >> they're not taking it down because they're apologizing for
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the rhetoric or fear it promotes, they're taking it down because of the terrible events that happened in new york. again the gubernatorial candidate refused to denounce the ad and took $80,000 from a latino victory group. what kind of governor can't denounce an ad that reprehensible. >> sandra: you met with the president this weak. what did he say about that? >> he focussed on the race on the commonwealth of virginia, jobs and focussing on helping the people of virginia instead of a leader in ralph norfom. democrats and republicans should be defounouncing the ad and he
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refused to do so twice. >> sandra: he has a narrow lead over gillespie, 42.7%. this is the latest poll. now that we're days away can you set up what's at stake in the race for your party? >> ed's running a great campaign and represent virginia well. the rnc is doing well and we knocked on doors and it's about voter turnout. i can't think of a greater contra contrast from the two men and the ad. they're doubling down on the ad that's on hate, division and fear and not able to denounce that and then ed gillespie running a race that's positive about the future of virginia. it's at stake for the people of virginia to decide the leader and i think ed gillespie should be elected as governor. >> sandra: chairwoman, a piece
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authored by donna brazil in politico magazine saying there's proof hilary rigged the race against bernie sanders and in the article, it said, wait, quoting herself, the victory fund was for who was the nominee and the state party races. you're telling me hilary had been controlling it since before the nomination. the campaign had to do it or the party would collapse. what do you think bernie sanders is thinking this morning as he reads that? >> i think he has every right to be angry and outraged by what donna brazile revealed that the hillary clinton campaign demanded control of the dnc before she was the nominee shows how broken it was. she shed light on the
6:29 am
dysfunction of the dnc. bernie sanders had no chance and shows why now he's not giving his list or supporting the dnc at the level you would expect. they did everything they could to make sure she wasn't the nominee and not to support him in running for president. >> sandra: we'll have more coming up. chairwoman, the last word on taxes and the final huddle now. >> i'm optimistic. we need middle-class tax cuts. the middle class had their wages stagnated over the obama economy. they need more of their hard-earned dollars coming home. they'll be better stewards of their money than washington and we need to deliver this for the middle class. >> sandra: the big reveal is coming. chairwoman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: 9:30. remarks from jeff sessions. he'll speak in new york in a moment as the city copes with
6:30 am
the worcesterer worse terror attacks since 9/11 and from california, the houston astros and dodgers went nine innings and it sends in this stunning series. stand by. down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> bill: we're on standby, jeff sessions set to make remarks and he will speak in new york two days after the city's worse terror attack since 9/11 and if there are remarks or headlines regarding what we have all been watching and covering over the
6:34 am
past 48 hours we'll bring them to you. >> sandra: we will indeed. meanwhile the date over national security and immigration. president trump tweeting the united states will be implementing tougher extreme vetting procedures. the safety of our citizens comes first. let's bring in doug schoen former adviser to president clinton and fox news contributor and josh holmes. >> it's hard to measure how to react to something like this tragedy which has been rocking new york city and everything else and opened up a larger debate in the country and i think he's been leading on it. i know it's not something everybody wants to hear but it's a debate we need to have. >> sandra: let's further listen to the president on migration and the lottery. let's listen. >> sure. >> we're going to get rid of
6:35 am
this lottery program as soon as possible. he came in through the diversity program, as you know. we're going to stop that. we're going to as quickly as possible get rid of migration and go to a merit-based system. >> sandra: what's the argument for the merit-based system the president's calling for? >> i don't have an argument against it. i'm for it. it raise as a larger question. i'm a democrat but i'm not here to advance the argument of the democrats versus republicans i think we're here to talk about protecting national security. as terrorists come they don't ask party identification or ideology. they wreak their terror and horror indiscriminately and we we, as americans, have to pull together. it makes sense to get rid of the lottery problem right away. the president is right.
