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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 2, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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going to invest here. $20 billion they are bringing home. >> that's it for us, thank you for joining us on the "outnumbered" couch. now it's time for "outnumbered overtime." >> harris: a fox news alert, a very busy day as you've been watching in the white house, we are awaiting to make it big evs this hour from there. president trump set to meet with members of the house ways and means committee after they unveiled their long-awaited tax plan. white house daily briefing with press secretary sarah sanders in addition to taxes, we expect to hear more administration reaction to the new york city terror attack. president trump is calling for the suspect to face the death penalty. john roberts is covering all of this for us from the north lawn. good to see you. >> we have a broad blanket. a good afternoon, it's rare for a president to weigh in on what he thinks potential criminals
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penalty should be but this is a president who has never been one to be bound by convention, president trump making it clear what he think should happen to the new york city killer. he treated this morning... the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders has the president does consider the killer to be an enemy combatant but the united states has not officially declared him as such for the moment at least, keeping him in the criminal justice system. that did not sit well with south carolina senator lindsey graham, who ripped the white house in a statement saying "i appreciate president trump taking the gloves off when it comes to unleashing our military, however i'm dumbfounded as to why the trump administration still follows the obama playbook when it comes to dealing with terror suspects." if there was ever a candidate to be held as an enemy can banded combatant, it is a self-declared
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soldier. the president taking some people jump in right of the political for yesterday, taking aim at senator chuck schumer for his support of the diversity visa lottery program. back in 1990, that was the program that allowed him to come into the country. senator schumer taking the floor to a accuse the president of failed leadership in the aftermath. >> president trump, instead of politicizing and dividing america, which he always seems to do at times of national tragedy, should be bringing us together and focusing on the real solution. antiterrorism funding, which he proposed to koch in his most recent budget. >> press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is the president was merely talking about policy here, was not jumping into the political fray
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and jumped to his defense yesterday and everything. >> look, this wasn't about a political route, this is something the president has been talking about for a long time. this isn't a new policy, this isn't a new conversation. the president has been talking about extreme vetting and the need for that for the purpose of protecting the citizens of this country since he was a candidate, long before he was ever president. >> the fact that the president jumped into the political fray, even the policy fray just hours after the this attack is in stark contrast to his response to the shooting in las vegas. even on his way to las vegas he wouldn't even weigh in on policy questions, let alone politics. after this terror attack he jumped right into the political fray. we will hear more about this in about 25 minutes time with sarah huckabee sanders as well as i am
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sure lots of questions about tax cuts and of course this afternoon the expected announcement of jerome powell to be the new fed chair. >> harris: did you say tore a strip off of chuck schumer? >> yes. >> harris: you did. john roberts, thank you very much. let's bring in in a fox news contributor, ari fleischer. i want to hit a couple points, let's start with the president and this idea that some are accusing him of getting into politics because of what he put on the death penalty with the bloodthirsty suspect, we will put "bloodthirsty" in quotes because he hasn't been tried ye yet. >> i think he's getting into the business of the justice department in an upcoming trial. i am old-fashioned on this, i believe in that blindfolded lady whose holds the scale of justice and you don't know which side the government is on other than a fair trial. i objected when president obama weighed in and talked about whether the irs targeted can
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conservatives. when he came on hillary's side about the email investigation. presidents are best to stay out of those matters and leave it to the justice department. if a president wants to weigh in, he should weigh in by category. if somebody commits terrorism in the united states, i believe in the death penalty. i think presidents are better off not commenting on specific cases. >> harris: this is a bipartisan type of situation, you are talking about somebody who has a different voice than the rest of us. i understand you to be concerned about, if they would request a change of venue, where would it be if it was the president of the united states? i get that. did you have a last word? >> go ahead. >> you saw them roll out in the 11:00 a.m. eastern hour today, on first blush, your comments? >> wonderful. if you are a republican, somebody who believes in growth, you want this economy to move
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again. today is a big day and an important one. it shows that elections matter and the fact that republicans just signed it to the law is a significant moment for the country. i like what i've seen, i've been trying to pour into the details of it and i think the details are very pro-growth and they've been creative in what they've done to pay for some of these tax cuts, i like it. >> harris: i want to get to something the president just rolled out, i'm sure you were watching. he made that huge jobs announcement moments ago and alongside him he had a man by the name of hock tan, he is the ceo of a company called broadcom and they are going to leave singapore and come make america home again. he said they are going to bring that company back in and bring with it billions of dollars. this is an interesting time for the president, at first he said he might rule something out after he got back from asia last week but each of the opportunity to do it on this day.
