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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 2, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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banana republic? >> sean: that was awesome. that's all the time we have left for tonight. we will be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy trump media. laura ingraham is next. clarence thomas one night and the president the next night. anybody else you will outshadow us with these phenomenal bookings? >> well, you are movie producer and a rapper. i would pay for you to do live rap throw to me one night. >> sean: i will tell you what. i am going to do it live rap for laura ingraham who is now taking over the shot. have a great night. >> laura: thanks. good evening from washington. we have a powerful show with the latest invective and now violent
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imagery directed at president trump and an indepth look into the double standard when it comes to women and the controversial comments from michelle obama. first our exclusive interview with president trump. i sat down with him at the white house for a wide ranging interview. >> laura: today the new tax plan was announced. you are getting hits from the left and the right. paul said it's not significant that the upper income tier doesn't get tax relief and widen called it a middle-class conjob. left and right? >> well, the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country. i am surpriseed to hear what you are saying. we got great reviews. people are loving it.
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even a certain newspaper gave schumer 4 pinnochios because he said it's for the rich. it'sn't for the rich. it's for the middle-class and jobs. the middle-class is a big beneficiary. we really have had tremendous receptivity to it. i don't think i have seen anything like it. i think he will vote for it. >> laura: hillary clinton said that paying for the dossier -- she defended it. it's different than meeting with russian. she was trying to make a comparison. >> well, she talked about research and it's wonderful. not when it comes to us.
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research for us is no good. that dossier which is totally flake and made up. that dossier is a disgrace. it should not have been allowed to be used. i hear the kind of money they spent. >> laura: $9 million. >> that's inconceivable. >> laura: we don't know who authorized payment. >> well, they are trying to find out and will find out. i think it's a disgrace that could take place. >> laura: donna brazile in her new back writes about the dnc rigging and the unethical finances and tags hillary clinton. are you surprised. you said bernie sanders was given the short shrift? >> it's an amazing story. the media is fake and phoney. i don't know if they will pick it up. that's a big story. it's illegal number 1 and it's
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unfair to bernie sanders. i am not a bernie sanders fan, but a lot of his votes when he was thrown out. many people voted for me because i agreed with them on trade. we were just doing more about it than he could do. we are doing a lot about it. i thought that was terrible. >> laura: the justice system is a joke and a laughingstock. >> well, when i look at immigration and coming in by lottery and we can't do anything about it quickly and what is going on with justice on so many different topics. this would be tied up forever in the court system. you look at the cases going on forever! you have them dead to rights. the justice system has to go quicker and it has to be stronger and fairer. probably has to be fairer too. it's sad. when you look at the lottery system and you have people coming into the country through
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the form of a lottery. >> laura: 50,000. >> the countries are not putting their finest in their. they are not putting their best and greatest in there. this kid came in through a lottery system that will end fast. in fact, i have already instructed congress they must end it. i think we will even get democrat support on this. >> laura: with daca, you talked about building the wall. the second part of any daca deal. if democrats want dreamer help they have to do chain migration? is that a requirement? >> until yesterday most people had never heard about chain migration. this horrible animal as far as i
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am concerned. 23 people touched him. he was only with a green card. chain migration where his whole family comes in. his mother, father, grandmother. everybody comes in. chain migration is a disaster for this country. it's going to end. i have been talking about it but the public until yesterday probably never heard of. >> laura: the republicans didn't want to touch it for a long time. >> they are touching it right now. >> laura: part of a dreamer deal in daca? >> yes, part of a daca deal. daca is a lot different than dreamer. >> laura: will amnesty talks retire chain migration to end? >> i don't think any republican would vote for anything have to do with leaving chain migration. it's a disaster for this country. it's horrible. look at it. 23 people --
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>> laura: is that verified? >> that's what i heard. whether it's 23 or 2, it's a lot of people. >> laura: i was at rallies. people want that wall built? >> we will have a wall. >> laura: paul ryan said $4 billion. >> first of all they say the wall will cost $40 million. it won't cost anywhere year that. less than half. you don't have a wall for 2000 miles. you have rivers and mountains. for $18 million we will have a great wall. we have the people from border people and ice working with us closely. they will have to use it. one of the things that came up, we want to have vision through