6:36 am
it's not politics, it's common sense. >> sandra: i want to stick to the president's words. the president goes a step further to saying this country, as a whole, we need to get smarter and tougher. listen to this. >> we will take all necessary steps to protect our people and our communities and to protect our nation as a whole. we have to get much tougher. we have to get much smarter and have to get much less politically correct. >> sandra: josh, it's hard to argue with a lot of that but this is something we heard from the president often. we can't be so pc. >> thank goodness he's taking this position. our immigration system has been so broken so long. the visa program is the result of a non-merit based system that
6:37 am
front loads things we cannot control and have no security measures on our immigration system. what my conservative friends don't want to hear is it's more complicated than a wall but a wall is required to get the national security standpoint and have the comfort knowing we're doing what we need to do to secure the borders. there's a solution and i think we can get there and president trump is going it lead the way. >> sandra: we'll possibly hear from attorney general, jeff sessions. we need solutions to the terrorism problem and not politics. i don't know you can separate the two. >> i think you can. and i think you have to. i'll take josh's point. he wants to build a wall. that wouldn't be my highest priority but if we can bain -- combine a pathway to citizenship for those here in a smart way that balances the interest of both parties, we all win.
6:38 am
look, we can't get rid of politics because the politicians insist on it. ordinary people want safety and security. i applaud what the pred says. i'm with him as an american not as a democrat. >> sandra: certainly this say debate happening. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: game seven crowned baseball's new champions. >> a ground ball right side can do it. the houston astros are world champions for the first time. >> bill: how about that, huh? what do you think? winning the world series over the l.a. dodgers 5-1 the final was a team that lost a franchise record 111 games only four years ago. they reloaded with young talent and it paid off big time. a championship home to a city need victory after hurricane harvey. this is the scene at minute maid park.
6:39 am
they went crazy from the stands and the mvp was a no-brainer, george springer, tying a world series record of five home runs and the first player ever to homer in four straight games and one world series. talk about stranger things, here's the cover. sports illustrated 2014. that predicted the astros would win it all this year. >> sandra: he should have known better. >> bill: it's the sports illustrated curse. he was on the cover. if that was one moment to top it off was this after game seven last night on the field. check it out. >> you make me the happiest man in the world. would you marry me? >> oh, my god. >> bill: at the astros
6:40 am
shortstop, alex correia. >> sandra: i think that's a yes. >> bill: she's got a monster rock on her finger too. i want to be a good guy about all this so here you go. i gave you the option to take houston first just to be a gentleman. >> sandra: all right. houston astros. we're awaiting comments from jeff sessions in new york city set to speak on national security days after the terror attack in new york city. senator ron johnson joins us next on all of this. >> we want to get rid of chain migration and wanted to do that for a long time and i've been wanding to -- wanting to do it for a long time and we'll ask congress to work on it immediately.
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>> bill: jeff sessions beginning his speech in new york city. let's see if he gives remarks relevant to the truck attack. as we standpoint, senator ron johnson. good morning. this is the first opportunity we've had to speak with you since the attack. what questions do you have? what is the next phase of the story. >> the question of everybody in law enforcement is this guy connect to other potential terrorists throughout the united states. that will be something i'm sure the fbi is tracking down now. from my standpoint, you use the word, "phase." we had an authorization of the use of military force and in recognition of the fact the physical caliphate is coming to
6:45 am
an end. what is the next phase and how will we address the threat and there's a war on islamic terror. >> bill: we may be interrupted in a moment. the attorney general has addressed this and there's tweets from the president. he said would love to send the new york city terrorist to guantanamo but that takes longer than going through the system and it should move fast. death pent -- penalty. >> it sounds like he waived his miranda right and is singing like a canary. i hope it continues because we need to out if there's different
6:46 am
connections. what i want to see and what the person people want to see is swift justice. our standard is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. there's no doubt whatsoever. i hope the justice system gives him his due process -- >> bill: do you take issue with our justice system? >> no, listen our rule of law is crucial and that's important for our system. at the same time in these unusual situations where there is absolutely no doubt i hope the due process doesn't drag on for years. >> bill: there's also a debate about our immigration system as you know. the president said this about the diversity visa program summarize the -- summarized in the following way. >> the program hasn't been good. we've been against it.