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>> the economy has been strong on paper but something has been missing, writing wages for middle income workers. if you get this economy to boom again, that is going to happen. for people who work for a living and struggle with for a living, more jobs to come back from overseas, all of this creates pressure on the job market and that's what blue-collar workers need the most. it's been ten years for most middle income people to have a pay raise. with this announcement combined with what tax reform can do is just what the economy needs so it does boom again and that something all americans benefit from. this is significant. >> harris: i hate you kind of press secretary style, the reason i do that is we are expecting to see sarah sanders of the lectern this hour. this will be wide ranging as it always is but we are going to visit that first topic, you know reporters are going to lean and hard on this. will it be the politics or anything else you think will come up with the fact that we
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have -- i had a guest call it yesterday -- a unicorn on a rainbow in capturing somebody alive after terror hitch, the second deadliest in new york city since 9/11. my question for you -- i think our picture froze up for a second, are you still with us? my question for you has to do with this question for sarah huckabee sanders, what do you think the white house, you've got these tweets out there, we talked about that momentarily. >> i told you my position on this and that's where i think the president should have been, he obviously is not there. he runs the federal government almost like he is still an outsider. it's one of his strengths and his weaknesses. people get to see what side he's on, who he's fighting for, what does he believe in. as the person who runs a government there are consequences for the things he said that make it harder to have good government. if i am sarah today, i make the
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case, everybody knows where the president stands and she should probably insert that when it comes to a trial, this won't have any impact. if any defense lawyer tries to get this guy off, no one is going to fall for it. again, i do think there is a right way and a wrong way procedurally to be the president, i think you are stronger -- i criticize president obama for and i criticize president trump for it, not weighing in on judicial manners. >> harris: one thing that was brought up was this diversity visa program, we are learning much more about it and to this idea of chain immigration were somebody coming into this country who came in on a lottery situation is bringing people with them, i want to get a quick last thought from you on that. >> you compare it to what happened in las vegas, president trump wants to
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immediately go to immigration change, i think that is a fair debate to have and whoever has the majority of votes will prevail. we should take a look at immigration in the wake of this attack. are there changes that could be made, let's look at it carefully and learn more about it, i don't rule out that change. i think it has merits, we want to make sure we are a welcoming country. if people want to come here to make us a stronger country, we should do our best to keep out people who would do us harm. >> harris: as we await president trump meeting with members of the house ways and means committee after they unveiled their long-awaited proposal, let's drill down a bit on some of the details we learned today. under the plan the average family would save nearly $1200 a year, it would keep the current rules for 401(k) retirement plans intact and it would cut corporate tax rates from 35%-20% permanently.