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the wall. you think we will build a simple concrete wall. it's not that simple. we need the wall for another reason: drugs are pouring into our country. a lot are coming through the southern border. the wall be a tremendous tool to facilitate the ending of the drugs. endi ending. that will also be part of daca. >> laura: a down payment or guaranteed funding? >> believe we won't take a down payment, i will say i want to make sure the rest of the money is coming. >> laura: you are headed off to asia. north korea and the chinese and you will stop in seoul. your state department has some unfilled positions. are you worried that the state department doesn't have enough
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donald trump nominees to push your vision true? other state departments undermined agendas. there is a concern they are undermining your agenda. >> i am a business person when you don't need to fill slots, don't fill them. we have some people that are not happy with. the one that matters is me. i am the only one that matters. when it comes to it, that's what the policy will be. you have seen that strongly. we are filling up roles. schumer and the democrats are obstructing. you can't get anything through. we have almost half the number of people coming through as obama had. in addition to that, we don't need all of the people -- it's called cost saving. >> laura: you want your vision? >> my vision is my vision. it's called cost saving. there is nothing wrong with
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that. rex is working hard. he is doing the best. >> laura: will he be with you for the duration? >> we will see. i don't think any president in 9 months has done the job we have done. that includes bills passed by congress. you look at what is passed by the senate and house. close to 70 bills. it's almost a record. you look at all of the deregulation and the supreme court justice and the federal district judges and court of appeals judges. >> laura: look at the economy. are you getting the credit for this economic revival without your text caught yet through or obamacare repeal yet? this is a stunning economic revival. >> one of the greatest in our country.
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we hit another record today. no i am not getting enough credit because a lot of the reason is enthusiasm level and the fact they cut regulations to the cut that i have cut them. i could tell you jobs are being built. look at the keystone pipeline in d'quan applewhite. -- dack coata. -- dakota and g dp after 2 powerful hurricanes. that would be a 4. a 4 was unthinkable. each time we go up a point it's 2.5 trillion dollars. companies are starting to come back into our country. they were leaving. one thing about our taxes. we are bringing in probably the number will be over 4 trillion
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dollars coming back in. >> laura: chine is dumping in our country. you will be tough on the enforcement side? >> we have a problem called north korea. >> laura: linked with south koreaa's trade deficit. >> we will see. we have one big problem. north korea. china has been helpful. we are talking trade with china. >> laura: it's complicated. >> and most people have said whether it's cutting the banking system or the oil to north korea. i must tell you north korea is a thing they think we will solve. if we don't solve it, it won't be very pleasant for them. it won't be very pleasant for anybody, but china is helping
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us. >> laura: japan is worried. >> of course they are worried. >> laura: they want a nuclear pledge from the united states. >> japan is a warrior nation. i tell china and everyone else you will be have a big problem with japan if you allow this to continue with north korea. >> laura: are you making any pledges to japan? >> they are an ally. the prime tickminister is close me and i have been close to the president of china. this is a very important trip. >> laura: you don't like traveling? >> i don't love it, but it's important. i am going to china and japan and south koreaa and vietnam. we are doing well in draft. nafta is a disaster. we may have a meeting with
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putin. they can help us with north korea and syria and we have to talk about ukraine. >> laura: are you having fun in this job? >> i love it. there has been a lot of false reporting that i am angry. >> laura: i have never seen you angry. >> it's not angry. it's amazement how dishonest the news is. >> laura: your family adjusted well? >> i think my family has been treated unfairly. ivanka has been treated unfairly. melania is powering through it. she is incredible. about people love ivanka and melania. in the end what is very nice, i don't think and i not saying this bragging, i don't think over a period of 9 or 10 months
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there has been any president that done anywhere close. when you think about regulations and the supreme court and the stock market and the economy. >> laura: i like the fact you are impatient for change in a city that is slow moving. that's something, you are impatient. >> the most important thing we will be doing is tax cuts. you will see this economy take over like a rocketship. >> laura: thank you very much, mr. president. up next reaction to o interview with the president from both sides. later, a part of that interview you didn'te. we asked the president about the entertainment industry attacks on him. >> i think it's disgraceful, but we power forward.