6:47 am
we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating it, getting rid of it. we want a merit-based program where people come into our country based on merit. >> bill: i think there are two questions in there. do you support getting rid of that program? our immigration is program so let's end it. one word i wish we can outlaw is comprehensive. let's look at the problems bit by bit and secure the border and make that commitment. let's get rid of the stupid laws that endanger the nation. >> bill: i think you answered my question you would favor a
6:48 am
merit-based system? >> absolutely. we allow millions into the country only 14% have anything to do with work. 65% are family related, 22% are refugee and it doesn't make sense. we need a merit-based system and millions want to come to this land of opportunity. it should be based on merit in terms of what can you add to this great country. >> bill: he was living in the apartment in new jersey a few blocks away we understand from one of the 9/11 hijackers were living as well. you put this together and now you have two cell phones with hundreds if not thousand of videos and pictures. we talk about online security but what can we do under the law when you know that -- well, there's a possibility, frankly, when you download this amount of
6:49 am
material and carry it around with you on your phone, i don't think our system is set up to even ask questions among those watching that. do you, sir? >> these online companies have algorithms for example, finding child pornography and making sure that's blocked. can we block this kind of hate incitement. that the something we should explore. >> bill: now you get into the issue of freedom of speech and amendment rights and what you can and cannot do. is that where this debate ultimately goes? >> it's part of the equation. what is safety versus security and civil liberties. i'm all for free speech but we limit things like child importa pornography and this incitement
6:50 am
should also be blocked. >> bill: if there's a manual labeled "just terror tactics" why not take that down? what's taking so long? >> we should. again, we have free speech in the nation but we need to take a look at the laws and should block that kind of -- those manuals basically giving people on guidelines how to commit terrorist actions. >> bill: you have your work cut out for you. thank you for coming back here, the republican from wisconsin. >> sandra: a massive manhunt is underway in colorado. police looking for the suspect at the terrible shooting at that wal-mart. we'll have a live report. >> bill: and the debate with the nfl. a rare interview with the supreme court justice is asked about it, clarence thomas. watch. >> it's so important and critical to the things that matter. i don't know what it is that we have -- we can say instinctively
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keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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>> sandra: attorney general, jeff sessions, speaking on national security and commenting on the new york terror attack. >> this week's incident on the deadliest attack since 9/11 is another reminder of the threat we face from radical islamic terrorism and the kind of threats we've seen nationwide. new yorkers know firsthand terrorists want nothing more than to take away our most basic rights. the right to be safe, the most fundamental right. they aim to diminish our freedom
6:55 am
and constrict our lifestyle. if it weren't for our troops, our intelligence community and law enforcement, the terrorists would be succeeding. since 9/11 the department of justice has made fighting terrorism our top priority. our goal is not just to catch terrorists but prevent them from striking. that was the entire discussion after 9/11 in the judiciary committee and armed services committee both of which i was a member. that's what we talked about and we don't want to forget that principle. this fight against terrorism we have gotten results. we have made progress. people in this room and around the country have made us safer. three days a week i meet with the fbi and we talk about terrorism and threats to our country so that's the focus in the classified briefing. i have to tell you that i have been amazed how effective our
6:56 am
federal investigative agencies have been in preventing attacks. but if you look at it mathematically, you can see we can't possibly identify all the attacks in advance and stop them from occurring. things that happened tuesday. that's very very difficult to do but we have thwarted a number. >> sandra: jeff sessions speaking in new york right now. he's are his comments reacting to new york terror attack and praisi praising first responders. >> bill: a big day for house republicans. they're expect to go public on the long-awaited tax plan. can it get enough support and
6:57 am
concerns about 401(k) and big deduction. hillary clinton accused of staging a takeover at the dnc. guess who is levelling the bombshe bombshell accusations.
6:58 am
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is almost here for house republicans. we're now one hour away from the public release of the long-awaited tax reform plan. gop lawmakers huddling behind closed doors ahead of the unveiling. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith and i'm a dollar richer. >> bill: and to the people of houston, awesome stuff. i'm bill hemmer. the rollout delayed and republicans coming to a compromise on a number of thorny issued that won't be ironed out until it goes public. the 401(k) retirement accounts
7:01 am
and the status of that. louisiana republican john kennedy telling us last hour the bill will cut taxes for every american. that's what he supports. >> we have a group that believes in more free stuff. this bill will give americans more freedom. it's going to cut their taxes, all of them, and the premise is people know how to spend the money they earn better than government. >> bill: that's the senator from last hour. mike emmanuel live on the hill ready to chase it down. what are you hearing about the rollout? >> a lot of members say they want to see the promises in writing. we caught up with the ways and means chairman on the way in. >> this is the beginning of the end of the horrible tax code in america. it's an exciting day. >> steve scalise spoke about the
7:02 am
real impact the tax package will have on the lives of many americans. >> a lot more of people's income will be taxed at the lowest rate down to the 12% lower rate and 25% so we're lowering rates. more is taxed at a lower level. we're doubling the standard de tuks. it's going to be a standard deduction. you can get a $24,000 reduction. >> and we're told the property tax deductions will continue but other state and local tax deductions are expected at this stage to go away, bill. >> bill: so democrats are responding already before we have seen it and they're saying what, mike? >> the one-day delay and the rollout is a sign of dysfunctionality and the tax reform package will be a bad deal. >> the tax plan goes to the heart of the middle class.