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it would receive state and local property tax deductions and shrink the number of tax brackets to 12-25%, 25-39.6%. president trump is sticking to his aggressive timetable, walked to this. >> i really believe we will have it done before christmas, i consider that be to be one of the great christmas presents and not just their reform. and not the tax cuts, but we will be creating jobs like you have rarely seen. >> harris: a christmas present, he says. let's bring in a member of the ways and means committee and a house freedom caucus member, good to have you. >> i am picturing putting ribbon on the tax bill. >> harris: is that how it's
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going to be? >> might as well. it really is a gift to the american people, particularly those, i have a 2-year-old. her future being in a country that is growing and has lots of economic opportunity. >> harris: there are a couple of criticisms that are already coming and i like to hit you with those so maybe we can make sense of some of the language. some of the new york and new jersey and west coast republican leaders are saying that this does not do enough at the state and local tax deductions, one in particular we have had on the program, representative lee selden of new york. >> the tax code has lots and lots of things that were removing because they don't create economic expansion. the modeling is very clear, committee people like to take the deductions for state and local income tax, property taxes, for those who itemize so it's only for the one-third that actually itemize, but it creates almost no economic growth for
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the cost of those resources are no longer now in tax cuts. it's a decision of -- do you try to do something that's fair for everyone across the country or do you functionally subsidize those jurisdictions that spend a lot of money and tax their residents a lot? >> harris: interesting. we have a senior force telling fox news that the deficit impact of the tax bill might be higher than $1.5 trillion and if that's the case, because you know you have to stay there in order to have a majority vote, if that's true, it might be north of that a little bit, if that's true what do you do? that means you will need democrats. >> in the senate you would need democrats, we will get the math at the 1.5 because we have to. the math there is -- are we a tiny bit over, is there so much variance in some of the math that comes back, but there are
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some dials we can do up and down when either something expires or the extension of certain types of credits or deductions, we will make the one and a half trillion dollars because we don't have a choice. we have to get these numbers to meet the reconciliation rules of the senate. this is a step that drives the american people crazy and we understand because it drives us nuts, too. >> harris: you bring up a great indication, does that mean the senate bill is going to be all that different from what you've worked on? they do have their own plan. >> we still have to work through a lot of very technical details. particularly on the international, we've sort of set up this mechanism to finally be competitive in the world but we also want to make sure we have language that we don't get cheated as a country. that's going to require some very smart drafting, we are going to have to work through
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that. the senate is often a very different animal. we will expect the senate to have certain moments of vanity where they are going to want to have their input but that's just the process. >> harris: i love your words. different animal, vanity. i bet it's going to be tougher than that. >> it's always hard. >> harris: broadcom is coming back from singapore to america. how does it help to have the president do something like that and make that kind of announcement on a day in which you are trying to get tax cuts and a portion of that is repatriating dollars from outside of the united states by lowering the corporate tax rate? >> i think it's really powerful. this tax reform is so much more than tax cuts. this is designed to create economic growth. as a society we have trillions and trillions of unfunded liability of promises we've made to our seniors and others and we don't have the money.
10:16 am
the only way we can get close to it is we must grow economically. and that means american businesses have to stop leaving our country and moving their headquarters overseas. if this demonstrates that by fixing the problems in our tax code, businesses from around the world are coming back home, it's a great message. >> harris: we appreciate your time, so very much on this day in which your committee is at the center of the universe, tax cuts. thank you. coming up, we are live outside of the home of the new york city terror attacks us by. investigators are piecing together the making of that deadly plot in lower manhattan. the debate is raising from a capital to the white house and beyond, how should the government label that suspect? criminal or enemy combatant. the difference to determine what rights he has going forward. as well as the information authorities can get from him.
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one question looms large, how will justice best be served? stay close. >> if you take up arms against the united states in the name of radical islam, you should be treated as a terrorist. declaring this man is an unlawful enemy combatant allows the government to hold him and it doesn't have to be at gitmo. n liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. i enjoy the fresher things in life.o. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest...