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>> laura: welcome back. of our reaction to this exclusive interview we just played with president trump. the president reacting to something i asked him in our interview. the claim by former acting dnc chair donna brazile that hillary clinton rigged the democratic
7:20 pm
nomination. the president tweeted: donna brazile stated the dnc rigged the system to illegally steal the election from bernie sanders. joining me now. congressman what is your reaction to what president trump said about the dnc allegation that donna brazile makes about what mrs. clinton did to disenfranchise bernie sanders? >> the president doesn't want to talk about it. >> laura: he did talk about it. >> calling about a job killing tax plan that will crush economic growth and you want to shift over to the fact that the dnc, maybe favored hillary, the rnc didn't fair trump. it favored his opponents. it was rigged both ways.
7:21 pm
he talked about how the republican party was rigged. i don't think it influenced things very much. if you look at the details of what donna brazile is talking about. it's how she was constrained in her efforts to build state and local party organizations. there were not expendittures from the dnc that helped hillary before the election. bernie sanders was very aware. i campaigned with him. >> laura: i think it's fascinating that democrats after all of this time and dealing with all muck from the clintons, you still defend them. they put the party through an impeachment. he lost his bar license. the era of big government is over with republicans. then one of the most embarrassing losses for a democratic candidate that i can remember. you still carry water for hillary. even people who like bernie sanders. that's stunning. >> and this piece was a strong
7:22 pm
signal that people are sick of hillary clinton. they wish she was not out there so much. this is the type of piece. donna brazile knew this throughout the entire campaign and kept quiet until now. coming out not just for her book but there is safety going after hillary clinton and frustration how hillary clinton mismanaged her campaign and caused problems for the party. >> laura: rand paul today made a conservative criticism about the tax plan. let's listen. >> we will have an immediate cut 20% in corporate tax rate. that will be huge. for the individuals, not as good as i would like. i would like to see every individual get a lower rate on the top part of the spectrum. they play most of the taxes. if you don't cut the top 1% you
7:23 pm
don't have a significant tax cut. >> laura: not a significant tax cut. >> it's not to say there are not really good things in this bill. there are. but this is not that dramatic. i think people were looking for something really big. dramatic reforms. >> it has the ability to destroy our economy by taking a trillian and a half dollars out of the capital pool. unavailable for investment by businesses. >> laura: each family will get $1180 back? >> no! >> laura: you don't believe that. you believe that the economy will plummet because of this? >> this is a dramatic reduction in investment in infrastructure and expansion. it cuts the value of homeless by 10%.
7:24 pm
10% cut in home values in major areas. >> laura: you think the economy after this tax cut is passed and it will be, it will contract? >> no, i am saying the rate of economic growth. >> laura: what we had under obama? >> and continue to have under trump. >> laura: we have quarters of 3% gdp. >> worse than 2016. >> laura: when did obama have 3% growth for 2 quarters? >> it's for years, not quarters. you are excluding february and march. >> laura: that was in the obama years. >> wait a minute. trump takes credit for the stock market increase before he took office.
7:25 pm
did he become president in november or january? >> laura: the tech industry in northern california is booming. record corporate earnings. consumer confidence soaring. trade deficit down. >> no, it's hugely up. 10% higher than last year. >> laura: month to month the trade deficit for the first time in years is contracting. >> wrong! >> laura: we will have a president who will do trade work which you agreed with when you were with bernie sanders. >> he's done nothing. every month he's been in power, the trade deficit has grown. >> laura: of course until he puts tar riffs on chinese goods. when i asked the president will
7:26 pm
he be with this person for the ages? the state department are still not filled with his own nominees. >> he always hedges when people ask about rex tillerson. they continue to talk. they have a big trip planned. i think it's premature to look for his departure. >> laura: after 360 days there is a federal rule that a career person can assume a position not filled. that's going to work against the president if those positions don't get filled. congressman, on the issue of the democrats today and where the democrats are going. obviously resist trump and his agenda. we understand that. you were with bernie sanders. whom i admire for his stance for the working people. i don't agree with the growing government part of it, but he was fighting for what he believed in. i think he had more integrity in
7:27 pm
his position than the clintons had in their entire political career. for the working class what the democratic party do to disentangle itself from the old clinton and wall street ties? >> i and bernie sanders want to break up the big banks. too big to fail is too big to exist. we need a trade policy that doesn't just talk big. >> laura: does he want to renegotiate nafta>> i that was not done. >> laura: they are doing that right now. >> they are talking. let's see if they do anything. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the trade deficit with china has grown every month. >> laura: and every year for the last 16 years. >> that's not true. >> laura: which month didn't it grow? every month it grew? >> no. >> laura: 360-million dollars.