7:03 am
it will gut the middle class and working people as they have proposed. it will cut social security and medicare and medicaid. they'll do it on the backs of the middle class and working people in this country. >> a number of lawmakers are expecting the next couple days to be particularly bruising as lawmakers fight for their favorite aspects of the tax code. >> bill: it will make the system more simple and paul ryan has been in this his whole life for this today. mike emmanuel live on the hill. >> sandra: a stunning revelation by the head of the democratic national committee. donna brazile finding proof the hillary clinton took over the dnc nearly a year before the winning the nomination.
7:04 am
in her new book she writes "as hilary's campaign gained momentum she put it on a starvation diet. it had been dependent on her campaign for her survival and expect to will control of the operations." jonah goldberg is a fox news contributor. this excerpt from her book, donna brazile getting a lot of attention now, jonah. >> it's an amazing story. for everyone who called bernie sanders a conspiracy theorist and out of his gourd for the primaries were rigged it proved him right. if the j.f.k. files had all the stuff about a second gunman and space aliens you'd see guys in used book stores saying, i'm right. it was rigged and hillary
7:05 am
clinton had taken over the democratic party. there's two things people aren't paying attention to so far this morning. the first is this shows what unbelievable damage barack obama had did in to the democratic party and left it in shambles for someone like hillary clinton to bribe them. >> sandra: donna brazile said they left them in debt and debbie wasserman-schultz was a culprit. and she said keeping the secret was against everything i stood for. all i valued as a woman and as a public servant. hello, senator, she quotes herself. i'm completed my review of the dnc and i found the cancer, i
7:06 am
said, but i will not kill the patient. jonah. >> it's an amazing part of it. look, i've known donna brazile coming up on 20 years now. i used to be on a cnn sunday show no one watched except for close friends and relatives and the fact that a lot of people especially among republicans have this views of donna brazile being a dangerous person -- i think she's an honorable person. whenever you think of her, the clintons are done in the democratic party. she wouldn't be writing this if they were still a viable force in the democratic party. >> sandra: very important and no reaction yet from the clinton camp. >> they've had a bad month. >> sandra: nor have we heard from bernie sanders. i'm sure he's not please to read
7:07 am
this. and another quote, the former dnc specified in exchange for raising money hilary would control the strategy and all the money raised. accusing her of an all-out takeover of the dnc, jonah. >> she a terrible outside politician. she wasn't a front of the room candidate but she was a really good back room politician and he chutzpah of saying to the dnc we're going to take over everything. like a russian mafia company that comes over and takes over corporation and bleeds them dry, she said to the dnc, we own you now but if anyone claims we're rigging the system you have to
7:08 am
call them paranoid and have to attack them as being insane. they pulled it off but weren't good add -- at winning an election. >> sandra: i'm sure we'll see continued response considering it's just out and just starting to get attention. jonah goldberg, thank you. >> bill: now to breaking news from overnight, federal prosecutors in new york city charging the suspect in tuesday's deadly truck attack with terrorism. catherine hill is working the story all night and again this morning and has an update on the investigation. where are we now? good morning. >> the complaint shows significant premeditation and the suspect began planning two months ago and october 22 rented a truck for dry run. cell phones uncovered show the
7:09 am
29-year-old is a voracious consumer of isis propaganda and some showing beheadings and using trucks as weapons and other atrocities. and they said the man who is one of saipov's associates turned himself in. a senior member of congress told fox news yesterday they're probing an ohio event and a group of friends blocked from entering the u.s. >> that wedding is under investigation. there are 24 applicants and he sponsor from uzbekistan which has a lot of militant extremist and a muslim population. many were denied but there was a wedding that took place in ohio. >> we don't know why the men were denied entry to the u.s. but saipov had previous contacts with suspects known to the fbi. >> bill: a quick turn now.