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>> harris: a fox news alert, police are stepping up their investigation into the new york city terror attack and the suspect, authorities have scoured the home of the immigrant who allegedly plowed a truck onto her crowded bicycle path on tuesday. police say it was all done in the name of isis. >> it's certainly been a very active morning, investigators returned here to this red brick apartment complex behind me, talking with neighbors and basically doorknocking the entire neighborhood going across the street, trying to talk to folks who live right here in patterson. they came and i packed, going, going door-to-door and across the street, we saw them take one neighbor to the basement level to show them around, clearly interested in the surrounding apartment where saipov lived in
10:22 am
an apartment. one neighbor who lived in this conflict said they had often seen him in the a complex but not in number nine. they often see could see him in apartment number one. >> saipov was known to be live in apartment number nine but you also believe that he lived in apartment number one? >> for my knowledge and speaking to people and what i've seen, that night when everything happened, everybody here in this house and next door we all thought apartment 1. nobody knew apartment 9. i found out it was apartment 9, i was a little confused. >> a lot of people are wondering about that. we also want to share another new development coming from a neighbor two doors down, look at this photo. it was attained by
10:23 am, showing a black car in a driveway. take a look at the street behind the black car. the neighbor who took this told us that flatbed home depot truck was driven by saipov just last week. this photo was taken on october 22nd, and that he saw saipov with a similar truck talking with two men outside of his home several times over the last few weeks. he says it's about three weeks he has seen them with this type of trucks. he knew he wasn't moving or he worked in construction. of course learning it was this type of vehicle has given him a great sense of sadness, he says. investigators say they believe saipov had made several dry runs. one neighbor has given them a key piece of evidence that could support that part of the story. we continue to monitor the activities here at this apartment complex and we will bring you the latest after we have it develop here. >> harris: meanwhile the suspect was charged in civilian
10:24 am
court yesterday despite the white house saying he should be considered an enemy combatant and possibly sent to guantanamo bay. president trump the morning tweeted this... g.o.p. senator lindsey graham says he disagrees with that decision, while a democratic house intel member said jurors should decide his fate. watch. >> i had eight years of this, they clearly weren't prepared for this day, they had no idea what to do, they are playing exactly like president obama di did. >> let him face 12 new yorkers. i trust american jurors and i still believe the american criminal justice system is the best in the world, let him spend the rest of his life in jail. >> harris: steve rogers is a former member of the fbi joint
10:25 am
terrorism task force. i want to start with something some people may find a little surprising, and that is, you've got a whole ramp-up as to why this would be an enemy combatant. you say we are at war with the military. >> let's take a look at a time line nobody seems to be talking about, a year or so ago, isis said they are going to send their military fighters here. they are obviously radicalizing them here. number two, we knew a long time ago that because of president trump's extraordinary policies in decapitating isis in the mideast, the war was going to be taken to the streets of america, therefore you have enemy combatants in this country looking to destroy us. >> harris: it's an interesting premise, what you are saying is -- when you think about guantanamo bay, you are taking people from the battlefield and putting them here. what you are talking about is a
10:26 am
shifting battlefield. >> absolutely right, the warriors are not necessarily military, our homeland warriors are police. the white house that they should be enemy combatants. the president articulated the frustration of the american people because the process doesn't seem to be working well with regard to enemy combatants. >> harris: we had on ari fleischer moments ago and we've had others tell us that perhaps it's not the best thing for the president to be on twitter. what you are looking at is the messaging specifically about enemy combatants and you don't have a problem with that? >> not at all, we are at war and the president early on realize we are at war. it's a stand we should've taken a long time ago. we need to understand that we are at war and that we have to have wartime strategies to defeat this enemy. >> harris: you say this is not a criminal act but it is. >> it's not a criminal act insofar as when you see someone committing a violent crime because of workplace violence.
10:27 am
this person was trained as an enemy combatant to take us down. >> harris: at your level, studying antiterrorism, how does this change the game in terms of what you're doing? we've seen this all over europe and in this country, using vehicles to go after people, this is not something you can stick a piece of legislation on, are we going to keep people from renting cars? what do we do? >> what we have to do is begin to think about adding more and more law enforcement officers on the streets. we need an increase in human intelligence assets. we did that with organized crime. our eyes on suspects. >> harris: the push back on that usually and often is that you don't want to look like a militarized zone with people in uniform and weapons on our streets. what you're saying is we've done this in this country before and it worked for those times that we needed it to, what would it look like? >> we've done it before. i was in israel and there are
10:28 am
undercover agents all over the place. >> harris: like a marshal on a plane. >> exactly. we are not going to become a military steep but we have to become a country that will increase situational awareness. we need eyes on suspects. there's not enough manpower to follow everyone. >> harris: have we reached any sort of a tipping point, are you more concerned now than ever? we are wiping out members of isis and any terrorist group we can get our hands on in the middle east. that has a reverberation effect here at home. >> let me tell you something, our intelligence agencies are doing a great job. this is the first time since 9/11 we've had such a casualty count. under this president, i can tell you he is committed to the war on terrorism. we beat them in the middle east and we are going to beat them here. >> harris: thank you for
10:29 am
coming in. a fox news alert on a busy day at the white house now. we are awaiting president trump's meeting with republican house leaders following today's tax reform plan rollout. also, sarah sanders will be holding the daily briefing set to start in a matter of minutes where she is expected to be joined by a national security advisor h.r. mcmaster. later the president will announce his nominee to be the next federal reserve chair. a lot going on, stay close. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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>> harris: here's what's coming up, we are awaiting the white house press briefing with sarah sanders, getting ready to talk about president trump's meeting with members of the house ways and means committee. we know that's going on right now and this comes after house republicans unveiled their long awaited tax reform plan which we saw live on fox news, preserving popular retirement accounts, that was one of the sticking points, 4o1 kays won't be touched. cutting the corporate tax rate to 21% permanently.