7:28 pm
>> right. and we have done nothing but kiss up to chi. >> laura: he was most passionate today about the daca issue. he wants this chain migration done and there is traction. >> there is a good possibility. people on the opposing side want things done. there are so many problems in what we learned this week with the visa lottery system. it needs to be taken care of. chain migration. our policy has been left to chance. it make sense to have a policy that makes sense. bring people in based on their making a living and their
7:29 pm
english language skills. >> laura: it's amazing congressman, that one person, if the number that president trump cited is correct. one person brought in on a lottery visa is act like a magnet for family members. it could be mother, father, aunt, sunkle. -- uncle and brother and sister. one person could bring in ten and they can bring in -- it becomes a webb of chain migration. that exploded immigration in the country. i think the president is right. until this became a recent issue, not that many people were talking about it. >> immigration is great. if you look at other countries like canada. it's not about the numbers. just the quality of people, how they are brought in and work with the people. >> chain migration is not new to
7:30 pm
discussion. they used the term anchor baby which is the same issue. just a different marketing term. >> one is talking about the immediate family and the other is extended family. >> laura: second cousins twice removed. >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. i supported it and 8 republican senators supported it. >> laura: it's one of the biggest scams. >> what we have now is a complete nonsense immigration system. people in my district live in fear. >> laura: 20% of prisons are illegal immigrants. does that bother you? that a nightmare for your taxpayers in your state. don't you feel a sense of obligation? >> i would have to check that figure out. >> laura: you didn't know that? >> that's not a figure i am familiar with.
7:31 pm
>> laura: it's a sanctuary state. >> when i come on fox and someone throws a figure at me it turns out to be wrong. >> laura: i love the fact you are willing to come on. there are a lot of democrats that won't. i don't think it helps them or the country. i think it's good that you mix it up. >> i am happy to be here. comprehensive immigration reform will provide for more effective border enforcement. it involves the abolition of the lottery. there are a lot of things you agree with. we can't turn to people who made their lives in the united states at the invitation of our employers, at a time when we didn't try -- >> laura: the american workers are the most important focus and not illegal immigrants. you don't represent illegal
7:32 pm
immigrants do you? >> i represent a community. i don't fail to represent somebody because they are an illegal immigrant. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the constitution is clear. i represent all of the people who live in my district counted by the census. the census allocates representation based on everyone that lives there excluding indians not taxed. >> laura: this is why trump won. people feel hammered by the government. middle class workers who are american citizens, are we just worried about the daca kid who are 35 years old? >> we have a shared set of laws. we need to enforce them. >> laura: change the law and have no border. just have no border at all. >> obviously that's not what i support.
7:33 pm
>> laura: we are out of time. >> in the '90s we welcomed people with a wink and nod for wall street. >> laura: thank you very much. up next. michelle obama delivering hard words for men. she may need redirecting. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> laura: turning boys into men in a politically correct world. that's tonight's "angle." at the first annual obama foundation summit in chicago, former first lady michelle obama assumed the role of social scientist and warned women not to spoil the men in their lives. >> it's like the problem in the world today is we love our boys.