7:10 am
there's updates on the russia probe. what do you know about that? >> there's several moving parts with carter paige already behind closed doors on capitol hill and paige previously denied two fox news allegations he coordinated and we'll hear from a business man with deep ties to russia who attended the trump tower meeting. and in a short time at the district court not far from the fox bureau, paul manafort and his business partner have a status hearing in their case and the opportunity to challenge the terms. the judge set bond in addition to home confinement. those close to the men call the indictment overreach and the allegations beyond the scope of the russian interference in the election. >> bill: a busy day in
7:11 am
washington. it's been reported one of the many videos on the suspect's phone is challenging a strike out all over the world and that's the particular video that incited him. >> sandra: we have more on the deadly shooting in colorado. this could be the man, we're told, the man responsible for killing three people at a wal-mart yesterday. have a suspect in custody. he is handcuffed as you can see there in the fresh images we're getting. new details as we get them and plus there is this. >> diversity lottery sounds nice. it's not nice. it's not good. it's not good. it hasn't been good. we've been against it. >> bill: so president trump making his position clear. the new york city terror suspect entered on a diversity visa.
7:12 am
is it time to get rid of that? >> sandra: and documents seized on the raid in osama bin laden's hideout and we'll speak to someone in the program on what the probe of documents is telling us. >> at least now we will have the vast majority of documents available for scholars to look at and have a better understanding of the historical threat to the united states. ♪
7:13 am
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>> sandra: the cia de classifying nearly half a million files on the osama bin laden compound. many contain evidence of his day-to-day involvement in al-qaeda operation. among the documents his 228-page personal journal. 18,000 document files, 79,000 audio files, a blooper reel of his speeches and even al-qaeda video. dr. mitchell is the author of "enhanced interrogation." what is being revealed in the documents and videos? >> it is a treasure trove and the men who risked their lives to get it did the country a great service to get it.
7:17 am
we have a picture of his son. we didn't have an adult photo of him and helps us find him and kill had him. we also got a great deal of information about their interactions with iran. they were much more in bed with iran than we thought to the point they were providing training and explosives and money and safe passage. also information about their involvement with iraq and the development of isis and information about the cohesion of the terrorist groups around the world and who and where and why and it's a fantastic find. >> sandra: dr. mitchell, i want to share a statement from the cia as the documents were being released saying it provides insight to the origins of the pictures that exist today between al-qaeda and isis and
7:18 am
strategic doctrinal and religious disagreements with al-qaeda and its allies. what are we going to learn from this? >> the big fight between saqai wanted to slaughter everyone who wasn't on his side. they said no, we need to focus our attack on the united states. there was a disagreement. it will tell us who was working with them and who in pakistan was working with them. we'll learn more about that sort of stuff. >> sandra: dr. mitchell, i want to draw upon your experience with interrogations to ask about the current suspect in tuesday's
7:19 am
terrorist attack. you heard from calls from the president and senator lindsey graham to treat him as an enemy combatant criminal. how would you like to see this suspect treated and what is the best way to question him to learn the most? >> well, from what i heard since that happened he's going to be treated as a criminal and tried in criminal court. how i would like it is almost irrelevant. but what i would like him to do is continue to press for actionable intelligence. it's relatively easy to get a confession from these guys. i interrogated more than a dozen of the highest detainees they had without harsh interrogation and within five minutes they confessed their crimes. in the case of nashiri i asked his name and what i should know about he and said he was involved in the bombing and we
7:20 am
went into great detail. the detail about the coal bombing doesn't stop future attacks they have planned. what i'm hoping the police will do or the law enforcement agencies will do and fbi and intelligence agencies is continue to question him for actionable intelligence. >> sandra: there was an almost gleeful response and he asked to hang an isis flag and acting proud of what he did. >> he's not acting, he is proud. it's an act of worship to show how much he loves his god and our suffering and the pain of the people who lost their children and loved ones feel, those are gifts he's given his god. he's proud of that. it's not like you and i. we don't think of it the same way. >> sandra: dr. mitchell, good to get your insight. thank you for being here. >> thank you, ma'am. >> bill: there's so much to go over the terrorist came from
7:21 am
uzbekistan and there's questions on immigration policy yet again. president trump is considering labelling this man as an enemy combatant. is that the right move? we'll explore it coming up.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
travel ban list? >> as we outlined multiple times before they were determinations made by several factors. it may be something we'll look at but not something we'll call for at this time but haven't ruled it out. >> bill: the suspect in the deadly truck attack came from uzbekistan where sunni muslims make up 80% of the population.