10:34 am
a savings of nearly $1200 in taxes for the cuts. here is committee chairman brady right now. >> let's not watch the tv pundits are the pessimists for you. none of them thought we would even get this far with tax reform and they are wrong. working together with president trump, our colleagues in the house and senate and you, the american people, we are going to prove them wrong once and for all by getting pro-growth tax reform to the president's desk this year. >> harris: let's talk about it, joining me back from the "outnumbered" couch, marie harf, ned ryan, the ceo of american majority. and a writer for former president george w. bush.
10:35 am
let's get deep into it here. i am reading words that there are some republicans were going to vote now just like they did on the budget a week ago, over some certain issues having to do with deducts deducting some local and state taxes. >> i think 12 of them voted against us in the house budget. >> harris: the 20 no votes against the budget. >> 12 from the northeast because of this very issue. i'm encouraged that they want to make them permanent and they are taking small business to 25%, there are other positives as well. there are only 21 days left in the congressional calendar, i am not terribly optimistic that we will see something happen this year. look, the ones that are saying they're going to vote against it, they screwed up health care, i think there's a potential -- they are having potential organizing a one car parade. >> harris: not all the people who voted no on the budget where the people who voted no on health care.
10:36 am
>> which makes it even more problematic. >> harris: you can only lose 22. you say there's 21 days, you have to convince almost a person every day. >> they have other things i need to get done, this is a huge agenda item. we haven't seen them able to do that this year very well. this is the thing, we haven't seen all the details quite yet but this is not a slam dunk for the republican caucus, you're absolutely right. what we talked about on outnumbered, they may not be able to fast-track in the senate, there is no way it gets through the senate if that's the case. >> harris: i do want to talk about that for just a second, we can make break it down for people. there's a certain amount you can accrue as debts. $1.5 trillion is the amount. if you go over that you either have to find some ways to get the number back down, talking specifically about the senate, your thoughts? >> that's very problematic, there is no way they are going
10:37 am
to get 60 votes right now. you've got to keep it the majority vote, you've got to be able to get 50, so mike pence can come out and break it. >> they can't figure them math out. this is the thing, this isn't exactly what president trump has been asking for, i've heard them talk about very different formulations for tax reform. i don't think he's totally thrilled today with this. >> the thing that worries me about this going into 2018, my dad was in congress for ten years. to get into an election year and any small amount they may have had may disappear in an election year. when you get to some hard choices they made it to on this, we are going to 2018, it becomes problematic. >> harris: when you talk about the cost of things, we've had a really costly year, we've had crises, hurricanes, we've had a lot happen so we don't know what the future holds. that can sometimes cloud and
10:38 am
informal conversation. i want to move on to something that has to do with actually moving forward with this. the senate is going to have their own version. my question today, nobody knows because we haven't seen it yet, are we optimistic that this version is close because if they're not, that also pushes forward your timeline. >> they have to go to the house and the senate, if the bills are not similar they've got to go to congress and re-pass the bill through the house and the senate before it gets to trump's desk. when i say there's only 21 days left, if they are not the exact same bill, you extended that runway who knows how long. >> harris: if they get it done democrats are in trouble in 2018. >> it will really ramp up the economy, giving money back to the middle class -- >> my question, are average americans going to feel this? we will see. >> most small business owners are middle-class, this will
10:39 am
benefit the middle class, it could be huge. >> harris: this is as friendly as it's probably going to get, though former dnc chairwoman wrote a book, she's taking a swipe at everybody, stay close. that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. okay, iunderwear that's'd say this, bactually leak surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear.