7:38 pm
we raise our girls. you know? we raise them to be strong and sometimes we take care not to hurt men. it's powerful to have strong men, but what does that strength mean? does it mean respect? does it mean responsibility? did it mean compassion? or are we protecting our men too much? so they feel entitled and a little self-righteous sometimes. >> laura: it seems that mrs. obama was making a veiled reference the sexual harassment allegations that rocked hollywood and media companies. the claim that the world is dangerous for women. that's an overstatement for women in the united states. she is right to this extent. women do at times protect their men too much and enable their abusive behavior. hillary clinton comes to mind
7:39 pm
whom michelle obama supported in the last election. was girl power on display when hillary clinton attacked bill's accusers who alleged the same behavior alleged against harvey weinstein? remember the bimbo eruption? it took the obamas and the clintons 5 days to find the word to condemn their friend harvey weinstein in written statements. >> the behavior he engaged can cannot be tolerated. >> laura: took a while. i would be more willing to listen to michelle obama on child rearing if she had not enabled the ultimate enabler, hillary clinton. that's the "angle." to talk about the democrats
7:40 pm
phoney moral outrage over sexual abuse. we are joined by one bill clinton's accuser and the woman who wrote the book "the war against boys." . christina, let me start with you. unpack what michelle was talking about it's a dangerous word for women and we kind of protect our men. what was she getting at there? >> also saying we are raising our little boys to be entitled and self-righteous. so much the opposite is in the case in schools boys face a hostile environment.
7:41 pm
they don't get good grades to go to college. i don't see entitled little boys. i see neglected boys. maybe she was just speaking off the cuff. he she had hostility about boys and the men they come. this is done by hard line feminists. >> laura: we are raising boys to be strong. >> we should raise them to be gentleman. >> laura: of course. i am a single mother. i know it's not ideal. admirable for women. it's really tough and admirable. without fathers it's harder. >> experts from the right and left have come together. the one thing they agree on is
7:42 pm
the importance of fathers in the lives of particularly sons. broken families take a higher toll on young families. >> laura: juanita on this issue, michelle obama talked about protecting men. talking about men who are not behaving. it came to mind, hillary clinton. the ultimate enabler of a man's abusive behavior. remember the bimbo eruptions and what you alleged she said to you after your allegations that bill clinton sexually assaulted you back in 1978. michelle obama talking about how bad it is to protect abusive men. >> oh, i know. it's ridiculous. all i can say if michelle obama thinks and believes in the statements that she made, thank goodness she did not raise boys. i have no idea what part bill
7:43 pm
clinton's mother played in influenciing his life. but he hid behind the skirt tail of hillary clinton. she went after us with a vengeance and declared us the bimbo eruption. this woman has no conscience whatsoever. >> laura: from all of these years later, does any of this surprise you? harvey weinstein. the clintons come out after harvey weinstein's allegations surfaced. >> i was counting how many days will it take for the obamas and the clintons to come out with a statement. all of these people were coming out except close friends. >> it's ridiculous, laura.
7:44 pm
they waited that length of time to come out. they were close to weinstein. i bet they knew exactly what was going on. in his territory. >> laura: it's hard to believe that bill clinton and hillary clint clinton, they didn't know what i knew or had heard about harvey weinstein going all the way back to 1997. they were saying oh, i never heard of anything like this. >> there were a lot of enablers. hypocrisy. >> what do you think about hollywood? >> laura: i will get into dha later. one incident after another. one second. the hollywood spectrum, they are always wagging their fingers about recycling and the environment. >> it's demoralizing allowing this to go on and people knew about it. there were no efforts to control it in some way.
7:45 pm
hopefully tell change. my only worries is that we will go from indifference to sexual predation into a kind of vigilanteism. there was an article in the "washington post" by someone indignant about george bush sr. he had touched in his wheelchair at 93 touched someone. she spoke about a toxic environment. all men are implicated in the crimes. >> laura: you are right. you can't even tell the woman you look great today. i love your out fit. men will be afraid. >> they will be afraid to say anything. >> laura: that makes everything -- there has to be a middle ground of treating each other well.
7:46 pm
>> kindness. >> laura: thank you very much thank you very much. up next president trump sounds off on the depraved state of hollywood. now it's vile hatred of him. that's moments away. res me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. only from allstate. booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline. ... dealership has great customer service ... (muffled voice)
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> laura: welcome back.