7:25 am
ralph peters, good morning to you. you know about the people, the place, the language. what do we need to understand? >> i've been there multiple times. they're stuff. in central asia they're feared by the others. they've been exporting jihad for a long time. now, inside the country since the decline of the soviet union it's been ruled by dictators and they keep islam under control through brutal means in uzbekistan but it results in exporting jihadis. they've been fighting us in afghanistan and have been charter members of al-qaeda. very active in isis and we think there are at least 2500 to 3,000
7:26 am
uzbeks. i think it's much higher. >> bill: a country about 30 million. 88% of the population is muslims mostly sunni. there's no numbers on the number that joined isis. you think 2500 plus. >> i think at least 3,000. i think it's higher still. to put it in perspective, 3,000 jihadis from uzbekistan would be like 300 in the united states. it's a significant number. and uzbekistan is a safe place to visit and fascinating, nonetheless it will keep generati generating jihadis and the insane diversity program people saying he was radicalized here. he fit the profile exactly of
7:27 am
who is radicalized. young, unskilled males. that's what our problem largely has been. it was crazy to let this guy in the country. >> bill: on the vetting process, the chair of the homeland committee said the following from the hill. >> the latest we found out is this individual came to the united states in 2010 from uzbekistan. the vetting process was not nearly as good as it is today. i think the most disturbing effect is he had associations with known terrorist subjects in the united states. >> bill: one thing that came out yesterday saying the radicalization happens after they leave the country. you take issue with that. why? >> if you talk about peopling
7:28 am
from western europe it's a small number. yeah, they are rat -- radicalized when they leave. these males have trouble integrating in western society. but the jihadis, the thousand who joined al-qaeda and isis that killed americans, they're radicalized at home. uzbekistan, the heart of central asia has a history of being brutal and following an oppressive form. but in the middle ages these were the enlightened cities. but in the last several sent -- centuries and by the time of the russian conquest in the 19th century they were the most bruceal islamist regimes on
7:29 am
earth. >> we appreciate your knowledge. great history there. thank you, colonel. >> sandra: breaking news on that deadly wal-mart shooting. just in, fox news has confirmed police have captured their target. had he has been taken into custody. we are live at the scene, next. >> bill: and we're learning new details about the eight victims killed in lower manhattan and how their families are remembering their loved ones today. >> his cell phone went dead and he didn't answer and at 5:00 he normally calls and asks me what we wanted for dinner and realized as the night went on he wasn't coming home any more.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> bill: 10:32. a big day for house republicans. this is what we gathered from our producer on the tax plan.
7:33 am
technically five brackets. the high earners, 39.6% will stay in place as of now. standard deduction goes to $12,000. and married couples goes to $24,000. expands the tax credit for parents. credit of $300 for each child and non-child dependent. the mortgage home interest deduction will be maintained for new homes up to $500,000. people will be able to write-off the cost of state and local property deductions up to $10,000 and this will be a controversial item. we'll see where that goes. you can still maintain your savings option, the 401(k), that's a big deal. amt, alternative minimum tax is repealed. the death tax are repealed after six years. some details now bleeding out, as we say, on the republican
7:34 am
plan on the hill. stay tuned. a lot of debate coming up. >> sandra: so far the stock market not pleased it did sell off a little bit. the manhunt for a suspected killer in colorado is now over. police arrested the man they believed walked into a denver area wal-mart last night and n opened fire and killed three people and the manhunt came to an end moments ago. we're live from thornton, colorado with the latest. alicia. >> this is a nationwide manhunt that began last night at 6:15 p.m. mountain time and a 20-minute drive from where i'm standing, 47-year-old scott olstrom is now in custody after a brief car chase. he's wanted for the murder of three people inside this
7:35 am
wal-mart here in thornton colorado from last night. according to witnesses around 6:15, ostrom walked into the store and casually started shooting into a group of people and according to police and according to witnesses then just nonchalantly walked out and drove away in his red mitsubishi and the manhunt began. witnesses were terrified. everybody was running and screaming trying to get out the doors as police tried to figure out who did this. they were able to identify him through surveillance video. overnight, s.w.a.t. teams, according to a local fox station were surrounding his apartment building and earlier this morning about an hour ago he drove by and cops jumped in their cars and chased him, four blocks later he was arrested without additional harm to anyone else. >> sandra: thank you for the update there.