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i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel... ...for incredible protection. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. new always discreet boutique. >> harris: so much happening at the white house, let's go straight to the white house press briefing with sarah sanders. >> secretary sanders: to those of you on the trip, i look forward to seeing you. to those of you who aren't, we will certainly miss all of you and your questions.
10:41 am
it's a busy day at the white house like most days here, the president was excited to announce that saipov limited is coming back to the united states, moving their company back here from singapor singapore. their ceo credited the president's economic agenda for making the united states once again the best place in the world to grow a business. he also ruled said that the plan rolled out this morning will make it easier to do with the president promised. this morning the president applauded the house ways and means committee for introducing the tax cuts and jobs act, which is another important step toward providing massive tax relief for the american people. our entire administration is working tirelessly to make good on our promise for the working people who built our nation to deliver historic tax cuts and reforms. the rocket fuel our economy needs to soar higher than ever
10:42 am
before. the president is preparing to leave the country tomorrow for a five day trip to asia. general mcmaster will preview the trip and take some of your questions. please keep your questions on topic, if you have other questions the press team will be around throughout the afternoon and while the rest of us are on the road. >> good afternoon, everyone. good to see everybody. tomorrow, president trump embarks on his longest foreign trip to date and the longest trip to asia by an emergent president in more than a quarter century. this trip is a great opportunity to demonstrate america's and of the trump administration's commitment to the endo pacific and our efforts to strengthen long-standing american alliances, expanded new partnerships. the president has actively engaged leaders in the endo
10:43 am
pacific this year to address range of strategic issues, including most notably the north korean nuclear threat. since taking office, president trump has placed 43 calls to endo pacific leaders and conducted bilateral meetings in japan, south korea, china, india, australia, malaysia, vietnam, indonesia, singapore, and thailand. this historic trip will build on that ongoing diplomacy. the president's trip will focus on three goals. first, strengthening international resolve to do nuclearize korea. second, promote free and open endo pacific region. third, advance american prosperity through fair and reciprocal trade and economic practices. the united states remains committed to the complete,
10:44 am
verifiable, and permanent denuclearization of the korean peninsula. president trump will reiterate the plain fact that north korea threatens not just our allies, south korea and japan, and to the united states. north korea is a threat to the entire world, so all nations of the world must do more to counter that threat. the president recognizes that we are running out of time and will ask all nations to do more. particularly the president will continue to call on all responsible nations, especially those with the most influence over north korea to isolate to the north korean regime economically and politically. to convince its leaders that the pursuit of nuclear weapons is a dead end, and that it is past time to do nuclearize. he will remind friend and foe alike that the united states stands ready to defend itself
10:45 am
and our allies using the full range of our capabilities. the president will also use his trip to promote his vision for a free and open endo pacific region. the president will make the case that respect for freedom of navigation and overplay the rule of law, sovereignty, freedom from coercion, and private enterprise and open markets is the best model to increase prosperity throughout the region. and to secure their freedom and independence of all nations. and of course increasing prosperity of the american people is always one of president trump's top priorities. throughout the trip, the president will stress his commitment to free, fair, and reciprocal trade. he looks forward to working with partners across the endo pacific region to ensure the governments do not unfairly subsidize their
10:46 am
industries. discriminated against foreign business, or restrict foreign investment. this will help increase trade, reduce unsustainable deficits, and promote prosperity for the american people and the people of the endo pacific region. a final point and a point that is often overlooked, this trip, like all the president's engagement with foreign leaders, builds on previous accomplishments and our previous diplomatic efforts. one example i'll provide is that in may, president trump delivered a historic speech to the leaders of more than 50 muslim majority nations. the president will interact with many of those same leaders, he will reiterate three key u.s. counterterrorism pillars that he unveiled in that speech. first, deny terrorists a safe havens and support basis.