7:50 pm
hollywood media and the music industry are awash in revelations of sexual misdeeds and crimes. they have taken things a step further. now they are depicting the death of the president. is the cover of snoop dog's latest album. the toe tag reads trump. i asked the president about the hollywood attacks on him. there are other images that are not nice to see on album covers and magazines and late-night tv. hollywood depravity in our children. how big of a problem? >> not only for children, for everything. i look at what is happening with that. if they said some of the things about obama, you would people say you can't say that. with me it's allowed. i think it's disgraceful.
7:51 pm
we power forward. >> laura: joining us is raymond "new york times" best selling author and a broadcaster raymond, they had hit an all time low. snoop dogg, he is so mr '90s and cooking with martha stewart. this is so low. >> he's done this before. in march in a music video he had a gun to the head of the guy with the clown mask on. this is not new. he should stick to the muffins with martha. he is saver there. -- safer there. here's the problem. remember when president obama was still president. a rodeo clown this a mask on. and president obama's mask was on him. they banned him from life for the rodeo.
7:52 pm
>> laura: look at the poor guys. >> they want to see the president run over by a bull and they all cheered. whether it's right or left, it's wrong. puts ideas into the minds of young people or sickos out there. >> laura: i didn't like the mask. banned for life? >> i don't like anybody threatening an image in death or maiming of an individual. >> laura: the obamas had a lot of these rapper types in and out of the white house. >> common. >> laura: and drake and jay-z. jay-z is mainstream. you go through his lyrics. back that off. >> not rogers and hammerstein. >> laura: and alex baldwin? >> he has a parity book coming
7:53 pm
out. >> laura: he is even dining out on the impersonation. >> he is on the toilet in the book. we can't slow that. it's demeaning and degrading. >> laura: why are they so obsessed with trump? what is it about the hollywood industry so steeped in this hatred of trump? >> because he came from their media world. he was known and famous like they are. i think -- i know this. some say what does he have that i don't have? well, he understands the people. he spoke to them and reflected their wishes. >> laura: he is smarter than you are. i am sorry. let's talk about sexual abuse with weinstein and kevin spacy
7:54 pm
and dustin hoffmann. anyone who was not involved in sexual abuse in hollywood? the kevin spacey thing getting worse and worse. a guy man, a predator man. the house of cards is falling. >> the art that a person creates reflects the heart of that person. we are seeing a lot of really dark hearts. some of us who have been watching these movies. it just came tout. -- came out. and mother. people ripping hearts. brutality. when you put those violent images out, it comes from some play. >> laura: ahead it may be friday night tomorrow, but we have an exclusive you don't want to miss. we will explain right after this. what started as a passion...
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>> laura: before we go, tomorrow night, i'll have an exclusive interview with someone who does not speak to the media. u.s. trade rep bob lighthizer is going to join me because he is about to leave with president trump on that 12 day trip to asia. the question, well president trump challenge president xi about china's rampant trade cheating? and the amecan auto jobs that have been shipped to mexico? it's an important interview. you don't want to miss it. it's really important for every family in the country. be sure to get your copy of "billionaire at the barricades: the populist revolution from reagan to trump." there it is. the president has his. oh, there he is! look at him. i swear, i did not photoshop that end.
8:00 pm
you can sort of see -- i did not. that is all the time we have this evening. we thank you for watching. shannon bream meeting and the "fox news @ night" team is set to take things from here. to be when we have a copy of that book, too. here is what is happening on "fox news @ night." explosive allegations by a top democrat that speaks within the hillary clinton nomination. the party leaders is a there is nothing here. the growing scandal. speak of what we have to do as democrats now is hold this party accountable. >> shannon: we break down the president's exclusive interview, slamming his opponent over the trump dossier. >> it's a disgrace and it should not have been allowed to be used. >> shannon: new evidence from a special counsel robert mueller's case may be compromised. can freezing the assets of the lone wolf terrorist somehow prevent future attacks? we'll hea


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