7:36 am
>> i'm going to ask congress to immediate immediately initiate work to get rid of the program. diversity lottery. it sounds nice. it's not nice. it's not good. it's not good. it hasn't been good. we've been against it. >> bill: president trump blaming the lottery system for admitting the terrorist from seven years ago. my next guest, host of the next revolution and former director of strategy for david cameron, good morning, welcome back here. >> good to see you, bill. great to be with you. >> bill: here's how our lottery program, 50,000 randomly selected foreigners enter the drawing, permanent residency in the united states. if your name gets drawn you are in and countries from overseas,
7:37 am
depending on where you are, a lot of them load up on this. is there a way to get rid of the system and move to what would be considered a merit-based system like you have in canada or australia? >> yes, is the short answer. the issue of immigration is one of the main reasons people have so lost trust in politics and government. when you set out the kind of principle any immigration system should be based on, one, every country should have the absolute right on who comes in and stays out. secondly, the immigration is a privilege. it's not a right. no one should have the automatic assumption they can walk into a country. third, when you're deciding who to welcome into your country, you should put out the welcome mat for those who can make a positive contribution. all that seems so completely sensible and yet the immigration system here in america, in the
7:38 am
u.k. and in europe are not run according to those principles. and this is what people can't understand. why can't we put in place the sensible reform we need? what you have going on not just as a result of the terrible attack the other day but we have a senator who has written a bill that puts in place that kind of sensible control of immigration. i really hope that gets back on the agenda because it's what we need. >> bill: as you are talking there, we're watching a speech in new york from the attorney general, jeff sessions, he's in lockstep with the president and said this. >> it would switch us to a merit-based system and replace something i have advocated for over a decade, which i think makes no sense, and replace it with a point-based system like is used in canada and australia.
7:39 am
this is the best way to ensure our system is benefiting america. >> bill: it seems this administration would change it if they could. do you think they can? >> yes, because i do think there's support for it. i think one of the crucial steps you had senator ron johnson on earlier and what he said was important, which is let's stop hunting for a massive comprehensive immigration reform that fixes everything at once and take pieces of the system and fix it where we can get agreement. it seems to me there is agreement to get rid of the diversity lottery. it's ridiculous and makes no sense at all. democrats were against it when immigration reform came up years ago. let's start with that. that will give confidence and show people you can make progress and make practical changes that make a difference. by the way, it won't solve the problem of islamist terrorism
7:40 am
and we should do it because it's the right thing to do. >> bill: good to have you back. steve hilton, we'll see you this weekend. thanks. >> sandra: new york city police releasing the names of all eight people killed in tuesday's terror attack mowed down by a truck with an isis sympathizer. there were five friends from argentina. darren drake worked at the world trade center and his father telling me about his trip to work yesterday. >> we were going to hoboken to get the train and we saw northwestern citizens and red lights and i said you'll never get in on time and he said i don't think i'm going to ride the bike today. i have too many meetings. that made me feel good he wouldn't be riding a bike and as
7:41 am
the day progressed and what happened -- traumatic. >> sandra: he was only 32 years old and out for a relaxing bike ride in between meetings and was in lower manhattan with the truck with the terrorist driving it killed him and, bill, it was such an emotional interview. he and his wife ate dinner with his son every night and they were in the car and heard on the radio about the attack. they didn't hear from their son for a few hours and started to worry. >> bill: and they were talking about how long it took for them to get pregnant and they called him the miracle baby. the father sharing his thoughts with you last night. that was truly touching. >> sandra: it was indeed. he won't be home for dinner again but the father was kind to share his story and he was upset. >> bill: to the family, our best to you. 19 minutes now before the hour.