10:47 am
second, cut off their funding and third, discredit their wicked ideology. i think it's time for us to recognize that there's been significant progress on all three fronts. raaqua and mosul have been liberated. in this case -- second, we should recognize that there has been considerable progress on terrorist financing, as used in secretary joe manchin's visit to the region last week, he opened the terrorist financing target center. you heard a lot of leaders across the world and the president foremost among them discrediting this ideology.
10:48 am
last week, i think it is worth reading, saudi crown prince speech in which he called for a return to moderate islam. the president will discuss how to strengthen partnerships across the endo pacific to further efforts against transnational terrorist organizations. this trip is an opportunity to build momentum towards a shared prosperity and security and i am happy to take your questions, thank you. >> reporter: as you look at the tools in your toolkit for confronting north korea, how much thought is given to putting that country back on the american list of state sponsor terrorism? >> that is an option that is under consideration. the president's cabinet is looking at this as part of the
10:49 am
overall strategy on north korea. a regime who murders is someone in a public airport using nerve agents and a leader who murders his brother in that matter, that is clearly an act of terrorism that fits in with the range of other actions. this is something that is under consideration. you will hear more about that soon, i think. >> reporter: will the president be using this rhetoric in his speech about north korea when he sat close to the border, will he be meeting vladimir putin on the sidelines? >> the president will use whatever language he wants to use, and what the president has done is clarified in all of his discussions and statements on north korea to ensure that north korea is unable to threaten our allies and partners and certainly the united states. he's done that with a great deal of clarity in the past and i'm sure he will do that during the
10:50 am
trip as well. that's been a great reassurance to our allies, partners, and others in the region who are literally under the gun of this regime. i don't think the president really modulates language, have you noticed him do that? he's been very clear about it, let me just talk about this quickly. what's inflammatory is the north korean regime and what they are doing to threaten the world. i think there would be a grave danger if that regime didn't understand the president's resolve to counter north korean aggression. the president has made it very clear. >> reporter: is there a likelihood during the course of this 12 day trip that additional multilateral sanctions will be announced pertaining to
10:51 am
north korea? the second question i ask has to do with china. in your view, are they doing enough to apply pressure on the north korean government? >> on those questions, what you've seen is a concerted effort to isolate north korea economically, and that's been combined with a major diplomatic effort that asks all countries to do more. there is tremendous momentum behind that now. we've seen countries across the endo pacific region but also globally doing more to expel these north korean slave laborers who are a source of income for the regime. to shut down a lot of what was aim to circumvent u.n. sanctions. you've seen a lot of expulsion of ambassadors, a restriction on this kind of activity, and the president welcomes that and appreciates it. we will also be asking others to
10:52 am
do even more there. it's both diplomacy and sanctions working together, china is definitely doing more. but obviously it's not enough. until all of us achieve denuclearization. what's really essential to remember about china's approach to this is china recognizes this is in the united states or anyone else asking china to do us a favor. china recognizes it as clearly china's interest and all nations interested in nuclear as the peninsula. that's because of the direct threat from a regime like this with a nuclear weapon, but also because of the specter of the breakdown of the nonproliferation regime. what if others in the region conclude that they have to arm with nuclear weapons? that's not good for anybody. i think china will as it always does act and its interest but i think this is an area where interests are really clearly aligned. >> you mentioned in your opening
10:53 am
comments, the world is running out of time to deal with north korea. if you could expand on that for a moment? earlier in this week, general mattis was asked about the process by which the president might use nuclear weapons, he said if we were to detect a potential launch from north korea, that is a scenario under which the president might act. do you agree with that assessment? is not something that has been discussed here? >> we are out of time because approaches in the past have not delivered on halting and reversing north korea's very dangerous nuclear missile programs. the approach to the past has been that will be happy with what some people call or freeze for freeze or suspension for suspension. that's the beginning of a long, drawn-out negotiation process.
10:54 am
the north korean regime continued to develop its nuclear capability and continue to develop its weapons. upon delivery of a weak, nonenforceable agreement, the agreed framework for example in '94, what that does is locks in the status quo as the new norma normal. north korea breaks the agreement and continues with the program. we are out of time to do that because of how these programs have advanced overtime. what it's time for is a really concerted effort to do everything, everything all of us can to resolve this short of military action. in terms of scenarios, the president was very clear, he doesn't draw the guidelines are forecast directly or say directly what is going to do but what he will do is whatever it takes to protect the american people and our allies.
10:55 am
and what is clear is that the united states will respond with all capabilities available to north korean aggression. that are appropriate to that scenario. >> reporter: thank you, general . there have been stories coming out of north korea and certainly parts of that part of the world that the north koreans have targeted the president in different ways, are you confident about his security and if you or heard any of the rumors about the targeting of him? >> whenever the president travels our team does an assessment. we have extraordinarily capable forces in the region. that's routine for us. we will take all that into consideration.
10:56 am
>> reporter: doesn't make it easier to deal with him on north korea or harder? >> what i think the president will do is build on an already strong personal relationship they've developed and billed on a very subsidence the back substantive policy they've developed. i would highlight three elements of that foundation for the u.s., chinese, the multinational approach to north korea. the first of these is a recognition, north korea is not just a threat to the united states. from the old days you would hear this is really a problem between north korea and the united states, everyone acknowledges, china especially. this is a problem between north korea and the world. the second thing is really critical is the universal acknowledgment that denuclearization of the
10:57 am
peninsula is the only acceptable outcome. no more freeze for freeze, suspension for suspension. the third thing is china's acknowledgment, acting in its interest obviously, china has a great deal of economic power, 90% of the trade at least flows through china. the implementation, enforcement of the u.n. resolution holds promise, but there's more that can be done beyond that. there is time to do more beyond what has maybe been called for an u.s. security council revolutions. >> just to follow-up on the previous question, have you determined whether there would be a formal bilateral meeting with vladimir putin during this trip? >> that has not been determined yet, we will announcement if it is determined. >> reporter: i wanted to talk for a second about the president weighing in on the man who was charged with mowing down
10:58 am
pedestrians in new york city. is there any conversation about the white house about how that would complicate prosecutions? speak with the president wants to secure the american people from this threat and from mass murderers like this. what he is asked is for options to take a look, to assess, if our tremendous law enforcement teams and our judicial system have all the tools they need to be able to combat this threat to the american people. what we owe now is we owe them options. to take a look and see if this is the time to reassess, change our capabilities in this area, in the area of law enforcement in particular. >> reporter: your opening statement, you spoke about different freedoms. i do not hear anything on freedom of speech and freedom of expression, freedom of religion
10:59 am
and self-determination of democratic values. what i'd like to know is are these things no longer as important to the united states under president trump, is he comfortable with authoritarian regimes consolidating power and moving away from democracy as long as they can help us accomplish larger goals such as north korea and any other subject? >> what you'll hear is when the president talks about sovereignty, talking about sovereign nations protecting the rights of their citizens. you've heard in just a preview and you will hear much more in speeches and statements the president makes a broad, about the importance of the hearing to rule of law, promoting freedom, individual rights. this is extremely important to the president. we ought to look at the president's record. in syria you have a regime that is a big human rights offender,
11:00 am
obviously. the murder, torture displacement of people. 5 million refugees. mass murder of their weapons. who stood up against assad to prevent even further murder with chemical weapons? the president did. if you look at the policy toward venezuela, a regime that is consolidating its grip on power and denying their citizens their rights. the president's taken a strong stance along with our great american partners on venezuela. i would just say, look at the actions, right? look at the cuba policy. look at the shift from old cuba policy that enabled an autocratic regime and a new policy that incentivized free enterprise for example cuba. >> i have been in this room several times. you mentioned


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