7:42 am
the former first lady, michelle obama, talking about women and the ongoing topic of sexual harassment. >> are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled and a little, you know, se self-righteous. >> bill: our panel dives in next.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> sandra: they were talking about the trump dossier saying her team -- what her team did is different from the allegations of collusion facing the trump campaign. >> this was research started by a republican donor during the republican primary and then when trump got the nomination for the republican party the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer and said, you know, would you like us to continue it and
7:46 am
he said, yes. he's an experienced lawyer. he knows what the law is and what opposition research is. >> sandra: and charlie hurt is opinion editor for "the washington times" and both are fox news contributors and jessica tarlov i'll let you have that one first. >> this is what we expected to hear from hillary clinton. we talked about this last week. i said the only part outstanding is the filing that seemed they were trying to keep it and her campaign lawyer knows what is right and wrong. they're dying to make this about hillary clinton since we got the guilty plea the first one on the
7:47 am
mueller investigation and i didn't expect that to be coming. so this i believe is just a game of distraction here to talk about it and we know it began with a republican in the first place. >> sandra: charlie, he said most serious people realize the two are different. do you know the difference? >> this is a rare case where i agree with hillary clinton. i think there's a difference and people realize it. there hasn't been a shred of evidence than been substantiated to rig the look. what she did in this particular case, as jessica pointed out, they were concealing efforts to funnel money to this russian dossier which appears to be
7:48 am
kremlin-generated dirt on donald trump. >> sandra: she then pivoted to the campaign and how voters should have had that information. >> i heard that part too. i think the voters should have had a lot of information and less from jim comey. i think the voters should have had that information. >> sandra: i want to get to this and make sure we save time for this. let's listen to michelle obama and what she has to say about protecting our men too much. listen. >> are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled and a little, you know, self-righteous sometimes but that's kind of on us too as women and mothers, you know. as we nurture men and push girls
7:49 am
to be perfect. >> sandra: charlie, that one's all yours, sir. >> thank you so much. i have no idea what on earth she can possibly be talking about but you leave it to the obamas to inject gender politics into raising boys and girls. it reminds me what a disappointment the obama presidency was. barack obama in 2008 didn't run a campaign on this kind of racial and gender identity politics. he ran on inclusiveness and ran a bright shining city on a hill campaign and people aren't -- responded to that and for eight years his party was dedicated divisiveness. >> sandra: maybe you can help us
7:50 am
understand what she meant by this. >> i can. they're a little too entitled and self-righteous. he's talking about the allegations -- >> sandra: she said men speaking generally. >> it was in the context of a sexual harassment where men feel entitled. it's not about what's going on at home but we have a culture where this happens and the title 9 guidelines are being rewritten and it's an important issue to talk about. >> sandra: good to see you. thank you for being here. >> bill: it's a perfect time to run out of time. houston astros. check it out from last night .
7:51 am
in a moment where they're not the only ones getting a ring on the field.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> bill: we're awaiting that big news conference from republican house leadership. they're unveiling the long awaited details of the giant tax overhaul. already we're getting early reporting on what's in it including bigger deductions for middle-class families and no changes to 401(k)s and new revelations at the fight in the dnc between hillary clinton and bernie sanders coming up. >> bill: and a seven-game world series.
7:55 am
>> it's a ground ball right side could do it. the houston astros are world champions. >> bill: finally. nice. the celebration continued in the locker room after a life-changing haven't for the houston astro's shortstop. we have more. good morning, adam. you were at all four games in los angeles. what a series, huh? >> what a series. for the third time in four years baseball's had a game seven. there's no better way to celebrate. unfortunately for the dodger fans it didn't go as planned. most believed dodgers would win after winning game six. unfortunately for the dodgers and fortunate for the astros they got the 5-1 win for their first ever world championship and second ever world series. another big winner besides astros and if you get sports illustrated you know sports
7:56 am
illustrated the infamous curse, if you appear on the front of sports illustrated things don't go your way. they had been the team that lost 100 games and would win thes were and carlos correa got engaged and a sad note for the dodgers besides losing,ias -- yasiel puig's was broken into and had jewelry taken. >> bill: and she said yes. >> what a game for him. gets a ring and a wife. >> bill: two rings. see you later, adam. >> sandra: the big tax reveal just minutes away. house republicans releasing
7:57 am
their blueprint to cut taxes. will they all get on board.
7:58 am
. . . .
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>> can i take you to the vending machine? houston astros. >> double or nothing let me know. >> it's on. >> see you tomorrow. >> a fox news alert. ten minutes from now republicans in the house are expected to introduce the long- awaited tax bill. members of the house ways and means committee announced that after postponed it for a day. the bill keeps 39.6 percent for top earners and doubles the deduction for the middle-class. and 1600 from a thousand and will not make changes to your


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